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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 31, 1844, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaWednes a cadence same town every Tal 0 i vol. 19 poetry from the -ladyts.wteaih. To the dying Chritian. By b to subset. Which hath foundations or boil Favl Topi to a glorious a Buh right pore and Sjol shrink id Naas that which open eth wide for Lee. Cloudless Plains where Flowers perennial acting und irn the never dying strains that White Rob d t graphs sing. Watchman Cal Yon Blosl City s Bright Vii Rich hath foundations and its maker Edolsa will Light. The Tran of life. U Walls so w e d n e s d a y r january 31 1844 no v a m o Jady a in the pyrenees. M. Steux. N Viiu Ity trip fierce temptations sting up to kind Ned dear Beckon irom the skips. We i wifi Wurm Oitice in sorrow lie hut urge thue now to Rise. Thy Cli Ains away thy sins and fear Treid Down Lalong c1 not the Upo Iler a Oliai clip is tie but darkness of uie lion Why higher being claim for Liis. Thy for Ping breath Wii i All its hopi a Given snarl a the i cloy irom t and Lake ills Bliss of heaven. From the Louisville Jour Al. Ask no Vowe to weep for me. Inscribed in of jibs. R. B. Klc hols. 1 or voice to weep for me 1 Isk no breast to sigh i 1 wish no Wail str moan to heat around me when 1 die for joyfully and peacefully i la Lay to Down to rest the Marble glancing Al my hta the turf upon breast. Till in some quiet lonely place Dent Mph a sheltering tree Vii Teri swipe ill Benoin the wild Field Flowers where it merry Bee silently ii nil please Billy 1 know my Tusl will lie enshrined within a narrow Renou id Fen eater an open the summer Birds uni Ilii build if Weir nests the thick idled Bough a Viirre in fail Bearcat Yarrow the Sunshine struggles through arid cheerfully and mirth fully these lit Llu Birds might Ping no Aimi ish in their lion did note a Tingle heart to wring. How in the dewy a print i lit Lender Glass will grow How Sweet will be the whispering of winds All Calm and Low a Ili usand glue King things ate floating on the Mellow air their Bright and Jansy Wing or Pural Kyj who now figures Asod natured overseer of a Cotton in a retired town in Neil in 1, with forty boys and girls frown o eighteen years of age under him who reverence Ali e Pussy old Chan As the Good Genius ties Over therr Woja Lor attached to of we on first in War last at the Buttle of Waterloo was attach jul to i he Lorty first left dragoons and held Tho Post of for several of he last years of Ervilee. Wellington was a great and sue tul general he seems to have a that rolled ill dismal Rioin do the dark told the of to Effloa the. Wellington . Tile rules of discipline in the Blond of two of his most Gallant and devoted soldiers. Itie i of the which in daily a r to the who Eliare Ivi Tii him the i or limes of each this his to Indi an Cain de in Early is extern in almost paralysed i Hugiie Tol Ier fever shall i forget the strange ii is Varri Wii a which i. Coi Joral k be of old e Uin Mander. There i the fire of honest indignation in the Rushil head said he Sii Fier Man to come o i natural death for the innocent he sacrificed in the there Are few that can estimate the surfer Irigon of the British army in Spain. Tlley were left by their own country to lha resources of Spain for . That exha Juned Power Adf Only neglected to provide for i heir Fiji haul ally but actuated by a spirit of jealous thwarted Wellington s tried schemes for opposing the Conj nmn enemy. Rhile the enemy was stationed in pyrenees the half finished sol is were guilty of Soetje the premises of the peasants of in complaint was made to Wel Lairg he determined examples the1 guilty and prop Lumarion i Haf a Lew evenings after be English dragoons among whom death of Queen Elizabethi a historical Romance lately published in London closes the follow ing in which the Reader introduced to the death bed of Queen her summoned Lucy to Wail upon her. The scene i powerful and Nie o in Ramilli the Queen Lay in her bed she had ordered her attendants not to draw the curtains Over her windows and she watched the leafless Trees waving to us Tro before them and the Ruddy fiume of her fire dancing upon the la and Mink into torpor us nhicl.-, though i i mini has not altogether yielded to the influence of sleep. He in pries that it have the Tinc iness of n Dieane. A ion9, Al Iliad before of Eliz Ibeth there was t he fair face Harding Antl another Luce fair the features too of la ill Faier Essex Rose to blight her in her step hut Ever were those pre sent even when the others had passed away. Suddenly Elizabeth starts was wide awake but an until tenable horror had seized upon her soul any thing to escape from that bed ant when her dismal shriek had surn Bronec her attendants to her apartment the found her mantling in her night dress or hands clenched her eyes fixed As in a convulsion and specks o her parted lips. It was a frightful strongly Marker. Stony Blu the fire Fly Gay shall Light his amp. At eve beside my i will not have the glow worm there n in Only shines in gloom f Bai glowingly and lovingly the Sia r will glance around i la nature s sell shall seem to smile above that spot of ground. Tor summer with Rosy dream and autumn Wuh Bis Lute shall visit there As a ponies his poor heart mul quietly and dreamily. And i la sleep 1 13 beloved form draws nigh above my Why Shoula friends their be i l and in i Luoni it Wii their Mournful Jaecen Umwake Echo s of the happily i he Xiru on i worlds hide no 1 ask Tio Joice to breast to Hvam a i wish to hear no Wail nor to Anund my worn i i la Lay me a Maible Glai icing at my he Lutfu Poi Iny b to m be hey y pfc amt Catt to in the p mice of politely bowing ird Fita Outon where there a still wait few there is 3 Lack of Esy 1 have mistake i Ibene wvafrl1 on of of these sunday As with Heg in plied the oui i i fear i have i Soni t Luno Eity to Nee newspaper Ile feeding heir jaded horses with that had been plundered from the i of a neighbouring peasant. To was at a Little distance from comrades and commencing an in it flight he hoped that he had riot h in recognised so a aft Edvards to be Ali find. The next Day the Sun arose Calm and Auli Ful. All was quiet in the in so found Tares shr id ill Corporal k were surprised but withered features and Iule Man Little Man try if h and. Diarist a Tel hover used1 Ilal in Rel. Rill alas a i in Linnert r Queetie and Ped tog in a deep grown press Milious because Hou Knowels i shall die vhf said he Jia Ivd a Antral approaching he. N t Lucy s by the in the Joe my lord 1 led with at Iron Collar about neck i ilm tied Jasi and the is altered from this time the Ink falling into a Lel hurry Vahigh re eased i t drum those mental torments it had the heart to behold Iii int this lethargy he Xmas p Lacell ill bed. As her end was now evidently fast approach ing the . Keeper the Admiral nil the Cecil de jilted. By. The Council o Elizabeth s a Voth to her Lucy we Ion the her of had commanded to remain near her stood by the Side of the Coridi. The ii Leo no notice when the of France were mentioned by those lords then they spoke of the heir of the House of suf Folk the lord a an chains the son of lady Catherine Grey and the of Elizabeth bad Al ways borne a. Strong antipathy. Al this no the she stared and the dullness of death seemed to vanish for a Rno ment from tier wild Blue eyes while whole n6r j280. Rock Les e. T 11 a Moino Elliis Duck in t e Tiee his face against the Adan Ejnor Troon t i5" 4" v r and while ins shattered leg Bung Over the Baik the Wagoner rubbed on his while Alacli Knuth very cocky Ruce Eiling to d hts Refl ii Vas before a body of Tilers rushed with Utilish in Jinx it. The or retd Ihm with a shul and ther Taihi Nir his Nulf to his Shoul Tifa Steed with lie sex Tiltti lion Tui Gentry Ashing on. In a the Rifle w As again to the pursuing Brisli Rode er1 another Ofeler that s fur myself cried the b Blacl Isquith. Then with a hand Strong w the feeling Osco mrha death the sturdy tree in in again loaded again raised his Rifle. D his Lasi shot and us another of finer Chimp. K affected a cheer. Fiss responsive to so Blitz some a it Init. is Friend ser this is a i giant said he playfully. The sergeant Shook his head. "i1, is. C said he. Where were you t a no in Why do you ask said. Food said the Sergent i fear it will be ail Day wit i you fee fore the Sun goes Down. The p Ess is been in this morning and complaints ten o clock the rps is to be Par tiled and they will turn to inde ratify the e4n, you old War worn Rich flawed freely Antl fast at the in Fate of poor Tho had font been kind hearted Ami Jolly in Difiori. Ten. O clock arrived. The rps Wys Para Deal Solo with Ingle lines tin he sides of a Hullow , leaving the Frundl open for he Ine Iceni but the terrible execution us lad been the no Nileth. Tile Luil already the review for Hie purpose ring the Cut tent to y Ere first to pass along the lion line scrutiny i a each to relic ii and sex eyes of the miserable Queen. But what needs it to p Rolong the de Sci lion of scenes so horrible the struggles of a soul Hiiro had used it greatness to destroy and cum in Oneal to quit that world it hath to much loved shrunk from the Content relation of its past career. No Ervyr Patio a could prevail upon the wretch cd Queen to re Turitto her bed she Ravel screamed and at the proposal. Cushions were and upon them she was extended Hil Terl y bemoaning her miserable Faie and refusing All refreshment and Congo la lion. Who does not know that for Len Days the unhappy Queen thus remained still refusing to enter her bed. The Bishops and the lords of the Council alike in rain entreated her to Aher this Resolution. To Lucy Willoughton whom she still detained in attendance she expressed Strong indignation a unit Secretary Cecil the son of he old favorite Burleigh. He Tellei the people mistress said Elizabeth that 1 am mad but 1 am not made of would to god thai i gracious Madam be comforted said Lucy who via s moved by the pit Isble condition of do not then mock , fair lame with such empty replied Eliz Belli had the poor Cousin seen no had known me bitter Shah i Lalk of Comfort this Why Iloe her face still pursue know. How bitterly-1 mourned her Fale hut it cometh Jil cometh Fiir Sti accompanied by a null or us Ich my mini air Kenvl to be Hohl while Eli spoke sir Robert Cecil she fiercely i will no Rascal s in seat none but a King shall sit upon to pfc throne of Eliza Beth and who but our Cousin the King of she never. Spoke Agar. Ii quivered in the Eye of the fir Ali do Iii Blacksmith. And that s he cried Wanh Lusky strength fuhed Iulo a f and Skaf Sfirri Marl at Thouy hyrrei1 i big Alief the e Hatile was Eddy Audi us the tree Lite features the lius trates. The of and to us that it often for our in Terest to feed the hungry and clothe the no Kerf the bring me a Good Iid a m i Leui Unior in he anal to the it one of Iii o yes. So the to limit Bro fifth Detour i Lviv d. The Lai Uii i re and fhe landlord a yes Yon Rio a Here Yosr in you a fee probably a Ieti dollars a Jay Clear 1 a f i. 1-rail-not pay for what i have have Lizeri in smiling Vulula Ilie the Rifle. And thus died be of the thousand Bravo Mechanic heroes of the revolt Ibn Brave the hour 61 Piid Iii died in the hour it in the hour of death. The great Day. The Day of resurrection will be the Day it this world s deliverance from the tit Kris of tiie has so lung groaned. Hen it was Isryl by ought into be High Fra her looked1 round to on lie Moho tent of his skill and be Ivole Ilce. And Proi Younci dil very Good. Sin As has marred ils be Ariy and Nunrie glazed death All is elements it beats on 113 front the Marks of divine displeasure in b Coane the Onealie on which Jehovah visits we take the following Story irom a highly interesting Story published in the Fhil and Elijhia of incidents connected with the Battle of fir Andy wine. Heart died within but Friend in who by before the repro ached to Exchange i mob he Miniat m the ail when the1 Van and resumed Liis lot mar position. Us not exposed to their of rhe whole regi employment but hav e enga Geil to Goto work to Norrow i Lead been four Ami net ii hours Whent your of pipe will pay you in pay my Bills Arnii such landlord and i do not keep a poor House. Yon stick Lurf address the proper authorities. Me Sonje Ihirg for have " i will Lake your Iff into without int i get Niy Deal a weather As it 1 x Yon should have thought of that before ecu came you Are Leriotis by aver that one week from now i will pay i will Lake the the coat was left and a week after wards redeemed. Seven years after that a Man entered the political Arena and was pie san Ltd at caucus an applicant for a con Gressional nominal Iii. The principal of the caucus held his heard with the Lor d Admiral a r Elatin n of the a open they Cairis to entreat that slip wild Salt a herself Erl lit bed. Round Al her co Tolj Coli h of Neier net i she . In Truiti tiaiu1 veer there Whyl i have seen tin u Wou Hul not Dave Inis Liess to Couch of honors has your and now 1 have Given you some instances f Eldrage arid heroic daring Antong those High n station and renewed in lame. One instance example of reckless courage. The Tero was a Stout an Hurble Lack Smith. But his Stout Frame hardened by Oil throbbed with As generous an impulse of Freedom As Ever beat in the bosom of la Fay Ette or throbbed around the heart of mad an Thony Wayne. It was in the full tide of Retreat that a Fol lower of the american Camp who had at least shouldered a cart whip Jin his country s ser vice was driving a baggage. Wagon from the Battle Field while some shit distance behind a body of Continentals were Lushing Forward with a top of British in Pursuit. The Waggoner had arrived at a narrow Point of the by Road leading to Ilie two High batiks of Rock and Iraq arising on either just space enough Lor the wag gon and not an Ich More. A Lis Eye was arrested by the sight of a Stem Man Sonie Folly years of age Ellen Ltd 3t the loot of a at the very opening of this pass tie Clad in the coarse apparel coat had aside with ins Shin sleeves ruled uf., mus Cular arms he Lay extended on the Zirli h his Rifle in his the blood sties inc in a torrent irom his right leg broken at the knee by a Cannon Ball. The Waggoner s sympathies were arrested by the would have paused Iti the arty insight 61 his flight and placed him in Lauon but the Stout hearted Mechanic re inked. T r transgression and us materials and j history of the apply by which might otherwise have been in Lipior j who a nimber of a Church Tal now devoted to gradual decay and. Final dissulut.on-. 1 he Day of. The lord will crime like a Chiei in i e night in which the i Femedas shall Welt Wilh few vent Earth the works that Are therein shall be b inked up a scene is Here prese Otey to our new which Absotb-3 thought and bewilder 1 Lre destruction of a City by the Shock of an the eruption of a vol the of a slate or the Fiji of some Aai Pire by some sudden or Politi. In convulsion prompts the sigh of comr is Fiat Iii and the thrill of Awe. Any unusual the heavens such As the Cecen in blazing he e the Bright orb , will Fis the at of half Insuk Iii and fill the breast of with Lare boding .1 Iii tils. What be the solemn motions excited in the soul at the departure of its shall be kindled by the breath of the almighty Knell Lioun ded by the Volc a Ollie Are Haugh .ana1 tie Rump of god and in by an assembled universe Cecil you set n the of another to answered Elysibeth. Assuredly thai is an Idle one Ilion Aivil beneath was no time for two cd trades who j pm to Advance in front of the in the 11 in a moment the death Volley sooth your fit Ratte retire to if h Fie Bui to go the affection of a tout he orals the of an almost extinguished Rig again old Ltd in the heart of Elf Zabeth and Ligh Ted her worn feat times with 1 old Safe atsed her1 must she exclaimed is must word to be addressed to i la Najt get your he exclaim d m his n ugh Way but i la Tell what i a Vii do. Do you see yonder Cherry tree on tie top of

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