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Read an issue on 6 Feb 1918 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - February 6, 1918, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaThe agitator a Sboro pa., wednesday february Diana s doleful dumps by Ella m. Bangs t t i 1 1 1 copyright 1917. By the Mcclure newspaper Syndicate called a per lately voice where Are you called a apr lately voice Pink cheeked Diana Kelsey curled up within the curtained window recess did not feel like talking just then. Indeed she was Only too glad to be hidden from sight for there were tears in her eyes and she knew they would face discovered by Bess Palmer if she came near her so while her Friend went off in search of her. Diana continued to Brood Over her troubles which As everybody knows is the Best Way in the world to increase them in fancy if not in reality. To begin had been so much of hilarity going on the night before that she had not slept Well and her head ached. The new hat of which Ehe had expected so much was not very becoming after All. She was Dis appointed in this House purty. It had not to those of previous years even though it was made up of nearly the same company. Worst of All was the fact that Alida Goodrich was to take the principal lady s part and Earl Raymond was to be the Lead ing Man in the Little play that was on foot. Earl had been her stanch Friend and open admirer since their primary school Days. In All the Little plays which they had Given hitherto when she was leading lady he As a matter of course had been Given the part of leading Man. Now in the most ambitious thing they had Ever under taken for with an audacity Given to youth alone the club had elected to play Romeo and Rio she Diana Wales std been assigned the unimportant part of lady Capulet taking the wicked Ness out of them by Ruth Graham continued to Brood. Juliet s nil t inn while Allda was to play Juliet to Estirl s Borneo. It wined Iii most More Thim she Betir. She would have with t3riiwn no Orff mint Only she feared that thai would be too Nutice Ahlo. For wine tool would be ready to say she was she was t jealous Bur she in Ai Iod All those rehearsals with repeatedly making love to Alissi. Though it Only in. They would both die in the end. However and there was some Comfort to poor Diana in thut. At length the girl roused herself. She Felt that she Reilly must join the others so touching up her hair a bit and wiping her eyes she Drew aside the curtain and stepped nut. But she in a condition when she to in her place is one of the Niery by company around the blazing Wood Jere. So Little did Diana join in the Gay so parts of the others thut Bess Palmer called what s the matter with Diana she s not speaking a what is it asked some one else not in the dumps arc of exclaimed Allda v had been looking Over the Punj and Etoll had the Book in her Lap. Of yes. She must be hmong the doleful let s does that go Here it is when gripping Erk the heart doth wound and doleful the mind oppress. Then with Lier sound with help doth lend re hirers can t somebody give us some she want on. Where s your Noiin Jolln. Jack hns that a Silver at this Iii inn laughed a rather forced laugh Winch hoped no one noticed nil n Little inti r it was sup wested that is there uns nothing Spe Cial on the docket read through the re Sui pin a of Honeo and this would have to come or later so with in Effort Dunnn joined the others in l tried her of c to i much spirit is possible to the unset. Part is signed horns in h Cal puget. At in nth a Ftp much in up ing and of opinions the Rand Lnor was finished and nil nor pitl that there was no Rinson in the world this should not h the greatest of thru had in dry taken. All this How ppr. Gall to do Etna Wilps. Alida Reillly did put n Good Deal of into the part of Juliet and i of course he was always Good. Though it seemed to Diana that put hither needless emphasis into his words of admiration for Juliet still it was to be expected. You make a Fine lady Allda complimented As the two girls i chanced to be standing together. Really i m quite proud of my Mam and for the remainder of the Day to Diana s intense disgust Allda persisted in calling her matters were not improved for i Diana by the Reading of the play in deed even less than before was she inclined to feel reconciled to the assignment of parts. She Felt nervous and ready to cry and then Pride came to the Rescue. She was acting like a i child Ehe told herself severely and i giving them All Good reason to com j ment on her unusual quietness. She j would go out for a walk even hts it i was foggy with the Aid of outdoor air she Felt she could surely get her self in hand and be Able to appear like herself. Accordingly a Little later she donned her hat and Raincoat and stepped out into the growing darkness of the afternoon unobserved As she i believed even by the Chaperon. What a dismal Day this was i Diana believed she did t like House parties anyway. She quite wished she had i not come. There had not been a Ray of Sunshine for the last two Days. I what did the others All find so funny to laugh about she wondered. They j seemed to do nothing but laugh. Had she Ever been like that it was hard to believe it from her present Point of View. How she wished that something Short of broken would happen to prevent her from having to take part in this proposed play the play that was no doubt to Heap laurels As never before on the Heads of the club of Young Amateur players. She had gone but a Little Way when she became aware of some one behind her walking faster than she. It sounded of course it i could t Raymond who a moment later called boys Fly i hold on Diana. I want to talk i with the girl turned waiting gravely till the Young Man reached her Side and then they went on together remark ing about the weather and a few other such subjects As people Are Given to talking about when the undercurrent 1 of their thoughts is elsewhere. After a moment s pause Earl asked abruptly Diana Why would t Yon take the 1 part of Juliet r Why would t the girl hesitated in Surprise. Why i was never asked i to take not asked t but Allda Earl paused leaving his sentence to i finished. When he spoke again it was to say i understood that you refused r to take the leading part see i i i was afraid you did t want to play Juliet to my what nonsense 1" Diana returned. Then you did not refuse to take the i rarely did not Earl. How could i when it was not offered me i Elm ply had no Choice in the the Young Man turned and looked Wear Hongly into the girl s flushed face i had i known that i would not have agreed to be he said slowly. What difference would that make of course you would have taken no he denied quickly. It would have made no end of difference to me. It s All right now that i know How it was but i did feel rather Cut up to think you would go Back on me that How could Rou think the Girt i responded All right now i As you say but i was afraid Yon were tired of playing leading Man with me j As leading lady and that did Hurt a Little. We Are Euch old friends Yon i Are you going to Tell your father the Young Man paused again looking you Niet copy lbt. 1917, Western Union in a part of Siberia where the popu lation is very sparse there lived a Man named Lavinsky who married a woman and they had a son named Paul. When Paul was still a baby his Mother ran away with a Man from Moscow and her husband never saw her again. This embittered him against All women. Not far from his abode lived a Wom an Anna Vareska who had been similarly treated by her husband. Lavinsky and tie woman met one Day and comparing notes each decried the opposite sex. My said Lavinsky shall never see a woman. Before he be comes a year older i shall build a High Wall around my estate. He shall never go beyond the Wall and no woman shall come within and my daughter said Madam Vareska shall never see a Man. I too will build a Wall around my estate to keep her away from your detestable these two people carried out their plans so Well that until Paul was eighteen years old he had seen Only those of his own sex. Then one Day tired of his Captivity he tunnelled under the Wall that held him and went wandering. When he had gone some distance he came to another Wall on which sat Vera Vareska. Paul stared and wondered. Vera looked Down at Paul and wondered likewise what Are asked the girl. A was the reply. Vera crossed herself and started to get Down from the Wall. Where Are you asked Paul. To get away from you. My Mother tells me that boys Are Are you a my father says girls Are do you believe i Don t know. I wish to see for myself. Stay where you Are and i will get some Wood together from which i can mount to j having built a pile he mounted to a place beside her and they looked at each other curiously. Paul took a i comb from her hair and her locks fell i on her shoulders. She passed her hand Over his face that had a soft Down on it. What a funny place for Hal to she said. What do you let your hair grow like that was his reply. I Lack of Praise for poets complaint la re glittered that incur Clent Honor is bestowed upon living English writers. In an article in the Bookman on twentieth Century English poetry prof. William Lyon Phelps quotes William Watson As complaining of the insufficient Praise bestowed upon living poets and As saying that with one exception meaning Kipling there is not a single English poet the sales of whose poems would not have been thought contemptible by Scott and by Ron. With that one hrs Lelant except says Watson England s he lip singers succeed in reaching Only a pitifully Small in com menting on this passage professor Phelps says we ought to remember that Scott and Byron were colossal figures so big that no Eye could miss them and that the reason Why Kipling has enjoyed substantial rewards is not because of his political views nor because of his glorification of the British Empire but simply because of his literary Genius. He is a Brilliant and salient exception to the common run of poets not merely in Roya Les in creative Power. Furthermore shortly after this lec Ture was delivered Alfred Noyes and then John Mansfield passed from City to City in America in a veritable March of Triumph or. Gibson and or. Delamare received homage every where Riley Day is now a Legal holi Day in Indiana Rupert Brooke has been All enemies meet in Berne Are thronged with thousands of men who have been must Wear uniforms. Called the Bluff copy Fht Woltron new papir when a notion becomes notable for any intellectual achievement the faculty that achieves seems to be inborn in the race. The German race is remarkable for development. This Story shows How an uneducated German was willing to suffer imprisonment to test the Elf Lacy of a scientific device. Herman Gotlieb was suspected of stealing Corn from n neighbor s Garden. Whether he was really guilty the owner of the Garden did not know but got Lieb lived near his property and was the Only person who did live near it. Besides he was very poor and found it difficult to feed eight or nine children with capacious stomachs. The depredations on the Garden continued and the owner decided to make an exam ple of some one so he pounced upon Gotlieb had him arrested under the specific charge of stealing a number of ears of Corn before Daylight on the Moil no of the arrest. That the Pris Oner might not be unjustly detained the trial was set for ten o clock the Day of the arrest. After the preliminary questions had been put the prosecuting attorney made several attempts to trick the accused Man into incriminating himself. Of Best for the skin to keep the complexion Clear of blemishes the head free from Dandruff and the hands White use Glenn s Sulphur soap 30 per cent pure Sulphur Best for pimples and hives. It s a Fine toilet soap. Sold by All druggists. Tsiu s hair and whisker Dye Black or Brown soc Sultan is fond of Reading wonder words of russians at any time of the Day in the Swiss capital one sees the uniforms of both sides on the streets for there Are thou Sands of French British German and belgians interned in Switzerland and according to the rules of the game they must Wear their uniforms in or Der to make the breaking of parole harder writes will Irwin in the sat urday evening Post my first sight of a German Fritz clumping Down the streets in his Neutral Green uniform and his Stout Mili tary boots gave me a kind of Shock of Surprise. It is three years now last beheld a free Man in a German uniform. Today i saw dozens of men in French uniform pass other dozens in German uniform. Each party to these meetings would look straight ahead pretending he had not noticed. For the Benefit of the entente peo Ples the shops Are displaying such signs As these Swiss same composition As the Ger 00 going to bring one of them into the should think it would be in your Way. Man preparation. Out of strictly Swiss court and look into your stomach with so it would if i did t do it up and made of Swiss and it entitle trap. Did you Ever hear of the he asked Gotlieb. I no i Neffer heard about Dot what iss j the prosecutor was taken Flat Aback. How to Tell an ignorant Man the nature of the a Ray was a Poser. The judge seeing his discomfiture smiled. I the a Ray is a very Bright so Bright that it enables one to look inside of a Man. The machine or we Call it lamp that emits the Ray was invented by a countryman of a asked the prisoner. Yes a German. His name was Turkey s ruler for at a himself in private suite surrounded with books. Although the Sultan of Turkey is reputed to be the Laziest potentate in Europe he la passionately fond of Reading. For weeks at a time he will rounded by literature of All classical works novels magazines and newspapers. With the exception of his personal attendants and ministers of state no one la allowed in the Imperial Sanctuary during the Sultan s literary but the Sultan is at something of a disadvantage says a British weekly because Hla knowledge of european languages is limited. In order to overcome the difficulty he a translation office. Here there Are officials who speak All the languages of Europe and the East they read All the political and Illus favorite phrase that Means Happy a Ness and peace for which they have so Long struggled. Roentgen. The a Ray is sometimes rated newspapers of importance and called the Roentgen translate extracts from them for the Herman seemed interested. The Sultan. There Are 15 Superior trans lawyer proceeded. I gators called Dragoman secretaries. In this machine is now used by sur that office and their is from ten Gens to locate a Bullet that is lodged i to forty turkish pounds monthly. Inside a Man. If you had swallowed a Nail it could be seen in your stomach by Means of this instrument got in him reel Dot machine Vas invented in yes it was made in German but to going to use it in America. I m keep it done i Don t see anything vicious about he put his Finger on her lips i to see if she would bite it. When she i did not he added i could t do that origin.1 English knowingly to buy German goods is the same Cardinal sin among the French american and eng Lish colonies Here. She took hold of his hand and pressed it against her lips. Wherein lies the Devi try in he asked. It is surely not in your lips and yet father has told me that what comes out of a girl s Mouth is Poison. She Speaks Only to Mother tells me that a Man can never speak the those two statements Are diametrically opposed Aren t we must both be i Don t feel conscious of do Pill Box defense. The Pill Box defense appeared in the German lines some time this year says the scientific american. The Pill Box is the British Soldier s name for a Small round Concrete Block House which contains German machine gunners. The Pill Box appears to be the smallest of German Concrete defences some of which Are nothing being earnestly into her face. He began gravely Don t you know that you Are. And always will be the Only Lea along lady in the then suddenly the Day grew Bright for Donna despite the fog. She was feeling unusually Well and As for the doleful were altogether a thing of the past. Short of fortresses in every sense of the word. The Pill Box strategy which has been offset by heavier ached gun let comprises the use of Shell holes Trees rocks and every other available Shel Ter for machine guns instead of the Are you going to Tell your Mother i style Row of trenches. In other you met Torasi there is a zone of the organization of this zone of de that the Aerial observers of the allies cannot detect the individual machine gun posts hence do delicious con Here s an old fashioned recipe for Corn rim Flint that hns been urn with unusual Success in several of the larger York Tell to Thrupp and n half Toren muffins take one in not milk six tintes j butter substitute twelve Onnon of Light syrup or Honey of nor eggs Pinch i of Salt two Ink lip powder one bit n half Pon mls Zorni Piil Nii l one Nyrl n Hilf Pound r Rye flour the butter syrup Khz null he thorough la then fld the rec Gnidic Blev pour in to r milk Fine St the flour Maxcil with Cor men and baking pow Der i Burros carry Copper the Turro. Than up the Plern to the Delight of i n lot of que Lourals to and or tests alike for decodes and Pronti Iris now hns n Rhyl. It is the Burro Indin Copper Ore. A car min of these bit Roe in erring huge Firki in Ltd with 3m pounds of is ppr cent co ppr Ore nor Lvpl in the Ralty n meal rom travelling All the any from the co ppr roman no r mind 12 Miles ens of the Hilton Canyon they comp Down hip Sunti to in njord in Good to Leif. And Corm d the Ore to the depot whirr it was shipped. Perhaps that is what they Call wickedness. I did t know before that wickedness was so she ran her fingers through his hair. This brought their faces near together and their lips met. If your lips Are he said is father declares they Are May satan possess me from this and i wish never to be Good the dialogue lasted till the Day was fading when the agreed that their parents had been mistaken. She. Took him Home with her to convince her Mother that there was a boy who if he was w irked wicked too. When the Mother saw them coming hand in hand she groaned. Said Vera you have Al Wajs told me to beware of n Man s lips that they Are poisonous. This one s Are not. I have tried them with cried the Mother. Is Are us Sweet As the perfume of the n Sud Paul. Are Jou Lavon ski s asked the widow. Vera go into that room and wait until i she shoved her daughter into n room nil locked the in in hour she turn Iii limit Kyj ind n priest. Siirid i jiul. "1 have met a girl. There is no Poison in her lips. They sire d Lii widow let Era out of the room in which she had locked her. The and Thi Rirl Nore Rumle to Stoml passing i up Side the priest asked in Eston s they did not under rect hits by artillery become almost impossible except by Mere Chance. Benzyl to the Rescue. Experiments recently conducted by a Large Oil company notes a writer in Power proved that not Only is Ben Zol More valuable than gasoline As a motor fuel when used straight but its effective value is increased by being mixed with gasoline. These experiments indicate that a mixture of equal parts of gasoline and Benzyl gives a value Over 16 per cent greater than that of straight gasoline which shows 32 per cent increased value for the Benzyl half. In Many quarters Alco hol is looked Urpin As the ultimate fuel but it cannot be employed exc of with great difficulties owing to its High Hydrogen Content Vot you do Dat to prove that you ate Corn for breakfast this Viil Dat machine show Corn in my asked the prisoner seemingly More interested in the machine than that it might prove him guilty. If you robbed the Cornfield As charged you undoubtedly ate the fruits of your robbery for breakfast and the Roentgen lamp will show it in Meln 3ott Vot a machine 1" now Gotlieb if Yon will plead guilty i will ask his Honor to give you a Light the prisoner appeared to be lost in thought. The prosecutor thinking that j Jie had Jot heal the question repeat called j the Bluff. Bran i on Dot i by this time the judge the court and i the spectators were on the tiptoe of expectation of in numbing a scene. The i prosecutor assumed a severe air and calling an Wattem Siut Bent him for an electric lamp. The prisoner was so in i tent upon it thut he did not see the of Liose present. They do not limit their translations to political publications they trans j late novels and romances in All languages for the Sultan and Many thousand volumes of their work have found their Way into the Imperial lib Rary. They Are All written on thick White Royal Octavo Gilt Edge paper and Are fastened together with Green and red ribbons by the translators themselves. After circulating through the harem they Are preserved in the Library. The Sultan s favorite Reading is criminal romances. He subscribes to All news papers that contain reports of the proceedings in the Law courts and there is no famous writer of stories of crime in any language whose works have not been translated for him. I am going to try to teach my ers six russian writes William g. Shepherd in everybody s. The Flat is to Valsh it Means Comrade used to be a Law in Russia against using it the French in their revolution meant about the same thing who they said cloy in it is a word hear a thousand times a Day every where. Bez Annex e these Are the other five words. Hear them As we in the United states hear our latest Slang phrases. Russians use them As we once used i the phrase sixteen to or safety first they mean no annexations and no contributions every russian Loat in his Happy wonderland full of new Joy of life Means when he nest these words to say this world More Beautiful place than i had Eree thought let us All be Brothers help each other to enjoy it instead of fighting to make slaves of Zadto other and to drive the Beauty and piness out of life there is something infinitely thetic in their faces when you say to a russian yes. Tour idea is Una. But what of the in vain the russians have their front and cried to the germans All the rest of the world is listening except the germans to that Call to happiness and peace Tavaris Mir Bez Annex e tribute i " How to use Coal properly House should not be avowed to be come so warm that and windows Are opened. If you want to save Coal never Al Low the House to get so hot that you have to throw open the windows and doors. Thermostats Are cheap these days1. They automatically Down the fire when the temperature is Ris ing to the uncomfortable Point. To get the most out of the heat in Coal the House air should be changed once an hour. Arrangements for such a change should have been made when the House was built. But if that was overlooked when the House was built "1 is snid the prosecuting at Torney Art sit seventy will you can get the change of Ajr in Sev pm Jid guilty Ami tulle a Light sentence eral ways says a writer in the Ameri can Magazine. I do not believe in get Ting this result by having Loose win Dows As we used to do on the farm. I prefer tight windows carefully weather stripped. If that has not been arranged for or if the is too great i find that storm windows Are re ounces stole from police the or. To etude of some people who found shelter in in East London police station took the form of stealing n new Broom and some enamelled mugs. At another police station they stole a clock two pairs of boots and some and damaged some uniforms. At one of the town hails where the Public hns been allowed to overflow into the police court precincts the old testament was Pur i ninth. And in a Public Library several volumes were Globe. Makei heft. Those to i historic records on rocks with a the Young Man for sudden outbursts of wet room i the a Orlenta had their Trou Bles about we Ltd paper shortage the same As we to which the answered yen and be pronounced them Man and wife what Jou done to asked both the at Orp t Ikon tin ulc redness out of was the reply much country. No orly 30 per nut of Continental can non is a Tell and if in i Dunn reports nip to by notes n no. The up is in the of the her one of the fires of possible Oil bearing country on the of nip of the the incl inns report the existence of loaf j a Hundred ill Phi find Over Long in v u icon that no we Ltd Man has a scr while pop i the int Lens apparently know nothing of the As yet untrodden Mackenzie mountains. Such a contrast travellers who enjoy rending on a rail any journey will appreciate this Story. A passenger wanted to rend but r Man opposite would persist in trying to after several Brief replies the rom i r i come irritated. The Gross is Green in t sold the ple Nannt Young Man. Was the answer such a change from the Blue and red grass we be been having some Lorl. My Tes. In wooing yes Remer Nhor that s a girl you gotta bit up nights Home dangers. These men will not crib met to live under an autocratic Rulp. Henry Yon Are not thinking of the Cook or Suft a full penalty of the Law if i find com m your Herman s face assumed an expression of a struggle within him. The was led to believe thut he dreaded exposure from thu Kintgen Ruy but doubted ils. Finally he turned to the judge und said int Bubush mint Jou if me if he find Dot Corn in my Ion in the in Oner looked is rain at the electric Lump w hich the prosecutor was for the purpose of Terri Fjug him. J ferry Well i go to shall but i i won t court is tint i there wis nothing Lor tile ii Tyrney to do i it Mil ins pump no lie i Ili Ishii the the prisoner s j stomach and turned to with i u rending Lii a. 1 there it be. You must have Enen a then turn ing to the Emu e. He no Kilerl Ilione i prom a Lii Puso Wipt your Honor it n Mains fur Joii to sentence up on him. And Nuvi tint Bis persistence in. Ins built i urge that on make it Sill Tiit the Law Al lows in a his laughter the judge said i Ris Iii r the prisoner have Jou nor filing to Sny Why i should not p s nil Rue upon Jou yes Jutith a Bine mis Neffer made in skier Noiin i i Ile Warll it is a Humbug h 1 Ali n i Tell to truth All i Bud for Dis l dish of. There was an explosion in the court room the on off Roll word spoken to preferred two it lots. The tender hurl been pm plan Nung fractions to her when she and in ruled the subject at length wish ing to How much Light had been shod she inquired ".vow. Bobbie which would you in Thor have one Apple or two the it top Chap promptly replied two of exclaimed the Young a Oman a Little disa pointedly Why would Yon prefer two halves Beacom than i could see if it waa i Bear Ujj Jalall Camp s hams Bruin later captured in trap Elded Juicy Steak and Pelt brought Good Price. With hams at present prices even Rich corporation like the great norths Era paper company cannot afford feed bears on that sort of fodder and so it was a distinct Relief to the bom of the company s Camp on Elm nine Miles from seeb Fomook Falls when the Camp timekeeper Raymond Dyer of Bangor acted a Bangor respondent of the new York worst writes. In the Camp on Elm Stream was Ai barrel of smoked hams. One morn ing the barrel was full. A week later the barrel was harmless the Cook tracks of a Young Bear were around the building. Dyer set a trap. One morning three o clock the Crew were aroused a tremendous grunting and thrashing. The Ham thief was in the trap fat furry and furious securely pinched by his right foresaw. A logger the Bear s Skull with an a. The men. Ate some of the Bear meat and Dyer got the skin which he sold for a Good Price in Bangor and also collected state Bounty s. Relatively cheap. Then air slots which let in air when you want it Are Good. An actor s wish. George Ade. On 1 return from a to of Iii Mills Jit mini ii m brought n Story Back Home us my Nilu inno news. A k e in York Eily or. Aile dropped in i the i snubs club where n lot of i Joist War As 1 were i uni ii no omit the trenches Humour to but nil c1nl w i n too old. Ore of t be 11 ii a us he regretted or tally lie w n not eligible but he Lippi i Ali it i Imi Jet in he bit in some on t us Ile. To sold it in v in to co to France n Ilie it if i could pet the i i f w r uni i in which actor. Well replied the world be Warrior. I should Iii e to co i i front As the i for n a Miril with a yellow nerve of a t during some recent Maneu vers the Rehoboth sunday Herald a raw recruit had been told off As orderly. On reaching the marquee where the diner he poked his head in and bluntly inquired have be anything for me to do Dingus today laying Down his Cigar the officer exclaimed Why the Don t you introduce yourself in a proper sinner sit he added and i will show Yon How to report the himself and officer proceeding to the Entrance walked briskly into the tent sainted and sold orderly for the Day sir. Have Yoa any orders for the recruit calmly picked up the Dis carded Cicur from the table and be tween laconically replied no Thorp ? Little doing today. Ton can Hoof friends in need. Gov. Thouin1 h Campbell in in nip Umont in of an profit tax. Kim in Phoenix i u full own Ore great friends of the government but when it comes to bang tit spa Why like Murphy. " cheer up. Man i1 said Murphy to yrs look As if Yez did t mixe n Friend in the whole our old " of Htun to " o annl cried Murphy part lev. If it Nln t Tyz want to Horaj o m As Good a Frind i Ever Yez had " she wit willing. Vole it Olur hello Emlu will Jou Innery me who is this i or. Want to Mirry my daughter Why she s Only n child Tom i thought i d get j Early before the horses Loyal to cavalry. Almost human ins Tinct one Hundred hordes turned to the remount by the first new York cavalry when that organization was Transf i red into in Chin gun demonstrated their disapproval of the reorganization stampeding relates the Brooklyn Engle. Horse1 Puld no attention to the Mili tary discipline but broke Down barricade of the remount station galloped Over to the picket line of first in Vilry the per old rendezvous Many of the hordes took positions la front of the tents of and a Lars who have Ridden them for be form. An no Nam was Sprind and the cavalry men were compelled to Corral their former dumb Awid Nepi and them Back to the remount station. Castoria for Infante and children in for Over 3o years the

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