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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 13, 1918, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaTab att atom Wellsboro a wednesday february lbs. Hackett s Vendue i never reckoned i d live to see the Day when my things would be old at a sobbed poor old mrs Pickett As she sat in her big Green rocking chair holding a Cor Ner of her checked Gingham apron to her streaming eyes. Reckon the very cheer i m a settin in 11 have to go an i la be turned out with Noth in but the clothes on my a tall slender girl about sixteen years old who had been kneeling by her grandmother s chair vainly try ing to Comfort the old lady Rose and of no grandmother i Don t think it will be As bad As that i see to it old chair and grandpa s Are not sold. You can save out such things As you care for most but you know that we shall not need Talf of the things in the two Little rooms that we re going to live in at the two Little rooms in the out the old lady throwing up both hands with a fresh burst of tears. And i be got to come Down to two Little rooms when i be been used All my life to plenty of room with my big closets and but by and Good dry cellar and Nice Garden and that o Dotty what could your grandpa Pickett have been thin Ken of to be so Peerless dear me dear me he did t know grandmother. None of us could know that he d be taken away As he replied the girl her own Eves filling with tears. Grandfather Pickett had been kill and instantly by a fall from his Hay now two months before. He had been a kind and Good Man but unwisely eccentric in some respects since he had always made it a Rule to Tell no one not even his wife of his business affairs. Women Saint no head for Busi Ness their capacity Las in other had been one of Grandfather Pickett s Sav Ings so his wife Hac 3iever been taken into his Confidence and at the time of his death she knew almost nothing about his private of lairs. Some truths she soon discovered to her sorrow. One of them came Home to her with stunning and erne Force five Davs after the funeral when sir. Hiram Parks a Money p Lender living in the Village came to Tell her in his cold business like tray that the mortgage he had held for ten v ears on the Pickett farm had know from that that we shall never speak agin. I d an Idee she d come then. Such Good friends As we used to be girls together and so inti mate that we had our dresses and Bones just alike. And for Twenty years we Saint spoke though we be met hundreds of times. Dear me dear Sweet of face and gentle of manner As mrs. Pickett was she was a woman of Strong prejudices and great firmness. She never sought quarrel and never continued one Long if forced into it she simply and for All time dismissed her enemies from her Friendship and affection. When i m. Done with anybody Sha said i m done with acting on this unkindly and in Christi Anlike principle she had dropped a Friend of her girlhood and Early womanhood Twenty years before the of her husband. Her son had quarrelled with the Only son of her Dearest Friend mrs. Rachel Day. The mothers had unwisely taken up the matter and not even the common sorrow that came upon them in the death of the sons in after years had served to bring them together. Each had waited for the other to speak and both had kept silence. Mrs. Day came to the Vendue As mrs. Pickett had predicted. Mrs. Pickett sat in the big Rock ing chair on the Little porch and watched the Progress of the Sale through a Mist of tears. Other friends came and spoke words of cheer and sympathy but Rachel Day prosperous and Happy kept aloof. Occasionally she glanced toward her old Friend As she sat on the porch a pathetic figure in her widow s weeds her Gray head bowed and her handkerchief often at her but if mrs. Day Felt sorry for mrs. Pickett she did not say so. Going going going gentlemen and ladies four and a half has been offered for this solid Oak Chest As Good As it was the Day it was made four and a half i m offered heart to had been murdered. The French wine merchant had Vioney d Ever been found in my Day and you and i never would have made p. So there Are gains for All our oases and balms for All our Asha poetry Book that s so said mrs. Day. Felss info it military forces because of alcohol Little talks on health and Hygiene by Samuel 0. Dixon m. D., la. D., d. Sc., commissioner of health. Getting the great number of men together from various parts of the Ela country to military Camps is a most Story. The Coroner s inquest at who la make it five five who says it Are you All done lad ies and gentlemen third and Lasi Call for four and a Hal to the lady with the Brown silk dress and the Black lace the the Brown silk dress and Black lace shawl was Rachel Day mrs. Pickett fancied she saw a gleam of Triumph in the eyes of the new owner of the Chest. Mrs Day bought several of Thi things offered and mrs. Pickett added to her sorrow a sting of resent or in on e never been paid and that a Settle ment and injured Pride with even de. Mesh must now be made he had beside a note for five Hundred Dol Lars Given him by Grandfather pick Ett at the time the latter had built his new barn and added the last Twenty acres to his farm. On this note nothing but the interest had Heen paid. Poor dumbfounded mrs Pickett had not even known of the existence of the notes. And my husband never paid Vou anything on the note nor the Mort Sho asked Parks. Xoma am nothing but the in Terest. That was paid up regular enough. He often said he could pay some on them both if he d a mind to but he d rather wait and pay it All off in a Lump. I supposed from that that he d Money in the Bank or loaned out so it was bringing in More in Terest than he was paying me but a careful search among or. Tickett s papers did not give evidence that and one owed him a Dollar and a visit to the Bank at the Village proved that he had no Money there. He never would put Money in the said mrs Pickett. That was one of his of Dideles and he d never pay for anything in payments. He always wanted to pay it All in a Lump. But i always thought that mortgage must to bout All paid off. And it can t be that lived up Alt we be got from the farm in All these years us Sellin three and four Hun dred dollars Wuth of Stock at a time. If Ira had Only told me More bout his affairs now i be Xot to meddle business whether i be and head for it or not dear me dear All her lamentations ended with that pathetic dear me " and a sorrowful shake of her Gray head mrs i Pickett and her granddaughter. Dorothy. Were left alone. Dor Otho was the daughter of or. And mrs. Mickett Only Zens in civil life will join in assist attempt to realize some Money out o ing the military authorities in carry ing our their discipline by refraining from furnishing alcohol to those who Are in the service. Truth of the Railroad situation. Government operation of the rail roads has not been under Way very but fully Long enough to abuse the minds of those visionaries who seem to have cherished the vain delusion that All that was necessary to insure perfect service in Railroad in was Federal control says the Wil Iii Hin mat your Gran a an me i do now that Vou Spiik. 01 it. Leave Vou so Intel provided Rachel hut i d forgotten All about it for and in a Home of your own when a fore. It s been so Many Vears Vivere Irone dear me1 dear it Don t matter about me grandma Dorothy said in Only on your since Tho Chist was Well. I remembered it soon As Isaw the replied mrs. Dav. 1 can teach or j and when i pot Home with the a Civ or work in a store or do some things id bought to Day and Thev d thins Eko and we an be ver Cosey been carried into the House and i and comfortable in our two lit found Timo to look them Over i put Tuure will be some Mon my Finger right on the where the tie e Noii s ure w e some no my c 1 it for Vou after the note and the Spring was in the Chest lid. The lit Are tie door dropped and a Roll of Hills _ it was decided that there should he came tumbling Down into the Chest. A p Lilii talc or Vendue. Of the effects i was upset at first Mahala. Not needed for the new Home to that i could t believe my senses Liev were to a Vandoo but when i d pinched and Shook my Jib Hall attended by every body in self to prove that i was awake 1 the neighbourhood and the occasion found it was True and that the Cav Vas a so there was it in Tho Lirt was full of Bills More general interest when the poster1 a Tan Enouch to Pav off the Morreace Ann Kuminir that Mahala j. And almost enough to pay off the Pickett of the estate of Ira note w Pykett. Would on october tenth you or Oricht it Rucht Over to offer for ale such and such carefully 0 Rachel " described article i course t did. Mahan to Tatev Pikett had a sorrowful duty Prev other full incr Are hateful and in Indira inc Tho Thinius she consent Holdine spite for Vars and All that. He was right. A Money Lender was found who had parted with several dollars in return for the murderous weapon the next step was to bring the Pawn broker to Headquarters and have him look Over the thousands of portrait chair. Presently the door opened and Gloin entered. An officer who was with him quietly withdrew. The prisoner looked about him with a surly air. He turned to the inspector. Chatta you want with of i just wanted to have a Little said Byrnes affably. A he muttered. What about the Hanger murder Sain the words Sharp and Short like Pis Tol shots. Mcgloin looked at him languidly the shots had missed fire. The seasoned criminal was not to be stampeded. Chatta i know about he said with the utmost unconcern. Said the inspector Matching indifference with indifference thought you might Havo heard some thing about at that moment Mcgloin Caugh sight of the Case filled with the Black Caps and the murderous ropes. Byr nes was instantly All attention. Quite interesting he said and thereupon he began to Tell the ghastly history connected with each of the bloody souvenirs. He dwelt upon each Story lovingly As a collector would do who had a fad for Gath ering queer prizes. Through it All Mcgloin. Preserved a stolid look. He appeared to take Little interest in the recital which whatever else it might seem was Engro singly interesting. Byrnes realized that he had no Ordinary Man to Deal with. Mcgloin was devoid of sentiment and apparently was ignorant of emotion of any kind. The inspector moved slowly and cautiously. He had his part Down to perfection. He must not overdo it. He must not show signs of impatience. He sat Down at i desk and nodded pleasantly and waved his hand in the direction of the Astoria it contents for infants and children. Mothers know that genuine cast Ria neither Mineral. N thirty year Jock Over me Liisu Hauso us Keg Jana m the direction 01 me in the rogues gallery for the purpose vacant chair. Mcgloin accepted the of re Lafava Riner Mctire of his Cost i of amp the Liam sport Gazette and. Bulletin. Thev seemed to think that the government possessed a magic Wand which needed Only to be waved to bring results hut they Are being rapidly a deceived. Bev Are beginning to see that a Mere Transfer of control cannot alter an impaired physical equipment also that the desired results that Are being obtained in certain branches of the service Are had by curtailment of certain other branches. For instance Coal is being moved off of the Side tracks on some of the roads in this part of the country but other freight is taking its place on these Side tracks and in reality the 1am is As bad As it was before. While or Mcadoo is happily freed of the Handicap of the blundering interference of the interstate com Merce commission he is not endowed with supernatural Powers and there fore cannot overcome in a few weeks or months even with All the Power of Tho states government a engendered by years of hos e Federal and state legislation inst railroads the situation to Dav is As pointed out by the fort a Avn find news. A Case of reaping the Harvest of discovering the picture of his Erst while customer. Page after Page was turned Over and photograph after photograph was exhibited and it began to look As if the quest were to be fruitless. Just at this Point the pawnbroker suddenly exclaimed there s the the picture he pointed out was that of Michael Mcgloin a personage Well known to the police. The third step in the plan was to locate Mcgloin. That was comparatively easy. He was found in the haunts of crime and for Many weeks he was shadowed. Every move he made was reported every word he uttered was recorded. To required infinite patience but the espionage resulted in the discovers that on the night of the murder Mcgloin Lead been out on a spree in the company of three of his pals by name Thomas Moran Frederick Banfield and Rob Ert Morrisey. The Case had now reached a stage where caution was of the utmost importance a single false move might ruin Ever thine. It would be East enough to arrest the men on suspicion but would such a step serve the cause of Justice inspector Barnes evidently thought not for he postponed that act. Professionals adepts in the making of alibis and the detective did not propose to be invitation and sat Down facing the courtyard. Now or. Said the in Spector in his most purring tones you re a Man about town and you learn most of the things that Are to ing one. Won t you Tell me what you know about the Hanger i Don t know anything about was the dogged reply. The inspector arched his eyebrows in Surprise. Don t know anything about it he echoed. you re a new Havo you been out of the cite the prisoner darted a Quick look of suspicion at his questioner. Was this a trick he answered defiant no t Haven t been out of the cite for Over a year. I Don t have to go out of the City. Of course said the inspector soothingly. You read the . Don t he resumed after a pause. and yet you Sav you never heard anything about the Hanger printed Mcgloin of course .1 read about it in the papers who did not Stop at murder were of. That s Tell me Mcgloin shuddered and pushed the weapon into the hands the inspect or. Once More Byrnes sat Down in his hair. Facing Mcgloin. More silence. Presently the inspector spoke again. We be got a Man who was a wit less of the murder on West Twenty sixth at that moment by a prearranged signal two officers crossed the court guarding Mcgloin s pal Thomaa Loran. In Mcgloin could see him Dos lint by and to became so excited that be could scarcely sit still in his chair. That s not continued the Hief we have another Man who was present on the night of the Mur and at that psychological moment other guards appeared in the courtyard with Frederick Banfield walking Between them. Mcgloin was out of his chair now gazing Down into the Yard with bulging eyes. The cold sweat stood out in Little beads on his forehead. Of Vears of and political fooled he ugh a device. I grandstanding by who have sought their was to office by attack inc Public service corporations to one with and sense of fairness will deny that in years eone by rail Road promoters have perpetrated a Nav outrages calculated to arouse Prendice Ajr inst the Railroad companies but it is lust As useless to Lenv that the sins of these promoters have been visited upon those to whom Thev disposed of their watered stocks. The truth of Tho who e situation is that the railroads of Tho t noted what thought about me i did t chink any thing about it it was a brutal murder was t to sent a woman to live with Mcgloin. And he supplied her Liberal la with Money. Indeed there were times when the murderer wore the clothes of the inspector. With bar nes the end justified the Means Mcglou did not confess to the was not the confessing kind Sam a Huil but Sho lived with him for Over a r or. Mcgloin feel Verv uncomfortable month and during that time secured j it the Verv thing that eur ouch which patched together convinced Barnes that Mcgloin was the person who had murdered How do t of course dont you think it was brutal Don t i Don t think am thine about it there was a Long Shmenco after a silence that Becan to Mak Hanger. States have in the few by the time the people of Bush been the football of politics and the n new York had forgotten All about fact Thot to pre Sert crisis finds the tra Petlev of West Twenty kith them with an equipment is Street or had consigned it to the Lam perfectly natural. Messes. And 1 to of undiscovered invite Lea. Barnes others who Charee that the railroads on his part determined that the hour Soui. My join. On Nis of Are attempting to discredit govern had arrived to strike a derisive blow. I Cor inc morn ii lat ease rent control to the contrary not he sent his men out and arrested ment he Fino red hat. Averted Byrnes wonted. Tho Moro uncomfortable or Mclohon became the bet Ter it would be for inspector bvrne0 let to drama. Tho two men sat Facinta one an other by reps soft Eves had assumed their steel aspect and he looked j str night at the criminal As if he i would Road Tho Verv secrets of his soul. Mfg loan on his part was he every to withstanding All _ Ami it explain co join Moran Banfield. And mor his cn7e. And fidgeted around like a a study of Railroad legislation i inc i one was apprehended on j Hen on a hot Criddle Duronc the decade explains trivial Chare and they were unexpected la the door opened and rail Broucht to Headquarters and placed a Man entered room Barnes re used in separate cells Thev protested rained Imamov Fth the dirt not i vehemently hut nil to no Avail. In Mcclaln could not restrain i i dentally it Macht be remarked i Cirl Oslav he strained he i Thev were taken Sincov and no one Road has practically in this country. Catarrh Vam Shes. Mia resumed the inspector we real have three men who know All about the murder and who Are probably prepared to Tell All they the guards appeared again this time leading Robert Morrisey. Mcgloin turned to his inquisitor the look in those steely eyes seemed to bold every detail of his awful Sec ret. He could stand the Strain no longer. He threw up his hands and fell on the floor in a Heap crying out i did it i did it Stop for god s Sake thus ended Tho most dramatic interview Ever held in a police head quarters. What followed was merely detail. As soon As Mcgloin recovered his self Possession he sat Down and confessed in detail the Story of the murder of Louis Hanger. It appears that the four rowdies had been spotting the shop of the French wine seller for Many Davs. They believed that to would have a Large sum of Money in the House at the close of the Holiday Trade and Thev deliberately conceived the plan of robbing the old Man Thev knew j enough about their unlawful Trade to pet into the shop without Thev had been drinking. At any rate Thev made so much no ibo they aroused Hanger from his slumbers he appeared on the Landing at the head of the stairway Parth dressed. Mcgloin who was at the foot of the stairs instinctively reached for his revolver and pulling the tripper fired at the defenceless shopkeeper the aim was Only too True the bul let entered the heart of Louis Hauler and he rolled Down Tho stairs a life less Lump of Clay. This. In substance was the Ion As it was gleaned from the lips of the murderer and his confederates his one cry to inspector Burnet was save me save me do not let them hang me " but the grim detective who had forced Tho truth from unwilling lips made no reply to this hysterical no i peal and in duo course of time after a trial. Mcgloin was convicted and received the full penalty of the Law As it was then administered. Dandruff scalps Lead to baldness if you have Dandruff get rid of it positively dangerous and will surely ruin your hair if you Don t. Dandruff Means faded Brittle Gray scraggly hair that finally Dies and Falls hair will not you Are Bald and Noth ing can help you. The Only sure Way to abolish Dan Druff for Good is to destroy the germ that causes it. To do this quickly surely and safely there is nothing so effective As parisian. Sage which you can get from any Good druggist it is guaranteed to cure Dandruff Stop itching Scalp and falling hair and promote a new growth or the Cost Small As it is will be refunded. Parisian Sage is a preparation that supplies All hair an Antiseptic liquid neither Sticky or Greasy easy to apply and delicately perfumed. If you want Beautiful soft thick Lustrous hair and lots of it you must use parisian Sage. Don t delay Little attention now insures abundant hair for Vears to come. Fay f. Howd will Supply you and guarantee Money refunded if not sat a Bill for the extermination of Rabid dogs introduced in the Florida legislature was Defeated by a representative from Polk county who said that for his part he had the Best Rab bit Dos in Florida and any it was Tho governor tried to kill his Rabbit dog would find that he had the biggest flight on his hands that he had Ever Grot into. He sat Down amid continuous applause. Of them knew of he arrest of the whom to had and beheld the pawnbroker with the revolver i m Malhalab. And i would t touch a pin i d no Rucht to i know Vou would t. Rachel and de to 1he Shan t Havo my maroc no chi1- of Drav Vars nor in half Floth nor in flowered on pet nor or i a Lent mean to hint that to u would two me Xlyn a her inv but i m so Clad and Mother Benin housekeeping j Money yourself with Vou brought the of infill knt Vav i i ii Iii by null m ainu cum to inv Here is one treatment that All inf each one insisted that pc a. N Little hut he vol this Pon to term the action of be superintendent was did not Petrav himself the new levers a very upon. N m1trner. Am it violation of the Canmer walked Over to n Tahle in the if you want to Dilvo Catarrh Glenn s Sulphur soap cleanses and itching chafing and excessive perspiration. At druggists. The shia n t to Jour Dink Cost and ask for a Illomei outfit to div a i did think of sending said Brenton Homel and it will rid dear there s nothing i do want pm Dav hut As i set think inc it to " All Over and now Clad void d it to poor old ind she found that get it in the Middle of your trouble oven the and most Ordinary 1 Heinie to feel Orn for Vou. In of her irm Knirs Over to her j Hula and the sorrier i cot the More 11ii i i 1 lit ii Wuyin ii time 11 111 i i i in i ill ii a Iii tin if you want to Dilvo Catarrh and p to Ralrh Cun railed to room. Ind an article there and noise j Rivo Lack nil its from your the right to life Liberty departed co loan turned Hill s hair and whisker de. Black or Brown system in Tho shortest possible time nil it u Rte i Tut Iti out of order your head stomach bile Suur with it. That is a bilious c Lack Iso Iun Ward it off with a few doses of Cham s pills Illy arouse a sluggish liver and renew the activities w t c f health. They never or Luce a a o Sag crave r f their prompt use is beneficial to the a Stem and Mill prevent bilious attacks Ekre Etione of spccii.1 Duloe to women re with Erera sold by throughout the world. In loc., 25c

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