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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - December 12, 1850, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania1 thursday morning. December 12, 18507 no. 643. Of k l , in the. Midst of a i Rovi Dorir a to inc. Is v. Huh i now hold i i v. Such coins Munji Cilins j me a., Ihu of Iho Iii Mii ii i in i he country in 3 i for inc loss of s i t h i , Neil till Ucic i i i ii in w ii i i f. Neither n of my i n in re re i i v n in f his incr in so. 11 pm p Iii mis no c1 unroll Liuigi Iii i v 11 i 10 Cit hid in in a. S ill Thiv i .1 Iii Nin in Mma a in i i i in Lioi then is i i in h in in ii i i i d Usi inc if k , the i rights of in. Vav in la of is 114 form of i Lucini Niit which 11 i i in ii Sci conducive to inc i i n of i s of n lib Riis of i ill it Loroi is t. Fittim Maiio May ,1 1 t in i 1 1.1 if. Is i or ifs 1vii vol l. A Al la i i ii a i i ill i to s ii 1 i v n i Curtri. I " in in f i in in a an i n in i i in i in in lie or t " ii i a a of Viii in v i i irim or i o m i Virv Vav i i i fit Mil i j l ill s i i i. Inv Pait in of a i m .1 s a a 11 u pro Mic or of pc to to leu i1 i i Niosi i i runic in Vvhs h univ iriv ii n or 1-1 Jln u v u nor sufi to inv i s ii i ill l ill fill la Olla 111 i i i of s 1.1 i n to t in Iii v or .1 i s i . The 11 i i a 1 v or toll Ive 1 ii ,1, is i a 1 i in r her i u so i in in it is ind o tis clench should Lintn inc i l if Ilell t Lull. L i i1j i 01 in in Jii incr is 01 in it Merit. I i Iii min a s i t in Fon i n ii t Iii i Iii and v 10 re l. I v null nid let i i 1 in i nil and a n ii Ali Aie inc dimes to other und by Chr 11 in c of we Besl cihilli1 n ulv binding. In All its Uirl Llie pc tale impressed in he s Iii ii Riri and thu const Siulc Dau ire to carry Hinl will no i which it has granted is to m Rte Rel for inc Public Good but no ii u i ily no lion St conviction i an Lis life if Iny Power nut d. Conf upon govern Timur to inc soveral is re urls cd pc spa 111 1 or j a stun sent As inc a apr ice icon Willii Llovy find i i to Jue lion its Vii Stulin 1 Loiis end a in commands. Vii. Is Llie a care of and inc people is legislative Power. E a Vii duly in lying before i a ilme Lonny information 5-d enable you to discharge your my Rosprin Siulc Rusl for the Benefit of Consun Nti. Vii i i o frankly cd pics cd a ii Ishri of i i n in anticipate in net thy of s to me unconstitutional a Lnu Powers of or Wilh provisions hastily and Likely to produce consequences injurious and unforeseen i should nol shrink Iio Iti the duly of returning it to you with Rny reasons for your further consideration. Beyond the due performance of those obligations both my respect for the legislature and my sense of pro Prii to will restrain me. From any attempt to control or influence with is the Power the Honor and the re of the legislation the country. The government of the United Sinics is a limited government. It is confined to the exercise. Of Powers expressly granted i and such others As May be necessary for birr Virnig into Eifel and it is k All limes an Especial duly to guard against any it on Ilu just rights of the . Over the Obj Cis and Subj cos in inns cd to t on Jess its legislative i i rut Here that authority ceases Ami every Iii Xci who truly loves the c on ski inti Iii and a sires the continuance of its and ils , Vav ill Resolute la and Lii Only resist and in Gliosci Lini Cimic Alia is which the Constitution bus clearly and Init univ Ocalle left to the authority of the slates. And Evi by will also Depre Cam useless Iii alien among Tho several members of the Union and All reproach and diminution lending to alienate one por Tion of the country from another. The by Aiila of Nur of government and its arid durability must cd reconcile the differences existing Between inc two governments in thus respect. Fresh instructions have recently been Given to the minister of the t nit cd Stales in Mexico who is prosecuting the subject a Vii Promp i Ludo and ability. Although the negotiations a Vii Portugal for inc payment of claims of citizens of inc United slates against that government have nol yet resulted in a formal treaty yet a proposition made by the government of Portugal for the final adjustment and pay ment of those claims has recently been accepted on the part of the United slates. Ill gives me pleasure to say Hal or. Clay to whom the negotiation on Iho part of the United states had been entrusted discharged Llie duties of his appointment with ability and discretion acting always within Ihu in Blu Lions of his government. It is expected that u re Trular convention vill be immediately negotiated for carrying Iho agreement Between Tho two govern ments into a Fleck. The commissioner appointed under Iho act of Congress for carry ing into effect Llie convention Wilh Brazil of the 27th of Jan uary 1349, has enl cred upon the performance of the duties imposed upon him by Llinat act. It is hoped that those duties May be completed within the time which in pre scribes. The documents however which the Imperial government by lha third article of thu convention stipulates to furnish to the government of the United slates have not yet been received. An it is presumed thai those documents will be for the Correl disposition of inc claims it May be come necessary for Congress to extend the period limited for the duration of the Corn Mission. The sum s i punted by the. 4th article of the convention to be paid to this government has been received1. The collection in the ports of the United slates of discriminating duties upon the ves Sels of Chili and la Weir cargoes has been suspended pursuant to the of the act of Congress of the 24lh of May it is to be hoped that this measure will uni Perl a fresh impulse to the Commerce be tween the two countries which of late and especially since our acquisition of califor Nia has to the Mutual advantage of Tho parties been much augmented. Peruvian guano has become so desirable an article to the agricultural interest of the i United states Hal it is the duty of the go i yer Zinent to employ Jill the Means properly in ils Power for Tho purpose of cans ing that j article to be imported into the country at a reasonable Price. Nothing will a omitted on my pan toward accomplishing this Rable end i i am persuade i that in Romov j ing any restraints on this Traelic the Peru i via inferior Quality. F therefore strongly recon 1 mend u the present Tariff Luch has ruled some of our most important and necessary Matiu fac tires and that specific duties be imposed sufficient to Ruise the requisite Revenue ii Milini such m favor of he Industrial pursues of Nur own country As to Enciu quire Home production without sex i a r interests while in will a Fibre a proof of a Friendly disposition toward this country which vill to duly appreciated. The treaty Between the United Stales and his majesty the King of the hawaiian which has recently been made pub Lic will it is believed have a beneficial effect upon the relations bal when the iwo countries. The relations Ixl Veen those parts of the Island of is. Domingo which were formerly colonies of Spain and Farke respectively Are Sigil in an unsealed condition. Lib proximity of that Island to Llie United slates and the delicate questions involved in the existing controversy there Render in c Csira ule that it should be permanently and speedily Aljus cd. The interests of humanity and of Gene ral Commerce also do grind and As in of the same sen Ament have been received from other governments in is hoped that some plan May soon be Devi s d to effect the object in a manner Likely to give general sates Lii lion. The gov i n Iliene of Tho United Stales will not fail by Phe Che icis of All proper , i to do nil in its Power to Pul an end to the destructive War Ivsich ins raged Between Llie Jii Terent parts of the Island and to secure to them both the benefits of peace and Commerce. I refer you to the report of inc Secretary of the tie Surv fora deluded statement of the. Finances. The total receipts into the Treasury for the ooh of june last were fully seven million four Hui Reil and Ivien i one thousand in seven Hundred and forty eight Drillars ,111.d ninety cents 74fl 90. I to Lite total expenditures during the same Pei ind were Foisiy three million iwo thou Sand one Hundred and sixty eight dollars i and ninety 90. The Public debt bus been reduced since i the last annual import from the Treasury j department four Hundred and ninety five i thousand two Hundred and seventy six Dol i irs and seventy nine cents 70. By the 19 i Section of the acl of 28th Janua i by 1s47, the Prochet ils of Llie. Sales of the Public i lands were pledged for the and Princi j pal of Llie Public debt. The Greul a mount of those lands subsequent in Ganteil by Congress for military bounties it is believed very nearly Supply the Public demand seven it years to come mid but Little Reliance fore be p aces on that Hillier to fruitful source of Revenue. Aside. I Rorn the annual expend ture.--, which have necessarily in irely increased a Porti ii of the Public debt nmn Untiner to eight million seventy five the Island nine. Imn die and eix dollars and fitly nine cents 59 be provided Ter within i Llie next iwo Fisi no veers. I is Moat design blk j that these accruing demands should be met i without resorting to new loans.1 j All experience has demonstrated the Wisdom 1 and policy of raising a Large portion of Revenue for the support of government from duties on fronds impure Tell. The Lay these duties id unquestionable and its chief object of course is to replenish the Treasury. But if in doing ibis an incidental advantage May be gained by encouraging the Industry of our own citizens u is our duty to Avail ourselves of that advantage. A duty Laid upon an article which cannot be produced in this us Tea or to the Cost of the article and is chiefly or wholly paid by the consumer fiut a duty Laid upon an article which May be produced Here stimulates the skill and Industry of our own country to produce the same article which is brought into the Market in Uon Wilh the foreign article nip inter is thus compelled to reduce his Price to bit at which the Domestic Arlicy can be sold thereby throwing a Parl of the duty upon the producer of the foreign articles. The continuance of this Profesa creates the skill and invites the capital which finally enable us to produce the article Macli cheaper than it could have been procured from abroad thereby Bene fiting both the producer Anil consumer at Home the consequence of this is that the Artisan. And the agriculturist Are Brno Erht together each a Fords a ready Market for the produce of i be other Llie Eliote prosperous and the ability to produce every necessary of of life renders us Independent in warns Well As in peace. A High Tarlit can never be permanent. In vill cause and will by changed it and Llie Reby invites the investment of capital in manufactures to such excess that when changed it Bridis distress bankruptcy and rum upon All who have been misled by its faithless Protection. What the manufacturer Avants is uniformity and Perman he May feel n Confidence that he is not to be ruined by sudden changes. But to make a Lariel uniform and permanent it is not Only necessary Thal the Law should not be altered but that the duty should nol fluctuate. To a Fleck this a duties should be specific wherever the nature of the article is such As to admit of it. And Valorme duties flu Otu ate with the Price and offer Strong temptations to fraud Ami perjury. Specific dailies on the contrary Are ii in and uniform in All ports and at All times and offer a Strung inducement to the importer to bring the Best or Lille As he pays no More duty upon that than upon one of Tanjut that an Yufor Lunate provision in the Tariff which imposes a much higher duty ii uti tie raw thai enters into our manufactures thai upon the manufactured article should be remedied. The papers the report of the Secretary of the Treasury will frauds j attempted upon the Revenue in variety Ami in amount so great As to Llie conclusion thai it impossible unit a any system of my Valorme duties levied upon the foreign Cost or value of the article to secure an holiest Obser i Ance and an effectual of the i Laws. The fraudulent devices to evade Llie Law which have been dete Lei by the vigilance of he appraisers leave no room to Doulon Towt similar impositions not discovered. In a Tatge j amount have been successfully since the enactment of the Law now in this state of tilings has already bad a prejudicial influence upon Liliose engaged in foreign com Merce. It has a tendency to drive the honest 1 trader from the business of importing and to throw that important Branch of business 1 into the hands of unscrupulous and dishonest j men who Are Dike regardless of Law Anil the obligations of an Moalli. By Alliese Means the intentions of Congress As express a in the Law Are daily Defeated. Every motive of policy and duty therefore impel me to ask the Earnest attention of Congress to this subject. If Congress should deem it Univie la at Emp any important changes in the system of levying Cliitis at this session in vill become Pinili pen Sable Lollie Protection of the Revenue hint such remedies is in Tho judgment of Congress May mitigate the evils complained o1should be us once applied. A before stated specific duties would in my opinion Atti ird the perfect remily for tins but if you should not concur in tins i Evv then As a porting remedy i beg leave respectfully to recommend that instead at taking the invoice of the Artic e abroad As n Means of determining its value Here Ibe correctness of which invoice it is in Many cases impossible to verify the Law be so As u Home valuation of appraisal to of regulated in such manner As to givn1. As for As i pict icicle uniformity in inc several ports. There being in mini in Calif Rinn i am in termed that Ibe labourers in minis Are Coin pulled to dispose of flu Iru to at a i air i use int this d appears to me to be a he Ivy i and unjust tax upon the labor of edit tins and Ilu Ubl not you vill be disputed at the Earli p pm i j Poir Sirle to relieve them from h by the Lish ment of a mint. In the mean time us in i assurer s office is established the i Mim i respectfully submit fur your consider Lii n the j Propern to of authorizing Gold , which i Lias been assayed and clamped to be received i in payment of government dues. I cannot conceive that the Treasury would Sutler any j loss by such a provision which will at once raise to ils Par value and thereby save if i am Rig Lily informed 0 Many of dollars to the labourers which Are paid in broke nire to convert this precious j into available funds. This discount upon their hard Cannings is n heavy tax and every Effort should be made by the government to relieve them from so great a Burden. I More Ihan three fourths of our population Are engaged in Trie cultivation of the soil the i commercial , and navigating j interests Are All Tjo a Gre it extent dependent i on the Auri cultural. It is therefore the Moa important interest of the notion and has a Juat i Chim to the fostering cure and Protection of i Ibe. Gover Mienl so fir As they can be extended consistently with the provisions of the con Slit Union. As this cannot be done by lie Ordinary modes of , i respectfully re commend the establishment of an Affrica Turull Bureau to be charged a Vii the i Uty of giving to tins leading Branch of american Industry i the encouragement which it so Well deserves. I in View of the immense Mineral resources of j our country provision should also be Imide for the employment of a competent mineralogist j and who Shoum be required under j the direction of the head of Llie Bureau to col i Lect specimens of the various minerals of our country and to ascertain by careful analysis lir or respective elements and properties Grid heir Iida tation to useful purposes. also be required to examine and report upon tie qualities of different soils and the manures i Best calculated to improve their productiveness. By publishing Ibe results of such experiments with suitable explanations and by the collection and distribution of rare seeds and plants with instructions As to the Best system of cultivation much May be done to promote tins great National interest. In compliance a Vii Tho act of Congress passed on the-23d of May 1850, providing among other things for taking tie seventh n superintendent was appointed and All other measures adopted which were Doem de necessary irl ensure the prompt and fit Laiful Perl that duty. The appropriation already Marie is believed be sufficient to defray the whole expense of he work but further legislation May be necessary in regard to of the marshals of tin territories. It will also be proper to make pro vision by Law at an Early Day for the Publica Tion of such abstracts of the returns As the Public interests Nuy require. The unprecedented growth of Territo Ries on the Pacific in wealth and population and tie consequent increase of their social and commercial relations with the Atlantic states seem to Render it the duty of the government to use All its constitutional Power to improve the Means of Intercourse with them. The importance of a line of the Best and most expeditious of which the Ria i lure of the country will Between the j Valley of the Neil Llie Pacific was brought to your notice by my predecessor his annual message and As the reason which he presumed in favor of Ibe measure still exist in full Force i bes leave to Call yur attention to them and to repeat the recommendations then made by him tit uncertainly exists in regard to. The Validity of land titles in California h a subject which demands Jour body consideration Large bodies of land in that stale Are Clunet under Grants said to have been made by authority of the Spanish and mexican governments. Many of these have nol been perfected Colliers have been revoked and some Are believed be Vaud Leut but until they shall have been judicially investigated they wi1 Coutue id the and improvement of the country. I therefore respect fully recommend that provision be made by Law Lor the appoint men of commissioners to examine All such claims with View la their final adjustment. I also beg leave to Call your attention to the prope Nety of extending Al an Early Day our system of land Laws Wilh such modifications As May to necessary Over the Siale of califor Nia und the territories of Utah and new mex Ico. The Mineral lands of California will of course form in expect Ion to any general sys tem May be adopted. Various methods of of them hive been suggested i was at first inclined to favor the system of Leas ing As it seemed Promise Llie largest re venue to the government and to afford the Best Security against monopolies but further re Al cacti i and our experience in leasing the Lead mines and Selling lands upon credit have brought my mini o the conclusion that there would be great difficulty in collecting a rents and that the relation Credi Tor Between the citizens and the government Voird be Al ended with Many Misc con sequences. I therefore re Cinnye and that in Stead of remaining the Mineral lands under the permanent control of the government they be divided into Small parcels and sold unde r such restrictions As to qua Lily and time As will insure the Best Price and guard most effectually a of Amsl combinations of capitalists to obtain the annexation of Texas and the acquisition of California Piid Mexico have Given increased importance to our India the various tribes brought under our Jiin Dic lion by these enlargements of Wiir boundaries Are estimated o Eiji Brace a population of one Hundred and Twenty four thousand. Texus Are surrounded by Povy Cinfel tribes of Dmn who source of terror and annoyance to the inhabit lants. Separating into Small predatory bands and always mounted they overrun the country it tons Desrov ing Oil whole murdering the Man Vitants or carrying them into cup Tiv Ity i la Areat roads into the country Are infested with them whereby travelling is Ren we and ii Migra to ii u the it Vienn Romier -vh.rl., by the lib article of the treaty of Gua in Lupe Vve Are to the in lians w i bin our Border i. Expose 1 id incursions equally a Vii Vin. The military tace stationed in that country Aho Iwuh n huge proportion of the a ii it represented is entireli1 nude Quinte 16 our own prot a Ion Aud the fulfilment of our to nov stipulations with Mexico the principal deficiency is in Civ Ulvy. And i recommend Towt conure a shone i at us Early a period As proc tical a provide i r the rising of one or More regiments of a Nurtie men. For . Suggest Tom subject and others connected with o in Domestic interests and the defence of our Frontier i refer you to the report of the Secretary of the Interior and of the Secretary of i commend Olsn to your favourable consideration the Sug prestion contained in the last then lined report in Iho loiter of the general in chief relative to the establishment of an Asylum for1 the Relief of Rii fabled and Desti Luu soldiers the subject Appeal so strongly to your sympathies lint it would he superfluous Iti me to say anything More Ihan barely to sex. My Cordi in approx Ulm of the proposed object. The Nivy continues to give Protection to our i Commerce and i him nil nit Erci to in the Dilfia real of Llie Globe and with the of single s Canmer on the for Tern Itie in distributed in Kix Ditzen 1 Lrons the rep i t of the be id of that department will the services of these squadrons and of the several vessels employed in each during the put year. In is a source of gratification thai while have been constantly prepared Tor and e end Bury. They Batti everywhere met with the by due As Well to the dignity As to the peace Ful dispositions and Jusi Purpo is of the nation. The two Brigati Tinell accepted by the government from ii generous citizen of new York find p1uci d incl r Ibe command of an officer of the Navy in proceed Arctic Sens in quest of the British commander sir John Franklin and his companions in compliance with the act of Congress approved in May last had when last heard from penetrated info a High Northern latitude Success of this Noble Anil humane Enterprise is yet Uncertain. I invite your Allenton to the View 6f our present naval establishment and resources presented in the report of the Secretary of the Navy and t in suggestions therein Madu Abr its improvement together with the naval policy recommended for the Security of our Pacific coast and the Protection and Extension of our Commerce with Eastern Asia. Our facilities for a larger participation in the Trade of he East by Means of our Iree ent settlements on the shores of he Pacific Are too obvious to be overlooked or disregarded. The questions in relation to rank in the Formy and Navy and relative rank Between the offi cers of the two brandies of the service presented i d the executive by certain resolutions of Llie House of Al the last session of Congress have sub infilled to a Board of of scars in each Branch of the service and their report May be expected at an Early Day i recommend the enactment of a Law Muihor zing officers of the army and Navy to be retired from the service when in competent for its vigorous and Active duties taking cure to make suitable provision for those who have Faith Molly served their and awarding distinctions by retaining in in pro Prinie comma Nils those who have Jeen parti civil orly conspicuous for gallantry Andi Good conduct while the own ration if the country to Maint in and uni her those who to the exclusion of Shier pursuits Luve devoted them selves in its arduous service this obligation Hui d notice permitted to interfere with the efficiency of it Elf. Concluded of fourth Moe. Newspaper

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