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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - January 10, 1856, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaI i ions to a chapter 10 reply. W Heerlen up Cohnn chapter 14 Bendix. Rules of equity Art association. 1 year. For the second Armull w and Popolar institution galore and Art. Have been Civa scale. By Ngn sad the fur famed in Tii usand collect Ion. The diffusion of to und the encouragement not been overlooked. Issued to Many Otibe Moat artists who will contrib Broil actions. Amonjr Olfern by the great rat in Powers. In. of his co Ortley. Xin. The Elijio Sophir. Visited Europa and Mado Mielec Inonu of foreign i incl Marble statuary and Hrop a Luhlo Toltec to dbl buted of the for membership. Of Duiliss iss Oci Linn and him. For our and of the Stoiu Ury and 1 to subscribers of r Harper s. I s. Ii Niehold Book. It Ember ships Ore entitled to for Ono year and to six n. The net Are Art for Hitt ensuing cd of becoming s member the fall value of Thi in in the shape of Sterling an Tributino Pur if fart. Which to fives and Are it Ihn same lists or the Sontry. Dis ars through its a sentry. Kinds for my ii ship. Will be address in full fat tag to comr once in red at the Post office to i a Cerefi clip of Magazine will of Llie at 113 Awoki Ilion. They i free ticket in the annual e Price they Dow pay for risk. C. A. A., Knicl Zerbock Broadway. New York Street san Dolcy notice. S for Tjuk people inv big taken to blab by Jos hitch Ilion diary office would in our i to do nil Kwh vifd4 of up it i Hurt horse shob1mg. A Moa sue to the de at ism of Stahli i i -1, to pay for i. D in rats in in a would try and cannot Loose much and Yule a Caver fur and Bau Ion at Jones Hole Nie Aid retail Lory once. Ca i and sex Ere j. R. Bowel jt1 a hems Pgper i to a agriculture Anft . Vol. . Xxx president s message. It where labor the tuesday jakto3y 1q. 1856. Senate and United states 1 of Ike Alt of rear Eunmi j the s we a Iotte of land my engagements to Stales the Constitution of the United states pro of the Eastern coast of Nicaragua and that Congress shall assemble annually on Costa Rica the interference of great Brit the first monday of december and Ain though exerted at one Lime in the form president to make no commune of military occupation he port of san cation of a Public character to the Senate and Juan Del Nurte then in the peaceful possess. House of representatives until advised of their won of the appropriate authorities of the Cen to receive it. I have deferred to this Fml american states is now presented by usage until the close of the first Tao nth of the her As the rightful exercise of a protector session but my convictions of duty will not ship Over the Mosquito tribe of indians permit me longer to postpone the discharge of but the establishment 8t the baited now Tateo migration enjoined by the Constitution upon Reading far beyond in trebly Limite into the the president to give to the Congress state of Honduras and that of the Bay is nation of the state of the Union and recon lands appertaining of right to the same state mend to their consideration such measures As Are As colonial governments As necessary and those 8nd therefore the last whole no. 934 liberally with other Powers in Boundary line which divides the Ter turns made by for for the improvement and eight Hundred and forty four thousand Hundred and Twenty eight dollars. I the balance in the Treasury at the begin Traband of War of to take munitions of War or British possessions. By cd our u. Me e Sobers on Board their private ships for trans and importance Oit the country in dispute ppr tation and although in so doing the Indi has been eminent danger of collision Bel vie Ual citizen exposes his property or person to the subjects of great Britain setae of the hazards of War his acts do not in of the United states including solve any breach of National neutrality nor of authorities in that quartet of the ligation of the d or i and the oar attention to the subject with As a right. F j us Vav it Liu v v.uv1a tto u i Tiff Jive Tulili Sib Lity therefor sold Gunpowder and arms to dance of delay of the Paft of the two govern to 11 Lara of Trio a Lack to t ii Irv t line a a i in. _ to .1 by i pretensions France. Advancing and peace. Fore in America. Whilst relations of Amity continue to exist Between the United Simon and All foreign Powers with some of them grave questions Are which May require the consideration of such que tons the most important is that which has Arisen oui of the negotiations with great Britain in reference to Central by the convention concluded Between the two governments on the 19th of april 1850, both parties covenanted that neither will Ever occupy or fortify or colonize or As sume or exercise Uny Dominion Over Nicar Agua. Cosia Roca the Mosquito coast or any pan of Central it Wii ii undo Ift d understanding of the uni de slates ill making ibis treaty that Ull Lii present states of the former Republic of cd ritual America Aiice territory of each would thenceforth comply the Independence and Ihal both Cuni Macrini parties i qually and to to in it for the present find for tin i Tuiuri thai if i her then Hail any claim of right in Cenoir la Amer Ica such claim and Ull occupation or Auto air. Ity under in were unreservedly relinquished by the of tins shul no Dominion was thereafter in Bui cited or assumed in any Tarl of Cyril nil by great Britain or the United Siu is. This government consented to restrictions in regard to a Region of country wherein we had specific and Peculiar interests Only upon the conviction thai the like restrictions were in the same sense obligatory on great Brit Din. But of this understanding of the Force and effect of the convention it would never have been concluded by us. So Clear was this understanding on the part of the United Stales that in contemporaneous Tho ratification of the convention in was distinctly expressed that Mutual covenants of non occupation were to apply to the British establish ment at the this qualification is to be ascribed to the fact that in virtue of successive with previous sovereigns of the country. Grant Britain had obtained a Concession of the right to Cut mahogany or Sye Ivo ods at the Belize but with positive exclusion of All Domain or sovereignty and thus if confirms the natural construction and understood import of the trenly As to All. The rest of tie Region to which the stipulations applied. I became at on Early Day Niter entering upon the Dischar be of my present functions thai great Britain still continued in the exercise or assertion of Large in All shut part of commonly called the Mosquito and covering the entire length of the state of Nicaragua and a part of Costa Rica that she regarded the Balke As her absolute do main and was gradually extending its Lim is at the expense of the state of Honduras and that she had formally colonized a considerable insular group known As the buy islands and right to thai Senle. All these or pretensions of great Brit Nin being contrary to the thesia Tes of Central America and to the Mui fest Lonor of her stipulations with the United states As Underwood by this government have been made the subject of negotiation through the american sinister in Lemdon. I transmit herewith the instructions to him on Jet and the correspondence Between him und the British Secretary for foreign Raff Yiirs by Uhi Irh you will Percey Otthat the two Gnavi Ernami his differ widely and to recon Ilea Bly As m the construct life of the convention and its effect on their respective Elui ions to. America. Grairt Brinnin in construes , i her previous pretensions Over coast and contrary to the very Leitter As Well As the spirit of the convention with the United states As it was at the Lime of ratification and now i is understood by this government. The interpretation which the British government thus in assertion and act persists in ascribing to the convention entirely Chan Ges its character. While it holds us to All our obligations in in a measure releases great Britain from those which constituted the consideration 61 this government for. Entering Imo the convention. It is in my judgment for the United Stales to acquiesce in such a construction of Tho respect Ive relations of rhe two. Governments to Cen trial America. To a renewed Call by this great Britain to abide by Uncle Curry into effect the stipulations no the convention Accord Jug to is import by withdrawing from the Possession or Culon Fenmin if portions of the Central american Stales of Nicaragua Rica the British or Ninnel has at length replied affirming int the operation of the irely is prospective Only and did require great Briu in abandon or con artict any possess Sotil held by Ler in Central at the Daie of its con this reply Trinnin i he of the general me in min id by Llie j in Ted suites. The or Irish Tia Dver i lie question file lights of great Britain or in cent cat Ameri Ca and assumes Hal she had such rights at he Dale of the trealy and Thrett those Rich s comprehended Ihn project worship of the mos Quito indians the Ellen red jurisdiction and Irnis of the Belize and the Colony of the Bay islands and Hereupon proceed res by intr Ilic Alimi to infer Oliai if the slip lations of the trenly be merely future in eff vol great Britain May still continue to hold the co notes Nice neral America. The United cannot admin either the inference of the premises. We steadily deny Hal o the Dale c the Reoly great Britain had any possess ians there o her than the limited and Peculiar establish men Ai the Belize and maintain mat if she had any they were surrendered Ijar the convention. This government recognizing the Obliga few t he treaty has of course desired to see it executed in Good Faith by both parties and in the discussion therefore has not Loo ii Edlo rights which we might assert i depend enily of the treaty in consideration of our e position and of other Circum aces which create for us relations to the Antral american Stales i i Fie rent from those e f any government of Europe. J the British its last com though Well knowing the Viewn of the United states still declares that it sees to Renson Why a conciliatory spirit May not enable the two governments 10 Over Coralei nil obstacles to a satisfactory adjustment of the subject. Assured of the correctness of the construct t on of the treaty constancy adhered to by this Gorver rement Jund Raj solved to insist on the. Of i the United slates yet net Aleo also by the same desire which is avowed by the British government to remove All causes of serious misunderstanding Between the iwo i a i ions associated by so Rhuney ties of interest and Kindred it has appeared to me proper rot to consider an amicable solution of the come Overly hopeless. .1 there however reason to apprehend Tiala with great Britain in the act Una pc cupa of the dispute Al territories and the tre Iii i null far is. Regards of r rights this International difficulty cannot Long re Inan. Undetermined without ii Olvinia i i serious danger the Friendly relations which i. Is Llie interest an Well us the Dull of bulb ii unties to cherish and preserve. It will Al it Rit me sir Cere if future of forms result in he Sriri Cipale Here i fore with More the aspect of the Case permits me now to entertain. O Pijl us u Tow Lii All buyers regardless of the destination of those ments to act in the will increase the i announce with much gratification that merchantmen have been Aud dangers and difficulties of the controversy. Since the adjournment of the last Congress the largely great _ misunderstanding sex St Sass to the extent question then existing Between this gov Cru articles. Our still continue Britain and by France in groups Onar Acter Ana value of the possessory rights of Mem and that of France Resti Ertme toe French provisions and munitions of War to the Princi the Hudson s Bay company and the property Consul at san Francisco has been pal seat of military opt rat ions and in bring of the puget sound agricultural company determined and that the relations of the two my Nome their sick and wounded soldiers but reserved in our treaty with great Britain rela governments continue to be of the such use of our mercantile Marine is not infer Tive to the territory of Oregon. I have reason nature dieted either by the International or by our to believe that a cession of the rights of both Greece. Municipal Law and therefore does not Cou pro companies to the United states which would also which has been pending for nut our Neutral relations with Russia. Be the readiest Means of terminating All ques several years Between tote United states and unit our municipal Law in accordance with tons can to. Obtained on reasonable terms the kingdom of Greece crowing out of Tho the Kwh of nations peremptorily forbids not and View to this end i present the sub sequestration by Public authorities of that Only foreigners but our own citizens to fit out Jet to the Attenni Ostrof Congress. Country of property belonging to Tho present within the limits Ftp the United states a vessel the Colony of hav my enact american Consul at Athens and which had to commit hostilities against any state with de the Laws required by the treaty of the 5th been the subject of very Earnest discussion Winch the United states Are at peace or to in of june is now placed on the wine foot heretofore has recently been settled to Ali of the current fiscal Suhui six million eight Hundred and Litfiy six and ten dollars. Tile actual expenditures of the first Quarter of the current fiscal year be added i lie probable expenditures for Ihei remaining three quarters As estimated by Ike Secretary of the Treasury the sum local will be seventy oni million two Hundred and Twenty Sec Uio usand Eihl Hundred and forty Sis dollars thereby leading an Psi match balance in the Nai sury on july 1, 1856, of fifteen Rai Lioa Hun Twenty three thousand eight Hundred and sixty Theredo liars and forty one crease the Fores of any foreign armed vessel in ing in respect to commercial Intercourse a Fth i faction of the party interested and of both tended far such hostilities against any Friendly. The United states As. The other British North governments. Stater american provinces. Spain. Whatever concern May have been Felt by the commission which that treaty Conte with Spain peaceful relations Are still main either of the belligerent Powers lest private plated for determining the rights of fishery in trained and same Progress his been made in be armed cruisers or other vessels in the service Rivers Aud Mouths of Rivers on the coasts of the curing the redress of Rongs Csirip Laincz of by of one might be fitted out in the ports of this United states and Tbs British North american this government. Spain has not Only Dis country to deprecate on the property of the provinces has been has com showed and disapproved the conduct of the of o to Bey All such fears have proved to be utterly Nien ced its labors to Complete which there is ficere who illegally seized and detained the groundless. Wiir citizens have been withheld needed further appropriations for the service Black Warrior at Havana but has also trom any such net or purpose by Good Faith Aud of another season. Pai the sum claimed As indemnity for the loss by respect for the Law. Sound dues. Thereby inflicted on citizens of the United while the Laws of the Union Are thus per in pursuance of the authority conferred by states. Cine tory in their prohibition of the equipment a Resolution of the Senate of the United states in consequence of a destructive Hurricane or armament of belligerent cruisers in our ports passed on the 3d of March was Given which visited Juba in 1844, the supreme a they provide not loss absolutely that no person to Denmark on the 14th Day of april of the Hority of that Island issued a decree permit shall within the territory or jurisdiction of the intention of this government to Avail itself of Ting the importation for the period of six United states enlist or enter himself or hire tie stipulation of the subsisting Cor Fention of months of certain building materials an pro or entered in the service of any foreign state the same at the expiration of one year film the needed to act on the Faith of that decree. The either As a Soldier or As a Marine or Seaman Date of to time for that if those. Spanish government refused indemnification to on Board of any vessel of War letter of Marque the considerations which led me to Call the the Pai ties aggrieved until recently when it or Privateer. And these enactments Are also attention of Congress to that convention and was assented to payment being promised to be in strict conformity with the Law of induced the Senate to adopt the Resolution re Wade so soon As the amount due can be Ascer which declares that no state has the right to furred to still continue in the contained. Raise Topps for land or sea service invention contains an article which although it satisfaction claimed for the arrest Aad search state without its consent and that whether docs not directly engage the United of the Steamer Al Dorado ims not it been a forbidden by the municipal Law or not the very submit to the imposition of tolls on the vessels corded and there is reason to believe that it attempt to do it., without such consent is an and cargoes of americans passing Tito or from will be be with others continues1 to attack on the National sovereignty. The Baltic sea during Ibe continuance of the be urged on the attention of the Spanish gov _ such being the Public rights and the Muni treaty yet May by possibility be construed As eminent. I do not abandon the Hopt of Chi Cipal Law of the United states no solicitude on implying Soch submission. The exaction of eluding with Spain some general arrangement the subject was entertained by this govern those tolls not being justified by any principle which if it do not wholly prevent the recur ment when a year since the British Parlia of International Law it becomes the right and rence of dist fatties in Cuba will Render them ment passed an act to provide for the enlist the duty of the United states to relieve Aem less frequent and whenever they shall occur ment of foreigners in the military service of selves from the implication of engagement on facilitate their More speedy great Britain. Nothing on the face of the act the subject so As to be perfectly tree to act in Mexico. Or in its Public history indicated that the the premises in such Way As their Public inter the interposition of this government has British government proposed to attempt re ests and Honor demand. _ to been invoked by Many of its citizens on a Cruit Niet in the United states nor did it Ever i remain of the opinion that the United count of injuries done to their persons and pvt give intimation of such intention to this gov states Ott Glit not to submit to the payment of which the mexican Republic Ern ment. It uras matter of Surprise therefore sound dues not so much because of their Spon sible. The unhappy situation of that to find subsequently that the engagement of amount which is a secondary Natter but be country for some time past has not allowed its persons within the United states to proceed to cause itis in effect the recognition of the right govern Nant to give due to claims Halifax in the British province of Nova Scotia of Denmark to treat one of the great maritime of private separation and has appeared to Call and there enlist in the service of great Britain highways of nations As a close sea and the Nav for and justify some forbearance in such mat was go Jig on extensively with Little or no Dis ligation of it As a privilege for which tribute Teirs a the part of this government. But if Guise. Ordinary Legal Steps were hot mediately May be imposed upon those who have occasion the revolutionary movements which have taken to arrest and punish parties concerned and so put an end to acts infringing the Muni Cipal Law and derogatory to our sovereignty. Meanwhile suitable representations of the sub acc t were addressed to the British government. Thereupon it became known by the admission of the British government itself that the to use it. I lately that Republic and in the or this government on a former occasion not a animation of a stable government urgent unlike the present signalized its determination peals to its Justice will then be made and it to maintain the Freedom of the seas and of the great National channels of navigation. The Barbary states had for a Long time coerced the payment of tribute from All nations whose May be with Success for the redress of complaints of of Antral. America. In regard to the american republics which attempt to recruits from this country orig ships frequented the Mediterranean. To the from their proxy Unity and other considerations Ina Ted with it or at least had its approval and last demand of such payment mass them have Peculiar relations to this government to this have Arisen in some of them from Timeir Oivin insufficient Power to Check Lawless irruption which in effect throws most of the task on the United states. Thus it is that the distracted internal condition of the state of in Best results in reassuring the peace of the mex ican states of Sonora Aud lower California. Theatres. Since the last session of Congress a treaty 6f recruitment. One other subject of discussion Between the different purls of Cen inf America. These states and great Britain bus grown out Ira tie to a Puiia Coristo the attempt which the exigencies of the War in which she in engaged with incl used her to make to draw recruits from the United 4tes. It is the traditional Ami setter policy of the United states to maintain impartial Usu trility founded on the of i liminal rela Bellien Greal Britain Lind n tribe ibid pairs on Tenil coast Yetf it d into Ai m rime the country w is a i Olio Tinl Poi session of v can it to _ a Toni reverted thai by during the wars which Friori time to time occur Law of Quiong the Groat of the world. Per of much or their could forming All the neutrality towards the Confer on great Britain any political Riff hts. Baclig rent states we Ria Simaly great Britain does w allege the assent of expect them not to interfere with on lawful Spain is the origin of her on themos Eiyo ment of its benefits. Notwithstanding Quito coast. She has on the re Tho existence of such hostilities out citizens peaked and successive treaties renounced and retain the individual right Torso Atsue All their relinquished All of her recognised the full and Sovereign rights of 01 abroad subject Ohy each resections m Spain in the Roott unequivocal terms. Yet relation As the taws of War the usage of period 1 Noil Ai to Cut Vij Britain Minst the Central american St Tea belligerent parties for the transit the to to ancient the operations of their fleets the troops for their service the fitting nut nazi Yinsi Ine Veniro no Culaw to to All the ancient jurisdiction of in that Region. They troops for to ctr service the of Jere applied Only to defined it of either or my other United states. War to and thus opened the Way to the it is difficult to understand How it should Relief of the Commerce of the world from aug Bave been supposed that troops could be raised ominious tax so Long submitted by the More Here by Britain without violation of the powerful nations of Europe. Municipal Law. The unmistakable object of the if the Mulner of payment of the sound dues _. ._._.___. Law was to prevent every such act which if differ from that of the tribute formerly con Cabagua has made it incumbent on due to up performed must be either in violation of the ceded to the Barbary states still their exam Ion peal to the Good Faith of our citizens to abstain Law or in. Studied evasion of it and in either by Denmark has no better foundation in right. To oui l intervention in its affairs and alternative the act done would be alike injury each was a its origin nothing but a tax on a to adopt preventative measures to the same rious to the sovereignty of the United states common natural right extorted by those who cud which on a similar occasion had the Fri tie mean Cittie the Natter acquired were at the time Able to obstruct the free and tonal importance by the in the Secare the it but who no longer United states not being discontinue Al and the possess that Power. Disclosure ref the fact that they were prosecuted Denmark while resisting our assertion of a systematic Splan devised by official a the Freedom of the Baltic sound and belts has Amity Commerce and navigation and for the Hority that recruiting rendezvous had been of indicated a readiness to make some new a surrender of fog Iive criminals with the King opened in our principal cities and depots for rag Emertt on the subject and has invited the Dom of the two sic Ilies a treaty of Friendship the reception of established on our governments interested including the United Commerce acid navigation with Nicaragua and Frontier and the whole business conducted states to be Verese Titch in a convention to As convention of comia Ecim reciprocity with under the supervision and by the regular co semble for the purpose of receiving and candid the Hawaii kingdom have been negotiated operation of British officers civil and military ering a proposition which she intends to sub the. Latter kingdom and the state of Nicaragua some Ift the Noemi Aine rican , and for the capitalization of the sound dues have also Accel did to Adeela Ratton recognizing in . The complicity of and the distribution the som to be paid As As International rights the principles contained in invent in Between the United states and Russia of the 22d of july 1854. These treaties and conventions will be Laid before the Senate for ratification. Treasury. The statements made in my last annual message respecting the anticipated receipts and expenditures of the Treasury have been substantially verified. It appears from the report of the Secretary of the Treasury Llinat the ice ills during the fiscal year ending june 1855, from nil sources were five million three thousand Amie Hundred and thirty Dolthus Ami that the Public expenditures for theime period exclusive of pay fails Oft account of. The Public debt amounted to Illy six million three Hundred and sixty five three Hundred and ninety three dollars. Durin same period the payments made in res some in the United stares. To moving suspicion Over our attitude of neutrality Aud disregarding our territorial rights is conclusively proved by the evidence elicited on the trial of such of4heir agents As have Bera apprehended and convicted. Some of the offi cers thus implicated arc of High official position arid Many of them beyond our jurisdiction so that Legal proceedings Coald not reach the Tho mischief. Those officers in u h undertaking which could commutation among the government Accord Only be accomplished by defying our Laws ing to the respective proportions of their Mari 1 time Commerce to and from the i have declined in behalf of the United states to accept this invitation for the most cogent Rea sons. One is that Denmark not offer to submit to the convention the question of her right to Levy the sound dues. A second is that if the convention were allowed to take cog Okanee of that particular question still it would not be competent to Deal with the great considerations and the fact that the International principle involved which affects cause of complaint was not a Mere causal the right in other cases of navigation and com car reduce but a deliberate design entered upon Mercial Freedom As Well As that of Access to with of our Laws and National the Baltic. Above All by the express terms policy and conducted by responsible Public of the proposition it is contemplated that the impelled me to present the Case consideration of the sound dues shall be Corn to the British government in order to secure mingled with and made subordinate to a mat not Only a cessation of the wrong but its Repar Ter wholly extraneous the balance of Power action. The subject is still under discussion among the governments of Europe ithe result of which will be communicated to while however rejecting this proposition fou in due traae. In the above estimated expenditures of be present Are included three million dollars to meet the last instalment of the ten millions provided Abr in the Lale treaty with. Calexico and seven million seven Hundred and Jiffy thousand dollars appropriated on account of the debt Dee to Texas which two a Toms make an aggregate amount of Fen mite lion seven Hundred and fifty thousand dollars and reduce the or Estima Ted for Ordinary objects of the year to Ihor sum of sixty million four Hundred and Jer Emy six thousand dollars. The amount of the Public debt at the commencement of the present Ficat year forty Fise Hundred and thousand and deduct lion being made of subsequent the Federal government remaining at this time is less thaw forty Mil lion dollars. The remnant of certain other government stocks amounting to two Hundred three thousand dollars referred Iny last message As outstanding has since been paid. I am that it would be difficult to devise a system Superior to that by which the fiscal business of the government is now conducted. Notwithstanding the great number of Public agents of collection and disbursement it is the Heeckt and guard provided including the ment Render in scarcely possible for a a Cuns herbals fraud on the Pait of those or neglect involving i Zaid of serious. Loss to escape de Lection. I renew however the re commen , heret6rore by me of the enact a Law declaring it felony on the part of Public to Insorn Fiji be entries in their books of account or to make false returns and also requiring hum on the Teri ruination of their service to Dei Iyer to their successors All books other of a Public nature m their cd Slody. Derived As our Public Revennie 1sr in chief pans from Clu Iea on imports its magnitude affords Gratifying evidence p f the Prosperity a Lioi ohly of our Commerce but of the other great interest upon which the principle that Ull Rno Neys not require for the current expenses of the government should remain fur Active employment in the iinds of the and the conspicuous fact that the annual Revenue from All sources exceeds by Many millions of dollars the amount needed prudent and economical administration of Public affairs cannot fail to suggest the of Ati Early revision and reduce lion of the Lar flt of duties on Iarj Perls. It is now so generally conceded thai jibe purpose of Revenue alone can justify the imposition of on Ini Poris thai in re Abs using the tables and schedules which unquestionably require essential modifications a de parture from this principles of the present tar Iff is nut anticipated. The army during the past year has been actively engaged in defending the Indian fron tier the service permitting but few and Small garrisons in our permanent fortifications. The additional authorized at the last session of Congress have been recruited and organized and a Large portion of the troops have already been sent to the e afield. All the duties which devolve on the establish i ment have been satisfactorily performed and the dangers and privations incident to the Char Acter of the service required of our troops have furnished additional evidence of their courage Zeal and to meet any requisition which their country May make non them. For the details of the military operations the Dis tribute Iii of the troops additional provi Sions required for the military service Trefet report of the Secretary of Tva r accompanying documents. Experience gathered fr6m events which have transpired since my last annual message it. Has but served to confirm the opinion then sex the propriety of making by a retired for. Disabled officers and increased compensation to the offic Eife in theist for Active duty. All the reasons which existed when these were commended on former occasions -_0 yet modification except so Ces have Given to some of to in Force. The elementary education who commence their ser the and insisting on the right of free transit into Demp too of the Public Debi including is

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