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Read an issue on 15 Jan 1840 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 15, 1840, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaIll tip mils to in Ron try which on a Evi wot the of the it almost Ete a Coln the a flt nce the province by citizens of Tho of these misguided it contravention of Ivi shei of their own the decided tie untied of a different subjects to the can hostility to Cor peo i have bean so fre ind Tho disregard of i manifested on Tome say been App food people and even by Cal the ers in Canada fort 3 the same feeling a nod that peace of the two r to a period when rave grown out of a and which have r complaint and to averments respect ined and Len proper is due Froit either disturb the Harmony Stan Belgium Den Rugal Jinil state of spam Iii a Well grounded n of peace will re country to Weir former government to Ful lome and abroad. I i Avo the 1 in full the eleventh our citizens for the ulment Runde with 1837. S c f comm race Nego sir Dinius. And of the tons of which have of Coo s of these treaties 1 first Naty of com Implom and it will i annul of the present Icedo penitent of Tho Nix stimulating Tho that with the it the .1 Lori existing sub Ives from our Futi Iro ill apprehensions of Kini of of Illust run of hts no his desire 10 the com in v sep captured in or Xirui rained into arcu approx Ria then and for lit Doii unon of hoi hit1? produced turns with Turkey ii motor resident i Lugo pc Eivet ruler that the Obidul those of Friendship. Fly in the spirit Ous father. To inform you that no nun of lir old inns Oto Lias yet b in ratified i at country. The first Ali it purpose not err of Mexico for Tho from a Behof that e arbitrator in Case t to be no Tats my it Giro would i himself that Friendly Imit oly Iti Stipd with Ali Giro 1 i h no Homta most conciliator a spirit in .1 id also chop fully ivc tinn in Orritt r to a ipos Orl to be made to ouf Inch while just sonorous and Incon m Jover Anent. Rely f it Pixtun j of that go 15 directed to repair to i has been o c Untrif the new been it of thit Republic to Premier a which i cannot allow n to to uni lir our convention irn Tion of tin line which the commis h m t in Orleanis int Tonni Szinn win Orga comm at the place r it h pc Sumid to be of its duties. I of Lyons has shown la h with us by a complained of in Tho in i Intel it tors i has been of in Torr nor treaty with is a not r i Tlacil before tha d from that of in him the adjoin rement of i. In the mean while the hang not hav i x Junt in consequence tire i to Send a spent inca to close affair a id to arrange Stith tie go of the turn for the Exchange rated by the states which Republic of Colombia for asst that constriction of the treaty ide4 Lii at no provision of of the United m captures by colombian 1 the this a Coinon will ply to the veve Ial for redress with Huelst and Ecuador m nexis. Our treaty a med into execution and enjoyment of trans Mility Prosperity under the of president Lor a Liberal Commer Rajcan i concluded which will at an Early Day. Can Empire of w aged a our the frit Page i i Toga i eel it w a in l printed and published wednesday by j. P.jia6ill, at half yearly it data acc or so if not ii. Wellbo Roith wednesday january 15. 1840. 22. Humorous. Toga. Eagle is published every wednesday in the Borough of Wellsborough of. A the subscription Price is a year if paid in Advance or if not paid All the expiration of Tho year. No subscription received for a Shorter period than six months nor will any paper be Discon tamed until All arrearage Are paid but at the option of the publisher. Tom Tipp the Man of Genius. By the author of Yankee notions. Tom Tipp was a great Genius. His infant years were marked by uncommon precocity of intellect. The same thing indeed has Heen said of sundry other persons b it in Tom s Case we -r--------rr--------.--------. Fyk Sia tallow with tight and main. There the fates to brother gentleman no m r dem Canor. Tort saw in an instant it was All Over with him. He Caugh t up his hat and rushed oat of the room. T such a catastrophe As this he had or so much As dreamed of. A Man of of Genius Likely Fellows and such High minded Sabli cities que two legs. Tom was one evening lacing up his Panta loons for a Ball. Not his said How he takes her loss to heart fatherly old soul see Tom kind Home. The editor of the new York Star _ Hority. The Host Bent of his Genuis larger in the same pro displayed itself by a shrewd discovery portion. Thoie exceeding six lines the science of bread and charged As a Square and those making Many full grown people Are said he As he looked in the or so much As dreamed of. A Man of of that cursed Cape flyaway land sworn causes the Dew to killing at this moment Genius to be with out Cash or credit and company that i bought descend and the Earth to faring Forth the Cassimes gave Way in a most Dii abbe to a tallow Chandler s and this cursed Well that i jumped i is fruits will provide for each created ast rotis rent at tie knee to other pair daughter for a wife the thought said Tom. Being the place on left vacant by said he but alas Tom had not to marrow the whole Story ill drown myself i la drown i la death is supplied by the birth of another pair he exclaimed would be about town what is to with these words old Nigga living. Let Man be Only industrious and went and frugal Trust to Providence for h 7e fast non unique Nab e an Par tar he would be about town what is to with my be inserted three times for Dollar prof credit gone Thepe become of exclaimed caught hold of the rope far try fun sequent insertion Twenty Jive cents. I must make my Fortune and so Here us heaven i won t live another hour hand Over fist Down nearly to the Bol bread and hrs children will not want in this rascally world i la shoot my torn when Tom put a Stop to his de pow Many married men self i la hang Tom in his scent by a tremendous saved yom ruin from being _ p to in 1 j _ a less three times for seventy Jive cents and 18 3-4 every Lime after. The Price for one or three Interlink re the same. I Liberal reduction to those who advertise by la relative to she business of the office and communications for the paper mus be paid or they will not a attended to infancy. By Chablis West Thompson. 1. How Beautiful in Bleep when upon treacherous deep All unconsciously it lies Neath Balmy airs and sunny skirt l u tic dreaming of the Honzo that May dim its after Days when the cares of time have brought to its Bosan sober thought and if sorrows shall Supply my Turc to the sad once co. O How Beautiful is childhood s sleep an 1 Jet my coup in Wop to t Unk of All the 1 Trie weary heart s up Mcl Blig it. To toil by Day the watch by and All Tho sorrows years must bring which like the boding Raven s Wing too soon shall Darken o or that brow so innocent and spotless now. 3. In see met mks in fancy s Eye i Mark those guardian spirits nigh who their Ethenal visits make where infant Louls their slumbers take. Crent res of heaven whom god has sent to Honor round the innocent. 0 a Santiful indeed and Blest Hen lying in a Balmy rest Tho skies around its vigils keep How Beautiful is childhood s sleep the Violet edited by Leslie Philadelphia at these decisive words Tom who cannot Tell which sule of their bred is buttered yet Tom found this out very soon after he Cut his Teeth As soon As he grew higher he grew More cunning and was pronounced As Bright a child As you would see of a summer s Day. He demolished picture books and smashed crockery in a style that showed that he would be come a smart enterprising Young Ryan these anticipations were Sorm fulfilled. He played beat the schoolmistress the time of her boys had mastered half the alphabet. Need i say More every body filled him a lad of spirit and predicted to would make a noise in the world. It is not exactly known at what age he first got into Manly exploit which is sure to Mark the career Down to make his Fortune and began to scratch bib head and think. A Man of Genius has of course the world at his command and Tom debated at first with himself whether he would be Secretary of state or minister to the court of St. James. Both officers had some thousand dollars salary and Tom was of the opinion the either might do till something better cast up. His cogitations however were awkwardly interrupted by the recollection that pos have been plunged confusion had quilted the House by mercy preserve cried the old Fel bad habits Wanton extravagance the wrong door and at these words Low Lytho s and debased pleasures by the sacred found himself in the Back Yard. A Wenj wag before him ill drown my a said and jumped in now drowning one s self is no joke talking of it May be. Many a Man better of his determine Tjon ,0 do of a Waik to the head of tiie wharf. Tom did this in a jump Down a Well. Before he had fallen half Way he Caugh at the ties which bind him to his wife and Many unhappy dissensions have been reconciled Between n Man and wife through the powerful in fluence of attachment to their offspring Many crimes have been e 1 by parents from the apprehension o entailing infancy on their children m various quarters to the annoyance of his parents and the astonishment of the neighbourhood Othet trifling shoo boy i inks May be pissed Xci tucks an fortunate said Tom. Lana demanded Nigga fearfully. Love replied Tom. Oho i think i know you. Came Here to exactly and now i think we j know one another. You May drown when we see married persons Una april if Yon see fit and thei. I la take your avoiding each other and indulging in Sibly neither of the actual incumbents Hung dangling Forborne my perpetual jars How frequently do we could be displaced without some loss of Hia strength failed and then he i think i wont replied old Nigga race the cause to their having no Chil time while Are plague impatient. Slipped to the Bottom. Don t off for i be no doubt the company Ifill Tilden what can be More Gratifying so Tom concluded that the safest pro frightened Reader the water was on pay at least fifty per cent. I be thought to the just Pride of parents than see Jet would be to make love to the Mcnee deep and our hero landed with no better of Ling the tender Flower their bed con daughter of old Nigga the tallow Chan other harm than wet feet. I i exclaimed Tom. Well nubian unfolding its beauties Dler. S he had red hair and was con i would advise All sensible a 1 live and be merry. You would t and throwing around them its Rich per Bider ably Short and thick. A dumper not to jump into a Well till they five me Tell of this queer affair about fumes or in rearing the tender a Plant sad Tom but what of thac thought twice of it. Tom had not to Van you know it might set some folks until i. Becomes a a a laughing car and when would for heaven s Sake never mention in sickness who smoother your Pillow or. Tom and Dolly is hand More affection How they All got out of the Well we a Ely Over your fevered brow than have not time to say but old Nigga your child a and when on the con was soon reconciled to the loss of half fines whom do we a rapid for Tat me whisper Tho was the water half a Century. How Long in this Money. Tom married Dorothy in our parting embrace and parting the first offer she had Ever had Al a wa9 i never Learned but just Ai of cent the secret and went into partner Benedic Ion Nore affectionately than though More than no matter How Many he had Given himself up for lost lir if ship with his father in Law. He has our children what can be More Des Vears old Tom considered his business a voice above crying wildly i la Given up his pretensions to the charac Platet manage sinking into the grave As As done so being desirous drown myself i la drown Ter of a Man of Genius but enlightens in mourned solitary and despatch matters because can Voasin such astonishment at these the world by Selling Mould and dipped How earnestly did our mothers in is not wait for Ever and a Man of Genius words that he had no Power to candles on the lowest terms for Cash a Al Pray to the lord to take from them without Money is constrained to keep some one approached or approved credit. Tie curse of barrenness his talents and possibly his exclaiming. Poor Tom deaf j was never More forcibly struck hidden from the Public gaze to the i shall never see you misunderstanding of with the Beautiful results of a Well gov my great loss of the Community he waited hard hearted father i la drown professor Park in the biblical repos earned marriage than on a he had five thou Pon n 8ss. To receive Nis consent and break his Story discussing this matter As ones on in of own family. Among the he sat in his Arm chair Reading " tis Dorothy by said source of needless controversy among anniversaries of Joyful events and of a Man of Genius at a Verv Early Peri a i r i Iii the old one will Cut up Neave when n he will fun minutes before he Oil. Let it Suice. That he ran up scores a e in Ine we Len Tiu in he goes on besides what hell Fork up Rolv of drowning he in Niue Lorn to Tho Neari Liy Slyk of . Over on the Fin have up but he was notably Dorothy Nigga was neither Coy nor Vas forced to remain coquettish and As for Tom he found Coll Nimg the minutes and the hours to Liu i i i i i ii of great Dilu Uley in gaining her heart his had Heen in had he m him which have. I r be was pos Uve is Luiu at College Tom kept up his character ii robbed Hen roosts the tutors raised rebellions set fire to the College and it tidied the glory of Loire of death is Ever would that Thon now could St speak or that the Sou Cirild Winter Bic to to Blanch the proud Man s Cheek Little year alas How Brief i has been thy earthly How franch t with Hope and Joy and griet How like the life of Man Adien Adieu thou dying year thy death song is a voice of cheer two or three years did Toti spend in admiring the smoothness of his pantaloons Asho walked up and Down Broadway two or three More in cultivating whiskers and two or three More in Cocking his hat Over the left ear. Lie now thought himself finish a and quite the thing and All the town called him a Likely fellow. At this critical moment he put his Hind in his pocket for a five Dollar Bill and to his great Surprise found his pocket empty. The other pocket was empty too and his sur Psi grew into astonishment when d Lurther scrutiny informed Bun that All his Cash was gone. Five thousand exclaimed he in amazement and it is All gone " Echo was Ever a discovery apropos an Ordinary mortal have been overwhelmed by instantly Bethought himself that he was a Man of this set All to rights. I have Only to make my for said he that s All. Yes i la make my Fortune without putting it off a in longer what signifies so saying Tom went off to the Thea tre and thought no More about it. But a Day or two afterwards a tailor Bill came staring him in the face. Tom put his hand in his pocket again and was again reminded of his want of Cash and his Possession of Genius. Said he ill make my Price current. A sheepskin pocket Book very much won Lay at his Elbow on a thin entitled Rowlett s tables Dite Iest. Tom stated his business old Man lifted up his spectacles but kept fast hold of the newspaper. A i understand. Are you in the grocery no replied Tom in some Surprise. Bes Pinion. I thought i had seen your name in the hem hem where was it a Here it is. Thompson and Tripp water Street Tom to himself. She s going theologians uses the following Aptil providential blessings to be grateful drown herself for love of me the dear lust ration. Remembered and celebrated first in faithful kind hearted soul. The jurists of England defined a Anee is my wedding to lose a Lover so devoted so a navigable River to be one in the Vij in of All others changes our Dent so generous i cannot tide ebbs and flows. Definition re Vatious in life. My Little ones Al live be stars fire will of deep abyss was Good enough for England because avg kept count of the arrival of that open thy awful jaws and take a wretch All her navigable Rivers Are also tide Day As their Jubilee and in de despairing j water livers. But in America there smiling Jocund fares exclaimed Tom at Are a thousand streams in which the Thev came from school to offer their Bottom of the Well sincere she s an i and so exquisite la tide ebbs and flows which however and celebrate the Anni Angel come to my Are so Small that a boy Frap Over Versari. One spoke a new piece enchantress one Leah them and according to English Law a to nor had a new a Thi Ixl. Some two he idled Hogsheads of to arms thou Sweet enchantress one Leah Ana a Corum w us Gaii Aiguier had a new song a Lynnd some and it s done f fingers of the sea Are navigable of a Flower or some but Dorothy did not leap she Wujs we have streams too into ment and when the whole six with resolved like die with Dignal which All the Waters of England might Rosy Cheeks and sparkling eyes sur so she Laid Hole of the rope and Slid be poured without raising level a Roll Najeh dinner table and the boys gently Down perhaps from a misgiving single foot which haweverfar6 not tide gags of foaming Cham 11-i- or granted Only the Long life of their Fath when looking on Byno returned Tom grow climb up so that Dorothy s change of ene the venerable standards in admit t Leir Sale and Hearty appearance the opinion which Ting navigation and excluding spread the family party took place in not prevent now there Are Many theological Doc around it who could desist from a Raul a her from plumping souse into the water Rines in which there ought to be Plain nit thanks to he giver of All Good for you an t in the soap boiling and uttering a most unearthly scream sailing but which Are made a navigable his Bountiful and manifold blessings never at finding herself in the arms of a by a similar Transfer to one thing of h having reflected these images around i la Man. Terms which were meant for Anothny a happiness and in com. Not replied Tom begin the name of heaven who Are fort and who afforded the Means of neg to feel alarmed at the oddity of you a Man or a speaking of the effect of the merest Tri giving them instruction and daily those queries Don t do much in Only your own dear Tom. Do i look Les of another sort when magnified by. The Way of business just like a an illiberal conscience he reminds us a i said old Nigga my blessed stars and How came that the Alexandria fathers Clement with a knowing kind of Grin and at Vou origin and Athanasius placed a he same time laying Down his new spa jumped in out of pure Mark after a participle in ing a Little uneasy. Can t say it quits forgot to Doit but it seems to be per living on your meant to drown the third verse of the i time Poitr having said this real es4c? or Bank poor fellow Don t die i beg of John s gospel Chrysosto i. _ i to _ 11_ i ii ii t so Csc k if i intr Coli inn Arwi n Gen. Washington s opinion of Paofan to you for my Sake the third verse of the first chapter of Al Folkers whether military or civil. Of was alarmed from the orderly Book of Attis punctuation and denounced it As a tie under command of washing i v r Lightell his Cigar with the Bill awkward looking scrap of Piper. Tom got rid of him with some difficulty for constables Are a Ort of folks that hold Lis Cane and faltered out a reply. Neither sir the fact is that owing Long they other questions of this sort we Are Tjin Able to state but a Lete a Tete at the Page. Advice to wives. American army is growing int o in your temper and spirit be Calm he Hopes the officers will by sex n no great re to Peculiar circumstances my proper Bottom of the Well must be Long gentle kind charitable affectionate ample As Well As influence Endeavor sped. Said Tom i must has very diminished of enough in All conscience if it lasts lout uniform cheerful Fumble and respect to Check it and that a och they and the do it Lale or rather i May say entirely Dis half a Day. So thought our two lovers Ful. R men will reflect that we can have lit Young men o make my i May Aswell no Wand have it o ver _ so let me think of it the first think to Morrow morn who just began to feet serious App re in your speech be sober Chase Pru tie Hope of the Blessing of Hearen on the movement of old at these hens ions of being the subject of a pent not give v to complaining sincere our arms if we insult it by impiety and my with Tiofilo throw Back his head with quest when heard fhe be no scold. Avoid All Tau rating sex. Folly added to to is it is a vice so mean off to what a his name s up tote Street Aristary unutterable noise above. It was the voice of in your habits be Industry and Low without any temptation that every Man of sense and despises it character de the next was to let it fall again with a Nigga who approached the Well sex bus and economical keep at and called for and oys very forcible sniffy expiration of breath claiming in a rueful tone regular considerate unaffected. Er9 through the nose that spoke a whole i m undone i m undone i Wop t in your person be neat and Tom s Fortune making scheme a volume of language. His face instant live to endure j be not a Slattery nor a Gaudy creature n geared to be totally forgotten by him by assumed the most stubborn and atom what More said pm decked out for show. Nth Jit f for three months longer and nobody Cal indifference of expression while in greater astonishment than in your religion be i modest firm k to i i Day Breaks so hard in some parts of can to what extent his forgetfulness he adjusted his spectacles with the what can ail the old i self denying Devon Hearty systematized Sud dewy Alabama that it is sometimes Mista have run had to not est calmness took up his newspaper lost lost lost Jex in. Remember that nothing can sex 2j pc tit perverse Acci crossed on leg Over the other and claimed old Nigga leaning his head Case spiritual sloth and negligence in Wiegant Jot an earthquake 9nts which seem to be designed by tended to study of pm Over and looking Down in the Well. 4 your soul s men of the age. 1ewsp4pers

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