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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 7, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaI m Viiu . L published weekly by j. In county Pennsylvania at two dollars a year is August 7, Issod. Whole no. Selected poetry. The pm Xvi or Pilate s wife. Met x1tmi. 19 do Clurie a w. Daird. Fac a Ilia bound my sight 1 it Ivyll night i rot Irv fitful Power i ice i in Ilia Olumn hour by Oer in Titan of my Boji Slemc. To i in no i i p prop clip Ranco treasures o my Gynce. Vote m " or Loring orcs Thero stood a Vij t. T c mull Ludo t c Hirv ire. Lie prattling child to c to an 10 Nisi Ilcyn mild it Jii Irli Annj Man of care t there and i 1. R to Lod in r my inc Bent Iho knee. 5 cur i or wiled scene t Saz cd in. Eastern Eky i to int clip upraised ii re doomed to die i Mii la e. W nil sorrowing Mien 1 .7 n r i liar Df-on1, a Rev n a i in lit l j s Louk on me 7 a Sot to Tran lint throng arise in i a Olein Arii Ali c i Tim the so. Lay to i t acct say a h c m Hill that tiled p pm o i i the crib Luil to h i i attic. Ian Vimr is. Fled 1 ii i v nil the did. 1 us i h t3t not by my Side. I or i i to i i cry i a a i t in in Nln Parsla the cucr1 murmur 0 ind is Ilion marked Niy prayer in mood to Synold and Sparo. 1 it i Chi of horror would not Boji Ochiho n curse to Choc o of Early Lovo 0 i in a Ping 13 withered All. A r r Iii ii till our is Cali Iti p try of 1 _ t it memory treasures Jet 1 a. To Lee l my Lionet forget Iii of Gali dec " Tion produce heat heat causes in some Atoma fluidity fluidity forms streams or passages be tween the panicles of matter these streams Are what Are called pores these pores convey certain Storha along their channels such As particles of nourishment into living substances and hurtful particles out of them this process is called circulation which carries nourishing or noxious atoms in or out of the pores. A pore be it understood is not Only confined to visible substances it extends everywhere because it is simply the space formed Between every two solid atoms in creation and it is caused by the liquefaction of a solid Alom which once filled its place. Through these pores then the Universal medium is the life of All things ratifies and permeates forever connecting All in one great whole subject to the some Laws and supported by the primal Law which is action. Action begets reaction these combined produce heat heat produces fluidity fluidity causes pores pores produce circulation circulation generates vegetation vegetation resolves itself into forms composed of solids and fluids emanations proceed from these forms and produce atmospheres which induce partial decomposition total decomposition is death death returns the atoms to the general mass to to again produced and go through the same process. Now As the pores and connecting medium penetrate All creation whatever affects one por Tion influences the whole. What we Call in run the nervous system is Only a portion of this great medium. The pores of the human with its nerves not Only extend to its surface but Are extended every single through All atmospheres and All forms of Crea Tion. These innumerable continuations or elongation May be called atmospheric Al nerves by Means of them Eiery human body is United with other human bodies and in fact with All bodies creatures forms and substances in the universe. Now upon the mysterious main Audace would probably have brought to Bear his theory of atmospheric Al nerves for he would say the auditory nerves of Man Are Only continuations or elongation or branches of the atmospheric Al nerves of As the atmospheric nerves no continued through Man optic nerves. So therefore the i i Trad Smy lit in Maine Tim. A for 1 of our Nho Lias 1 Italy been in connection 1 Lam gives t i enl i it the theory of animal . Ulna i Mil a new Loo our re ulcer i Ami which maj account for a i our renders wish it. It is Irani a it r on he one hand we smile at the in tins phenomenon a higher intelligence or _ Rei i of the other we arc disposed i i unrelenting cry of Humbug a i in a v i Csc lint a few inert in i to i jul i hive either the Hardihood i Cleta moot rigorous in vet i firm if still ices do we in assertion that it nol letters and science arc in t knockers to hoax the Public. Ii. A the pretence of these females i it produced upon the Audi 1 n in spiny which convey the _ 11 Ditl i rent parts of the room i list that More than seventy int nov answers received in reply i 1 no been acknowledged Correct by i1 i a Pir tits. Hero then Are two Thim i an idea of Pound from it c1ll a intelligence also m m Cir Junz in of our actions and l in it intending to argue the ques 1 a Leinz 03 we said simply i it in s7e Liow the theory of animal Niy no count fur these i take the hypothesis of 3 who flourished after Keith. And who taught the doctrine rejecting the batteries 11f1. Mullic wires tint so Reju a i Ili cover or m the Oyes of the t do i tace of which our own Franklin Lic a Nuj in t physics taught that t Olmo sphere nud m fact All Ere and each a separate por _ Liin whole Occam Oneilly produced from _ until into Iho through a regular to Ihnn decay animate and in a Universal connection t t All the in creation v i " t r Cal cd solids or fluids Man this Universal connect ast a medium Winch pervades a rock31 trcc9 men. And every 1.tho medium is subject "5t so Stiblo of motion or change and or any other influence medium must of course affect w every particle embraced or permeated my turn but certain general Laws Oil particles of matter whether animate " mate por instance action and read univ Uriu. And to form his auditory a. Being in the univer Tii and this Universal ramification of nerves or Universal nervous sys tem is composed of innumerable atoms in Loose Contact like the atoms or motes in a Sunbeam which when disturbed by passing the hand through them instantly resume their connection by attractive Force. Now then our magnetic lecturer would doubtless Tell us that the displacement of a single atom if the Chain which forms the atmospheric nerve of sound would cause a vibration upon our auditory nerve which striking the tympanum of Bur ears with a greater or less degree of Force would cause m the brain an impression of sound. And moreover according to the theory it would not be necessary that a blow or rap should be made in the apartment or near the person of the auditor because the sensation would be equally distinct if caused by a vibration at the far that end of the Earth or even in the planet Saturn since a particle disturbed at either of these Points must disturb the whole Economy of nature in the line of the Peculiar nerve agitated. This theory has been not Only received but its influence wielded with startling by several celebrated divines. The awful idea that the lifting of a i Iger or the utterance of a word by a human being can cause the whole machinery of the universe to tremble because simply certain atoms Are displaced is calculated for effect when considered in connection with a criminal act or a blasphemous word. But to our subject. Maina Udac partly and after him that singular impostor Richard Brothers and later that craved enthusiast Joanna Southcote added to this pantheistic Doc Tine of atmospheric sense the belief that innumerable invisible intelligences were connected with mortals by these telegraphic pores. With out distinctly explaining his theory druthers argued a regular system of intercommunication Between heaven Earth and the lower conceiving himself especially the recipient of voices visions and pageants full of prophecy. During his life As will As during tha excite ment of the Twenty four Joann Ion Eldera who wrote hundreds of books Many tract Arians and Pampa Luters essayed to explain the theory of scriptural communication. Among other assumptions is the one that Iho atmospheric particles which convey sound Are now and have been for Ogea inextricably confounded otherwise we should All be cognizant of the same vibration. When the universe was first created and pronounced Good then All beings and intelligences saw and were seen heard and were heard by their like then the music of the spheres was audible and the atmospheric nerves were the Media for convey ing All sensuous Beauty to and from and through the intelligences of the whole universe. But after the fall this great nervous system became deranged and the nerves no longer performed their office except in confined spaces. Where As then we could Soe and hear the. Universal vibrations now the atmospheric nerves Are Bro Ken at very Short distance and the bound wanders through space till it a lost without striking a familiar nerve. Theh the firial nerves bore Over thoughts and words and looks to angelic beings and were responded to by them. Now our imperfect nerves can scarcely hear the vibration to those immediately contiguous. It is Only Whan in the course of cycles and the incessant revolution of the atoms of matter that a Complete and perfect nervous Chain is occasionally re established Between in visible intelligences and ourselves that they Are Able to communicate with us until Tho medium is again broken. This re establish ment of a temporary atmospheric medium is of course of extremely rare occurrence and is the foundation of prophecies visions this it is that occasionally conveys to our auditory nerves the if our name is called this it is that recalls or Revivi fies images for a moment in Brilliant distinctness and then leaves everything dark and this it is which occasion ally in dreams or wakening causes us to be hold for an instant like a Flash of Light the form of some loved and lost being in the spirit land. But we Are mingling magnetism mysterious mappings in a Way that warns us of impatient readers so with a disclaimer of All intention except to theorize we bid Adieu for the present to the spirits. Yours d. From fio True Democrat. Captain Samuel Brady. This distinguished partisan officer and scout first appears upon the Field of action in the in Dian wars which followed the revolution and no other name of that stirring period looms More brightly through the mists of tradition or has come Down to us associated with deeds of More chivalrous and daring adventure. The imperfect narratives which have hitherto appeared wars made up partly from tradition and partly from the official accounts of the Day. It is there fore to be regretted that sufficiently authenticated records of his eventful career have not been preserved from which a trustworthy and connected memorial worthy of his Fame could Nave been constructed. While yet a lad his father an d elder brother were cruelly murdered by the indians near to their residence on the West Brunch of the Susquehanna Alid it has been said that an implacable enmity Sims engendered in his Youthful a race had influenced his actions through life and was Only extinguished in enmity which was sup posed to have Given an additional a Pulca to that reckless spirit of Enterprise that so frequently led him into situations of extreme peril from which he has often extricated himself by a Well devised stratagem or act of daring courage. On the other hand those who were Best acquainted with Captain Brady have vindicated his character from a charge of i aliveness so foreign to his generous nature. In wars Between civilized and generous ene Mies men Are not actuated by any hostile feel ing of an ungenerous nature and treat those who by the Fortune of War have fallen into their hands As they themselves expect to be dealt with in like As enemies but friends. But it is in warfare with Savages to whose tender mercies you May feel grateful if a prisoner to be rescued by the Tomahawk from a Moro lingering and cruel death. It is therefore to be expected that Captain Brady As Well As every other Man engaged in such contest would soon be brought to look upon every Indian in arms against him As a personal and mortal Foo and we May Well suppose that m their deadly encounters deeds would be too often perpetrated in the excitement of the moment which might not Bear the ordeal of Calm reflection of the trial of Captain Brady at Pittsburgh or As some say Greensburg for the alleged murder of several Friendly indians on the Ohio River there have been different versions but All agreeing in certain circumstances of romantic interest which were said to have been devolved in the course of the trial and like some other passages in his life Bear More of the impress of fiction than the sober details of fact. The account hero Given was Many years ago among his and acquaintances some of whom were said to be personally conversant with the circumstances. 1 the charge was of the gravest wilful and deliberate murder of several indians of a tribe at the time holding Friendly relations with the government. The evidence again is him was ajl but conclusive. James Ross who then stood at the head of the Western bar and the late judge were chief counsel for the prisoner. To a Case of this kind and at a time when there still existed among a Large portion of our Frontier popu lation a feeling of bitter hostility to their Dian neighbors and quondam enemies every thing depended upon the temper and disposition of the jury. All advantages were therefore taken the right of Challenge gave the accused to Pirge the panel of All such As could be suspected of harbouring impressions unfriendly to the prisoner. I among the first it was deemed advisable Tjo set aside was a dark weather beaten Man in whose Motley apparel the costume of the Indian and the White Man were fancifully Hia beaded moccasins and Well fitting bulk skins surmounted by a closely belted Hunting shirt aet Efthia Manly form to great advantage and yet there was a something repulsive in his manner not Likely to repossess a stranger in his favor and which May have Arisen from that habit of restless vigilance acquired by those who have been Long exposed to the perils of a Hazar Dous life and which had imparted to his de Meanor the distrustful air of one who has been suddenly thrust into a companionship of which he has not the Best opinion. Nor was there one of All those assembled around that bar who escaped the keen scrutiny of his unquiet Eye. You at once set him Down As one of those excitable beings you will hear people describe As Well enough if you let him harmless in a slate of repose with the powder Horn at his Side yet few would venture to put his equanimity to the test of a practical joke As there was a lurking fire in his Eye and a curl of the which gave you an inkling that like the aforesaid Horn of powder it required but a spark to produce a terrible explosion 11 and m Lua Wrath a nursing cat o1 Mountain was Calm As Lier babe s sleep compared Willi his style and language accorded Well with his Stern and Resolute Demeanour it was Brief vigor Ous and to the Point. With some of the vices he had also some of the sterner Virtues of Forest life. He never forgot a Benefit nor forgave an injury until the account was fairly and fully settled. Such is the slight sketch left us of the strange being so mysteriously connected with this trial and who after fulfilling his Mission As mysteriously disappears. To this Man Osten Sibly a stranger to the prisoner or. Ross strongly objected supposing he had discovered about him a sinister expression which he interpreted unfavourably for his client and earnestly urged that his name might be stricken from the panel. To this proposal the prisoner As stoutly dissented alleging that he had been very differently impressed with regard to the disposition of this Man nor would he give up the Point although repeatedly urged to do so. The result of the trial is Well known a verdict of acquittal met with the Hearty concurrence of a people not d imposed to look too narrowly into the con duct of a Man whose process and vigilance had been the Means of rescuing so Many helpless families from the Tomahawk and scalping knife and whose Public services they Well knew had never been adequately rewarded. After the trial or. Ros happened to meet with the Man in whom he had taken a groundless and entering into conversation with him inquired if to had not been previously acquainted with Captain Brady intimating a suspicion there was at least yes. I Knovs Brady was the prompt reply and Newell knew that i would have eaten my Mocca sins rather than give in to a verdict that would ii avd harmed one hair on his head. The Evi Dence against him too Many thought it conclusive. When to retired to deliberate i had eleven obstinate Fellows against me with the judge s charge to Back them. You know the rest. Brady was justly acquitted t know and yet he will be judged guilty by Many who have rejoiced at his deliverance. By whom or for what reason those indians were killed is a question we will not at present discuss and yet i will say that in my opinion Public treaties do not always Settle private quarrels and a Man May sometimes have a fight on his own Hook a without asking leave of the big wigs. It was the settlement of an old account with which the Public had nothing to do the last payment of a debt Long due. I will now relate to you one of the incidents upon which Captain Brady May have rested his Well grounded Confidence in me. Shortly before Wayne came out upon his last Campa Ign he and i had gone out to see what the red skins were about and having separated one Day after appointing to meet at a certain Point we had scarcely lost sight of each other when i met a Large Indian on my path we both fired tit he was a trifle too Quick for me and broke my right Arm. Being thus disabled from re loading my Rifle or using either knife or Tomahawk with effect i had no Means of escape left me but a Good pair of heels but being much weakened by the pain of my wound and Joes of blood i soon found that the Indian now fully aware of his advantage was rapidly gaining upon me and when he was in the very act of raising his Arm to brain me with his Tomahawk i heard the report of a Rifle and the Soutul As of something falling heavily upon the ground behind me when looking around i there saw my late Friend lying quietly Brady had shot him through the ears. Who i am How i came Here or where i shall be a month hence it would be useless to enquire. I leave to night. Looan. I gratitude and cheerfulness. As j1o my own personal condition i am much happier than the Day is Long and Sun Shine and Candle Light see me perfectly Conten Ted. I get books in abundance As much com Pany As i choose a Deal of comfortable Leisure and enjoy better health i think than for Many years past what a there wanting to make me Happy 7 nothing if i can but be As thankful is i ought and i Trust that he who has bestowed so Many blessings upon me will give gratitude to Crown them an Arab proverb says by six qualities May a fool be known anger without cause speech without profit change without motive inquiry without pm acct putting Trust in a stranger and wanting capacity to discriminate Between Friend and foe. Cause of baldness. According1 to the following extract from an editorial article in the Boston medical and surgical journal the easy and sure Way to prevent baldness is to go Bare headed or Wear a Well ventilated hat a refined civilization has brought with it a train of physical evils which it is in the province of science to control or sub due. Our tight hat our warm rooms closely fitting Caps silk night Caps from which the a respirable matter cannot escape by their com Binea Agency in connection with other influences not always easy to define bring off the hair prematurely and turn it Gray sooner than personal vanity is willing to exhibit such Evi Dences of decay. And this is not All the skin is actually in a Low state of disease the effects of which Are recognized in the accumulation of of the epidermis. The bulbs of the hair inflamed also from the same cause and from year to year the hair Degene rates and becomes thinner end not infrequently ends in baldness. On All that part of the head not covered Viz from the Back part be tween the ears and on the Temple the hair generally remains to extreme old age however much the vortex May be denuded. If females wore equally tight covering the hair would probably suffer very much in the same manner but their Light airy bonnets admit of ventilation and hence a Bald headed woman would be a phenomenon. Who Ever saw a Bald headed Indian we have had an Opportunity of seeing various tribes in All the Freedom of an unrestrained Savage life but a sparse head of hair we have never noticed atmospheric exposure conducts to the Luxuriance of the hair and a healthful condition of the is Coffee nutritious some of the eminent scientific men of Paris Are squabbling on the vexed question As to whether Coffee does or does not afford nourish ment. One of them has Laid Down what seems a Paradox Viz that Coffee contains fewer nutritive properties than the Ordinary food of Man and yet that the Man who makes it pal food is stronger than one who fee son meat and wine. In support of this Paradox our savant Calls tha example of the miners of the Coa pits of Charleroi who never eat meat except a very Small Quantity on sundays and whose daily meals consist exclusively of bread and butter tul film ii if Jii Rall Iii evils or isolating children Iju their Educa Tion. Or. A. Combe in a letter to a Friend thus gives his opinion of the system of isolating children in their education i Trust you will Hava As much As possible other children As companions for your Nephew. The More i see and the longer i live t am the More struck with the evils of system of inso lating children with irk their own family Circle however Small As if no other children were Good enough to be their companions. It cultic Vates selfishness of character by destroying Thuc elasticity and vigor of action elicited by Contact with other minds than their own. At their age too it is most unnatural. I daily thank heaven More and More for having been left by my Ujj parents to Mit freely in the play and society of 1 All the children in our neighbourhood without exception. They were All poor sons of brew ers tanners journeymen printers and so Forth As the brewery was situated in a poor Quarter. Some of them were ragged and ill fed but i am sure that i owe much Good and Little harm to their companionship. In morality and amiability i must even now do them the Justice to say they were not my inferiors. The Lew Black sheep were instinctively shunned by the better sort without bidding from father or Mother and this stands True to nature at All Ages. Hence Feuchs Are much less needed than is sup posed. As we grew up a ensued As our pursuits and feeling diverged but Good will remained till companionship ended in a Friendly nod. The worst evil i suffered Wafe imbibing in a stronger form the scottish pronunciation which will stick to me forever but that i should have had at any rate Only a Shade less deep and it is a Small Price to pay for the advantages Domestic accomplishments. In the Domestic relationship there ought to he no selfishness. What elegant acquirement to May Chine to have made instead of being j reserved for rare occasions should be suffered to shed their softening influence on every Day experience. The prints should not be carefully kept out of sight of the children of the family and turned Over Only for tile Benefit of the stranger the picture should not be kept cur and Coffee. These men he says Are Strong _ i r i tamed except when there is company or the muscular and Able to do and actually perform t. J More hard work than the miners of the Coal pits of Oisin in prance who in uiitciiivc.iulicle3.mea.tand vegetables and drink wine or Beer. Another savant taking nearly the same views insists that. Arabs Are Able to live moderately and to make Vonjj fences As they do entirely on account of their extensive use of Coffee. But this last assertion is demolished by the declaration of m. D Abba die who has just returned from Abyssinia that certain tribes of arabs and abyssinians who do not use Coffee can s support greater fatigue than those who do. In presence of such very contradictory facts who shall say which of the Learned doctors is in the right 1 education. The time which we usually bestow on the instruction of our children in principles the Rea sons of which they do not understand is worse than lost it is teaching them to resign their faculties to authority it is improving their memories instead of their understandings it is giving them credulity instead of knowledge and it is preparing them for any kind of slavery which can to imposed on them whereas if we assisted them in making experiments on them selves induce them to attend to the consequences of every action to adjust their Little deviations Ana fairly and freely to exercise their Powers they would collect facts which no thing would Controvert. These facts they Yould Deposit in their memories As secure and eternal would be materials for reflection and in time be formed into principles of conduct which no circumstances or temptations would remove. There is a great Deal of truth homely though pointedly expressed in the following which Vve find in an Exchange. We Are the decided opponent of the Way foolish people have of stint ing themselves while Young in order to Lay up a Little for old age. When we Are Young we Are continually laying up for old age and when old age overtakes us to find ourselves without an appetite to enjoy it. The proper Way to spend life is to go it in your provided however you do not go it too fast luxuries to old men Are As useless As Sunshine to december. Time to indulge in is you have Good Teeth to wrestle with them. Putting off enjoyment till you Are old is like putting off a Jar Spring till Winter sets in. Kindness in correction the Way to make people forsake their errors is to treat them kindly. Speak to them in a Calm and gentle manner. Harsh words should never be indulged in thinking to Reform one if a person wishes to Correct me of apy fault he must do it kindly and affectionately or i should be much worse for his interference. Remember that kind words Cost but a trifle and the effect even upon our own disposition amply repays us for any exert prove make. Piano be dumb because there is no one but our 1 1 i uni i to vision. J. Norb nov it Tuhcic to Mitey equal if Happi Ness in singing by the fireside by warbling in the Saloon and though the thanks of the father or brother be homely in expression there is More we Stoess in them than in All the studied common place of society. A sadder sight can scarcely be conceived than that of the spirit of dullness to lunar Possession of the family Circle we see it in the who hour by hour gazes moodily in the fire m the wife who occupies herself with her on ploy ment without seeking to break the enchanted. Silence. Neither entertains the intention of injuring the other and yet Are mutually defrauded of the happiness they ought to enjoy. Book at this very pertinent reply to those who Are inquisitively prying into the Domestic affairs of others has More Force than is usually ascribed to it. A great amount of the troubles and contentions which distract society arise from neglecting this great fact. Those who Are so Busy looking at the faults of others have no time to Correct their own and wrongs grow into great magnitude under their very noses while they Are lamenting Over Distant evils which do not affect or concern them. How much better would the world be if each individual were o set about a strict examination of his own con duct and test it by the same rigid principles which he applies to the conduct of others How much More free from abuses would be that Community which has diligently searched out its own evils and was As zealous to Correct them As is those which it imagines to exist a Hundred or two Miles off. Tint philanthropy must be a spurious article which overlooks things claim ing its notice immediately around it to see jets Only worthy of its attention when far off. If each individual and Community were to try the Experiment and look at Home we think that no matter Hov great their moral and religious reputation there would be found some deficiency that might be supplied some evil which might be corrected some wrong which could be remedied and thus vigilance now exercised in c fruitless efforts to accomplish doubtful would partake of a practical character from which effects the most beneficial to would follow. Repentance. A Good husband will repair a Louse Wylle the weather is fair not put la off Lulli Winter Pilot will Vantage of the wind and tide and so put out to sea ror stay till a storm arise. The traveller Wal Ako Hia time journey and mend his when night lest darkness him the on a Vij i conc s Mith will strike hot Leaf grow Cool and Loose his labor ought to make of. Present Lance we come to die we May to a dutch i and proper Hong and but to die for there who be a Tine when the two Ader togs vast out Huntin next week d in Bagh t when Helb m we trove nine woodchuck into a Stone w int kit ten out Obder nine before Ley m trance at Kos paper news paper

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