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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 14, 1844, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaJ p Oeter dying Sailor to his Shi league 01, i wrap main Runy Fla Anil Lay Mai in cold. Oliie he i the roaring of thu winds be., and i a incas not sleep while skiing Abi Rapi Iii have Liall for in in of dead and v me wave All i stayers Are said. Anil i a-111.find my loner Boi Heidi fair Hie Billows and Ibe foam Piri will. Iffy full Fri Insp on Din i i sail no i Iii wherefore weep i mid above Ziy i horse is Rte it Ai Ibe Pori my voyage s dime it jus a kind my Brothel Ami we tiler Yii ii me. To timid Liim i love and live alone shall i ii to every feeling to i i try Anil Wili my the Tucht i on Ealing this heart anew 1 never i Ved Bill Anil slim a Neari like mine is Given in in idly loves and loves forever an the truth of head intr Ruth Aliar Lii Iii Al of Laud linked hand sustained by Trust thai falter Diar Iii Diirr will your d w timid Imti Mil that s Ucli will i Bali up. Or of r i ran Liever Vyp line or cherish vainly c ill perish. Iima my Devin. In his a Una i in a Icli Sweel Euini Uitti thru Iii the Nyiri. Same. Pc t or Ifica a Story of new year. Bit mrs. Lydia jars Piil i miss a .iri.n, that no intend to hid Ball Ymir Prest on new a Iii Iru Eil or. Kills a.-, be sat wiil glint y Init a lady in her Only no lir liar. Sir. Nil to of in ins Biart iras ins hand nol so Lin Icli Hun us he re Bis Minimi Yeai lit d Conr ii real Brainy As fur bin which was up lifted m he no mensa and i r Ofiu Nijoli i Suc i a i of Pill. Slie was Iii fowl Misc ass for she. Was it Belle arc or Lii Winch she. Moved bring possessed of Milt Tim l a Ninfi decime. And self e.8 Lenn re Ata her la Eti Viel Llou jets Ull i , Ilia Erin Ali hot a a Ball he replied. A Mial Loo purely Uli Ile am Xiv thu i in Clinin i. B it a Ball a a Inifi saw a ugly Inu Brillia Illy Altire in Leveil Lier fancy Waul Lasie. I Rue i Liim a so Oles win Kii so Liny Kliu id it ver Vii or any Iii gird while but Ibry seem gel than women do you juy. 1 i he answered. By his a Clisi of jul in. A Laily s taste Annj is f i Raie bin very i a splendid pit re i Laisui Sinif which 1 far Iii Iny , fur i Assn re to i Mil Havett lilo Privitero l it Ai nut a like i All till lie Sal Lynw shall la and 1 and 4 smile Tunny a 1 Iii a Lair la i do it cannot be a Rouin i Leif . I it vol Al a Ballex will in Youni la. Fri Luella Ilia Lull us Ionia sure like an enquired the it is not of Iii in Industry an Abr . La Tolu Bennou 1 am and y 1 so Luo to Ujj anal i replied Ellen and Lens Luitte. All i will not smile so so Mia a Anir in v ii ii Lank i am going 10 u Saul taking Iron of Amber cultured is new the ton hardly a Fuld la pm blood r a to have inv y. U know All the effect Liy Candle of Ever Nee is a Lull it Sig old Leaf jul i is secured by you Brilliant p veins Iho unil b it so Brilliant. And it i with addition i Mcfie with Little Iron Tai Huly u task 4r i find it in Small tag litre and i never u new Lor Able to finish a Airt i Wuu Ilio Saiid dollars Iii St it.10 thai ii a ice of i not w m h in. Piir Banting Gradei t Lii Wilile b i Nikell Wil., quip Only Beauty Llie in thai Bui in in blur it i la r lace w b jes i aim a purity and of it brew 8le i Nir in Mil quiet spiral Kjear i Ripe Miasia Irlin 1 am Al Viiu Bave pm Iii. Chw very i t Iii Una till to Kiuly Ujj tied Ilia Vicli nation led if wild Eily tell1 you wild Etnire of id yet one Jalu it a a d it will ule dress ii by in to n. So Nigel Iiona n Bat prig Jroud Caa do the Tai in stil1 Yuu Roy n Espa Ferfer b 1 w old not Ron id to any the i of my . Yio of in nmn while so dial your of i will i dipl in Little in ii you assist id Foin it Teri Harriet. I will if Ali Whai Avoil. Will obliged All time lot t if g l it Iliad rear while. Aly dear Pinnt Iii a of Insil ii swill. Ullh itch and she Emilil in. I dial Srpui it new years Ilay. i always my own i Highes s i inn Ift k than a in Elk to uvula n 1 i will co Iii Moil big Ami nil i Ifni i and in i dear now ure Ellen. Why i not have a Iii Innel in devote Afir new . I ii you i Iilo Lii see in . I Idit in Trifi in n Ocie . And it Ami Wirk Onn mainly Antn int l we i an Nave it in Rudy in tip in but 1 cake my own him " this Ward born to films Paul Civ Ranger us i liar Alfr y. U know Hing i Tell you. A u Layn now cast i and 1 shall of Earell Poilu be seen again i Public As grave a clime part of my said Kile and Harriet a Iii Willied Poi id by lilo to shop. Waltl lbt Downing Lotf a Jroud Bye. I in. Is a strange would sighed Ellen a she walk a alone. That Hainan Alitt Lind rails Iii willing Lief Laib a Auu a woman Uig my b Bobio Illyn to Gralley Liei ii it a n Uva h Ilif Cill it g i la ill Ulk us rely Tirol log the Zirla is of Buuri Ansty. At be Iron aled the no pulp j Al jul my her i., 1 have i i Lairlee will g Vuk Lier i i i Lul-3g in hit .iff.iir, ail w i 1 it to All bet at i will be Suup by a i . I ii ulv of Lue Mottiel a p i Ellen Suh Nyle Loo Iii Llred in. As Kilm Ilea id. Inning by it Al Leal have sew the Ori a Lal Wink Iii Upil then i slum id bar bled into a Ioui la. I do Deles e . And be has a Lilac. Atm. Viii by Cudih her exp Ceiilia in. And the bad 1 wind a Ali Alibi i mrs. Mellville is Able to Yive Liei a a Earl or . And their or Exquio Tea Daz Zima in triese null res bib Gylfi Wil rival i Wuh Wuu in while dear said Ellen on Lier rent i a Atnel and Rill on. Iii Lidmil Inis Sel lit h pit wearing at Ibe new years Ball an Fon Smied i a Sim her a Lew duty s n since Ynn will ii it be Able. Roup Lelh Gaiines Al de and Amymy to l Plai of and will tier Mil us the nine in Paia will Ylvie the As a Holiday Ball but Little now thai t Bee in us Chen t me Ven j id ii Llie j ill. A Luve in ii. U can i know a a Luiu i Lemn Iii Uip by iban 1-Uey i am Wihl Lemai ked mrs. Oliai is to by Incaini d item Spring to a Larry Rie Young Aili Libal painted Nur i Niini a i Tuiner and i believe they will prove a Jimiy and thriving roup a heaven Crial a Ellen. He a Lind sour and Appa Brinly ble Bear Leil in Iii Man. Acid one who in .islih. no , i m in study in . Week Jiasifd-tiy., and Ellen inlelix1 lion Wuh Aid Harel Leni her. In Aei Init Ihu embroil by of the Dall Wilress finished. The. Two alien nut Hai Elsaid she to a still by Den s pure and ring his in Cutini Iii . Alter Nia Kinu Delfs i l fell by thu Tuio 111 i of Seil Cutuli ii the or Mil Ami have Llie to yet find no Vii live it heat a a prison. Us i am Piip u a cried i lieu inn Vuu in i Vav Heidi 3 u m e 111 a in mire Blie w ii .-.All. Siul i Sli wll nut pop co la insult the new beat s or. Idled Ellen Tiv next mor Altig and has to 1 Iii ill Kiim Lii Ai Nul bit Al the Ball. Lie real ze1 its value i us really in a Ami Ollen turned j rat of exile. Jupi to Nuble int the gov Ern Menis the Aioli a i Imon j Lite i Lull til ii in Xii Lile Linn lil i Pellite Lyhl id if Inmai i ind it lie to and in i ill of Mil in love lims in Edira. Is a of Limi l Folie bean in a lit i nil Hijii in o Vee ii tin n id g lint in it Del Wifki a 0 Ivy top whirl no i Lens ill Ait i taif at Iove he Onu heat i on the affections of Uquill i had ill to in in Tujan. Wide . Then had i Ujie Niimd nudist of Olin Inci icy Lor , and Moi a and Quirim loner link Pink acid Luvealle. I Vausy. Of Ner Inland ii unto Siul while. U r she a resin in and Lurn Seldom Helling i ill her Wil Ajili Iluigi Anil Over taking i e Lead in Cun be i Sailim w lieu wok to it was anti airily Lief wolds Well and Cuvaj. he Lell Ilia ah.-. An by now vol inclined Vilh Over 1 Toci ii found at Amonn Lur if Lely and Kuntne be 10 abroad Lei was. Woman a Listii a myself aug e and neither Lionor Tir 1 Liana Ever Hircle ii of in v a until prostrated by Inserni Illich Ivy or Veliu a i print when in Ibi Rel one. A. Serve a red Man a i gut la Cunt la. Ii i h 1 Etle. Lee Imp Wie All i he hut i l uan to he Abi Diu to us s or on Ber pan. Luried her Liele of n Nio Illis. Al l. 1 u will. In s. All Iii Twili a miss Anion ii to renounce r All us Deli Rary Sunn Ber. As Liny would a a. D a reason Ibal Kepl her Lionil .he.bau, a Ila ind perhaps try i Navy of miss Antrim Nice Neft we Ali the Bumble Lallou of or. Nah Tyler did Mil admit s q Ial ii. All rumours Eaine As was intended Nice eais.i.1 or. Kins Ali i not end Biliman very attentively Ibal Klippi had at lie Envery and 911 i Eli Iii if Stroei her with a a nutty Luis. Bill Ibe agony that filled apr met his a pan to i Arl Lii or lie not for go Sincli Ever Way be tinned lie still seemed to Meel Ihal or Nyler i hear will not attend the a in rim when next he rail nor Hasps they sipped a a mule Harriet was sex . Hill a Absiire limit by a woman we mod j on up i n . Ball ii said in Mishi Heen year fed upon h t. by , Aubo Iiga a Shade Aln s 1 id. She implied and 1 am s. Lay Laon. And or she had Prim ired a a a , ire in Eek eyes bail a Lea fid a r thai . He Naused a Iii Miles by abort the Gin Geilim pre i in ii said. I have Lizard in a is in All lilo a lir urls toys were to Lier a i i on Reini in her. And also Bat you can tiler my Kery. I knew Bei. Ibo i Obi j explain y u m of what she Obern a Harriet a. a Here u hip Rii is y thai Eye j t do thai she. Is Gully i Over on. N n i Iraq Minnii t Ell Iben i have said Sej and Ruby i Lori of u w i a a j Al me Vav Atli Fli i do i i t Onil Nii Lri is no Nimori Rind l ii her Fui Nis a Llie of Liti f. Rii Ien twice lather site Why i lu1 i now wrote mus m Evsi i Lilin the be no Niobe Iii red Oiin alter another 1.11111 had Only lit of my my Mother and Niy Lell t of Niy Frederiek s fever was Hind i inns Nave and i scions All her. V not so lunch Moi by i my posses 4aid Lui Riet yet the jewels i mini and How Lirie a. Fainted and i Uii Uli Iii hour lie am i his in chilled on Ellen -in., replied Foi i Iluf Servili Solin be her a Sinaik. Bin r. i Ude Ivor to l i Iceni slight us he Steps of or. Schuj Lei i nude no i h id to All a m if Elii no a Proa lieu Kitie he a lady Hasl ily from the oppose dire Noii. Sim Jemeil l i it of Ami Lier la Liole per of a literally beaming with such u face in i Cato and Elf Ion i. And never before reel his Eye. He moved lowly every car be Down a ii Nim she was soon Lief id away web Oul q word i Yogi in Adel a splendid b Argiri re naked Tom to Ullh ii smile we Tab us Ibe water. Do hoi design to a Tain so paltry a million until Cendeti the. Rann i he Bell and was ailing led. La also into anti miss should be a Iberia the Doo r i an adjoining Roou blood Anil he heard Ai Earnes Nitis iral voice Wal hire. Ii i live Sonje to la link Jou in Aci of As yet 30 nol priv Simale. I own i 10 Iny tolf Iii i l Yii ii to Lell you uni i incl i Niimi Exi Ite on pm it or in her to need in. I am 111 third and Dao Erhler Llie in ii Ili any rth Irli 1 while j the at ii Tion e hopi will i Lic rest x i Uil of derm Nie i Rei orned v tin Rio could 1 Sims my Hiltl is it Viimsi have no a l Ein Lanee if in ire. m Oniey and Loun Send. I arrived a Home my e lilt Ali it. I ill Thi Tttus y fur a Iii and he Virn knows rim Iron my Strati title when i he fever Hail left him. He a life. Nol give him to c o then i knew thai use me when we Hotilda m i sat by f re. It Luis thinking of you my Daiil roller , and hit Tel Ibey jell Ibe shop Well my Aib a pm Hattie proudly As they Talkea to lion though nol Wii Bott his consent voting French officer in Najj ii Wii w bnrs.lin4 with Jar ii o old his Hes Wiable inure u con lit not repel uneasy i 1 should when the in whirl you Nave expel ii a Luesse nuer put a note hand. A fio la g my my., Niy Nils Sioui. He tides of Jov will Leav Vollat r i the i a roller. Only Bro the who at the of Vorsila when i left Noire. Romp for my h Hail Good brother Fri y to Stul nil Grinj Ixo Honor Opit Atnee. A Vav be Iii int if an inn i Jio Bri i i in tilt a pm two i Hail be Happy to receive Honor 41 the coi.1. i my Ellen i Eili loot tins Ite Lintus Loo Kikm h r be died 10 Longti with a Ler i no g. On t be onto ii or Keih to he ii Uri Ivd lion the Onse. New year name the Juhei Mon Mil foal 10 in. The. Coria tin the i in Len id her transparent to input Xio it the of he Dile Eves and was dl1 b the pen to Pori Hei Hijji Biow. Liu the fell thai if there Eurih a Nan he Enn Lri i in rust the Sce filie of i in Oinui wins Fulli l is Loyfer. And ii novel a ill in to vim v Joi o in Nite Coti Mizied Wuh in info Ibe South Ern planner Teofe Aart cultural society a. w nol no very even in live country As to require la thing of Roan. There w l every Iling Porr the my j net in which he he can Wilde Rueie into a Harden m evil and hit had the kind Frt its of prov silence. 1 recalled that 11 u r i n the it Miniver 1 i Natl Mccamon 10 nuke a Little the the run of she reigned there alone. In her it lord for if. She danced almost i Nily for two hours so into Mica Ett was she with w i Ich War. La upon her. Let nor. R Ilis Voi hipped the gilded mock Erv of . As Pagan Bow Down Lollie idol Aile Gill lie a ked for lemonade and in ill ii Ivun la inter of excitement the Large Tumbler from her find in ply us upon her Len lev Dros. Some offi const i mics Lorna and of such lame lab dabbing of Llie Imer an be ,10 drive n Mixi d Over the Pale around la Al Nii d. Poor i Tim Iiri f flu ladies to envied her Romild. Lio Toni Eal it Irti Lump at her and line Nia Lucions thing who Pei de in her i dare say her Are like her embroidery All Sham. Cot Intro 7 and of e Day about Terng lion the Taf renin ind in i Soti Jill at a Hue in Fri reins in eni to which Atra Vellei i Law ii Welcome in Hun i i Ihie Region us. As i up prot Lueil , 1 Mel Llie with i Lien the Myle of the Hati Esthe Lea Elcid out amid Ami a , he Iii ii Tiit if the Ilii Liiv ttdo1 the Idle Leaisure thai he Templi Apical y a had manager. A of Nimeh need Teri pop pig on the he pouches wire Birula Louchis Iii the whole at air of intolerable tie ii was on a Plank in Der the of a with Hij Hal drawn Over his and was the Only. in the thai Sei iwed. To be at tit. Ease. I Jece Ivea a Yjih in warm est " us a Hilly Reade Wel come to Etc Rel the Jiou be Abuid Hoid. I Loi ind that mine list was a a Iriti i i ii Iii haunted for Lesiow. Almon without of j was Mill what Nitchi lie a is he owned even or eight Hundred acres of unil much it was and we Iii or thir in Short his and Chat Good or. Ellis while he Lur Humilia lion her duplicity., especially As he was nov Enlil Heined to her in Len lion l d ind. Himself. And was id Citi la homr she Lorl med will her name coupled Wilh pity 01 contempt would Bea theme Lor the company do remainder ill the evening. The came old. Pas Eil if Way air Cessna Yea be alld Ivas Ivlo Oniell by Luj my Story no Lar very differ in l i Iriri Liivik . Ellen Knelt in Hei hrs r fervently the less info of and i Kraai Moriis Jit Nunce in h o to the Noble and deeply Jon Coirini Riis Pav. Harriet was her chamber ii the Miriall House to which reverse had forced her father in remover id i in de n i in ii h of nil i Havel Ltd hair and Lre a we. Viviin Timily and ii Iii ii Foi she heard thai or Ilia Day be and of the Lieari Tinl German widow Horri he Vlf bounced having Upp Earince of an abandoned Tea Anil amid Llie bitter turmoil o unreconciled heart she heard in whisper Corse Grid mid1 die. While lure May f the Laci lilies Lor which ill Renva Jned to Harriet was smiling y conversing with her Young hush tied , and the Brig Lvi Itne. In of e Itron loveliness by i along he of Imti of Lim Miry. Twenty years to Iii a Anent to the in dents the Somji Noii. In the filter land Ioie princely a d mall Tel Iii Ler Antl gip in . Tkv Rhonjil that n Eye to Day her of he note of the mini Inre. Thal ill Sal wih the Coli in a. And As they Olen . O i ii he sail Hal Lor you. Al Teu Wui ild have in America nil Liei Iven i Iowa to Ive of me it is if reduced to Money c6old not live i suied than fifteen or Twenty Dollar s. If a lift Nemi had u him How a Little repair pain to ird have added to the Omi Orl and convenience of of Many pleas trek Aock de , the Woik of his own hands Ould have afforded Iheng if head Only adorn his Homestead those hours he Tiad pent upon thai Plank. Bot he out had but Lex Aeiry How in was to at aiming in ibis arid had a a Janavea Tor All the Ilia d Lile to remove to poor i much fear. He will never pet rid of the bad Hawaii. Which made the change .eceses.say. This unfortunate gentle Nan was Only the Type of a Hiu cd hire him Eros me Lier tin Laie a like Irp e i Thice of As the cent of m source of has1 Utt in a Leciej Lijich threatens tos dissipate in rely ibis ancient of it Tali hat for which they Are Ema Kab a Pori Iii of the Churavy that offers Uch to the ancient sea ii. These old virginians whose sloth arid Exir Avag nce Loree them to sell their for these new Comers a Credille modern in have ii is to Assie rapid cheaper to p than to a Neva one Tiu Wenli this which i their since by dome i Lave Niy Wii in in Ness. Wei h the holy spine have that from to of Paris Rise i Ruhe mor i inv with Milliere they Are to Geti n i Eria tied Sticks them to pro the aft bad. They Are. to Purl base ii pleasant Forine occur Anis sol Ihen fort la wives Irtle i Hildren and All encounter the and Tif a Lile to the g we Welcome Rose and f reflect Toiv. Tow Tillar. In this has been driven Rutn Home of spa erf

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