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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 13, 1853, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaS i 4 i v to i i e largest and he it to an More altar e obtained by calf Iii r to Call and ear nor it at All seasons and i. Coloured Marihus Emilii 3-4 4 5.4 linens Irish Linen Plain knit. Fancy try Caton prices. A j a Largo Assort sent to Romild also Call the n my extensive of s visions i a if sons Star Chi on which hand. Tit consult no has been Yare inc Lii Vilh ill is Fla bars u Tii if wander y Low also Price fed a bog i Difato the ref Fly the inti Boot a Arjie Buyson none hut the Best users 1 aps. Jigs l fur and gaps of every l or Nnoli of lpns it shh Fate cents to one. Dollar p Iii Dow Shade of every description. L Branch Eon Neeter with mils establish in to style of Orer Coats French her find it variety us incr Ned in i a in Lesl of Call Liilo 1 to ii a of ilm j we a. Hob re have a Rinji Zbyl Farr it Pic Man know Iti Yetf. It Nutku s manual adj Al Iho rhe Prii Ltd Troat Mern of con Iraeldo to final it Crenise by self abide Orjin advice lit fir i in Lech s of retd the it by. From Ihu of unmet twin by lit Jini circe Luihn Cuto is a Del Falc or Primo Nii Luio. Liili is receipts Lur the cure of no Niue u in duties of the snip. J cure i fever and ague for Iwema .3 a copies Ono Dollar will based id any Pari of life us Nim u r Liin aug her 33 our Ali ave unit . Of Fok bit. Or Tai Ting Core affecting. De to Iii priv to rooms 3j North Eutensa tear of others Efto have been Una in Ilic my Caiiou u a physician Are Utitco Nicl Lunod input Gneo sell abuse the in owners Raj ii and of Hield j i la Nuiry e Iise i lives i audio of this ulna Nikita Jiuei. Of 1 impose ibo Lor i with Raan. To inc human subject Beefy physics jul Lias his Peculiar s 11 More Sci Essul limn Rwy Ilo Tii voila a us exclusively i x of Dino sos of hic Wiur with ulcers upon the but. Ii the Bead or gravel y dui Liluis excess or in of hereby Iho consist Union in. Enables the to. Offer Jpe Ouy o place me Lurwin Rcd to Tny pull o un1" ice to inc and Levi dollars a of stack info Oil Nul Meis , of fit ind go Lott opium Pica hot boiler. Olioli in it. Fry snide old to ills represent lated to the b article which not a if u ii Mitred fond of. April j4ih. Ism. -1% a v j t i f Amu f j o a. I o a cons m Riff Cibat Utji Jhing Petot Aub mmu0cwcni country is the most prosperous where labor commands the . 21. Thursday january Cairrie engine. From the experiments lately made in new York with the trial boat Ericsson propelled by this newly invented engine there a Contact with doubt of its entire Success. If so the invention now let us suppose what actually lakes place somewhat like that used in the manufacture of sieves placed Side by Side until the j series at Tain a thickness Ray of twelve inches. Through the almost innumerable Celle formed by the intersection of these wires must pass on its Way to the working Cylinder. N passing through is so minnely subdivided that the particles composing it Are brought physician and patient the of lowing is an extract from a work entitled the physician and pal by Worthington Hooker m. A who has not heard of Parkins tractors the inventor or. Elisa Perkins was born in the town where ine1 author resides. He was the t Ben that the poor might be b benefited equally with the Rich the liberality of the British Public was appealed to and not in vain. A Perkin Ean institution was formed under Tho patronage of the first men in the kingdom. Lord Rivers was president and there is a Long list of tilled vice presidents. 1 a pamphlet giving an account of this Zinsli from me Jar on the of t norwegian leprosy. S Norway sept. 20, 1852. My door or. It Pryba t Bly Surprise you to earn that the one Tecl Lepron court jir., Webster introduced the Jastzab by. As described by Moses and healed by our a Serroni and discoursed a Animato a and Vigour exists at t i 9 moment to Norway. It is too hence for am hour on Ibe great afew Treeka 6ince, Salt rag by fire t aft fir a Daj Rof Bevere w thes preme not hour since have seen a Hundred 1.1 act airy ase space when wa9 Vears a t of this in Grifal and loathsome disease opinion of will justly be bedded a one of the most in that th4 of the regenerator nearest the 80n of b pny9icmn was Lar. In tuition was published of which 1 have a copy. Which a Here exactly the same that you found this is my apology it r Attim Pitog truths of the gospel. 1 cannot out the a Tonari in some sense As Public i usty e ree a on o e mos m Noih Piip nor Hirm the Wincn Workin cow Ter is heated High tempera extensive practice and was himself for some. The regular on based upon the it tit nub Lous and elsewhere in Palestine and Cortani 01 inf. A pts a Gre i bib. Buob lure this heated substance the air time a respectable physician in the town of it was to be establish described in your pathways and abiding Pla e invention of the pfc motive. The compete Sof those remarks utter Leb Ibe invention of the pfc motive. The Complete Misi pass before entering and in Plainfield in this state. He was undoubtedly nent revolution which its introduction must necessarily cause in motive both at sea am. On stationary and locomotive engines is wonderful to almost entirely the present Emen Sive application of Etc am the following Are the advantages claimed for Ilie caloric engine As Sta de by the new York Home journal 1. The i As much effecting this passage it takes up As is demonstrated by the thermometer about 430 degrees of the 480 degrees of heat required As we be fore slated to double its volume the additional 30 degrees Are communicated by the fire be Neath . L i the air has thus become expanded it forces of them that a donation Ces of lord this disease formerly existed in England and de in Flie or vary of the social Circle. Said or. A Webster. Last Sabbath listened England and to an Able and Learned discourse upon the Evi Irp ated by the Dences of christianity. The arguments were an honest Man he duped others it is Rue but of Len guineas constitute a governor for life. Prance whence it was finally Estir lie duped a melt too. Me a oel Deil Enas Many ladies were very enthusiastic patrons most severe and tyra Pidal regulations As drawn from , with internal Ihu Sias and died a victim of his enthusiasm of he tractors As they be enforced in our Day and co until Dences. They wer2 stated with logical acc globules one of the was that la but As it me Given to died a victim Only three years after he published his grand discovery he had conceived the idea that a free use of Salt Antiseptic would went to he11 Ere fore the Piston upward it has Doneita the imprisoned air heated tp.480 de cure the yellow fever. Iurna Grees pisses from , and again enlers new Yort in the year this disease s caloric Burns about the regenerator i Roush which if must pass be was Ragin a arid Toloff Confidence in Bis Mode fuel of a steam engine hence a Ca one fore leaving the machine. We have said f i i. I of the largest s be May circumnavigate the Side of this instrument nearest the working of tract la offered m3st generously Finie without stopping to take in Coli hence Chi under is hot. And in should be Here stated that to the poor As Well As tha Rich at the end of not n Siil Imbt seen on the Ocean in fifty years i the other Side is kept Cool by action upon in four weeks he himself caul t the fever and after the Success Cut the principles is cer of the Ajr entering opposite direction at being exhausted by his labors he survived but machinery Mil be supplied of a Eucrid up stroke of the pistons. Consequently d-v5 after is attack thousand arts which now require manual la Joros the air from the passes out Fence the possibility of hat Long desired aria lne absorb ils heat so Thiis the promulgation of or. Cerms Dikeov plough the rapid comi rtt of when it leaves the regenerator it Lias been Rob 4 occurred in 1793, Vas preceded it bed of it All except about 30 degrees is said by a Long series of experiments which Dies have Liberty to vote by proxy Girfen to any governor pm the inst Gulfon by letter chairman.1 in this account it the published cases of cures by the tractors up to March 1s02 of his enthusiasm of he tractors As they Carine to Ihn world one of the was., that la or leprosy and As the disease is not gout la pious but tar almost of if not entire la roote out of those countries it was originally brought into France by pilgrims thai Ennd. Limn when a Lujans manual toil will Alij Luu Lyce an under trip Sun. 2. The Cost of Iofi engine is about the Der it of Randly receives Froin the Regene Fatur the eng Imlej minus the coat of the about 450 degrees Anc As it passes out boil w. The Gas returned Joatie wires Aid a Ihus useo1 3. Only one fourth Nany engine men will Over and Over he Only purpose of the fires be be Bnard a caloric ship As Urene i of a for a Steamer. 4. No will Issue from n Cal Oric Furnace when Amrai Ile is and con by Quelly no hire smoke pipe w ii be necessary Anil the Rig ii g will be As clean As Tol draw from them the right conclusions. He calme up near he Ertith that i was astonished missed i. In Cumming up his arguments he Eaid the Only alternative presented by these evidences either who had intermarried in Palestine and in the cons Tianyu is True or it is a Deli bion produced ninth Century it carried into Norway of an excited such a not the Al amounted to about five thousand. Supposing Ter the excursions of the Northmen into said the critic. But it is this the the a Milhor goes on to Siy that not More than Moody for countries to have been Gospe Fis either a True history Orrt is a cons urn Tnp cure in three Hundred which the proctors in ancient times than in mate fraud. It i3 Ell her a reality or an impost i i i j v. Our own. R ten. Christ was what he professed to in or he have performed has been published and the that the has been imported is Evi usant poster. There is no Oue alternative proportion is probably much greater it will be Dent from the fact that it chiefly exists upon the his spotless life in his Earnest enforcement of seen that the number to March 1802, Wilt have Western Borden my the North sea the 6ufferine in ils defence forbid a exceeded one million he Hundred thu Send extends alone the whole line of it from to suppose he was suffering an of s heat Naze to the North gape. After More ban Pight brain. As he air passes into the working Colin the Sii Doosie Ion that Meiah in Loftt b0 led my however tvs begun to penetrate act of his life were song Gesiena of me has been sup sorted by to Many Well j r. I thai of a baling ship. Can be no bursting or. Collapse off of boilers for the simple Rison that there i i be no built is to burst. Neat the cylinders be Jinjr to Supply the Grees of heat to Haive mentioned an d which is lost by radiation end expand div. Sex Iraq Linary Nathis statement May seem it nevertheless Incontro Vertily a Rived by the her Omeler to be quite substances might re Nave disease by Stone electrical or galvanic Power. The were the final result of these experiments Are two pieces Inetal about Elliree. In Clies Long Blunt at no end and running to a Point at the other. One of Theryl appears to be brass and authenticated nod important cures performed in so Short a and now i ask where is Hie institution with its troop of governors for life and where id the per mean practice with its list of five thousand publisher cures1 the ins Litu Mland by the Dee and gulfs which sume a rows that he was the author of truth Timea my ent the Western coast of Norway for a distance of Between one and two Hundred Miles. It is now sometimes found far m the Interior but never in e astern part of this try Norm Sweden Iceland depopulated by the plague and re Cal oozed from Norway and the worst no Ciment that Pitten into Euffe of raising flour. Elf raising flour is an article entering eerie Rel consumption one thousand engine the Wen and tear by and the duration of Ihu engine Poopor Tiki rally Mie erics tin is Fol yet entirely Fin in invention can tie fairly and fully tested a Lull in is in d to have Alread ear i Issac l Iho tie of i s Neil Horam two slate binary end fines on this Tave been Inja so Cory in new York by a considerable Pirir. Est defender of and the uncompromising i sufferer for truth considering the purity j of hts it ctn if a the simplicity of his life and the of his death is it possible that he would die fur an i Lusion 1, in All he preaching the Saviour Uncle no popular appeals. His Dis _ courses All directed to the the Solhei steel their real composition Emred while rth governors for life were there the leprosy x Christ Anc his a Osles sought to impress upon id. On by Piru Aniie Lor int. Tha government have a length taken the every Man the conviction that ire must stain Lei v Mailer in hand and in add Rioa to a leprosy live for himself and de for the summing up of which has existed for five Hundred Yearse himself and give up his account to the a Mats perk miss was Only and now contains one Hundred and thirty five Clell he were the Only 4enen path nos they hive recentry1 built a Ijo Pill fhe Dent in Tho universe. The gospel first that the world even for the cure of a it has b in Only three years in opera Tion under the manage mint of or. Darnell sen and this Gen let Nan believe so that he has i almost to a Man m the Laud of the invention was the i f a f As. Ibe i Racoon spread Wilh in e83 ten account marvelous cures were the five thousand everywhere reported. Cert finales Caulo in Ali age one no seventy i Mousaad p of Trio former latter have senators and Doc Iro lessors. And their Fama was riot confined to country. Benjamin Douglass get the Briti Sli Public for thought of of a thing thai was past and the far famed tractors were Almo i forgotten. And what became of Benjimi n Duuglas of rms who suffered or the cause of science and humanity such per cution us Galileo Ond Harvey a id Jonner Eube red before him1 lie returned .0 hi3 native land with ten thousand succeeded if curing Highl lepers the first that have Ever been it. Red by medical Means. He has Analysed the Lood of the deceased persons and fido it to contain too much qualities of the Flouis and a loss equal per cent in Wilh de without Yefest is avoided. The m Millay Are preparing to in etaul Ishmonl during s can ref firn Pinon. , conf louled tuns Vilich t icy very a atlatl to nerf Princis n would he Sutis factory Lodge a Hole Xvi Turkl. R it is Liflie Eilt to give an y condemned in scrip a invention that with be ii Tell fur the bum lit of our readers especially in these Lee it Nal rally i a Seifes unum Ial Iii Mercat we Wil Endeavor to t present a of the Cipul features a Orff ant., their Pencial modes out Randi at the same As far is Possi Elfi it tiresome detail the num Nite of the Mae Linery. The Neftin parts of the engine Cygirt of certificates from he Wise and Good and Heller from the i tied and. Wealthy similar cures Weie also reported from other countries in Europe especially from de n Nirk top ovo that im3ginatjili had nothing to do week for the Benefit m House keepers build a boat if two propose to serve will ihcil3 Ibero were relied Grimy n from produced within slap leg 0 in am in horses it by Sage t it Ihring Hor a. Runs if Stone employ sixty men and could be cured by the , they had no in j annually about six Hundred Tojo Tisland bushels of Flun cd a All upon sheep. He supposes but heat besides Oats and Corn in Large quantities Jug in o the unctuous Talter in the Wool preparing the various articles manufactured he even Pom aim it is Well tar Lour no Nutu Miu _ is of Muslin and coarse bag is certain cd prevents the tractors from relieving Are consumed and fifteen Hund red reams of ing pains in that of the Bond Over which paper. The machinery is driven by an oscillate Poma Tuin is used.1 a supposed to in engine the motive have the cramp waa operate. Upon so Success All parts of the fully by the tractors that though he had not establishment Are abundantly heated it is be been Able to put his foot to the ground fora leaves the individual sinner alone with and his god. To his own master he or Falls he has nothing to Hope from or sympathy of associates. The of new doctrines do not so Ana his apostles had they would not have so preached. If clergymen in our Day would return Lothe Wmk of More to in of be so much complaint of the and danish i infringes. The institution is Well Many of the Mai Terf of the present or ovules with fresh and sea water and vapor Jay take their text from St. Joul anal preach Baths. From newspapers. When so t pref Ertol limn nov have Loflin seen a number of his patients my own Thongma Latker Llian list end i Somp thirty years irn a Yount 1 Idy i lie he nearly cured and Tho e who my me the april of Diu Glicr of a a Obj House in the Norwitt other Bent imme Are going of Wel he the gospel. Saung void Are pro from having one of the Rosl Slicer j Estl nates Ihu while number i n Norway Althree Ballon is Brief your work he done h. Not a in fit of the deepest thousand arid say it is increasing and would of Aro Lyon a Atteridg i i Norm Limo but for the character of the a r of god j Iho jul a Eta Deib before a Lam holy ail the Clr Calulot Lief the incr am admonished i have were to draw from her the reason 01 j Haye across surf Ajoc and it no to one or to sleep these to to their afle Cli m Bhe was their Ca l Olle Greit Moun Lilin or Rock wife fruitful Ere 8ajd Jar. Vieb Ler have often occupied Riidu Anil Tho Loci Etc failed to end vices Raiher thin Valley Hundredth thoughts mid in i had time i would write re ses tune Anu o y part of the whole fur ice being under cultic i Olf them myself Van her the bore her Pirl in it Wun a r _ Morai were As strange to and venom of a her former can racer Hicy Wera Duease has spread slowly her sox Ond Soulli fhe parents contrived du1 disease has Ardroe ring her temporary .1 sence from her to Moi Theale the contents of her Fri log de a Guin for a c Oun Lily but no Mic icon of a conceal cd or i appointed re eats of or. Daniells sen s were to be found and h was equally be looked for with the greatest anxiety As the part of the who Justace l lion ii is by far i coun Are but a try 1 Ever i lied. The people to far perfect abstract from memory of one of the yet this most eloquent sermons to which i congregational jul rat. J Ati. The Deal. Do we Ihrk of the death. Al though we sit around the same Hearth where once sat and Riead from the same volume the Lalle of Wlinich fire if Kepi. 1 hey Are connected by one and to in same Piston Rud which in ils reciprocating motion opens no Clos cd certain yalvc3forihc ingress or egress of atmospheric air the t is their is first received when by the Back Force in nut successively into the Recti Ivert and re Litu Latler of which in tates ii 45q i Crucs of heat and is Ihen passed Ifni the working Cylinder gaining Here again Yil degrees Moie heat Roin the lire before men Lin cd. I but to 480 do Green is expanded to double ils original mme Juanity her co a tie Jeup ply Cylinder will now fill another Odou Blythe capacity. Suppose for the of illustration that the Workin Cylinder is double the size of i to sup ply Cylinder and that the area of lbt Piston within the Founier contains a thousand Square inches and the Stop bul five Hundred Nunier of lepers among the people is near or one m fifty and it is precisely from the Western coast that the increasing in one of the churchyards of Europe i. A Slone containing a cases. The bearing an epitaph that deserves to be stamped be Alimony is of the most decisive character i f in letters of Gold on our pocket books and print. On every certificate of Stock and chiselled into the front of every Granite Block what i saved i gave away i he House in which she was visiting had beet burned to the ground that she Hud been saved Witt difficulty to rough her not in that part of Iho building there the fire had commenced that her escape had at first been taken these emigrants for he Knowsley every Quarter listed. I Hava in Ray a volume nearly two Hundred pages published in London the for err aisted and Liml whether door was burst Rouis w 10 have gone to the u. Slaves Down the in argon open she was Folind still and seated in and one m Pir Ticu a quite recently whom he spirit of the loved pain was relieved Trice y a few strokes of usual Melau Cawly at Flude with her Eye. Endeavoured in win to dissuade and m whom and we Are aft ,0 tors infirm marions were ool on the floor. She returned swelling is dispersed some cases Alered in manner nor changed in deme nor with such that they were seen to and a painfully Brilliant m conversation when Nave in your pocket Nolc. Vou can during the application Rhet mutism which had nto it. Vii Tun two months of her give it away to god s poor. You can keep in lne Best medical skill was removed the urn the to the ground i those desolate paralytic was Madero of a such were Tho her ,1 the flies Bho i Given it will go into some of these Esmaie dwelling twill kindle a fire these bitter reports which were constant a put Forth nights thai Are Corning fast on the told Hearth. Thu Success of the was i it will of children with food be and her Mother Peris led n the flies Sho Xmas again found in the a on the former occasion suffered herself to be led away with out eagerness or resistance did not alter her de and with out fail hereditary and if there least spot or either of live parents Lii Ilu Tely certain to appear in High like other hereditary it is Over one generation t them. Of How the heart throbs Wil i wild uncontrollable emotion As we stand beside the dying Friend we have debt Ray love dts we try without effect to prolong the precis is we follow Down the margin of the dark bowing river1 one parsed Onward and we Are left to linger on of time. We think Lay Ihbe inane Pate the grave and the Damp Earth grates harsh Fly Over them we will never1 life scenes shall be Ever fresh to our arid even wonder that the Jun Kinoe Cali our urge and increasing Popula still trove on before i Uon in will spread much More rapidly in Arael the Sun shines As brightly on the new Madd Ica and May become a prevalent disease in our grave. Again we mingle with the Busy Jost slates. Bul As vet h Long weeks and Montha Roll the lost one save when some incident gone tunes recalls them to our memory y attested multitudes of wealthy and pulled Ana be j j a the wasted widow with the please. Dial profession and selfish motives were in made m to console her father and re ant though that she is in a christain Hestal higly to ill physicians who to condolence of her friends with a bit her Trrry that others Caro for her life Llinat the world is were unbelievers. A physician who was of Ter Ness and scorn almost demoniacal. I n to Tell a Over hopelessly dark to her Anil her Little ones 8ufficient respectability president of a the Fol the and daughter removed to a spa tint s Magazine Ivi s Folly is a de Lawand Medica society said of unbelievers that for a of scene on the Nighti of their Ait or cases Urban Piston name some of these sturdy like to the gospel they admit of no Arnyai the hotel was in Clits. Lime with mean Force we will suppose o about that Are now Exi led by the Laws of de mysteries and refuse to be what they do Flora began in heft apartment for 4er Worth upon ency from school to get their shares of not comprehend %.haygarlh, an were the Sparks first seen to Issue a the better air Tole a Doha eminent physician of Bath and some others Ngaio Sha found dressed sealed and in to a Hospit for returned lol heir own Cave and stalk drop entirely off m slay though is however pressing toward Wilh a like Force by s Seleb Arteon convict More Drew Down a storm of Public Wrath upon their Fae hotel was the property owe Sov c a nary. The Bulba remain m the ground All the summer and , because Ibey averted that a the hts ale in the spa was Over cling a a multitude of bins Wooder. Tractors painted so Asto resemble the an Looft place she was the that already sex ils Virtues u so the Best of soap. Real Metalic ones had pro diced la Weir hands Bruestedt and at one confessed that on Oach of St it will tend to future generations the method of using it is merely to strip off o Home Iano. Waie a mar effects a those w Lich were purchased Fae Refl occa3lon, had the culprit against one of the most fearful the Husk dip the clothes Aad rub Tho if Jean of a Benjamin Douglass Perks at five Guin lat she could no Tell except thai w in dollars arts when ea8apiir, go Strong hold which the she had an irresi3tible longing to set houses on c features some afflicted wih ical name of the Pant is Pha Langra Pompati More Jere Nanju science of it was called had fire Gich time Slie Larf striven Gamst Ilas that of the unease which covers the face Diane a besides this Plant the bark of a tree Cylinder to the or Twenty do Jare none upon the Publio the son of h could by t was unable to wit Litand d and even the Eye ids with red tubercles and by Chi Elaria Saponari is also Sedin South Amer Talent slated so log As hip area of the for Riff ate gone i May the menu of the spoken of As Hautem Tallon. Of same within the Throat de jct for Ito purposes of was Huig. Several other identical Bank note bsh. We temp Tai Ion _ stros the speech reduces it to a husky and plaats have in various countries a a together now be i i for the future i would propose some remedy of the following nature. Many vessels with emigrants new sul annually from Norway to the soap Plant. Tie to jailed Spates they land chiefly in new the soap Plant so called All Saver Cal York Lei or the slate Law if Ria on High Hilu As Well As m the valleys Aid make it known in Norway appointing a Mike their Opp Yearance about Piva Ician to Enqu re if the disease exists among the Arr we and such be found let them lit be their Choice Between being never grow More than one foot High and the if we make no Allowan Bew friction. Ibis sur plus furnishes the War cing Power of will readily be seen that after one stroke of its Piston is made it w ill continue to work with this Force so Jong As sufficient heat a i applied lower Piston is Grellet than that and a each Ward the smaller one end of a balance will be Down one Pound the other we Good Security. Ftp Nyrl ulv Atlin the Teper m a few substitute for s3ap. All of these contain Consi. Ribbed. Me in this manner the two alters Chickasaw newspaper. The Wortsmith lion of import As it is the Moat Inge us part of the a sericulture the Advance Inelo thearis and manufactures an -1- Bicka Dawb and other civilized tribes t this a Tucture ii wire net Well a the Newe of the Day. Medic Ines the tractors in the Samc article Meni of the arts and manufacture among the from last extracted chickasaws and other civilized tribes of the red b Dan Al Jve guineas a Pait were Siam feed i be persecution him from the Reo typed hatred

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