Page 2 of 16 Dec 1840 Issue of Tioga Eagle in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 16 Dec 1840 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - December 16, 1840, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaBelieving it been my per to it Fiji run s "wjz7 i Ordinary revenues of the go pose to secure to the whole people and 1836, when they again i Wlms decrease Gas to every member of the confederacy i Iru irom it perpetuate i Wel rom the operation of the Law by ire Cril in the ears Deuce Luj confirmed ,.ri the condition o f the cuu utry Xvi Horn f of u to the of and rented com. Manner the no Prohens of ii. He Crea St Benefit of in pact they broke their Faith and commenced win me creation 01 permanent Public debt a .1._______ l. A capital Ami , is peer ii judgment indispensable to their of which Ugor u i View of the proceeding of pros Elfy Niri. Thu Lor the item the the Power a aces but warranted by fact Maimu Meu do is the of i m i i Spreier i Are or in Sta Jen. Scott was sent to take the com ing known to , it the army Only to any class of in Jis. Mail with ample Powers amp inc u Lin no icily m Rullie Cor i o , the c i every Annot bring my sell o lie to have Beer to happiness the who the i asperity of he or Gen. Of their Union reinforcements from cd Lewon to nips were . Tenner s s c e or Klaar d in com i n ire is Navy us tailed to the Huion of benefits or silent or Gaines o b a flair new Wilholt orders landed in Florida where i ii re h i i i i i r in i. In Uini l m no Orion in l com in i v t or Mil Mil i the country and the Protection Pense of another nor a in i Sre i of its. Ii. Honor if its civil Inie Ferance Federal govern i Ilir service with the in i Atti Jill provision has rights of hip government which by the of in in enu in country and the Protection of t lures something Ley Ontl the accruing the Pii Blic interest seemed urgently to demand bit Al additional expend thirty tin Roni Ruth prs generally performed i heir engagements Dimity a i hts postmas ters with few except rendered Teir acl of inns and paid their Quad Lerly balances promptitude Anil the whole service the department has maintained inc efficiency for which it has for several years been the acts of Congress mail Routs and requiring More expensive on Otic a Ami sii1k Tlle or virtue of writs of vend. In third out tit cd Mutaf common 1 Iowa county Iii to me directed 1 the loll using Tracu of Lund which i Dull Rale us the court in w of Ibe Ithol week tract a my situate in 7 in nigh a to in close Liesa the and Gen. . Got. Jail and re served a Campaign and Ai of it. Was replaced by Oen. R ,.--.-._. Ipp Marieja a remedy for a i i in Pii Lor the a i Init ignition of or i events and changes thou place i f or a Security future clan Minst Taiton of my predecessor. Jii a eau the Exi cution Olllie Laws a he exertions the is Ini Cleil to in Ilu no the Public t r l Perien ced of Cera who comment Sheie for h in Ih-iul1. Of Iho of the Revo 1p 3" ass Reilly not least eighteen months on enter in upon t admin i i n nor v l i. A. R n i to d Ohe Anil Ine briny .11-1 i .1 l ,1 i v Olu a Of of Baum of. And of All unde r gun j wag it tvs to Lili i i i Irv v of v business transact tens of the mounted ten thousand men mid irn shed .1 to itself on a basis Kiv with Alan Deal snap lies of every t., a. 1 Itira an l of dolls of co a Fol and Ros Allyl a Case Campaign a Arm number of t e v u Itti i Minn h Irr i i i if i c i i n Ami not Glicr nor a. I i i k Public times of Iho comes Only was changed f he Indi i no p Wii Iuni to a Vii i l lie in ii. B i i .1 i.h.1 i la i i is ii of i. every where been i and neither nor r contest Only was Chano de. I he Indi in of Hern that delusive Irvin. Been Defeated in very let of credits from which it been dispersed in Small bands throughout in in ill ii is a ii its co Teri pcs i , into Elf c1. The policy of Conli he u Rei u Lecory found so difficult to escape and Shirb and i came an Ericier prime a nid Able the be h. And , i. Gei Taylor jvh., Suc is died claim on the t if nil m re its fit in career needed Gen. Jensn used his Best to Hirv great mid Buji c sub tin Ilu in. Andi was seconded i i Las efforts thru great mid maty Colliers i hat Init jul stated have a thut the financial of hip gov Tfir approx i m lamp i lie a i ies of years mat ked by Peon int Neil Are now to Sim a an ire dtfticultiej., been Mic the Luna Nui Horila it sufi ill resort Ihmud Ain or l tin of h Perma put debt or the of a sir re and regard to is great he purpose of carrying into effect tl 7xpres , we not a Rii it to principle and that by of and have a. T Itier Aii Ifo m n-1.1, 01 ipe by he orb i or under ins m l he Loo and have been do the territory irom deportations. Rin the whole of Spica Jinjr Lifticnltie-., conduct i with a Macomb was Lent from Asl it jul ii Siril and regard to is great principle and that by Irida n Hose b Ink h be we not a to principle and that by of Poi reefs. And have out Ilu of Public expert a pc icy the object of which he Samii Eplion and maintain Inge of the Florida to improve been to Uil Public Sif vice Ihm Laken on the very thresh a Hon Gen. Taylor i the army by n. 1h-.i . Arrested Iii Dependently of either of these fruitful " d of the approaching More than Rion assumed the command and by inc co j Ler position of sources of iliac old. Will receive me i other cause or causes Inhat Cvar was int by Portio Simions and which. If Hap .1 Iho the Community at Hai been Shiel Ami from the Coln Cirlene of it necessary now to Trace a steady adherence on the part of Chi this alone i Iti Niter of o in Iii i u of to Murii mlle fru nip r in i of pub i Iru. Me Adim Btij nil -1til f wilful Mic i l ii to their sources would he n reflect the government to the policy a r has produced such Viilu Varv Aid t s territory. Iii it. Is of be i of Ibe i had the. Comm Nind o involve no the earlier l i expense but under the there or Elmiire taxes Manv a who n the w Bole question .1 Iii la. A. Jiving Ilie control Otilie Foo Vermel t v lion Ilie intelligence of my fallow has produced such sul ulary Aid Perien ced Irene rals have had the. Celize is. Iii Ivr a my Hare been de by judicious state legislation and Lam officers and soldiers Dis the Oli univ in which Iii is Obj it was a Lial is not important by the in. Their acid Irisy a involve no Ilij Rinju the earlier of Dusley Enterprise Atul Ellb Las the Griter Anio i it to the pah of in lev no. A min i Ibe consult Ketil ral nov can in r and courage Ihn of Clits try Cine rinse pers Evenin a i it i i a Nini it ii i Ijar Wuh f f Economy of the american people can every description Ami to mum look the. Lot fail to the Thule an causes which have ump the Early solid the the vast Riei of the subject again to he Over, e or to a upon it Princi it of the Iron Vern tymm a by the suspension of hunks or country the i s i my Umo repair private bloated credit s of he Savages. P by in Luis Ness having no con Tern. In is for the people Ami their mates for Marine on 4 a Nexion with Public service either representatives to decide or am Mph Anth mixed to and by Dir cd trea not the permanent welfare of the lieu Niiori i bulk or a re Ichie n of nov i ii n 3 of Ninfi cil i the of the i in which i in opera t in. The it in or " --1.m seem to defy and to remove from the in Hal Quarter Ami comm Wincler shoulders of the present in Insp of Alliek in the Soop of War fresh victims the enter fruits of that has been to visit else Sand Spint of speculative Enterprise to which wich and society . The coasts of la Ion it been my con is r uni to Honrine myself the i h .-1. Uly out and so 11. S i .1 will i m of l i i i r i civil or Lis l ii in a i ii g l j .t1 a i i in c Vav i nver Alir i in won i ving a vans of in St press re Tive of the Union of the s Aii a i in i found total enc 1 to n the Exen ise of ill Donn a us on i lit put of the gov Erinne it r Vilier ii i attempts to i be Ihei ii by a old j Chiist inn or an ingenious per .in of in words. I any Nioras spirit of speculative Conten 1 out countrymen Are so liable and upon new zealand and with which the lesions of experience Are so other posts and islands frequented by i he Choice is an in or pin the of Piv Hope la at h ing them countenance and Ned Lection May be made. The quite smal a report from the Secretary o War vessels have been and still Are pm presenting a it Haik a View of affairs p Ojjeh in prosecuting the surveys of of that department accompanies this the coast Iho United slates it directed communication. By various acts of Congress aptly those the desultory duties connected wih be have been completed will Frh Orl of the in a Liili army Lias be Laid before n me Ana i be exp Ini i expel Ilion a Iho la. Nov i had Western frontiers Ami in , Hare under test Date Oremian r f i i k . I i the opine i i even of a edit to Tarry into Lull Effort the v i f up the Grille y of my Fello a a Ilijin by the Secretary for a. I he right where r p on of the object which t is Trifie of i r i in arc Niqi minely of which stationed in Florida con inked lured Miles by which the in Icv Elope of the he squelch of the past his Orv and provent state of the con of the Federal government. T he there ruled fully authorize the All he for Shiuh i v i i h-2 in i n i i l in i 1-4 in irs or. O n i w f v r i i .1 i and tend Only to p i statist in Excle Jelp Ysien and pro Yoke in Lead of Addine to the r i. Fore pro it a source of incurable weak by alienating a portion of those adhesion to the Gaea u i f of is r and whose life who no top in in my Massage of 1838, b of Ihn of to Stimoli in i j i i has Fyk m to Zeal and Good. Conduct continued to operation Tirom ghost of s and men his it is but the. My i . To thai officer to stale that a Fotij appears by have ins duties 153? Tadd him m and a Cornu con oar j the which give every measure Ai pm Jpn ily beneficial Rance Issue to the an _ Apple Lipsi. 11 a let a would a a a 1 he Forne t Eoin Jimiy wit i la Weir treaty has Muon gained do revenues the excess having been met until lire the surplus which Hail previously thai surplus haying Ben exhausted and the anticipated of the Revenue not having been realized owing to the de pression in the commercial business of the country the i Nancis of the depart ment exhibit a deficiency at the close of the last fiscal year. Is resources however an ample and reduced Rales of compensation for the transportation service which May lie expected on the future from the general reduction of Llic in crease of Revenue that May reasonably be anticipated fro u the revival of com Mercial activity must soon place the i 1 dances of the department in a Prosper condition. I considering the unfavourable Circum , which have existed during the i past year it is a Gratifying Tesi ill that the has not declined As com paid with the preceding year. But on the contrary Smalt increase Ibe refi Rcd to i taxing had no other Fleck than to Check the expected income. It will he seen the postmaster general suggests certain improvements in the establish in no to re Duce the in Lii i i of Cen the firm to pro Hibit by adequate penalties the slave first declare it so Jotilda nol lie the first to forbid to Jih i Zuttis All Trade the Lave fac ories on the Africa giving in example to Alj a ions in this respect which if family Fol Owenj o Jin not fail to produce the in the breaking up Hose Dens of Niqui to. I m. Van in the of beginning at u p. On the f pm Tali Street it being i he nor i Corner of a lol formerly conveyed Suluvan l. Poteet thence by along w St. Ii Pei Clem Ami to the Corner of Harris or. Lot thence South a. Lung the line t fluid Tot of lands of. Hush Len perches to u thence test along lice in ii 183 excl is 10 3 life. Aplin hence East 47 Percl irs to a to lieu a South 183 of Alica to a Posl. Thence ups 47 p relics if. A por.1, the place of , Dii Lavini Ujj. City Acris Ami All. Wane of it p. R cd in. In. In or less with Almqui 35 acres 1114 to. Ord. A a Frame Lif use. Barn and Wagon. And an Orchard Inri on. Also one Ether lot in said township by mid de the East. Mitchell on the Liy a. C. , on the West in. And on Ile North by vacant land ,150 acres with Ghoul 30 acini improve me Iranase , log in nun aug Boru a Faw Mill to hereon. And in execution be sold As the property of Dame i 1 l inv. Or. Parkhurst. Sherif. Shrift office Weisboro Sut 1840. 3 Poi Leinan Whu my overcoat without Liberty from the hotel if , must return it soon or i will pose him j. L. Us a ves. Wel Ghorom dec. Rte. Clot is. Alij who Are in want of Winter clothing Call at the new stare when Viil find cloths from is to 40s also Sai Neue fulled cloth Pilot cloth Elc. F. H. Smith. Vav Eliboro. Dec. 5, 1810. In Friday mat in of Wear w Ellsford Suli Scriber a red Morocco p 0 c k k 1 Book containing Sert Iii file principally on Philadelphia Banks also a j. Strong in favor of g. Other valuable paper. Be f Ward will lie fur he pocket Book and contents if it it at the Bagle office or at. Store of c. J. L. Tuohi insert. Iko Ikek Babb. 1840. Who cart ref Lac Wii Hont horror on the character of that Man who has been wicked in promo non to the Means which he bid Iii calling in used hit Powers Ivi i i heaven had so Burida Billyj confined on him Only of o vict Aucul Lustie to will be manufactured to cedi Ron the Rno Stres 8 in me Termo. Piid for old Brans and James Lii lev. Fittl Lebov May. 1949. I Kelley s Skific Jit Wellsboro a the suit Scriber informs friends and the Public in general that b carries on the 111 feb making in All carious branches and with to Cany on Hanve business in Thia Boi Cugh. I " returns sincere thanks to those who Yvo to d him their custom for be stir hoping a Nhare of he is f of Public Good work As Ca i he tirade ton. Stifles pistols few liner in spa Peri

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