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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 20, 1841, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaOf Suez and Ted sea i risen celebrating Ance of Israel. Gathering Poussin. Valley and con vent fount Tomb i Rubens. Sian c hebrew tribes. Egv. Iclal standards. Ruth and and ancient shoes and y runs Odds e o Endor. And in Jerusalem. Darrid Ore the Teri Eam. Pio Bahlau form the covenant the plague. Ruins n Palm my in the an Jer Nonh Dan in David with go i. I u i b of be Henri Ril i i m o4 Jordan Val my a look Kedron Cut Christ Blessing u to pm m the storm it feet of i i Lois Pitu denying s Nii thie at ii of wifi Julle miraculous in i h., 1 Ime Man a ctr t n i i s and Paul at a n Athens in Asvitt of Tim Athens u my t t Lic Salonica a in Ich Ooi ancient in a Ovental houses i i i ancient rums y n to ctr plants c. C in than one Hun i u a which i numerate in the Brner i la lust i ions of the holy t be too highly appreciated lose of Tho character Public Ork now offered for Public and support. They Serva to illustrate the text and a Are almost to Ferstanding of t the attention of the Young 0 impress scripture scenes s on then memory while t the attention of nil to the Lorre of in Oahu a c n a person of if to so 1 Toni Iliin Lisp exp i v old i. Vol tit than i f i thin e lit every thing to Oik n to e of 1, tin of his m is i by Ilii Coiry re of Rocol Taco into Beau Tut Foi Chr Tui in of the be Loci Iines and increases of this publication. The single copy handsomely s to with More Hund cd Beautiful in is fixed at to e extremely lot orly Dol ii c to Combine to in p nit in the country who b i i it Lui to Ork to Hall j c Foi n Mitzi. to d i Opl i son who to n o i v Liec of postage Ludo. Foi to him no u i Rome respond i intr y who i i i in o for i in n Tho at c j Al of i i eight i Ronij Infix Jil r Lious and Scien i l or r Only twelve s t i p under ii us n oink latious of t i i i Taro alld no n i 10 i Stati n i i Ahkii a. C d new of the ii Lihi u v Niiya i n t if it Tho Erb or magazines lire Wathom Lite ratio ent. Including this it twelve inside insertions re a copy of this work r by sending is to talc i from of poit pc ill Hov i 1 it is 1" i a printed and published every wednesday by j. P. At of a vol. . 23. Within the , Tiona county conditions. For a Sui it Zenou than six months Norwill any paper be Discon repairs uui.0. Aued until All arrearage Are paid but at the 1 fee it to be my duty again to state to the option of the publisher the useless fro dec rat Lin a very i Mes in., Tate of forwardness and fun b 1 i u the Best has proved Ursa wrong and ruinous on the latter i May needed for repairs on the canals and rail roads Nife rest upon the Public know their opinions on this Al Well Many Liam tort and Al no for a Shorter period now in operation As Well As the amount due a due Semi annually Ort the Shaf As All other subjects and if you differ the course heretofore usual ice with Don i puff thak off in or s legislature that As soon those portions of deficient of sir t him t j 1 x to or a Early in the session Erie canal of new York by the Sene lines of .mprovement1, now Al of old a t your duty to re has been be Romly detrimental to the in with the West Bolh final most completed Are finished and non which Lesa nuns from tolls Aucon duties peal the Law instantly. No part of the Teress of the Commonwealth at that Wiss legislature son River to Lake Erie at ated a a great portion the advantage Likely to our was absorbed by debts then selves from the construction of this results la ffi11 that the great amount of ssi Eners were next. The fund tonnage and travel which now annual the in finds its Way from the lakes Throux f _ f act f c foe cents Norf j y of Etc a tie Price Jot one to the same. A Liberal re Duclion to those u to advertise six by hastening completion i think it full time for to pause a her career of , and twi Iora tone these be Een coerce. See tie no Turnpike Bridge and navigation other made of Etri Catmint the common is and escheat which had been a a Fol i the. Set apart by Law towards the of the interest on the Public debt have already made. 1 have been been paid out indiscriminately to meet ate representatives the beginning the fiend and advocate of other demands upon the Senate and of aide of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Rao wealth and shall continue to be Vuu As that system is confined to the Mam lines and their immediate tributaries but our in Public debt and the Saor fires a huh the for the payment of on the Public debt upon the 1st Rumary next of perhaps opinions re yet if the immedi think apr due Anu Sao Ruu is a noun the Rumary next of Are unpaid and the people1are called upon to make m consequence this As Well j to f can never consent by word or deed Are without fund to Lav in of a the payment of the int wast and of ixe so excl to countenance the idea that tie Faith sary material. To Ihen Nipa ast Falls due forcibly admonish legislative branches of of the state in a. For Tho re us to consult prudence and Economy heat i thai in 3 anoxia Tom much of attendant upon be of this duty by referring your attention to the annual message which 1 had the Honor to transmit to the legs late on tha 8th Day of january last. In that message i Foh it to be my imperative duty to enter into a a 8 in full and elaborate exposition of my views on they Promise tevet Al interesting subjects connected with the Public welfare and especially on the subjects of the internal improvements of the Commonwealth the Public debt and re formation of the banking system. In regard the leading questions of vital interest and to no Aidroos subordinate mailers intimately i add 1 the the past year has not Only confirmed but strengthened my conviction of the Justice and propriety of those opinions and recommendations the people at Large with unexampled have approved i earnestly of last legislature upon those portions of the message to which Yon will find convenient non your journals. So far As respects tip worm of the banking system i perceive Natal particular the recommendation s there la contained and i now Here ret earnestly it commend the Adoli Morann nations i then made on and trait that the present legislature will not a Prats until they shall have made a search Inland thorough Reform of the imperfections and manifold abuses of tha present system to a it has been a subject of deep regret that my recommendations on that subject did tha approbation of last Legisla Ture persuaded As i am that the most Benefi evil influences would have resulted from their adoption his not however too late to apply a Smytdy still and i again recommend with anti oui earnestness those measures for re forming the abuses of the banking system to Jour Early attention. The resumption of specie payments on the part of the Banks which constituted a year does arrive a Vii Iraq Ewh min Dirac mesh As much As practicable the Bur Theos now imposed upon the people of the slate. 1 amount necessary to Complete the Mam lines and to put the improvements now in use a thorough state of repair you will be fully informed of by the canal commissioners amount of Money 1 would respectfully should be immediately appropriated enable the canal commissioners to proper arrangements to apply it with most advantage to the Public service. Great and immediate repairs to our improvements Are indispensable if we Hope to maintain character of those improvements and to pre vent our immediate Northern and Southern neighbors from diverting from them a Large Shams of the business of the West and South. The Honor of Pennsylvania is too deeply m olved in this measure to admit of apathy or delay feeling As citizens of this common wealth should feel on this Sobject. I am sure of Law. He interest account without r i the deficiency in the funds set apart the payment of the interest on the be the Ai tides taxed Are those purely of luxury such a Gold watches pleasure carnage household furniture exceed ing in value three Hundred dollars to Gether with Bonds Bills and notes of solvent obligatory Bank Stock or Stock Mode left to avoid the Dishonour of the state credit but the Sale of a sufficient amount of the Slock owned by the. Stats profitable making in Public opinion and the state the stockholders. It and co haitian of the colleges facade has been accomplished at a less Cost schools throughout the com than any other work of the kind which Mon wealth a Man any owner work of the kind which though the Active operation of the Wisdom of and Survey Are not yet corporations do each of the Bankst Edjir Bank of f much of t least one percent salaries Pennsylvania it t do system i perceive. M this Meas me to admit of apathy or solvent Oblin tora nk tent t t Vul in Leresley the Wisdom o fing or modify my m any feeling As citizens of common Stock or Stock owns the following amount of Stock in skill Prudenc recommendations there wealth should feel on this subject i am sure j c yielding do each of the Banks named Viz Bank of charged with s All have made a search up Blip Nurt urn Nai snip upon those would most probably command ready treat with the m of the imperfections a who fall within reach of its provisions Sale and i do most sincerely hone that of v i f system. Amount of Public debts still they Are comparatively subjected not a Dav will b. Loat thu r permanent Loans at5 be Rcpt. Nac m9 j Noi a nay will de lost before this Dos of our inter drum of official duty. Public debt. The present amount of Public debt is. Permanent Loans at5 percent. 32 at 4 1-2 00 temporary Loans at 4 per cent. 00 who fall within reach of its provisions still they Are comparatively subjected to every Little most instances they do not belong to the o Ucucu untimely explored do i respectfully recommend to the be ring the past in any former Lis lature. The enactment of a Law a one. The state geologist and his canal commissioners to corps were laboriously occupied in the t authorities of the state Fie d their researches extending into r such a connection various districts both East and West of improvements with the Allegheny mountains. The insight interests acquired during the n the Law Survey into the More minute n it due United states on account of Deposit surplus Revenue your Early Attento _ i u Gioia uits Nii Eicr worm men in deemed proper part a0ysr t an Eram mation of the debts and a Dute compleat on and the Quea Cwm formidable of the difficulty of Commonwealth on the Isth f nb8f Vaiuta must be sacrificed or a Tion was by them determined in the the same toward in the. Way of efficient legislation i about to 1839, and the subsequent Laws Pas of this kind be endured there Are affirmative and the sum of s600.000 or in Asir the 3d Day of Panl those institutions Are that period has been a gent and eiti7nnit i i fun us Are at Many to and after tha Isih i push to Dehlno Anh a a 1 us Jingiu citizens who will and the works an for and after the 15th Day of Janu inst. On demand All their notes Bills. Sible blot upon the Faith and Honor of will0ek promote to slow Falls with the most Peculiar Severi Ture prompt action of the Legisla should limit the terms and conditions of our geology and the True position to. R i i l and define the Power and authorities of our various Mineral deposits has in my last annual message the ques of the in such a Man. Greatly to increase the accuracy now collected. Throughout several m this Case the in nor a de prose Nina 10 imme the interest of the Commonwealth extensive sections of the state where upon an Eram mation of the debts and a must Wajn fits y completion or not and the Quea would also be advanced by entrusting hitherto n. Accurate clue had been Rajs Ursa a u r internal improvements. There Marble and Limestone could be Many Points and in very Adran much of the obscurity has been re o______1 that period has been applied to debts and liabilities alien due and fal Ling duo on account of the Public works finished and us Wall All Lnell notes in duo uni of me Public works Fin deposite., and otherliabilnie., m Gold orm Lver shed and " the payment of Tern a of of their Char Polar and Loans for merest on the pub , upon certain condition set Forth m said and for the repairs of upon certain conditions set Forth in said thoulion. It affords me great pleasure to Thatah Hough the Day fixed for Tho was More Remote than i wished at p8nod and there is now Good ground of common wealth will As they Are required to Iii to n and injun tic ble i realized from a satisfactory those who would condemn a a Render Jud Ipiotis and immediate act of 7th april 1835, a tit. Purpose an Seifi paid a existence when i assumed the Cal Wounder con raef for of an however will be less than me functions of the exec Uve and found 7f to the nothing to pay it with. The Treasury each end of the Portage a l ro.ujj it Erica Petal Stock of maps now in a course of for a Are essential a. A basis for to o r however conclude no my subject Wuh ont a commending c Public Bank Stock j Turnpike and Bridge navigation canal Stock ,700 00 89 Loans a Sale of the improvements or taxation. The first two were impracticable and i was driven by Stern necessity to the adoption of the latter alternative. I saw but one path before be waste j o can a by the Banks m be conducted announced our banking Misti 00 90 00 17 there Are Bueno specie payment in Penn 96 thus it appears that the resources of the Commonwealth Are abundant but not immediately available Foi the Pur pose of paying either the principal or the interest of the pub fac debt it is proper Here to remark that it in Jar oter have been of construction and hut Little delay or has occurred. The it connected o the canal t is tails cell current demands of the stale Treasury. The various Apt pro nations of the Public treasure have extended the Public income. Out of this state of things a custom has grown up at the Treasury it seems to pay the demands upon it As they Are from time to time presented without reference to me Pate of duty. 1 recommended taxation that recommendation was adopted by the legislature and it is a source of proud gratification to me when i con Sider that the people of Pennsylvania almost to a , so far As i have been informed with a fineness and Patriot ism worthy of themselves have yielded to Thi necessity without murmur Orrein no. I fully convinced that at the expiration of five years at farthest with a reasonable degree of prudence and with strict Economy m the management of our affairs the in come of our improvements will Render a renewal of thar Jimr Whoy Unne Cessa if any opinion exists As to the necessity tax let these questions be ans sered by those object ing does not Pennsylvania owe tins debt is she not morally Anil legally bound to pay it and its interest it Falls due can they Point put any other Mode by which this can. Done to Complete the whole and Hayes of onto the Jirva t Inbe chemical department of n s tast in Dorting except the last species of Kri owl Cletion of the main fix one third of Edse now becoming every Day More Piezon of me main lines As Well to the the and a. A. As to the fiscal interests of the Commonwealth cannot be Tooi strongly pressed upon your attention. They will completed communication Between the great lakes and our Metropolis. Nearly completed. Improvements with those of that great commones 1th thus affording an Opportunity of exchanging the products of the two Stales and strengthening the Bonds of our Tia optional Union. They will a in to the Revenue san the use. A i they Are nearly finished a comparatively Small sum is necessary to com plete them and the policy of a continued and protracted delay in comple Ting works which i the state jul eds to accomplish until the first work i and another a comparatively Lish this company Are exhaust the Commonwealth a annually called upon Tor the amount of her Anty and her sul unproductive. It is a tributary to the state canal terminating in one of the richest Mineral regions in this or perhaps any other country. Every article coming out of it pays a toll on our state canal for 150 Miles to Columbia. I therefore submit to the better judgment of the legislature whether sound Economy does not Dic Tate the further subscription of a sum sufficient to finish Iolj believing that its productiveness will then be amply sufficient to relieve the Commonwealth from any further payment of her guar Anty. There Are at present Many Public improvements i a course of construction in our by of private companies i cannot Blit think Are calculated to Benefit pen Jyl ing and mining interests of Rania. It is an undoubted fact that the vow last years have been a period of pecuniary embarrassment in the business Community. It has been consoling however to reflect that during a por Tion of that time our Husbandmen have been reaping a full Reward for their la Bor in adj Undank crops for which they have found ready markets at fair prices. They had not generally been affected with the mad spirit of speculation which at one time seemed to have seized so Large a part of other portions occur citizens and induced l hem to engage it almost every vision Ary scheme m their haste to get the causes of this embarrassment have been variously explained As. The views of those who undertook the task. My own views upon this subject have been fully and freely a cares sed in my pre ceding no however can do in that country a Jumi Kwiw sp4pfr1 sp4pfr1

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