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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - July 3, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaAmusement. A tit i. I 7 Lect Al pot. Their exercises the , in the meantime exposed to All the danger of invasion for him. W 10 Liis country s Good in Plains of War and scenes of blood in a i dubious Iray noon of Lilc s Bright Day thai o Ilc be m k 11 secure forever Ehrl endure rear the a liniment of Fumo per this s id the hero s j i fur ii inc. Iho War was done fait Vic Vry sure and Freedom won i left Iwry 8 Trio Field tic Branch of peace to Wield Aad proved when at the Helm of Lule tiny Irr Cit in " Pei co. Ris Ilic Mon Umcil of Fame Calim 33 i be hero s in my. Of a whop Porib Ilio unexpressed in Inch Freeman s breast whose nun r. For Patriot fouls so dear tint ? children Shull Revere Brave Ticlin everment praised shall to. One breast for kor ii .1 Munung Keiit of fume deathless is the hero s name. In wily for him vain Rise on ii i m speak Hia Praise 7 we can proclaim our Mil not Why let to shall to free. A Monument to the and any she Ever Rise in Famo to Honor Iby Simnor Lii Nanic t h of St ate. A to icons Iii Cha Sale 1 or Laboured Mound Tii Iek or with Spires and turrets crowned Bivs Broad armed polls at the dorm Rich navies ride ii rred and spangled courts to ride men High minded men j f i i. Men. Who Ali air know i i. My dare maintain i the trim. While they rend Iho Chin Corsini trite a from without convulsions within. He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these states for that purpose obstructing the Laws for naturalization of foreigners refusing to pass others to encourage their migration , and raising the conditions of new appropriations of lands. He has obstructed the administration of jus Tice by refusing his assent to Laws for establish ing judiciary Powers. He hag made judges dependent on his will alone for the tenure of their offices and the amount and payment of their salaries. He has erected a multitude of offices and sent Here swarms of officers to harrass our people and eat out their substance to has kept among us in limes of peace standing armies without the consent of our Legislatures. He has affected to Render the military inde pendent of and Superior to the civil Power. He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution and unacknowledged by our Laws giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation for quartering Large bodies of armed troops for protecting them by a mock trial from i punishment for any murder they should commit on the inhabitants of these states for culling off our Trade from All parts of the world for imposing axes on us without our consent for depriving us in Many cases of the Bene fits of trial by jury for irn sporting us beyond seas to be tried for pretended offences remarks of Hon. Lewis Cass of Michigan on the territorial question delivered in the Senate monday. June 3, 1850. Or. Cass said or. A which seems to have become somewhat historical. Has been so often referred to in this die Cushion and so Many constructions have been put upon it that i feel called upon to read a portion o it that it my speak for itself. Like the leaves of the Sybil meaning it Woi ill appear it is so if it i d a Ark that every Man May read o.-, in fact in no Way at All. T in his own Way my Friend from _ j menu ii us Louisiana or. Downs has remarked that the Senate has already been confounded with a number of explanations of that letter. Sir i repeat again what i said emphatically upon a former occasion that it any Man misunderstands that letter the fault is his not mine. I have heretofore appealed upon this subject and have inquired whether at the time my. Nicholson letter appeared it was not distinctly understood that it took the ground 1 have Ever since Laken that the inhabitants of a territory have a right subject of course to the limitations of the Constitution to regulate the subject of slavery for and especially was the Appeal directed to the Southern senators who were Here at the time the letter Papfi faced. Some of and especially the senator from South Carolina or. Butler and the Senar Jor from Mississippi or. Tar air assent to my pro position. I will read a the idler to show that it ought not to be speaking of the right to establish territorial government i say in but certain it is that the principle of inter Ference should not be carried beyond the Neces sary implication which produces it. It so feud be limited to the creation of proper governments for new countries settled and to the i necessary provision for thei end Enck t nil l slates of America t i i. july i 177ti. When m ill of human events it be one Coph dissolve the i i ical bands Winch have 1 lieu Toury provision Lor their eventual admission for abolishing the free of English Law into lne Union having in the mean time to in a neighbouring province Estable Misino therein he Peaple inhabiting to regulate their an arbitrary government and its i Tih concerns in 4r boundaries l m 6re Dan on this Kllc has now Ommi juries so As to Render it at once an example any doubt letter n _. Has we can All look cooly at things is they Are is there any Man Here or ii such a Case i should not hesitate thus to act Alf would cheerfully leave my to approve or condemn my course. This was the yet necessity which induced the Congress of the confederacy to Institute governments for the a Cath Western territory As there was not a panicle of Power in the articles of confederation in the subject and which in the opinion of justified their action and it is the ence in the opinion of judge i shall do so by. The inhabitants themselves who Are left without any. Is a temporary one and that it As the Superior government fulfils of society for one of the first wants now with respect to the amendments i shall vote against them both and Ihen i shall vote in Lavor of the restriction in the Bill upon the the territorial governments on ground. opposed red or. He f no warrant in the cons for the act. I sir As your Power is founded upon the 8nou d be carried no that necessity requires. It is gov is necessary for the territories legislation Over internal inexpedient already Sta _ territories belongs to the people be the right to govern but not to legis for which our fathers ended and which brought about our Szpara from England. But. Sir How it it possible he for this interdict so. Them poc the part of a territorial Legisla i the la rims enough to aay they have never done j other for Nei in have always Leo isolated for and the few cases of interference As Power to say that May do one or the e o ingress not , but for consideration with the View i suppose to repeal or modify such is Congress i b exec the h h a o e found Pon the statute books vre useless and Unne Tsary exceptions which but the More i and r i i a but. Me inure Ichiju the general principle. The lion t act p Nii Pic. Ernert have always been found competent to legislator themselves and life Liberty and property me been us Well protected there As else what. Then where the necessity ceases is clearly exclusive and is subject to no this Power can extend beyond the necessity it is without limit and Law. Your act should cease. My another joint being misunderstood briefly refer to them. My doctrine was of the territories have right to legislate themselves. I Una Spe Akil formerly of territories organized into politic communities by Thi action of in Niort is. And by which of self verment i have just explained. Sir. States refuse or neglect hold id govern ends for to arh Point with any Road Hitcho does _ it is contended by Many Southern gentlemen that the right to Tike slaves to the territories is a right secured by the Constitution Ami which of course no legislation can restrain. Opinions differ upon this subject but there is one Mode of settling it amicably and satisfactorily to i Winch we can All agree and that is by r Efer ing it to the supreme court the great Umpire in Constitution no questions which the whole however. In be car h u doctrine is he True one slavery ruled these territories Independent stories Independent right to j Leifi Slatis. Of legislation Consi Tulion. Protect it. The Bill Over All i Grants to these Ighel us objects it and acknowledge that Clear use ration As Pinhei neglected by i As to the True interpretation of this fur introducing the same a Jeller 1 now that the excite men of Aii election Solute Rule in these colonies for taking away Charters abolishing rur fundamentally upon this letter Han that which it Awoods plainly which to Arsue m the mean during the Lago la with j their own j h amendments and Al Lermens an the prohibition the subject is opera fully to the train Rio of e j elsewhere Wiio can put any other construction Egis nol excluded should v i in oui be ,1110 daring theirs eyes Vestell with Power to Cigis in own late for us in All cases whatsoever it has abdicated government Here by Declar ing us out his Protection and waging War Way he has plundered seas ravaged our band and does not slavery come within this category 1 is it Rritt a Domestic con Cern 1 is not that the doctrine of the of common sense indeed no territorial government was Ever established which had not p Beer to regulate the Domestic relations of Hus i to Satiu wide 01 Parent and Ciui or guardian e connected them with co Sld Burnt towns and destroyed the lives and Ward and it the inhabitants Are competent and to assume the Powers of the Nruh the Spirate nil station to which he Wug of nature and of nature s Gad entitle i pm a decent , for lie of Ryan Rqn pcs that they should declare Tho cd asps which Init a ill run to tic separation. I Houi these Teitlis of be Ken arc Neinl that Alliry tire entry of run Lar Uitti cart Iii unalienable j i hrs Are life Liberty and the i lopping a. Pecure these rights Zinsli titled among men deriving r the consent of the gov Triy form of government be r Irir in i i Utic ends it is the right 1 a it r or in abolish it and to in n laying its foundation in l Wren sizing its Powers in 1 into Grill seem most Likely to n Oil and happiness. Prudence that governments Long is not ice change or Light and c.-. I discs and accordingly All expert w into shown that Mankind Are More Dis , while evils arc suit Erable than by abolishing the form to Tricy Are crus Lomed. But when a Long a and usurpation pursuing in of our j to manage these great interests and indeed he is at this Lime transporting armies belonging. To All the departments i i r t i society including the issues of life and death of foreign mercenaries to Complete the works Are they no competent to Patent to manage the. Or latin of death desolation and tyranny already begun of master Ond servant involving the condition of slavery.? or. President there has been a Good Deal with circumstances cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in most barbarous Ages and totally unworthy the head of a civilized nation. .1 he has constrained Pur fellow citizens taken share of the attention of the Senate in captive Oil the High seas to Bear arms against m explanation of my views respecting it. The Aiston rushed senator from Massachusetts or. Their country to become the executioners of Webster Bay. We have sovereignty Over fall themselves territories. I am not to be led fron said to Day upon the subject of the rights of the territories. Am not going into the discussion of that subject at All. I have already occupied neglected by its Sovereign if it have it d 6ry is a the adv Eddy the Are Trie right to Ca govt intent though i dissent totally from the in the Reci Medalion to leave them in that condition what air Rit p honorable senator from Mississippi or. Legislatures from expressly providing Tor its Ai says we Are Sovereign and hence seeks to Luce Powers from thai relation. And sir wee is we the people. But if tie Are rights of sovereignty there Are also sovereignly. That relation is not All on i Side. These duties we ought to fulfil and we do not the people must fulfil them for to shelves. My honorable Friend asks the Thor men have a right to form a government., or. In the application of great Prin _ Mission by positive legislation and from passing any Laws they May think proper to favor its introduction and Protection 1 i one More remark sir in relation to this subject. The distinguished from South much when a goes to a territory As he did before he went there. And i believe further that we have no Lerr nory where the american settlers will not exercise a Prepend rating influence Over All Public affairs. The inhabitants will always have a legislature which will reflect their wishes they desire slavery they will have it and if they do not they will exclude it unless prevented by the Constitution. The simple question is Why you take from them one of their natural right of Regula Ting one of their Domestic relations the gentleman told us just now that he did not de sire to see the question of slavery agitated in the territories. Sir that is just where i desire to see it agitated if agitated it must be As it will do far less injury there than Here. Why Ihen a repeat do Yon make a distinction be tween this right and ony other or Webster. Ivill suggest to the Honora ble member that we do not allow them appoint their own governor or their own judges. Or. I am willing to allow them to of draw an exact Imet Leween which belong fairly to the. Power to organize As the appointment of of 1 cers. The qualification of voters and the i and the rights that belong to the Domestic forum it is enough to Eay that if the Power to Carolina or. Botlee said if i understood the condition of master and servant him correctly than he wished the amendment of Dos not belong to the latter nothing does the senator from Al Mississippi because he desired to the judges their decisions May be carried to to have this i Arjit of Protection repeated in the the supreme court and reversed or affirmed. Law lest people might disregard the constr j As May be proper. And so far As respect the _ to Ustinov expect to find a definite j tuition. Now sir this is a work of superhero Boundy a Wall in fact to which a Man May gation i Trust we shall never do. There is no j go he must their friends and Brethren or to i by their hands lie ins excited Domestic insurrections amongst my Patte Lap by that word sovereignly which we have often heard invoked Hare As though it Werea l Stop. Moral questions need nor is it any part of our duty to re enact Inbach other and like Day and night it j the Constitution. That great instrument would is ofte Tell where one begins and j gain no Force from our legislation. If unit were the loft rfcs Msj h is very Clear that one Man disregarded surely we could expect Little Bene cannot Cabili a government politically so called if ghz he govern himself. It is Conall Wilear fat one million of do so. Vav Herthe practical line shall be drawn is a to the circus instances of the to common sense of Mankind. But i kind of open sesame which opened All the who to measure human rights by us and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabit the go nera government. You can Fin d tha the Tants of our frontiers the merciless Indian word in the Constitution which you cannot Ani dealing Wita l he Savages whose known Rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of All Ages exec a and conditions. In every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most Humble terms our petitions have been answered Only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which May define a tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Nor have we fat in wanting in attention to our British Brethren. We have warned them from time to Lime of attempts made by their that it confers any authority upon Congress be it there is in and of the question and May lawfully exercise what is thus granted. Bin if the word is not there what right a you to introduce it Here As the foundation of co subject beyond his reach and which has dude Many a mightier grasp than his own. This is a question of common sense a nil suppose the descendants of live Crew of the Bounty who occur Jay Pitcairn Island and i think to about one Hundred and him err c object evinces a design to legislature to extend an unwarrantable Juris despotism it is diction Over us. W it is Thi in duty throw off such gov and to e have reminded them of i the circumstances of our emigration and Settle Rovic now guards for their ment Here. Vve have appealed to their native b nah has been the patient Justice and magnanimity and we have conjured them by the ties of our common Kindred to Dis avow these usurpation Thich would inevitably of these colonies and such is now Winch constrains them to alter r ormer. System of government. The his 3lk prose in King of great Britain is a and usurpation All object the he establishment of an h my Over these states. To prove be submitted to a candid world. Licud his assent to Laws Iho most and necessary for the Public Good. Is his pass Laws pressing importance unless m their operation Lill his assent and when to suspended he to attend to them. Refused to puss other Laws for the of Large districts of people in would relinquish the right of ii m Tho right in 1 them and formidable to tyrants _ j ins called together legislative bodies at unu5ml. Uncomfortable and Distant from a their Public for Tho suing them into compliance representative houses re or oppose intr win Manly firmness his Rig Llla of Llic a Otra e Ong time 7 cause of hrs to elected h Powers incapable of Ann Hila e to the people at Large for in Sfa Pestl r c h1v e _ interrupt our Connexions and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of jus Tice Ond consanguinity. We must therefore acquiesce in the necessity which denounces our hold them is we hold the rest of in peace friends. We therefore the representatives of the United states of America in general Congress assembled appealing to the supreme judge of the word for the rectitude of Bur intentions do in the name and by the the Good people of these colonies solemnly publish and declare that these United colonies Are and of right ought to be free and Independent states that they Are absolved from All allegiance to the British Crown and that All political connexion Between item and the stale of great Britain is and ought to be totally dissolved and that As free and Independent states full Power to Levy War conclude peace contract alliances establish Commerce and do All other acts and things which Independent states May of right do. And for the support of Tiosh with a firm Reliance on of the divine Providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes and our sacred Honor. Signed by order and in behalf of the Congress John Hancock president. Attest Charles Secretary i Gressional Power 7 my doctrine is thirty halve just As much right in the eyes of already explained it at length and i shall and Man to provide foil their own govern but briefly refer to it As the subject is. In my Ament As hive the two Hundred millions who doctrine i say is this that there Isbon the chinese Empire now our neighbor on no provision in the Constitution providing for Pacific establishment of territorial governments and or Davis of Mississippi. I will slate my is Ilion if the honorable senator from Michigan ill . Cass. Certainly with great pleasure. Tar. Davis. My position was not that a juror i of persons being without government could without going into the matter at All would Only remark that the various clauses and considerations in the Constitution and out of the Constitution which have been adverted to in sup port of the think a classification of them the reasons quite As i take such measures As their condition require Yarious urged to establish them Are i to govern themselves. It was not for sex were there no other reasons to Call in question that a vessel being wrecked upon a de the right in Congress to Regul Ito this subject part co is its Crew could not adopt among a few Plain words would have settled the mat Lem selves certain rules which should be bind Ter forever had the convention intended to upon each other. But whenever the coun the Power. They Are not Here nor anything Fry to which they belonged found that Crew like them and we Are driven to extended i its authority Over them their tation and to Remote analogies for a great pol legislation must be subordinate to its sovereignty tical Power instead of cing Able to put a fing Ennd their former fundamental la should be null of tie Constitution. Fit from our now sir the distinguished senator from Massachusetts will permit me to ask him Why a territory should not be allowed to legislate for itself Over nil its concerns 1 or. Webster. Because the Law does not give them authority. Or. Cass. My question is Why it should not be allowed the control Over this subject As Well As airy other or. Webster. I will Tell the because it is not an established permanent government. It has too much connexion and is too much under the patronage of this govern ment and especially on the subject of slavery. I do not wish to see the slavery question agita Ted in the territories while the governor is appointed by this government while the judges Are All appointed by this government while they have not an Independent character like the states of this Union that a my answer. Now if the honorable gentleman will one Vord i will Tell him the whole Issue the whole difference Between him and myself. He read. I to link an extract from the Nichol son letter in which he said that the government duty bound to protect the territories leaving to the people of the territories All that concerns their Domestic interests. If the Honor ably member will add far As they Are per Finitte by the Constitution for them Liy will speak like a lawyer like an american statesman and according to the practice of this government from the adoption upon the Grant itself. Or position is that Ojai certain reasons which i will not As i have already explained them at length t necessity of providing governments far Territo ies was neither foreseen nor provided for us governments having already been instituted the old Congress in All the territory Bologni to the United states and new acquisitions i being within the contemplation of the states of that period. My doctrine further is that is the moral duty of any country rid void. Now in this suppose that five j Ubibi of five Hundred adopted a government for i themselves does that Sanctify an aggression upon the right of the Sovereign upon whose land they trespass 7 j or. Cass. I am Happy to find that the Honor Able senator and myself agree As to the impropriety of measuring human rights by numbers. New As to the rights of sovereignty whip la he i have stated what i consider sit ions to take care that they Are supplied. I govern menu agreeably to the nature of the u i Ilion. If the Sovereign fulfils his dirty by u o be institutions. It is one of the duties of sovereignty of you so for that is using the wird to a legitimate defining As it certain relations and not being made to convey Power to any department of a government lowing its existence to the popular will and deriving its authority from a written con Titi Iii we Iseji All that is not granted. The Amoris or. Cass. I do not desire to speak so much let a lawyer As like an american senator who believes the Powers of this government Are to governor i do hot believe there was Ever one yet could control the territorial legislation and it. Is a poor compliment to the enterprising and intelligent men who emigrate to their Neur regions to attribute to them such an influence. My Confidence is equally in the people whether they live in a state territory. Taking the census. Please inform me of tha number of inhabitants in this House sir " the population in this Well there is eight in the room maty 1" Are they All adults 1" no they Are All Smiths except Jwo Oord Smiths or White Smiths Madam v i d have you know that i Don t live in a House with i did t allude to color their my 11 of that s it is it Weli if you d been Here last night you d have found out for they was calling the watch As loud As they could j Madam i merely wish to know How Many people you have in this and what they do for a yes yes now i understand. Well let me. See there s the two that makes two Madam Well if you know Best count pm your it is my business to enquire Well you had belter attend to it then and be found in the Constitution and who believes also in the rights of Man. There is Many a not bother great question not to be found in the Law reports j out with the census i we you act Cut of i should think Ris diction Over All the concerns of life Over All i v Ca f n Case arises and upon it they yield Dence for sovereignty. It would express quite lived under a territorial government a to a must throw them is Well our relation to the rest of the Arror selves upon their construe its for would save us Many a Declara if they believe there is flush necessity for of Power unknown to the Constitution. But they will be if not they must fall a agree that this right to establish governments the Domestic relations but one Over the whole svs Lem of Pilicy which is to Mark the future character of the Community but one he would 1 except because the territories Are under the control i the general government. Let me ask him if he supposes this government be it administered by whom it May going to inter pose if it could in the subject of slavery in the territories 1 or. Webster. The gentleman begs the question. I will Tell the goal Mertian that we deny Many Powers. There were Many Terri tories in our history were obliged to Send up their Laws for revision till they be came slates. Many were obliged to Send up certain Laws for revision. The gentleman begs when he says i allow the Teji Story authority Over every subject but one. I allow no authority but what u Given by an act of con me to 1 have Large when he Grese under which they Are formed. Or. Cass. The gentleman will allow i have a right to say it As portion of my he is in error supposes that the restriction of the Powers of these Legislatures As to questions of a strictly Domestic character is a common feature of con without orld is but a who Era. Gressional legislation. I recollect but one pro vision which comes clearly within this Rule and this was a prohibition against banking introduced there was a mania upon that subject and when in fact the question Wain some measure a general one As the Money of these Banks went everywhere. I will not speak positively but i recollect no other Case alibis of course excepting the proviso now known As the Wilmot provision. I am up Afeng now not of. A provision requiring the territorial Laws to be sent Here for consider but of a previous restriction prohibiting the territorial Legislatures from acting upon the subject. The honorable gentleman is also m error when he supposes there is any provision requiring the territorial Laws to be submitted to Congress and to be approved by that body before going into operation mr., Webster. I did not say that. Or. Cass. I so understood the those Laws Are to be submitted to Congress it for consideration with repeal or modify such is might appear unconstitutional or i can recall Only one Case where this Power exercised and that is in relation to i again ask Why this Case of slavery from the jurisdiction of the res. The senator from Massachusetts says we have excepted Mant other cases but i repeat that he labors under a m is apprehension upon that subject. I consider the people of a territory Judt As competent to Settle this question As the people of a state a cd j is in accordance with an act of Congress i Well you Tell or. Congress or whatever his name is that he acts very you round Axin Eich Shaller silly the Man left can t you. Take off my Board said a grave tall slab sided Yankee to Albany ing at the same time his Chin with a noise like a Grater a Light Baird Whatt do you there cents for a Light of try Ain t it r Wall go ahead while the Barber was rasping three Worth from his Chin his Sitter saw an Distant pouring Cologne upon a a quit in the Cork u Cao t you. O said onto my t i siewspapes.1

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