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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - December 22, 1847, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania10 bet j r Marillea editor see Tor. Id within Tho paper i Seoi at the Dre tide ments Ettell three Mes Equen insertion Licona get bronc Hienl Ilisco Ting a con dollars fifty be fifty in and for Cash cd ill be deducted Linurd until All am option of the Ellew not exceeding twelve or one do liar audio Twenty five cents deserted for seventy or three insertions no to yearly advert 1, taper an abducted if to Illy in and rages an very sub notices riot be cents same is. Moor Andre s def corps Sosno it of Tho Newa who me n1 tint i has fun to be for of sundry Kunou Mamonas of the Knowle for the co Cumont which we is Ever Saen Befi Road b Jarl major to termed to d ,10 doubt Hal it Milf Rusl by Many Slid to hold a a general officer of i in by i be order of my i entered lha s null onto when a by the Ion i a j r hid repented in had taken and thai i us 10 River in ant logo so far i ii Reni Ilung lli8 author it 1 i by Cor Nunin Ipp was in 10 him Elemer 11 i ily m Hopes to a Cluj a Oil ii u i is i to in Ilu n i i j 111 Ijac Viii 41 i 13 is ii i m i i ions Anil it Urov and i a ii Leirich fro is i la Ial i Vay ads no la receive do his on Rev 3 miik.8 n q Rren dral fico i of a pc ii led in that a is nol tie n aces which Folio my gun Arnold coi Trul. La Alun 1 Ili "1 be inert Lor Wal due is i ii Ihira by try Laid in us it m be the a a Hildier rns a it to Refus carry Imp Kelcil Oiler am a i t 10 Eirc i my i Ile View i in in. Pywar to 1 i Init it to of 1 it is that f Rode in Dis Rol fir Bec Jelv As far a e Bir Blun criminal j re m i to b in. I was nol 10 w army ilm Furm any Ion n in dist or polite. I Rinn of a spa Brand my of comp to ii t if it i i n a i Vou. It is no i am above it by lanes Isle Dud to 11. D i n an to Vible Man for l i a it is Siul found f us n True Billiey were n i mint Jou i in Colin in scaled i Tieff soul Hariu Cournand vou1 1 h its by n i i i it j Luli ill la j in. B it m it or 1. Nip no Nart i spurn i 19 i screen i by n. In Orlier h h u i i least is a form a. 1, who t j j Imo hit Ailo ii ire Only b Asut w 10 an i or in if "1-u i 311 no so be. K daily Gaia in old pias and mat of do net ire the thas a vill be Namu e Anae n com Mas by passed Thornly that a of lha avowed he had of his Ihns to s to do mined m Mil ii turn to thai i in your by 1 i i and co of n strength m the ice of a bul to with an Nammal. De after Ere not bad lha use i s i was ads in Una to than scorn a web my Pun deals i co Sci Sharga la me. Mine. It they i hid y Gen. And i of the ought of Nina Cernada ars. In i Carat me that at i ins Ive Hava a out tre led a to Oul la i i actions in moral code Noti Ara b in u Phr sol Lor Mere a is i v Fruto n a Jolico is All i Cla 9 which is neither swayed led by passion a no i Fri n Iionia rails minds eth Dat Fri nations. 1 h i in i that my cais. U likened Cip Hitt in 1773 i have m and his mind Arlunas. I with i that Man that adorn vites alumni Nulu 9, i could b w i la. bul Pic h Flo Vyas wayward and lie Cut off yet younger than want Oul knowing that he the charafctch1 of a ii i t Lisbin Luisa into his the 0 Bis Graat coma Zojer. Thlu what Hie assumed and a his death Law it any be comp i alike i Prestood that 1 rom Burn that it that directed a gon thai of a re of Hal m and ele Tioga to be tag , go text Ciuro titty amusement. Vol. X. Disguise. I assumed no disguise Nar took Ujioka Ray Sale any other character t Ian Tibai of a British officer who had bus nets to transact Wanh an american officer in Fine i ask not even for Jui Tiea if of want a victim to tha names of those fallen untimely i May As Well a Tim As another. I Hare in the to compare a him still Juit. A tools in life id his c Shea Bambi cacti Ota Oft nimely now am. 9 Busu look All request i ready its con nations notary to d be in n band and the i Wellsboro Bat vie t Undis t in the on Struc led any i have guided manner Given you every a Case. I Only rely in lha proper c lion of those facts. List Maba it bul a spy. I am a spy examined nothing Learned nothing communicated Nething but my detention Loar Nold Hal he might escape if he thought proper 10 to this was As i conceived my duly. I Hope the Gallant or who was Ihen unsuspicious of his general will nol condemned for the error he com milled. I i further Stalo that Smith who was lha medium of communication did not know any part of our conference except thai there was some necessity for secrecy. He was counsel in various i tiers or general Arnold and from All Tho inter Viivi i bad Wilh him and it was Smith who Lenl my this dress coat of Cri Mson on facing Lold that i did not Nish Lobo known by English or americans. I do not be Lieve that he had oven a supposition of in errand. On me your Wrath should fall if on any one i know your affairs look gloomy but Llinat is no reason Whyril should be sacrificed. My death can do Jour cause no Good. Millions of friends 10 your in you will Loaa if you condemn a. I say not this by Way of threat for i i Tuovi Lenl brava Are net to be awed by them nor will brava my a indic Ive because they ars de Danu dog 1 should not have a word had it not been for Iho of Mia of others Winch i am bound to respect. The sen Lenco Vou this Day pronounce will go Down to posterity Trull exceeding great distinctness on the Page of history and if humanity and Honor Mark this Day s your in Nea each and n .1 of you will be air numbered by Bolh Nal on when Lay have grown and More Power Ful Man they now Are. But if misfortune befalls me i shall in Lime hav All due honors pm to my memory the Martyr is Kepi in remembrance when in tribunal that condemned him is for Gollen. I Irusle thu honorable court will believe a when i say a lift i Havo spoken was from no Idla fear a of u Coward. I Hare the French Bastini there is a deep and thrilling pathos in the subjoined vividly described article written by a prisoner in the a Balile i am an old Man by fifteen years my soul is than by body fifteen years 1 existed for i did not in was not the self same Dungeon ten Leet Square 1 during six i had companion Dun 15 nine 1 has alone i never could rightly distinguish the face of him who shared my Captivity in to eternal Twilight of our cell. Ithe first year we talked incessantly related our lives our Jofs forever gone Over and Over again. The next year we to each other our thoughts and ideas on All subjects the third year we had no ideas to communicate to were beginning to lose the Power of reflection. The fourth at Llie interval of a in Only or so we would of n our lips to each other it it were Midei d possible that the world went on so Gaj Ai d bustling As when we formed a portion of the fifth we were silent. The sixth he away i never knt Vav where to execution or to Liberty but i was glad when he was gone so Tuc e was bet Ter than the dim vision of that Pale vacant face after that i was alone i ouly one event broke in upon years Vacar by. Day it must have been a year 01 my companion had left me. The door was opened and a voice proceeding i knew words by order of Hisim pen i intimate to Jou Bat your w year then the door was i heard no More they had but great agony m upon me and left with it one two after Dungeon whence de these in Maje life died a shut and Flung this me alone women often lose the Man they love and who loves them by Mere wantonness of Coque Lery. They reject and repent at their Leisure and it is not in frequently the Case that they fall a sacrifice to their own Mali Cious schemes. They should be careful not to take this step rashly for a proud High minded Man rarely Aska a woman twice so much for Citi citizens of new address to the Pope. A Public meeting of York to make a demonstration of Surapa thy in the efforts which Pope Pius in i e of Liberty in Italy on monday eve the huge builds wednesday december sift 1847. Making for the Advance was held at the Tabernacle neg 29lh of november. Ing was crowded Ami mayor of the assisted by the and Jersey City and dents presided. Lett mayors of Brooklyn Rous vice Percsi Vicie Road from tin Van Burn Buchanan or. Benton Ard Hon. Albert Gull Rufus chorale chief Gen. Games and Sovcik were made and Rosoli or. Dallas Var governor sew Edward Justice Hornblower Alo Theis spec clips. Of a very expressive character were a doped and do i ring the proceedings lie following address i a Cpd by the meet i to the Pope was read esq., and warmly aping to mis holiness pore Pius in. F of these i in cd Hiliu. Profound interest tin have Allan did and la followed your Csc valium to the Antler Cut which has thy and unmeasured half of a portion of l you an in session o Icard and Cpl italic cherished by All. We address n Tift but As inc Vise a the people have observed which cd cols Winch once oppressed and Well governed Gratcl we unite in Ihab which borne of us .1 numb i is not but is. Of to our National origin which 1 sunny clime we kno in the proud Days and Slit degraded by Ioie Ign we hav Benignant destiny ave Pic shall to again i Liee. In the tical v lion we Hail you As j str mint and a into Yimpa Ionuia Tiomi. In be is a Coper we Lender i Host of arc t As Sovereign Pon d humane Sulci of a bul now and Happy pop Sci lot As Jal Holipski v Hilo inc i catch Puli titans and Eilon i t it Asib is thu Occam land lion your Well what Italy f her Unity Fredon has since Bec Fishi ule its 1 item Oik Ilca and internal i i that a lofty Ard i Hen Sci pc a dependent and f her Rugen Terji in a posted in y Pray Llinat your til Yon wit Days May be Ziolon cd i Ness the consuming Lii n of the wisc and Nufi cent policy Vav Hick is destined to ice Lei your name bul Tneia blk Ial ice a nov Well that s one of Curcic inc path you have climb in Ditl Cully and Penl our acc blurs shrug Ltd 1 garb and t Date Llic blessings though favo cd Vilh t has la Icv been Vout Lipavr veg to be free. In Habil it is Divorl shall in ined ulv ring Gooij like Fie Pilj to such a b Jess Llian courage of a Ioichy of Thi Well aware Lylial Coli by Jou Civi die ale of aril Coralic Favori. Must Haic Arcady Cou Loi the Maclina ions halted of the to Wiful in of Wiscom Cpl ii meaning but deluded. Must have calmly sol Sci Nerous deed or Endeavor cat Ever be really Defeated or foil of its Ulli Mcle Reward we assure you from Joyful experience that the blessings of constitutional f Reedom far out weigh All the and sub nags through which nations Advance to their achievement. Short As our Nair anal life has yet been it has already demonstrated to Jevery thought Ful observer the immense superiority of Liberty to despotism a Ian element of National growth and social Well being it has shown that the rights of persons and property May be secured under which guarantees no ils and Powers to Del than under any Ole that the Agi nation and acts of violence which Are Inci Dent to human frailty or injustice under any form of government sire far less fre quell under oui s than any other and that May assail 01 to Nealen us live not their origin not n an cd Cess of lib cite but the contrary so Inch at Usri we feel that we Are amply justified in saying in of your pos it braves and the Antic Pali in Csc Fiance of superficial do not Appie hand that tic of Despol so arc Aboul to against you. The in v one of moral rather than p which tire artillery of Nnandi and silences that o which opinion is More to Nils. Trust therefore Dii cd and open resort Loic shed Youanie Shie lilt a by Good Man b approbation a throughout inc Len fits a Chri Blendow. But Slizuk Lions be let t Sor bewail the first lion the Penis is it jus Lifsics. Ippi Ranee we mailed cohorts c set in Molicy hich we live is Sical Vav a i fare lie pics com the Camp in ent Sihau Miayo i hat against any rce and Biourd be panoply of 1 sym Palluck id bread los of these Cape cat u rash Aggras fund in such a Conics will reverberate arc m every Moun lain summoning the a Ravca an from Coulter a encounter wits in cai.ipobn1a the Hunter though ran set upon by robbers Jor tru Oake of the pack of furs he was carry in on his Bac c to pome of the sea port Tow is on the oops t to dispose but As Pijie fir Hunters Are generally on foot and from Job. 489 by has Bee Iii Tref watch ing about for either hostile i Diane or wit Amin alg they Are always 01 their guard end As the robbers Well k Tow Bat the Are to a Man riflemen flu Seldom mis their Mark they avoid them during m rambles in the wilds and fastnesses c California i became acquainted with Man of them some irom the Back settlements t the United slates others from Canada. I have hunted for months with alien and witnessed some Between then and wild a animals in who Rah the Taring and recklessness a exhibited b Tho Hunter. These Are nod the men lie robbers like to encounter but i have Sai they sometimes Lake a fancy to the valuable pack of furs which if they ind any fac by of obtaining they make i in attempt is the very Climax of Erue those poor Fellows of Par to us Hunter for baft and Puckott of Tao Nib de Board of health have Lien called opon to visit another Street Cal de Bedford the of the Anthorn Ilion and Pori tonal Al and lying Victiria to squalid Moda a trance want of biker Street is found to it neighbor the kid fallen in with him mat his any Down the Valley of 1 from the Interior with a Luis on his Back i Neier ins hand and his two no the Bew of lakes Eavy of erring Rille in by his Ith w Inch of air Lions of people will not in pc Lieen wholly in vain. Ice most we arc venerable fat Irule. Marriages. The English love to licit passion the to Handzis a Cerf tic English when fic quintly with much Mill much pm Cimity Lorn in sir is Rill own Minini holc i Ilii the hand Liu in i in agi1 of Dnn and con Sci so in inc in Leader sue h a 1 to .1 people san ild no now in the English he w appoint d that with and return the Dulch Aie s slightest acknowledgement and hat pm u Hall Croil cd Ken Foi Tunc it Jirovec no Piec Iaus i non we thai Effie the Cott ration of and Franklin of Adams and Jef Clibon air Jid not in or upon the sen without a Doliber of set drily and know hit d to if inc Luilly painful s of Llic know that you untiring hostility and Road of All the 01 tyra Cal rulers who assume to it Over any portion of the fair italian who Fiji by hat social consists in Llic num of those conditions which they have Hil Irto All who Cai slut not up iced by Llic Al Vorsand Kings an All these your sell ingratitude of Multi to i to a Naruc fur them Sci f luxury and sloth uselessly Chis cd in uhf pc Sll it a tag Birath of in d Mode Toimi Dabic Ullin to encounter and i by god s help to overdo no Lllan i Mcness and ides just released from be numbing bondage Ivlue i could clamor in the wilderness to be led Jalc to the flesh pots of Egypt among the contemporaries and even Llic follow cars of Oursa Vigour could leave Linn to Bear in Solitude the agony of his and Uhichi in Jour Case we aspic Miciul will yet Manifest itself in unreason a e Chi tons extravagant Hopes impetuous requirements and in murmur nos that lolling has been Eai Nestly intended be Crisc everything Tosiuo already been accomplished. That you will be guided and shill led irom on High in discharging the transcendent responsibilities of your position we will unwaveringly Trust. And venerable father dark us the Clouds which envelope the Piesens. May be we do know that the Sunshine of the future will overpower and dispel them. To say nothing Here of the Clear Assurance fast anchored by the eternal to Rone that no be lilo Minim onion comforts the dutch frugally Husban Sines and arc Alua Jacons Are always . The in seems Pitt to clip a baud. is poses cd of Iho same Cool Una peeling the can see neither Lily uni nor Paradise Bell and the and Giffrow is nol More goddess on the wedding Ghl than after Twenty years matrimonial acquaintance c n the other hand Many of inc English Many in Ord i to one Happy month m d Liv a wanly Mil i their Cir he Ait the keep the heart Pho English love violent love in Tiff cd with Tho Foi Ihry give lit Many of n the first year d out their plea ant Beau Schley c difference be and dutch Hus their lives they beyond that pc seem incapable of Loo nod Thev quite m Hopes of finding Lap lure and disappointed in that d spam even to accept of happiness. I m hence we Sec open halted ensue or Whit is noise con Ceu cd disgust under the a some endearment. Much Evilily and studied comi inn Nib Are in bipod in Public Cross voids Sik Nee or open Recti Muntian fills up then at private Elitc Tamn ent hence i am taught we Spearance of Ful formality great in i see a new married couple More than ordinarily fond before faces to consider them As attempting to impose on the company or themselves either Haling each other heartily or Consu Ming that Slock of love in Llic beginning of their course which should serve them through i hair whole journey. Neither Side should eve pct those instances of kindness which Are inconsistent with tic fiefdom or happiness to love when founded in the heart will show itself in a thousand unpremeditated sallies of fondness but every Cool deliberate exhibition of the Pas Sion Only argues Little understanding or great the. Albert Gallatin Hai a Iblis led hit message on the mexican War in b to to like or Clay lakes ground with Mexico he was joined at the North Vermost end of the Valley by the merchant of. Who was armed Only w and pistols. They had so the Valley when a party of i out before them. There w fully armed and to indians with lie iks bos coiled up in their hand the Hunter told he men on horseback to dismount to fortunately f in 18 a Good Deal of Thicket Large Trees that had fallen about in a desirable have spoken in his word i Acety cleared Deru galloped re whiles ready a who Nas Island by Ard r them the re and trunks of they were in the act Al so two or three Shols were fired Afler them without effect. The Hurer coolly i lied he pick j him and Welc of furs from his Back and la d them beside do a he him. It s my opinion he that them varmints the e want Eil Ler your Saddle bans or my pack but i reckon j any rate. It has roused the Bem Oriti who they la get so he took up Rise fired and the Foremost in hand rolled Oft his horse charge from the Rifle and the second ind fell whilst in the act of thru at the head and shoulders of he Hunter he raised himself irom behind the log1 to re act upon them leu fold Mark that the fire. Said the Hunter Ai he is. Loaded on Huback to void the hols of the robbers that s what i Call the of the Sori image to get them Brown thieves Wilh their Susao out of the Way i sea them rascally we tej Over the logs to charge i it they Vevie advancing again spoke out and Ibe i they Otill came on to with two made a desperate Char the lug. The Hunter from Lonija Pracalo be was dexterous in reload g his gun now said he is the time for your meaning the pistols and Don t be at nil nervous. I keep a steady hand and drop either Man or horse Man of them Sha no escape. The two remaining Robbes o were a love up with the log and fired a pistol shot at the Hunter which 1 misery and disease a Zilnik i i us Chari too Horne to de ail the it Hole no mfr of a colds was 147 exceeding i Dat of lha pre Viola week by 11. Included in this total Are 1g Flora intemperance neglect and exposure and 14 from in plus Ferer Scarlet fever Hai Norrad More than fatal Edrine Tea Paet week 10 children having fallen victims to it Consun Pinion carried soft 12 inf Larn Marioni 19, mania a polu 2 still born 12 of these 70 were adults 77 children in new York there waa a Gretal jailing off last week 212 being the men 52, women 49 Boya 56 i girls 33 sir of these cases were Croall Pat notwithstanding the urge Reward of 11500 the murderer of or Rob Emu has not Jet been found in the Jean june Hope All the Loren is of the condemned Are Hia Eloso companion _ j i the federalists of this Gibralter of Era Liam had a town merlins in monday eve Ling at which with some Mia giving they by allowed lha Naoi Ealing Doss prescribed by the great embodiment at Lexington says in Macbeth Lent the time Wai when a in s brains Wetra out be would be no More bul now they Rise again Wilh Twenty mortal faints in Mieir Ocada to with the Fedar Aliste Tea Lisa we Whan a Leader of parly was Recreant to Lur Raer principles they Dacia red him now although Henry Clay la As is asunder were egret de Ai the poles in Bis of manner he i car of j.812 and lire present War with Mexico logs the Raj Orchar t am he Hunt they cling to him with the of Tab grip of de or quickly look up their p Silion and As pair a and Are Ile termed to have him a their candidate for 48 or die in ih0 attempt by All the gods As the same Pool says lat the so or on Mcadoff who first hold Rno ngh this meeting has had Ono Good effect at Halo a preparatory meeting to Morrow Indian la-.90 ing to Lake into consideration the proper another r. Measures to sustain lha in their prosecution of Tea War the wholesale de n ing his Lasso i enunciation of president Polk his Cabinet As a this Quinon by the Federal leaders will Low jump our cover v Hen the Oremosu f about the he remain re up e escaped by dodging behind a tree close to from which he fired Wilh effect. As oily one robber was left he wheeled round us horse Verith he in Tentou of galloping off when he pistol bullets of the merchant shot the horse from under him. I Ell Dune Mer said the Hunter y m be lopped that fellow s Assi on As the rub Ber could disentangle himself from the fallen horse be took to his heels Anil ran Down a sloping ground a it As he could. The Hunter Drew his Loma Hawk irom his Belt and give Chase after Hii i. An he. Was More of an equestrian thai a pedestrian the nimbleness of the nuclei shortened distance Between them and the last of the robbers fell. Thug perished this Dang Srpoui gang of to ii by the single hand of Chi Brave Hunter and As the com Mercanto id Ormed me he acted re coolly and Doliber lately As if he were shooting tame Bullock item. Tea affair Wai rather for the mar people will sustain the Connorjr at All hazards in Defiance of such mexicans As Henry Clay Lom Corwin. Dan Webster re id Genut a melancholy affair casae to Light yesterday morning in the prison Moy amending James Joh sop a a Odrict confined in an upper cell on the North corridor had made an attempt during tha previous night to escape by breaking a passage Insp a sue which passed up Between Bis cell and the one adjoining for Taa Par pose of conveying off the Gas from Tea Furna Ces in the cellar which Supply the Bola building Wilh heated air the opening ls.06 Mada per Millig the draft of Eold air alter ing the Call from an open window com plus by shot off the current of Gaa Frost the Furna Cas and of course Baring no of left the air chamber beneath was filled with the As which by degrees spread to the cells in Tho Vicinity and he two Convill that occupied the cells adjoining the flue on tha lower floor wire suffocated. From Char position occupied when their situation discovered it la presumed bar theyl is incr awoke the alarm was Given in consequence i of lha prisoner occupying the cell a lore who waa aroused by tha Paina of part and having sufficient Al suffocation aft to his window Tea moan be Mada was Hersl by Johnson who had been Defeated in his at tempi to escape by an Iron grating built in the Chimney. Tha latter not knowing bad been the cause of the tick aaa of his neighbor thought that he had Mada an at tempt to commit Aai Cida and managed to alarm the watchman. The occupants of ill the cells in tha Vicinity rendered Nek in consequence of the Gas but Hart ill recovered Jence tie cause of to a disaster a not discovered for several hoc floor continues about the Dona for months past. If Yon re Mem her we said in a latter Kosdi since that floor would remain station astr is Attar. Same a it has three months

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