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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 29, 1845, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaT nne every Nuh hot Icea not for one or three insert on to yearly whole no. 33t. Wellsboro wednesday Jan. 28, 1845. To a by t. Sfitsos. Lilikoi just unfolding in Blossom Art Timon n Why bosom Seal on Why brow pore go Bluner of i the Fountain that he i o Lif Fht of thine Eye silently mending Ibin pers each Shade till ill Rainbow of Promise a Eaury is Road. Oli May the Emblem of Hviid nce lie in thy Bostro of Heam in Iii Eye Janif a Neve r Darken i Lic Siino of thy brow of ten thy pres Erice to Bali few the Olaik Vale of evil his own native or pith win would whisper d8criti" Ili Neear 1 t and with dread do imprecations a party of caribs bounded in sight. Terrible was the fight that succeeded and Many a Corpse skewed the a rotund. At length the cubs were obliged to Retreat but alas1 they carried a Fth All that was dear to the Gover nor his wife and children. The , to pursued made to r the place where they had directed their canoes to wait under the charge of some of their friends dragging the unhappy lady and her two babies with them. Frightened by the wild looks of the indians and suddenly awakened from its slumbers one of the Little commented crying bitterly who Clits distressed Mother at the command of her conquerors vainly Endeavor de to still. After running for some distance they bad almost reached the sea Side when one of the caribs More ferocious thai the rest and thinking that the cries of the child would perhaps Lead their although mourning the untimely Fate of other Darling. But Tilis did not last other thoughts arose in her husband s breast too mention. Of what dreadful i nips tells he o or. Who Doles still doubts suspects yet strongly in vain his poor unhappy wife protested that she Pule. Jealousy is a Green Ppd monster. That doth mock the food it feeds and by its whispers drove him Wro was the affectionate Friend and protector to be the harsh and implacable tyrant. No longer enjoying the society of his wife he determined the spot his companion and himself were As the the and hurtful sys Tern of prison discipline and that which until recently was practice in Lunatic asylums is giving Way we Are glad to perceive Al Over the world Pinel a benevolent French physician was the first to treat lunatics with but Sligh restraint when he resolved upon the sex were More than three Hunt fed maniacs in the dungeons of living obtained permission of the common and accompanied by the notorious coi Tihoi entered upon Bis work. On reach pursuers to the spot caught the baby by the feet and swinging if around his head at one blow dashing out its brains upon a neighbor Rock. This deed committed insight of its Parent the lady and Lier remaining child were rudely hurried on Beach gained they were thrown into one of the canoes and the whole party embarking they pushed out into Ocean. The governor finding had escaped proceeded on Hoard an armed vessel and immediately sailed in Pursuit of the enemy. The morning that succeeded that disastrous night was one of West Indian Beauty not Vapour was abroad the sky was one deep Lovely Blue and the sea looked like fluid Lilit. Seated upon the High poop anxiously did the governor scan the Waters in Hopes of seeing the canoes but nothing met his Eye not even a Peck appeared to raise his Hopes. Hour after hour passed , but no sight of the fugitives night Drew on and the Breeze to get rid of her and for this purpose built a keep in Ding a Ding Nook and conveying has wife hither left her to Wear away her life in hopeless misery. This is the legend and Well might that Nook be selected for such a place of seclusion for it is a Valley shut in by the surrounding Mountain and open Only to the sea. I have have Hoard another version of this Story which says that governor and his lady Par Ted by Mutual consent and that it was her wish to have a House built in that spot. Surely if this was the Case she must have had the taste of an anchorite. Story of a backlog. By Sam Slick. Sailed Vilh yells and voc iterations of to most frightful character. Coutou was a called and retired but the philanthropic p Nel pursued the object of his Mission resolving to release filly of the afflicted mates commenced with twelve of the my violent. The first Man set at Liberty was an English sea Captain who bad been chained for forty Baais. His keepers feared him. He had killed one with a blow of his manacles. The kind hearted physician entered his cell unattended and offered him Liberty to walk abroad with Only a Waistcoat to confine his arms. The madman consented. His chains were removed and the door of his cell left open. Many times be raised himself and fell Back his limbs gave Way for they had Juit Reward and give the death the Lolly in the bosom of Riib disgust from the losses the table., her meekness arid Lorig suffering him to the soil the dim fell from his Ber own hideous deformity unmasked before him. Ten years have passed since that solitary Wai tit when the Young Matron Bent id her sleeping boy. Behold her till in the Pride of womanhood sur by Lanejr Cherub faces who Are Lis they go to rest to her Sweet voice fours Forth the accompaniment of her died away the sails flapping heavily against the Mast bespoke another Calm. How tedi Ous seemed those hours of darkness How fervently was the morning wished for but just before Dawn the wind Epi ung up and soon after the mountains of Dominica appeared in sight. Slowly but surely the ves Sel glided on every Eye watching for Home Trace of the lost ones when in the opening of a Little Bay two empty canoes were Dis covered. Could these be the same they were in quest of was the anxious query and if so where could their owners be orders were Given to let go the Anchor and prepare the Oats and in a Short time the governor and is parly All Well armed were landed upon he Beach. A beaten path led up to the mountains and it was determined to pursue in Hopes of to leading to some dwelling where they might obtain information. As it proceeded however it became More and More intricate Java Bushes aloes and the prickly Perar thickly together while different Spe cies of parasites conspired to Render the path More impervious. In some places it was Al most obstructed by these various Bushes interspersed with larger Trees so that Trie com Anions of the governor were for returning supposing no one could have passed that Way ally. But he was determined to proceed a Little further and had just stretched out Lis hand to sever with his sword the overhang ing boughs of an acacia when suddenly he made a Start his heart beat almost to burst and unable to speak he pointed to his amazed followers a portion of White taffeta banging to one of its Sharp thorns. This be Felt assured must have been torn. From Trie Robe of i wife and consequently that was the Road her conquerors must have carried her. Upon Furt Heij search Arooji g the rank and tangled grass in Hope of discover ing prints of footsteps Marks of blood Ere observed. These led to further inquiries. Could they have Murde Reijo or there by no had such been the Case greater Quanti ties of blood would have marked the deed our nearest neighbor was Squire Peleg san Ford Well the old Squire and All his family was All of them the most passionate folks that Ever lived Wren they chose and then they could keep in their temper and be As Cool at. Other times As a Cucumber. One night old Pelig As he was called told his son Yucom a boy of fourteen years old to go and bring in a backlog for the fire. A backlog you know Squire in a Wood is always the biggest stick that one can find or carry. It takes a Stout chunk of a boy to lift one. As soon As Yucom goes to fetch the log the old Squire digs far Ward the coals and fixed the fire so As to leave a bed for it and stands by ready to fit into its presently in comes Yucom with a Little cat stick no bigger than his leg and throws it on. Uncle Peleg got so mad he never said a word hut seized his Ridin whip and gave him a most awful whipping he tanned his hide properly for him you May depend. Said he go sir and bring in a proper Back log.1 Yucom was Clear grit As Well As the old Man for he Chip of the old Block and no mistake to out he goes without so much As Sayin a word but instead of Goin to the Wood pile he walks off altogether and staid away seven years till he was one and Twenty and his own master. Well As soon As he was a Man grown and lawfully on his own Hook he took it into his Bead one Day he d go to his Home and see his old father and Mother agin and show them that he was alive and Kickin for they did t know whether been cramped in Irons forty years. At length he gained the door and gazed with Many Etc Elma ions of Delight upon the scene to him so novel. He was no More in Bonds and be came contented cheerful and Happy. With in a Lew Days Mel liberated fifty three maniacs. The result was beyond his anticipations. Tranquility and Harmony succeeded to tumult aed disorder and the most Fero Cious maniacs became May the Day be hastened when to is system shall universally an accomplished Young lady. Modern finish. L her education is slicked off Complete a Mant maker gets her up Well and is tent Back with the Tower stamp on her dedicated at a she astonishes the natives round about where folks live and makes pm stare agin 8ne is so improved. She plays on ibo piano two pieces they were , lamed Onder the Eye and ear of the master but there is a secret nobody knows can t play nothing else. She sings two or Thiee songs the last lessons Larnt to school and the last she Ever will Larn. She has two or three Beautiful draw m s but there is a secret Here master finished pm and she can t do another. She Speaks French Beautiful but its fortunate she Ain t in France now so that secret is Safe. She is a very agreeable Gal and talks very pleasantly for she has seen the world. She was to London for a few weeks saw the last play and knows a great Deal about the theatre. She has been the life of i Broth or world Unuer that he was Able to go along in Joee we Rel feet of erect. If Sirij Man doubts Opi Ioir governs the let hit in took two Tain going out to shoot for Feir of people will say in Case they refuse loader Wadi Ertho bad lost the b Eit Porti olt of in the observation that Toldi a thing was As. Plain a fear is the Al avarice May a Ltd my fear seeks for nothing hut personal Safe by at any expense to others. I have troops of As the wounded officer said when his own regiment Over him at full Speed in Pursuit of enemy tour invitation is too the said to the spider when he got out of Bis net and i Don r Lille to Friendship wild Why is there always a. Great when an editor Speaks against a monthly periodical because he blows up a Magazine. A Tusker licked Bis son Tor Crow Iii of i a cock As it showed disposition to become a play actor. A false Friend is like the Shadow on a dial which appeals in Fine weather but vanishes at the approach of a Cloud. We part1 to meet no As the to True soup said to the Platter when an Alderman entered the room. To persons who Are too Pursuit be said to have the Izyel Lois fever j Hope is like a Rock in a hot Shacrew is Worth More than the substance. Why is a reformed drunkard he a pursued on land he takes to the water. The National airs of Boston Are Jally comprised of Easterly winds. J i wonder that you will smoke said an elderly maid to a for in. Believe that tobacco and rum generally go together " i wonder How you dare to be a replied surplice since women and men generally go v p n evening song of Joy and ble amid the Trees above Coconut reared its head its Long Pendant branches perfectly motionless. On one Side the Bay of Falmouth Lay stretched before the Eye of the Gazer every Snow crested wave of which could be counted and on the other were the except in the open ing Oft be where nothing was to be seen but an extent of water. Long did that Beautiful lady gaze upon this scene Many thoughts did its loveliness con Jure of her native land its ver Dant Hills amt spangled dells and All its Tow ering cities. Present objects were fast fading away when a splash of the Waters were heard and As her Eye sought the Ocean a Swift gliding Canoe came in sight. At this perhaps she might have been bounded and gain he was dead or not never having heard from him one blessed word All that time. When be arrived at the old House Daylight was Down and the lights lit and As he passed the Keepin room Winder he looked in and there was old Squire Sittin in the same chair be was seven years Afore when he in , and gave him such an unmerciful whipping. So what does Yucom do but stops at the Wood pile and picks up a most Bega cetus log for he grow d to to a most a Ihunt Lerin big Feller and open in the door be marched in and lays it Down on the Hearth and then Lookin up said father i be brought you in Uncle Peleg was struck up All of a Heap he could t b Lieve his eyes that that great six footer was the boy he bad cow Hided and he could t believe his ears when he heard him Call him father a Man from the grave would t have surprised him More he was quite and Bedu med for a minute. But he came too right off and was iced Down to a Freezia pint in by Tia Jie. Did you say says he. That i have brought you in sir Yon Sente out for.1 then you be been a confounded Long time a Fetchin says he that s All i la the opera once form is Bemlie it Over the music Page the tear of happiness and Triumph that from a swelling bosom As be con the interesting group. Youthful be who watch Over a wandering an erring a reproach on your lips towards a truant Hus Julia Dan Vcra and remember Hymen has chains like the sword of May be c Vered with Flowers p hot unkindness irritability do but it not wholly estrange the Amer dropping on the Hinty Rock a time Wear it into softness Seldom reclaim to happiness tie moment the Moon which had been lately obscured shone out with redoubled brightness and she could plainly discover that the Canoe contained Twenty armed men and was quickly followed by another with even More than that number Gers he was the who could these Stran first thought arid what placed in some concealment near. A they proceeded guided by the drops of blood until coming Toun abrupt turn of the path about a dozen caribs1 huts Lay stretched be fore them and their fierce inmates lolling around the open doors. In less than a minute All was confusion confident that this was the party who had stolen his wife the governor rushed upon them furious with passion. Nothing could resist his power1 carib after carib Lay stretched by the prowess of his aim and springing Over his the husband entered the principal hut which he had of i has been More the observed carefully guarded throughout the fray. Of ridicule than religion. It has been a Well known voice called Bis name an in assailed by the wit of Voltaire the rib Aldry Fant s cry of Joy saluted his ear and bursting of Paine and the elegant but Subtle satire of per. An inner door Bis weeping wife was in Gibbon the whole Force of their com Bis arts and his Darling clinging around his bind talents has been insufficient to invalid Knees. It took but Little time to quit that Date one refute one fundamental truth spot and retrace Mountain path. The or to hold the sacred form of vital Reli drops of blood he had seen were occasioned gi0n to the scorn and derision of Well direct by his wife s shoe coming off and the Rug Ltd reason. The pageantry of superstition can say. The coals Forward put it on then go to bed now that s a fact Squire i know the parties that s what i do Call no mistake and has seen Celeste and Fanny Esller and heard la Blanc and Grisi and is a judge of Dancin and singin. She saw the Queen a horseback in the Park and is a Juds a of Ridi nand was at a party at lady syllabus and Knovs London this varnish lasts a whole year. The two new pieces Wear out and the songs get old and the drawings every body has seed and the London millinery wants renewing an other Singer at the opera and All is gone but the was dedicated at aboard in England. Battle by horses. A outlier tells the following picturesque incident of the Peninsula War of the Spanish regiments which had Hern in Arleren in Funken were cavalry mounted on Fine Black Long tailed andalusian horses. It was impracticable to bring off these Barnes Abou 1100 in number and Romana was not a Man who could order them to be destroyed. He fond of horses himself and knew that was attached to his beast which him so far and so their bridles were taken off and they were turned Loose upon the Beach. A scene in a Young saw yesterday a. Little lad with a Hammer and ten Penny Nail trying to work a Brick Bat into a Bull Lirong. There is no doubt but that he will Mai e Imbt tiling one of these Days. Officer on a Field Day happened to be thrown from his horse and be Lay sprawling on the ground said Tea. Who ran to his assistance r thought i bad improved in my Riding Tut i find i Piave fallen id i say Bais where Dat Comet Rise it Rise in the 46 Mere Dean of de Fregin Sodac As Laid Down in de comit Well whar do him set you Black Don t set no when pm gits tired of sbinin1, him Oes in his you know was said the Bellows to the fire. Of yes. I always contrive to get the wind of was the reply. It Why is a Petty dealer like a Man tra veiling through a narrow Street Ana. Be cause he is in a Small stay. Or Franklin said. Leisure u for doing something useful this Leisure the diligent Man will obtain but the Lazy Man. Triever so that As poor Richard says a life and a life of laziness Are two things. Id a Clergyman declared that hypocrisy is the mock Turtle soup of the Christian ban Quet and the false calves and Bustle of wed Ding garment. Id marrying a buoyant Bright eyed Rosy cheeked girl of eighteen to a crusty in comely old Bachelor of five forty is placing a jewel in a hog s snout. Id a woman s Bead is always influenced by her own heart but a Man s heart is generally Bis head. Was every Man had carried was their business at such an hour were they caribs.? and one More glance at their wild forms and the dreadful truth rushed across her mind that they Are coming to storm the Bouse. Soon she awoke her bus band and told him her fears the domestics were aroused and armed and the Bouse put in of defence the were no longer to be a Enand upon her boat was and the dreams of fanaticism have been demolished and scattered by their attacks but ged ascent cutting her tender feet journey to the carib s huts. The quickly gained and in a few minutes they de sacred fabric though thus despoiled of the reached the ship and unfurling the sails they j votive decorations of its human Volans Sou it the shores of Antigua where they a built on the Rock of Ages has bid a proud de Rived in safety. Hitherto All was Weil. Happy in again seeing her husband and knowing herself and child were Safe that lady still took Comfort Fiance to the pointless shafts of ridicule. Id those who Molt. Readily swear by Seldom find ont t _. God to sued such As probably was never before witnessed. They were sensible that they were no longer under any restraint of human Power. A general conflict ensued in which re Taining the discipline they had Learned they charged each other in squadrons of ten or Twenty together then closely engaged striking with their fore feet and biting and tear ing each other with ferocious tramp Ling Over those which were beaten the Shore in the course of an hour wits strewn with and disabled. Fart of them bad been set free on a a rising ground at a Tance they no sooner Hoard the Roar of the Battle than they came thundering Down Over the intermediate Hedges and catching the contagious madness plunged into the figh with fury. Sublime As the scene a too horrible to be contemplated and roman in mercy gave ciders for destroying Tiern but it was found too dangerous to this and after the last boats quilted the Beach the few horses that remained still engaged in the dreadful work Mantua destruction. The curios Fiji that have Een recently brought from eld Wolfl Horn which Adam Learned his letters when a youngster. A Dringer in which eve warned the a for her two boys Cain and Abel. The Hole in the. Sling with which killed gullah All the rest of the having decayed. Some Efth in Eye sight that Samson Ost when hit were put oat by the philistines. Not the Boston Post tells a. Odood Story of a gent Eman Laving to stride a Light in Rose from i is bed went to the mantel Jece and after rhyming As Hie supposed every match in a card without forcibly exclaimed to his it matches his wife in Elroise went to the mantel piece found arvo her Tor and was Ena bled to strike a immediately. On examining what was her astonishment on finding that her husband had broken out every tooth in Are Tortoise Fiell comte Long vim the Day that on a its 1 i m i p i it i up 1 b 1 pm

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