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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 12, 1845, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaM t to ots Yow loaf your Owr Arm. The following is copied from a new printed i the year and is Ted As a fact. In nut ciry wis thrust open similar cases often occur spare was quote six get Jas men remember that their a Clear Down to of an is. Try exc Uei a five cent Tull in sit lines insert for for one or three Uick Barite if Octant Roll to yearly Jav r. J by r. A 7 i contained to these words t is co . And cot one Roll he he bad i 1 if he co on l a Slick and Knock him Down. The Devil is always tickled Tail like a dog at a dinner tones there of his Uno her morsel , i in. On at present gives must a look Lurge share of the end. Now and 1 suppose w1il pretend to deny what i Eay m Here upon Earth has in Iliili f8611 1? sufficient to and happiness while we remain of this he Jall tie necessary tools with that the prowling about i search of p Ooi by con-1 Struc to Btu Shee p flows a us to Arm Liet u3 be we i pro pow Der of piety the muskets of True Mora Fly swords of truth and Wisdom filled with Christian and then let the old Arch enemy come upon our Camp ground if he dare. Well beat him with the bludgeons of Faith holiness Cha Rity Benevolence and him n kick a posterior and Send him supper less to his subterranean bed. Shall we do it if yes be your Wilt do it. So Mote if be from the Philadelphia saturday Cornier. An adventure. A few years since a Young merchant of Philadelphia who had just escaped from the col Bride nut our own to salvation. As b w Ond he the Road in which a should we Don t Irot therein the fault Ime is entirely our own. He has Al ii a no believer will no other purpose As far to go shares wit h him in i can see ii Inz of a Universal creation is i to 1 1 Devil is anti 11 the human smutty or ails of wheat a Lilly lotion apples and All dig from this snares of single blessedness Stai Leil on a c to the West. His new Bri with a concern natural to women made him a Woollen garment which she requested him to Wear next to his person As a Protection against the sudden changes of temperature that he might encounter in his grating As it was to his feelings he obeyed the injunction and for the first Lime since the Days of his infancy he became enveloped in a flannel shirt. The hour of separation arrived and As we have had some experience in the gushing tenderness of Par these Days that apparent All into the hands of his Crail Dahris obliged to spend the remainder of his Days in poverty and companion. At this time there is living at Basel Era an old Mart who relates the following remarkable Story of himself. He was possessed of of pretty Good farm with slaves and everything necessary for a Farmer at Harlem and Lead but one child a sen who marrying it was agreed that the Young couple should live in the House with them As tie was a widower. Things went exceedingly Well for some when his son proposed to him that he should make Over to him his estate proposing to build a new otherwise improve the Arm. The father through persuasion gave him a deed or gift of it and everything be longing therefore. After a few year As the father grew old he grew a Little fretful and dissatisfied while the son thinking he had More to expect from him forgot his filial duty and used him As bad As one of his servants. The old Man was no longer allowed to eat his reals at the same table with him and his wife but obliged to eat them in the Chimney Corner and continually otherwise ill used by them. The old Man ate Hia victuals daily from a wooden bowl his son had made for his grandson saw his father make Hia and h torn of breeches Tjo liets outer ing Fot Eon Cluston that hirsute in boyhood i a Dingy an t having Spiot Ted up Wuh Astorri Aurig rapt i i he forced a to with his boy s and la ung scenes we can readily imagine that that him. His grandson saw father make of our voice Roar fed f have been i bowl and sat about making just such anole and Ioli Imide. Or on being asked by his father what he pouts that he can utmost to blast As Many when be prematurely blights j of Vir no Ond innocence induces Helliard. Oral persuade the let ins hold upon heaven it is his pail but my friends elves to be deceived by any go straight a Puth Presciti Blu by ouly Honor Racli a i l a Strong conscience to Back a you will be enabled to Ell hell by loins victorious. My dear Al the present time Devil is As a March Hare one of deep emotion and reaching the Point where the mail read terminate., about half Way to i uts Burg our , Wiki several others was offt into Sta i Iju thu is e each which Onward toward the . This sort of move ment produced its usual exhilarating effect on most of the company. Bul Ike one was so much excited As our Friend. The flannel which was at first irritating had be insuperable. Kven the Law of an the Cather what a Jat thus iia d be. Up old to Faai. Would be a go Sims but Mam Arhat half the world instead of flan ing which they mean cobwebs Pic d out of dead men s brains of sane distil inc e us Ion t Ever that Cvet brought a boy t by Good. What s the of battering a and went to a relation and neigh or of his declaring that iritis Friend could not battering a rom s brains full of greek Ai who latin pot Hooks that he forgets before a diffs his last round Warkel to put on his first Ong tailed Blue if you Don t teach him the old spartan virtue of obedience hard living Early rising and them sorts of classics where s the use in ins Ructin birr in exam eters and pentameter if you leave him ignorant of the value of a Penny piece what height of ble Therin stupidity it is to be Fil Lin a boy s brains with the Wisdom of the ancients and then turn him out like an Oma Dhann to pick up his victuals among the moderns his Triumph att one of them Fiego entry j iat cling Why he did so 1 was How Quick the top of 11 into the dust the part no a uni id by on the top Kiwi r cd men wheel. What s the matter of i m sick of this confound i m Why on Earth Don t you go and get then if Hank you i be been troubled the Odd family. In the reign of William the lived in Ipswich in Suffolk a family which from the number of peculiarities belonging to it by the name of inc Odd with Congiu _ i the editor of a Small paper Qubti imbed in Columbus Ohio has the following Edito rial _ those who owe As will do us a favor by calling oftener and those to a lion we my by indebted will save time and Money by waiting till we Call on i Yankee a gentleman passing Dawn Washington Street Boston a fit his Friend a few Days since found Conversa Tion by the shrill and con far la. Every event remarkable Good or j tinted whistle of a boy nine or ten years Well was the reply Down Wilb two bits and you can have a particular got one soul trial he had made sure in Manj As i did in my no Youthful Days i Ghreir a Sloan at a. Bull missed him. Old to Bruiser f a . Our Friend Afier giving 1 to his companions not to depart without him sprung out called for a room and Mas soon stripped to the Waist. Help 1 two hits exclaimed the sucker now i 11 u get his Fains Back again he should be come that s it on rite Strong Boss for ister s. A dozen on pm Ami to a a. _ _ bad happened to this family on an Odd Day of 1 old who was immediately behind j u at us Bee i. In was a drop rate one nation of ointment but Applina it Well in it eventually Penetra his i Ai acid he at pre As full of a is tick. As Well snaked with religion As with rum and i have but lie will morally moist to the i i Way he to to on bin own Ami pick up passengers by the Way caul i m to mail Roaches. He enough to at his a mi1.- at Lin maker and speak of the Virgin Bart he has Becorn an altered Man d anew a big but i baby and the Good at this moment he heard 4he rattling of wheels and fearful of being left behind gathered of his clothes rushed out and hallowed but his Call was not heeded. Grotesque As was his appearance time was too precious to be was a in Ibe formalizes of the toilet and he Obi d to come and Tive with his Friend answered that be might come Chicken and there s no Mort n a and live with him and if he would follow june a piece for realized his he would help him to Hia is Picayune on my first Ventur lot. Tale said take ibis hag Louis. I la Tell you what i la Gin you two of dollars carry it in our room at your sons shut it up Well in your Chest and about the chickens for o dozen if you la conclude to who was standing by indulging in Deal made rapid strides after the receding stage. Lie a passed a Wood chopper who mistaking him for a thief started two dogs Pursuit. This new motive Power accelerated his Speed and he was evidently nearing the stage. His shouts were heard. He beckoned to his com j rades and reproached them for their to Peep Ery. He was now within reach of the stage and grasping it violently endeavoured clamber in but instead of receiving Assis Tance he was rudely assailed. A crazy Man a crazy Man shouted the company. The Driver took the alarm unit you expect they will Call you Down to a wag dinner shut your door and have All your a dozen winked to the attendant to dollars spread on a table in the Middle of and the offer was accepted. 1 not repeated. The sucker All make a fair two chickens for a wit Ness turning at the same time to the wag none of your tricks for i be Hearn Tell that you City Fellers Are mity by the bargain Beig fairly understood our Uro Misins to accomplish will be More i 10 All Hie evil lie has done 0 Omire the Devil i s Adit no but cares i and a Kim to think that so Mon 5iilj a fish has at last been caught july i the Devil thought to had us As rat in a tiap. He ii most faithful Friend upon Earth Lor the by so of Tus inline not and exertions tin the combined. Efforts of a whole a Monty of his satanic of Llaves Sij i extensive preparations for the re j of nil j0 and his Hoit. He went so in Mai Eins and build an i in t newly Lucitt shed parlor but he i. Al Wold to has slipped now like spirited tin pastures of piety Hope of a i Norw " ins Ilene lip his Down be raising special Cain in Back All on account of his having lost so prize As old to. Let him Wail Roan and grit his Teeth and be be Bruiser belongs to our company we slant part Wilh him till he lakes a Mio head to make a Deuce fool of by did glory in the thu we had the Devil pretty Well perhaps properly speak our Bishops and ministers of the Faith care thoughtlessly or bars Down old creature tfi3nce to trespass As heretofore upon the Mead is of up a Long grass of Terra divine Grace the few Small patches we have left of to ably virtue and innocence. We Elijah the lord be praised. I sigh i sing while 1 sigh and yet in a Rek submission to who rides the Whirlw Fitl and handily drives the and to Nett at to him alone it the Lher these things ought to be worthy we All do and applied the whip lustily to the Bare shoulders of our Friend. He was obliged to let go his hold. Again he attempted to re main his scat but was received with blows and kicks on the breast. The were j the loom. When they Call you noise wild them by brushing them from the table into the bag old Man did As he was desired his daughter in Law came up to Call him to Din d finding the door shirt she had the i urian to Peep through the key Hole saw _ the bag of dollars and the Oll. sweeping i sucker squared himself for Ibe i them the table. Surprised at it she Call j be rarely put i Seal skin tucked up his ,1 believe it. I sleeves and Fork in hand awaited the up Oil Ted his Yearance of no 1. H a moment s dread the wag dropped his knife and Fork Wilh a look of mingled amazement and Akin to Shakespeare. De her husband list he 4the next Day the old Man dollars arid packed up Jom thing in paper j pea Money. His son went up to Call him Down and was surprised what his wife had told him. They took no notice of it to the old Man quickly it was bolted Ful pause ensued. Put to the top of their Speed and up to a tavern door. The half naked Man was ushered in severely bruised faint and exhausted. The stage travellers gathered around him bul to his utter he did not rec Ogitis the countenance of a single individual. He thought ins reason had deserted and when All present protested that he was an entire Sara Tiger to them he be Cariie More and adore bewildered and finally by Gan to doubt his own identity. At this juncture a stage came up in Pur suit of a missing passenger. The my Sirry was now explained. At the instant when our hero had drawn the fatal1 Garn Umit Ovir his head the opposition coach Happ nid to pass and looking Neil Bei to the Nigil nor to thu left he pursued it in the manner we have related. The Blunder was gub sequently a source of much men inc it in which the sufferer heartily participated. Bul when he came Down insisted on his bit Ling at the table with them and behaved uncommonly civil towards him. The old Man related to Bis Friend what he had done who gave him directions what to do if his son asked him for the Money. Alle r a few Days the old Man having been very Busy in counting out his Money again his son asked him what Money that was he had been counting. Only some Morley 1 had received for the discharge of the Bonds i had standing out. I expect More in a Days and i shall be obliged to taken g farm upon which i have Gage As he is not Able to raise the Money and if the farm is sold it will not fetch As much As will mortgage 1 after a few Days the son told the father thai he intended to build a House on the i Arm and would be glad if his father would let that Money. J yes child All that i have is coming look the Bonds a in Hamlet on seeing his daddy s he burst into the swallowed alive. As a Christian our Suker hero hid opened his Mouth with but now it stood the month and every one of then had some thing Odd in his or her Possession manner or behaviour. The. Very letters in their Christian names happened to be a Odd num Ber. The husband s name was Peter and the wife s Rahab they had seven children All boys Viz Solomon Roger James mat thew Jonas David andezekiel., the bus band had bul one leg his wife but one Arm. Solomon was born Blind of the left Eye and Roger lost his right Eye by Accident. James had his left ear pulled by a boy in a quarrel and Matthew was born with Only three fingers on his right hand. Jonas had a Trump loot and David was bumped backed. All these except David were remarkably of chord while Ezekial was six feet two inches High at the age of Nineteen. The stump fooled Jonas and the Hump Back David wives of Fortune but no girl would listen to i dresses of the rest. The husband s hair was As Black As Jel and the wife s remarkably Hite yet every one of the children was a. The husband had the Peculiar uni for nne of failing into deep Taw pit win re he was starved to death in Jyh e year no.7 and is wife refusing All kinds of n five jays after him in the year 1708, As a Grenadier and although in was afterwards wounded in Twenty three places he recovered. Roger James Mot new Jonas and David died at different Pla lesion the same Day in 1713, and Solomon Birn and turning round arrested the Urchin by Bis shoulder with the very natural but impressive command Stop that the boy Gaz Ltd for a moment Saucil in the face of the speaker and then answered with a promptness that the Constitution of Massachusetts allowed a to whistle As much As it pleased so saying he turned away and continued his High notes As freely As Ever. Few or. To 11 pleasure a moment before open horrid dread of did t know that All was t i think it will 1 presume will be Long the lot of men. Cares both in kind and degree Ara As innumerable As the Sands of the sea Shore and the fable which Higinas has so pleasantly constructed on this subject shows that Man their proper prey. Says he crossing a dangerous Brook collected a mass of the ditty slime which deformed us Banks and moulded it into the image of an earthly being which Jupiter on pass Mig by soon of with etherial .1 armed into animation but being at a loss what name to new production and Dis you. I intend giving to mortgage 1 have but then be Best to have it All put together in a deed of gift i will get neighbor a to Call Here and draw a new one accordingly his Friend and Cousin who had devised the measure came to the House and the son gave the father the deed that an other might be drawn of it. When the Man got the instrument into his band in the presence his Friend fee broke the Seal and committed the writing to the fire say i n Burn cursec1 instrument of my Folly and misery and you children As this estate is All again you must remove imme right and ignorance of the extent of the uncertainty of that moment was terrible. Urged to Des cratic what on Airth s the Row did you Swallow it alive enquired the wag. Swall Rcd it list As he Gin it to Roe the sucker. You re a dead Man exclaimed the wag the i e nature is alive and will Eal Light tit Oitai added he in a most hopeless tone. Git a Pizeno pump arid pump it earned the sucker in a frenzy his Eye Ray Starling from their sockets. Of Gra ou3 what la i do it s got bold of m and i m dead As a Csc in me bin for me let the infernal you j Pung Mitter Lawborn of i gift it belonged the waa referred to the arbitrage it of Saturn who decreed that his name should be Man Houi Oab hums from the dirt of which. He Badt been made that care should in Lirly possess Bis mind while living that the Earth should receive his body when dead and that Jupiter should dispose of his celestial essence according to his discretion. Thus was made the property of care from formation acid discontent ten two his in offspring b f car separable com pan Ien. Unless you will be Content to be my i have now Learned that it is bes for a Parent to bold the loaf i under his that one father can better main ten children than ten children can fond of asked a Young dutch Man yesterday if he was particularly fond o sour front. Of Yaw said he like it mine vide gets a Rind to orb i Small make her some for he breakfast every time i goes Home to Tinner. New York a year or two i incest a coun try. Cousin applied to a Friend in Power ass glance to a berth in the corporation s gift. He accordingly set at work at a Dot or and n Quarter Day and in a tax called again upon Bis Friend to inform. Him that he waft going out to Harlem to make first payment on a House he bad pure based. How said the other Bow is did you not Tell me you j Ere and Yel you have saved Money enough to buy a Bouse on a Dollar and Quarter a be other laughed and after borne heti cation answered ill Tell Yout it was Ai charming Good berth you gave me i of a Dollar Aoda Quarter from the City then he contractors gave Jne two Dollar s a Duj p watch sub contractors and they gave me dollars More not to watch and Ezekiel were drowned together in ing Ibe thames in the year 1723. Toad cat me Afore your eyes. Legal eloquence. Gentlemen of the you for an in. Slant suppose that my client Here Man who has Allers sustained a High in society a Man Yogi All on you suspect and esteem for his Many Good quantities Man what never drinks More than a quart of Likker a Day can you i say for an instant suppose that this Ere Man would be guilty of hooking a Box of Percus hum raps rattlesnakes and Coonskin forbid Pietura to yourselves gentlemen a Feller fas asleep Ira Bis Lou Cabin with his in Nomen wife and orphan children by his tide Al nature hushed in Dep repose and nought t heard hut the muttering of the silent Thun Derand the of bullfrogs then Ima Gine to yourself a fellow sneaking up to the door like a despicable Hyena softly entering tie dwelling of the peaceful and Happy fat ii a crusty old Bachelor once annoyed by the cries of a baby testily remarked that it was strange never thought of a Jour Sery when he. Went to the to strengthen lungs and in custom himself to noise and uproar a Wetli is a word thai to Rio or to suffer which is All the grammar i Ever was if there s a of cry alive i a it. I m always Bei Sonie Imes Dinand con Tindall y a it attorney about to furnish a Bill of costs was requested by his client a Baker make it a Light As replied the attorney what May say to your Foreman but it s not the make Uny Why Don t you put of to 9 on it tired the wag pointing to a bottle of Strong per sauce. The hint was Erbough the sucker upon will not i cannot dwell upon the monstrosity of such a scene my feel ibis caption somebody discourses thus j it no sign because a Mati Eata Bull frogs thit a can jump a rail Fence nor because be is on snails occasionally that he should travel slow r a e instant seized the bottle and desperate wrenched out the Cork swallowed half the orients 4t a draught. He fairly squealed of its effects and gasped and Blower and twisted As. If it were course a Brough him with elect fico effect while at the ame Lime his eyes ran a Stream of at becoming Tlle compos exl. Shis almost bursting with soppv4ssea laughter Ings turn from such a picker of moral tur Arbor the flow e old i Welli did of of my if that Critter s dying a owes Mej Ega Amo a smal the take Vert taint Rio use it squirmed like a Sar Tient when cd and Here penance made Lipof and re ent Peterr Hiravi if to give to hrs words slowly and Force rarely remarked of you get two Chicken Jet the Portland bulletin Telu a like a big woodchuck would turn j Story of a certain Good Deacon whose hat Doe i cannot for an instant blew fluff and led Bim a Jong race after it idea that any Man in these dig through the Street at length the Deacon much less this Ere Roan could be guilty became exhausted in the race and pulled up f an act of such Rantan Ferous against by the Side walk. A gentle and unexampled Man came along to the Deacon address and now gentlemen after this Ere briefed himself my Friend Lama Dea Law of the Case let me entreat you to Raake con and it is very or for me to Wear up your and impartially Hou will area try of Lifie me if you give a verdict As reason a j will just that Liat for me.1 Ivy Einig binned Ole Rahle body of our Feller citizens re hem tit r Romoren that -.u_. I it under Conte Cla in new York live it under contempt bereft that a ii e in new York have uner c fell in to Battle of Funter Lvuv it issuer Tion not to a Cave any body who Tail from l debt of that great Britain National t6hi i t j. I. I one should suffer judge give a Chew of cd entry is paid the Way of Fae exclusion of american citizens from tobacco sluts Tell said to always it to 1 As sat Hili by ii iffy ii i newspaper is Laperl

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