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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 20, 1853, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaTo do Moie thin to in obtained try by to but at a season., of Ancy coloured French ring Lith Proton m a 4 4 Trakh Riethof coloured a t Plain , Kentucky Lilan flannels Wollon Haw i at very Lou Stabli Hoenl. A Uvo uld also tall the a to my exit i Sive assortment ref i Royt Sions. I a syrup liaisons. Afaese Nion Trout pork flour co. In he which on hand. In co ilium r Lias Bee i cared int and in with this suit tile w very Low d. I ants of purchasers cities. Also f _ script Iii Quality. And Caff lathe heavy bout fifty and As to big hrs of hot Des Caps. incl shut i have reef Forf 10 Niffin a of Ilia i w. A Vav re Bare a Tii Ripe of Iho pro Grusi from Mienl k fund of Disenso c on Trncic bar Tif cd pm Willi advice for their part Walum in in u Lainily in Imiyo Idini ail milk la Zeeh Iii ilium Woi Itil attend re Silkut Nome in my tote eurs of n Icli Albior Priale i Iii he is lot lie cure of in b Orliw Janici. On the causes a jump Anil cure us ii Tibet Ceniu a Sis it l Tell Dollar any pan of the a United of. Pop Ilar a drum Posi Aje paid. Author 33 ourth1 sired. A i a fore Ems or hust6r will liar clip Laili Iier to Eire it nor Al disc Csc ii clue of Rnezie w Al Csc ii clue i Huw i tannins of Afflic Linig. Elioer inv Hail to ims Toohtl 33 North 51, 1 Hila. Without far of from of who been Ivie in the ii1hi.t01is. Fren Nniro Tempo Lent of organs i Malo no Cleiv Iid instil ssi iry consult ibo Ito of cd c elect r is f list Rit n no rect r Llo Filleti Ioir in Many Liler lives Ici Isi Iorii of ibo one Roii to family Ore to in i Idle physician has per floor b i i More successful than org and to that he Csc voila Moit ears Pratl study Abd o is Ingvi Ihrer with ulcer upon r or Luis Bead . Arising from Oun Sii or Etaf or in Liloon. Whereby my bled. Lor to offer i vow place i by Cate a dicta part o to 1 Rice t t in pc if. Stirm Barri tiled the 7 Earth boy w in the comfy. R Verv sold l 5 it a id to article not returned if uni Juro Becl Dauod. Terms Casel april ill 1838. I 31 of Cunyu Stu Ozeiri to nods Sci Deriture altar Auto Anft that country is the most prosperous where labor commands greatest Wellsboro thursday january 20, 1853. Jjj-1 j of Ajcuc Bodt is disease. Jujj Kyseem re think Bat when the body is 8ick it is simply a sickness of the body alone i and the. Mind a s nothing to do indeed allow that when mental de occurs with any Dis ease the mind is a effect de the body but ther a Pronell lose sight of the fact in All Ordinary Casesuz yet it exists in these As really though not try the same degree. A Jioje eng hence of disease Nob the mind is Obi to tie Moat careless and is per facial observer. were no Christian reve lation to contradict it. But while we discard All such anti Christian and absurd fantasies we most not run to the other extreme As Good men have done. It must be in this life All the manifestations of mine Are not Only connected with but Are dependent upon a material organization. The nature of ibis connection and dependence is of course a mys of its existence there is no doubt so far As injury is done to the brain and nervous system just so far Are the manifestations or actions of the mind impaired and on the other directly mind affect through it the organization. And when insanity results from moral causes thus direct effect but an indirect in the brain the moral theirs in the Ganglionic system of it is which has certain great nervous centres in the Region of the heart Ato Inheh i will not atop to expose the a Lacy of this plausible theory it a sufficient Fra my purpose simply to advert to tha fact that the moral sentiments of the mind or soul Are manifested More in that part of the body than in the brain. The language of the and the Ges Tures which Loco Inphany the utterance of that language or Supply its place when feeling is too big for utterance Are in consonance with this fact. We speak of the heart tend we place the hand upon the heart when the Moril sentiments Are in Lively action. And when feeling is so great As Tobe overpowering or when the attempt room Omu from b Kab. Brno gelatinous when and w and As he had an Opportunity he Looker in twelve toil of old in one ship digested when used As soups room but he wished very much to see Ilia Friend through the door As it changed to be a Little 9pen. The Dull Eye of the sick Man saw him advices have been received in England otherwise made from dido is on her the Bene Plant has Simi a in London from a thin slice of this into a Glass v u i for. Summer Asif he had seen a c dreadful vision. His _ ounces or for this reason it tempered Rajic Yoonju de up Deas of a painful at pounds complaint with children character which Rem med upon his mid for a to the i w Lve too3 Grid just. By dung of horse fed Wees and As a delayed his the to the in part on carrots it will be found to contain convalescence. Ounce and the . Mini Altje of this ship no undigested Hay or Oats j and therefore incident leads a to that phys therefore is five millions six Hundred less quantities of those materials Sre Neces cans find great difficulty m securing a due be thous Anuj dollars largest sum a Mem sary than when the amount swallowed Gree of quietness in he sick Roon word quietness in widest sense. Mean the avoidance of noise Nerey but of All packets from improper excitement. Visiting is generally a Delphia arnved a this fort in july we be nuisance in the chamber of sickness. Lieve who nearly three1 millions Gold dust on Tidia Clover in summer v Phvoc to what he thrown nto a diseased state and reacts upon the which at the heart a sensation of general the mind mind influencing its manifestations if the ing of word expresses it so Well this Bonaly ailments of tie mind thus acted upon spirit separated preventing utterance Anc. Then when it themselves too Oteri Overlook the from the body the result would be merely the finds it seems As if there gushing j in their unit rent Natu Forth from the heart not merely figuratively but Sylthe Community generally have very invade rally produce and not the unnatural from the material heart in our uate views of i s extent Ard insanity. It is not strictly proper to speak bosoms. There cannot be any sickness of the body Bow of a Roi rid the fact which t have been Illus rating shows Ever that aloes not produce some effect let a not be understood to mean that mental the Force of Auch expressions in he Bible As unon the mind and which is not influenced i derangement in every Case is to be attributed to bowels of bowels did the fur Obj or for ill disease that leaves such palpable traces that the t throws some Light also on the influence dissecting knife would reveal it if death were to of grief upon the stomach and on the depress to be place. There ire diseased operations in Ion of spirits which so sorely afflicts tha Dys the body that Are hidden from our hid peptic. Devi Uii Iii View by the physician but that it Den that they not Only leave no traces but it gives but a faint idea then of the Alt Perva should to understood by thes Community develop no characteristic bodily symptoms. Ding connection of the mid with the body to although the principles above stated Are often suppose the mind to be locket up in some Cham Ted As they Onen Ore us overlooked and sometimes doubted or even de her of the1 brain there receiving y the nerves f Olaof the sick when he aim Sito act Titpon Nied there Are some oases in we Job they stand messages from every Quarter and sending Forth by on the in ind out to everybody acknowledges for return by the same Media there and i not in this remark merely to Itti the time their truth. For example if p is no evidence of the one great Cen missions of this kind where to pro by a flow on Bis head has a piece of his Skull ettral Point of attachment for the mind but the a 11 a so palpable tha ithe most careless pressed inward upon his brain he become sense of its connection with the body Are Multi a perceive it but to All those influx less if he arouse at aloft wifi his stupor his a lied ind Dif used. It is not merely therefore Cocos which the physician i exerting upon the mind is obviously in an mria Tural state. The positive existing in the Bram that affects Las of the sick in his Dai y Intercourse with surge raises the caressed Bone and to the mind disorder of Miclis m Odi Tom in Trull Eva Nhin r that he says and King off the pressure from the brain restores the fie4 by the different seats and disease in different portions of the Nerv jus system As As in different parts of the brain itself i Mantle stations were suspended by a cause speak no Jiow of palpable a sanity alone but of in directly a pin the material organization and All the various states of i id in sick in the Vicinity in their native Loague. Par sliced b one of the London papers says odour in y Crivea a visa tar he proffers it. Before diviner that men Are in the Gold to colds Lew a intellectual restlessness he takes his Tea As the French take of who m Are Digap Koinm an great numbers darted through the leads of Scholastic As a zest. After dinner be sits his Tea As a Are becoming Rich tie Gok prospects in the sweets quite ignorant of their fun Scotchman take h s whiskey As a Are week by week lab adds. Ture i Gerlyn he became acquainted this is done not anly without injuring "1 to j o St Maclis but with positive advantage to their a Missim Waif in with Schleiermacher wot stand Lex Egton a Teller from he first saw get Hen Jenn. 1 he old Man or George a. Floras of Favette county walking in his Garden in t in morning me., written in of Las from the Fegins at Tactman carelessness or. Alexander Vito re colons ass Thalia. A Waistcoat. the Day Vou Kee d As sunday is monday was then at the a weight of tas tame he re like to have their Tea uniform and Here the Chi Matt is f St rate but the flies marked., though without passion or ill feeling up i we not that the English led his Matt Long night of Dpi Kneas and possess again ils a Tnp Dic action of its fibres so it with weakness bullies in full just at the Man who lies sense of mind. Its Effort Are and it is easily Les from pressure upon the brain is restored to thrown off from its balance. A feeble Man Tot mental activity pressure is taken off tearing along resting upon his Upu a. By the Trephina and Eft Vator of the surgeon. Or taking hold of a Post i or a it Nee is thrown Hibi lation which the mind s to leave in a Short now what is of the cases Bat we have Down by the gentlest touch or by stumbling Over Lime to return , rebuke Cile a is True in All mental Aberra even a slight obstacle that he chances not to 1 and regt etl in a More glorious an incorruptible tips however slight it May be results see so As to avoid or guard against in. And in form Lohvell in it then 6tit this Illus a connection of the mind with the body and would the tedious journey of sickness mind and body mind fam Tho other is Down wit i it. The guide therefore of these two travellers in this journey i Joist see to it Cha t All obstacles in the Way of either be removed or avoided Tuat hand be permitted to touch them ant Oil those supports be supplied w Way which either can Best use. I i the weakness which disease Occa mysterious the mind i not1 occur without this connection. Its tie pro totter in their feebleness together and with the body is but a Affias does not duct of some impression made upon the a Ether is exceedingly liable to full. And if one express the extent nor tha Tcori trial organization either acc tooth the mind be rpt a Mere Dweller 3ut by through the mind. This into this habitation. Its Union is not be momentary and evanescent or it thus Loose and easily severed. It a its Duce a real change of Structure. If every nerve and Fibre so Takt the least to in Ilttre upon to Jese the body at joint mind. Instead not necessary for , of being into the body it has being we speak of the brain As the seat of Tot laced As we May say Fibre with Fibre grown we incan by this simply that with and strengthened with the Gruelf Central Organ of that system in to often exhibited to tie physic map under in thele Elemis Ohn fancy the Rind nervous circumstances mines hat have been is jus As feeble As , and they both mind acts upon external things and to the most difficult and abstruse sub up to the vigor and firmness of u an upon by them it is Correct .8 in of to the decline together in old Tatge. So. We mean Tosca size there simplest orfeas those which Are both common Pine. To. N u Treux upon some one part of and precious to the child the Man the angel1, close i3-their.union and especially of. A _ l. Did upon the pineal gland am to god himself. The Strong meat is than a Aube from of the f milk of i Reinem throne of the illustration is an Erro her one of lofty intellect fading away with con Beds Ope. The mind acts upon the whole body who this us Siroush All Thi parts of the nervous system and her aged father was Reading to her a chapter in 1 said a bodily health and general Ort. Yet englishmen will Swa Low Tea Goto bed turn and toss keep awake get up complain Unstrung nerves and weak digestion and visit the doctor who shakes his head and solemnly says eans if me try Tallis Eay the chinese like to have their Tea uniform and so they in Sori the leaves for the advantage of Tho English and american1 merchants Tho Cit a Chine woot net think of drinking dyed Tea tree Plant Herb a Isimal or Bird Hue any in by. Lie More Gypsum the states a copt Jon Stic otties. Rieme of wares Riet i fwd Byron in Ami Blue he Cane in tunicate o the Plant the kangaroos and Kangaroo rat Sand the like my at his Villa Par leghorn. Byron j higher decoties its value in the eyes of the in a frs in this Coli try Are Nied the of Goethe about Manfred arid Glieth merchant Aid the dyeing process Accord every kind of Pairot Roallos a d lat he had never read faust., iras goes on in China an extent which is Afa Lac pc. There me three of Iho year 1831, while he was writing Don oomph Tiv of fam Maine one from Juan. When his visitor Rose to. Take now and nys Olf from he Pool tool Doxon a volume containing the from Blue adj Gypsum is contained. Pne fact begin to set in he had of the poem is not now made known to the British up Alic for suf Cabin built and sex Hundred dollars Worth an w1 ote his name in them is p. The firs time we therefore Hope in of provisions Sot to last up till Brynce from Noel the career of creative dyeing Trade will decrease in the be is in november. The historian after returning country tile May Easly regard defy is u Matulef or Public record. I i an ounce a Day to Lac Man at present we a Bei Kuckly for j u _ have take some Days As High us Fivey sounds keep the rank in providence1 castors the ancient britons painted themselves weight. The mines i Fumk Are much Bel you and do nol yourself and lived upon acorns and we Hole Lulu Ter Here than in Bali Mia they extend unhappy afford Whit Sously smile at their lamentable of Roe Ihn try a Hui in rat in Nappy Auora what a _ across the country tar about went Hundred Ever a Arild fancy might suggest. To revel ill he kingdoms of the world would equal to the expense Oji one exl Rava int u mad Tii Fotiou excessive writer describing1 the Lunatic Asylum at Black self s Island says Here is a woman that Joy Baa deprived of her tenses. Her husband add child were on. Board a vessel which was going Down to the store every Day As if Sha u be nearer the beloved tha f she Losel Lay buried beneath the sea suddenly Sie them Landing from a vessel we had picked them up and saved them. An overwhelm ing flood of Joy pervaded her then reason was gone forever. She never has know j. Us with pity and Surprise As the coals of our stomachs May Wil rebel against tie of so much Iii fetal trash. Our venerable an Revie i to the Tea com trips of China. ,1 much deeper. Go i Here in the mines Only 15s., or 5 71. There is no eign Money that wih pass in the a wife must to form her we pay each a tax of 1 in. 10s, or 7 i of. Husband s happiness1, in whatever direction the 50 per month to dog or even to be in by secret Hes she must not cherish his weaknesses u7, t t u i i by working upon them she Pua Friol rashly run Olnas l Lin Oslo a t trough All my Money i had made in Cali fornia. I have got now about Worth of Gold. I. Cupec Tahj Start for Home v Christmas Rooney or no Money. Value of carrots. Very few persons aware of the fact them since but sits on what she thinks the aame and sometimes unless tace affection of that Young carrots Are among the most Rock where she used to bewail their Fate wring both be very f irritation should wholesome of and really assist los hands and moaning Mph o f b it while every week the husband and gaze on her face m Hopes to i of in vain " counter to Bis prejudices her be never to irn Tate. She must study never to draw largely on tie Small Stock patience in a Man s nature nor to increase is obstinacy a trying to drive him never never if possible to have scenes. I doubt much if a real quarrel even if made up does not loosen1 the Bond Between Sonje of us habitation at the vey moment of jts de he nervous system. This or san is a Complex thing from the apostle John is better for my Striction. Were it not i r this ass Surander of our one and the have their different poor feeble mind immortality we could Loo c Forward in Iho nicer this we know in regard to so be of the mind weakened by disease is easily Dis Tain future to nothing but Blank drear Annila these parts and we can justly presume it in re Turbed and agitated except 11 those lion As awaiting our min 3s, just Asil the Gard to others. And we do this without adopt the Sensi unties. Derange Wndy of the brutes that perish. Fng the fanciful ideas of phrenology its in Loca ment of minor pc often the prod Jet of Mere weak h our carefulness to avoid materialist we Linja the different faculties of the mind Ness and i Ince Isof excitement without any to look upon the mind and tha body while the brain is the great Central Organ of fresh accession local disease. A familiar ills two separate and Independent things at i he nervous system by which the mind lust ration of Otiis you see in fever very death they do indeed became so but who of us and receives impressions there Are other parts often there derangement Only during knows that they would verb it not for Tea Fiat of that same system which seem the paroxysm the mind being quite Ike almighty a who knows that there snot other relation to the mind than that by which Clear Iri the remissions. Especially is this the necessity for the put tit g Forth of his Power in Jiey transmit these impressions to and from the Case with children Whoso sent abilities Ana sym web individual Case at tie time of death mind through the brain As the nerves ordinarily1 patties Are in so much More a state than to. They seem to have a connection with the those of the adult. Independent of the direct Agency of the slight causes therefore Wlinich would produce for aught we know they have such a Loeffe Compon the mind of one in firm indestructible and that it is pm into connection. When the in ind is affected Bejany health May affect sir orfely the mind of d sick to a the Jower passion either of the cheerful or the depressing Man. A single example will suffice. Thapa off Tell the whenever Jii Dies kind its sensible effects upon the Bodyl Are not Tient was sick with to Vihus fever. He had been Mats on no substantial proof that it in detained observable chiefly in the but in the Region very much deranged and great care had been ans to leave the body 13 quite off the heart and the other Organ s adjacent to it. Taken to guard against any excitement which we Are pained o say the thrill of Joy is Felt grief proud might act injuriously upon i n. He was now among believers in Phr analogy Pes there its sensation of oppression prompting getting better and his mind had become by deny it seem to thin c sat the occasional a fish to relieve it and Clear whoosh Ishill like his body it wis very pretty much As the such As these led an French weak a frien d in morning As usual j.1. to about him. Be Krew that a visit in prohibited from going to Hesick digestion Are than the occasion requires. Mild Small Young of in Vas Are prone to this exaggeration of cares and the so common language let Nota woman be tempted to say on every the erupt Ioko anything sarcastic or violent in retaliation the finely chopped vegetal Carria from Sicily states that the eruption Wlinich Corn bitterest repentance must needs follow if she a do. F t. L of Rei Iii j Turifi i Are grateful Loo for forbearance in such cases he in the vegetable con new that opened on the Diment. Introduced it is Only lately that m pouring Forth l i r to Terete repentance must needs follow if she being the most important and Thedla defence of August stir lasts Caus Meh free gently in digestion Between a dinner eaten at a fears according to the it Seldom what is uttered by their wives. They cafe Ani Oto _ Pink n Annert. W Tatj i. Pm. They Are often conscious that they Are give a Tittle time As the greatest Boon i bestow to the irritated feelings of your 4stimulus, known to extent in the the Mountain continued to Seh Forth loud re ports and to he but up globes of Nick Srrose interspersed wit Trbuza ashes. J a a. Yent Trio dying with his body just As the mind of the Rule does with t the very prevalent notion that the mind 18 is in his after saying so much rank Oro brought up with Tho idea that if they View to the promotion better Thi engage in some occupation they shall lose their de standing with the Carrot in our Lichen position in suppose it so gardens we quote the following in Corro it is Wiser to quit a position we cannot honestly the Calcut i than to live dependent upon the Bounty lated to increase the Fie d cultivation of this better to labor our bushels of Oats to support the i possessed of considerable wealth. And Caprice bothers better to labor with our f a bushels of Oats decided Ustance and one of carrots is Uei Vood for a horse him twice. The girl the 18th minister had ruined fiery her name Garet lat and Side was Only 18 years the name t in reverend is not to . We Juat ii pfc a i t h i , or press our honest indignation than three bushels at Oats and at to act a unworthy part4 for i Ghl the Quantity of and in All cases How ave female be increased. Ought How All household affairs a re with such horses enjoy Good health Graceon framing How to make the bread we improved digestion. It May be thus sex Given. A Smoll pieces of parser or Linen Nat tend Voith Turientine and put into the. It i Gwo or. Three Ufa 111 , to eat to cooker our dinners to Menc Pur clothes or plumed the Carrot is very nutritious and Robe or drawers for mingle Day v even to clean better to be found to in the cur Ous of times k against Siviy engaged in removing the dust from the fur it ionizing the watery solutions contained in nature it the stomach of the horse. Carro s contain Pectic acid a single drop of which mixed started Jinn a with the juice of an or other dollars the tithe eyes of Needles Are punched by a Ma-1 mediately turns it into d Jelly and the Paris week at forty percent p by to by can punch confectioners use it for this purpose. Souds to Belnie Ero test Comandi Twenty in which carrots have been boiled Are 1 f i f

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