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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 19, 1848, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaT i o g a e a l e j. P. Zdilor and Propri Tioga coun Llars ind fifty be exclusive of j Oslage fifty cents d Lv-jl1 by deducted in coi Linurd until All Arres the Ine i. Dollar la a so Nai l. Unless at the option of the editor infill nol exceeding in Civ a ree fun one Johir and for it Twenty five trite. In for seventy for one or three insertions t discount to yearly tiie Eagle la Luj thu j Rajul the bereaved ii sea w. The death mrs. Clarity l j. Page. Uss Ledla Jane Pierso my precious in my heart o i i la lib Ihl i Lor. A a. Taper an ducted it rag trs Are lines in very sub Olic snot e same to vol. 22. Michigan Fis Ancie eing. A tale of the times that tried Mississippi has been famed for he politics., science cute rotate Ettor Lilii att Wellsboro wednesday january 19, 1848. Banking. Art. I the Story of her financial Grea Neva in be manufacture of paper promises Lai been Ibe theme of Story and of Jong. Her financier is not unknown Anil 11 lung As i lie Bis Lon and other Banks give a living illustration of the truth of saw Patch s Nive Kip Liep from Llie holy i Lily cams Len d spirit was l Horny pub uu115 love. Luo lit r a Olio Sal Al i a Only have kept Thoo hero Anil Luiu und Vesg c it.11119 Luven at Given t. Remark that some can be Well As others with the swi tue of the enchanter s Wall paper a rum All hath Lionia an or Lor Vicry i Jas i Liao lip whoa ohm Al my i i u Lilit mini Lor a i Juke far in Lou Woli us a. O Clio Rcd my toll and b a 1 i j my by Hall n lie s tampon i u or my Iky w Liu a Jive Rno Ali Lily Jern t j my film a ilk u who Wuy Lou in have 01 nut Trifo , j it a digit o a i i vice worm ubi j Burrou lick la Cleft Elf 1 Bio a Iii i l i i Musl i i 4. I Vii u la yet term ill 11 Lin lil Audi i nor Ltd , Iio to Iron of g nil eve Mig la . A. And the lion or to Bijj froth Ilia wan Ili s t a n z a s. Trump -1. Ico a co. I into Bank notes and every one a nov Little generous Confidence makes by Money. Mississippi Balking has i and and i become an old and thrice told tale. While thus the Southern financier Dent As a Mississippi Sun could make have Potts and Leller writ newspaper to Soun Prai Iea Michigan bet or at finance old d my has not had one. Had her Hanks c a Idle longer she could have beat m All but there came a Frua nipped her rising greatness. The Lime of which we speak t e driven i Ruyer . Goil Ife close of the speculating a bib comm 1336. Everybody had Gil own rib a body wanted to grow Richer. Men i heir fortunes by and half the state legislature bad enacted a banking Law wisely and safely go ii new Banki Are and Banks bad into operation and thei thick As leaves in the pockets of Bank office their nil among those appointed to watch t tit unions was , the i r nor Anil Orte of the present the Ood Aii l Vicry Bra a o if. Iry in i l e in tar cues no maj i no Ury Rijon a Uvo of either i Lio i 1-u my ilk n in i . In on Blaze i me lie Iglus on Lily Luis a. Jul a mall i . To u of u Nulli and lie Bat o h breath. From Michigan. I when i Barilov no Law enacted he Sto 1 i and alone in opposition to Alt la went into oper a be u i Cion. One of the to Lisa i.nert-. He bad one Quarter to attend to and was bound to in person. He marched one e or Ibe Banks in Detroit and dem their specie. The Balik officer i i him one gee expected coming were none an almost turned that a k notes entail 1 it has emn and their rival a tinted i Sippi which out the need in d every plated eneral ded As Rabla notes Ere in Vor Itei going to have a fight ten time fierce r than e gov sales ueral almost and them Bank of the Amine y into led to to bad smiles and the combatants. The he bad teen Bankers mail before and he knew that they were a kind of dog that never injured k body unless a body got into their clutches. He bad taken a i Lions fancy to look at that Gold again and look at it be would or be would Stop Ibe machine from grinding of More promises. The Gold bad gone off the previous night and was then in another Bank and in could not be shown and despite the to breath of the president cashier Anil the big looks of the lesser Fry of Bankers the concern closed and the assets paid a usual nothing on a Dollar. The Speed with which Ibe warning Torch of Roderick s Benchman traversed clan Al Pine Wai scarce a circumstance to the Speed of Ibe r3ank commissioner Aiho traversed ibo Road Back again in search of the Loci Gold cd went to All the Banks he had previously examined but like Ibe flee that the irishman thought he 8ot we n Hil Nani a fun it it Wain t there the vaults the Banks were filled with prot is i. And nothing . Gold was then in the last Bank wait ing to be counted for the twentieth or Lieth time by it Bank com Mioner while from the n. Y. Sunday Mercury shout Patent Sermon. Or text May be found somewhere in these words be Eron those for a moment have gazed Bui a thousand Lemp Laliani Bohol use and i be thought As the Joar Litile rubies you railed Huw delightful would you d let me Yon Strear by ibo Chareau thit you la to Troe. And Hal Ito Ather Damsel Ahtl Gat you. By Ilio Iiara Ilia Rull round yonder Nii Nimic of a Liq Pereopo perhaps i la Lei you my Heab ebs. I am a believer in magnetism. 1 am j All sorts of magnetism material magnetism and celestial Magnet Why should i not. Be 1 we a Kew there is a mysterious non understandable attractive influence existing Between Mai Ler and Mailer and Why not believe in a Between mind and mind p be a vein mortals arid immortals Between Man and his maker tear my new Bible if i Don t seriously think there Are unseen Railroad Day invisible Telegraph wires upon which run thoughts from one to another. But the magnetism hut i am about to speak of is that existing be tween the Tesla and there is certainly 2 Whol n from i he a sketches of the once of Kane and one j been that functionary was Hunting for it in Ibe a Mysle Riipus something composed of Noil intr Llinat Laws a he and a she together and no philosopher can expl., nor i account for. Now Elliis Semi physical lung Meluin requires to be exhibited in full Force. Girls Don t earn an Apple seed about Kinsing one another. They May Exchange radish Una Dorable busses for Economy s Sake but Liat i mean to say u that they have no electrical inclination Lor Euin oui hugging and kissing affability and Cracker t Lei their regalia and drank with an air that but few t assume. Smoked their chomp argue Epi Banken can the Corn missioner fun nil the entire j in phial of the Brink in 1 were some pieces o us from their unlit july sex d Date a and Tho Young in Sonyi i Vaili. Up lung i Clay by Illey hour. 1 l a Iii Ilten Uon a Bank among riled All const thing specie be Coin these arable were a i i m i i u 0 Vul or i in give u ulu mud Frea cons Ilie a o into 7 f 11, i iry b Nonio d by incr Trail u fun pro 10 h -. a Vei Liu urn by the Laje George Tannin n rained or a i ,0 of j of 1 i to. Jun any in try in i it ruined. tie c Ulni tins one under my Nam is Nillon. L keep you dry a n us Asni i. Can lift your Cullon ats to big one vaults of Banks that never owned a Penny of it. Headers if Al the masculine gender j you Oflyn when Boyi amused yours Lrea by Bitting up bricks on one end some inches apart and Ihen kicking Down the first which Falls against the second and upsets its Gravity and in like manner it Keels Over a third in just the same manner you might have seen he Michigan Banks topple and fall while the commissioner was id Pursuit of Bat Gold every one he entered blew up in Short order and in the course of i Wop three Days every Bank in that Bank District was numbered among the in nos that used to the Gold however was found at Lasi. In the first Bank examined there it was Safe and sound. Word was conveyed to the last Bank of the Irick played off by the Bank commissioner and an express e0nl off Wilh the Gold which. Arrived at the Bank in Detroit some fifteen minutes before the commissioner and thit Bant saved its life a few Days longer. Fierce Anil bitter were the threats off against or. Bank commissioner Felch for playing Bankers to scurvy and us gentlemanly a trick and there is no double but that Ibe Bankers would have redeemed their promises the object of their hate been Augun. After transferred to the supreme Bench o the stale where he aided in pronouncing the whole Law to infringement of the Constitution Ami there fore null and void. While yet on the Berb he was nominated for governor and before time Wai out was elected by an Over whelming majority to the United states sen ate iwas race after that Gold and Tho decision of the supreme court against the Law which gave the finishing touch to Michigan banking and prevented financiers from Pla cing the whole tribe of Mississippi Bankers in the Shade. She entered the race fur immortal Fame in banking and lost in by Occi Dent. Old times. In a paper written in 1828, n familiar sketch of the Rev. For. To a Friend gave manners and habits of the Good people of Boi ten nearly Century the following is Hal part which describe the lire ii of a couple As they were arranged for marriage t to begin with the lady her Long locks were strained upward Over on immense Cushion that sat like an iric Ubu on her head and then plastered Over with Poma Tum and Klein Wilh a of while the height of this lower was somewhat Over a foot. Ono single White Rose Bud Idy upon its Summit like an Eagle on a Hay Slack. Over her neck and bosom was Foli Leil a lace handkerchief fastened in front by a Baum pin rather larger than a Dollar consisting of your Grandfather s miniature set in Virgin Gold. He fairy form was braced up in a Satin dress inti sleeves tight a ih0 natural skin to the Arm with a Waist formed by a bodice worn outside whence the skirt flowed off and waa diet exiled at the Ancla by a hemp hoop. Shoes of White kid Wick peaked toe and Beela of two or three inches Elevation enclosed her feet Anil glittered Wilh spangles As her Lille pedal members peeped curiously out. Now for the Swain. Your Grandfather left in an Arm chair the night before hit wedding that the arrangement of his Peri cranium which had been under the hands of a Barber the whole afternoon might nut be disturbed. Hii hair rvs sleeved Back and plentifully while his queue projected like lha handle of a Skillet. His Coal was of a sky Blue link lined with yellow bit Long rest of White Satin embroidered with Gold lace his breeches of the same material end tied at the knee with Pink rib Bon. White silk stockings Riih pumps with and ties of the same Hoe Complete the Hab Climenti of Bis nether limbs. Lace ruffle cd outer de around and frill worked in correspondence and bearing the miniature of his beloved finished truly y. Com. Stu rial ajar Tiili. And we mean have no natural desire for any Buchli labial indulgences Amoni selves. Far inv part i rather kiss an old in Burnt Lime scratched Orange woman than the handsomest Man that Ever wore boots which Are my Ive see a pretty Rosy pouting pair of lip of the right gender we feel an desire to get at them. We instantaneously feel surcharged Wilh Eleola richly and Are anxious to let it off by a tangible communication. I have been informed by those who have tried that Lii saing it enchantingly de silly heavenly that it seems to dissolve the heart to a the bosom with indescribable Sweet sen Ibe soul a scampering like a cockroach upon a hut griddle and causes the flesh to creep and quiver As a Lough in were about to Breed a Maui tide of those Lille red ants that form settlements in the neighbourhood of Sweet cake and sugar boxes. No wonder then when kissed Rachel he lifted up his voice and bellowed like a Bull Call if it was Loo much for his delicate nerves and being so unaccustomed to the act As he was in is surprising that he did t in contingently expire in m agony of Bliss. My hearers fishing has been univer Down the Sally practise Ever since Adam and eve i Ces of and i i of the most striking during n the command of made contre de the by the to ii r my n e a Krea of the a Stralis As the fun j general a Walai Ped Regit i the enem As Soo i As the mexicans u Posi Lioi they brought round my Arr of about 4 ind made a Strong Ilem Uriber diem while at dim Livo or three pieces of a Lille upon at to dirt Jim Tuii a heavy from the City made its Lite cum Mam of himself Titus is Tiu Bri situated Wilh san a Anna Uinn with artillery on the tort Vijh Wenly Leo piece r on the left and Vilh irregular end Colomer had 1 on la their Tav lion Lov upon pres Stan Utice a 19ih was a. Hire om9 left m. Ill air Wilry arils 1 tier Anta Ailes be r of Artil Olumn of about lancers fan the Hill immediately in runt the nature of the ground covered x n a mine col uie Erv inh Okien rocks of Java prevented Weir retiring even under id be seen of intend or of Ihbe nothing Cou Force first Star upon the other fld Tik of and truly meters looked gloom in in in the isolated command. As soon As Riley a brigade emerged from the Village on the Banks of the Peep a lancers in front charged Down him and i give you his own d to he Vej stronger when they came to and Vance upon the cily Aqueduct and an they were compelled to halt at Dif language they charged Mied Squario and Ihen Lihty ran charged i me and 1 of they would nol come c than thirty or forty Yards when wheeled and ran away the second i found were afraid my i they charged me third Lii lie. 1 de until hey came close enough and charged hem and opened fire and b they could get out of the each o men there were a Nurul or of lie running about without riders. Move Mehl to Comaj selely surprised lancers that they withdrew of their position on he Ridge of the Jill in it and we fell Back loll he Village to Ivl Gen. Cau Zaluder was. The Liole com Mand Oliv began to look arum ind and View their petition. Here was t Urce n Ore than quadruple Poji each Al. No col. Title Nepon and and i Fjiran Bey med Iser hey the. Are. I it Hen and b fore my uses last the first tint Thi he rank and file never Luje Confidence in Hemf Velvee the feel competent to sur mount All difficulties and overcome any Only want o feel thai hey will be properly they will be skilfully handled and their commanding officer the ability to dispose of them to the Best advantage thai the circumstances will fear not to die but Alliey want to be Satis fied that they will nut be unnecessarily sacrificed. Gen. Smith took he command end by different movements diverted the attention of the enemy until tie engineers recon Nuit ered their positions and the nature of the ground. Al the plan of Alta Elc was formed. Gen. Shield s Wilh his brigade Abonal 2 o clock Al the Dawn of the morning the enemy who but a Fen hours previous fell confirm enl of a Ceil found the brigade of col. Kiley supported by Gen. Cadt Falader in their rear Bear ing Down upon hem like an Avalanche their commander infusing into then by his language and his looks his own unconquerable and determination the unerring riflemen riddling la Weir flanks ondi they commenced la Weir re treat Ilie brigade of Shi Elile dealing them death and vice try perched upon Banner arms Tri l. Our loss was very Small the enemy suffered severely Ivere Rou Eil Arnm a position they defined impregnable Une of the first i bins 1 heard Wai a Gol flier exo Laining. Ural no i Lell you when general Sensi h j us isl Naglit be d before Alliey knew u hat hey were about says a Nollier Yon i in i ii Ili v e were coing o nine tin 1 Lio mrs 1 did f but i knew there were foxes and thai we were certain to Wilip them As my name is again there was another , equally Strong the alte Liuti the men Lur ill air commit Nurr. Gui. Sint los was wounded in Ilie alack upon Llie Vokt Pniler . A Sunn As he saw the fortifications carried lie returned to the rear fur tie purpose of having his wound1 dressed. As he passed along the line of his brigade the men teemed to sympathize Wilh him As though he had been a i brother to them All. Fueling show and one of More than Doub front if the whole of the first billed and cooed beneath the Bowers of Eden and it was superlative Folly to preach and say aught again Al it. Ii human nature and nature ought never to be opposed. 1 Don t care who he is let him be stoic philosopher or Monk or m or Alizer whenever he comes across a be Wiful Young feminine Blooming Cheeks eyes and Rose buddy lips j j i j "u6 led Bers and so confident was can t help Apitale there in his Mouth and inwardly exclaim Huw delightful would be if you d let me but this is a Mere matter j of imagination drier All. Vou would Cje rive As much pleasure for the Lime Bei ribbed nosed Baboon As the Darling of you heart if you Only suppose in bussing a in the dark that you were pulling the a busters upon the right kites when Ana lazed Are found be All Why satan. There is a vast difference Between a tender Cicely cooked beef Steak and a half Peri ged piece of Salt junk but the kisses enjoyed by the blackest ethiopian Buck and the soot est wench Are just As Sweet is the sweetest smack that exploded among the Angels in heaven. My dear you Are Temple by a female Paragon of Beauty and loveliness and your itching soul Longs to rub itself against her if you Are any Wise decent looking and it you swear love and you can manage to encircle her cornets with your Coal sleeve and look the a whole English language from your eyes there is no fear but you can soon go to work and gather a Golden Harvest of kisses. Shell let you in a moment and Ere the excitement of the moment is Over to u need it be sur prised if she asked you to do of some All this kissing my is very Well in its Way but i want you to Salute one another with a holy kiss. Let All seels schisms parties and factions unite embrace hog and be confounded in let love be the Queen of the world and All Mankind her Dutiful subjects. Then the Earth would be a Paradise and life an Elysium. So Mote it be. Dow a. 1 am a going to draw this into a As the lady said when standing it thou menial that such would be an express to the i had got one column such a position that e theirs enemy i lie he ent j announcing that he of the americans nto they must either sur Render or be Cut to f affairs looked gloomy he Brigit Ley became particularly disheartened were in b Light place supported by a b1 Ade of new troops of which Lilue y knew under Lilje comm ind of Gen. Cadwalader in the Field end As 4 very Good office know him and if h important a Cris lost beyond have a great aversion to new i mow were they to be extricated was the giant mind Points 1 heard Vliem frequently ask ing i wonder who command brigade now i Don t says another byline or die i la Iha Palmella As Long As there s one to carry that is nol the tiling exactly. Vve will All s and by colors. We want some chief Hal Ive Ell know who will look out and see hat Dur choirs Don t get where we will All gel Heads knocked off standing by it. We Wall Cone one who will nol gel us All killed off without doing Al this moment Gen. Shields came Riding up we by his Arm in a Sling. His appearance Al Ilid rear was announced by the cheering Sulla Lions of his command which extended along the whole line. His my officers enl Are devotedly attached to him. And would follow him anywhere lie would Lead , Wilh Pride and Confidence end his appearance among Vliem equal loan addition of a Force equal to their own num Many instances of his Kincid occurred and in is impossible to describe the differ ence in the appearance of a command when i they feel confident in their commanders g nuts i and there Are double of Santa Anna their minds. Leap year in 1848. Tui present year will give those love by ranks Ibe ladies the in Velron of a e of Riley Low King love. Tha gentlemen Ennst remain in a stale of Calm quiescence fur at least undred and sixty six during Triue they will not be i permitted to who was a new Man hey said i Mikhli be but they did not i made on misstep in a they were utterly at this important singe of the g Smith who had found in impossible to i Proa Cli lie enemy on the Oiler flank Vii out Greal loss now crossed a e deep Vine and joined the Ade. While his command he sect h 3 Aid de Ca forces an Forward to ascertain the Natur old trops Man Dorg. And we direct three refuse Laily who shall make love to them. To prove this to be the Case and Hal it is now no new notion luf ours we u " an extract from Fri volume. Force with his by no lienl.1 Sandoin the situation of the of the soon is he was seen by the of h they exclaimed Here s the Little lie Gens we re a there s no such Good went Wilt it s him i but if i one doing remarking now the very b his brigade be Beer e is Over to Nith is Al i right no Luck i regulars out som w a m sure 1 e to the Oiler Fink tiring on so heavy Ere whale the lilt published in he year 1606, and entitled courtship love and albeit in is a Par of the com Mon Fiat in regard to the social relations of life Thalas Coleii As very bes Lila year doth return the ladies have he cola during the time it can it Ueth of making love unto the men which they May do e either by ivories on looks. Is unto them Itse Emeth proper j and Moreo vet no Man will be entitled to the Benefit of clergy who Collie refuse to accept the often of a Ladye or who Dolce in any Wilh client or Long ago As the above was printed it seems to have been a pane of the con Mone the ladies should sole privilege of love every fourth year and what we Lilien bind ing As common Law is equally binding now since in has never been superseded by any statue. I while they1 were thu and conjecturing. Gen. Smrt Wilh his brigade Lurt Jed the cd her of the Lane and cime in of the 4hole Lini As noon a him a he Genera Millit new Well have them their anxious eyes fell Upo i died voices joyously exclaimed i e Here he is a Here ii give it to ihem1 cheerful dialling hum wan Heird Omone them where All was dead silence it Ineis became a live and Ellhu Siam look in gaily Confidence Possession where distrust Anil lethargy had just alow prevailed. While i this was can possibly be said of of Gallup Getral highest com lament thit would 01 and it Tuo to wad Tysl Lackl was Perbal Ibe Brit in the do nol old Lei Toccie time via and Toi conf ii whoa a la end to state prison and plice men Anto out or once that the Art of put inf men u their per Placiti Wai perhaps Ibe Brit in the of govern Tome to Ougel on the Bench who ought to be Mejt before lha bar men Ara i0en Laborio Aily them Pink Iba Cushion of get to a thumping the Anvil. You will Yaomei ivies see a College who cannot write Page of goad lib nor even spell Well Luch Engleh a be can a Lille girl observing a Goose with a Yoke of exclaimed1 Why a there is a Goose got on Sals in walks like Sistar

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