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Read an issue on 14 Feb 1849 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 14, 1849, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaI ii f Ioil i i or r Vick. I Mil is n l u jul ii us Pui Lulion require Ucil or a Lurf Lair i m 11 Lryni fur ill 1 fir i flip Silil in of Euclid a Nau will a Spirl to Ilien Drill Lite r off Spring and Al Llis tuna Primo a Llie Sec lion a milk univer i lies can be Olila ined lire the Lic Lart cd Liht i an vie used May lie i to to Luu s at Llie Rale f a i e. T i c per a la Al in -1 r be it for i. I a Corn r Hee Pini no cum c ill Lii i1 c in me 1 Liun c in Ari i i i c l a Rivilli la i her i i j i r four a nor 11 i c i n e a i i a i i r i i will Livoi t i Ion Lullie u l in or Cut n 1 o i of ,1 " Mill 1 lie Pronin level i i or lie Iho Ripe and Onici y i i i in hit of Reehl s free in i n in i lies i in r j of in Mil ii her he Lefure in Luio 111 i in ill i 11 inn Lilli Illi Tilli u ii during Rill Ili Finelli i ii 1 to if not Aorta in in icle should lie fori fid i Unte m i in i n in i p i Dpi i r in u e sit Llu kill i by the Lime Lluy crops oals May somali nes he in la e lat Ter flirt of Una in Mill or Phi la. It fall fashions l. Work a Lar Der air b. An the am off mowing Iii pro at the it Coin x by informs Mil tens of Avella o Quik Vicki us Ilia Over Hie a Jilb of Jesse in tit in Lali ids of Rountr in n or i., .11 la Jan 21, or i secret d 111.0 or i 11 u i in t n in Lendlr Luc j to i a n am j in exp Eji of Prinle d april it i Thein As Earl in ways Nili Isable to , or s the i round is in amiable slate tile Var Miles of the Iris i and scotch Onti i cry i easy and from some trials Leric Ihm App air of exceed in und Jalue Ilia common Oal-4 us tills Cou i Lupe Oal is one of Llie sow on d Best Are Node la is Early Hardy incl p Vurr Donc if l the is a Fly Many i to jul f i Mill eel is lint is Imi a c incl Al n Lii enl or liar Hie i Jet l so prejutlneu1 my .1 to a lie to to it., me Civie nil in Vorac and Linse a i Tiri be Shible on the shot Lesi produce received in Aruel 3 of the im1v fall the pain for Lisler 1849. Map m the confident of who May pm it Noli i i1 j7" All i Loi Rig fast Ionia 1 Bun i mis of cd Wolf born Jan. 24, i. 6-rsr a Broth tit into ii nerds of a bundled Ign in i Lerv i Salui vol iii1u pc an be of our Ioc Ibl Niv i is Trio a m d on armed Iron is cd Viiu Lor die a nerd no in or 1 i1 i or ii in in in c i ils or la i indy l Iii wild Lidil to Case in i ily c re Uliuli inc l in n rih i arc but a a Ripi Nim pm Nice Ivos u to l y to Ofemi cil lire in Ibyll r la i Iet ids inv c i nol b pro in lilt will tilt or fun p Ooi i i i Nii in i to o n and Podl irs u Loucil Asay i l of tic Villi Cue tenth to e Crul in Ilonie a new v Plains the r of slav i on Lerdi Erlo enu Meruin in w cims Ive one Cupy of ,1 ill Hinl fur i no in t Ald in of Drill or Ciery in i in l cite la s of m i 1, Lull Multi at in ends informs and the Public ily that a i Ai All prepared to execute Alt in ins Jine of business Eho lest nonce and Niosi reasonable Tesiria. Jusfre caned the now and by Lon i Iselli us confidant in War Raul lit Iii every pase. Tools Over Ciurila tic. He Apfl Sipui in it c rub old 1 by i la airy a Frati s i we kiwis s at x wino for a turf Hasip s of tit de. Wig the most y in Medicine in ther to Orluf exit acts put up in quart bottles w six t Mes cheaper pleasanter d in ibis Lici 4hu grand secret in wonderful Tuc Ceis. It Una Sci Fonnay Nihin the i no i five , More icon cures of Bierc care of of were Chi i ice i incurable i u has Savell l in nve.-, of Mirc than u j his in u Lur la v in Morahn cd Oliai Nha an i i the Luu m or the l Ivl Nch City y air Ujj o 1 u a Knitli Arbor scr no 2 to i Sotiri n o3 2 to 6, Ulep Blip in a 1 it acis 1 to 0, hot air 1 to Ollil Ivos 1 to 1 to 6, Bick stove nos 1 to c or Tetove Bolli in Vinoid Orsort pm pro size ent prior above Jin 31, 40y. A Noil Iii cd bal inn cd to limit is i hods co i on hand t tin Ware Assort men of Tania and r u Orl Warp Yin pans Lilian in the to Naif c up notice and id learns in our line Phil Oij Kol Lin the nil Murrna of and Lin North l i by or k1nke surest and bust hand to cure or l diseases diseases of tie thin is Dot k1nke Ruand Union sir Elf and 1 a half trom la take part boys to Cali Oiler Init the act Lem or l a i in Solitude g a i re in Iii in jew a Liffland us 1 to 0 Shiuji Artyv of every description and pall can grm to Silver Pla Mcl cd Waie Ion of i in and Ujj pit tit Keller ind Glur Koellle col i article Ive Kruplo or Der i Irli clips of i repairing Rhone As on give us a cell Joi a of who need n Sofield Mont be t Iladel Llna. There is n habit b t indu to in by huns Eli Vituli the boy to Man Hood indulge a Ihu a mrp of the Tinnil a Nerv Juh system annl t red 6tran, e ind up i unttihli1 Ipi Iljins m the mind i 1 tie in in Idun buc incs Bleb a he i15 Unalp Tii inn i Iii acini joined or to j hit in d to Idy ins in i r by und i i re Lute y vill is cosh mud tha i Octroi 1 is it a dared of Nerious allow Lun i Nance i now Sci to the cd i a lip Shi Milic it slum old i Jill Llull to cause of hit Der Thi c Pribie which Icin 1 mental and Umi i pics Misc l Ivor i and t liter if u la ind i by hib i b Lur in i n m 51 info i Ali ois i1 Crim i i vigor Beloin Oum a 1 from i pm j a Cucui ,11 i id k i in h s Imp b o n Mil be in it thousands Ullin d to i _ in 11 p 11 1 t n i r i j no it 1 1, v i ice Hun Raul i a 11, la r a a Jpn f Locko la deter j 10, 11 hour i lunch heft Lei i i in in i 1 i ibo Tel Rel died d Lio Jylli fir n or f r ind n it to am is ire mrs i Lull p Art 0 Eil i l it i 1 Irei i in e in i to i i t zen 11 e r c be u e .11 in i in in i i in hive pm i l in e a k i a my 1l-. Oliree i 1" to e c in Dan in Ler fool a i three i pro Verne Siovic win Delih Tali i alld Trucl i and dul 010 1 Hoie Only Yuri Orl in lilt e has u. I .1 rough i in be ,-1 Lun to Puj Illel tin uly i ru4. In b dial and in in in b fun relies have been Wei Hytt children after if Ying a few Miles o Bjar Beeb blessed will Fine healthy to Mott fat and married ladies this a s been expressly prepared Iii the finance la Lenule Plain a. Jpn be map has reason she m approaching thai critical period i turn at Bhoola neglect to Lake it a it Job i certain Preva Nilve for any of Llie numerous am horrible diseases to Winch Are Subjec Ai the Lime of life. Tina period May be several Yea a by using uti Media be. N or is i less Valu Anfe far those who Are to Man Lingdi As u 19 Waicul Dlud to Asili Namuj. H. Quickening the blood and Ibe yes Lem indeed this Medicine info All in Edeli Oale diseases in which women Ai it braces the whole system Renews Parma Ner itly Iho Nii Winil rur Riipa by i Ino Pihir Dpi ills of Ivon Rei Vuril Tor Urci Miji Whu uni up Cia , Hinchc the b of or i own tepid in Iii i in. Us i h moles u i of Ili util u Lii pal i icy i id a Nuu Lrol Icse Imit fins i plus arc Raj in us to Lem Leo us the y All u det Iuie the Coli lil Liun. Sci Ojala cured this certificate prop blot Una is Apar Ilu Perlyn to Witrol Ibe Ubl Busl nuts of the u oud. The a i in Ope Burusc la Unur Pudt inc i great guessing to and cd old i i is the Salt is Din must i feel Ual in divine Lor purifying in Susie i and Rili he Sui Maitti Bidaut upon Hilj Bush Ever disco Veid. La both Ihu mail ii child an Ian limit Hooili b up Iii la cram i Dri a i it me you pm Rich Ihu i i Safe and the i fur the i Ribilla i your t Surv t i Lull by i lain and s the find i hobe Whu have us la is indispensable la is highly n mfr re ind Afir Franf Meihui a n disease Ilundain child Mirll not ivaness 1 Iles Ilij us i to i ller Tribin. Of Milikin i Anil in Regii tinier l in is and the circus alien i Nat no equal 1 lie by of ii i nit is Ilia always to i d i uric a u Ili Osl i i Kiln r rued we l 65 Rani Wentum. Only one us mrp in in Thluai incl unit list the or. Of a cured the Njo a severe and chronic Zoradi Larj extra Ordinary in Esq one of the Aagodt Nola in Lenni a Luck icim s Lulu nil is the Oken of in trip allowing i Kirrill 14, 1847. Items Star an 1 i Ive suffered nine years with the us Etui Iti sni of Iho Lime i could Mil pit sleep had clip i in sir Irr pains is Zero Pirn Fly Illin 1 ivc Talpa of your . And tiny in Giorc one Elliou did Ood. I am much i i or m he air and sure d Galu will relieved Dpi Ippu of l Ouia i j it car an a at Liu Eny to use Ilia pm. Lully spines in in la is he lulls and i Ever and a inc. The her is Only Piip of Buu Dreili thai we u i Usu who to Bough and Biol Liue Oliverro Mir i ocl 22, 18t7 i purchased for 11200, Loiry in for had finished the i appeared to the Day when the Ullin mid fever a 1 violent and Blore she d the Voitle she was nun by re she is belter slip hid she tool the a Udy that had to Wilh Ibe fiver bin pin nub quinine and was Oplt in a and anal Iron led o in of and be fire Lui u Ful la Roll by i u this and easy three children or. Haie the please to in term of Vhal i Irce of Iny Biu Lii ii ail Bee cured us ibb bar Fula by the use of your i Liry Wen. Cleil Ilij j had Solh Only in Luu a wily Fyt 1 Tiel my Elf Unter great oltion. Yours up pct full w. Woodtor opinions of 1 fit Sisiam or toxin end is i Mot daily pm i info outlet from Phy limn in ill Creni p of the Uruu to to certify Liat Ive tie de i by Mccans of tie wifi of Jet laity runt cuts i net t cd Baraa Ituna Luil to be one f Llie nit Pai it Trunx in the inn Kun h p Pill pm a m d. J Wilson i d b h Brigus m d. P e Kim Cindora at. D. Albam april i si7 caution on in to he Reaf immense Satcy or ruin staid it Sii Sajta Iua a number of men were Farmer by our agents even Nencetty put it them have yellow they Centra in same shaped tit Loti and Sinuc in or nerf Chi fuel Nur they Are Only initiations anti d lie ii ill a Drod it incl per Manili or i 1 Puig we Silil i in a Ion j to it ii i tins Rulp Jinni i toe enry Lenjer w Mil 1 the i i l i int sex Jan of ire in i pc Aii l Raki. Lnr6llblsi Ole hitc.1v a lip Fine walked a Biel a a irl Lou girls i Ilie tie Pul ised Lime Juiell one the punish to of sail Dud one gallon of Wal and boil the ii Xiuru and slim u Plenn then to every pal Lupin o this min mid i in. Of Alum in of Copperas slowly i in. And 4 quart Sand. Al Adli Eara firmly to Wocl or by. Host Crook t. Mix Lar i it grail Tully hardens and at Moisiu cannot Iii the inst decree Pine rate it Mill Neier crack by Liis or Acciel Enlal no Eling of a barrel on uly hard a spot of Cement accidents Fly firmed remaining impede or or irs Silbough under the water Pont and top Sej to All be Allier Money is defined to be a compos on Tor inking stain out of Ohar Acler. I. in 1 1 no top i up 111 o my Variny cd i App my Ito in a self 0 s ii i try or Well will d lease All Phee Soh Pirlot i b n 1 us Hiu gentle of i i ugh i flt up in. I Lold v full of All and cuff skills fur Mill exchanged local lick in aged Piork of Thol cd All orders till a once a v-hic-1, be Vaasa t cd Mil he n w Elli Thoroyan g Ron Stu p and coarse Alai to at Ilij Flonna air Jureen h to real Cape be Irist Dcrlrifit-1 i fully Rel Iii occur dog lonely Lov or a cd for Musili anew Supply Llie of Jinnu refa1lcr of or g. A y_9. Isis goods Groce i 1 Eier be Lull shh in i s of Endl s d Bax Ovis Icli in e Purchase i in i and ladies v pcs no i sold timid ouse to ii Imanil n upper Anil up Poncet i urk an t Oil or Wor Rodnon will he want Ard Pupil fully worry waited Ace at the role ii Elwood d for Rale it ibo him is Etc Etc ele i us no us Lizul no in Lert mall or pro Louill l tier Iurilli in i m 1 u l u 3iml Tyllo h St 11 c i i re Lull ,11 ill l i l in 1 or Iii 1 1 i Lin r in i Lipil l n re my i 1 Hill go Ella f u i 1 1 1 1 i 1 lie i f 11 1 s till n t i a m i in ii Anil r of ill and Fornix j he or v i l 1 til now s und in l t3 Jinx ill Fri of iht3 1 in nil i Lieis be i n lit. In Al .11 sir Ai . La in Puni i m i la our incl i i q n 1 Ilu Anil Lair e r i 1 All Olivit Lould Ripe All in i in ill la l i Rusi l nor. I Wil Nike in que ii of it to slice till. 1 lie Rel liar 1 he cd l ia.1 Atli per 1 j c ii i s i Avo 1 i m i1 in Consul be Ami 1 Lui d a Giec Pinh re i to us loud we 1 1 is p i. To leu Ned Nyics May Secretary. New agents the Cam puny Robert a. O Leiyiu v 4 Villarrel. I b Antler u. M t theod ire 1 1 1 n n j re. Junior Ovule. John Hunt c. Plus rps. L. D. Layno James i h. Slowell Creek. T. We i r. C. January 12. Husto Wylli noveral 9 i of let nut by the Job ind to Clear. Those Wiby Naff to Laua c n ill cd a on the Crank a Lien of d and and cloning t Iligir More on pm Dii Iuna be Mode in Sou. Wilh the hip Lital on my w Vanui Jiro i Niiler add her in u Lew Lien Ali. Your mild i Mill in Leil i i Inci it Mill if y n Ingli n Iliin Roui vill i n of y u Are to t i 1 h Wiir i Hilly caulks h . it la m ii ult ii of Iii Ami r i i if s ived us. Be Minlu i Iphil Ilie i or n r ir-1 i Uii d Irmi i to Nini r it Ulivi i Ilij u r u w y re a my 1, 1817 1 twi qpni1 Devi sir Var Wilh i a Vikt r in i in i o in t in 111 it in jul ii d unit 11 Iffie i d i a Liidi in Hup of and it i until in directly Lor i 1 ass e Yon i very it Liz huh i la i fils f 1 or ton n i and not i u Shil i Ella in or fms of course Feuu in nil d ii a id w s or pro cd o receive Chr from in inf Fig Fri and rent Cable in weal Annc i f hell Jill be Tut c i c i office 220 Juliun Elb in new Tud 1m co 8 s Nesi i s in Droit 12 nor find i id i Jill i s b Uruu Fisi Ali ignore p m i ulna l ii rli.3 c Chir tvs i w orc i iriv irl -.1 alb my Annj j inc inn in is Mil Gnu ral in i he tils Tih i m c Tuil i ii Ivy Ivond i. Of r Hoij " w nil., in i 11 i i ii to p lie i i m by ill t ii i i 1 Ink i a Ort Iii Ile it a no flu licit ii i Llubien dirt a Luon h .1 r liar Jphn is ----Uurii-4 ichor c. 1 l of. Lettl if i i w Lulli i Tufe those it i n 1 or town Evi n Al Lac Llyl will a or i or Bill v c c u ii i c. I h lib for in very Delic of your Lor u no ring hat no n in and Surprise Hearty Lor v town and speedy i Rennes pro Sinh cos pm hues ohs flier let and Ciri 1 prices or j i do re. I c Sci i q i Sjur i t median in h i Asp ecu Iun fun Tatj we w 10 Purchase by tie Journ or be in up d by or us s a jv2n-y i he in t. W or tag Sto r3 t he a pile of l in Vul i y i be already i Tibai Uhny can always gel a find Walls Taro a Auer 13, 1817. To 1 have a Lull been several y irs Fairn Reil by Ihu Ioviti Patron k Phi lakes i i Urr in Chr m the Jurist of nip Tii inn in to 1 a Connie. 11 e n Niam r Nodi air no ins former Loelf and lit Hypps to be every Arncie in ii Vilnah an i Stork of or Dye pain ii oils c of All l anti Chi nary articles and Sempra y irs 11 an fits we ined Egypt a hair dip Combs 1 by avg soap Golouner. Of marrow Bear s of Rowland s macassar by writer Rose scented flesh powder lip s Tive pimple salves Fine i ool h powder fisc a1ihcellankous can Cement for mending Glass and Canna Warfe ii out at lat in our Tircui 1 1 i Loii Silil. Aah Rie was in in would a Jive Lii a some Lanella Aro very Girj we did rsm Rirl Lier Siren rih but Ohe Hauf Ilu Iii 10 our if Eai pleasure hic i i tit lip coming Rah cd and Mph we of Fps Gra Lpaul. Reap i Dilly John Ufler or. Medicine he Winter term at thu Erneive soap to spots from cloth be men for Lurl Horn Ware Catarrh snuff a new article bleh Ramg powder to remove 6tams tromm non Godfrey s cordial acre Cor dial killer Oil take Marlern Oil Ink Pip also Eye water of various kinds is a Soiree in r Elf apply Boston and sods e Fajr Limp enl car and the Best Trench Brandy for aled Cal always on hand. J the of the will be re p8w Robert Roy. Jvellsboro1 Tioga co. In. Shag m e 85 c Rax Load Boitse Java 4 Dean Albany by Habtes Jenkins jute of Blossburg Tinb county. Penn a this House a incited Anil Hudson Ruf Rind comping and Only n Lew leu irom inc ticket office of the Boson Immell Al Toad and quite contiguous to the Bien Boul Lien or fall no Olve Ness Pilis or ii told or difficult menstruation of Denbur r the general proration of ize alter whether the result of Inge produced by nothing Tan of More sur i wis in persons All Jurj Prial birr Man turn tailing once Tiili of Energy under us Infin Nurr j. In addition u. Hie i bore Jun no other win be lion of tue my tool maj demand the to Peschen being la spare the school u should be i Teiple of Mai id. Like attention of and grub dial to have their children or Wriler on Mence Lybie manc cod Rae of metro lion n reap Vertod. K in orc Deng into Leoch will be lorm and will Ettl cite Ihori on of tupac big be taught in urn win m formed move pulling nah cd a Well an in its Branc Nei of of gone Rel Clurn Rorr m he be orc Llie solid us week i Ilung Liu Rii have been All mrs. Vamp essm Logne i Forte. The reputation o Ilia Adful leather of Niu tic is Well Iii Man and to her j the Confidence of those Parent i heir daughters to become so lied m n valuable acc ample Ament in aim n in usual lesions an evening class i a for i l i Larrr Jef of Luicine Ai i Ero i fore to Reading writing and Ortho Arius lithography aril Meuci and in g Polillo of Jim Duc mistry Louir Lpool acc plane i 30 0 in cd. Latin and Pimm music trustees i i g we. Bathe j f Bonal non Jis Lon Rcv Cpl is curls scr Ria y. B b Smith treasurer Patent 1 lips or up i co Lucr pain and in alar Pic Milf incr s gain yet Lois Dock and Sar Sapulla the Grefenberg Sarid Pabilta the magnetic Flint men Tuttley s ointment Tim Green my until n Oilme if the i for Mun of my the. F of Rheum the of it i Ien Pun it tic i Delenc Iril Noil Oij Ojo Oreal m pm i 73 was p top i r die j ate Al Dion ups. I o i Umi Rous Llo me the Fri Loporo drag Niilre i a the i it leu ii 017 1 v s nil private a Luis or f. Asor of in i of ii jul c c sixth a la Lynn. Limo up for c copies Suid in in ton of -.ufl, of ail n Gulo in no in Affelli Plinte v lie an i to in husband Banc Eirc Oliou aril. Now poor would hate end eu1 in e thousands i Rulich in 1 All i enjoy Cal in hundreds alive i Rulich in 1 Nowlin la. In Graies Ken Ion of in work it is ii Lindl i by in Llie m Pricil or 111 Contr nil ,1 no marriage a it Ron Lains Unic Rajil ulc i should lie known to i emar curly i full knowledge is Poiter ii health p Ness Allm Are 1 he Ilio is Conla inc 1 in us Pagan Haie de i 14 Lolletia n is the lers recede b inc Anchor a i Litsi her a i in ill i in if the Mother inc Ohl o i r Hud ing to Wom Hood or inc t to lilt l of Sfara n Wynm p ills 11 la ipod Kalll c la not a i Cili urn wins a Nellic Nusl u i i mull i re Iii in l. Of Iurco in to willed 1 r hot la jct i impair Miinte to the warn i i in l in i me i i i u Irmi Tsi nip Liun rpi1 Oil Iii Ivy in i Irr at i i tin Blini i 1 c i hip Raintr f f 1 i in my on in i or Art required to Zuccon j Corpus Mill lie Irnel by mail Fri of i the purchaser r Ionti thu in my pall of l i it enl a or four in Dollar a nth funny terms i be Weissb Hoof u r . The i All Wil his Portpn cled h Fri iec.1, which lie h a of Miraud Vav Zotian s priv in m be 3 in with each1 ropy of a lion j t without in narc that none May he cupid him us of Ane d in or in Oxe Cecilt As i Al -1 Iive til sume Bix or la i 11 u for Aino unlink m jul to ii inn n tit jul none of i4 Ich or o 1 Ocelli of 11 nge m idl Falki l m r ii the a Cal if no o Aiato in a ou5 of Elf Jung Ribeir curiosity Cay do of 11 Itji t i ind baie a useful Fork Knob Undril fifty pages for lift cd nut 01 c or arc Lollar All ice Tbs Publ be apr. A. Or pub 1 to Manceau Dot a office 129 Liberty slice in. Turned woman s or Vole maj la a Krill Orl Anion Eold by United c5 tales. The hating Mado Goral in Hij method of cd Stag Lypp und rom in an i arid n Ihor Cugh revision of ins Man w Ces of we Rich Are hot fico Llcy in Beau pm 1 Ranlo y of by any in the country Fla it thy d Gisriel personal Atie lion to a Tun of Energy under us Infin non i Immell ral1 Rood and quite Conn lately s the Nerv Uli is Ossa of the female Flomp Winch la the great cause of Bairen i i Nese. In will hot be expected of us a cases of so Decca Tea Latore to exhibit certify Carea of Ash Bush dried appt Sand few Oreb but we can Sauie the afflict and i dried cherries Joal received and for Sale that hundreds of cases have to us i a 4 j. L. 1 r w Eliboro Jan Nihro Ugwu no no 8 fear Streu. 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