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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - December 26, 1850, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania19. Sketches. Amongst the Clouds. My ii fur the Homo j Toga two dollars tear. Thursday morning december 26, 18507 i 7 in i i in in Llic month of aug first to t.r-. R. In1 p in a Ion of Mainheim was i in n fact lit a groups. All ively on the site of the 11 Ilesi cd. Except a Van ii Youtie of of instruments. Is o " the cobra it Cip tier had for Lime attracted the j. I Rove to the Ivy of in was it of Iii Cocivi by that it As a of and i s Success in Ger in i an ascent wan As simple a trip upon the Rhine. I. Voyages were Short and firmly fastened to Len i Wiric i one could lengthen or -1 p i isre. The in Loon Only Rose to the the it i Maud who rur Cly above the highest Trees. In the Garden were an Point ovum which they were to or Vir when a Man about Lorty ii by n Young girl a m of one of the most i Liy i were re. By. Slowly. 03 if pre i or some length the spoke in gesture. Iii Var i live can i Pinion for liisniiiing1 with me the pm in Iii Liu l knows this pot 1 b la a in Mihe to Liiv. D curo l it Lior nce because u flying i to i Michael of by Lens Luff i re tis my r Ranii july thl is 1 in t inn and he h i u lie Vuil it Al. in i Miclon a Bill Ray. That i to Eniy and i by hard i r pm null a i via by i runner Ulio i i no in 10 it re Liin a 1 Pio inn is clip. Ami i Hay to m Lilli uni Elvis Vril Many thanks said Florence whose i color soon returned i shall become accustom i de to this i look look cried Michael we Are already above the the Young girl to oked do Wiki Anc the Larny of the spectacle made her forgot Hor pars. Trio Garden Rubin was below them and the Eye could at one glance distinguish All its parts. Immediately below the balloon extended the Esplanade covered with a crowd of peo ple whose murmurs scarcely reached our serial voyagers. Tiie air seemed lighted and had an exciting freshness. Florence turned her joyous face towards her brother. How grand and Beautiful everything she. Michael do you not sort of in j out thought toxic nation and Are you not Here More tranquil and Happy than Yon were a Short time f replied filter the physical Sensa Tion passes to the mind. I am raised a Overlie thei some of them Are under the what Are they doing they Are unfasten ing the ropes look the three Bent Over at the same time uttering loud cries and hands but it was too whole no.645. Here were men like themselves their eyes perhaps followed them in the Clouds they might even feel interested in their safety. And the balloon still descended. P Bezi t at distinguish Fields houses ate. Believing the boat empty the students and persons. All at once .1 r in " e fus i of in by. Village and his wind carried e the three travellers first exhausted them them in that direction they soon arrived above selves with useless cries and but the Meadows at the foot of the Hills. Florence when they had lost sight first of the Garden of i clasped her hands and sobbed she distinguished the Cabin then of the Earth a sort of Calm the roof of their dwelling the Grove of Oats caused rather by weakness than resignation i where she often sat and the Little succeeded to their despair. Brook which ran along the fool of the they remained motionless silent almost with Michael himself wept. At this moment the j balloon which had been descending began to their situation could not indeed be compared j Rise again slowly. To a Young girl and her Bro with any ther. In Ordinary the dangers ther uttered a cry of despair and Bendine Over of which a Man is exposed been foreseen the Side of boat extended their arms As if Flor ence. Why do they go off thus one after Ano ther look the platform which sustained the principal pieces has Given it is a failure. Do you hear the i Pardon me exclaimed Michael they r the Kaul Strailey which surround the Are break it is an the said tie s Mihov Are Reven ing Thornsel lives u by him. He has prepared himself for them by i they would have flown towards their habitation a was themselves nor could they Hope for the Assis i a t their recitals or Reading but Here All have we no Means of descending t cried who t blot was unforeseen they could do nothing for tearful Florence Why crowd upon the they Are waiting for the observed the stranger. And Liere go the first said Tancre if others they flu my Lalifi selves so to Spiik out of the sphere of humanity condemned i to that passive courage which Muke Mic there is replied Lortina v but it is let us try it anything in ther than to re the cart main Ritter think of t lie last said the Young Man it a be death without being Zibie to Frestal moment. Florence insensible from terror had hid j sides our last Den her face brother s breast who suffer j he Rose with precaution raised the Iron ing from fear astonishment and grief could bound stick which he had until then kept near find no Consolation to give her. Him. And Tore the cover of the balloon. Your Are in your own House or. Said the Fohner turning towards the Youn Man. Then the judges hive decided in my said he with a Joyful Start. This is the Christian took the paper which Michael held continued the Farmer you Are the master of All that belonged to your cout sin his Domain is a Domain is not Worth so much As a Friend interrupted Loffman. Tearing the paper. Ritter looked in astonishment Florence clasped her hands. Continued the Young Man Here a guest hot Rei a Honey Moon incident. Or. Baker a Bald headed gentleman of five and forty was married two weeks ago to mrs Sarah Garvin of thirty and upward the Young very common ably situated Anim or. B. Is a senior mercantile clerk with Good salary two weeks of rapture or. And mrs. Baker seated Side by Side on a sofa in the parlor arranging their plans for the future main As the expected responsibilities happened to be Lead Irish topic. Mbaker hoped the. First May b a e i sem. To see. Him now j tumbling about the carpet kicking up his i came innocent heels liked a blessed Lambkin he have your name his dear it scum s he who received me with so much generosity i so Beautiful and shall himself Point out an arbiter to regulate i thank you my love. I wished to have him our i said Ritter much moved can i i named responded her Hus tand very a vrho to hat we agree in every thing. I la j teach him some amusing tricks see i f i Loffman turned a look full of tenderness make a Man of him before he Shiv Florence who cast Down her eyes then taking i won t i my dear t the hand of the she who formed Bur Friendship has the Power to draw the links still closer and to Ren Der a division easy Between i in what Way v asked Michael. By causing two friends to become Niiler looked upon Florence with a smile As to be sure you will Darling Shi l learn to read and write before he Leaie i Oil his petticoats i know hell be that he will and he shall smoke a Cigar As ebon As he is weaned. It looks to Manly to see a Little Modding fellow puffing away at a real Havana. All promising boys i r t in ins Urease 10 nine her Hestian Loffman seated at the other exp it seemed Gutter a sith and agitated itself de her hand t i off of the boat seemed Les troubled and a convulsively Jike a Hui an being receiving a if to question her the Yoong girl threw herself learn tos Moke Early. I smoked in my second on his breast to hide Iier confusion and extend remily cast from time to time a look of commiss ration wound. For a moment the uncertainty was upon Michael Ritter and his sister but the re terrible. The Gas escaped impetuously. The the Carden. On account of their disappointment of heir and the insults they j balloon fell with frightful rapidity. The three 1 end heaped upon each other kept them apart i travellers closed theirl eyes frightened and even in this common danger. Meanwhile balloon abandoned to the winds of night floated All at once a noise was heard and they sex Aloiv fortunate thit we Are not in the midst the Florence. Thou Art no longer afraid asked Ritler. Vol no then we my Rise Nunda the signal agreed upon the Corda were loosened and the balloon Rose again for moments alien stopped. One Way to fight a Duel. A scotch major who had been so skilful with his. Sword of to duels with repeated Success but who on account of his extreme desire for quarrelling when a Little intoxicated in one of tiie Graceful a com and for his boasted courage was deserted and i i be resolved that every year. I d rather he would not smoke my dear it s a very Nasty a Nasty practice my love How can that be i smoke you yes i know you do or. Biker and it is the Only imperfection in Ujj our about some times cleaving the Nir rapidly like Peri eucled a violent Shock they looked up Ter j despised by his brother officers of Milie she to smoke the first thing., a Swallow regaining her nest and found the balloon fasting the branches in Jolo company Over the mountains like a vulture. Loffman and Ritter occasionally Bent Over the Side and at the Bottom of this Gulf of darkness could per to .1 i trembling and confused i i he three travellers altered at the same tune i _ i there happen a to an officer of the j Reffi ment which Washin at Montreal -1 towards evening of the same Day Loffman this Yankee related Monir other thin of a Pine tree and the boat swinging a few feet be present a from the ground. And River were leaning from the window of of admiration. Showed the. Situation of cities and hamlets Sojin House i built upon the Declivity of nil below them extended As fir ten pop these last races of the Ais appeared Thoj to which he had conducted his sons Eye could regions and companion alter Meir Aen Verance. Reach valleys on which i r 10 of sighed k or Porc lived ii. S4i i a Irh in , Here am i i v of i his All air having a Novise the Arr i brei i , Sunie me Pim this Singu to 5 Iri in top a in Lii re n captive a if Acerol y to to l fro one it Al girl Jha seemed to Florence could not i cry of s or prison an 1 in from i Thi first a i an oppor Lunicy of Exanna with her brother. Vlic in ire Etc claimed the guardian a i the Cropun 11 at the bunt in Witeli a to item to self he looked like a hand one of the Iron use when on an exit. . He Wanh a smile turn wouldst thou Noj like to take in to next d the Young girl. Eaid the Jui Dian. I 1 up More Tolian Len thousand 1 descend again when we on ? Tho by a Cord which although nhe Felt borne such an ascent tempted her tied depend on her brother Shonn t Saul she was ready to go if n re r a voyage in the said Hob Dat they placed them saw them seated he of pcs. And Tho balloon began to As tiie Young girl uttered an sex Iraj turned Pale. Who eat opposite stretched his the Cord. Clum to th6 Earth seen forests Meadows cultivated Fields and villages whose various colors and Shipes formed capricious . Black Forest on the Sicie of Wirta Burg and the Rhine on the Side of France framed this Pic Ture with an undo listing line whilst one saw winding afar and losing the horizon tin Neckar covered with Ben Ling sails. Happy country said the stranger As if to himself Happy country Liere i l l to Man the Fertile Field tie Navi Gunlik River Ami the wooded Mountain. Mirfiai-1 sighed. Happy indeed had Boen no room left Tor Law suits and he added in a Lone. I can sympathize Willi you said the a Yon then also compelled to before the 1 am and against an adversary who will nothing in order to despoil said Michael if we Yaina his Law suit i lose All that i have acquired " the my Libor will go to enrich a greedy ail my will be annihilated to the pro fit of a i cannot help fearing that Law will cause Justice to be that intrigue will prevail Over All. I cried Michael our position a the some sir you. Also plead against some Christian Christian in Flinan repeated the stranger thai is my yours and my adversary a named Michael Rit that is my the two men looked on each aur prise mingled with anger and hatred. The air became every moment More rare. They j the brother and sister at thought i began to feel was u buzzing of rejoicing with him at their escape but when the failure of a certain which he and the misfortune to be wounded. Vii Iii pro n rascally set 01 observed tin you Are a Horrman x lie major the Yankee. The Scotchman by stared. I in la Weir ears and they i Elt shooting pains through these Joyful feelings had in some measure sub de Down him with As much contempt us their bodies and the air becoming colder sided Ritter Felt Awakening within him the Goliah did upon David and immediately asked seemed As if it would freeze their stiffened limbs j remembrance of bin interests so gravely men j Are Yon a fit Man to meet me 1" Florence whose strength was exhausted Sank aced. Replied the Yankee at any time leaning on the wooden rail which served for and where you Only with the proviso a Balcony he had for some that without Down at the feet other brother. What Art Tiniou about 1" he asked. I wish to murmured the i silent when Christian who had been looking Well then to Morrow morning at 5 o clock awake cried Michael around Over the country turned suddenly and a sleep a death. Hise up Bui she remained motionless. Florence repealed Michael said How far does your Domain extend Ter the company present endeavoured to dissuade v Michael started a if this question has re j6 Yankee telling him the of my god she hears me not and i have no j q him Hough a advantage where he had none and better he had Means of warming her i take this said a voice. N. J j lie raised his head and perceived lot Man j 1 taking off a furred garment which he wore. J but asked Ritter surprised and i touched. I tie Strong Are More Able to replied i Christian displaying the clock j Michael helped him to around hisses i Ter and whilst doing so his hand touched that i of the Young my he pressed it warmly. What you have now done makes me Pardon fall the Slid hand i regret having spoken the words which wounded i regret replied Christian much moved i was More in the than your let us be indulgent towards each said Michael we shall soon have to give an account before god of our feelings and actions let us at least depose our hatred before appear ing in his i no longer feel resumed Christian Here is my hand it is that of a i accept it As said Michael with a a you wish to know what amount of compromise., Jaye cause land you will gain by your said re Penl his rashness but he still persisted. The next morning the Yankee repaired to the place somewhat before the appointed hour armed a Large Musket. After the major made his appearance with his Brace of pistols Anil sword. Before he had advanced far with some bitterness. Upon my soul i was not thinking of you need not Blush if you said kit Ter each has Confidence in his own right. I show you the limits of the the , in an austere bid him Slop or and he pointed out to him one after the he would Bullet through him. The major amazement at this unexpected Stral in tartly obeyed but expostulated with injustice of such pro Trie Yankee was imply Reahle and de o punish him for his past conduct Al and a re him on the i feedings Ter mined other the Woods the Fields and the Meadows 6lruc w composing it. You have kept it in very Fine order observed Christian. I have devoted All my time and know ledge to it replied the Farmer. I hoped to make Many More improvements but who knows How Many Days i shall still pass May even already have ceased to be at that moment Florence entered. She looked agitated and held in her hand a letter 1x of obeying and uttering a Volley of curses bearing the Post Mark of Mainheim. Is it from or. Asked Michael turn ing Pale. The abuse he himself had received. Lay Down your sword and says in still presenting his Musket. And to the right about face March the poor major was again under the i from replied the Young girl. Against his Star passively submitted. The Yankee then quietly took Possession of his arms " tis base Lis cowardly thus to disarm me i of will Eaid the major. Pious effusion. We have both been deceived shall learn what it is. 1 then the judgment is pronounced and we replied his fellow combatant i will Deal Horn orally with Yon there take my mus Loffman each of us believed the other to a he extended his trembling hand to take the i Ket tin owing it towards him and defend your a Rascal because he had opposite interests and i letter but Florence seized it in hers and Cost we column rated each other Ign Branlly. I in a timid glance on Loffman. he quite incensed seized the weapon with let us descend said she placing j it is often so amongst men their hatred is caused whatever May said she forget j with a mixture of exultation and precipitate one hand an the Arm of her brother. But Michael heard her not. What or. Loffman has just said of his adj Ersary a a calumny cried he looking on the stranger with sparkling eyes. What or. Ritler has said of his is a false returned the Young Man quickly. In heavens s name let us resumed the trembling girl. Very said Michael explanations will be More easily made upon the ground and i Hope they will be added inf Lyman in a significant tone. He had drawn Che Bell Cord and the three voyagers remained silent for a moment but the balloon continued motionless. The Young Man sounded a second time then a third without being More fortunate. The guardian ought to hear murmured he again drawing the Cord. Lie is no longer there said Florence who had Bent Over the Side of the boat. It is exclaimed Michael in his turn the commotion is still going on and has fright ened him away. Look at that Bonfire into which the crowd Ura throwing the and Al that company of Young men running Over the walks and breaking the by ignorance or . Let us both not that you have renounced All thank Providence for having United us in our the letter give me the letter exclaim last hours in order that we May present our selves before him without hatred in our hearts. A i will thank him with said Florence who revived at that moment. Let us Pray cried Ritter pressing her in his arms and May he Pardon us As we Par Don one another Al these words he and Christian uncovered themselves and the three United in a common prayer. As they concluded a Pale Light appeared in the East and it was Dawn. The wind which had until Ihen carried them up into More elevated regions appeared to Vej Michael very much . The Young girl Drew Bock a step. Promise first to submit without ill will to the decision whatever it May and Point ing with her Finger to the Pirie Iree at the Bot Tom of the Hill on which still Hung the remains of the balloon. Recollect the night passed amongst tie Clouds and the oath which you Ritter and Loffman looked on each other. There was a moment of hesitation then each extended his hand. Cried Michael it Liall not be said that danger alone opened our Hans to mercy. Change suddenly the began to descend saved by the goodness of god let us prove our slowly and a Little Hope entered their hearts. J gratitude by our submission. Christian Loff their reconciliation had also increased their Man we left our hatred in the Clouds let it not courage. No. Longer isolated by their hatred return to us again on Earth. Whatever this they helped to sustain and support each other letter announces i declare will accept it with. The Sun arose soon and gave to to Weir View j out the country below them. And i will bless it for having assured to me it appeared to them a resurrection they were a added Chriatian even if it destroys no longer alone in that abyss darkness thro All my which they had floated All night the Sun shone the Earth existed still they saw it below them they perceived Rivers mountains and Florence letter to her brother who opened it with a firm hand looked Over in and turned rather Pale. Vengeance and Rushing Forward demanded his arms or he would blow his brains put. J blow away and be replied his opponent. Provoked Petsuch unparalleled insolence in a fit of frenzy he Drew the trigger. But alas the Musket had not been charged t the Lwy of out brag Adocia was so sullied and his feelings so nip Tahy wounded by this indignity that he sold his commie Ion and left the place. Strong preaching. An ethiopian divine holding Forth to his Start led auditors on the terrors of the the other evening discoursed in this Wise and Den in awful tire my when de armr Cost Gog and Magog shall make War de hosts of heaven de sinner shall flew to rocks and to de to de Mou Ugains and Woods but the lord Wilt rain Down hell fire and Hail Slones dal will Atigh upon from uttermost parts of de Young Wotan to con mud he making a special Appeal waru la you be in dal blessed time of Fredren and Sis tech and he Termina Ted with a declamatory yell that fairly raised the rafters in Token of the thought he appreciated but could not express and i be that no son of nine shall learn to smoke Al All. Very Plarl mentioned it then for it is Rii Jirl Inal we should com loan understanding on the subject i la. Let you know that i am master in my own let you know Tyjai old tyrant. Say such Annlot i la turn you out of doors touch me if you dare you cowardly old Vil lain. Help mrs. B. Falls Mlo violent ser vants Rush in House maid supposing that mrs. B is assassinated by her husband flies to the front door and repeats the cry of great crowd collected. Or. Baker taken in charge by a Deputy marshal of the police. Explanation at tie mayor s office. Or. B. Is bound Over to be of Good behaviour towards mrs b. Which will insure a quiet House for. The balance of the Honey Moon. And Here was rather a bad matrimonial fracas All about Sinott. I i exchanging pulpits. I a few Miles below this Village says Poughkeepsie correspondent there now lives Anil hag lived for. Seh eral years past a worthy clergy Man a Man however very Short in upon a certain sunday about eight years ago this Clergyman was invited by the pastor of a Church in this Village to fill his pulpit for the Day. The invitation was accepted a Ini orning saw or. In the pulpit. Now it happened hat the pulpit was a very High one and accordingly nearly hid the poor Little Cler Gyman Froni View. However the congregation out of respect managed to keep their out in ances and with Over pious faces seemed religiously anxious or the text. They were not obliged to Wail Long for a and Woli Lle eyes suddenly appeared Over the of of. Pul pit and i speaking tremulous voice porn claim a in Tasal the be of Good cheer i is i be afraid.1" a general of laughter followed the Clergyman be came con used and turned All sorts of colors. I Many in the general uproar left the Church and it was a Long Lime before was enabled to proceed with Iii s i Loup ii broken off. Tough Story. You Are rather crooked character or. -1 Rales a sir but not quite so crooked As a Iree i once knew. It was the la Lett Butternut i Ever standing close to it one Day in a Thunder storm i. Saw a Squirrel on one of the Topmost branches. The struck the same Branch about three feet above Squirrel lightening had to follow the Gram and the Squirrel went straight Down. So confounded crooked was the tree sir that the Squirrel by my watch got to the Bottom precisely three minutes before the that s a exclaimed the landlord. A lie True sir As any Story Ever was i afterwards Cut the tree Down and made it into i s for. A hug pasture. The to is would crawl through Twenty times in n

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