Page 1 of 15 Apr 1840 Issue of Tioga Eagle in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 15 Apr 1840 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - April 15, 1840, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania4 54 271 11 3 68 3 7 38j 16 75j 43 91j 15 754 8 33 94 33 94 63 i 33 28 4 3 2 0 2 24 5 10 16 50 9 93 10 99i 5hip. 0 6 9 03 do 25 59 4 3 34 3 56j 3 951 99 10 83 3 60 53 53 33 63 57 35 ship. Go ship. Is 72 51 00 12 00 00 1 4 00 00 00 i in 28 13 02 h to 18 13 12 10 13 72 2 t 4 a o a 1 i w 63 1 so 1 5 1 1-, 00 e2 83 2 70 3. 18 9 to 9 22 90 10 95 6 21 co 6 50 19 86 19 19 8g 23 95j 18 2t 21 1002 7 90 3 2 00 3 1002 50j 2004 18 is h 534 8 70 4 17j 29 70 29 33 19 80 19 2-2 57 13 07 3 20 31 3.t 33 33 3d 21 so 33 33 33 22 33 32 32 32 22 33 32 own shop 29 2997 13 13 693 Yearl printed and published eve if wednesday by j. P. Well Boroi Ogbu wednesday mires in u that Christian clemency and Benevolence which seek to smooth his honors him and his country a Toca Eacle. Has not descended like an entailed fhe Tioga. Eagle is published every wednesday in the Borough of Wolls Borough co. A. The subscription Price is a year if paid in Advance or if not paid All the expiration of Tom year. No subscription received for a Shorter peril Nannar _ unenlightened Ages these Fisli enactments of privileged or Ders made for the aggrandizement of themselves and their immediate the perpetual slavery and Seri of the mass of Broad Day Light and in the darkness of Midnight it is alike Active vigilant and untiring. It Shields us when we lie Down and when we Rise accessible and never tired of dispel mics Sunshine of truth to throw a glance i Light across the dark Malignity tie picture. And no circumstances of time place or persons ought or can re Strain him in the exercise of this imperious duly. It is a duty owes himself his client and his coun try. Whenever occasion offers it must be performed. It is More forcible and effective in eliciting to blah Lector. The heart it from an Rorri of ascends up Filce infuse 1 do Nolc Bles a Dement and the lament Law upon the rights of the contending parties. Here the accused meet his accuser face to face. Examine All will hear that f select for himself at least an in for mortals that position it Down to Earth As a Reward to by of the Law will be inserted three limes for one Dollar and subsequent insertion Emit. Edverta Emont shared in the Tan Cpru portion. By a Yare the after the Price for one a Liberal ret Ucli it to those advertise by the year looters relative to the business of tie Barco and communications for Tho Piper must Post paid or they will not attended to. Agents for the Tioga Eagle. Subscribers names subscription Money for printing 4-c. Left with the following gentle men will be promptly j. C. Knox Esq., Lawrence Villa Tioga county a. J. G. Spent Khz p. M., Spencerville Ity a. Tioga Vil county a. W. C. Butter South p. Coudersport Potter county a. Jos. P. Morris p. M., Blossburg Tio Iri i-o., a. A p. A. eo., a. Epwin Der Esq. Covington to out county a the following charge to the grand jury of u Sille county Illinois is from the Pon of n. H. Sci formerly a Psid if of this county. We publish h by particular to. Quest motion of their own happiness for the Benefit of the whole people and All future generations and for a ight a guide a Beacon to the oppressed of every nation Ucler heaven. The True Lover of his country and such i deem every citizen of the United Stales who regards his character As a Man holds As sacred during its continuance every provision of his country s Laws although it inlay for the time being thwart his Peculiar purposes or destroy Bis immediate is satisfied that if not conducive to the general the integrity and Good sense of the nation will not Long permit it to re main a blot and a stigma upon the pages of the statute Book. The Mariner m the storm tempest tossed and weary heeds not nor steers his course by the Waves and surges which gather and break around him but his Eye is fixed and unceasing Light he outsides the but Felting of the Ocean and guides Bis bark in safety to her desired and defined heaven. So thai True though the party strikes and discords of aspiring demagogues Ray Gither storms and darkness around his prospects though the unequal operations of sonic general policy May threaten discord and disunion though internal politics composed of discordant and opposite materials May meet in Terri ble collision thicken ferment and explode above him still he a can Bis i the the blazing Torch from the hand incendiary. It is not deaf to the or Phan s cry and the widow s prayer and receive the voluntary _ tribute every grateful heart when in t1 half in its cloudless and Buncom it majesty its trim and deceit of the would Rob them of their rights. It such is Tho Law such its Beauty Force Power Energy and ought to be its ministers its Avoca Cates its Judas pure and hastens it May be in its own essence yet like All and pleasure too. The labors of his har t s Are not always unrewarded. His Ory and wearisome researches Hisun remit led Midnight toils his intellectual energies sometimes return him mos ii Nara for his pains. Behold him the cause of some poor Hon est innocent though accused one around whom perhaps some de signing villain has so Woven the Wlch of wickedness that it almost than is immediate destruction. See him Trace lawyer maj be ignorant _. The judge May by partial prejudicial and tyrannical a jury May be Corr pm de and bribed and by these and various other Means a Man May lose a just innocent May suffer and the guilty escape punish Cut. All this this is Tho fault of erring nature Only had it one net would have needed no Aid from hint through All his conduct and through his actions Back even into the recesses of i own heart and dragging Forth to Light the Springs and motives which prompted him to deeds of darkness an j of blood look How the miscreant writhes beneath his lash of withering scorn and satire a Well might he t Slaughler to a such is or such1 should always be the lawyer and in his True legitimate character he thus appears he always always must command respect. I i i speak not now of those pitiful to fling Pettif Oggi no stirrers up of strife and disorder in society who seem to think Ine sole object of the administration of Justice is to seek some miserable1 the Zinsli Millton of courts and Lega proceedings established to enable them with the greater a j men in pc picked up the fags and ends of Legal learning and Strung them promiscuously together until to the ignorant and inexperienced they have sometimes appeared in an imposing Vigil. I they have wandered about the coast and inlets of the great Ocean of science and imagine that they have drink of her deep Clear Waters when they have Only surged them solve with he mud and slime of her citizens and Seldom exom is it that any suffer the punishment due the crime with out a conscious knowledge that it is richly merited retribution. Here we no secret inquisitorial tribunals before whom men Are tried and convicted of trinies of which they have never dreamed before Juji Ges whose faces the 3 have never seen and upon the evidence of witnesses whose names they have never heard. But face to face Eye to to Point the prisoner his judge and accusers stand and if Justice is not done human reason Rufi r dec Titi Ceil Ini Cuccio have exhausted their energies in Vaia to produce a system by which it can be full and freely administrated. To Aid in the perpetuity of the blessings 4 privileges which we now enjoy to up hold the majesty and supremacy of the support its officers and the courts of Justice in its due and proper administration to punish the guilty and to guard with .1 i londay last states that the by the Gen. Harrison in Sun on the 7th inst and the Federal party is about to be newspaper gentleman of tru Gran 1 jury. In a capacity involving great responsibility both to and your country you Are now called upon to administer a Branch of the Law Peculiar to this and but few other the particular duties required of on Are Plain and easily . Tho criminal code of the state i a Chirl from which you May learn the whole or nearly so together with the manner in which you Are to perform them. However much i May doubt the Oro piety and the Utility of the Mea sure heretofore adopted which imposes upon the person Holmy the Sta Tion which t now occupy the Obliga Tion of a dining the strand jury of the county upon the subject of their duties yet it has so grown into a Cus Tom and been so in As to preclude the propriety any objection to its continuance and if in the re Marks i shall now make the jury be unable to perceive a re Mote Brannu which they can have up on the subjects usually discussed upon such occasions the Only excuse i can offer is that the most important and at first future Stag filters by constant a petition become stale and wearisome and that the general intelligence of the Community has entirely superseded the necessity of this dry of duty and obligations. It is the Peculiar Pride and not vain boast of the Amer ican citizen that he Lias sufficient ing sense and Talent to enact Laws for the government of himself. Sufficient prudence and integrity to submit cheer fully to them when proclaimed and enough of patriotism to uphold the officers of Law in the pc for manic of their duty and Aid them in the punishment of such As would trample thai Law beneath their feet. The remark of that great apostle of american Liberty has often in this country been fully verified that this is the Only government where every at the Call of the would Fly to the Standard of the Law and would meet invasions of Public order As his own personal the reason of this doubtless is that every citizen knows that his Vole has contributed to the enactment of the Law and thai his voice either directly or indirectly has been heard in its promulgation. That it is found oppressive or unjust the same Power which made can repeal it and it would be treason against himself to refuse obedience to a Rule which he himself has established for the govern ment of himself and which he May Constitution of his come by her steady and unwavering if he amid the general w Reck resolves to tall with that ban Nerol a City still blazing and Stream ing Over to the american citizen the slavish doctrine of the divine right of Kings to Rule and Ivion Over the m iss of Man kind which Learned in the Law Hava Long Laboid and puzzled their brains to establish and promulgate is but solemn mockery and an insult to common a specie4 of idolatrous worship to which he can never held betting up of false gods to whom hum never , and before whom be will not Bend the knee. He in the great charter of his own i Timity that All men Are tree and and All tins Ubl Litius and re a Nemens of the Learned or metaphysical disquisition of the scientific mail i i u i t h t 11 to Conven Cuce Nis a cajun Mai. truth is not empty i lits unmeaning distinctions ail hereditary honors Are As far beneath Bis wishes As they arc beyond Liis Power. And in he can look Back upon a Lile however Humble May have been us origin in which nut even malice 01 envy have left a slain or blot upon his virtue and integrity lie May and does feel Mure justly proud of i name than if he could Trace his lineage through a Long line of ancestry Luu Silious Only in heraldry and sons vicious Only in crime. He knows of no disc auctions in society except those conferred by honesty upon Merit. No superiority except that of Majusky but the Law. To the supremacy of its Power he bows with difference and respect and submits himself to its mandates be cause he knows that it is this Law which watches Over and protects his interests Fortune and life that it Loots with a Eye to the general Good deals blessings favors with a Liberal to persons. At her the poorest May have Curess against the richest. It protects the Hus Bandman in his labors the Mechanic in his shop the merchant in his counting room the student in Hii studies the lawyer in cause t lies by on the human As some ignorant persons have supposed to Mike men artful treacherous and dishonest. He who was a Knave by nature was never conv. Red to knavery by a knowledge of the Law. The fundamental principles of the science itself and refute silence Bas calumny and wipe off forever the foul aspersion from the profession. The foundations of Tho supers Titu re there of air Broad deep a luring and in facing based upon the Nat and of Ness. But where now is thru let us turn to him when his adv Cal Are a sort of negative example of honesty and virtue and Are never in their element except when wallowing in the filth and mire of their own base breath is their touch the Only Way fortress of Protection around the sacred rights of men Are the objects and de of the institution of grand jul urn d Miglus of Ever Page which the lawyer roads every suit which is entrusted to him by his client every witness who is examined in a court of Justice every trial which progresses tinder his observation every verdict of a jury Ever or conviction of a person charged with crime Are each and every of them Dis Tinct and impressive lessons of the value and of integrity and Vir tue. And when he stands up before a jury of his country to advocate Llie cause of injured innocence or oppressed humanity How greatly is the responsibility which be must feel elevated by ibo Rell Jeliou that whatever that jury Mav think of his client or his client s cause Iney 1 ave Conli Lence in him As an honest 1 know that he would not wilfully mislead them. In spite of the general expression of the Community too they commonly believe the lawyer Wor ii of Confidence and Trust. To him the profound debt secrets of his client Are readily entrusted facts and circumstances which no Eye hath seen nor ear and which he has scarcely ventured to utter to himself in private Ami which if made Public might ruin and disgrace him. Are fearlessly disclosed to his confidential adviser and deemed As Safe and Asse cure As if locked up in the recesses of his own bosom. indeed and hopelessly debased would that Man be who could disclose a secret thus conned to him. To the Honor of the profession be it spoken human nature has rarely if Ever been disgraced by such a sacrifice of Honor and integrity upon the altar of perfidy and treason. The nature and Constitution of Man to the necessary and constant study of the lawyer. Almost every Day s experience presents a new special intellectual being before him or develops some new and Peculiar of the human Man of the nature of his defence. His melancholy dejected. His thoughts wander Back to other Days to the Bright pos is cts which dawned his Josih shed a Vister Over his Riper years. He thinks of the character he once posses sed in staupt by imputations of guilt. Of Bis Home his wife his children of the dreamy Walls of the prison which May shortly enclose him and he can think and More. He arouses his Cour age like a Man and watches while the Progress of his advocate s he sees that the j iry Are i vet and he begins to Hope he Walchars every motion bears every word and _ to mks he can read Thi which Are passing in the minds o becomes Moro and More interested Lor every word thought Sand Jeffire Are wrought with lasting consequences to he. At length he becomes wholly engrossed in tie passing scene ant fur a despised cell Ali o gets ther Wold his Home Himsel every thing besides the present to neut be no wholly wrought the Ervid eloquence of that one Marl who raving ing convinced himself of he client s in no Cence is stereotyping an edition of that same conviction upon the heart of every Man that hears him. Feature of his countenance every turn of Eye motion of his Anu mus Cleol his face arc unerring indexes to what is passing within and if guilt is in his heart he will speak out now. At a glance his advocate conceives what Tho Glits Are passing in his mind and turns the attention of the jury from the subject to the Man himself arid Sud doubt remained up sped mens shunned. Their ambition soars no higher than a paltry trick and if they do not Rob and steal it is Only because they Prevc naive that their Talent fur Over reaching May be questioned and their to i racers for and Sechiel knavery May whenever move destruction Marks their pathway and blight and mildew Tullow their no feeling in common with Mankind like the hungry Wolf they prowl Aboul for and1 riot and Lux Uwate on the they themselves have their Assurance and their effrontery Are Only equalled by their ignorance just sufficient ingenuity to Lead an unwary Man into difficulties and which ten sen sible men cannot relieve him without a sacrifice of Fortune and of Honor. An. If even by Accident they arc guilty of an action from which consequences result to others and which might by possibility to Merit they hasten to retrieve their shattered refutation by ascribing its performance to some base and unworthy motive. Such the. Pett Fogger or common Barris Call him by whichever name you before the morning Sun. He Haj quit chains Are Brobeil off he is breaths the pure air again 8f the foul stain of his character is blotted from the Book of Man s remember once forever. Joyous and Light of he returns once More to his and family to bless and cheer and Hallow and Sanctify the Domestic Circle. Let us not intrude into that spot to Dampen or restrain in any Man Ner the out breaking bursts and happiness which Greet him on us re turn. But when the shades a even let. the terms Are synonymous and i know of no being in the shape of Man who has a stronger claim upon Thoi cordial Buncom promo hatred and detestation of Mankind than such a monster As is hero described. I have seen such a creature in my Day. God Grant that such another m in never Cross my path and if in t he course of your enquiries you should Chance to far of ugh a fiend which Ila Aven forbid you cannot Butler in i july yourselves to in by in Ciny i n to his dark and secret hiding Pue ing him Forth to 1 tit and teaching Bun that there is i Power i i tile in o i in to Pun us who sacrilegious by u. Vade her holy temples and Rob and plunder in her sacred name. What can be More interesting impressive and instructive thai the forms and ceremonies of the proceeding of co girls of jus Tice. To these tribunals instead of a strength and Pul a you were not constituted to become an Angie of oppression to the people or. A medium through which personal revenge and private Mace j May seek the gratification of their inordinate desires. Look Welt to your country and you Waves you know your duty and i doubt not your willingness to preform in do this and while you live you May still witness that country Hono red her people prosperous and Happy and rejoice in the Prospect that Prosperity will bless and reverence institution and perpetuate their Liberty and love to the latest period of time. Cousin Nancy or the Virgin of seventy. I will Lay you a dozen of wine Tom that i go and make love to Cousin Nan said the Gay and fashionable Frank Dewese to his Assoc ale in frolic As they stood one evening in the Piazza looking through the window into a room w Here sat the lady in question busily engaged in extracting the sweets of the done for a replied the laughing torn it were Worth a Basket of Jolly s Best to see you rogue gather ing on the furrowed Cheeks and Skinny lips of that walking splendid example of the eternal sister Hood. T Cousin Nancy has toiled through life for three score years and ten enjoy fag All the platonic pleasure of single blessedness. In All respects but two she was to. Say the least Suff Erable Bui her affectation was As provoking As her amatory disposition was the i is never allowed her to keep a calender he Yod her thirty first year Ide h a Spe the dress manners and Are that they cannot on the in Prou an Eagle 4 habits of a rogue without Gaudy juvenile assemblies of Amnise Azeil Aud Uke lessons a Mukic daily. These cond was Ever hurrying her Ialo Low adventures making her the Bone of Mil the beaux sending her heart on one wild Goose Chase after another until she scarcely swear to it As her own and leading her to imagine that she was making conquests wherever she too that the Law which he honors i i f i t to Hal 1m Trull Whit sound is that Wincn lans Geruis Anu Cross examine Uit in Usu be y Tow us Jhoo a he holds him up and Grea fully upon the ear the notes other s , while the judge Bey to with Ine g uie world As one great Mirror of the earliest Birds upon the approach1 jury alike disinterested weigh is rads Ersilee blasts of hark other and counsel and openly examine mine of red Chalk her sinewy is that which Falls gently and Cross Ermine their own and each withered bosom a deep yellow Whf i t he judge ground to display the lace above it and. Exposed with a Generos to which fifty prayer 01 my with even panelled Jusco me years ago would have thanks to its of the controversy and. Pronounce her dress flashed with

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