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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 18, 1847, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaThe each p. Magill editor and proprietor. Rrellsboro4gh, Tioga co., a. Dollars fifty Cento per an , exclusive Cento footed if within the veer and for Cash or tally in and France one Dollar will be to paper discontinued until Are unless at the option of the not twelve lines m three times for one for every sub taken insertion Centa notices not six lines. Events five cents. The charge for one insertions the same. T Liberal advertiser. 1teittsn fo2 the t1oq4. Basle. Fhe Beautiful by Altok v. Ti3 Beautiful to Seo the Sun Dait Forth his beams on High. And Send his p Encill d messengers along the Eastern sky. Tis Beautiful to wander where the Forest stately stands and Trace Ila chains of the mountains Rocky bands. Tis Beautiful to wander Forth at morning s Early Dawn and meet the fragrant murmur air that breathes upon the Lawn. Tib to at night upon the starry Plain worlds in countless myriads display their shining train Beautiful to linger near the Mountain s dizzy height and soar Rah Juicy a flashing wings. Thro Fields of jiving Light. Tis Beautiful to hear the wind where dashing Waters Roll As on they sweep thro flowery gels and wander to their goal. Tis Beautiful to gaze afar from Browa of lofty Hills. Upon the winding Vales below where gently flowing rills meander to the River s Side thro Banks of fragrant Flowers Aud Birds Are ringing Blithe among their own delightful Bowers. Tis Beautiful to list the swell of music on the Breeze and catch the voice of mourning winds that sigh among the Trees. Beautiful at some Lone hour in silent Shade or Grove to win the fondly glance thai Speaks confiding love. There s Beauty in the Radiant Eye that Marks the restless mind where thought and Bright intelligence by fancy More refined Call to Ihei Aid the a Pipit lure. Where melting in Ideal fire Iti swelling chords melodious Bend. And strains of living music Send in to the yielding soul where sweetest notes in softest anthems rail. A aug. 11, 1847, English wars. Thi Erst War of the revolution in 1688, Lii de nine years and Cost sixteen millions in taxes raised at the time and in Loam Twenty millions besides the levies of eight Hundred thousand soldiers. The next Waith Ewar the Spanish which lasted eleven years ending in 17j3. It coated thirty millions in taxes raised and millions five Hundred thousand a dads in Loans. Then Cama the Spanish War and the War of tha austrian which commenced in 1739, lasted nine years and Cost the country Twenty five millions in taxes and millions in this was followed by the seven years Wir Between the English and French about the bunks of the Ohio. The quarrel soon spread into tight about religion and England paid about six Hundred thousand in subsidy to Frederick of Prussia i consequence. This seven years War Cost fifty two millions pounds of taxes Anc added sixty millions to the debt. Then Fol Lowed the american War which Cost thirty two millions taxes and no less than one Hundred and four millions in loan. After Dis was first French War from 1793 1803, for which Tbs enormous sum of two Kad Redend sixty three millions five Bond thousand pounds was raised in taxes two Hundred millions rive Hundred Thon Sanc Sands added to the debt in Loans. In the Etc Ond French War against Napoleon from j803 to 1815, taxes were levied to the amount of seven Hundred and seventy millions five Hundred thousand pounds and an in crease was made to tha debt of three Hundred eighty sight millions five Hundred thousand pounds. So that altogether from 1688 to 1815, England had sixty five years of War my paid for them the almost incredible sum of eleven Hundred and eighty nine million poor is and have left the country with a Burden on it of nearly eight Hundred Thon Sand More an Indiana Farmer who has recently travelled the Western portion of our Rountr editor of the Boston Post that Al the wheat crop is a Little thinner than nasal on the Pound the Kernel is Well de eloped and the will weigh More than has for Macy Corn at least or Twenty per cent better than last Owsley in carrying ont the objects Resolution of the late leu untre of voting swords to Gens. Taylor and and Lieut. Barbour for their Gallant conduct during the present War with mex Ico has Given order to have tha procured in that the liberality of i. Eider will command worthy the slate and to politics science Citero Titre Elgrim litre Ano amusement. Wellsboro wednesday Aust 18. 1847j r whole Job. Fol. 49.1 communication. Which the in let As not i history but i spirit of Virt and May to the land the ment thatt for the Baglby. Temperance 2. That fellow s of exceeding honesty and knows All qualities with a Learned spirit of human in consideration of a communication which in peaked in a late number of the Iver the signature of a Friend of temper Alc permission through the col uni of the to continue in a subject upon which i had i o More de ire of engaging in a discussion ear of doing to. The author of my views than i have the above mentioned communication attacks my article with a wonderful Deal of Confidence in the position which he takes and Iii ability to annul the opinion of others and establish Hii own upon their gains. He had not it seams he boldness to write Over his own signature eat his real motives or position might be de acted by the vigilant Eye of a discriminating Public. In the first place a assumes that my communication is in favor of a return to he old Law regulating of spirituous iqnijrs1" this assertion is absolutely false ind maliciously originated in the author As no language contained in that article can pos ably be tortured into a construction which will convey any such idea. A then proceeds to will try to Iber where a with Many have bad lost Light of the Light Means and run through tit Mazt of the Multi Tiedt Lown by the winds of popular excite rent or some selfish desire of the keen demands of a vicious have wrecked their frail barque on the Rock of disappointed my stars. What a area Down to All protested opinions. The Rock of disappointed Hope must a a to column of Adamant against which ambitious men Are Apt to wreck their generous Aspira Lions. But whose bark i ask has been wrecked is is it that of those who have adhered to washingtonian principles and stood firm non the ground of Well tried policy Are they who have taken a Perma nent stand against legislative enactments up on this subject end boldly asserted Ribeir position Boie who Hare been wrecked in their in prophetic sayings and demonstrated false in the sophistry of their reasoning far from it. They who secured the enactment of this Law by the legislature and supported it at the polls Are these who have been disappointed in their narrow Hopes of self elation and whose say Ingi were As false As their position has be come ridiculous. They have ventured with their frail barque non a dangerous sea and have upset their cargo of political policy in a Whirlpool of Ribeir own creation. Not Only has this entirely speculative measure proved abortive h5 All its multifarious ramifications but it hat a was foretold by its opposes prostrated the influence of temper Ance societies in Ench a manner that years of controversy will be required if Ever we shall be Able to give stability and Perma Nency to any body of organized Temperance men. And the phrenic of their Burn ing indignation at unexpected contingencies they meanly seek to keep the shameful result of their own mismanagement on the Heads of innocent ones upon whom the Isopo Sibil Ity can never rest. Did they who supported this Law at the polls after having adopted the measure leave it to be guarded and executed by those whom they knew were aver Rould be opposed to it can they attach the blame of the Laws not being executed to the same individuals upon whom they sought to enforce its obedience Are they than who earnestly opposed this legislative interference the ones at whose door the shame of the result should be Laid Are such individuals the fanatics we have lost sight of the or Are Thi y the characters who at the bid Ding of hair own credulity open their Avaricio months and Swallow Down absurdities 19 Broad a creation i would not for u a Price of that sacred regard in which i h old the opinions of in honest censure a the member of society who Lent his influence to the support of this measure be Lieving it would have a Slat Are effect upon Community. And now when experience the Only True of political has proved the Law to ineffectual he will abandon it from the same principle of Honor upon which1 he previously advocated it while on the other hand the Light hearted politician who fears the frown of party demagogues dares not express a change in his political sentiment but will continue to clasp his favorite measure with All its wild contortions till its bloated deformities swell beyond the measure of his embrace and leave him the a realized victim of their o to contaminating influence. Its Hare barked Over their idol Law till shame is kindled on their Cheeks and their lips Are sealed in the presence of candid observation yet there Are some very knowing ones who still Baric in the Back grounds and Over the ruins of their dear Defeated measure. Let us the first place a. Of f. Assam a that moral suasion a that Only weapon that eat contend Saecha Sunlly influence of moral eras the Wisdom of a Bene constituted Mankind t reason Honor and const efficient As an incentive the threatening vengeance Here seems to be a Broi Guage As Well As in the asserted moral suasion advancing the morals fear which grows ont of Law i and i Here repeat and that too without i for excluding Law Asau Sioni when the influence on is As cent creator has so at an Appeal to his Nee. Is always Mart moral action than of a frowning contrast in the Ian ideas conveyed. I a More efficient in society than the he penalty of the 9 same assertion Overvog any reason Liary to moral Soa f both May beads to co operate. But where Law is to the wants of society and the difficulties attending infliction of its penalties counteract and Over balance All the Good that might other wide accrue from its faithful execution it is an execration upon society and none but Disori Gani zing demagogues will attempt to Austain it a the sacrifice of an abused Community. Let me term Law As applies. N this country by of a majority of the from the Banner give ble Law a definition of the to this Case and we mean the Wil peo Tare ugh their represents an ability listing in that major Ity no Law can Happy to our finding Jority of the people to enforce that Wilt or Law without which Fust what we if be will of a a Latance of a i ask is the valid Ity of the late act of is requisite o the sex in legislature rela live to the Sale of spirituous liquors have a majority of the people of the contiguous their and the necessity or expediency of such la lava have a majority if lire people of those counties for which it was i nailed Given it this Sanction of their never. It is a Law of the minority and no t of the majority if the and not of the h the i spirit of its declaration s its penalty been strictly enforced and has it been Dii Regar led and trampled upon the impunity i the la str Ritly obeyed Ler i aver to be True and every Day s a Poser ration bears evidence of the act. L then according to the writer s own Defi Are the conditions necessary to Render the measure i a Law of the people Aid a valid act on the i de i leave the in catalogue of our penal Elligen Reader to infer he then proceeds to speak of the salutary effect of Southern state Laws against practice of gambling to admit but How Ca opus reasoning Bee All this we Are ready such abstruse Susla r in favor Law while the observation of every Day proclaims its inefficiency and holds to View the Desola ton it has brought upon society All Uncer Tain reasoning with r my must yield to the stration. I he Neit proceeds proposition the no Sale Law is calculated to and was framed to cure turned falsehood and to produce one Sentei article i have Ever rom which a doubt is Bas already carried Ronten. Ion into the heart o Shing the evil which Gard to political econ Force of ocular Demon o examine the second Oes increase the evils it this is also an As i Challenge the author be of the kind in any waned. The language Ess inferred this reads society without Dimin it was created to de this is the language which i sub scribed to then and which i assert now without fear of successful Bat for the purpose of showing morn clearly the fallacy of his pretended argument admit his false Assumption to be True and Atn see if from premises of his own choosing be has sustained his hear him is based Julon the principle already advanced Viz toe will of the people to enforce and abide by it. V As it Here then is an actual contradiction in his own language and 01 a which the meanest Tyro in the school of logical investigation should Blush to make. H first declares that the Law is based upon i he will of the people to enforce and abide if True would inevitably give Validity and permanency to the Law and in tha very next sentence asserts that it has not been sustained which necessarily Contr Adieta the former. Such in consistency blinded with sophistry would take much better among the greedy gang of than in Public print and especially when aimed at those who will be very Likely to detect its weakness end luring its absurdities to open vision. J no heart that under the info and Protection of it ants of the tallies repose Ard the solemn warnings of be from its sacred lore the and prophetic i Irit of Union yet sweep from in t relic of its opposing ele i icy born Eagle from Bis proud Eyre in tha Lioi stain s brow May spread Bis orge oae Wii Gaver the land where the Patriot and Phil att Popist shall walk together hand n hand and Thi hero and the Christian shall slumber Sid i by Side Over whose Nril the laughs of Thi Cypress and Myrtle shall be warn together a. F. F. Gust 7, 1847. A rom the London Magazine. Beading the will 01 the mercenary Lover. 1 i this Moi Nijiu i received a note from my affianced a Ripe Constance Graham re quest no me to ahead at two o clock that Day at the House of Hor late Uncle in Harley Street for the Pur Josi of hearing his will read. I Tad the great Alt pleasure in complying with this invitation. Though the i most amiable girl of my a pad determined never to marry or i no Els lived be bad frequently his heiress but so frequently or at nothing1 in and bequeathed his wealth to prettiest Quaintance while pro Elaime took Offen tier behave a Hospital quite was Bates or me inform master s solely or Ever that rant of the very rom auspicious at the drawing a relatives bled. T might hat crepe and looking v by female the deceit knew tha sister in a Derly Cou Stripling stance Ai affection the Capri son or Lunatic Asylum n. I i for 3 Felt n the present occasion for mrs. Raham a housekeeper had Given n that Only an hour before her ath he h and her he had hand i led for Constance. I Felt How was my policy to appear Igno circumstance. Constance being a and Constance s Mother very appointed time i walked into the in Harley Street the very few he old gentleman were Assem was Constance looking As Hebe looked if Ever Hebe had worn Lom Bazine constances Mother stiff Cross and uneasy an elder Nusio and a Stripling Nephew of i. I feared none of them. I or. Graham disliked his Tine lady despised the servility o Bis Al and dreaded the frolics of his whew. I seated myself by con n a soft tone began to pro est my and disinterestedness. Your Uncle my Belo i enough and As be inspired with 1 i tier sentiments of their Beautiful construe tie desire for their that on would Ever lift my Nenee Jar free institutions can Ion or a More Enthus Iai Prosperity Tjhan the reason Why i Humble voice against those Dis organizing factions which Are unceasing in their efforts to distract political Economy and rear the throne of anarchy Over Bro Ken columns of divided society. Never let the voice of which of Yore was heard in the crash of fill Ila. Is it i said Only Tartof a i read every word of the will lied and having greatly fatigued y so doing i Trust it was perfectly Lereah myself with a Glass of sheiry Ead the i was going to utter some father r when Constance s Mother said goo ing or. Chilton in a tone of Voi Eft me no alternative but Echo i aking and i defended the stairs pursued y a smothered laugh from the party in the a Wing room returned Home in Low pints and entered my adventure o misadventure in my Dairy deducing Kinf d in let said i lavs every reason to conclude that i you Art disinherited this Bow Ever will is of Little moment to me i have Comfort though not for luxury Long beautifully in my heart be it never forgot v health of the cottage is y or. Said Constance s looking excessively sneering and that it is pretty Well known that the is the sole hairless of her Uncle s i i replied with a Start i was not aware that any sir awarded concerning the contents am s j e Beard a surmise Sharp pred the elderly Cousin that or. Not in his senses when he made mind must be both base and weak instance a Mother which could Erica to such a and Forth ring dialogue took place Between allies during which i whispered to e a Page of Moore s poetry done into now entered the room the solicit Imale Friend of the late or. Grans a handsome Young Man and had atone time to lift his eyes to con opened the will and we All be Ely attentive. Of what a Digap awaited us. Three thousand pounds bathed this was the s idea of a handsome fired pounds to the elderly Cousin i the Stripling Nephew Small legacies servants and the remainder of his found a cold water establishment i reception of those who were not Rich pay a gratuity for being Ball Edl i Temple read the names of the of witnesses and then Reff shed himself a Berry and biscuits la he was the family his present e was no re. Conversation. Will ought to be said Constante s Mother looking very red to do not Biel eve or. Graham was i in his senses where bit made to said the elderly1 Cousin with a sneer that the mind must be both base and Irei a which could give credence to such a Dei r Mamma Laid Constance do not be disc imposed i am very Wel i shall lot quite be a portion less cons an be Here held out her delicate hand to if Feerd not to see it. Iff dear miss Faid do nol belie re me so cruel Aud selfish As to wish to Plunie be into i to Dight Yon Laid that your income was suffix Leht for every remarked the Stripling Nephew. I Din not Monde Amend to answer him by my heart to do so i give you Back your free in the pathetic words of Hay nes your lot in life be Happy undisturbed by thoughts of i was ust making to the door leaving coi stance looking More like Niobe than Hebe when Temple Laid i think the party had belter Emain till i have read the i restated myself in amaze and Temple Ort with read that the testator being con iced that he had received no Benefit from be cold water system revoked and rescinded Lis legacy to it bequeathing the same1 to his beloved Niece Constance Graham. Constance dear i exclaimed n the softest of tones. But Constanta look id neither like Hebe nor Niobe but my severe As Meda. I Chen attack is Stern i tem to read he re myself Alto is before i Marks mor which leave rather from it his very valuable piece of advice to gentle Man in search of Fortune never believe hat a will a concluded till you have in Irod whether there is any codicil to i from the Loveville Vej Zaminer. Dueling. The death of George c. Of Virginia occasioned deep regret arge Circle of friends. J we knew him in other Days. He no Ordinary Man. His mind was usually Clear and Strong and had no Advent ii Custan is occurred he would Bare been the a rent to society and a Honor t Ion but it was in private life he so simple so kind so True we never new a More generous Man he wholly disinterested and knew How to sacrifice Elf with a Grace which Trou him the love of friends and the respect of acquaintances. In in evil hour be was tempted acting upon false notions of Honor to peril his life and the life his antagonist fell. From that four be was an altered Man he knew no peace and to drown the bitter thought that he was a murderer lie sullied his soul still deeper in crime by drinking to excess and in eur y Ufa he was taken from us a debased Aud self blighted Man yet How like him was the last act of his life. This Little paragraph below inserted in newspapers without comment and glanced at by the Reader possibly thought Tell sat once the rectitude of , and his own estimation of the depth of his crime. J George c. Dromgoole in his will gave All his properly to the children of the individual who fell by Bis by Djin a it Bas fallen to our lot in Days when we thought duelling could be said to have thought about. It All to1 meet with Many to know Well some who had killed their men. We never know on piece after the murder we k survived and they Are sets the first time we were Calle Ness a Duel was in Augusta be we were just entering manhood ties were from our native Slot them both Well. They were their places and at the word i of the two a Man of Promie a dead. We saw gaze wildly in Bis Pale full of friends t by hurriedly took up his body and bore Home. And we saw after a haired father As he Bent Over tears falling Down his Cheeky struck with palsey for Bis or his Hopes was taken away and Wop lived in in Only two non to wit Gia in 1829 the Par we knew stationed at a the older d place Fel his brother just now so Ward to his is tha Gray at body Hoft 11 one i the boy of Here waa no Langer happiness of him on the s Earth but the survivor Basil Esi relations brought us together we were his attorney and we had to see him Al his Tome and of House. In company we saw no change in him he was Light hearted a most Frolick some in his levity be never spoke Der by an uttered but v All Uoder stood compact and How terribly die this describe Tea deed none Ever referred i Tolj it. Soon after we found that he waa a t becoming drunkard and scarce terse years had passe 8ince the Duel Ere he was Down in Early manhood and Laid near h s antagonist in the Earth. But hit death we were present at it and never May we witness such another that Long kept stated up by him Long untouched by family or frien mar dry school companion am neighbor was at last broken by i could not help it said he As his Eye glared upon As and his breathing Occam painful from its quid and audible we knew to referred and endeavoured to direct Hie thoughts into other to it i 7" and All this j n a dueling sense True. He bad every sex use a Man could have to fight but Wber so. Assured be exclaimed wildly it will not i murdered see him bars Een him As he Ead on the Field Ever Ince i slew him. My god my god and muttering these and like sentences with shriek such As i never Bend mortal utter e died another ids Tanee. A Yonojo Scotchman ame to Charleston 8. C., and a tue there. A gave to a noted Eael Litt and was Hal Lengst fought end killed him. He re loved afterwards to Orleans and waa Oga ged in successful business and was re added the merriest fellow about Bis intimate friends thought the murder had made no Isa ression on him not one of his relatives be sieved he cared anything1 about it. In j834 or 35, he was engaged in a Large Otton speculation. News of a Rise in Price cached new Orleans soon after he had ship de a Large number of Bales to new tort be jumped on Board a Steamer went to Montgomery Alabama and pushed rapidly n by land for Washington City. Over excitement brought on fever and be was oblige 1 to Stop in the Interior of South Carolina. Full fifteen years or More had elapsed met he had Klud Bis Man. For the first me be Lay on a bed of sickness. He bad a Ever delirium with it. And in that delirium with terrible anguish and misanic fury he poke of this deed of death it Mada thaa f us who heard him shudder As me listened t was his laughter All a Long forced had is merriment been lip deep of the intellect of of the Beartha grew better and Hie Byi Ician thought him convalescent now and then he would Start in Bis sleep and sex Laim take him off Don t tie Bis dead Ody to me but the fever had abated and we All thought he would soon be Well. A d grow better but watching his Opportunity he went to the Chest of drawers As if for Oma clothing stealthily took from it a razor and Drew it rapidly across Bis Throat it As a dreadful Gash that he Maile and would ave been fatal bad not one who waa near in struck his Elbow As he was making the attempt on hit life poor Man he knew and bad known no each since the Day be hid killed his oppo ent. When he thought Hie end near he made he confession. He he said As if e was a murderer though no one charged in with the and our belief is that no Man who kills nother Ever feels otherwise the Mark of am is upon him and he sees it if no other be does. A scrap for the Taylor whigs blowing is from the new Orleans southerner1, t a late Date Gen. Are Squab Ling about the old general s politics. We ave never heard him state Bis Creed but we now that he was in original Jackson Man. Evhen Gen. Jackson Vas a candidate the Sec and time against or. Adams Gen. Taylor and Gen. Twiggs were stationed Here hey took so Active a part for old Hickory Bat the leaders of the Adam s party reason rated with the Secretary of War and Tay or and Twiggs were banished to the fron hers of Arkansas. Gen. Jackson reciprocated heir attachment. The has never before been a period in the history of Bis Village when the number of visitor at Saratoga has been equal to the present tuba Early in the1 season. Our hotels and Board Are thronged As in roid Ummer with the Gay and fashionable world. The guests at the United states hotel Union fall. Congress Hall and indeed every hotel n town Are More numerous than at any Cor responding period in previous years and every thing indicates a longer end better sea son than this watering place Bas Ever enjoyed. The state agricultural fair to be held Lere the Middle of september next will no doubt induce Many to prolong their stay until that Sentinel. Volant ten spite of the terrible stories of the sufferings of the Volun Teers Many of those who have returned to their Homes Are re enlisting. Lieut. Col. Irvin of the second Ohio regiment Calls upon the officers and men to Volunteer for the War and the Ohio statesman Marjaa we can learn there will be but Little difficulty in re organizing the second Ohio regiment under col. Irvin. The returned volunteers very generally Are highly pleased with their Campaign in Mexico and feel a Pride in seeing the War Rosin paving portion of one of to streets in Fayetteville n. C., is actually paved with solid Rosin. A correspondent of the Boston Post says that he has Ridden a horse and driven a Carriage Over this pavement several times and a capital Road it makes. It has a Beautiful Clear look pre. Seating a smooth hard surface and it rots. The manufacturer Means to cast it in. To blocks of the right shape and size or con. Struck my Acque Edicta water courses and sew ers. Youth it is cart ably presumed bad Nerer teen the elephant " recently found himself a company of three Young ladies and generously divided an or Ange amongst them. You will Rob exclaimed of the damsels. Not at replied oar innocent. I have three or four More in my pocket to two Well dressed shoe makers be ing in the company of Tome gentle than were used their profession lays one of them. I practice the Heel ing i myst the la Ter for the Good of men s

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