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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 20, 1851, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaJl1il-no 27-1 thursday morning february 20.1851. _ 7 selected poetry. The voice of nature. Of Wilton. In n Lono doll and on t eve Tjit Tan i inn Glanco Ling ring fell ipod to Leavo fur never in More blithely Roto to Light a More never had no sweat nor night a Charm 10 sure. And Siivo climbed Iho Rocky sleep cult the Vale in warn and gaze Down lilo lonely Evv oct that news to Ngam. I gaze on Many n int Fly Domo of High Impe Noui name on Many a Low Ond Humble Homo i nolo Riyad by Fumo. Hut All Arp wrap m Joop Roposo and not a Tonj in pro to Tell How Swift hip River flow Between the Bank of t Are. I marked Iho i trend of life to lint eternal what to earthly hath never Mihono nor a tight of Earth can be Ami Hilt to n on n i poll that bin Lii to to i in that Bithea each wild untrodden Dell in of Mystic Light there Are who Thi wond Roni world is but Len work of Cianco Earth like Rome Jingo scroll unfurl a and wrought i own and Vinco thit i Emlein Atoma blindly grew into a world of Light 1 Lial Cro Turea no creator that death eternal night of Man with in Piattoni High ii this the Ond you Cravo of. Man with Toul thai Dionot die and pen ult in the Graro nil the told hut wild the Luve or Etui t and can it be that human Mould but Iho cloy it teems mull and Virlou live on curl and with the Earth Decoy 7 shut Faith and Hope and Ita Loaa Worth Pasi like a dream away 1 come Forth thou Felto and Subtle Sago Roart i cast off the pc Henna mute of ago. And Clear thy clouded bight throw Down throw Down the guilty break off the stubborn mask the Creed thou Dar at Asart to men n truth of nature a morn at noon or sacred ovo on und or on the sea the lightest hound thy step May leave Bhail breathe l enily Lime trend with to this dizzy height and through this waste of air Yut upon the forma of night Jat thine answer there t 7 lie injun la Fields of waving Corn that ripening harvests ill Tho bubbling Springs whom lakes Are born to Man still All Penk if his unbounded Lovo w to Carmod Troio streams to flow to fed those Fields from founts above and made Iho a regt grow. An there Floc or the Broad Nikon n rays in Ronalt Liless Beauty fall Mirror Forth to thoughtful gaze 1 he hand that fashioned All. There s not a Plant upon the Earth there s not a tree nor Flower but boats the stamp of heavenly birth the proof of Power. The Leaf on which you tread 3f wrought wild wondrous band a fragment of a volume Road 1 hat spooks to every Lund a Book Una hanged from ago to ago i since Miroo began kor nature is a living Page 1 it preaches god to Man require years to Complete it. Other planets exhibit the same movement. Now if All the planets in the system were arranged along in a line on the same Side of the Sun and All in their Perthelia i. E., All in that Point of their orbits set revolving according to their pre sent Laws of motion millions of years must elapse Ere All of them would meet again under the same circumstances to hold their family festival preparatory to another revolution of the same length. The Earth s orbit is now an eclipse but is slowly becoming circular and at its present rate of change will become a perfect Circle in about half a million of years from this Lime. Then it will begin to resume its elliptical form coming More and More elliptical for some Mil ions of years when having attained the Maxi mum of Ellipticity it will begin again to shape self into a Circle. Corresponding with this change and caused by it is a change of the period of the Moon s revolution. Its period is now slowly shortening its motion in revolution of course increasing and this rate of increase is such As will make it gain a Little More than its diameter in a thousand years. This shortening of her period Jand increase of velocity will continue until the Earth s orbit becomes a perfect Circle and then she will slowly reverse her movements and gradually return to her former condition. From the Mutual attraction of Jupiter and Saturn their orbits Are passing through similar changes the orbits of one becoming More and More elliptical while from the same cause that of the other becomes More and More circular in consequence of which motions the period of one is lengthening while that of the other is shortening. This oscillation requires More than years for its completion. The Sun has what is called a proper to i. E., the Sun with All his dependent household is sweeping through space at the rate of Miles per Day or nearly half its own diameter. It is supposed by some Good Good astronomers that All the stars have a Simi Lar movement All revolving together in the Plain of the Milker Way about some common Centre that the orbit described by our Sun in this grand March is so Large that this in conceive for years forms the duration of the Earth. Intimated by astronomy. The evidence which geology affords of the teat Antiquity of Tho Earth turns thought to evidence which astronomy furnishes of its a Many striking lie solid system we infer for them a common practically a orbit is so Large that the arc of in described since this motion was first observed is so Short in comparison with the whole orbit As to seem to be no arc at All. At least no instruments Are As yet accurate enough to detect and measure its rate of deviation from a straight line. Her Shell estimates that the elements of this orbit May perhaps be determined after thirty or for to years observation with the nicest instruments. Of course Many millions of years must pass Ere this vast circuit can be fully described by the Sun. We Grant there is some Little of conjecture teaching to this last illustration which belongs not to any of the previous ones and yet it is so much in keeping with those demonstrated acts that it can hardly be called improbable. Although these periods Are inconceivably Long still they Are none the less periods. They Are As truly periods As if they were completed in one Day or Ona hour. The fact that our life is Short in comparison and that we cannot in our Best estate have any adequate Conception of them is no More of an objection to the length of Neptune s period than that insects die after a few hours existence and without any adequate Conception of a Hundred and sixty four years existence. From the movements of the heavenly bodies through a certain part of their orbits or of choir oscillations science determines with the greatest exactness the fact that after a certain Point in departure is gained the body will infallibly return to its former condition and place. On its faithfully returning and neutralizing the perturbations caused by its departure the Harmony and stability of the whole system depend. Now Mark the conclusion. For the same Good reason that we say the Earth could not have been make and set rotating merely to cause fifty or a Hundred Days or was not set revolving around the Sun to cause Only one or two years or perhaps Only a Small part of one these Good reasons do we say that these unmeasured and almost immeasurable periods were in what of colonization. The impossibility of the coloured laces attain ing to their full development in our Northern and among people of a Saxon blood naturally suggests the inquiry what is to be their future destiny. Will they be Content to remain Servile and degraded or will they aspire to a higher life the solution of this question will depend Al most entirely upon themselves. As yet they exhibit no desire to work out their temporal Sal vation if we May use the term by any practicable Road. Contenting themselves with vain Repin Ings at their lot or indulging in useless longings after the impossible they defer Day by Day year by year generation by generation their own deliverance. Instead of energetically setting themselves to extricate their race they wait with folded hands expecting the deliver Ance to come from others. But no people Ever yet was rescued from degradation until they had themselves heroically begun the task of redemption. Nations like men must struggle if they would succeed. It is Only by1 the sweat of m Oll Erable agony it is Only through Uncal Cula my and persevering heroism that great deeds can be achieved and great rewards obtained. If he coloured races would win the Crown they must run the race. To sit with folded hands and expect deliverance to be rained from Hea Ven is to insult Providence belie experience and shame themselves. It is a favorite idea of the coloured races or rather of their flatterers the abolitionists that n time and when slavery is wholly abolished he Southern portion of this confederacy will Lecome practically theirs As Jamaica has be come in the West indies. Could such a state of things occur however it could not continue Ong. Imagine Virginia Kentucky the Caro Mas Alabama Mississippi Louisiana and Texas peopled entirely by the coloured race or even controlled by them Rould the Northern Stales consent to continue he Union with such compatriots would not All the inherent difficulties of race which we Lave already canvassed exist in such a Condi re to the Federal Republic As if both races were iving in Pennsylvania new York or new Ersey. Does any practical Man suppose that the government could go on for a single year with Black members sitting in Congress Blacks insisting on their share of the Secretary ships lacks demanding to have a Black president every other term 1 All the difficulties of race which under a single Commonwealth would Reed dissections hatred and civil War would Hourish even More frankly in this anomalous state of things and would convulse the nation incessantly. It Ould not be Long indeed be fore two great i m tonal parties would arise a Black party Anc party the struggles Between which j of fiercer and fiercer until finally a War of i a is which another name for a War of ext or Elavery would devastate the Ian and forever ruin the coloured " Gin and i common destiny. The Earth then probably live while the system lives and no longer. What its particular destiny May and by what Means brought about we Stop Here to inquire. Or Only purpose now is to consider some furnished us by the itself Intuit 19 fashioned for a Londura this is indicated by the immense length of the periods involved in this system. According to Tho commonly received Chro ology Iho planet Neptune has had but 39 of h 3 since Tho creation of our race. If the is logy bet ton the Earth and that planet holds then the generation of his inhabitants hardly yet some comets have not had one year since the Date of Adam s Crea Ion. But there Are periods of greater length still. A Esrich s Perihelion is slowly creeping Owrid the orbit from West to East at a rate which will require years to Complete circuit. Tho Perihelion of Mercury is mov in m i similar manner at a rate which will difficulty could be overcome if the Lamb could be made to lie if by some miraculous change even if this if the lion and Down together in human nature Blacks and Whites could peace ably share the presidency turn about there still would remain another evil which nothing co told Avert Short of such a transformation of the Char Acter of the coloured race As would involve a physical and moral impossibility. Give up the Cotton states to the Blacks and the Prosperity of the Republic would be Over i left to himself the african Only does the smallest possible amount of work necessary to Supply my animal wants. Whatever May be True of isolated exceptions of a few energetic individuals this is True of the race. Jamaica proves the fact As Well As St. Domingo. In the Possession of the Blacks the Southern states would produce Little or nothing for Export and the balance of Trade against this country from the destruction of the Cotton crop would ruin North As Well is South. But even More important consequences than these would be involved in the change. It is not two much to Bay that of the american Export of Cotton would put Back the whole civilized world for a Century. Imagine wi1uig Tui in iut through be described the consequences of the withdrawal of cottoned Ere the great chronometer runs Down. Our ideas of the perfection of his Workman ship Are shocked by any other conclusion. Our minds refuse to admit the idea of a period or on orbit or an oscillation Only partially completed. In Tho language of professor Mitchell we say the entire system forms one grand complicated piece of celestial machinery Circle within Circle wheel will in wheel Cycle within Cycle revolution so Swift As to be completed in a few so slow that their mighty periods arc Only counted by millions of years. Are we to believe that the divine architect constructed this admirably adjusted system to Wear out and fall to ruins even before one single revolution of its Complex scheme of wheels had been performed 1 at the end of a vast period amounting to Many million of years the entire Range of fluctuation will have been accomplished i the entire system planets orbits inclinations eccentricities Perthelia and nodes will have gained their original values and places and the great Bell of eternity will then oni costlier is no Idle the British have tried be r Severin Gly to cultivate Cotton in India but without Success and after experiments sex lending through a whole generation Manches Ter is still forced to rely on America for Cotton. And it is not too much to say that the world relies on Manchester for cheap clothing. If the roman Empire fell As is now conceded from the Scarcity of Gold the present civilization would be shattered from the failure of Cotton. This is a Mere serious question than careless thinkers suppose. Contrast the physical Condi Tion of the masses of Mankind now in any Civili Zed country with the condition of the masses a Century ago and then inquire what it is that renders the operative of this nineteenth Century so much healthier and happier and better than his ancestor of the eighteenth. It principally the cheapness of Bis a lathing. In our Day the poorest labourer if not improvident can Drees As comfortably As the wealthiest Noble could a Hun dred years ago. And Why because Cotton fabrics can be produced so cheaply. Destroy the present production of Cotton or even seriously diminish it and clothing at once returns lots old prices or at least approaches Imen who give no thought to the hidden cause of a nations Prosperity who look Only at the surface of civilization can with difficulty be brought to comprehend How Small a thing some times produces both Prosperity and civilization. The invention of the spinning Jenny conquered Napoleon. The casting of a few Type at Haar Lem revolutionized a continent. The finding of a few grains of Gold on Sutler s farm will yet build a Railroad to the Pacific and make the United states undisputed masters of that great Ocean. And As Little things push Forward Man kind so Small things make nations retrograde. Destroy the Cotton cultivation and where is Mankind the surrender of the Southern states to the Blacks would therefore Check the Prosperity of the entire Union and throw Back the human race about a Century. R has been proposed to colonize the coloured Rac is. To this with j strange perversity the Blacks Are obstinately opposed yet it really enema to be the Only possible Hope of redemption left to them. As Long As they continue among us they must hold an inferior position. Colonization we know is attended with Many difficulties but it is not More impossible than was the settlement of America by colonization in Africa moreover holds out the Brilliant pro Mise of civilizing a whole continent and of developing the resources of some of the most Fer tile tracts on the Globe. But african colonization is full of privation and peril say the coloured races and therefore they will have nothing to do with it. Is not the whole question of the two races solved in that answer the Blacks without shame admit that they shrink from colonization not because it will fail to redeem them but because it is attended with danger and difficulty in other words they do not Blush to admit that they Are without the heroism necessary to their own deliverance. They want the stuff in other words out of which to make a great nation. They Are willing enough to be relieved they clamor indeed incessantly for it but they make no efforts in any practicable Way because those efforts involve sacrifices. Yet Rose from poverty to wealth without Effort and what is True of men is True also of the Blacks must if they would evening the America. There have been in the world no people whose history is More interesting that will he that of the aborigines of our country so much we mean As can never be known of that history. It is wonderful that so few monuments Are extant to Tell of their origin and the centuries of their existence prior to the abode of the White Man upon this continent but not less wonder Ful is the Story of their decline before the foot Steps of their Brethren. And they Are still passing away never yielding but to coercion and never drooping in spirit before what appears to them our omnipotence. _ the whole vast area of our states and territories was once inhabited by them. How Many now remain the Story will to Many prove incredible and yet it is a Little More than four Hundred thousand is the sum of All then1 tribes. A single City in our Union is greater the in them All. And even this poor Rem Namkit will soon perish and but a few faint memorials will Tell that they have been. A volume lying before us her awakened these thoughts. It is a Large and elegant Buok and As we look upon it with admiration of its Beauty our feelings of gratitude Are also excited that the government of the United stats has had the liberality to cause it publication. It contains Well gathered leaves of the history of the Indian tribes. It embraces also a description of their present condition with important statistics and remarks upon their future prospects. The publication of this Book was authorized by an act of Congress passed on the the 3d of March 1847. By this act Henry r. School Craft was employed to collect and prepare the information it embodies. It is illustrated and embellished by upwards of seventy exquisite Chromo lithographic prints Many of them by Duval and of excellency. They Are pictures of indians their wigwams their implements and every thing that they the volume is a Public document of the government and its distribution we presume will be made in accordance with the Rule for disseminating such documents washing ton Republic a night or two since Blitz the magician and ventriloquist took a seat Iii an omnibus contain ing seven or eight passengers. The coach had Only proceeded a couple of squares when the Driver heard some Onn hold up hold up i say the horses were stopped and John looked around smilingly for his passenger but none appeared. With an immodest exclamation he gathered up his reins and said get up pretty soon some one cried Stop Driver the Driver again stopped and looking Down into the coach inquired what was wanting the passengers eyed each other As much As to i did it again the coach rolled on Only to a stopped at the next Corner by the heart rending squeak ing of a poor run Over pig. Instantly each head Waslh Ruet out of the window to behold the death struggles of the grunter but no grunter was to be seen. In another minute some one exclaimed in a Gruff keep off my toes every one looked around in vain for the. Man with the damaged toes. The passengers were completely bewildered. At the next crossing the coach stopped to take in a lady. Hardly had she taken her seat before she let me your hands off me the gentleman seated next said very inno i did it touch you and the Driver looking Down look a Here in there if you Are gentle men i d thank you take improper Liber ties with the lady won t the lady made an observation As the coach rolled on but she was not understood. They had scarcely gone a Square further when the passengers were startled by the cries of an in Fant. Instantly All eyes were fixed upon a mid dle aged gentlemen who had a carpet bag upon his Lap. The Man blushed and stammered out a barely what the Deuce is All this about 1" let me screamed a lady. Shouted a boy on the Steps while three or four tugged at the strap. What is the matter in there v inquired the Driver. Down. Keep your hands my proceeded from some one. Did you address me sir asked another. I did t speak at gravely replied the Man with the Quarter. Because sir no one shall with impunity again the baby was heard to cry. Said some one. Who would have believed remarked another. While a third Bliz of Shook the omnibus with a horse laugh. Thinking he had had fun enough the ventriloquist paid his fare and jumped out of the omnibus. Scarcely had he reached the Side walk however before the Driver heard the , hold from four quarters in As Many seconds but not a Passen Ger could he discern. Filled with wonder be hurried on his Way. Blitz is a great fellow. Fashionable vulgarity. The abortive attempts of vulgar people to be exclusive Are not Only laughable but Are becom ing an intolerable nuisance. It is True that they Are the subjects of general ridicule and con tempt but then encouraged by their impunity from kicking the Only lint they could possibly they grow insolent. Nature in tend de them As it did All other the human family to occupy a certain position to gel above which they might As Well Endeavor to ascend to the Moon through so Many fathoms of rarefied air. No Man is contemptible because he is ignorant unless he is ashamed of his Lack of intellect and tries to convince his Fel lows that he is the very Pink of knowledge and can prove of interest to know tll8m Good sense. What we Call Good sense in the conduct of life consists chiefly in that temper of mind that enables its possessor to View at All times with perfect coolness and accuracy All the various circumstances of his situation so that each of them May produce its due impression on him without any exaggeration arising from his own Peculiar habits. But to a Man of ill imagination external circumstances Only serve As hints to excite his thoughts and the conduct he pursues has in general far less i Eferen a to his real situation then to some imaginary one in which he conceives himself la be placed in consequence of which while he appears to him self to be acting with the most perfect Wisdom and consistency he May frequently exhibit to others All the of exclusiveness. God for his own Wise has bestowed his intellectual gifts in various to flout a Man because his brain is not so Active or capacious or Clever As our own a to insult our maker but to despise him for insulting common sense by pretending in a position where no cause for pretence is Manifest to be Superior to his superiors is not Only a real but a virtuous attribute of humanity. Vulgar people Are always pretentious. It is the modest is the real Man who striven 10 Shont him. A gentle Nan is never anything else even though his coat is threadbare and his Linen rag ged. The monies upstart should for his own Sake Ever Bear in mind that costly dress is purchasable by any snob whose Luck Iri Busi Ness by a fortunate circumstance transcends his qualities of mind and that even White vests and snowy donned and Woin with inherent Grace can never conceal into n Vul never make the Butcher appear the Baron or the coarse illiberal arrogant brute the mild affable and instructed even an affectation of Exclusa Trenesa is feeble exhibition of mental weakness and a Eure sign of Taw origin and coarse tastes instead of a Mark of High ancestry or honorable advancement a Man of gentleman whose character was a impeached and unimpeachable for if me slight cause was challenged by a Dis Solute Young hot Spur who was determined that the old gentleman should give him satisfaction the old gentleman very Good natured refused to fight and the fellow threat ened to Gazette him As a Coward. Well go would rather fill Twenty newspapers than one Good advice in few three years ago there was a meeting of quakers in Rose Street in this City. As not unusual with that sect silence reigned for some minutes in the meeting. At length the spirit did move the venerable Willet Hicks the worthy father in Law of Cornelius w. Lawrence Esq the late col Lector of the port of new York. Or. Hicks Rose and addressed them a follows my friends study to be quiet and mind your own this was All he uttered and sat and Jonas were taking a lunch a Day or two since from cold pork and bread making frequent requisition on the Castor for seasoning to the feast. Just As Bob had swallowed a Mouthful Jonas asked him the most horrible conundrum of the season. Why was that last Mouthful of yours Bob like a belgian of was Given up. Said he preparing for a Dodge p was Mustard on the Rhine " irishman went a Hunting with his gun loaded to the muzzle he Bla fed away and Oft the Squirrel Schirru ppm away in the top of a tall Ireland Down went the irishman whom the gun knocked Flat on his Pat on viewing the Squirrel singing away in derision of his wounded antagonist angrily exclaimed and Faith if be d been at my end of the gun Devil the bit would pc chirrup so a Gascon officer demanding his salary from the minister of War maintained that he was in danger of dying of hunger. The Mima Ler. Who saw that his visage was full and Rud Trust to that this face is not mine. It belongs to my landlord who has Given me credit for a Long time aristocratic Princess Augusta once asked lord Walsingham for a. Frank. He wrote one for her in such unintelligible that alter having travelled half Ove r England it was opened and returned in the Princess complained to lord Walsingham and he Strote another for her so legibly that it was returned to her Royal High Ness marked ready made and ready Bachelor observed that he would marry if certain of a wife perfectly Good. A bystander begged him to bespeak one As none such were ready made. To Ulrch the Boston journal grimly said certainly wives Are not ready made but most Young ladies Are in reference to becoming wives be offy maids. I when Lieut. O Brien was blown up in the and thrown on Board the All Black and wet he said to the commander with i you will excuse my dirty appearance for i left the ship in so great a hurry that i had not time to change my a recruiting sergeant upon his wife s shoulder a Large shawl pin or. D. Said a you re in the military to be a Captain 1" j she instantly remarked pointing to a third baby in her Lap no recruiting ser Geant in the third the Well wife i Don t see for my part How they Send letters on them Ere wires without tearing Emall to la me they Don t Send the paper they just Send the writing in a fluid Milton was one Day asked by a Friend of female education if he did not intend to instruct his daughters in the different languages no replied Milton oni Tongue is sufficient for a 1 r what did a Blind Man take at breakfast and recover his sight he took a cup and sate Tir. Said a careful Quaker to a spend Thrift heir thou Art a sad Niy Fyk i phed the promising youth thou Art the Rater and i am the polite Springfield Republican says that there was once a Man in that town who was so polite As to say As he passed a Ben on her Don t Rise Mason. To keep egos from a Hen while fresh. We have tried All kinds of methods but this we think is the Only one to be relied on in Auy climate mine got Vot vill de frenchmen make As the dutchman said when he a Monkey. When is Money Damp j when Money is dec in the morning and Mist at night when has a Man a right to scold his wife about his Coffee when be has sufficient Grundt

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