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Read an issue on 13 Dec 1838 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - December 13, 1838, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaEach f of enlarged num contain eng a Gery of its proceed act of important t the act3 of the ume. B contain 11-known and Distin an every subject Ting to the general Morous and Early and m the Best and literary i Nielli times foreign ipod tits engaged vely for this jury the various pro arts that Are pre and approbation of Ted Anc Beautiful no ravings music acted drama and translations from Lialin Spanish Etc Roi Stellane to passing events is discoveries and Nee Art Mechan Gitil papers from District in. Number of copies destroys of com Ripe ions with the e sixteenth volume in directing then paid to the editors Price five All cases in and a Lect of the new Ler the charge of to will contain As ions from messes. Ca Tairi Marryatt Inman Willis and others Well known Unity. In the a Emont and instruct and the the Aid elegance of intended to Render a 1 resp its equal s predecessors and that no work valuable Quiva Amon Jet at it a the Mirror. Int like the present state our plans and f it were it Tsary for a journal by Novin not Only Tell states and great tie English suffice it to say 1? Lor Talent Indus shall be spared to acc Ful they will be Ess acceptable to the tie Mirror is pub Day at no. 1 bar or to i Roadway. It in the extra super Brevier minion a splendid super nor filing and eve Etc. In exquisitely in e and a ire . The dollars per annul in Advance. It the earliest mails to no out of the City of Nimuan cations Post dressed to the editor. Received for a less year. New subscribed from the begin it volume. Pien b by 1 or Faria in 1 Taylor Lala aha setback William t ban Arlea nes is O n he Post office at co a county a. Sept. 30th, j i my a vol. I. Wellsboro Ligh d and published weekly by j. P. Magill. Office on main to. 1st door above the court House. The a Northern tale. From the German of Frederick Baron de Lombie Mique in the ancient Heathen times of the for the beloved wife and child to Lis heart shedding Over them a Torren of tears. What is the matter husband j said the astonished simile. Veiling Between Berwick and be Kiri 1" and having at the crowing of the cock i had be t Jyi Alrose before four a the Soldier s seven or ago i was now rushed Over the Fea a sudden Striek followed the. Of my companion he shivered Tifin of he name and be ate Leslie fell i he sprang Why do you weep Stam in Rcd inc Zitti Gonic. J. Eau it j we must first prepare an Joerine the afternoon Oti arriving at abbots rushed toward the spot. Replied Adalberto and Ford i perceived a Highland he exclaimed i ill i 11 a la a Fawnita a 4 he ters Arethay i Wilf Only Stop to say Auld Lang syne you can t in agony deny me that i grave is toward the object of his Awa i said the grave Young spoke moved the Toga Eagle is published every saxons there happened once a great then i shall relate every thic g to you. Apparently As fatigued As myself thursday m the Borough of Welle Borough War with the Danes. Adel Boro Duke come to me soon to the heart ing upon a and gazing . The subscription Price of Saxony who had counselled e r o a year if paid in Advance or if not paid a the hour of Earnest conflict s Ull the expiration of the year. Q hug people there for a Shorter period the arrovv3 and the javelin than us months nor will any paper be Difton d Many valiant Blades mined until All arrearage Are paid but at the option of the publisher. Sides and there shown Many a Liberal reduction to those who to Virliie Gold Shields through the dark fight _ Lyt year. The saxons at every attack were re also be the hero repeated and a coarse Grey coat buttoned to Aid j7" letters relative to the business of the pulsed and were already so car driven As dissolved in grief he stood by the Throat his dress bespoke him onvy1 office and communications forthe paper must Back that Only the storming off a Steep flaming pile with his drawr., sword in to belong to t be ranks but there wis Campbell s Are you Only heart. Be Post paid or they w.11 attended to. Height could deliver the army and the his trembling hand. He lamented a dignity in his manner and a fire r Jeanie said he 1 Chang aloud Over the Joyful innocent child glowing language in Wor by of t father cried my Comrade As Between his it s a Sair thing to say s.8. Exceed l coached him and clasping his i a Ebli but at i Maun say be Are surely out o your head her old body tha Ca d Adam had first whispered and won her v Jund As imagination bodies Forth the form of thing unknown the poet s pin turns them to 1 for the Tiu a Eagle. Lines to mass by c. Fontayne. A ruinous and destructive fight into decisive Victory. Adalberto conducted the attack. But in vain he forced his fiery Charger be fore the Squadron in vain he shouted _ through the Field the sacred words sorrow Freedom and in vain a and the Graceful obedient wife who a chieftain. ______0 brought the bowl and Pitcher Peru five feet nine a Al his age be Aboy Tohir min pan and taper used in sacrifices to. The traces Manly Beauty o j i. Ill Ltd j r _ a Habits together he Bent his head upon it this is a scene i expected to my shoulder and went aloud. Of Jeanie i could have trusted Mina pan Ana taper use m Sac aces. To. Rne traces 01 Mamy Eaury were j As then it passed through his mind that su1i upon his Chews but the Sun of dwell upon the painful you to Lesme his vow could not be valid of such Western hemisphere had them Ftp dung his absence j adversity j. Hao fortunes of his father to and Harvest and is not a Carlo of Man. But the t Slipp in the n Hup imprint pro i Naci fortunes 01 is lamer 10 Anua Vicai a in answer was ?1 i Forti i Uil b died hum q i _ Jeani woman Igic a scr was timely furrows. 1 j _., feel and it a Ljuljd i 1 1 a 1 streamed his warm the blood Siven in dreadful peals of from our conversation related cd Eifim to ble a cottage of the foe Over his resplendent Armor. Heavens r the scenery around us and Vve by the friends it his posterity Why dwells the fond remembrance in thy breast the ponderous mass gave Way and the j said he sighing heavily had pleasantly together Fop at the request of my Lexow travel of love now past unworthy of thy care enemy secure on the height rejoiced your Thunder has assisted is Ana now two or three rails when vie arrived at Vohy steals the Tearo anguish Down thy cheek1 on their decided Victory. Again rushed y0ur Thunder Calls on your Cevo de be a Hottie burial ground by tie let True affection m thy sorrows share. Adalberto on with a few Gallant War forthe performance of his Way Side near there iwas neither riots again the faint hearted fell be Church nor dwelling. Its Low Wall was from the Bones and burning the marrow but be Maun no sigh that swells thy tender breast become1? by sympathetic feeling mine still dear still Lovely Ever in thy Griefs still through the gloom of woes thy Virtues Shine. Hind and again the enemy rejoiced. It is yet said Adalberto and again shouted Forward and if we conquer i vow to the set fire to the four Corners of my Castle shall Blaze Forth a Bright funeral to tremble As the dwelling covered with and Rall Vevi sat door recovering from the Cote sijgers sat around the the stupefaction my hand is still coffin with lid open Lay across the and my heart has been table near the few White i lie save and she threw her soft truth Teal s she Urs upon her and in Down upon it to rest. My com Anion a has thou became silent and deceased seemed to indicate that the bridegroom looked from one to Ana a he had Decd from sorrow rather than another in coring them to commence to hide the kindling Flamo my bosom Felt curb the Progress of my growing love. No Vernal interested no sordid motive led my heart to thee affections first on virtue s solid base and love inimitable As Fate 8 decree. It s All i offer altogether Home in thee is entered every tender thought for thee alone each wrap emotion glows and each fond wish with my bosom s fraught. Reject not then if worthy thy regard that suit thy Merit prompts me to prefer nor hastily spurn the youth Nho Faife his doom again the saxons fled and the enemy sent Forth shouts Joy. Then cried Adalberto aloud before the whole army if we return Victori Ous from this charge be gods i devote myself to you As a solemn sacrifice fancy. The floor. He picked up a Small Stone from to Ltd knew Well in ground and throwing it ancient times. She looked entreating ten t added by to her lord and said child both remove the spot. I ust r shuddering the warriors hastened with a violent Effort forcing by cd her after Fortune was still against tears Gald to the Little one Quick them the boldest fell the bravest fled. And bind his handler chief on then Adalberto in deep affliction rallied to be thy father has brought a thank god no raised during my a i Token i shall find my i and continued he with a sign Vmay i also find their love. It she too Lay upon is hard sir when the heart of a Parent and the tide of life was fast ebbing is turned his own child b tithe remembered voice of her be he dropped his head upon his Feas 1 son drove u agony almost grief exclaim unt Ernest i to the astonished company de inquiringly my Mother the richly laced uniform of a British he officer. Dropped the fragment of the outer garment in wonder and at Liik at me i am your own the same i me exclaimed or. Camp f own you too for be what Are you explain ill i 11 i -1 j o Ritj Usu Uruu Iii Vicau a own i present for thee and will now give it for a few cents and was sent and Sha opened her a moment Artlett badly the hastily raising his Finger pub eyes May a this is. A weakness a Soldier but human re arts Bennalt Sto 5 vhf he words d accents of min and of Blessing. De or several m with Emo on lost Twyl Hope and Victory ant what can i More 1 1 he sad multitudes fear. Courage. It is not fear that on the Brink of danger shakes the bold tie pulse May falter but the mind bears Onward uncontrolled. There is Ere daring deeds be done a momentary strife nature s due evil when we prut less than ourselves our life. I the throbbing heart the quivering he that Shook la Marlborough s Frame but the giar4 birth was Blenheim s deathless name thus Mother Earth most dreadful is when she has most to the nations from her trembling Fly and cities Bow their head. Of yeat Nobles collected around him and spoke thus my father looks not As if he would tolalh7w7ytsi thou , rum for thou Hast me a sifted the child. T than turning-0 me i hut Adalberto knew what awaited my an Pimon concerning hts Case a enthusiasm of the past ii she Back he knocked but was in Hickory Bush record his vote on Cordingly one he took an oppor upon his soul to have joined in that to a Nona a Minst. The while to the the Bobo Lincoln Little paroxysms of puerile to such moments Are but i would not Exchange divisions of his not Able to look up Castle As the a he was Beautiful uninvited. A to e Side of the people and against the Eup was standing in the Middle of aristocracy of Modem whig Gery. Well floor and among them a minister May Jackson township and Guernsey a j i i i a in _ them for the plaudits of multitude simile met him at the Gate with her or the voice of revelry. Something daughter Iii her hand while the Little i had then about my heart some Light one always leaped and cried father Aerial has since been father beloved father Caster York co., England had two daughters lost the hollow Pagean tries of Adalberto looked abound on his peo by his first wife who the world. I Admire that song of pie in order to strengthen himself Der daughter married Hood s m , while re capitulating he met quivering eyelids and Man the memories of his boyhood he says and bitter tears for his War i remember i remember the Pine Trees dark and High a used to think their slender tops were close Agai iat the sky it was a childish 1 Bat now tis Little Joy to know i m further of from heaven than when i Wai a Bay cured them carefully and pressed his virtu0 and prudence what he should take for such a com in a few minus to animated soul commencing the marriage service of Cority cast aside the cloak of whig Gery plaint advice says the doctor. That save eloquence to his tit Church of Scotland. The Bride and array themselves in the Manle of riots Many had heard his horrible vow. Films marked. He dismissed them to their families the Wiley s wife say my rather feeling what unhappy then Rode he was yet grave he measured off a narrow my House we sat. Be measures on a a onus v Mau he away under Canoua pre love of society is natural but o f Earth it encircled the Ittye get out o my House and never Well. The Choice of our company is matter of Stone we Sci the Soldier had thrown to 4rken my Doof again e i be for a scoundrel ii Good health and bids fair a have you and the Mair Many a Cay to see the fruits of hits do time he this get outings. L j us take courage fron the i say William Camp example in has set us and All will be Mark out the burial place of Hin Ianuly. Exvell countenance year Neer yours a voter

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