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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 7, 1851, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaPoets Niche. Fac win american. Or f i Rons i lie onto fail mip Cut Freiti i lie i 1 t n. Cunt 11 n i "5ch7io by or. Tupper upon i by High Liuio Why illicitly Al o or Siuw to r ii u to is in Ilio Nir punit inh Quier Bri to of Tenno n Ami a Mccurti by lie Bow. L rlinrni1 May five Cinialo tic Higlin. Acc to 5cl my soil of car Tuul find def Violit. Martin t. To spelt. a Misc Oil of Iran s to m a not r l nil Iho Crork of land. The fact that Tim was prospering there and that John the eldest boy had frequently written to Tell of the glorious Beauty of the strange land of the room and to the work and pay now settled her mind on a Point that had Long been mooted by Norah and her self. John went a married Man from the eme Rald Isle and As we said was doing his wife was a fiery sort of individual and himself was a different Penton altogether from Tim the Darling boy whom the Mother and sister had seen depart from the Ould Home with so much sorrow. All the eldest tons if urged to the of doom would never induced them to break that tie of habit and natural love of country which bound them to the native land. But Tun s words were now like magic and mrs. Cooney said that another week should see them on the great Ocean on their Way to him. Were some reasons Why having decided on emigration there should have been More grief than Joy and curiosity in Norah s heart. As the Day Drew near its close and the she looked up so gladly when said this that Felix who had never in his life dared to one of perfect Beauty and Worth in Woi marriage with the girl dared to do in her often in his frequent i Hearl and never was a offered to Young Maiden than that Laid before Norah Cooney in the self same hour when the necessity of parting was upon them. Norah fur be paid Buttell to his i at Tim ,111 urns y Vav 18 v6ry liver speak in Unis building had expended a Greal Deal of, Down there in a with calculation and on ,19 Anan Gemeyl now an quiere hear t i pro to go in pm. We have n l a Niini s u ill be won l must be Ever Hoard As her Kathleen o to the of Erin was invested with the very Sou of music As it Camo from her lips. From listen i i i by Irenn Xian Rorn Al i Wivi Ali to Moro Apt no Nikoui Lams Tow r i Nily i mis the no nine Rulif Rorn Uiligi Tho Imp Mill no d by to tron. Mid of i i t it ,1 far 11 Strcic lies i 11 in Mil Kiin Niril Lhnn Lindi up i i nil i rapids in Ulich can s up Tolj l to a Ciuni Bloom in itt airy grasp i urls to c i big Surgun to tic Liore. Ii Over by Al n 1 us lilo or Clini it with Iho i m from Tortor in Waves -1" round m Rocky Iho in i no us Ril pour j i Kucij find m Jii a i. a rec or pure 01 to Ocoin in to o a news Vine y on Taco Tut in no fill Molny Wilb Nili i Pill i in Fri in Ilioiu Zintl Ruri inc of ins Shinil. in Griir fir time Ilic soul in , mid Polly lil Lynoss re Iii Ginolf lir ii ice of n the they Efa raged the prosperous Miles in the household that bight when they saw How j n t to right at taken the Blacksmith had at last won. An Early wedding Day was appointed and the intervening Lime seemed to Norah to have and there was great Iov i indeed to the j a or passed and almost despairing irishma., looked too handsomer now in Liis Wrath to wings when she sat Down none i Niit to the Ould place of argument. Frux might i you were in my in love Ever was in his mind Ililear turned away without answering Cousin for his trouble was very sore i not really wish to make disturbance or m a pre eng get heart but i would not almost despairing handsomer now in his Wrath than Ever before and noisily and with a great an had some trifling final preparations. Miles was nil set in Norah b herself helped in the furnishing and she with the of his i tended husband had arranged All place in did i it looked quite apparel consciousness of his superiority to the whole Groupe did argue the that this was his marriage Day and d not put 1iq no _ re Cne m rude his mind banished it at once cheerful and kind always and it not hat m and forever resolving Klch and forever resolving that would Al Tal deserved a Blessing it was surely Cleave to the parents of his dead Mother through poverty and hardship to the end whatever that j Tim who clasped her so fondly be when they met at last was not Hul n Atler i mis departure Felix had fully per-1 slow in saying the same to her Tim Orr re his duty to his neighbor calling regular was a privileged mortal always said what quite the n Over As is wended hid Way Back to the the John s wife who lived in Chad heard a Over und j report respecting Norah s speedy marriage and of g Miles Brewer even it Fate did Nopar every monthly every afternoon when went Home from the was in his mind and from boyhood had been Only set her fact against him. Red More and More till to became Nodel Money maker of h., and As being opposed to the match As she had been to Tim s also and a free spoken woman besides. Was his by Promise and his she should be. They All talked but to no purpose till the Brothers and Mary finally reasoned Miles into quiet when Tim said it s agreed now be in All Lave it with Norah it s a bad business we All know and sorry it happened. Felix Here is almost like a brother to us and Miles Brewer is a Man to to proud of for any woman in the land. But Well Lave it to her. This i your wedding Day Norah Wun Juii decides n i i she said to much and caused such disturbance j Man shall beyond i ill Rul Iran Loice. L i gave Llizo Alpine rid is fran Llu in u acid a ii Only Why by Luis y Foci sketch no Rah. Poky or Irish corns in. Of cd Kohse. 4h Cooney Sal spinning in her Mother s Cabin. Since Daj break she had worked work fur supper to know if Wulkow Cooney extravagantly fond of ins Sialei. Gince John a Uusi of blood m a cd of his help or to Sre. Had arid had left Ireland she was grown Verv i other that i r i i t i Fri own minor Tomt Nelile and labor with scarcely lived in a democratic neighbourhood people took Deal of Pride in proclaiming to each years passed away and Felix and lot Only they Harc from ameriks Ince the j Lall red choked and fair she Alwn and a cent at command Tim sight of this Fine fellow who hid been her dark hair curled on her neck now As it used just a brother to Norah since John and More to when a child hut Norah was become a to Norah were separated still and especially since Tim left caused a involuntary Man experience and love those mighty do there was p 8tl11 explosion of All that grief which had been lying Velo pers had made her so and neither Hie Yan i Union the Bohea ily on her Hearl. Felix paused a to j Kee nor the Irish sister in Law might compare quent and regular in appearing filled intent quite overcome will Surprise at her Dis with her in Point of Beauty. J list six month t f Tress. He had never Hoard her sob so Pigeon Ely Hearty Welcome did the Emigrant receive j Lone oneness and before and had seen her when wan when last arrived at their new Home and first two or three months silence f f heavy sorrow ,00. Gladly was room made for the new Comers in Lix gave Way aunt Ose of t e a f v eing thai she did not look upon him the Tim a Little cottage. This brother was nol yet j t the t at youth courage and thinking might astonishingly Rich in worldly goods Bugais House Norah knew for emigrants from Une Way Comfort at least help her if she j was certainly an improvement on the Cabin a the family that Tim had forbidden her the House. John of course took his wife s part and poor Norah who had been almost convinced by Margaret the she was commuting a vile and deadly sin in giving up All thought of Felix lever was not sorry that things such a decided now she with her had come to could Settle and mind which it was indeed very needful that she should Ihus with a prayer on her lip for poor Felix she could listen composedly to the soft words of another. It was while she sat alone in Tim s House waiting and wondering How it could be that Miles and her Mother and tin i and could be so late in returning from the fair i when Lle deep silence in the Little room wished his speech and it was Many minutes before Norah lifted her head and spoke. But she Nad. Strength at last and she said so solemnly thai her hearers were Awe struck if i d died Afore this have been a Happy thing but i m punished for falsely of Felix Lover. I gave him my heart i Hun t the right to take it Back without acc Jdc Aid went in and sat Down beside and just As was going to venture a word she lifted her her foot was gently father s farm House were such As made the most beating again on the foot Board of the we idol and j ofa11 the worldly goods which had been in where was born and the neat habits which Mary his wife had brought from her Hen hands busied with the work. The sudden and unexpected exercise of self control so Felix that quite forgot what would have said and there was nothing left for Norah but to so she said but it was with that desperate Effort which most of us have made when we feel we must say some thing at a time when we would give almost the u Heel Wuh unrest ing fingers but the song ii wind the girl was wont to beguile labor hearing i Mcneil had nol once m All those i been m Tho Little the hum i m acts just was Mournful without that me for accompaniment. But Norah had to Sig this Jay though it was one cry brightest Anil pleasantest Hough the n a resplendent Wuh sunlight there not a Ray to cheer her darkened Iti s a curl was almost breaking. At very sent word by Tim that of edged her dear Mother and her Sweet Sis err Cruh to come with All haste Over the a they would share Ono Homo for his 2. Wan so dear to them All. Feat As was her love for if p grate. Norah Holt when the old woman expressed her depot would Felt for her in her sorrow whatever it was that the girl Felt compelled As it were to slay Felix till i Tell you we re going to Wienky thai s All the that v All was spoken Wilh such a irem no despairing tone As told thai it was the very Climax of a Stern Fate. Och Don t be after saying that do n t be leaving Ould there ii be dark Days enough without that happening after a silence of some seconds to added hear from Tim the Day 1" this an Mither will go. Tim ? got married Felix to one o Thim Yan Kee j the spa Peen will be comin Over Here wit i the like we re going to Thim i said. Find out when the first vessel goes. We must go in an live this Cabin and Nice Comfort Able Shingi that bin yer own year in an year tabled to gather together and endow her Wilh t. Her so the cottage had a a More pleasant Sel Oft ban the Cabin had in its Best Days. Norah was naturally Swift and Handy will her Needle and it was not necessary for her to go out to service for through Tim s influence she found employment enough As a Tai Loress among people of her own station to keep her constantly Busy. Tun himself who was in the summer time a Gardener in the Winter also became metamorphosed into the ninth part of a Man and plied his Needle with a commend As to the Molher of All it was arranged that she should spend her time be tween the two son s course for Norah Tim s House was a constant abiding place. So were they settled contentedly and comfortably in their new Norah turned to her Loil with patience looking Forward to the time when Felix should come and make their was living native j that Margaret Cooney passed country a abundance had during three months to window in Back of Tim s household Joy com should i alone was wanting to perfect her happiness. There was nothing constantly assured him for the poor to do but to come to this Good land where work and pay in abundance were to be How longed to obey her Call and How piously hushed the longings of his filial piety i need not say. J there was a Cost of mrs. Tim Cooney a Young Blacksmith Vjio lived in the same Village with them. He so Reid industrious Man who was Bent on Maring Money which m his Wise prudence Laid up and never did any one look better than when following his Pic Presque calling. All the girls in a thought so and there was not Ona in his sphere of life who could not have summoned up a sufficiency testified to the was grief even for in Cut to Harbor such a thought but even after that thought became a bitter and a settled conviction the Young girls natural courage and Strong will enabled her to Bear the grief of do where discovering that Norah was Friend had told her quite alone she topped at the door and then without any bidding quietly walk Eden. Norah was vexed to see her in the Village so far from cat gave me the leave. Miles i knew him Fryni the time when i was a child t promised my self to him Afore i knew to was in the world of of forgive me i can t be false to him now if d take me Bick to his heart and three kind thought i d be Richer than if i had i All the Gold in the world. Hoof my own country and god forgive me i d not Lave great things for me and you Are n Noble rain Miles Brewer a belter Man than i deserve to Reir a wild struggle went on in the heart of Miles solemn con colder hearted weaker mortal could hive shown idles would she have been indeed had one word of Assurance come to her ii come to attend the wedding though in the full consciousness that she would be a most unwelcome guest much is greeting but though the word and Artie came not though her Faith was shaken though her love returned irem blog and fearful to her Hearl she had no reproaches no Lears boys serous sorrow for other eyes and no ears Usu a whatever she May have suffered was locked up within her soul. Believing that Norah was really deserted and watching her calmness and indifference Mary Cooney began to have her own thoughts As to the probabilities of her Cousin s if endeavoured this time to make an impress Ion on Norah s heart and it was Owin a to her suggestions that Miles Brewer s visits at her House became quite an every Day affair. And certainly whether she regarded him As a suitor or not there was a great Deal of cordial kind Ness in Norah s greeting to the Blacksmith there was nothing of the coquette about her and the gentle hearted Maiden per haps Laid the charge of the Long Lon Conversa. Ions she held with Miles to an Ordinary Cour Esy and Friend Liness be that is it May Miles in thought that the Way to her jew quite Clear and the Lover s building and Clung to his in and Miles affections was r went on with usurious habits the Day Ca finished and and Norah Bee round when his House was a courage had arrived at the superlative degree and that Day Law the Black Milf now a very frequent visitor at his Rran Arm with Mary de him Down the new Street r Arm must saying hurriedly and impatiently go Wilh i Don t know anything about your said Norah removing herself farther from her sister in Law. What if i be to Tell you something about Felix lever that you be lied to so meanly what if i Tell be s Livin an come Over the great sea to this place list to see the girl who is gone an proved false to him 7 what if i Tell be Norah Cooney that s been at the deals door with the Feaver an thai s Down at my House this minit and that i be come Here for nothing on Earth but to hear what Yeve rot to say for i what Margaret that i Don t believe be that s All come along Yere Elf an eee. No yer afraid to come afraid to venture to yer own brother s House cause that bothering Yankee has beguiled you More s Pill come say Don t be a fool outright of if. Be could a seen him cry when i Tould him of yees if be d heard him Pray that i d come this distance to fetch be to him maybe be d not looking at me Waif be was a piece of Stone and not a bit More of heart in be i do now said her voice was More like a whisper coming from n ghost than anything else. Tell me that be r truth and not intending to deceive me. it to me by yer Hope in the Virgin and i logo Forward

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