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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 12, 1840, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaFebruary next Between for the dec. 31rt 1839. _ Ion Ife Tamar ims left my t n All persons har my account As i will a tracking after Tbs jam1nseely. J German. 1 Doelicke of human a Merica. Honor of it i Lori la by uncool Ici if of a. 0 Wuh i a Tuli us ult founded a doctrine the in s of Lich he boldly Hallen Viz consumption is a y a disordered state of of the human body in the so Stem for plaint of the Rte Only though not so n cold or a simple had Ous doctrine this As it i to the Nuj ardently heal to Hijii Aat this Insu Bou. Intimate of their Clayey Nagine themselves Lem that the great Art pre is to Pluck be while in and not wait grown ear. Tor of Man is us int Itulid it and the of a i of ins -matcht.e88 Jling Fiat claim -.0 triumphed by medic my which vacuum in the Luuru d itself the Foj conquer medic me for which All ant cute to bless the Ben Provit Cnoc a Medicine have been so glowingly four re Rory in their Imber by which by Chang be ick mss into health Joyful if a for Turull i one drop p a id for Iii arits a act Loiis explaining the f or i Quarter drop okie turd no e. I if 7 cent s. In Imp Nortel expo Mont i a Large property and ital and bodily toil upon be Fraugh 0 the Western a Provol on Tho in1, in t i ill Itol hat ims n More provide it for Tho f remark tint in almost re cures have been wrought ban it Pricil has removed no p is whether result fully has a Pat out Naej , and two of whose testimony vexed to prospectus v its mighty Efficacy n sumption but other Faai Ful have heretofore believed moly confessed that it by in its action of red by human hands. Members of Germany in Europe. Of this ined Cioe into an hospitals is a sufficient orms All its Nony for wherever it St witness. T1llburgh, p. M. Certificates can be Weber where Liam Bache p. 1839. Spa Fri t 10 every wednesday j. P. By Anthill jor_thou2h unbidden my intrude the sad regretful tear d in Biol my fervent Ethi tude for nil my blowing Here to of received in her distress Tho poor responding i father s land Caress a Mother s gentle love. And thou Sweet words Aro vain thy tender Faith to show thou cans t for an the Mirthful Tram to soothe my daily in nor do the circus in cease Ever with mis loss trend Tho. Com Otto whisper sounds of peace around my sleepless bed. Soon shall thy task of love be o or and when thy Thra Dom ends thou May so rejoice in smiles once More thy Kindred and Why friends yet sister Hoar my words of truth in life s last sad decline Fain would i Guido thy trusting youth from miseries mine. I mourned my Lover s erring life i knew him profane cd deemed the fond devoted wife his changeless Faith gain of intellect and Beauty proud i Little feared to see a trivial and delusive crowd preferred to love and to. Untaught of god unused to prayer 1 yet aspired to win a victim from the Subtle of soul destroying sin. Thou know St the of sister shun the rashness i deplore nor deem thou canst be loved by one who loved not virtue More. Still the wanderer watchful prove. Still Pray his sins May ceases but sister give him not thy love nor Trust him with thy peace bid him humbly Kneel and weep to one who roles the Sod he cannot Faith with woman keep who no Faith with god from the n. Y. Despatch. Runaway match and the first born. We have More than once alluded to a Little Book published in Boston entitled a new Home Fol Reading it is like finding a water Brook among the desert of liter Ary trash which teems from the press and we take much pleasure in present ing our readers with extracts. To understand the following chapter a Little introduction is necessary. The author mrs. Clavers finds Everard and Cora Mansfield s settled in Michigan. They were the children of wealthy parents formerly in mercantile business in new York. Being cousins acquaintance grew naturally with their growth and grew out of their to this and to their Union the parents had no objection whatever but the Young parties were so Young that they wished very reasonably that the Lov ers should wait three years at Cora and Everard could not have patience to wait nor could they in their Romance fostered by works of imagination Bear the Distant Prospect of an old fashioned the uncles and fifteen cousins duly great evening party and then a stiff set Ting up for so the Story proceeds it must come out at have put it off As Long As i decently could and i am sorry to be obliged to Tell this silly Young couple in their dreamy Folly concluded that since All the Papas and mamas were quite willing they should marry it could be no great mat Ter if they took the How and when into their own hands and carved for them selves a Home in the wilderness far from Law offices and evening parties Plum cake and White Atin. Accordingly on pretence of dining with an in town the parents were at their coi try the imprudent irrevocably joined by a certain rever end gentleman who used to be very accommodating in Way and the very next evening set out clandestinely for some hundreds of Miles weit of Albany. Children of wealthy parents they had of course no Lack of Money and it would have pleased Cora better on account of the Romance to have walked All the Way if they could they concluded to use All of conveyance. A note was left stating How the had been United and though they very much regretted that there was no need of jumping out of a and that nobody pursued them they made the most romantic trip of it that they could and finally reached their Destina Tion which must according to the description have been somewhere in the Holland Purchase which hears nothing but stones. We arc obliged to skip the author s delightful description of the journey and the Reader May consider the couple As arrived at their journey s end where at the hotel of or. Bil dad Gridley a translated Yankee the chapter following opens with the negotiation of the Purchase of land for a cottage. The a Ival of our City travellers at this secluded place produced at first a sensation. Few passengers save the weary Pedler or the Spruce retailer of books clocks or Nutmeg found their Way to this Penet Ralia of now and then indeed some wander ing sportsman or some College student during his fall vacation or perhaps a party of surveyors Lested for the night at the Moon and seven stars but usually although those much be daubed luminaries had Given place to exact As said or. Which they in vain to Over come. At length his vilage re appeared and they were much relieved to hear him say in a More decided tone than before Well sir i guess we can commodare and Here now i might moralize up on the humbling effects of being naughty which would make these proud Young citizens who had Felt so won Claro ugly Well satisfied with their own dignity and consequence Only a week before now await with fearful apprehension the Fiat of a Plain old Farmer who after All was Only to Board and Lodge them. The old gentleman had such a fatherly look that both eve Rard and Cora thought of their own Papas and now began to reflect that May be Papas might not after All the joke in its True Light. But Nei ther of them said such a word and so i shall pass the occasion in silence. They were shown to a Smail White washed room on the second floor pos Sessing one widow guiltless of the paint Brush now supported by Means of that curious notched fixture called a Button so different from the article to which the title of right a bed adorned with a covering on which the taste of the Weaver had expatriated in the production of innumerable squares and Oblong of Blue and White a very diminutive and exceedingly Rick Ety table stained red a looking Glass of some eight inches breadth framed in a strip of gorgeous mahogany and showing to the charmed Gayer a visage curiously elongated Cross Wise with two nondescript chairs and an old hair trunk bearing the initials a. inscribed in brass nails on its arched top constituted the furniture of the apartment. It mating writer in Blackwood has Given two Wilh the following alliterative titles jottings Down upon cursory cogitations concern ing a dlr a. Of general his name As was most meet in yellow let ters below the portrait th6 House As if it hid not borne the ambitious title of an inn and the farming business went on with scarcely an occasional interruption. But now the aspect of things was materially changed. Everard had signified his desire to remain in so Beautiful a spot for a week at least provided it. Gridley could himself he added for re could not Call Cora his wife though he tried. The landlord. With a scrutinising glance at poor Cora said he rather guessed he could accommodate them for a spell and then went to consult the other Powers. Our Happy each tormented be an undefined sense of anxiety and conscious wrong which neither was willing to acknowledge to the other awaited the return of Hon est Bildad witha Fremb lament Cora busied herself in arranging things As she could or. Gridley called her quite a Handy Young woman consid ering she had t been brought up to and while this employment lasted she managed to maintain a Tol Erable degree of cheerfulness but when All was done and she paused to look around her such a tide of feelings rushed upon her that her Pride at length gave Way and sitting Down on the old trunk she buried her face in her Lap and burst into a passion of tears. Everard tried to Comfort her As Well As he could but his own was overcharged and after a few efforts he threw i on the floor at her Side and he wept almost As heartily As she did. As soon As his feelings were relieved by this overflowing of of nature he Fewel testily ashamed of himself and la window insisted that is help Loolu out the glorious which it commanded. She struggled to retain her Low seat that she might indulge to the uttermost this paroxysm of remorse and misgiving but he pursued his advantage and held her before the window till the fresh Breeze had changed the current of her sad thoughts and thrown her Rich curls into a most becoming confusion and then reaching the eight Inch Mirror 4held it suddenly before her streaming eyes. And like a True boy and girl they were both seized with uncontrollable laughter and sat Clown and enjoyed it to the uttermost i How foolish we said Cora at Everard if Priam a but at that word her pretty eyes began to fill again and Everard declared lie should not say another word. Let us take a said he one of your ions rambling walks. You know we yet to find a spot Lovely enough for of to live and the volatile girl was All gaiety in a moment. They were on their return after a very Long ramble when they came to a Dell deep enough to make one think of listening to talkers in Captain sym pcs world and this Cora declared to be the very Home of her dreams. This and none other should be her Forest what was she Fly ing from Here should the cottage stand under whose lowly roof was to be realized All of Bliss that poet Ever painted. 1 mighty shades weaving their gorgeous tracery Over his head with the Light melting thro their High arcades As through a pillar d cloister of it was too delicious and All the Good thoughts took flight again that evening after Tea Everard be Gan his negotiations with or. Grid Ley for the Purchase of the much admired Glen. Glen said honesty Bildahl who As usual pipe in Mouth by the front window Everard explained. Why lord bless be yes i own two Hundred to and seventy Odd acres list round there and that Ere Gulf is part on t. Ahasuerus began to make a Clear in the a but it s so plague Lum Ber d up with stuns and so Kird o slanting besides that we thought ii would never pay for ploughing so Hazzy has gone to work North Here and gets along like smoke. Would you be willing to sell a Small place inquired Everard who Felt inexpressibly sheepish when he set out about buying this sunny spot. Or. Gridley starred at him in unfeigned astonishment. After a moment s pause he Anster de after the manner of his nation asking. J Why do you know any body that wants to have some thoughts of settling there myself Sak his guest. Another stare and the landlord fell to smoking with All irs looking wit evil full of meditation. A Settle he said what for in All i be taken a fancy to the said and if you to sell i May perhaps be a said the landlord laying his pipe on the window Sill if this the i la Tell be what i never can think of your name if you really want this place Why but Here he stopped again lie fixed his eyes on Everard As if he would look through his mortal Coil. Their spine proceeded he again May i just be As Sucy As to ask Don t know As you think it a very civil question but i Don t know As we can get on without it. Are you speaking very Delibe rattly of Are you sure that you re married to this Young said Everard his Fine eyes flashing lightning while poor co a completely inn bled Felt ready to sink through the floor. He repeated in High indignation which an instant s pause served to , i pm assure can assure and flying after Cora w 10 on of the loom but the Rood Man called him Back. No Casio a no Casion you say you Sai Tinly Aie and hint s enough but Raly you and your wife both look so Young that we be been plague by put led what of make on Everard deeply modified reverted As speedily As possible to his desired phrase and after a few observations As to the unprofitable Ness of the scheme Gridler an air or kindness which soothed the feelings pc of his Young auditor. You Knou your business Best i dare say and if so be you Are determined upon it you May have it and make use of it As Long As you like and i Spose you won t think o up much of a House upon such a place As you tired on t Well Settle the matter one Way or t Oil t Everard readily agreed to the proposition for he knew himself the avowed heir of the Rich Bachelor Uncle whose name he bore and was Little concerned about the pecuniary part of his affair. And Here was a House to be built vip on a Green hillside0in the deep Woods and this grands opus fully absorbed our friends until it was completed. In taking Possession of it and in arranging the simple requisites which formed its furniture. Coral found herself than she had been since she left Hope. It must be confessed that every brought its inconveniences one can t at first snuff the Candle Well with the tongs. Here were either s papa s sideboards nor Mamma s dressing tables but there was the Charm of housekeeping and every Young wife knows what a Charm that is for a year , at least and then Pride whispered that whenever papa did find them out he would knowledge How very Well they and managed to be Happy in their own Way. After All it must he confessed that the fairy footed Cora nourished in some unexpected Nook of her warm Little heart a fund of something which she dignified by the names of Resolution firmness perseverance 4 c but which ill natured and severe people might Ner haps have been disposed to Call obstinacy or self will. But she was a spoiled child and her boy husband the Frost indulgent of human beings so we Trust excuse her if she was a Little naughty As Well As very romantic. The world s harshness soon cures Romance As Well As some other things that we set out with but Cora had As yet made no acquaintance with the world that most severe of All teachers. But no word yet of inquiries from Home. No and no rewards no afflicted this was Rath or mortifying. At length Everard Ven tured to propose writing to his Uncle and though Cora pretended be quite Inifi Fernt she was right glad to have an excuse for opening a communication with Home. The cold winds of autumn turned the Maple leaves yellow then Scarlet then Brown and no letter. The whole face of the Earth presented to the appalled Eye of the City bred Beauty but one expanse of tenacious hopeless mud. No Waits either by Day or by evening books Al read and re read no sewing for Small changes of dress suffices in the Woods no company but Squire Bildad or mrs. Dart. Tl7e Squire s Gal was teach school for the Winter arid the interesting Hazzy thought Everard a queer stick to set All Day in the Hou a did not much affect his society. Deep Winter and no word from new York Everard now wrote to his father the most indulgent of fathers but though he often saw the name of the Well known firm in a stray newspaper no notice whatever wus taken of his mis Sives. This was a turn of affairs for which he was entirely unprepared. Co a tossed her pretty head and then cried and said she d id not care and cried again. But now a new interest arose. The Prospect of becoming a Mother awakened at once the most intense de Light and a terror amounting almost to agony and Cora at write to her Mother. Spring Cane and with the Flowers a Little daughter and Cora found in the one eyed Odd looking widow the kind est and most Motherly of nurses or. Gridley and his kindly interested in their inexperienced neigh Bors were not lacking in Aid of any sort. So Cora made out much be Ter than she deserved. When she was Able to venture out the Good Squire care with his Waggon to fetch her to spend the Day by Way of change and Cora most thankfully Jac Cegred this and other kindness other rustic friends. A Short residence in the Woods modifies most surprisingly one s views on certain Points. Some travellers emigrating to far Michigan had been resting at air. Grid Ley s when Cora spent her Day there it was to this unlock or encounter that we must Asanbe the sickening of Cora s Darling who was after some Days at Tadel Beith an alarming eruption. Mrs. Did soared it the Small pox and hav less judgment than kindness she curtained it Little bed from every breath of air and fed in Herb Leas and other rustic stimulants till the poor Little thing seemed like to stifle at this juncture Everard was taken ill with the same symptoms. Cora bore up wonderfully fora few Days but the baby grew noise and Everard no better. Medical Aid was was sought but the doctor was quite As much of an old woman As mrs. Dart. The dear baby s strength was Evi Dently diminishing the spots on the Little Cheeks assumed a livid appearance. Mrs. Dart s Pale face grew paler and Cora awaited with agony which might be read in her wild and vacant Eye the destruction of her Hopes. The recollection of her own a Dutiful conduct towards her parents was at her heart weighing it Down like a Millstone. Everard who might have assisted and comforted her was stretched helpless and at times Slighly delirious. I fear the baby is said the kind widow with trembling lips. The wretched Mother cast one look at its altered countenance and with a wild cry sunk senseless on he her punishment was fulfilled. 0 Mother Mother can you forgive was All that she enough. Her fat Feer too was there and took her in his arms Blest and forgave her. The crisis or turn of the disease had been so severe As to ass Roe the aspect of approaching dissolution and from that hour the precious baby the wilderness is the place to love Chi Wren began to Amend and the Young papa with it. And then came such Long talks about the past the present and fun minute explanation of All feelings and plans. Everard Cora seemed to live a whole Eyfa in these few weeks which succeeded lie time of this sore trial. And Cora was a new creature a rational being a Mother a Matron full of sorrow for the past and of Sage plans for the future. The silent d disregard of the letters had been systematic. The flying pair had been recognized by some persons on their join Ney Westward and the parents indulgent to they were Felt that some atonement was due for this cruel disregard of their feelings and forgetfulness of Iho obligation. When months passed on with out any evidence of repentance they Felt still More deeply Hurt As Well As seriously anxious and though Evenard s looters relieved in some measure the a soc Mouv for the welfare of their Umeju Tirol children it was not until Cora wrote to her Moth Eft that the visit was resolved on which proved so opportune and so delightful. And there was More to be told. Fortune had become weary of set lug on the Long established House of Hasting and Mansfield and heavy losses had much impaired the worldly Means of worthy people., the summer palaces on the were about to pass in to other hands and great changes to be made in Many particulars. And eve Rard Mist get his own living. This was a thing which Cora at least had never re included in her plans. After much consultation it was decided on do hands that it would be rather ave Karu to return to or. J s. Folke after this Little excursion. A frolic is a Fiolic Tobe sure but people Don t Al ways take the View we wish them to take of our vagaries or. Mansfield proposed his Michigan lands. And Everard and his subdued and Humble but Happy Cora confessed that Thev had imbibed a taste for the Wilder Ness an Unias Hionas e liking for Early rising and Dis Habille a yearning common to those who have lived in the free Woods. To forsake Earth s Trouti Waters for a purer Spring. Vision t

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