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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - December 19, 1850, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania3, Lamlin newspaper file Uotsu to no tag Flo Luto arts science cite rata agriculture tap amusement published weekly by j. W. Kirk in Wellsby rough Toga county Pennsylvania at two pm labs year. Is thursday morning december 19, 1850. Whole no. 644. Tempi Lett he Tut i 1 1 i t s or a in h1i Iii r a Juif t i i opt Azuci w i nut r p trip null i l Ete Iril con i in n f n v i i a t i n e Muc i nth r b i in the t p Loti i i is More h d to n Tir i r t Tien t r 1 it i 1 if a his it in i to Rcd than to his Ulm it questioned i Liv the rasp if to lips Oppre t i Tirron Mac to exposing the mum us a u 111 Iduix Mot Noil to toll h and body is the fruitful source of evils both social and individual and in a greater or less degree emitters and shortens the Days of every one addicted to the practice i will Leairn in to be Nopre sed on you elsewhere How Denmen Tal the use of these drinks is to our higher in be Rpss As respond Ible creatures who have duties to perform to our creator As Well Aslo our selves and to our fellow men i will confine myself to the effects of fermented liquors on the Fth Sibi it i have selected rorthisevenintrs1 humi1" Frame there will be no Urc per Luis Many consequences. It will be with of m Fie Zibil of Pirn King during the i to our senses and demonstrable n a a Graler or less have to Deal and to from tin if. Ets of a Neh form i ljn.1 concision shall be drawn ran n Thi Wijit and they we and the abuse or even the moderate l i ined to it Sard the in u5e kinds of drink allowed by Dis m it Imi conducive eased cllan2e Structure us Well As of Tinc rii1 re that Thev i e u ln2 to unpaired health and diminished length of life it May surely be Why will be persevere in practices from which so much Misc Lipf must inevitably accrue to you in Wincil lieu we 3anctlon customs innocuous nets to mind and body of perhaps to you entailing and perpetuating the s. Cherished and in to others us Well As to the comm Mil i Irv m l. T 1 i Al us commence with the Slomach the Organ into Winch these Druks Irp received and where sons Pine Illy the first of sects produced mis v p his. In contend with the be sought when food of a wholesome 1 ,11 bin Universal h his led is and in propel Quantity is received into in to r. T n Imi Uuno Flat and Orsa s stimulated and Diges t Pirallo connect re with tie a at once and is carried on till i i in l Iron Hixon of tin. Bottle during the we Are Union nil d mind in Tito Piber hour spent the bclml3 Effort but is carried on so fir t t avs n Litnor piss us our Are concerned in an insensible manner it is followed by a degree of pleasing excitement diffusing itself Over Llie whole tramp but it is different if the substance Swal Lowed has an irritating Quality thus if Strong Ca Jennie Pipper or Brandy be taken then Therp is a burning sensation not Only in the Mouth but also in the a Toretch Here the sensibility of the nerves of the stomach is awakened by an unnatural int lion Anil pain is excited when m he ill there is none i a degree of violence has been inflicted and a morbid condition of the parts is the necessary consequence the effects of a single infliction of Una injury May be transitory but it is different where there i nce Ivul by Many of the a of Reclus a Nanch a Case permanent m Early vouch the fir to i aim alld change of Structure must be the eos sequence it would then appear that every time a liquid confining the principle of alcohol is used As drink a morbid action immediately on its reception in set up the intensity of which is to a a Erlenb extent dependent on the strength of the the frequency with wich it is repeated a repetition of these morbid Sta Les produce morbid change of Struc lure ultimately in an unpaired con with premature Deriv and Leilli 2 now coup to the filed of alcoholic Driks on tin brain time Neil Iii so Lein w ii a person Unnic Casto Rte d to the use of Vav me or spirits p in ikes of them the Fet Ling Al j most immediately Ift r the ilm pres in on the palate has a Sod Awny Isla sense of Tulluis in the he id principally con i lined to tit. Iti Rheid accompanied with some degree of Stupe Duclion and confusion of the j ideas these feelings Are so unpleasant As to i Rani re applies to the orcs of Elco Many from Ever partaking of either wine Miv of vol nah nor descriptive of the or spirit even when l hey would otherwise hav i in n a Vivial in Rinkin is it Iphy con no disinclination doubt the alcoholic inn h to i l in i hut portion of human inn pcs c p c Uken pm the Ems is conveyed to the i i Vav v no r tint v. In Nairn when Lioy Urillo Tilert producing irritation and congestion i p r l in i live v i Ciao i of Tomse i. U n in an in Anil mirth Anil so and t i in Tob Forth and rent apr d m in in Row Ivy trip pacing of the Vitie r t tin in of 1-Sipn the r Len to Nair t How t fat n line his i i d Elu Erin lip a 11 in Cpl at t ill nit i Llor Obj interrupted the n h p to Vor whip to our Alt r reflect t to Titre i ill of riotous t r h in 1 i my in our pars Nelly Eum pare i i not thorns Undt r a pot i 1 11 tier mils it re Pri Valt it or Jud Tep which c Misi i .1 no with Cor Vivi ,1 Indus j s i to Ii in a Terreal measure traceable Lonn i 311 or Park brinks to silly placed at Sentil in t i ids of the Oung Are such As Are full of in Litins of the pleasures that flow from t rink Phil t n of the it Imon used in to idling Gret k is the odes of c Pon a Vilusi. Muse Delu a Ted in i r ring the i a owe their origin to n Milf Firth to nut trip ode commencing nil Itaf in i me to 11 an t r in t n j Inglish in n in i Etc p i i s Fri i n o i i i Miil e i i first f nun m it p f in Ritu in i it in k Mil i v 1 it us is ire i i i i i r in it i n is i h p k tit or wins lot 7 it tit i in i in i u n lit m Ull Vav 5 merlot lit a slim i a lip. To i i i in i u l to in i in 111 n m i i m i. In i i a r Ine i i Rui r to chair or d her ii Dunn la Iro it trance 111 Lulf ill i h nil 1111 air Luil f ii uni or Lynn he it. U rent s Mintun r ii pin _ inc to tin to ring of c ii t v i i h la ,1 ill ask 1 i i i la otherwise Vilh those who have been a Bilu Atud to the use of stimulants on them alcoholic drinks in moderate Quantity have a it has effect on the nervous system Roro 111 Imp remark using usually a degree of excitement we Are in recollect however that this state is always followed by a corresponding one of depression in or Ler that the i Al Nice n Ali system in served what we gain in one w in is i Joist in accordingly., we find that the be of Samui Laijas has ultimately the effect of weak cuing Llie nervous by Lem tins is Muniec fed by the of thought and the Ottlie a tip observable the Day t a love no a de Zivich i Liege habits persisted in occasion loss of nervous , in some Llo bib and mental imbecility and Mon should an individual of in temper he habits be overtaken by misfortune r. To t., lie is incapable from his mind being weaken d i Mill instil re he tie two of Btu Jagling with ins Fate and not i in Trust pit Iii res which he to de a despair puts an end to his existence the it j f m ins Natii tic t Isles of Ever Lunatic Asj Luton Pom i 11 t a v is Sofia la in Temperine As Llie most common cause of i f in n i tit the voting connect my our Manity thus of t highly three cases aum tied in puff a. With Iho i pc Lisp of a Vine during a certain period into the Liverpool any in no in tin works of men of Luin in Heiy of them that in to say in two thirds eliciting Ellees of wine drinking Ems set do in As the producing cause i i w j la p ii r Vij t read neb a Pas snap Vii in d Nib of the i t t on to t or it Cor i 1 c r v i i 1 l to i r 11 t o non Cri Loicl in a report on inquiries Inadi at Richmond Lunatic As Blumof dub Lin save i Teel con Dent Hal i am keeping h Illus Llie strict Bounds of truth in staling that i it Cist one out of two of the Patte its Nuvy in the come insane in consequence tit the abuse of ardent and i know that in same has been observed in the other Public i Una lie a turns in Ireland hut let us notice the effects which follow the is of me Civ Une Mun immoderate be of intoxicating drinks the s t Oetlor ins u Ivi de Bun to ire impaired and blunted when sys turn in fully under the influence of intoxication tie individual Doe not Teel Pun As he would were he in a sober state he Falls and receives blows without being conscious in the words of Holomon he m a exclaim they have stricken me and i was not sick they have beaten me and i Felt it not the Cje sight is readily affected by the use of spirits the vision becoming disturbed you must remember the Story of two distinguished members of the i Louse of commons both of wham were under the influence of alcoholic drinks one of whom saw two speakers and the other could not see any in this Case the latter was More Toxi i with Ali Light ind App i in t Bagel Punj Tidick so lint it has a it pc a of tvs t Kilili hed opinion of wine and substitutes is Bolh in us part i r t t i Ritj Are Iii he i it made the Geil p Pilo in i Lilia Tii Imin Mark a a Xci a i or ipod in give r m n acc in Stron drink i recently in i nun potion of Mich exec pcs in ii p in Lucils Otine div one Man e militant f r the Benefit of ills a filth i can i ins d Lias told him not to 11 i n he Humbug lie is t Etc in opposition to the order pm 1 i in it is hot in other Bee us one to costs Lim Selt been us he i mid not Lur Bic Inse lie is , ii a anti injure him one my Mains 1 Tail Dmytr by taking a Good drink la e who a a Good dinner vim Elbrt Tinl every Lenng May one is Sid because he be enlivened and his neighbor who 1 n to Vorell by fortune1, gals inbox scaled lint to is merry in every Sale that i rated than the other being according to a an Lim would appear in practice i Dulc i phrase m a state verging on Blind fun but o if proceeding applicable to the most during the state of intoxication i Here is suf in conditions not unsupported by argue fusion of the face mid of the eyes difficult Arti Mich a they arc though sufficiently i curation giddiness coherency of mind and Gin this generally entertained j be by Iuta of opinion that the truth even n Una liable ought not to be concealed Iling it cause of Temperance As that both and of i have brought for this subject for your consideration re it is Impo Lonce to the Wel swell As of society that be Clear and a be of More particularly the Case if so general 19, As i in you will Norco with my before we finish to Mipter Tho Owara both of mind not infrequently True delirium j his is Fol Lowed by irrepressible drowsiness and sleep and Ste Torous breathing a this passes off there is debility giddiness headache languor and usually Nuu Bea and vomiting Soniemi ivies the somnolence passes into general Insen Silvili in with the pulse rapid and feeble the breath ing Ste Torous pupils dilated and non co Truc state from which there is not infrequently no recovery. During it apoplexy sometimes is declared when a Large Quantity of wine or spirits a taken at once apoplectic coma almost immediately sets in accompanied with Ster Tiroui breathing and followed by deals in such cases the immediate effect of the alcohol upon the by tem is to Narcotis the brain and through the medium of the respiratory nerves but especially the pneuma gastric to produce death at the heart and lungs delirium tremins is a very common disease originating in intemperance and of which numbers yearly die Many drunkards die of softening of the brim in one who came under my own observation a Long course of a Temperance had produced a shrink ing or diminution in the Siz of the brain this per on had for thirty years been in the habit of consuming daily a quart of Strong proof rum in addition to other stimulants during the last two years of his life ins mind became imbecile and he drank nothing but water but the injury inflicted on the nervous sys Tern does not terminate with the life of the individual a heritage of disease is left to his descendants so that they Seldom endure a Pond the third generation the drunkard say a or Brown in his treaties on the hereditary tendency of insanity Jures and enfeebled his own nervous system entails menial disease on his family his daughters Are nervous and , Hia sons weak wayward eccentric and 8ink insane under the pres ure of excitement from some unforeseen exigency or of the Ordi nary Calls of duty this heritage May be the result of a ruined and diseased Constitution but it is much More Likely to proceed from thit Long continued excitement alternating with seasons of Depres i in changes Char actin tic of a life spent in the Pursuit of pleasure and ultimately terminating m Imbe Cihaj or disease of the substance of the brain connected Vith this portion of my subject i May notice Llie Imp rent of the mental Powers the consequence of even moderate drinking j a person thus addicted has his head Clear in the morning but in the evening his ideas Bee me clouded and he cannot exercise his rational Powers to any advantage his temper and he is incapable of the Dispa Sion ate exercise of his judgement he is thus led in his Intercourse with others to make rash e Imago meals ruinous to his interests and is Apt to speak and act offensively without Ade quate provocation As to his physical condition his breathing is hurried and oppressed especially on ascending a height As in going up a flight of Steps his sleep at night is Unree Reshmi being disturbed with unpleasant dreams or at other tunes it is heavy slumber almost coma Vilh the breathing Laboured and Ste Torous accompanied with loud snoring indicating a congested St Ite of the brain and impending Apo Lexy All the e evils the Witer Drinker escapes at the of close of the Day his mind is Clear and energetic ind he lays his head on his Pillow it peace vol ill i a spot and with All i mind him. Even the Reform pm sex pin Knees the b refit up ult no from an Aller i Mode of life he find that he is in better win i and t i hive heirs it n m Inkul his Breit Hygin sleep is As gentle is that of i child and Unar Coti Parnell with snoring lie As it were Renews his South Mil car up in the various Dulies of life Vav Ith Energy n id a icily s we now come to Trace the effects on Dif Fernt organs of alcohol when being absorbed it enters the circulation the liver i an particularly liable to be come diseased from the use of stimulants especially ardent spirits when in becomes affected from this cause at first it enlarges and in creases in bulk tie dealers in poultry on the continent Are Ivare of the tendency of alcohol to produce enl argement of the liver for they Are in habit of mixing a Quantity of spirits with the food the give their fowls in order that the liver May acquire to please the palate of the epicure after a How Ever habits of intemperance being in the Organ sinks and becomes and in a measure bloodless and is con veiled into a Luher curated mass to pathology to by the mime of l in a Cirrus Nutmeg or Gin drinkers liver when an individual has fur a considerable portion of his me been in the use of pints or even fermented you invariably find More or less disease of the liver this applies not Only to confirmed drunkards but also to those who Are m their own opinion and in that of their neigh Bors sober and temperate but who Are in the j daily habit of taking More or less freely of stimulants i i might go Over the other organs of the sys Tern and Point out that they Are All liable to become diseased from the use of alcoholic drinks i this however As tile enu negation would be to professional to be interesting you will be prepared to Tike by granted on my asserting that such is the Case i prefer directing your attention to the physiology of our inquiry i i with remarking that it has Long ascertained by the experiments of Majendie Liat diluted alcohol when taken into the St Maeli and subjected to the absorb ing Power of the Viens is taken up and be coming mingled with the blood is carried by the circulation into Ever part of the body it is probis Lothat when the alcohol is exposed to the action of the free acid in the Oil Midi a combination lakes Plimp in i an Ellier is formed bearing some Affinity to caloric elder this new combination As Well As such of the alcohol As May be unchanged is passed off by the Pul non Arv exha Lents and is the cause of the Peculiar odor of the drunkard s breath furnishing one of the earliest and most unfailing indications of habitual intemperance. It is very evident that the alcohol circulating in the system must be a cerium cause of Dis ease another effect of the presence of alcohol in the system must be to impede the separation of Carbon from the blood that is to say the dark venous blood circulates m place of the Bright red arterial blood _ this has been fully ascertained by the no nitrous experiments of doctor Prout he found after repealed observations that his breath at 12 o clock noon contained four per cent of carbonic acid Gas at five minutes past twelve he took three ounces of wine and in five minutes after he discovered that the amount of carbonic acid expired had diminished one in order Enible who Are Wanh Chron str to Usu Lerstang 1 his portion of our or no mint the following table Wil be useful Nero Gen Hydrogen Carbon aunt sphere i nil in inns 1 Winer 3334 6s Fis a Tobol 337s Mijoi 5213 Aninna in 9 i 114 v 8 572 thus during a Espirion the atmospheric air received into the lungs parts with 1u oxygen and carbonic acid git a exhaled fourth there being Only three per cent in place of four. At one o clock the effect had not worn off there being 3 10 in place of 3 95, the natural percentage. It thus appears that the use of alcohol in any form impedes the purification of the blood one of the most important functions in the animal Economy these experiments of or front were con firmed by those of Boucher Dat who found that the presence of alcohol has a direct tendency to carbonized the blood that is to say it renders the blood less fitted for the purpose of life according to this distinguished chemist the Carbon of the alcohol unites with the oxygen tint is in the blood to form carbonic acid Gas and the Hydrogen unites with another portion of oxygen to form water the blood is thus robbed of its vitalizing principle for the oxygen which but for the presence of the alcohol would have combined with the matter of tis sues and assisted m the of nutrition for the repair of decaying structures by the sup ply of new Malter now combines with the ele ments of alcohol the Conseruo cps Are that the arterial blood retains dip character of Ven Ous nutrition is imperfectly carried on and loss of nervous and muscular Power is the Conse Quence hence where death follows a Large Quantity of being taken rapidly venous or dark co lord is found on both sides of the heart and Llie pal monary capillaries Are also gorged Wilh the same this agrees with the Leibig Leibig save that when alcohol is a produced in excess into the system the blood in trip Arter ies presents the appearance of Verous blood showing that it has not undergone the necessary oxygenating this Mav be owing it is supposed Lollie Well known Power of alcohol of preventing or retailing chemical changes in organic substances i May add that in or Prout s experiments after the effect produced by the wine had worn Oft which it did with fre Quant yawning and a sensation like that of having comp out of sleep the Quantity of car Bonic acid exiled Rose much higher than the natural Standard thereby proving that an Normal Quantity of Carbon had accumulated in the system the effect of the free use of alcoholic fluids being to Render the blood an in crease of carbonaceous mailers to can readily conceive How unhealthy and pre disposed to disease it must Render the system find accordingly in persons who Laily indulge in this habit to any considerable extent that they never live to an old age but Are Cut off by disease or by premature old age when More temperate men Are in their prime any occident Happy lung to them by More than usually Erious consequences thus the drayman employed at the London breweries consume truly considerable quantities of malt liquor the least scratch happening to these men is almost certain of being followed by Ery Sipelis and death there is a tubercular Dis ease acne of the face in drunkards which has been appropriately styled the car bundled face being an indication of the excess of carbonaceous matter m system it appears alcoholic drinks impair the vigor and strength of the system the popular prejudice is contrary to this though Nile unsupported by any proof in the first place alcohol does not contain Azote one of the essential elements of the muscular tissue it cannot therefore become the pabulum Tor us renovation accordingly we find in training Llie body to feats of strength that the most Sidiq Cess Ful plan and that which is generally adopted is to give up entirely the use of fermented liquors a Ingulv nutritious diet of animal food is employed Active muscular exercise is Laken and an occasional purgative is Given to Clear the blood of the products of decomposition and to remove superfluous alimentary materials there is another popular Prendice tha Talco hoi has the properly of generating heat in the a Stem and there ire it must be useful when the Lerner lure of Llie body is much reduced from free exposures in cold climates we have a proof that it is not a dispel Able m such Silva and Greenlan lera i h Oul us Aid maintaining the animal heat by the Large consumption of oily and fatty substances recent Arctic voyagers report that the continued resistance to cold is beat maintained without the use of spirits accordingly in the recent arrangements for such expeditions it is expressly stated that no fermented liquors Are to be taken ii has been found in travelling by night on the stage coach the effects of the intense cold which is experienced especially during the Winter months is beat obviated by hot Tea Cortee or Cocoa whereas cold Brandy arid water however Strong has not the Wal effect it you take the spirit in the form of hot toddy a temporary Good effect my be but that is attributable to the heat of the liquid we Are to Bear in that the maintenance of animal heat principally depends on oxygen combining with the Carbon and the Hydrogen of the blood but we have already seen that alcohol impedes the of oxygenation in the system it follows therefore that if Alco hol being pre ent 111 the blood impedes thid , it must consequently impede also the development of animal beat Many Are impressed with the idea thai the use of stimulant is Nece sary in tropical Cli mates in order to obviate the relaxing and enervating influence of extreme heat it will be found on the contrary that their use aggravates the languor and prostration of strength and is positively prejudicial whoever makes the trial evil find in the evening much Lesa Elnus lion Shoi fid he during the Day have partaken Only of water than when from habit or example he has indulged even in a moderate degree it would thus appear that a stale of health my under any circumstances be pro served without the Aid of alcoholic stimulants it Fol lows therefore that abstinence is conducive to health and ought to be generally practice whoever adopt this As a Rule will never have cause to regret it he will possess the greatest of earthly blessings mens Sana in Corpora his head will be Clear and his judg ment the functions of his system will be duly performed he will be equal to labor and bodily exertion of the severest description and Light and refreshing slumbers will visit his Pillow exposed to the cold of Northern climes he will endure it aed suffer less than he other Wise would from the heat of the tropics he will recover rapidly without any special medi Cal treatment from simple accidents Well As from the simple disorders to which from circumstances he May be exposed it must follow As a consequence that their use is unnecessary nay is positively injurious you cannot continue to apply n stimulant to the different functions of the system so As to induce unusual activity and at the same tune an in creased consumption of the aliments without doing an injury. The effect must be to induce exhaustion and a Plethoria state of the system predisposing to disease. But it May be asked is there not a danger in adopting a system of Temperance after being accustomed for a number of years to indulge in wine or spirits i consider that with scarcely any exception there is none even where habits of intemperance have been Long persisted in. This in a big Bear which is too often held up to deter Many a one wishing to return to paths of Temperance and which is too often sue Cessnu in its purpose. The unfit Unale individual considers there is a fatality in his Case urging him to go Onward nil at last his career is closed m delirium Kremens or some other disease the consequence of intemperance i May remark that i have found drunkards As their career comes to a close take a loathing at what they formerly delighted in and this loathing is precursory to delirium Riemens but this is very Rifle rent. From a Discon of intemperate habitat Here the Sud Den resumption of temperate habits is Uip con sequence of the approach of death suspending and destroying tastes and feelings both those which have been acquired As Well As those which Are natural Ujj our1 discourse Complete we May shortly nonce the therit peptic use of fermented liquors there cannot be a doubt but that they Nave been much too generally recommended and sanctioned for this purpose by medical tract Niones there cannot be too much Cau Tion exercised before we advice the use of a re Piedy of this description. The common medi Mes from their nauseous taste or other proper ties Are quickly did aside by the patient but it is different with wine or spirits not infrequently when prescribed and employed for a time As a habitual remedy they have led to thei formation of a vitiated mate creating a never ceasing craving which at Ever sacrifice must be gratified it has also not in frequently happened thai where a person has been in a great measure reclaimed an mid Verhenl prescription j containing the alcoholic preparation of some drug has been the cause of the person relapsing into former habits and that la a More aggravated degree. You May wish to know in what cases the preparations of alcohol Are useful in Medicine they Are useful at times As a stimulant to the nervous system when from some Shok there is a temporary suspension or interruption of the vital heart faltering and the circulation for the time interrupted in like Man Ner m the Progress of Tome disease such As fever when the Powers begin to fail in such a state stimulants assist in rousing the fast sink ing vitality and should the violence of the Dis ease be exhausted be the Means of permanently restoring Lite this is More especially the cose when in such states there is a deficiency of animal heat in aggravated cases of this kind Llie heat producing materials Are deficient and the digestive Powers of these Oriach Are too reduced to be capable of furnishing the usual Supply in such a state of the system alcohol introduced into the system not Only by a orb Tion but by the Coats of the blood vessel at once a idly Furni Hea materials tor1 combustion to keep up the vital heat before remarked the blood May not be duly purified the Carbon and Hydrogen of the Alco hol however unites in the Jungo with the oxygen of the atmosphere so As to keep up the Vila heat till the crisis is Over and the Powers of Lile Jive had Lime to rally there is one class of cases in which stimulants of this kind do much harm where Fie system has been overworked by study or application to business or what is where the St Macli has suffered from Over feeding or improper indulgences in such cases As a medical reviewer observes a Glass of wine gives a temporary excitement As the whip serves in a journey to urge the jaded horse to a quicker Pace but leaves him in the end More fatigued than it he had been allowed to take Hia oven time so Al of with the dyspeptic and with those suffering from nervous depression there May be temporary excitement but it is Only putting off the evil Day the disease is going on and becoming deeper rolled Render a the restoration to health More impossible it to in such Case or Forbes observes that Hydropathy comes in with advantage the patient give him Elf a Complete Holiday and take him self to some agreeable spot where there is sufficient to interest him but nothing to promoting a copious action of the skin by Cise sweating and tree out his inside with occasion if but nit excessive draughts of water and trusting to l in Nita Al Calls of the appetite in preference to Irti Ocial Provci tips under such a system he will acknowledge that water is better than wine and that a Hearty Plain meal Swal loved with a natural appetite is m re invigorating than the most carefully selected and delicately prepared viands in concluding let me urge on the attention of All this Temperance will like virtue bring us own Reward it is Caleb lated to Advance and Prosper you in the world and to promote health and to prolong life let me again borrow the words of the great drama to ugly i no old Yel am i Strong and Lusty fir in my youth i never Ditl Opplt ill and rebellious liquors in my r did not with woo the me in9 of weakness and Debisu y 1 Herctor my age 13 us a Lusty Winter frosty by kindly a newspaper. It was Bishop Horner s opinion that there is no belter moralist than a newspaper he says the follies vices and consequent miseries of multitudes displayed Jin a newspaper Are so Many admonitions and warnings so Many Bea cons continually burning to turn others from the Rock on which they have been shipwrecked what More powerful dissuasive from suspicion jealousy and anger than the Story of a Friend murdered in a Duel what caution Likely to be More effectual against gambling and profligacy than the Mournful relation of an execution or the Fate of a despairing suicide1 what finer lec Ture on the necessity of Economy Thon the auctions of estates houses and furniture 1 Only take a newspaper and consider h for it will instruct the iamily11rcj4 chill late largeness of soul. Selfishness 19 too common in our world. We do not feel that our neighbor has a claim upon us and we have a claim upon him we Are All sensitive enough about our own interests but Blind to those of others and if we All knew and Felt the Mutual relationship by which society is i Woven together and could recognize the nearness of interest which exists Between us human society would be Unks what it is at present be generous to All around you the example will have a reflex Power and at some future tune it May Tell powerfully upon your lift let the influence of your whole soul be fell favor of a Noble justly but whenever occasion offers do not be Back Nard to assist the deserving it matters not Ilia you never received Cutcli would have been like water to your thirty soul and when it is in your Power give it to another your Good deeds May Tell on a Corning Genera Tion the Man and woman who tossed coppers to the poor singing student in the streets of Erfur had Little thought they were aiding him who should be the agent in sending a Thunder Bolt into the Vatican which would shiver the foundations of the papal throne and rend the night of despotism and gloom when a faithful Sun Day school teacher invited the ragged Sabbath breaker into the doors of the sunday school and gave him decent garments he Little thought that he was in my the Tram by which the Mil Lions in China would receive the Bible through the hands of hands of Morrison and when George House of whom Franklin Speaks in his personal narrative brought the countryman with his five he knew not that the Printer was Only the Early of one of the great philosophers of modern times a you May live to know that you have cheered another Franklin and multiplied your influence As did George House in his As Franklin observes the gratitude he Felt towards House often made him More ready than perhaps be would otherwise have been to assist Yourg beginners revenge. Father for govt them go proud infidel search the wondrous Homes of Heathen learning explore the works of confucius examine the precepts of Seneca and the writing of Socrates All the excellencies of the ancient and modern moralist and Point to a sentence equal to this simple prayer of our Saviour. Reviled and the grossest with the thorns and led a 1 to die1 no annihilating crush Breaks from his tortured heart Sweet and Placid As the aspiration of a Mother for her Nursling father forgive them of it was worthy of its origin and Stamps with the brightest Seal of truth that this Mission was from heaven acquaintances hive you quarrelled t friends have you differed it he who was pure and perfect forgave his bitter enemies do you Well to cherish your anger Brothers to Yon the Precept is imperative you shall forgive not seven times but seventy times seven revenge is at incompatible with happiness As it is hostile to reason and religion let him Whoso heart is Black with malice and studious of revenge walk through the Fields while Clad in verdure and adorned Ith Flowers to his Eye there is no Beauty and the Flowers exhale no fragrance dark As Bis sou1, nature is Robed m the deepest Sable. Smiles of Beauty Light not up in his bosom with the furies of hell rage m ins Breist and Render him As miserable As he could the object of his rage. But let him Lay ins hand on his heart and say revenge i cast thee from me father forgive me As i for give my and nature will assume a new and delightful character then indeed Are the Fields verdant and the Flowers then the Muic of the Grove delightful to the ear and the smile of virtuous Beauty Lovely to the soul a it spirit. We sometimes meet a huh men who item to think that any indulgences in an effect Iona feeling is weakness they will return from a journey and Greet their families with a daunt d Unity and move among their children with the Lowland lofty splendor of an iceberg its broken fragments thera is hardly a More unnatural thing on Earth than one of these families without a heart a father had belter extinguish his boy s Eye than take away i heart who that has experienced the Joys of Friendship and knows the Worth of sympathy and affection would not rather lose All lint is Beautiful in nature s scenery than be robbed of the hidden treasures of nil heart who would not rather Bury his wife 1 Ian Bur his love for her1 who would not rather follow Hij child to the grave than Encomb his parental affection 7 cherish thin Jour Best affections indulge in the warm gunning emotions of filial parental and fraternal love. Love god. Love everybody and everything that m Lovely. Teach your children to love to love the Rose the Robin to love their god let it be the studied object of their Domestic cultures to give them warm hearts and ardent affections. Bind Jour whole families together by these Strong chords you cannot make them too numerous. You cannot make them to Strong. Religion is love to to maa

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