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Read an issue on 18 Aug 1853 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 18, 1853, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaH v r--6 . V t of Mitte prosperous where labor commands the Gred tit secs in. Set w o pc know u 1 Hook far i3 family should Hare a Coles so to ii test the a new revised and improved be of Ilie Frijio. Treatment every Lorii of Diana a m Intercourse by Telf Aboe. Or with advice for their prevention a Laminar avoiding All medical sex and everything thai Wou d offend Niy. From Iho result of i wont Pri Riibe excl ively Sjovold to diseases of a de Icale or private nature. I added Tor the cure of run disc on the symptom a fever and a pie for irn Ryave one Dollar will be forwarded tie us Teil so Len. By mail free Jii Enid. Coi Nien co Iyub Box Niin Delphia. Exception the compre work published on the of a Luck it ireme. Avoiding ill Jeclin it up the Rea on if it is Ore from All the to ichor a iffy year to the treatment of remit to Loo Lierle Preta Mulioli hem ofor Ved to the world l Price of x5. Fruits Toia Lier or Parent Wii Hoot the in Niin invaluable of pain h under la air a Foo Oil to. In writing of medical i of Oti Romh by i be Inlo Law Wii Hool Reil Zirt the upon themselves and their Rise constitutions of who 6een in Brohen icy do not know the or the of Are Tavein of a Oneal 16 enlighten and 1 mid Aslo Check wide spread to tire of us would genl or the religion on intemperance or ing though in Tho Sandu not a greater m race. Accept Roy on and helluva me Yoor forwarded enveloped d. On the receipt of i Aduros co f Olonia. I i Walleri can Tijeri and Book made store of a Eplen Dia Laow on band at 1853 _ m j _ the editor s advisors. I says one. Your too. Grave i Tho much mom Lity you too much about religion me some Wiick or wizard with slip shod Husu Wilh Fine and Scales or leathers Tike a Jig Eoa i i love m read another cried those Faiumi Honable lies in other words novels of and i teens orb order hordes that used to live a Hovel. No no cried one we be had on ugh of Sui a confounded stuff to craze the fair creation give "3 irme Rei Onil foreign news 0 Kamsian. Turk the greeks and or any Oiher nution. Ano Lier i wan More Tun a Wilt Annec Blit if Pun j a of bin or a Riddle some Long of worldly would Lite to beat a fiddle. Ann Lucr Orfei i wan to see a jump e i up variety v Inonu in nil tilings a i cell Noui print Onjo id give int Ai Viall t want pm a says Nijs it rav like Init i s to Bear of plenty for in a time of none suffers irom no drought tis Plain at least not one in Twenty i 1 to Huettr say one 01 people to Nelly unit by loser or fever an. Ihor in Wei a a wife in Rel her Liao lilo of Tell and of Raccoon skins 6r a cover. Myself tithe of wealth i have i teen strictly honest but also strictly eco Seliris i he Ltd Yoa .c111 Sapporo your the Man appeared stammered whom he must have nominal. I think a Man has a right to his own fora on there yes peeling 1 had a right to enter the a drunk of or a Wouita prefer 8honld have House i walked into the parlor where there we reached the House in or iut i Kwh to be was rather an Odd performance in Tom who observed the Man i this matter to Tom seated on a Couch with a Happy bearding face Ramedia Tely fearing betrayal u. Lurtis 1 Wal Ltd a luvs. Intr of t i Odif to not choose to throw a warm thou i f shone have House i walked into the Vwe reached the House in pro Pat season w properly. You Andi 6 colleges or Shari Habte institutions m add so desire Vozbut Kwh to be we Esthlr 9" a Tom who observed the Nette r Jaq blamed i Hava re Uca Irb you to Nien term in n with a Unaa me let each Man take care p it and i will Jhanb you by of crier my sister Nancy seventeen. After thit event Nancy was much broken Down Tom was Afi bid As any woman i Ever saw while my father teemed to fail from that hour. He last strange letter. Sons will cheerfully. Stu 4uvvi a Wol urdu Liq Ujj i y they both started and blushed As they beheld to a moment the lady Wai into the Diu Tricon Oneco me. The gentleman was my brother House followed by the Trest of i i Why Jie with the ols Good for i her Fau. Humoured Sefile upon Hia countenance i was ened nearly fainting upon a Phair to in not aware that you neglected business so Earl while h or fish by no p16 f8.1" Nepo tins to the child biters in the mercantile world have accused me away the of being heartless. They do not know me for of nce four "8" before his a Wear to you neglected business to Early h or father stood Over her m in Bill m in her lao n on the . R and i was jul Uttira now Ana i was very sorry died Anc when she blessed each of us before he to Mel it d d me t ung. It was not what i in rare Day to Call on the ladies sometimes answered a such things come in the Way of business 1 is it me then whom you wish to Seel said Sarah with Keyni atoms of agitation. 1 it is indeed replied rage c etching one Corner of his cot t with Hia one Ceat of trembling hand an striving to regain his Power children shall of speech. Tom stood wiling to. Seo what that Mason shall s truant Terr dependent on himself that this Wel face nod shall not pointing to the child never receive turn Afla Ira would Lake and fied at the Hord look on Why was it that while in comparative calmness at the foot of the bed some my say i wanted feeling some May cant about headless Ness but i say it was be i had been treated coldly by the of Wimily and hat gradually been induced to regard my self As a stranger at Home. Did i not know that i was Ata capable of Loving my Mother As Tom by a ii Lub no self in tha Way of some Rich old f Lhea the Tafftt r b. Set lied. Thought a longtime Over this the night succeeding my first Khz. J Asera of. I not now Tat i Slont i was ois capable of Loving my Mother As Tom do anti to in Gilt my first who. By the Bye could never Lay up a cent in and read a number of times the could i have been allowed t then in i other construction upon we t use is there in All this about feel Las r Boen in All in we t use is there in All this Humbug about feel Mai perhaps the reason of Tom s greatness Nally in my Mother s pyes Lay in the fact of his being a Handsone fellow for Hal sort of thing always Tel Ofifi i _ i r l Ancl whoosh to honestly. In fact the letter now eyes. Said i i meant no harm Tom but go now to oblige me of. Said he gaily As he departed. Good morning Sarah Well meat again to the suspected my object but what cared ,11 useless to attempt to report his do not to Morrow marry pointing to 1 will Kneel and Pray that Power to a tuck Consi Ruchon upon jul Derwe Tamer cursed a child. 1 Wil curse Yon into Salha Veblen in All in the affair was a novel and sex cum one to me. Hear me curse curse you curly. Him Al to Ald 10 Orono non so i i. And i was anxious to be we out of it Feln. Out. At the front Annh i to of Lwi said of pointed or you have no doubt lbs Ervid the of my feelings to Many Presa on. An enemy of 8 a fun secret Wili _ i now non then a Diah of p Iii o to Drill i win j but Here to resist perfect Date fur Thev plea the was we a Volt would them. Or grave or Hii Morom wild or tame lofty or Low in nil he Hiu Shir or Tol Humble. And every it g it t it .3 Nimicht to of is or zit and ii Iho Grum lifters grumble. Us Stvil . Yony w eked look As though f it were i am thin in person and m youth arled therefore feature of that 1 thank heaven i am not a handsome non tie gift of Beauly might have been a to be. The Roisin was lonely after my Molher s death. My father walked gloomily about the rooms Anc in the Garden or passed hours in looking a Ida portrait of his wife which Hung in the parlor he left his business for some months entirely to a and remained at Home he in uttered a Ereat Deal to Hin self and Bat for Long per a with Nancy s hand pressed in his. Once. I was about to enter the sitting. Heard him say my wife Iny dear to me or words of a similar purport and on entering the , f Tow Terri rolling Down his Cheeks. Sometimes 1 found him Reading the Bible sometimes Nan i by Wonlu read to him sometimes Tom. Never did. For he never asked me to do so but f re 1 on the answered the sarcastic girl i did t know you Hart any extraordinary thereby feeling toward Uny one and t certainly never by always until you end your Mise Ribu life in a Gutter there aha 1 be no peace for you on this Earth for everywhere my curse howl in a or ears tale girl Rose and cast a despairing b at the front recovered by the fresh air. Of turned Olts Culetsu ital or t 111 Lii i t w could Hilr it of a sentiment of false generosity cheating troubled myself about you at All Azan l Dollar in the then believe me when i Saj e fast time. Tinny a i letter a secret. Of Urla added she reaching outer hand to him but before he could Caich it she Tell swoon i i i to Tom see the result of affair Shook his head vaguely and staggered from the room he must have been i could prevent by keeping the by her taunts. I offer you All. I am Rich quite broken of fit the misery caused w to third and i really i shall be Richer. Your father consents ant i but his interference was of no Adlai Kaslo to him am to get your answer for Sarah and i were married Day. 1 Hen sir. Said she m a pet Pardon me if j entertained no doubt that til uld go i the Hearse to the in ast consideration exerted upon my mind As those share of the property enter into the speculation satisfied then hat i was before right i Burnt my fat to Divide the properly i thought it by to sell the and told them so they begged me to postpone the Nancy cried bitterly and on said ire could not give up the place where h e had beet born and Fri re h 6 had lived so Long until it absolutely necessary. But it was a matter of business a null was inexorable. They save in at last. Siste r Mancy went into the country while the new owner raised the House but Tom remained in town Bear i had brought every big Ca to Mike a Dusty and self denial Treopie web me to Lake woman Happy. Dun no the fort in Oldie seem charge of Banks and humbly ask the influence de to to in n a p. _ i refuse the Honor you offer f smoothly. My wife me Ito the. Eager in the refuse me i Wilh a faint feel Home i had her a hone to which and fathers held me ing about the Why Pray i1 .1. Com me simply because i cannot marry you said i my brother Tom has been before me that i was too late v 1 will be Plain Wuh she Heaja l his. Morn ing i. Pledged myself to marry him. Hud trim been present think i could have stabbed him but disguising my use Lings i _ from sources Down town Hwe enc Essul in Elf my operations. La out As the merchant men a Tobaie in the r to each other As i Niass them in a crowd or Croge like whipped dogs before me a my room. Young men of to de to be in a Pale and resigned. Then she recovered a Little and Usk frequent rides about the country. She was restless and talked much m her sleep and Gomez tires even screamed while dreaming so that once or twice i was greatly alarmed. I was pained to notice of my name for Railroad boards. Bade her Good morning and left with a plam of Iuo that the color never returned i sons born in lie Yungr 1303, in an Eastern cily. him Lia it is tie Cuk Omi Grestad a of his a could not Beir us a bar by idly spoke to whenever Ai sketch in the Julo Ujj with More Fortis urge under when he t r we fa3 e very biographic sly la to saliva Nepf stared of the office his step was slow a5 Ign v whether it be an Point or not to i aril his Eye. Once to Clear and searching Hud b Une Tea a Day or two aubade of Snell inn nent. I kid old have Rencheck the position 1 hole., had i been broach to the world a Hec an error of will a Vays i ivc it a plan with he nor May be his Clacier. If he be born. In Chi acc. I scorn Sulci As my parents comfortable Ces. I acc Aivil a Good education. We lived in near what a now my own in my mind. Her Chher was a Man of violent Tern Par and there was no Mother luckily to intercede Tor her 6d 1 knew she must submit in time. From the House 1 went la Tho store of her told him i had been refused. While the counting room Shook with his oaths he told to rest satisfied that be my wife mid swore that he i went to me this i Jestion a ii s Jireh Phi Ceia a Nutter Dij Eamy to of Estile Tom called i 8wayj the or Encinal handing her a package of would break Down her spirit Man in the business and soon All was Given up document3 Nancy dear take my business satisfied. Tome father now failed rapidly. Five Dol sums of Money to divers i to charities which vexed me for what right had h j a i chafe late. An old my broken Down by trouble to a 6 you and this y , to mrow amount Wuh will , always enable you to live comfortably i o bed ten or two Rollini Down her Cheeks i can Tot hush smiling Yon know nothing about these things. I i Nuisl and away the properly which Louic otherwise tie so and to lie children merely to ease his heart 7 i remonstrated with him. He gave me a cold in cily. Long since the mansion i smile. , crushed by lha March of Commerce. Said Charity is a thing you know will mention As a rious that after nothing shout permit me while Yel i live to the death of my parents and before the old i do some Little Good Wilh my surplus was demolished my brother Tom a s Fly reckless fellow As you will see wandered a bout it and even obtained the key. And moved for an or two in the deserved rooms p arli Mother s chamber. is a worrier tie moisture of the Damp Walla oozing Ali Rouglin the ragged paper and the wind from j the broken window panes did not make i in tick bin i suppose the excitement Spring no fear not for yourself for i know you Well enough to say that you will never want for Money i had. Indeed no Hopes of Aid Foroi Tom still i thought it my duty to mention this matter to him and to desist me. Do Yon he. That for any such you must even submit. Vou i net a Good salary Anil Jave plenty of Ira Mey Fiir All my wants and t feel to Happy in doing this that Yon be ashamed of yourself to that night brother Tom did not see the Young Lody according to their agreement for her club born father lacked her in her chamber. Tom requested la interview Wilh him Anil told him he wished o marry Sarah but was heartily cursed end ordered out of the House. Afterwards Tom called upon me. He was very abusive and demanded that i should resign All claim to the girl. I lost my temper for by this time i hated him a Little and told him he was a then Nancy came with her pretty face Pale nor the old Light to her lfoind1 at list that she had resolved to be in Hap e. Nothing i could do would bring a smile to Ter face and sometimes she was wicked enough to shudder when i came into her presence. Her father visited event Seldom occurring she treate d him with cold respect Wajid i bin k she was go in filial As to dislike him. N did not Lead a very Happy 1 a and it was Only the Hopes of the Large which would Balon Gito her that induced me to Bear with her Jima and Humours. For some time l j v . Be seen walking with me in the Street. I. The Rich is quoted time a nods in insurance and a Spur he who received the saying Frorup my own month. I High in office seek my society and of her Cheek artists request a sizing that my portrait May Adoro their studio Walls. My ships Are coining Money and my stoc Kapay me enormous Divi Dunds. See How a straight Forward and India Inous course is blessed i were i selfish and hard hearted More than Oiler men. Would not my conscience Tell so 3 i tells me nothing of the sort. Beside i have always prospered and wicked men accords a to the tradition never do so. Jos 1u a and Tom obsprv4 the diff Ferencak bet Weed us. I been Fame Rynca and Aton is. And i z to in d had not seen Tom. No ing that i honoured but Tom who had purpose y kept Frojm followed my advice who my Atn. Six months after my marriage voted to Poison my Haon Inesa Jio Wever i met him one in the Street inbox simple disappointment in to scaled and of course took no notice of him he died at last in an insane seemed to recognize met and paused to give both have Hai who me an impudent Drunken stare at 1 upon Learned that Hia Jabita were very bad that his employers astonished it the sudden simple Duap ointment in love took to s have Reward m from be vice pm to yourself to the Sligo slept motion of refusing beside i real a Luller to a Hon or i fathers that their marriage t told her that Slie was beg his influence to induce my father in me from this course. Tom also smiled at a Cyl Lauffs a through her a tears saying bless you. Tom you were Al ways so Bond and kind i la do anything you t j i. N a us pvt i void our ecu with sorrow grieving for the brother she moved Allange in Hia behaviour had borne with his in so Well. She begged me not to destroy the whoa him with happiness of Tom and Sarah. But rather to1 use out inducing him to change for belter and my influence with the father and obtain his con that at last he had been disc a red from Bis sent t n Thair i ind her Shah Arm Itjin .1__ a silly girl that i did not believe in love which she rated about that Sarah would in to too time Lova me a great Deal better than she did m j that it would be wicked for her to lose a Otisi Iii. Linn our to by i urn j i lil l i t i from the Noti Zenshi Rife in ill Reg reasons m you urine i would prevent father in Trust for Yuu you Rich husband and marry one War had nothing Kaleil if Tiodos destroyed Chesil effects of the mus from in a re Way the decline of his know Audi Jet a Rainy Day.1 but his salary to depend on fora child i whim you Otic int to have known me better they did not notice me All this time but up that i was no bluebeard formed to make wives quite Titis enable and then murder them As some of a. I via a favorite of Home even Hwy. Ilow Lher to be surf was always i id Tut she Lovil my Broiher Tom and my sifter nancy1 a great Deal Uhter than me. By a tuck was a Al Ronso sort a a Man and tall a but Iii e. He ncvep1 liked me. My broiler and Sis or Miller avoided me and Nancy especially never me reason to suppose she did anything but fear me. I do not know reason of this. I was a ways Well behaved my principles Wora of Tho first order and Uro to Elliis Day. I eave her a great Deal of exc cd Lent my vice which she never followed. Many life you. I certainty he was right there will rapidly geared perfectly Happy Wilh each other Silva lion and was then residing with sister when waft Rosart de by Jook Ore of him. Once when order the in fluence of liquor he called at my r ouse. And demanded an interview with my w. E. She very properly refused to see him but Naa so excited by the event that 1 was driven to in a physician. We Hud been married a year w Ien my son poor continued will not be tithe family As usual made of my relatives appeared to think. Then Nancy was born. A thrill immensely different from do you hot notice How rapidly he Josl Lua l experienced a strange sans upon Dutno departed and troubled me no More about the anything i had Ever before expat i Noe a Perme Here jails. T i do it Eileed answered i a should t mope so j cried he. You areas As a fish. He was evidently in a rage and so i parted from him. Ring the Progress of their conversation and Don t know to what to attribute it. 1 believe 1 blushed. At any rate i snatched Ink and left the Louse and passed the Eveni Nir in walking about be cily. I had been a great Deal Lewun Loo. Has Tom had rom me been Ailin j fur weeks and had been for a to Iri the world. Few might Asu cd have adv awl infants. Vav Hon i was old in see t it i was not like i tic by Kepi away from t Leai and. Attended to of flown affairs. Haying fondness for t a t have since ii thirteenth year engaged in no Garna whatever therefore in my boyhood t had intimate com Tom was right though about the health of new a my father one Bright summer evening three flt a a years after Mother died the old Man. Who had a few Daya a Usu w4gjas Well in holy fined to his be passed away from Ever allowed me to us. Ii Usa melancholy event but it seems in the course of nature for parents logo before their children and f soon reconciled myself to this Dispir station. Nec Ewry preliminaries be ing arranged i was Appici used to Settle the is. Late. Tha business left by Rny father had been under my sole direction Iso Long that i consider matter. Surah was forced to consent. Indeed Noth ing ii Inland tie terrible rage of her a tin a when pressed to the Day for our , marriage Sha , and named one so Dis confined to fora week before and was Tanto Flat knew she was trifling with me but left by will Hia whole property1 probably Nerval a. I Dij not sleep quietly that her father Cama to my assistance and tha Fol Hia daughter. In my dreams my father visited me lowing saturday was fixed upon. No withstand ated my whole being when t fount i was a father. I had never loved children but the pos session of this one filled me with a strange Joy. Scarcely was the child a week o when my Ifa died from a stroke of i apoplexy. He Rolls weal . Dont speak to there was a bitter sneer upon the fettle girl s eat utes and she and her companion turned away from the poorer dressed be Hoolmaa. Rous Don t speak to the wot Aid. Your father swindled poor people and Mode a Large property out of their hard earning he was a Low bred Vagabond when Mounir Man and universally despised but is now one of the upper at heart he is As base and Jow As he Ever was. But deals in Stock and Rojs by shaving Bonds and mortgages. A w a monies mate. He is your father miss and would not like it were yourself Ouy a Leve with honorable poor people. Don t speak to her the girl is plainly Clad and has no Tippet round her neck or costly playthings. She has an Humble Home andr a l. Poor Mother. Rid. Time passed on. I was thirty five years of age. It was proper i should Mirry. Moreover i had seen a Ronij lady who pleased me. I did not fall in love for i never fell into anything but i fancied the girl and was Content to risk with her that portion of my happiness which might be dependent upon a woman. Her father was Rich of course or f should not have looked at her twice. He was a merchant with whom i had i purposely came in Contact with him to often in a business Way that he invited me i dined with him. Al though Sarah was polite Sho did not seem to be pleased with to the House my object now was knowing t w unfit Sarah Why should i associate with boys edit As a Natter of my Ovion. A regarded was far Nway from them i and my private property. To be sure some men Weir Pnra uits Thyl Only hid i had any parti lion was Nade by meddling relatives about give liking was John Solomons a youth of ing Tom o Chare in it. But i immediately jewish Parer Ilage and a cheated Ine out of came for Armand liberally offered to give up Ien a Jim affair of f Boyish traffic. I re the enter business to. Him while i established his adroitness if Emorey myself elsewhere stating that i waa deter to from that had mined Roget my living alone or not at All i a with him i was tha More grieved after this Tom cheerfully abandoned the thing to e and at Duffel rent times solicited her Natter As i had arranged As i supposed to anal said n More Aboul it. P places of Public resort but these in make the above Sura Vutci Nihim when by an my Fether left a will dated Sorna years Back or accepted. She Indif-1 on looked for and masterly let Oke in. Therou be by which be divided his property equally be a obtain 3d the advantage of tween a us. This property consisted of. Fifteen thousand thousand Dol t i i inra tie mor9 was in her society. Had my nature to ardent i should hive been deeply in love foreigners bul my passions to get the bet be Peculiar vice of this country. It ohis additional sum to be received his Peculiar to no country. And d a from the estate would fall info my hands in visit to enstland., whither i Wenton in Good season for it exactly made up an amount bushmen. 1 found that in of at necessary in a Beaini fit operation in Vav High j was a passion1 absorbed All tie. Intended to engine. Was even a a Day or two after my father s death i found which is saying a great Deal. In Bis Deal uhe following note addressed to infer. Landers Havo one great gift which quite my dear boy that i have hot Rne their Adf Rooney Afier sufficient Stren for the door. Unabashed the scoundrel looked me body in the face yes at the very moment when he1 was meditating a deadly blow at my happiness. With certain Misti Virlus in my heart j passed on. Remembering that the Man servant bad presented a very guilty looking face to me at our last encounter i began to feel uncomfortable and in a few minutes turned Back. Now my said i As the fellow opened the door Tell me the truth at once. What has my brother Given you to Aid him in this wicked scheme v i Twenty said he trembling. Safe sir i was poor and the temptation was too great for me but Don t inform on me i beg you. Sir listen to a turn against them die. V8ry observed the advantage Lara for each of i but f had such exiled in col nos pains. I not Cje d the general lore Lectitia in private Busi Ziess at different periods Ferent but i entertained do Good an and when i am married you shall have forty opinion of myself that 1 thought i could win a dollars if you Don t do so you la regret it in Queen if i Oliosi my liking her increased til the Day of your death r. Her father is ruined by one who, and died a stricken Man. Hia Fine Early Home of the poor girl was Eold at a sacrifice and purchased by Tea Man who ruined her the once to Wornan Ishing was no necessity for my Good for wit there anything tune attended. Me even Here one Day she speak to her her Sweet face is Pala sent far me Andrj commenced be usual cold Aud Sld her treas is course and Plau ily Blunt style which characterized for Intercourse made. Just look at Bedpan talents even Nothroff with me but common Needle work t not As Fine As Roura you marred Roe for my Mon by by a Good Deal. Her shoes too Are common. I Interr pud her with a deprecating shake of calf skin while Youra Are Beautiful Vohy can t the vulgar thing dress As As you can and Why can t her sad hearted Mother have a Fine House and ride to Church in her Carriage 1 what business have. Fotika to be How exceedingly vulgar it a to work for a Liv ing. Don t speak to her if she a in t fit for your Don t dress Well enough. No matter if she does hear the cutting word. Poor children have no feelings. It s Youtt try say what you please Ahoi there is a tear in her Milf head. Don t Fie to said know you too Well. You made a stepping Sinne of broken hearts to grasp with your avarice u9 hand Al my Fortune. My father is gone Anc the Money is mine. You have been de Viking schemes to get it from you not 1 no upon my replied fur she was getting excited Pretari rated a Tittle to save her unnecessary pain. Pshaw sneered she deceiving always but no. Matter. You know 11 late you you fear that will in some Way Deal Ive you of that privilege Dof Folta. Of Goli for which you have damned i la do anything you wish. Sir. Perhaps i am Abo then in the first place what is this of Chanty this Muney which a ruined me. Your brother and Are to run you surely Don l intend Ter reason. Away this afternoon. S 1 have promised to get to throw away Iljins valuable prop heart and cof duct my business in creased and 1 was already her out of the House but upon my word sir t erty tin any such Way people night think you sect of the Worth a property my position in the do not know to what place they intend going sane and perhaps conf Zemeru in our be he washes for bread and aha world made m4 almost sure of Success. Every to i trouble you to go to i Wasnea or Oread and she thing prospered with me and at every turn i master s store with me now i can the time was when i give him this information. By this 1 can make to bring affairs with it Assa sure m the meantitne.1 will freely gladly give to you. 3y ajl my hopes1 or is r thu Ninn Ali Perl Whin such s fath0r t ,._t. _ a f her Young heart she will know that Eseary. Don t fear answered Al fully. This cursed stuff Ajjie w Hole of it Ribi termination. Of her father the Man obeyed me. When Sarah s father 6r never touch a Dollar of in 5-1 was sure. Devoted to the acquisition of Money near4 tur 8tory of flew into a most violent Paa you who hav destroyed i fat brother.1 for himself lie i was one created to be bion i wis to ashamed of him on the this Little Pila , deserve and t. A uni t _ l i Mair try til Tremida to Irrl Tinall in Tain ___1jv" l Mother is a Pool girl. I there Are Many sobs and Clouds for her in he future own a cutting word and stinging or woman s heart will need All its bravery he May Irwin Mph in the trying struggle or she. A give Way and go Down to worse than tha her soul was full of tha pure and tha i say that 1 to be gained in Lars. This and since that 1 have devoted three but i me rationed my intentions to him Only to Way whither be Jar mediately pro be Yoss a has Glass my me joyfully by needed followed he the servant and me. He her with n Iron Heel and she was lost. L ton talk like to poor they have no -.11 ,.wx _ j is i Ijar j h. 1" i j of w , .1 we lain f of Joel t in pwt Gilio matter Apo splined he dist me in a kind of excited a ble Wop an you shall

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