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Read an issue on 5 Aug 1852 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 5, 1852, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaCountry is the most prosperous where labor commands the greatest Rew is poet s Niche Wellsboro thursday from Vincent Bourne the Pyle vast Pyrn Raij a Tir Vigil the a Pitr info non vol rot. I hid Jin hint Kinrd an i cum Minli Noil of n vital in t the it nor n whole Olenc i int. Att Leniun h in unit ten ten to trip i Ihor Loit a a tit u n ii Mirr in uni mint mini i Al c i v r Imi i within Why it til t if up Tiv virtue to i flt. It hip Vai Leivo in Tow Rizig rapid i o Tiv Ftp Pirn n r if a Iii Nero Nentl i ill Moltu 111 Hll Llull or Nike i v i n in Lull to k to him holy ground a thying to pipe on which t5 i t Long t of no Lull r 1 m to i i Itin r f i in s i i in i nil Orf a t thu 1 in r it i n m in n i uni 1 i i Lut m a l r k i i if i d t ii in h n i a 1iic Sovereign. I of i nov of hip l of s. Verp Ign re 1 i Ted to me i v j i l i g Oil m in Olav i Alrh nil in i i t in Vav re h vat la Wor h r i i Ai to t r or ill i in i in r which it i m t n i i it i r i i ii Mir to i Oil n c v ii un_5 p pm in in tar Lilit i in i n Ibl t i n pro tonci the Rit Mil Honor with vol huh Ilu jul p gulp in his simple but i a Villa Bubi St i i n Maui by r his own words i m i Avis Only years old my judge pvt my lither and my Mother being poor with halt n d n Indre ii b to apr lit in my Fly t pit t i u g n o to n f i rip r in the Tov nol i Vvhs i i i Jned m i pm a plough Imp of in nil my in hid service until i i line not n Virv Gnu Limp in a Pirn i Xvi Rohli Iii h ii was m h nit in at if i i i r i Fly i toil in in in him t Noil a i i i Minikin bus work nod Omli r f ii 1 t in Mlp ilog tin m b in Iluigi i re i in i Ali Niyo work to do and in i Hun my in of of is to enjoy ii Vav no of tingly n Gri in or in fir me to get the Penn in my of top or Vivo Phi quips into my p s n nov tort of Good Fortune a i in i i t i i of in b in i i Porri i re Hinl at hip n v o 1 to 1 1 inn i t r Jird Motif y is n n Jwta by in Ivanh Iipp Only on a i i v u f i it i Wal i Iron the ppr. I i v the p Ilot mov r m Phi opt i i i r by in Ai i i i of i i irn c a i i hat is tin Blory i no going to Tell v i Dun night or Webb sent my to t l v Ilist on Home and on up in no Home just about dusk my Atli it on its Mirn id by n Lille Brown package lying in i p r my Pimp f i d ii in to Exa nmn i i font pals Villi 1 to i spin n of Whin i to in so Ami volum of How n in f Pixie Soli a p i in i Len if t i Thil i in a them inn of in an Elk i 3 i la h it Moriah of jump 1 i pitl i f he Pipi r How per and tit i ring f i Unson Point of throw veg it into Vvhs n mini thing dropped Mil of it and f ii Vav h r owing Romul upon a a trip i i i m i in Nitoiu Limp it it vans i l Low round Eluigi nit tin Bright find too so ill for a p. Nov i i 11 i i Stu red it m my Fin pit i Iii Itu in trip icons Ilion Somp ii Hij Lii Dpi to m. Ilni n a n Gold rom of i ii a Cal Hli i i ii. And int it i in d Noi win i to it. I hid i tier Poi i i h us i on Ashi t apr nailing u no i put the Pom in Rev p i k t hut it a Vonlil n ii Kutny Ali pro every t or i Mil to it out and look it it 1 n we Mivi r i i i in vie i w is r in fill to put i i u t sum. How i f. It of Al i in own Rio lie Cim i Rov lid i foun i r i Tomii it it vans h wily in Iii. By right o1 Viry nod i Rotor Tail myself with the in sir Iii in Avis Imi my Hii Sinos logo about i ii. Cram Slih s lost i w it Lump Wanh Errold in my to Pkt i Venill pain on s cd Kef know what 1 1 no i no for hip w rid i was for ply Iron i in it or of losing my vast mid men 1 Lull inn Biira tin not nil ii run rep l n Tupil no my Insp bal Royed my pc rpt i could i t i of ii in v holy Wanh no hoops eve Iii in ii Ili me Nvvf up half hip night my air j Ris i r m in Ririe my t he n a nip n r Iii uni hip of tips Hill. On the Folio ving m rim _. Funi f v. No and apr Gnu when f i lib ii the breakfast table said 1 1 Siirid and trembler thinking the Nett u i i old ii Ali Tistha piece of Gold Vii Luvi found and wickedly concealed to Kupp u Fri i the rightful owner Bui he Only said i you to go to or by Lawm s this no come and work i r i in due and to Morrow relieved i i. It the in Lisp n Airt ii not Poon is Post blk Tipp r1 Tco n i t of p no out of my Porkat and d in he up i vans in hippy con or my and i Elmo to i i hid not found hip Sovereign would a in cell my tiling if i is food was it Noi n3 wrong to conceal what Schiml on to Inke the Simc or noun orig j11 Arnm the owner s pocket1 was not he de than i to Why. If i Don t know owner re. How can i give him his run spy i a Caune i am afraid Duncon ebb will it Awn from me that i conceal Iii i would not gloat bold and if loser Ehold Auk to for it i would give it to him i a eulogized thud to myself All the to or Bill Iii a Hosp but after All u would nit do the Gold was like a h avy so nip bound to my heart it was a sort of unhappy Chirm which give an evil spirit Power Lolor intent me and i would not help thinking int i was not half so Well pleased Wanh my riches As i had been with a Copper which 1 hid found weeks before nobody chimed the Penny Ali Hoigh i kept my Guiod for Lune no secret and i had been As Happy As a or As a King n commonly supposed in he or Baldwin was Noi at Home and i return pm to the Deacon s House i saw or wordly s horse hip Gate and 1 was Ter ably frightened or wordly Avis a c stable and i know he had come 10 take me to j us so j hid in the Garden until he vent away by that tune Reison began to Preva i Over cowardice my i m Ide my App finince at the House. The Deleon looked angrily it me in night 1, faint he s going to arc a of finding the Gold but he Only a dded my fir Bingo Long about my Irvind i a ppr nip ived a reprint my s willingly his sphere sounded Swet t hid pop pct d Homi thing so More terrible i Vav i ill div Wii i to g id m my p i wonder deicing did not us oppt sim1 the a 1 Stopp d so Utt ii 11 s a it Uip Gold vans Herp fir As the posses Ion of in Rouh Lipil my ill Ispir or losing 11 Irani Blel me i Cicely is 1 Avis miserable. I i hed a him red i tunes i hid not finl the Gold i f. It that it would a n Relief Lohy it Down on Tho roid is i Nerim i Van up in it in Brown paper ii to is i h no t Neil n i Wondi r d if ill g in wealth m Ovi re in by to i Preble. Ai ii Jet i was sent again to or by Lawm Send having found him Oban Ttripi ii Prince to work Al d no in Webb s on the lol owing d by ii Avis. Dark when Vii it Home and i was afraid of robbers i never in cowardly my life it splined to my that anybody could Rob my with n to ear conscience by cause my Vav is not my own i got Home and went trem Benj to a by Idun comp Early to bran fast us i Sam ii i it ii v i something about him he wus in Honit Pior in in Vav to a in rep i Milf bv1 Hird work Der Shidy liked him ii vans so mud Tri mis nil fut Wiful and be Ide miking go Van Gas fir his i Whir h Oft n got mind nil Flor for in Liliose Vvhs employ d him Well no the break first table alter d Lynn Webb had a bps ing Mil Given Baldwin a pipe of p irk so in it he Ini it Pat and i t to work is soon in was said a us the new r 11 sit pin a hive ii part about my tune a d or wild we or miss or Luibil 1 v. What has happened to you1" asked Loo i 11 ppr to in h id Iii re of it applied sri Lilym on Sei Llie Oiler night Whin or paid he give hip u Gold i Tii Tupil and fell the my for Imp my Cheeks a i pops Vav pro upon Biljum however to trouble Vav is1 not observed a son reign paid Bil Dyxin the first one i Phi r h d m my Lite and la seemed to me int if i hoi ild put it in my pocket like a cent or n h ill in i i in i a ii in i is it s i like a Givre i w r Pipp i it in i Pupol Piper and stowed h in my i it p capt Whirt i thought it vans Safe i did a More thing i Miil Hnyp to i Ilu run in Iii Reg int my Holker Rhu and the Pip r would prevent its miking nov Noie As u till i i co Vereil my Lisa when i got h nne and went Bank to look for ii but set Ilfody Mut have picked it up i Felt like sinking through the floor. Who could have found it Sud the Dea con t Don t Linn n plied the poor Man Slick my his hand sadly he pm come to it who i r ii i and i Hopp his c a Pipi ice won t trouble him More hum the Money h win Iii Iho Vijh leu Van knows i Waul my honest earn Ings this was Loo much for me the alms inn to my co i Nee Bnita Lvi hip Gol 1 Mil of Tny pocket 1 up Olvid to bran Tofit and be Honi is m Spile of a Overly and shame us i Hihi the Gol i in my trembling said is yours or bildwin1 my von c was so Flint that he did not hear me repealed my in a More Cour Ngeon tone All eyes w Irp Lurn Pil upon my in astonish Imant Andoli Deacon item Mcd venere and Vohen i had found the Gold i burst into heirs and confessed Ever Uhing i expected the d icon would whip me to Denih Bui lie pitted Heid and said More a Molly in m was his wont. D m t cry about it William you Are in Honey my it you did come near Fulling my pm Pat on always be honest my son and if Vou do rot grow Rich you will be Happy with a Ipnar c Man lire Bol i pm d still for Joy i laughed inn be Mic ii hid so touched any heart of what ,1 Load Avis relieved 1 lilt then thai honesty was the h St policy e As for Bil Iwin he Del red lint i should have Liilo the Money fir finding a but i wished to Kepp cup it of the trouble pomp St tits for a Lime and i did i would not touch his offer Ami i never re grilled it boy As i Well i was hip Denton s favor the tins he Wii very kind to me and i Iii Lerf one in everything in refill not to Ilc Ive Linn i in served the strictest Candor and go d Smth and that his made me what i am when he died to willed me five Hundred Dothro with which i come Iipp and bought new Are now Worth a great Romny soap reign but this hns nothing to do with my Story. That is Lold and All i have to add is i have never regretted Clearing my conscience of poor Job Bild we s Sovereign. Popping the question. The following is the Confes Ion of an old Bachelor who describes Hui Isi if As by ing now i diled up tint his Little Belli r than u Mummy and expects some of Alliese Days to be blown away into Dut lie udoies Oil Young men o gel married and tells them How to manage the the old fellow one who knows though he has a Toui h of the crab Apple in him i a hips filled when Voung not Wilh Ianu ing he pretended to have been so a fait now Gen Lempp this Gaing a courting is nothing to be Agni id of it like me out under stand to v to do u i Dun i Menn to to let bul the incl my Joung Days i was up to a thing or two in the first place give out lint Yon Are a marrying Man la will smooth difficulties wonderfully Brothers i 1 invite Jou to dinner ask in air duo hair to sing i or Fionte opinion will be asked on All Points and it the do by hive a country sent Vou pin Iio Luiere every saute Day Aiulu and Sony nil monday the summer through without pending a sum thee i u be no idea or what in i a a Ihrig love making becomes u Uler Setch circumstances a by Rno n Light a Chinee in Fetij at Early Moran or in the go Den or a summer Nufi Moon log her in the Al Cove does the business to Lell the tru h i never Camp an Spur going on a is who i Pipit n wet k in clip country Wanh n Bride mild i hid uni Itil on in re vans n Piaf it Pini i a tin in we used to sit and nne div fit Haidri i he n Ihil the old Guntli my a i from the Nap and threw of the Piror omd Vav Justus i ii of i Uluig stirs Hind in Iune the clue lion would h Ivy popped it i if you is ire hut i re pit it would h Ive p Ppd itself the Del is Liew pin ourselves hip Ellings Beci me a Toni Hinsly natural n i r nil Quine if one was brought lip to i i Iii from n child d m t trouble your Elf about How you look or wll you Siv the but thing you Cinialo Hiitt to think of the Miller it nil hut in Ike a plunge at a hip and Ilu n the bus ii is is soon Ovir there Are n thou my a tvs to pop the question of there Art b in Uii id a tvs i make love sum doll Nhei a Impi Ipi Ipp som Clu up for Vii ads and Slick fast sane Hopr n it up pc and i Ink to r a clean spot on the c Irpi-1 to go d Vav u on in in a nerf and Omi Glide Inlo it Grid tally Lineal Nivik narrowing his Gir Lions before he Stoops ii poor girl sit Ting beside him All the Limp i r Liport fluttering in her bodice like n frightened Bird i be Lipfird of one1 or two Piir inner who p Ippen Llie ups lion in the to 11 there s Onk Piip Way m re Pirt no to in Iii i r Fri in ind in to t 11 promo a by ill apr a t her love von Stu will 1-Nlvvnvs Gigli time Hen he co Nis p piously to Illinik of h in my her pin n s t i tru i her no 1 11 in put up to Mir an i if you Tivo in r ii mip to Titi of of i ii unit frs ten to on 1 Khe la give my a Mil i n an old my nil Anvi Primi the a Rill and h t a till to i the girl who Vav Tulip yield in Lears on a non Riihl evening would Arm i civil Ron in or equivocal the in morning Attar Liron Fiat Anil Ilion what a fool a Lover makes of himself on Poppr i read Somp killers 111 Oiler d in he g is i Riv hip for w riling m cd i a Misti up in Miff prs to and n h in j i Mil ill jpy i a i to h 1 t no und in in up no my m do n g v to g ifs i ivc t i n p in t i by 1 or i r n it d n l Iii of a who h s i the y nip our the Vii v on v give i two lovers Fatir play kick Vitur int try Mik no bum to i ii Depp. Nil my 1 in on m demure will find n Lviv of i ing understood even if like i id sir Linic Newton they Hnyp to in Ltd hive a Vii a lipid Fri t it Rev comp int Hal Odd it first but they will pit looking into other s pops until by and Hyp their hands will somehow a lpns into Ench other and to Giltig i zip n d p or. The Nosti in Iphy to part h will no pout life Noirot from a Cham pain bottle l will p p Tup on a Kail roid. We have often thought. The narrator hit to a on who a nov u Tram of cars m to lion fir the fist Tnp Ulm miraculous and a founding As Jack Downing once Iwar so Iii or to see a Hull lot of Wiggins Chuck Lull of people and things gom off Al thru Ere i Peid Ai d no hos to draw m a i Mil of to e sort lured to. Likely Niide his trip he was a Greenhorn a an affectionate spirit. Sei in ancient wonders of the world. We with men Vahow pm Toi these wore 1st. The of think Ihu any indulgence in an Alfee Tennte r i dts 120 sctt High Bijil by Tares a 0. Feeling is weakness they will r. Hun Fromm 238 occupying 12 years in Ankine. It stood journey and Greet their families a Vii do gift Ross of Rhodes 66 and was Dionny and in be among Thor Clyl Drin a Vilh thrown Down by an earthquake. It the cold and Lolly splendor of in in. B re sir outfit by a jew from t Lei Saracens who loaded rounded by us a Nam fragments there i 900 Cornels with the brass 2d the a Irdle a More unnatural sight on Erlb thin the largest one engaged a either workmen 30 in building and has now any of Iho of families without a heart Pitu Nily waiting and much i Dpi Ted elated in anti Dipatri g his intended Rule As the ears approx implied in St and g Wanh in niger Ami Viive at the engine puffing a Tel smoking Rol of Iii hip example it the Ollir. As Oon is the Cira s topped he liar Ripe no nerd with i 01, his Mil Santeil himself near a window i Hon Iii King Nini ird at the in Singer Zimni Lestly Inch sur Prisi ii Pui in head out it hip window to see hip Start while in his position Vav itching w Uli Niue Hankie y the who lip sound i our cipro my h and evidently a Little alarm pm Drew Hick ins Hei d with n to lion 111 it might he called n Jerk and turning to a get ii m in sing near him my Well storm air did i u Ever Henr a snort is Ilni t the Pungi in hip Oiher i ii 1 d n i know Whit it a How clip go pc i piss Vou Are not acquainted with Railroad trn Vulling d hmm it no Saint they run away 7 Crea lion Bow h is ii s nil Anfe enough Jou May rely the cars Are stir tag tint s nil Vyp l int afeard Jou i now lint r surprised he that s nil annl j Mon Ninin lion Holt a Lar Ripe in of y Stringer did you heir int Ere snort h beat Al it s Icv is Mil he s n a no i stilts clip v How it does puff something busting i m skip o fudge it s All said the other set Ling Minim if for a nip "1 a View 1 Don t see How Jou can sleep Dirr pal in Thor like getting to it pud Llie Nalii r vol up Pird of the ills Hinl ill a pin s i m my to ii Ilu v i Ihor a Kail it and d i i n my Nesli in e v pry f Vav s to get their Tilp 11i.pii off his pit Rit Vout 011 up Fries n1 sri Ogur i ii rung hip i a nip moved Oft away a vent hip pits t i spid i d and he fire o irim to ind Impi Verpel in m the Shiek which Iho Nurt prodiirpi1 the cirs moving slowly Over Eto Vonh in Ige i r in Prog n in i its Gnit he popped hip Hail rut no the window n no in How it a nov the it he vans distance from the p Irth and supposing the Ermir Wop Swo Onul and i ii from his spot up ppm i several Simms near Prog lit ill i Rudd him up. K him Neil Romp it him until Hon void n Little a to Firth 1 i ill rung through r in Hsihe tsp of ii p vans v tin be i to hip pts in Gros vol tips hid the eff i t of Roo my in u i con Froos Nysp o it to Perl Nelv do so fir ins Breilh hip in to ppm and go More regularly and it ins ii of Pupil his pops As Lirgg As Pati prs. And pop no Pep Rel of hip o and i isl comp to his nest Lance ii ont him ins afjeclion1 hiris i then your he nil s he to affections indulge in Tho warm and gushing emotions of filial Pimentil and Filer nil Jose think it not a weakness Gidis love Ioup everybody and everything that is Lovely i Ench your children to Tjo Lovett Rose the to love tin in Parent in Ioup their god it he the Stull us no comp lie culture to give them your Jet of their warm Arden affections bal wide Fimi v together by the a Strong cords Yon Cinnoti make them too numerous you can n t a nip them Loo Strong to god love to Man religion 13 love Beautiful god has sent Foitik Angels into the Avo Roll Vulio a is to refresh the sorrow of the p or. An i to Luhtin the a Josof shed con Lonte Whit Gap apr pleasure can Vve have than tint we should bring Joy in our brother that the Tongue so uld be tuned with heavenly oct Mai and make the weird soul listen for Light and Pusp and w Hen ii perceives that there is such a Ihms m trip world and in the Ordi r of things us Comfort and Joy to begin to break out from the Prinn of his borrows of hip door of sighs and tapirs and by Little and Little begin to melt Irto show pro and or Fri list it this is glory to the i Irp and Pink Loument fit for Uip Wrighte i Nigel is i Hnyp seen the in the Frozen enrich which vans bound lip a Vii the image of dial hand the colder Arnth of the North and the Waters break Tom their enclosures and melt Uriah Joy and run in useful channels run i Ilu flies do Rise Roii Little Graves 11 the Vvhs and dance a Halle while in the air to Tell that Joy is within and that the great Molj for of Prea turns will open the Stock other new Refre a input become Iii Lul to Mankind and fing Prai to to her Tedei Mpr is the Shpirt of n Sorro v fill m in under the disc Are of w is rom fort he or pairs from the Dps Piir of the grave ind the up tips and a loins of s in Rove he Bpsse god and he blesses thee and he feels his life 1 imbros of ale Windna a Tower built by order of i Tolemy plan list Pliura in the year 282 b c was erected a Light h be and contained n am cent Gallene Sof Large lantern i the top the Light of which was seen near a t and red Miles off mirrors of enormous sized were fixed round t Legill cries reflecting every thing on the sea a common Tower is now erected in its place 6 h the Walls of baby Lon Bui t by order of Senn Ramis or no Buchan Nezir and Fini lips in one year by they Are of in manse thickness 7th. 1 he Temple it Diana at completed m the reign of Servius the 6th King of Rome. It it Brood Aad supported b 126 Marble huh. The beams ind Dours re of Ceder the rest of the Timber ctr Prus it Waso Stroyd by fire b c 3g5 a Beautiful so Diment out of the Mouths of Baues and eat the Bible though lust ordained Mil feel the Force of the at an examination of deaf and dumb institution some years ago in London a Lite boy noted id writing to made the world he took the Chalk and wrote in Jeneath the i words in the beginning god created tiie and the Earth till Clergyman then enquired in a similar Uinam did Jeua Christ come into the world1" of Grutti Tucjer to Ted on the Coung Illow Ai he wrote a ski Nance 7-f the Lifilie act Mel your Pait. G there is much Ivah Ich of a yen i h o d it anything in he looked up most lips achingly in the face of an irishman ruminant info m his upon Llie binks of n Southern Creek espied a Tarr apm pluming in self of Hen " exclaim pm he solemnly int Iver f come to ameriks to see a snuff Box Vii in " 11 whist " paid his wife Don t be after make fun of the Bird people who do a stagnant business never advertise. The question Why Printer do not succeed in business As Well As brewers1 1 was thus an swered because printers work for the head and Brewers for the stomach and where Twenty men but one Haf a it Raj n Cir real of h Sumlor Niort d so e 1 to divinity Ihan Oaul ical men in i in who n in this p it formed regularly one of the Congo cation ill the Church of a Pip lir preacher it chimed that during one of tin Diciur is to i High Jick Waun attentive a Tener the rave rend doctor alluded seven tunes in to Cripi Rul phrase to sit in being bound 1 1 cd Mips for a thousand year the Pas age struck the it Tinnion of hip Seaman with pc Bihar Forte and i Urig the weeks he pondered of u the Wotil-., feeling Evi by time an increasing that an India Luil towards whom he Hud never been Over Pirline was so securely and fur Mic i a length of ii up of. On the 1 a Loving sunday ii went to Lipar doctor again but to ins Greit Surprise and to the in exiling of All bin Rici it Coin notions during one portion of the Sermon the preacher As part Edthis the Devil Girth about seeking whom he in by devour Jar Kuitu d the Church Opp Opil Wanha it of conf cling thou jails and polio in ind unable after Miny n Tough Solilo qemal Argurn it to reconcile the Vivo statements he resolved to is Imine up courage and wait upon the til in order to hive the mys try Sylvid. He did to and alter humming and Liming and hitching of i Trow apr in length spoke at once Lold the doctor tint he could not the two sermons fit. And asked if his in Josly was Reilly bound in in e Way stated to know Uip in null of ii o Avis tin dignified reply it extends Over the Vehle world my re joined Jack doeait1 Why the Lubber might As Well be Loo a As Anco Teit with a or in san in his recite fitly published work p clues in relates the following circumstance which occurred to him while Lottering along a Shady pub in the Forest. I stepped Side for a moment to Admire a Rich tuft of purple Al nven., my mule having plodded on about eight thend when As turned from the of livers to wards the pith a teens Avion As of a bit a of struck my sight an i i Law a Brilliant and powerful s Nike winding its coils Aroun 1 the head and Hod of the poor mule. It was a Large and magi Rifici no licit of a Black and Vel love color and it had entwined the beast so firmly in its folds that Ere he hid tune to Niter More than one feeble cry he was crushed and dead the perspiration broke out on my forehead As i thought of my narrow escape and Only remain ing a moment to View Morm pals of the mouse or a he began to uncool himself i rushed through the Brushwood and did not consider myself Iafe Enlil i entirely free of the Forest one of them and soil stranger hns it lit an l is lbs inn. The Follo Virog h menu picture of in eng inn is i Ilu u from Little Piddisi Nguu and Ilu arriving it san Isle nip g ii u was Mituri that the Vii iry in d Tiu Nury travel or should de plei Sint task the ire a Lille Comfort for the inner Man and he the Gering Vucin him and the la y keeper of the inn tins in i d penance when he wrote even i we cannot always Pilch our Lent where we Good in i he sight please or enjoy Ever the Supi t song of Delight i Sung by friends played with us in childhood or punned it sch Iol the a quip Nessus the world 13 a by y on f adventure and he who Voul i incl Well his Pirt must take Inch us he pm and feel hippy if he can so i Rourm it As to i no at tin hour 1 Hup in in adored to do my duty so i Hiever Wear placed and in whatever pit int on it Shotts 1 be our end Neil Endeavor to Dise Hirju our duties As fail fully tie our abilities will p runt no less to our Tel Lotf Tymn tour Velvest for however Greal the Good i hey May reap h can in no wic nod i May say. Under no circumstances equal that Winch Vve May Gnu her ourselves it is upon us to work Al nil times is g in is Given us the Menris and of podium tie nil the More to when h 1 guarantees us so in h i hit a Sig in the per Lomance Len View with our hearts fully attuned to the Belli r the most irk one duty grows a this a Faith acceptation that Vii rail to Cave slim a third que. Tin n Adi pled to cull it Ixer i e Why Are you can both hear and i said _ a the look of resignation Vvhs cd fat upon the coun us Saemg and worthy of All Esus Christ Cune into the w is then proposed evidently most powerful feelings into born and dumb when i Peak " n Eye witness shall i forget again took the Chalk and i Fuller for so u seemed of Mathice. Good in the i mowing deserves lobe repeated Onca the world will make a Man by easme is doubled in i Coursi a i Vav mid von like sir " a b hied Chicken i his Nevera Chicken sir but would Vou ilk some pairs and bicon1" no can 1 hive a Iamb chop j no sir but our and Bacon Are very Nice or a cutlet or a Sleak 1m n i sir but we Are remarkable Here for Pur eggs and Biczun then what have you got Vve have got nothing but eggs and icon o i then Hie goodness to give me some eggs and icon i was sure Jou d eggs and Bacon sir Vve Are so famous of full ii iving finished my dinner i thought i proper Tor the go fid o the Liou a to inquire wll wine could Coure not expecting that my Clipp would be much Perl Cynd by the Vij it Tiv Oll ered what would you like sir 1 so be we hive in poit fir a ii tile Sherry then Weilun i Kepp Sherry in Short Vve have so Lille cull for wine thai we Don i Kupp my of no kind then Pray give me some 1 yes sir do you prefer it with Lemon or without how1" Why Only we happen just now to be out of Lemons shop keeping Iff so it Zorland in Olden times. Alpine shops in Switzer Ltd about a Century consisted of lonely huts Buill at the in trance of the pm Pul Mountain pisses the door secured by a Latch from hip Dep Redions of the Wolf and the Low hinged window revealing to the passing traveller cheese bread c arse cloths and almost every article ins necessity could require each wifi the Price marked upon it. Which he was expected to Deposit in the Money Box hard being neither sales Man nor shop keeper in fact not in individual within leagues of the solitary shop the Shepherd who had Ulilis risked his Little All coming once a Mon l h Frojm the Heights where ins flocks remained Lor the summer to count and carry off his profits such Confidence at the present Day would be deemed insanity la Nopia big nerd Tiyler wining irom Khartoum the capital of egyptian Soudan describes in ride Down the Nile tie says. Here where i expected to ride through a will Erines i find a Girden Ethiopia become in other hads the richest and most pro do Clive Pirt of Africa the people Are industrious and peace Noble and de Erve better Mas ices i heir dread of the turks is extreme and is their liar to i stopped one evening at a Little Village on the Western Bank the sailors re Bent to the Houes to procure eggs and to Ovva and alter a Long time two men appeared bringing As Liny said the Only Chicken in f Al Biddy i Cpl pinching his fingers i i the Crick of a door it s Una a to snably i quarrel. No ii Iau Evi r Luls to think Les of h in sell after than lie did by fore it Grants him in the eyes of others and what is worse blunts his sensibility to on Ibe one hand and in creases the Power of passionate irritability on. The other the truth is. The More qui Eliy and peaceably we gel on the Buller the better for us and Hie by her Fot our neighbors in Nam Ilses Oul of ten the Wisest course is if a Man cheat Jou to quil h s company if he slander j of Lake care 10 live of that nobody will believe him no Milter who he i or How he Jou the Wisest Way u just to let him alone Lor l Here is nothing better than this Cool Calm and quiet Way of dealing Wanh the wrongs we meet w Ith an incident in the life of Henry Clay his Aduce to Jears ago during or clan s Aldr e s to the Studen s of lha new York slate and a Lionel Law. School m Bill Stycn spa object which is to Tram Joung men in extemporaneous Spe Nimg. He said Vivien commenting on the advantages of Thesin Sli ution i owe my Success in life to Ona single fact Viz that it the ago of 27 i commenced mid continued Lor year the process of Dally Reading and speaking upon the contents of ome historical or scientific Book these off in ind efforts were made sometimes to a Corn held at others in the Forest and not in frequent by in some Distant barn with the Harse and boxed bringing As laity Sain the Only Rencken in f a a Cullors. It is to Early practice of the place 1 Lity came us slow y sloped and by greut1drt j am indebted for group i and Ihnn mid their hands j on Hizir hands Ignis Pmj that they were As Dut hip primary and leading impel is that slim ii at my Forward and hive Blued and moulded my entire sobs quent improve then Young gentlemen lha Superior advantages you Here enjoy. Not a div Pas Nii Hout exercising Jour Powers of there is no Power like Hal of oratory. Coffi in controlled men by before our feet Acu Mcl pud them the thirty Piras the Dunn did and Vohen 111 y saw that the Turk hid no Dipo upon to cheat ii m they Wint Biek ant morn fowls Trivel Oro j Olio go by the land route give Llie people an eve. Ilene Hinc Virtor in spam lev f hive been i excl no. To near fear of Ceil by it red hit it is almost Imp Esible to buy any i help their piss Ion the influence of the one perished with its a thin even when double the Vilue of the article n about a Quarter of a of of reveal to breathe and called before f r end must lend Rcd but by asking for Ilas a favor tiny will cheerfully give you whatever they have on the third Day i saw the first the men discerned him about a Quarter of a mile Folfas he came up my attention to him our vessel was run to him and the sailors shouted to draw his attention How is your wife old boy1" is your son married veil and other like exclamations they misted upon it that his curiosity would be exit d by this Means and he would allow us to approach. I saw him at last within a Hundred Yards but Only the enormous head which was More than three feet across the ears he raised it w Ith a tremendous snort opening his huge Mouth at the same to i a and a More frightful monster i never saw he crime up in our Wake Aner Vve Hud passed and followed us for some tune. Directly a spied five crocodiles on a Sand Bank. One of them was a greyish color and upward of Twenty five feet in length. We approached quietly to within a few Yards of them when my men raised their poles and shouted. Toifl beasts started from their sleep and dashed quickly into the water the big yellow one striking so violently against the Hull that t am sure a went off with the headache Thor that of Llie other continues to this in clothing inn Elf in mortal flesh in deign ing Tri become the teacher of Mankind the son to the gospel invitation must correspond with the grandeur of an my mate god it cannot but Conta m truths which Couf Iund reason thus what provokes the unbelief of the profane tic is precisely that which confirms the Fath. Of the Humble and Wise Christian. An old lady who had been Reading the famous Moons Lory very attentively remarked with emphasis that the idea of the Moon s Bemer m i biped was incredible to believe mid she becomes of the people m the Moon when there is nothing left it but a streak1" no Street m constantinople Han a name nor is there a lamp in it Jet Are five Hundred thousand inhabitants there is not a Pott office rib a mall route in All Turkey nor a Church Bell a gentleman who did not Trust to memory. Wrote in his pocket Book i must hurried when i get to town newspaper is papyri

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