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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - August 5, 1846, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaJames p. M a g 1 l a editor and proprietor. Tioga co., a dollars Mcl fifty cents per dollars Mcl fifty cents per fun in Eusivo of nifty cents deduct j if i he the sear and for Cash actually in f3 Dolla r will be deducted wipe discontinued until All arrearage at the option of the editor. Bijj in. Olt w ends not exceeding twelve lines a for one Dollar and for every a non Twenty five can mfr. Notices not Sis lines inserted for seventy five cents. Arv for one 01 i rec insertions the Sam itral Clis count to yearly Adver Tsera. Speech d a id Wilmot of pe1snsylvanh i e d in Llie House of repress july 1s46 f in Ritter of l Hejile on the stat i on the Bill reported from the c _ be of ways and Means amendatory Tariff Law of j3121 v u ires scud the commile 1 v Limi iia. If i Felt at Liberty to 1 ohm Inch i should Clad us of of flog 5, politics Avo. 49. Eats and subdues our rugged soil makes valuable and per Manert Conquest Over Natur for the. Benefit of Man he has added borne thing to the world s Stock and made lha which before was u Leless subservient to the happiness and supper of Bis race has h in his Noble under Nkang asked the bounties of government m h s behalf has be com w ii greedy and self so grasp demanding Fror the Public Treasury l Premium upon the Ian cleared by him or upon the wheat and Cor raised As the prod i t of his labor sir Thi Man asks Only Protection from the spirit rapacity and wrong but argues the protect to rest we desire i give to the Farmer a Mai Kel for his surplus on Nhen the markets o t Lakin g part in the present discussion i is unpleasant a occupying Ion to find himself constrained Ira e l of those w Illi w Ham he u More j i closely associated Tempe Cha by j 1 on of such deep Aneth absorbing a pc one now Antler consideration a j every Ore of my col a guess on Ertain Tho kindest and nos Ings my association j. It restrict i restrictive leads to countervail its narrow and sell my productions give to he f the seek t in i d i an Eagle. Vivell Spil wednesday August 5, 1846. Choice by a system Ohi Kory duties no restrictions and b so policy renders Tho ise become it is a Home Market that 1 of he agreeable cd f is Riih unfeigned egret in amed to l b High who would other1 unable to buy by is to be Given to the Farmer that is shutting Birli out from the markets of world and him to one you p him comp Lateler in the Power of those control thai Market either to sell at to or Sjol sell at All not Only this prohibited from seeking the b prices he must be in 1 term a position of if r no totally Anil fund Amer orb occupied by them but e by my conviction0 i j while i or the restrict Iofe system and Iti and a t. Eve Che truth demands i v. 1 whom 1 differ will no r to imply the rep Moh i c i Rte the Vave Atli it their duly i hers speak the Jenlih i i my constituents i shall end Tav or he voice of Trine to their jul to Alore and we Are alike res Ronsi while i doubt not but Heij on i s jul approve their course i will i re As Best i can i Vingas i do i can not give the in e of my voice however Humble it rrav1 support of the tar of i be unjust Anil oppress Ivi imposing heavy upon the labor and Industry of it i e of Lens articles Neall and family and Chi ape 5t Market in which to punch Essary for the Comfort of him but must buy of ibis same r the purpose of Bui using Ai 1 Privily ged class Peif e t o a 1 a r Al v a Vii h. The spirit and is and dangerous be rub of the people Ira Vej abolished for the Luri Falli Alitizer i i open Aid legit Imi u r t f c i in p i e pie regulating rain ans or o or i proper leavin employ pm i r i b a Apted to Liis last i r l turns from Ihle is o buld up one in or y if Ore by depressing o d n in y of the confided up a i am Ali 1 a i Ai ii to a Vil eged class at the prices they May Fini for Ribeir interest to dem arid thus us both sides 11 e Farrier is fleeced i in were by the protectionists lha this is the i if Farmer in benefited the Resti Clive policy inasmuch As t e Oba to e f Orn the manufacturer to in be co old Ornis get for his produce in d by him manuf cd Ureil articles of Ieper Ibon could otherwise begging the w to to the old argument that High duties Chea h of r s if e and Proli f s a be the vol Ole Cou Ciar n Industry 1 i or y v the falsity s As r Early Lemon lib c to pro hem if Aba waa n j i returned i 1 in b so n Lahout the who d Benefit Noo pro each mos s and be of e or at the by or y and 1 his f this As any Lake n t in articles upon i Carnot but rep Man who has give of Cool intr Judi upon this polio this such advocates of res Giorc Liberal and led a Pool to prov axioms Nee is the i i1 an it is to or harm 1 his what Darger i Threa ened harm legislative Pron lion of a i a s Llie pro acc be Secu read and j i ans or j that Market i Ghoul manufacturers c cure turn 1 ins question it Conics b at Irh they Are Impo i my Surprise Lylial n to this subject one b cd reflection should As Correct yet sir perversity is shown by inti of that the friends o in policy Ara e Over in i Over again f political and econom of the word pro gird to a be d from a be manufacturer desires he exposed from w docs lion he seek from the t a article is in not Shiel comp not on isl lie merely desire Ole cled in the Home mar e cheapest goods secure Urther Protection if i and will sell an Arti equally Good All a cheap or Price iban the Eignor they Haho the Market to Hemsel by the fixed Ami Les lab shed Lars of Trade but says the again vie Arf favor of Protic Altig american labor Aga the i purr labor of i Europe How Pray the half starved of Europe injure Domestic manufacturer 7 he will not b Down his i factory or derange his Machihi lie labors so Irhe aply is the reply Thi. Manufacturer i Home must be or Oleate from the Cap or icle of his make Prelec Ted not so that he rally v Iuna Romr Tience it of labor where a 0110 i Bell the article still do Saga but w As All lat on you enhance la r department of labor 1 older Wise be you j nose increased prof mime other if this pro c b 1 i cd Ould seem to expenses Cost of coast shirting 1 cd per re 4 per in fifteen Hundred looms making each thirty Yards per Day gives 45 000 Yards at boo the Cost four cents is the sum of is running the factory one Day this article has been Solol in the mar during the last year Yard i will cons cents which upon of As the Dai of the one Day s900 t Hundred and twelve allowing for accede it from Foj to 75 cents ales made a it the 000 Yar is gives the s y products or tech ing As the net profits e Miu will run the Days in the year is stoppages that it runs three bundred Days this give As the Nelt on an my i believe this Ca the profits being u is any Erro in the c would be most a cells per Yard Bat we Mann actus As they Are made so told on this Floo nest of the Avoca Tain it is that Thi Nual profits the sum curation Correct Only Der estimated if til Itiat v. Of its la upon which it la based by for any gentleman acquainted with the subject la j int it out we do know that in c Shir Are u in i even tin and a l agree in the fact e these goo u As indeed Vav p by Ace of the most ear is of High duties cer hav not been sold in the american markets for Leas than six Cen Jard i As Low As that during the last y where i enquire do these enormous fits come rom of the people eve who wears n Yard tributes to make o answer from the Pory Man woman and c of this manuf Cluro i be sum of hese or How pm the coi inlay and the p stand up tin Ler this Syclene of Layalion persisted in and finally established As permanent policy of the. Country it my mile and that at no i Start Day Impo Ibe masses by concen Irain Lian is of Ihu few no won fences and applet bus Ift urls to protect1 ame gives to these me i a sympathy Wilh labourer that they in their efforts to Llie cause of p its in the la that at sue r inter sincere Elk to r j would Public Opinio their views to him they bold conventions and piss Tania resolves for him that they pension Ibe brightest la of the country to lion 7 t Ruly the must be deep and j and trouble Ibey s the pauper labor these men should them by a cargo lion Liu rope to w wages one half o were praying Arne to holism would no i upon american la and shrewd men capable of pm Barf ing l by in t business requiring so m or ski 11 and goo Marius ictus it to legislate As i profits m mesh pro a Suer of Tariff increase r j u Urr t r t ills i of the single Qiju beyond just of i from Osil Ion v c cation 1 soft Folio re drava n fro n d u s t r y it o of t Nen in proof of an s q Irston w to is to sex necessary to i Host Hal subject a in i trial Cir arc Mars so loudly Lor Protection 7 e Fame 1 c industrious Ai 1 enter s j he Day labourer to sir in never seen about you Hall e special legislation of this Lovern 1 Ilse r behalf 1 Ney rely up n their j5t a to Economy to obtain of them is Anu their families a livelihood it is who come Here asking f9 err1 Protection for the p it ocular n which they have chosen to pm s that would Jet failed to a profits of the la ments in the a realised in the even 100 per be have fallen far o 30 cent a Poi lion of tie j 10 different funds me and As does lha of con res Uch l of Cluce their prices and if so Congress has no Hub their wishes be manufacturing est Abl have i am fully Satis 5l year from to 75 1 know their Divide Ayel and ads 15 upon the other us employ those they they Viou d not b pauper labor of eur such Cir Malanc i labor comes Over rival manufacture to the fever heat rises and Falls in ends sir i a critical pretension die seek by every depress american Lime to time red the hours of labor tons have the fore a Large class of the of them Are femal darn upon them f obey their Edi prices or increase Timeir Means of sup seen some two y some factory girls Sach setts Pray role t him n j f Europe i world a if have Applina Ion Maic to f paupers fleshly landed irk m their factories at per less Lujin Icv. I borers if it Cir a Lake fire at sue i an a Laik ends a Lair manufacturers hink the this ranging fron t it is easy to Rev use re nay refits placing Ibe balance again Many of the Gest and most profitable establishments ing the i came on As private partnerships and Lar the r Cap they ask this their prices diminish thir pro t is Loo absurd for serious a s Sau by the protectionists of the country must be protected w of i s c a trap phrase together with borne Protection labor sue have lost thei end reflecting n ii pre Lection to the interests of the Ich levies contributions upon 18 labor to build up a favored the bold Pioneer fearlessly encounter in Oor i n order Umeo hat the others against rower in is country Nirie Lents and Pri to with avy for profits divided of dividends vol Hourany Public declaration have Der Ved some info t on from a one St elements and Ion Wilh the Manu me that he Cuba fractured Here j estimates i place great i g Ard intimately Conn curing business he cents per Yard de the Cost at us take a i which has Bee amply and mor of the capacity would be in us Hundred moms and upon this subject in w lose Panfi cited us ser Colton shirting Are Reanu t a Cost of three and a at the most 1 have cons our cents in my estimate a factoring slab Lishoei invested s300 than sufficient to build of h a my calculation factory at least each loom making one elated of thirty Yards per Day i have Cost at four cents per Yard thus one Pound c f Colton costing eight cents will make four Yards 2 Els be Ono girl will attend two looms making Billy Yards per Day and allowing Herf Fly cents per Day it will be less than Une Cen for the co l of weaving say i it per one cent More will Cost Cost of spinning of car of machinery in Terest upon Tannil and All other half Der let Iren Leen ice the Yard. Yard of which they Porr Plaine ged to work in a i after a working a steel reducing the cent they Al fir by icer be. Went irom King one Gall wealth i Ler that y our zealous in labor re i6o Heripan so deep and excl us he mass is it of annually expend thou lid on fits Ople ii the in i h the a Leir hat a he ads to Riff s it Lents Cost Tor 7 Hal say my for in hire tie pcs i seriously alarmed a Ope Pryser Ling i sell line or it is Only thai n the form of a cheaper that his patriotism discs his interest in be Balbo ice act no ratio with his Faith in Eliese i v i hypo our lords of the Means in their Povur to labor they have spin from ced prices and increased their rules and Rogu a and authority of Law over7 be in their employ most a in a great degree re open or Xiloj ment who we i Labo Ort Thor for reducing the for a Story it Tiv do rather than Loose i recollect in have cd a pet Tiki from legislature Mas Eitress of one i 1 he hat enga at stipulated no an edit is s some 20 or 25 per men but where every Vire re refused sequel proved that their to every factory in the denied employment pfc de to submit o the injun their first err ploy or 1 this if it were a Mere some of the gentlemen state on Toifl floor can e Nial sir it is Hen True holy combination w a e moneyed lords to deprive or con pal them to Sun Monst 1 in final icon uni 1 d c o r l l s i i j another asking employ 1 he n were names had be tale and the Luse they Hai lice and Tyr there is no l fins is a la n i a Latoi w ill Ever be Vav h of the in privilege poor in Short sir it c Maxim of in old party Rich an this i i u of this system sir and to live it contest Mer sir and the Ide stand it argument id fair Why soul d the Rich will la Rea be efforts to sust Down on the Between capital Ery s nil j Mehin sir u lion p and the r of n Gover y entrenched i to repress e me Nghil a wicked tired into b e these girls o it to their i cd they Aid j nary thus and Mon pc Ever training. Interest Sola governing principle of All their these men Are the men to whose tend cies you would deliver Over the world and women of the county build u system of restriction and prohibitory what some gentlemen Are pleased to to great interests of the country enable Capi la lists by special to embark in Large enterprises to them Large profits and they will Tren buy the produce of Tea Farmer and employ the labor of the Refus any of uth in Story t Ivo de and in these labor Ces id sus Birl it y Are in the actions r Mer g men by a duties pm the pied Rev had Una have on t seen Clyl Liou is in capt per than dish the Wor Terr him its la wed Becco sire find in Civ Cei v and Ings Bor w h i c Ion o fair Ball Labo we i is in Ineas the s Lvov and prot Tion Hinds pm in h and Vita Jau Ere in n u 11 by to Sendai i diced Power have hither it and work its been Cor Erica Industry d insolent assume and denounced by he qual rights an i solemnly believe permanently Stab uld pass away t labourers o to he Degra of europ Nice our Republican would lose the con in Cut aril w Callb be in the seats an the vastness of found the cheapness of the in occur o prevented the lulls of this system Ned Between the at the All games we should Ere this used the fruits of this system up r of the Conj try we should have As in England men women an working from e Day for a Here subsistence ii car cursed policy of he country Ney system that ii Oil her causes l scr a slavery the Condit t i lab h or starve if sic Lapors Biu i the face Thi d p h 1 Clas Borer Busi fourteen to eighteen of legislating for the together with the p has contributed mor fasten upon he eur Worsa than Hal of n of ills existence is Accident Raduy firmine is w hat the Cip Ilal is have done for the i inquire has is yet done Towai is that end7 the surplus agricultural productions of Ohio alone would fee i twice Over All the persons employed by these manufacturing establish ments that have grown up under thin system what is to a done with the remaining sur plus of the vast West and of the Middle states for thirty years we have heard that a Home Market was to be created and yet during this time the agricultural product Lions have increased in a ratio As ten to one Over the consumption of these Large Manu fact Reg establishments does the Farmer look to the prices current of Lowell to a certain the Market a nip of his wheat his pork and the products of his Dairy 7 he no tary enactment to cause a great influx of the precious metals let a Law be passed giving a Premium of t be or Len per cent upon All foreign Gold offered to she mint for re com see and millions of foreign com would Al most immediately find Here but it not follow that the country was there by enriched in my judgment ibis Resler Clive policy ruinous to the labor Anu Industry of Ibe coun try acid if persisted in will in a Brief Lime paralyse Ibe great agricultural and planting interests t e great and truly National branches of Industry Are parsed l As Unwor Why of Nolice arid the steam engine the machinery Driver by Waler Ine their Price there under a sound currency is in the Mam governed by the Price they com Mand in the foreign Market More of the productions of the american Farmer have found a Market during the last year in the dependencies of great Britain alone than All will Evor be w Hin 1 in Pilege ire a Lowet to jetty actions upon Jabor when Avari wealth ceases Loes Liberal we w acquisitions the moderate labor la just Reward he a but on t july plunder All business e amp toyed in in pm toyed l re should i profits j est upon Ltd e per cent for and o l labor Oba Ilal can sea lice to the Vvhs i capital is sails and nol under this system re it does not now other band is cruelly of i to rightful a which Ca Ollil ind la l Enterprise of he the Plu Ity to suf u t tin to am up Ani in Suffi Pri Lea or de see be fro it Sha inc Dir by poo in and lab fas agn Aga and i h am Noo Ders Jck oui Iron id ing Tiki to or of Justice h b of Pri v leg m in f d v o r sell a prot t sense of i for labor 1 of to capital d and sustained Protection f against an by Etc ally h sir l to Heap bin of Abor 7 adv images and Power e r o Lor and Suiro unde Ries of life d them d ded for or a Plain Many n no at an a hop of theocracy makes i not to deprive mate Dianta thes no 3 o t o Bic be off limit disguise such a pol Ned St St Rich one f dem ind a be incr a Uig Gove indirect i a portion taken to so re of the n upon the t while i a t at Home a Rall not dese conceal me r no pledge ledge Imp a fair and just Dir or paying to Capila i vestment and a lie rial incurred lie docs belong to s a Mere sub Sislen Ely count its g joker 7 it is the oily w ill eve r receive oly f Protection i Here zionist in the Hignett he word i de Mfd against the cruel pm aft protect Ion for he people against a ipod izing class Lup in partial legislation the ban earnings of insidious system hat and eats out his tub the name of Hinian i n after Burden upon As not wealth already poverty i has id iwo often even in Manda High Ista Oil. The Rich Liv with All the Elegan cies i Beir children grow Power looms sir he looks to the prices Lay Bear in the and 8plndles Olf Eastern Are dig great commercial cities of our Seaboard and a lied As of of Riv w Appella Tion of amen can Industry am1 projected As american the Farmer and planter must rest quiet and be fleeced Content Wilh the promises of a Home Marke from pauper a Micnal n be Pendency and the Long stereo typed in the vocabulary of the Krotec Lonist and used As popular catch morels to mislead the a reflect ing and uninformed t he Flay of heir Power is past ii Quiry is abroad men will look into the Workings and operations of this system for themselves i have Ettema de to show in part How the Farmer fares under the res fictive Puhac let us see this operates on the Mechanic surely he must be Bench led j his i deny he As Well As Essiy Olner interest pay s tribute to the manufacturer i Loul receiving any adequate compensation in return let us take the Shoemaker As an exam e of the worthy Artl sians scattered Over our country it is said Ihrl he 19 p elected under the present High Tariff by the exc of the work of French and English Large c0pi Talisuk have Beer induced 10 a Baik extensive by in the business thereby affording employ ment to More than could otherwise of Nin it any capitalist who has engaged in Ilis Busi Ness has done so for Ibe purpose of finding a profitable investment for Bis Capi Al it is out of to feel no for Ibe Man who t Oes his la Bor these capitalists Lay in their Stock in Large Quai lilies and to the Best possible advantage tiny or those they employ Are the least meritorious c ass of men without farm ies who our larger lovers a id cities Sner Cirg their sub stance in Lasi Padon 1 Nev Are Empi oved at ire most reduced tres reducing tha wages of More meritorious who work by their Side in this Vraj Are i erred off Annu ally immense quantities of ibis manufacture which is sent Over country Penc trading the demo tech. Corneis an 1 by places Fil my every coun r store an i re ail shop and in Coniti Lionni h the mechanics of our v Ijes an1 country dial cts we o cons Itule Al least three fourths of the Vohol no 1 Rencz boots or shoes Ever found their Way there to Cut do in lha Bonsi that has been consumed by this Eddie Marfut promised As by the protectionists yet by their policy Thev would destroy the foreign Market that they might control absolutely the Price of the firmer s products As they now do that of the woollens and cot tons he wears and when one state has glut Ted this Home Market they would cry out As i i have heard some of the Savans of this school that there was an Over production in the country that there was too much wheat Corn and pork raised that the Farmer was too in dust Nous and produced too much this i suppose is one Mode of encouraging Home Industry they would i repeat destroy the Loreign Market for by refusing o Purchase of foreign countries you make those coun tries unwilling and indeed unable to buy of us sir that the Potomac was the dividing Boundary Between two Nat on which for convenience i will name after top adjacent states of Virginia and Maryland that the soil of Virginia was adapted to Agri cultural and All the productions of he1 farm could there be raised cheaply and in abundance that the lands of Maryland were of a cold unproductive Saffil but owing to two Mineral treasure0, water Power an i other fact Vilics All the branches of mini fac luring could be carried on a in Anta Genously would it not i inquire be for the Mutual interests of hese two nations to Exchange Ribeir respective pro 1 ice to the Elleni of their wants7 not and beneficially do so under the Ordinary Laws of Trade Ivo one i think will deny it us now suppose he beauties of this restrict live system to Kireak in upon the hitherto benighted Farmers of Virginia they learn to a k about protecting Virgin a advantages of a Home Market and resolve by High restrictive and prohibitory tariffs to shut out the Man fac ures of Var land having done his some quit their Fortuer pursuits and in manufacturing t labor bestowed in Uia King a Yar Virginia Ness an h depress the n tires of the country of Clothia i j a i Tiec anic it is the Aige slab ish Tienus if Ald out upon the soil Wouldhave l carried on by Capi Aliss Lent opera e in purchased to Yards of lie Maryland Mai u i h fac Lurer the or Mary Ian can no longer As formerly buy the wheat or the Virginia Farmer because he cannot pay for it the Farmer no longer taking his manufactures in return and thus the foreign mar Ket of Maryland is destroyed to the Farmer but the Marv Lander cannot starve wheat he must have and be sols about digging in h s cold uncongenial soil for the purpose of Rais ing wheat and Corn the labor he expends in producing a Bushel of wheat if expended in Bis former Busm Jess of men fac arms would have brought him two bushels of his neighbor the Virginia Fanner what sir have hese two gamed by Thia system 7 they have destroyed each plier s ski sets they have forced they citizens into us profitable employ ments because unnatural to their soils and physical recourse s in Short they have protected labor and scaled a Home Market at infinite Cost and Sci Isicc to sacrifice that must continue until their policy is changed this sir i believe id to Are amply a Vajic de a True picture of the system when applied to the great nations of the Earth True Independence consuls in Freedom from All things not morally wrong and labor is Best protected uhen Iti production1 Are allowed seek thir n Al Ira Laad beef markets Purcha Ilij in return where it can buy cheapest. Another argument of the protectionists and in my judg Sherf As fallacious As those i have already noticed is that unless this restrictive policy is adhered to All the Money will be taken from the country to pay for our importations. The Trade Between nations is nothing More than an Exchange of respective productions if in any he poor toil in heal an i d homely subsistence rises enduring Many ii Hii toil by Bis Side or f die to toil in the demo any complaint wealth of a it asks not to thing of Bis Riche these advantages d by the partial i Mcnol that no syst unties be est Abl if the earnings o 1 the already Ove Jet under Thi Protection to Ami y in attempted t l l is 1 us racy its take but shall act m of shed the now the i will i have w country e breath fore my own i their Bause now 3 upon this Subjec except the Hig de that i would i be War rred Ople sir 1 and Here their Given than we bold to her year we shout buy of England More would pay the bal Ance with he proceeds of the Trade of some Olber country where we had sold More than we bought for if the against us should be general we would be competed by the Laws of Trade to curtail our next or following year until Ibe balance was restored. Under a sound currency no nation can much Over Trade before a Jelf acting remedy will be applied we cannot Purchase unless Jinou sly up Nhim Lucr Technics of my District vial no such protect on As is Given them by be tar it of m if this sys Lem is to be longer continued they Veroul i like to hive it extended they would like to have a prohibitory titty in posed upon Missac Husetis boots and shoes such pro Lection 11 f could ulc Rolard it would i co ome lot heir business and but they thank you not for the kind of pro Lection you give them it enhances the Cost i of their material and All the expenses of Liv i ing Boot tvs Jears since i net an old school mate who had worked for some time in one of these Large Stab ish cents at Ark new Jersey and he said he found it irn possible a the paces paid by the liar est labor he could ent ure to support himself and a Small family that he could obtain in the remole country distr cts More of the Decesa Ries of life by nine hours labor than he could therit by fifteen and that the further he could get from these Laige establishments the better he could do it is not the agricultural and mechanical interests alone that Are injured and defrauded by Thia restrictive a ohcs the great Man time and commercial interests Are Frost sen Only affected. Lvery restraint and clog imposed upon Commerce cannot bin be injurious to All engaged in that legitimate and enter prising carry out the system to its furthest limits and All Loreign Commerce a Volun be Shipes would idly rot do Van at their commercial roars would become deserted vet the City of new Yolk alone Bui i up and sustained by foreign Commerce affords a larger Market Lor the productions of the Farmer than All the manufactories of new sex Eslera to afford up at once e let us shut Roant for Orr lha Intercourse with. Ample of Ibe Abilio of this i a Home Market Lei us Bio Ery Channel of Access to our c ourselves in by a Wall of a rest of the holding no our fellow theory of i Aliased Nan beyond and be w Len the splendid 1 be fully rely bus the Bountiful giver of All things spread Over the Globe this diversity of climate i so i and production Dij he

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