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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 24, 1842, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaRjl0 is devoted ill Christian in. Or main depart lazily. 2. Orig Connexions of Iri Stian Miteel , the first Ginal and inde most As found in and by s and Teneto i association to Patent authority by original re on principles on Yern rent liter and the j the fourth by and biographical a options poetry general Intelli of correspond Cial Connexions Ruhh a la depart commune Lume contained Ray writers in ters of the gos of High repute whole eleven is. Of the in and occasional i and foreign be consulted As and institutions in scribers Are orders As Soeu net Mij a Large and f fall Winter goods Mpr stocks make m e Lound in the county our neighbors who i for goods to give of. A distance As we Areo a any merchant a ii be found Broadcloth re lets Noea Plain Uslin de Lane Gro of hardware Naili is leather Nichols. Advance or if within the year. Payable half yearly p. Magic whole no. 209 August 24, 1842. Wednesday Wellsborough Tiocka jag file. Weli.5borotjgh, Tiona cold nth a speech of the Hon. A. H. Of Pennsylva on the Bill to revise the delivered m the House of rear july 6lb, 1842, and aril. Enta Tives the House having resolved itself in to committee of the whole on the stale of the Union or. Read Rose and spoke is follows or. Chairman the subject now under consideration is one of Anil All absorbing interest to Tho people of this Union. Its effects for f Ood or for evil its multifarious Ratific Lions will Reacie every Hamlet and log Cabin in the United states. The Workingman the poor labourer the Busy Artisan the inde pendent cultivator of the Soi the sheer maker the merchant the skipper Anil Llie paper Money Short the smaller As Well As the larger Nile rests of the country will feel either its Para by or its renovating for Mec f it shall be adjusted upon Short Sig item Sei Lional feelings and local prejudices the latter if it Shail be made to loser and stimulate notion Al Industry the Only source of National wealth inc Nali Oual Prosperity. It is tier before in tilled at our hands to the Roo t grave am deliberate consideration. Should look at the subject divested of All Sec Lional interests and parly Ini Masities will a fixed and Resolute to promote lira Best m t lists of the country at Large and to the policy o the government in Legrd e re venue and incidental Prole Tiou on i in and permanent basis i i such Man Ner As our Consoli Luengs Iron All apprehension of change hereafter Tui exercise of the phys energies of Man d by prop machines and inventions Deigna Laboi Sav ing is in Ruth a in Only source and origin f a wealth and pro i enl. 13 a us in Hui turned has alls to and investigated the print1 Lineal Economy can Lor o hesitate to adopt it As a pos Jour Eye sir Over the Civi and without a solitary sex mity find those nations whose in. H protected and nourished an elevated position m the f Lions and exercising a coi o i Wuence Over neighbouring on he other hand in Tho where their Peculiar uis Tiu to Para Laze Industry of w a Misci Able to the most exact the people in stale Subj it Lions and incapable of Din Anding satisfaction f6r the injuries and inflicted by their haughty r such is the aspect presented by the map of the civilized world. But it is unnecessary to a vion which has been Settle and which has grown into Wanh political economists. To inquire into i an of purity it May be tons Avor Tim hich Mise to the Anner of attaining so desirable of Cias the greatest Possich pro Penty common country. Before proceeding to these proper o notice some Obj views of those who Are in on upon the subject at Hij one v sume will strongly pre the of Marc 1833, it will be urged u Ion so action can be had upon the except for the purpose of i Arry the provisions of that act breach of fail h. Although led abstract that a principle one Congress c not bind a subsequent Congress yet in will be con tended thai Peculiar sit Iai Ibn of tie country the dangers which threaten us and the excitement and Irr caused oui of mini Able w All a bankrupted nos Belaid j our Stales and your genial government suing Al Llie Leel of a Board of for the Means of keeping the of Gover in int in motion y 11 these evils have followed in and would be multiplied four s c nun , who will con it tin Compi Miscoi 1s33 should 1 a com Pic i be made under mis All parties to its provisions fails to effect the specified and arose. For which it was intended s no principle of moral honesty d m disregarding its letter when As supposed to be its Lifs and i found not to exist. And when on All hands that that act t Anc cannot sustain the opera f in would bul a Moiety of the Revenue 10 he the most economical adm i of us let me ask Gen ii whal Mode or manner they e to Supply Iti Asen shown Here the Constitution bul three different modes of Revenue Viz direct taxation and imposts or a Tajii Foff duties eign productions imported and used by our own citizens. I will e the opinion sir that not one y individual on this floor will be r argue a resort to the , or Dialion for the purpose of raising a seven millions or any other t of Revenue except in a Case of Cassity when the Ordinary sup by be Cut off by collision with i nations. A continued and in opted practice from the adopt Ion Constitution 10 this Day has suf by ascertained the sense and set e mandate of the people Hal taxes fab not to be imposed Foi be except. Hujer the exr Ordina Ems canoes just indicated. Ise taxes Are justly odious in Al and in every they been levied. They have already ced rebellion and treason in Penn la and do uniformly result in on and bloodshed whenever Tri Ere the people Are nol awed and Down by the frowning influences Anding army. Nothing but Buck and Ball can enforce their collect they Are deservedly odious be they operate As a penalty on do Industry and therefore strike very foundations dry up the ins and exhaust the very sources 1th, Prosperity and i depend they disturb the quiet of the fire Side they fasten upon House manufactures for Domestic con hey kill the Goose that lays g Den egg they Check and Neu the stimulants to a laudable ambition and paralyse the energies of the people they pass by the Rich and affluent they regard not property or ability to contribute but Lay All the Burden on the working poor labourer who earns his daily pittance by the West of his hence they Are justly odious. After the Clear and Lucid exposition of the honorable chairman of the commit tee of ways and Means of the Light in which they Are regarded in All countries and under All circumstances where they have Fereen imposed i will venture the prediction that not five men on this floor will political suicide by proclaiming themselves the advocates of so obnoxious a measure As supplying the wants of the to Easery by an excise on Home manufactures. Sir what then is to be done you have no Choice. It is a Case of unyielding necessity. You have no other available source of Revenue than in Patir. Either the experimental com Promise for it is nothing More must be repudiated or the government must to exist. In such a dilemma will any Man hesitate no sir. We must Laise requisite amount by Means of a revised the duty is imperative. It May be possibly alleged my utter Surprise i have heard the allegation made some Kohere. By one Standin g High in the Confidence of Southern the com Promise act will produce As much Rev Jnue As any other Ormie than any other Tariff duties which can Joss rely be devised. This cannot be so. The assertion must have been made under some strange hallucination of the mind. It is ascertained that the utmost extent of its fruits can never exceed fifteen millions. And the Secretary of lie Treasury has demonstrated beyond a possibility of doubt that his proposed rate of duties based upon the in orations of 1840, would yield Wenty seven millions Nelt expenses and drawback upon re exportation. The importations of hat ear were far los Teliin the pc acceding years and Wue reduced y the Tiev Cic Pios Mirc in our Money Market which commenced in the air 1837, and had i i to .1 id do rms the ear is 10 15the Sec Elai j i v nine Iusi ledum year As India e of inline impel lat ions and that the chm min of the finance Commilee is i anticipating de creased a Poi la Lions , and i Hope he May be in yet the fruits of the secret any s proposed Tariff could never the less than Twenty three or Twenty four sum which under a system of the most rigid Economy with the reduction of the army and Navy might possibly be adequate to the wants of the . I do not desire to Bic undo stood As approving the of the Secretary amount of the present if it were possible to raise the requisite Revenue on the basis of the act of 1833? such a slate of things were it attainable would place a veto on Domestic Industry destroy your Independence make you the vassals of foreign artisans reduce your country to positive ruin and uni Versal bankruptcy. The second objection to action on the subject is that it is the purpose of the Eastern and Northern manufacturers to impose duties for projection As a Pri Mary object and thereby unnecessarily to lax the consumer and enrich the few at the expense of the Many to oppress one part of the Community one sec1 Ion of the be refit of another to sacrifice the inter ests of the South for the Especial Bene fit of North. Such is the Allega Tion. Whether it , i know nol. But if it be the democracy of Penn Sylvania gives no countenance to has no communion with any such intent or purposes. We have a Pennsylvania venue from imposts. Otherwise we should say to foreign nations if Yaji will not feed your starving millions on our surplus provisions we will not receive the products of your work shops. Retaliation under the circumstances being out of the question and taking things As they Are these sir Ardth a doctrines of the democracy of Penn we desire such a Tariff of duties As will furnish the requisite amount of Revenue and no mow. We no for a free list articles As enter into the Gem i Al consumption of the poorer classes of up in All countries an i in n i mines com Osing the Teit Oft in people provided such articles arc not Miodu cd n our own country or nol a Todd de Vith the same facilities Heie is a bad. On the contrary i deem it greatly erroneous in Many of its details. I Only infer to it to show the Absurdity of the notion Hal the Compromise act would Bear a comparison with other rates of dunes in filling your Treasury and keep ing the wheels of government in to lion. Waiving however for the pres ent that Absurdity and admitting for the argument that such might be the fact what would follow the in crease of Revenue upon a 20 per cent and Valorme duty could result Only from greatly increased importations and con sumption of products. W hat is it under which this Counley is now languishing is it nol a surfeit of Loi Uinn Pio Delions what has prostrated our Ancu Llyial your commercial and Jour manufacturing interests your credit your currency your Banks Jour improvements your slates your everything but the inor Din the and importation and the consequent extravagant consumption of foreign goods for which you have no Conesco Nimg amount of Export in return what hut these have reduced us in the language of or. Clay to a condition of infinite Dis Tress and embarrassment in the language of the minority report of the committee on manufactures Why has a cry of distress almost of despair come up to there Halls from All parts of our common country sir there is not a Man Between Maine and Florida who will Hazard his reputation As a statesman by standing up Here and denying that a plethora of importations is the disease which is consuming the very vitals of our country. Where then is the statesman or the patrol who would de sire to see these evils not Only Perpet ated but increased and multiplied As there must be at least to double the doctrine based upon no particular Foj vontism to the manufacturing inter Isk we hold that All classes of Community and All sections of country Are entitled to equal consideration Ift our legislative Halls that the North is not to prey upon the South nor the South to subject All others to its Peculiar local interests Hal agriculture com Merce and manufactures Are so inti mately blended and connected so mutually dependent on the Prosperity of each neither can be beneficially or injuriously affected without the others being similarly that it is the business of legislation equally to protect the lights and to sustain the interests of All and thereby to secure the greatest Good of the great est number. As the agriculture its of course including the planters constr tule a vast majorly of the people of ibis country that interest should be the primary object of consideration. Sir i have the Honor to represent a people decidedly agricultural and in the incidental Protection of Domestic Industry to be accorded by the measure now depending i shall Endeavor to regulate my conduct and my votes with a special View to the inheres is of Agri cultural Industry. I have no exclusive sympathies for the lordly manufacturer As he is called and if i would give incidental Protection to his fabrics it is with an Especial intent of fostering agricultural Industry by creating a Home Market for those surplus products which Aie now rotting in our granaries in consequence of the exclusive policy of foreign governments. As before indicated these benefits cannot be secured for the great and primary interest without at the same time giving healthful impetus to the commercial and manufacturing interests lorme by furnishing articles and increased surplus productions for exportation and the latter by supplying abundant employment at a reasonable profit to our rapidly increasing numbers who have no motive or inducement to Culli Vale the soil of the Westt while it re quires there four Hundred pounds o Bacon to Purchase a pair of boots Anc the Price of Vivo cows to Purchase common hat fruits of the soil in proper lib. The Ijes Ifil to each of the three Lea Ding interests under the Pennsylvania be precisely in proper Linn to numbers which must in equal and exact Justice to All when i speak of the Pennsylvania pol by 1 mean of course the policy an the Docili ties of the democrats who constitute the majority in our Belove Commonwealth. Promising that we do not follow the Lead of any great Man however distinguished if he happen to be wrong and that we do not reject a beneficial measure because the same May be advocated by some other loader of in opposition if he Chance to be right but regardless of denunciation from any we Are determined seek Tho greatest Good of the Orcales number of the whole people of the whole Union. Let us stale distinctly in whal this Pennsylvania policy consists. We believe in free Trade Doc irinus in the abstract. When the a ions Wilh which we Trade shall adopt them we shall be ready to reciprocal the practice bul we do not hold to free Trade on one Side and no Trade on the other. We should say Retali Tor duties were it nol that the great Ellen of our Borders offers such facilities i to smugglers that real Ilion is Irh pos sible. Should we All empt it we shout fail of our purpose and destroy the re n raising the required Aiji Omu of re Erme for the economical and Iii Nistra on of the government we insist scrim mation should be made Gursuch manner Aslo give a stimulant o nation onal Indus read afford incidental Protection to the and Villa inner its upon which must rest the Prosper to and happiness of the people and lie permanency and Independence of the government. 1 sir is the Penn Sylvania to Sterpi and we have a Strong and abiding conviction that it would Ive All the Protection and More than s asked for or required by the manufacturers of the North that it would move All reasonable cause of collision Between the North and the South and country on a High and com Landing Eminence. With regard to those articles which Are necessaries in a time of War the first a of Law of self defence requires that we should Lake care to secure an abundant Supply at any Sacri inc and at All times within our reach o be prepared for any emergency that maj occur. Here let me remark sir hat a fixed and settled policy on this subject is All important to the Prosperi y of the great interests of the country it is vastly a Jore important that we should know what the Law is to be in a succession of future years than it can be that the Rule of duty should be fixed by any particular Standard. The Uncertain vacillating policy of the government heretofore has done More to paralyse the Arm of Industry and raise the cry of distress almost of despair from All parts of our common any positive deficiency in the Arr bunt of protective discrimination. The third objection of the minority report is thai the duty is necessarily paid by the consumer and ther foie a burdensome lax on him without an corresponding Benefit to the is this so it is admitted that the consumer pays the duly on those arli cles which from climate or other nalu my causes cannot be produced in this country and this cannot be avoided if subjected to duty. Bul All ibis an four fold More is required for Revenue and therefore not objectionable on Southern principles. But these article of consumption if they have become necessaries and Are in general use tin Penns Ivania policy would place in ten free list. This far is we Are concerned disposes of the i Hucl Niento of the minority of tin.1 on that subject. With icon articles the facilities Lui me pied a us of which exist a to i i St u i consumer docs nol j to tax. He May pay the we o c of Phi of it temporal ily and mint the nov stimulant Given to Domestic shall have Inci Kiseil lure to something Pear a sup Domestic consumption. Competition Ihen operates to reduce the Price of the consumer far below whal he paid for the foreign articles be fore the Home manufacture was established Here by the fostering care of the government. There is no magic in this sir. It results from the Ordinary operation of the Laws of Trade. The mean est Tryo in the science of political econ omy perfectly understands that the Price of any article mainly depends on the relative amount of demand and Supply. If you augment the Supply of any article of Commerce the demand remaining the same the Price is necessarily reduced and on the contrary if you increase the demand that is enlarge the the Supply remain ing the same you necessarily enhance the Price of the article in the same de Gree As the proportion by relative amount of Supply and demand has been changed. These effects follow the causes indicated with the same certainty that the Laws of nature water does not More certainly seek a the t which May b broken cloves in at any tune by the English manufacturer. While this stale of things exists there will not be a single axe factory in the United states. The English manufacturer will monopoly of this mar Ket. Will he sell his axes at sixty you must have an axe at any Price he May demand because you have no factories. He May charge you s3. He5 w ill charge you do Jou doubt it no sir he has the monopoly he has the Power and he will use it to your Osl you must have an axe. This exorbitant Price induces some Lof our citizens to commence the erection of ago factories knowing that they Cati sell axes at is 50, and make a goo d the agent of the British manufacturer reports the fact to his principal who takes the alarm his monopoly is in danger he knocks Down the Price of the English axe to sixty sents the american factories Are a Iii broken Down heir owners ruined the monopoly is re established and the Price of an axe is again s3. I this is precisely w hat has occurred in a vast variety of cases in which a Large of capital is req red. This is the kind of to which some of democratic would Lily tin in i 1 u w i a ugly tin i i car t. C her 10 i us u inert can in i t of Loois cannot be Oil the duly of and the pro to ii England is in Riore i i Lorein 111 1, than the increase of Supply in a m Market reduces the Price of the article. This Law of Trade is As Immurs any Law of nature. This re due Tom not Only the do y imposed if in he a reasonable duly such As we but compels the for Ign Nanuma Lurer to dispose with ordinals profits such As a he Market would enable him to de Mand and he having the Power so 16 to his inclination to Denind inordinate will not it follows hat the Dity la not a lax on Lii Consu nor is wholly Pii-1 by attic foreign or the upor or or both. In oids t n from their tin.1 duh Fco produce the Esi in Sib e reduction of 1 Nee to the Comisi Impi in in n the Price of b r m this country and in the Coli qirits furnishing he article. If the duly much exceed this Standard tin Loi eign Mamiofa Lurer will be driven from the Maikel the Competition will the Pic swirl be enhanced and the Levenus will be lost. We the democracy o Penn sol do not desire prohibitory duties. We Are equally oppose to monopoly in the Domestic and foreign Man of Schirer. Sir Lei me this Law of Trade by an come Down to the comprehension of the most unlearned. Suppose we Lay no duty on imported axes labor is ten cents per Day in England an axe therefore can be made in England for 50 cents bul labor is 50 cents per Day in United slates and therefore an axe cannot be made in the United Stales for less then one Dollar. The freight of Art axe from in Gand to the United Stales is ssh ten cents. Consequently an English see May be sold Here at o from sixty to seventy cents. While there is no Protection against this difference m the Price of labor no american Coli zen will be to stupid As to invest j Large capita in an axe Facto newspapers cd Mollitor he is now a f Iceland inde pendent Man he Conns in p the mar Ket on equal terms both Aie in the Market neither has a monopoly the is doubled the Lemand remain ing the same the i ice is reduced to the lowest one Dollar am fifty cents. And so fas from the con Sumer paying the Duter be is relieved from the double Price imposed by Brit 11 h cupidity and monopoly. Such is l in effect of tie protective policy.------. He american manufacturer cannot exit from the consumer for his Foi reign competitor is still in the Market ing him Down to reasonable there is no mystery in this in is but the necessary operation of the Law of Trade. Every body knows How the Siage fare is reduced when the opposition line starts and How he vill be compelled to pay the old High fare the moment Hal the opposition is purchased up or broken Down. Hence u is that the Protection of Domestic Industry no is scarily reduces Price of manufactured articles of the consumer while at the same time it furnishes a Home Market for the surplus productions of is paper

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