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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 30, 1918, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaThe agr Latok Willsboro pa., wednesday january save wheat for our soldiers they must not suffer use Corn flour two it meatless Days each week and one i meatless meal a Day will give us bushels for our own boys and the allies the sign of the purple Parrot by Hilda Morrii All of our surplus wheat from the mands that May be made upon us 1917 crop has already gone to the Al j mull More to a demand thai involves to the Bottom of the Bea and so Little sacrifice As introducing two there was t enough to feed them if it j wheat less Days per week and one had All reached he destination. There is dire distress among our friends across the sea. Italy is today in a state of Semi starvation and France and England Are undergoing the severest privations. Italy s defeat largely due to Lack of food and not to Lack of skill in warfare or fight ing spirit among its people tie rus wheat Lesb meal per Day. Many of us will Volunteer even More. It is Only a question of brining Home clearly to every individual mind a realization of the fact that it is the India dual Sav Ihirg that will save the situation and that Only the individual saving can 1 save it. What one person or one fam ily can save amounts to a Little in Sian collapse was chiefly the result of itself to be sure hut the aggregate desperate hunger. To fail to Sipply amount of the Little a y savings of a the needed bread to England France and Italy would be to invite More dts Aster and possibly Complete defeat and Hundred million patriotic people is vast enough to oppt cur need. The american people As individuals Wake Ute to the situation As thus spoke Howard Heinz Federal they have not waked up yet the so food administrator for Pennsylvania in an Appeal for increased conservation of food by the american people with particular reference to we need to save Many things by self denial and said or Lution of this food crisis is not up to the nation or the state or to any of facials it is not to be solved by the few or by your neighbors it is a question for Vou american fathers mothers Brothers Sisters friends of the Bravo b v Olio have Heinz meat fats and sugar but the gone Forth to make the Mir pm a Jarl All important thing for the next few fice that you Mav continue to live in months is wheat and More wheat. Our own boys Are Over there continued or. Heinz our own sons and the number of peace under free ins Titu of every one individually this mean s to tire housewife the cutting out on what Oss Day find at wheat less meals White Brend Rolls some hundreds of thousands and More Are going every week a col lapse or even a serious defeat on the and pastry Imbel no pies also such foods As Macaroni and Spaghetti on Allied front through failure to sustain the Man Power on the fighting line and behind it with sufficient food would involve our own men in the general loss As Well As those who have fought our Battles for us for so Long such a misfortune must never be allowed to befall us through the Sel fish indulgence of those of us who Are safely comfortable Here at Home. We can save enough to meet the crisis. We must do it and we will american patriotism is Strong the Home regular Purchase of at least one third and better one half As much wheat flour As before from her grocer to this extent. It Means using in place of or in combi nation with wheat flour More Corn meal and Corn and Barley Rye buckwheat and Rice More meal and other Cereal substitutes for wheat in the every Day menu. May the response of Pennsylvania in this hour of grave danger to our cause be immediate and generously enough to measure up to All the de-1 worthy of our great copy hot 1917, by the Nelipa per Syndicate Clarita Evans had always loved Birds Ever since her childhood on the farm. She used to spend Long hours alone in the Woods watching them and or Yang to imitate their Calls. Later some one gave her a Bird Book and she Learned to know their scientific names. When she went to College she took a course in ornithology which she enjoyed More than any other part of her work. So when her father died Sud Denly at the end of her Sophomore year leaving her with no relatives and Only a Little Money she resolved to Start a Bird store in the City Clarita had ideas. A number of her friends had started gift shops and Tea rooms which were More or less a Clarita visited All such shops that she could find noting their Clever decorations. I Don t see Why a Bird store can t be As attractive As any sort of gift she argued. Mine shall be so that All the old ladles in town will want to give canaries to their grand children for it proved to be an attractive shop As different As the most modern dec orator could wish. After All there is nothing More decorative than Birds with their Bright else Why should we so often see them drawn and painted Clarita s real Birds arranged among Green plants Hung against Gray Walls in quaint japanese tinges furnished All the Edcor Atlon one could wish. The Dove Gray sparrows with Rose coloured Bills Hung in the win Dow and an artist Friend of Clarita s painted a Gay wooden Shingle with these words the sign of the Pur ple the shop succeeded of course. Peo ple always come to stores that look now n go nil to in i Hope to cured the hell be weft rats constitute National peril in America to what extent the rat pest hns be come a Natl i a i in Liry entailing the loss of Moie two bundled Mil lion dollars " v Orth of foodstuffs and Ether property in Ali Liuti d states every year is told with i startling array of facts m a comic Mullion to the National geographic a Cieto derived from a count re wide Siuty by Edward w. Nelson biologist. Following Are some of the results of or. Nelson s Survey r House rats destroy annually hundreds of millions of dollars Worth of foodstuffs and other property and through the distribution of bubonic plague and other diseases cause the deaths of untold numbers of human beings. The common House frequent intr rat Are of three so Brown the Black and the roof rat. All Are believed to be natives of whence the to most Pirts of the world. In tin in relations to Man their habits Are so familiar that the1 May be included in one account the larger size Abmd Ince More general distribution super Ossiff predominance of the Brown Rit also known As the Xor and Vvhs of r it hns led to its being generally known As the notice rat the history of the Brown rat is fun extraordinary one one Unora baled by that of any other mammal it unknown in Europe until 17j7 Haidos of tin m spam t o Volin River a it in or two later it arrived in England on ship from the Orient. Since that time it h to steadily extended its distribution by moans of ships and other transportation agencies and by migrations Overland until it shares with Mankind Nerli ill p its of the Earth from Greenland to Patagonia and around the Globe it is a sturdy fierce and Cun Nanc animal with fecundity. These characteristics have enabled it Quick a to of train and oct nov new territory despite the never ceasing War fire suced a inst it him in and the Competition of other in maids. The smaller Black rat and roof int Fonnis re in most parts of the old Liiv preceded the Brown rat no in America but when the int Ter arrived were promptly reduced by it to n sir Mondary position or extern no debt Ftp blink rats still in parts of the t noted Stenti s and roof rats fire common with the Brown rat in the Meldi r climate of the Southern states with in flu Nannt food Supply Brown rats increase with no most in credible Rypl duty. They Ynve from three to twelve utters a year each containing from six to More than i Twenty Young the average being about i ten. The Young begin to Breed when less than three months of age. After careful investigation the unit i de states Public health service Estl Normal conditions in our cities equals the human population but that in co try districts they Are relatively three to four times As numerous. Determining age of Man How scientist has fixed glacial be Hod in Sweden. Prof. Gerald de Geer a scandinavian Man of science has for Many years been studying the Sands deposited by the glaciers in the told la sea in Sweden. These lie in layers of alternately Fine and coarse Sand. It seems j certain that the Fine Sand is deposited by the slow flow of Winter and that the i course layers Are due to the summer j flow when the streams Are swollen by j the thawing of the glaciers. By counting these layers and study i ing their thickness professor de Geer has come to the conclusion that South Ern Sweden was first Clear of glacial ice finout 2000 years ago. How s he would ask. New and Clever and Fiallo when they Are presided Over by i pretty Auburn haired girls like Clar this calculation coincides roughly i Ita. Her voice was is Sweet As any "1 to Raur i. I a i should think any Blick could sing in that mrs Tucker h anxieties concerning her pets must have mul hulled As the summer went on for or. Lames Tucker jr., found it necessary to drop in and look at the Birds very frequently indeed. Clarita used to smile when Bhe saw him coming. Or. James jr., was a Young lawyer and his office not yet being overrun with clients he found time to visit the Bird store la the Middle of the morning or the after noon or sometimes both. Birds were never better looked after than were the Tuc Feer canaries. How s he would ask com ing in to find Clarita polishing cages or filling tiny cups with Bird seed. Very Clarita would answer most demurely. He s been singing his Bend off this morning nothing strange in he would say. I should too if i stayed Here. In t there something i can do to help miss Evans i Venn hour or so to spare. Let me polish that brass i m used to shining up gear on my Auto. I wish you could take a Little spin in it tonight after the Birds Are All asleep. Would then there came a Day when Dick was not so Well. He drooped and pined in his Cage with never n song. Clarita fussed Over him and doctored him for various Bird ailments. But it was of no refused to be merry. Of course he s a very old Clarita said anxiously to James who was wry attentive to _ the invalid. It s probably old age. I Don t think there s much we can do. What a shame that your Mother should t see him i might he suggested but she s five Hundred Miles away. I doubt whether she d come. She will be sorry though. She s really fond of that poor old of course she Clarita said with emphasis. When you do like herds you love them. You Don t understand James Tucker you need t Well i love something else besides he defended that is i love somebody else. It s All right to want to spend your life with Birds but to rather spend mine something in his tone made Clarita turn away quickly. A customer came in just then and she was Busy for an hour or More so his sentence was not finished. However Clarita knew what its ending would have been and she pondered it that night As she sat alone at her window looking out at the stars. She pondered it and a Little soft sigh escaped her. She was very Happy. Bird Dick died the next Day. James came in to find Clarita putting his soft Little body into a Moss lined Box. Poor old said James Tucker. Motherly care we ought to make it up to her somehow. I might buy her another Bird but no Bird could take Dick s place in her affections. I think the very Best Way would be to make her so Happy about something else that she would be distracted. I inc to what to like to asked she thought she knew. Take her a new said James Tucker. What do you say Clarita could t we be married now and break the news about Dick to it would make her so Happy she could t Grieve for him at All. Mother s always wanted a daughter Clarita and you know that i love you More than anything in the wide world. Could t we be married now murmured Clarita As his Arm began to steal around her i Don t know but what we too True the lure of Moca 67 Osborn Joneil copyright 1917. By the Mcclure newspaper Syndicate among the the faculty too for that Gray had the reputation of being the Best looking professor at Morton and the most confirmed old Bachelor. On the score of his though he was not past redemption at excused various Little quips and quirks in his disposition. Not Only was professor Gray the head of the i greek department of the college1 but As son of one of the leading Ben fac j tors of the College he was one of the i trustees As Well. It was As. A trustee i that his objection on general Pron 1 a pals to Domestic science and House hold arts As part of a College curl cd Lum had thus far successfully blocked the building of the new Domestic science Extension. The Money had been raised for the building but because the site was part of the original Gray bequest. Professor Gray s objection made Progress on the building impossible. No wonder then that Jean Prescott the attractive Young head of such household arts department As there was at Morton was filled with a senti ment toward professor Gray that was As near to that of hatred As any that had Ever entered into her spacious heart. Like most household arts instructors Jean Prescott carried into her classes and Laboratory an air of rare geniality. Professor Gray Seldom carried much geniality into his greek classes and perhaps that was the fault of his boarding House keeper for Gray had got to the Point where having tasteless Coffee and cold Fried eggs for breakfast was getting on his nerves. If he took real satisfaction in any i thing however it was that so far the with that derived from his study of the Niagara Gorge by g. W. Wright and with that of Sollas who holds that the last glacial epoch ended not More than Vears ago. Sir Bertram w Idle save that with such difference of opinion existing Pinon the doctors Plain men Shou to Leine her that any statements about ancient specimens of Man Bel Najj hundreds of thousands of years per h is oven millions Are based on pure a and have no real foundation of and kind. Westward f in the of the trenches went West Means he died the Trail that Westward runs trom the shot swept sky and the flaming gun from the haunts where death keeps pills fiery breath and steel s hot will or Lefon the Trail to the Sunset far countless theft in the Are. Went Ward is care the Din where the Pray ranks met in the Dawn Rnest thin Crimson the Trail to the quiet where in Rucat rung threat into silence Dies where wounds Are healed with a holy Halm and the in o Clumber Calm i Tho Trail that the Braie heart though behind knows the old heart Choc to 1 111 who a the Sun i c c re 1 i in 1 in t unit f 1 i m it f i i t i ii i 1 r jk1 in 1 mis ii l f n 1 i dirt of Quirt r s Nurmi it tin 1 i x i Kiln lit irn i r in no s to Mil him jul in -4 the r of in i rubik i Lar Ini Ifni r Tiitu to wit John i 1 ariel1 m i the v Tiro More ii m Lar with their it would be much hotter Norm a the old ind he nodded to i u up kind snid arid Don t for pct that Cut top Tih hip fresh or pro three Days Good morning " was t that n Nice girl t Salel mrs Tucker to her As they walked you uni id fetching me n ladder so thut i Down from Here How he looked at it first of a imn a an income of a year what is his Pron Cip in Simond Man with such on income Usu Illy has no principle. Luck. Are you "1 Misino men Are luckier 1tnn others hut i Mir in my life nut i be who would own up that he was Lucky. No Wlms s the i lift rent of right there. Psalmist ibid Litts own Huml Bettus the tip re right i used to be n b ill on tour. Do Vou have Good port on the tour i met one kind i curl old Landlady who Sipio Ted two weeks to the soil. I Low Ore the Narcissus on bought bin coming on Der boy finely i no Tenli encouraged to buy a Fani pm Iball m a Leper in office every Utt won it about that time and he never failed to leave the window open even when the air became chill. Sometimes the re came the fragrance of Brolly no Biton sometimes the luscious odor of boiling Micner and chocolate. Once it was the initiated fragrance of beef and onions and a arts that spelled in his mind the kind of Stew the old Southern in mme used to make. Then one div when the smell and proved too tantalizing professor Grav walked steel tally downstairs to the Section of the building and follow ins the luscious that 30tt positively smote him with their vividness be come upon an open door from whence issued the sounds of Femi nine and the Clatter of tins and crockery. It was Jean Prescott s Domestic science in oratory find b inborn tory Pesson was id Prog Ress afraid of by not Obj red he walked Lowit away and is he walked the Meh the of the corridor his Inu Fht sight of n Little Rard to fucked ii it bump ten Bonf i or snip for the Benefit of the her Cross rend the run. Products of the cookery Laboratory will be in snip in miss office from s to 5 15 every professor Gray made in re Rush to himself to remain in his Force until Inte that afternoon and fit just he Sll Popeo Down to miss pc Scott s office absent minded beggar even promised to think of wife every Day while absent the a sent imm Hil beg for booked for n two weeks visit to his Rich aunt stood Umu no Doorstop receiving ins wife s Tui in in Nik tons. she do please Reim ii Lii a pit pm your tie should be on to Wear eve map in is. Vou went you to Uii in " r Vii i m Dov n without "111 ii a note of the forgetful one. continued the wife Ramom lir to i aunt t Bllou s brother Bill is a Point w b All of Thorn. Don t till Lluli h ill Ltd "111 put Dov a too " murmured tin he Lump. Tin n. Loo dear do be careful about petting in draughts. You caught in in Vul cold last i la m to Nikii intr he returned sin imprinted i Upolu his brow. I Anpo said a catch in in r i to Vini la think of me every while you re d in i the Bill in Ali singly. Ill make a memo Randum of it Why we nod yes and shake the question Why do we shake Raf and nod or Bow when we mean is very easily answered. Them actions originate in infancy. The baby turns its head away to prevent Dis agreeable things from getting into Mouth. If it is not hungry it a Fol turn the head from Side to Side to avoid the nipple in time this shaking of the head be comes associated with disagreeable things and unwelcome thoughts. In like manner the nod originated in the motion of the infant s head to take food. After the child had words to express its desires the nod and shake remained to exp uss approval or disapproval in addition to this Funda mental Miru Orv helps to Perpet us Ltd till i wheat less biscuits. Flying fish. It Soti Ifni California tourists Sunn times find themselves surround swarms of flying fish which out of the sen and Sony like Birds Snastin american boy to Lulu a Jecies is Ken coitus the fish it Tali n nth of 18 inches and n Wal put of Roro than n Pound the natural he to planes Llop in m tools. The aviation is made posse i be by the propeller like motion of the powerful Tell and by fins which spread out rapid like monoplane the flight Are very Swift and ii Quarter of n mile Long. Immense Stone a Stone Brenkle in Rhine of rat apr not me and cup Nulty hns been in it cite Mich it will hold w tons of mater enl it one time my will inn dip tons an hour. Per chef Cornmeal is the feature of Torso Excell Tat client miss do Sivita. First the Cornnie in in Tuila n is put in a shallow p Cert in and stirred fun int title until it is u delicate Brown the o her inure ill its Are a of Salt n cup of 1 Sanut mutter and one and n half cups of water mix the Peanut but Ter Anter and Salt and heat this mixture is hoi stir in the meal which should also lie hot rent Thor ouch la the Lopph should be of Bitch consistency that it can be dropped from a spoon Bike in Small in in a narc p in this a naps 18 bar Cults. Pin h of which cont Long one of an ounce of protein. Bin in in said rinks by he of Ned a que Loti ibo cent Brcak fast is this the fish. St up you can new cub replied Dan nah. Done got n Buff Dort Ink Doss morn Sun but do Bishop s coming Clown he for in september Suh and we d All de fresh nips for hues Castoria for infants and children in use for Over 3o years the Nim spa Perl

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