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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 15, 1849, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaTamils Jacuot Cut to 3tog, politics Shuc 3vrtg, 0iictuc, fit Cantua i Loralue agriculture Anft Onuis Cmunt. Magill in county Pennsylvania at two wednesday morning August 15, 1849. Whole no. 575. Bisect old poetry i rom the Lon Dun rut by Tii Umoh . I Ramilli Oriley. Iliili Mizio Mil i if Eskimo Down on Unur Malili a and still it As Clarond Blue Ai in Firic Hung on High. Iho sinking darkening Cloud Tull Drew Ilio i Glinny ill its tour. Tit Thunder trumping Sci Anil Louth have hot i u fun snark Thero. To Law Village Belk her chime softened u it lilo Distant Thoro Heird Zioni Many a Trio so . A a Elencu upon tic Lull a stilling aut Trio air hit mtg Llu nors an Bhut and Anil As if in or iyar. in Whix Lut shod and close i North and or it and Acca a till in e Lonco Inch along Flud Oft Loe. O whispering to atop the far Olf i Lio Linnet s a incr Groven homeward Rook a lilo so their maker Wii. 1 in Tho fading Trees taif for Bra Tourel Tho Lowers Ink Ned by Iho Breeze All Kino Iho Nero profound. Tho Milieu i u Nundo r n1 i thu i s Dirir Jar inv cd i t and hindu ill Mulu by us. An t Olhorn eve in Jwo i a i Hurt Trio in it tiny i til eur i1 lie i i us a Jimd car Koi. U it Shuro Milch us limn for Cir and when Linin s in Intro. Void in Altro Suiki in pfc a Pioso a Pom filino Ullh clip Tho Quick is on Ihu h Ai ii Oft a ipod to wave i in Mai u Ife and a k a indians it Bay for a a Oum to nothing to fear. Wit u and be used to say to to Lumen smells of murder my Eon has been killed and Richard added his friends with one Accord is the murderer revenge at the time of which we write and in that portion of the country in which the Sceno of our Story is Laid but Law existed Law of Force and individuals were Bat too Apt to take upon themselves the their own private wrongs. Moons had powerful friends throughout the settlement Many of whom were ready to consider the quarrels of that family As their own and to act accordingly. In consequences of As soon As it was known that George Moxon had been killed and that Richard Watta was the murderer there was a consultation among the friends of the deceased to decide upon the course which should to pursued. An old Hunter named Ford a shrewd rough an pet nulls character1 put himself at Tho head of George s friends determined As lie said to Sec that the right tiling was done and vengeance taken when due. It was rightly deemed that it would be a difficult task to Cap tire Richard in his own House and Ford accordingly having Given ins accomplices All necessary instructions to Richard s residence Alono. Tie Troung Man met him at Tho door and greeted Ford As lie had always done. The lat Ter rough Asho was could pay the hypocrite and did so not desiring that Richard should aspect the object of his visit. Have you heard Tho news Dick 2" asked Ford. What that s it what news it is hard Tossy it but i must confess i believe interrupted Richard. That George Moxon has been said Ford looking his companion full in the face. Richard turned deathly Nalo but soon recovered himself and answered calmly when i had not heard of Ford described the spot and added that the murderer had evidently tied some heavy object to the body and thrown it into the Mill Pond. Richard s perturbation wus visible. I am sorry to replied Ford that some have thought echoed Richard with a Start. The fact pursued the Hunter Circum stances Aig against you and it will be necessary for you to explain where you were last night what ins become of your Hunting knife and How those boots of blood came on your dress consid ering you brought Home no this is a dark piece of said Rich Ard turning Pale. Lam innocent but there May be some difficulty in explaining these things to the satisfaction of All. I believe you Are my would you advise me to i would say go at once with to to Moxon s House and give what explanation you can on j the subject. If you Are innocent which i should be sorry to doubt it will to easy to prove your self deceived by this appearance of Friendship in his visitor Richard resolved to follow his advice and set out to accompany him to Moron s House. On arriving there he was surprised to find some half a dozen Stout Resolute men assembled apparently awaiting Liis Wival while neither Mary nor mrs. Moxon were in the room. Said Ford is the place to give your explanations and recoiled that your Lifa depends upon your words. We believe you killed George Moxon and we Are his muttered Richard turning fiercely upon his betrayer and seizing him by Iho Throat take that for your treachery in an instant Tho Young Man was borne Down by the friends of George and bound like a Cul Prit. Finding resistance vain he submitted patiently to his Fate. Said Ford if you have anything to say we will hear be i have nothing to aay before a mob like replied Richard indignantly take me before some and i will Tell Ajlill know about the matter. Let we warn Yop however to beware How you treat me for i am an innocent Vou murdered George said Ford we his friends Are his avengers. We will give you until to Morrow morning to prove your innocence when if you fail to do so you must suffer tie Richard eyed his accusers sternly and in silence but opened not his Mouth As they led him away to a close narrow apartment which was chosen As his place of confinement chapter ii. Impending of execution. Under the same roof with Mary Moxon Rich Ard was Vifot permitted to see her does she know Tiit i am Here 1" he said to himself. Does she know that i am accused of taking her brother s am i a murderer in her eyes would i could speak with from this the prisoner fell to reflecting on his probable Fate. N that cursed mob they will Lynch me be fore i am proved Richard was spirited and had Little fear of death yet the thought of the horrible destiny that threatened him caused him to he could Only Hope Forborne escape. Lie was alone in a Distant room the window of which was fastened on the outside a Well As within and the door of by two of Ilia avengers of Richard could therefore think of nothing but submission to his Fate. When the prisoner was least expecting it he received i visitor. It was Moxon the friends of George had Given her permission to eee him hoping that Slid might induce him to confess in order that i proposed deed of blood might Bear appearance of Justice. J Mary was scarce eighteen tall Well formed and Beautiful. On the present occasion she wag very Pale and her eyes and fair Cheeks showed the traces of recent weeping. Richard advanced and would have taken her hand but she repulsed him not angrily nor harshly but with an appearance of solicitude and sorrow. Touch to Hajj she until i know whether you Are innocent of this horrid crime or guilty. Tell me now truly she continued fixing her dark eyes upon his own Tell me before you kill my brother replied Richard folding his arms and regarding her with a look of tenderness and pity if you to Boli ovo that i took your Bro ther s life you do fight to spurn you notify you shudder and grow sick at the sight of me but have you so moan an opinion of me a to credit the false reports you have heard a then you Are innocent 1" Slid Mary eagerly. As innocent As i knew it i Felt robbed the girl hiding her Fuce in her hands. Was it the strength of love that overcame every other feeling or knew she not what Shel did i she who shunned the prisoner a moment before now Sank into his arms and dropped her head upon his bosom. And Richard strained her to his heart forget Ting for the moment that he was charged with shedding her brother s blood. But the transport was soon passed and Meijy recovering her self Possession asked him if he knew nothing of her brother. Replied Richard More this this we met in the Woods at the spot where they say i killed him High words passed Between us and blows of Richard groaned the Young Gill. In the dropped my knife from my Belt. He seized it and gave or this slight wound in my shoulder. I had not thought this of your brother Mary and with a feeling of deep sorrow i bared my bosom and bade him strike if i had Ever Given him cause to hate me thu to death. He seemed touched and Flung the knife upon the ground but was too proud to acknowledge his error. I would not stoop to touch tie Blade that had been wound but turned away leaving him there. This Mary is All i know of the i swear before the All seeing Eye of heaven 1 murmured Mary i cannot but believe you bring some proof of your innocence they will not credit your words but unless you can prove what you Richard i shudder to think of the re at this moment one of the self Ely led avengers came in and informed Mary that her time was up and led her away regardless of her tears and distress. What did he say to you asked her in the presence of Ford and two of his companions. That he is what More 1" with tears and frequent Soba tar poor girl to Tell All Richard had said. A cried Ford he owns then that they quarrelled i what a lame evasion to say George struck him with a knife and that he did not re turn the blow. What say you he must was the response of All save Moxon who regarded his agonized daughter in silence. Mary passed a. Night of unspeakable anguish and Richard one of anxiety and hopeless sorrow. I yet he was Calm and slept several hours before the Light of morning Stolb through his window. Breakfast was brought into him by Ford who at the same time informed him that he had but two hours longer to live. Such is the rash merciless haste of the Lyncher. I two hours passed away. J 1 it was a Beautiful autumn morning although there was a pervading melancholy breathing in Tho drowsy Smoky air far different from the brightness of a summer Day. It seemed a morning heaven never designed to witness a deed of deliberate bloody vengeance. Vet Richard was led out to suffer punishment for the crime he was charged with having committed and it was by the Light of that morning s Sun that he beheld the preparations of his exe cution. It was on the Borders of of Grove. On the one Side was a Beautiful Woodland and on the other a Broad expanse of Prairie undulating like a troubled sea fixed with All its Billows and stretching As far away As the Eye could Pene trate the hazy air. Mary wild with despair and crushed by Sor Row remained at Home while her Lover was led to execution and her father Stern and stoical was with her choosing rather to witness her grief than the death of George s the execution was to take place under the direction of the blood thirsty Ford. Richard was to be Hung. Already a Strong rope was attached to the lowest limb of a stunted Oak that stood out from the rest of the Forest Trees and a temporary staging was erected for the devoted youth to stand upon while the Cord was adjusted to his neck. A now said Ford let us see your upon untie his said another so that he can die decent like a As you returned Ford. And Richard s hands accordingly set at Liberty. He then stepped boldly upon the Stag ing and looked around upon his executioners. Ford would have mounted with him to adjust the rope. Nay be not at that said Richard with an dignified authority which awed the old Hunter i will tie the rope but just hear me say a few words for the Benefit i of your consciences after you have murdered i inc. I know that you will hang me that in Hall an hour i shall be a Corpse but even now on the Point of dropping into eternity i swear that you Are murdering an innocent Man. My bloat is upon your that is a bold he said Ford with a grim smile. I insolent exclaimed Richard to insult a dying Man but know i can resent an insult the words had scarce escaped his lips when life leaped like a Tiger upon Ford and hurled him to the ground. Then before his companions could recover from their Surprise he dashed through them and bounded Down the Declivity Likora Deer. I Craft Eft Iii. The double race. Shoot him Down shoot him cried Ford springing to his feet in a rage. Bat two of Tho company had rifles with them and As it appear neither of them chose to take the individual responsibility of Richard s death cos while Sta fugitive was in full View they tired their pieces with no More effect than if they had been Loade d with dust. a curve upon to Weir unskillful hands Ford dashed Down the Lull in hot Pursuit of Richard. The Woodland was Between Richard and his would be executioner and not daring to attempt reaching it he shot boldly out upon . Ford and two of his companions followed him while Tho remainder Good upon Tho Declivity watching with intense interest the pursue Sand the pursued. Richard was Fleet of Foo but of Tho Prairie All dry and Loose was so Long that it impeded his yet it did riot give his pursuers the advantage. He was sometimes lost to sight in the ravines and Hodows and then he would again appear on the Summit of a bold Elevation stretching towards the hazy indistinct outlines of the Distant Hills. The fugitive gamed ground upon his pursuers but they seemed loth to give up the race. Rich Ard yep reached a squatter s hut far out on . The spectators of the strife watched him closely but soon another object attracted their a horseman he was approaching the same hut but he was far beyond it and spurred his Charger to his utmost Speed it seemed that it was his object to reach the hut before Rich Ard. But he had ten times the distance to com pass and Richard was already surmounting the acclivity on which the co tags stood. What could be the meaning of that horseman s terrible Speed he Well might lash his horse for in hot Pur suit behind him were two daring Savages mounted on animals fleeter than his own seeing the danger of the horseman Richard forgot the peril he himself was in. Swift As he had run he now quickened his Pace not to save himself but to Rescue his fellow Man. He dashed up the Hill burst unceremoniously into the cottage snatched a burning Brand the Hearth and issuing Forth waved it above his head. The horseman was now close to the cottage and tile ravages were not far. Behind. With unerring Baste Richard plunged the Brand into the Gross and trailed the fire in a Long line across the horseman s path. There was a Strong wind blowing towards the Savages and tie dry grass of caught he flames like pow Der. The flying horseman leaped his Steed Over them at the moment they started up and sunk with the exhausted animal to the ground. In an instant a Broad Sheet of flames shot upward and swept away across growing fiercer and larger As it flow careering Over the Earth. The Savages saw their danger and Wheeling to Weir horses suddenly about struck out in a Broad Circle to avoid the raging flames. Half on hour afterwards All that Broad expanse of Prairie was seen either Black and Bare or burning and far away to the right at a Dis Tance the Eye could scarcely attain might have been seen two dark specks moving slowly along he Earth. These were the two who had barely escaped the fire. But return to the horseman. At the moment his horse Over leaped the Lames both fell As said before to the ground. N a moment Richard was by he Side and to avoid the flames that began to creep through the crackling grass against the wind dragged him to a space of furrowed ground that Bur rounded the squatter s hut. At the moment Ford and his 1qotiipaniona came up Richard was assisting fallen Man to arise and notwithstanding the a exciting scene they had just witnessed they had not forgot to seize their escaped prisoner. Exclaimed grasping him by tie Throat i have you now f he had Scarci Sij spoken when a Strong hand dashed him aside i hands cried a Well known voice for he is not a murderer but my deliverer v the astonished clinchers looked at the Man who had now recovered from the Shook of his fall. It was George Moxon Mary was Awa Thig in terrible suspense the return of the Lyncher. She had a faint Hope that her Lover might by some interposition of Providence it the dim Shadow of a Hope at the moment she was expecting the awful intelligence that Richard was dead who should bound into the cottage but her brother George in an instant Ehe was in Hia arms but the Joy of seeing him again was turned to bitterness by the reflection that Richard had probably suffered fur his supposed j the next instant Howo Vej her fears at end. Richard was before her with a shriek of Delight she Sank from her brother s arms upon tie bosom of her Lover. We need not attempt a description of the Joy occasioned by this Joy of the two Young men who had been enemies but now were friends of Mary and of the Stern old Man her father. George corroborated All Richard had said concerning their last interview in the Woods Anil their quarrel and gave a full explanation of his disappearance. He had captured by a band of Savages which had been prowling about the neighbourhood for several Days and from whom he had escaped by breaking his bands and mounting one of their horses when they were least expecting such a bold attempt. He had finished his narration replaced the hand of Mary within that of de caring that nothing would please him so Well As to see his Friend his brother. Let the Reader imagine the rest. Trios he thought he could not do belter than to marry her himself. Acting under this conclusion he mentioned the matter to her remarking that her husband could not live Long arid asked her if she would marry him after he was Deal she replied that she had no objection at All if her husband was he Faid he had no doubt on that Point and he would speak to to about it. He did so and the husband unhesitatingly gave his consent he was glad she would be so Well provided for after his death. So when the Winter approached the Young seller would come and court the prospective widow while the dying husband Lay and coughed on the bed in the Corner. Now not much sentiment in this i Grant but there was a vast Deal of philosophy. It was rather Cool on her part to be sure but vastly sensible on his. What could his wife and children do All alone there in the Woods without it protector the toughest part of the proceed ing and that which no doubt tested the Back woodsman St philosophy he severest courtship. To lie gasping for breath i Liprie part of the room and see the Young athletic and healthy Bac woodsman and his together by the fire and know that after a few More painful weeks he would occupy that place permanently and yet Bear it All patiently required a Good Deal of stamina especially must the reflection that they were both very1 anxious to have him take his departure have been rather a bitter Bill to Swallow. I go into All these lit be particulars you know to show the character of my hero to the Best heroine Speaks for herself. These two interesting personages were my Shoemaker and his miscellaneous. T v men we copy the following Eadley s ador Onack or life in the Woods other Day i took a heavy spot to a shoe maker or rather mender of whom i was told a capital anecdote. An English Emigrant had settled Down in a Remote part of the Forest where he cleared a Little space about him and built a log hut. He had been there but a your when one Day As he was absent in the Woods with his eldest daughter his hut took fire and burned Down. His wife was sick but she managed to crawl out taking the Straw bed on which she Lay with at evening tie Hus band returned to find his House in ruins. A Winter night and the Snow Lay deep on the ground. Calling aloud he heard a faint reply and going in the direction from which it came found his Wile stretched on the bed in the Snow. Getting together a few boards which were left from the conflagration he made a shelter Over her. That night she was safely delivered of a child which survived and is now living. But under the exposure and excite ment together the husband look a violent cold which having fastened upon his and being resisted by no medical treatment whatever terminated Iii the consumption. However reared another hut and during the summer a Young settler came in and purchased a tract Etcar by him. He being the Only family within a Long distance this Bac woodsman the evening in their society. It was not Long before he discovered that his neighbor could not Long survive for the most ignorant in this Region knew All the symptoms of pulmonary disease which carries off three fourths of All these who die. Accompanying this conclusion came naturally the reflection what would become of the and As she was Good looking and Indus assaying metals. The assaying is most curious and scientific of All the business san the mint the netters Lake the Gold and cast it nto Abar when it is weighed accurately and a piece is Cut off for the assayer. Me takes it melts it with twice its weight of Silver and several times its weight of Lead. It is melted in Small cups made of Bone ashes which absorb All Tho Lead a Large part of the Silver is extracted by another process and the Sample is then rolled out to a thin shaving coiled up and put in a j sort of Glass vial called a Matrassi with some i nitric acid. The Matrasek Are put in a j and the acid is boiled some time poured off a new Supply in and boiled again. This is done several times till the acid has extracted All the Silver and other Mineral substances leading the Sample Pule Gold. The Sample is a then weighed and the difference Between the weight before assaying the Ruo value is found. Air the Sizer Over and above five Pennyweight for each lot is paid for by As its True value. The Gold after it has melted refined and being mixed with its due proportion of Alloy is drawn into Long strips not if on hoop for a the round pieces Cut out of punch each piece weighed and brought to the right size and put into a stamping press was acc i it comes Forth a perfect Arner. Stopping class of conceited Touchy people who Stop a newspaper on account of any Petty paragraph that displeases them Are Cleis Erly ridiculed by an Exchange As the parable should be kept before the people. A certain Man hit his toe against a Pebble Stone and fell to the ground. He wtt3 and under the j influence of anger and i Active he kicked old Mother Earth right Saucil. With impel durable Gravity he looked to see the vast Globe be Elf Dis solved and come to nought but the Earth remained and Only his poor foot was injured in the encounter. This is the Way of Man. An article appears in the newspaper touching him j m a weak place and Straightway he sends word to Stop ins paper. With great self complacency he looks on to see a crash when the object of his spleen shall cease to be. Poor fool he has Only hit his own toe again a world that doas not perceptibly feel the Shock and injures to no extent any one but x the Newark daily Mercury of the Vittli inst., perpetrates the following i literacy save the Mark Why nine tenths of the trash now published should a termed literary we cannot Tell and we should think it would defy the skill of tue nicest a assist. Without a particle even of taste these Large weekly publications Are filled with most and sickening we occasionally receive one of them and find on the first Page a continuation of i Tea Knight of the Silver a five Hundred Dollar prize Story that any Schoolboy would write for eighteen Pence. On tie second Page Are lines to titty Bird and Poh Tike away these literary the late Celebration of St. Patrick s Day by the Young Friend to of Ireland this Toast was Given needs no Eulogy she Speaks for a boarding House keeper in Baltimore offers to furnish gentlemen pleasant and Comfort Able rooms also or two gentlemen with t a lady of Washington in consequence of inflammation produced by a tight ring recently had her Finger taken Oft to the knuckle Vve Hope it was not her we Dino Rinir that fitted too tightly. I of jews paper i

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