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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - April 10, 1850, Wellsboro, PennsylvaniaCitra Fakir Raling agriculture by j. W. Kirk in county Pennsylvania at two Della is a year. The german., a. Man in a urge City ins hl3 Friendl had Merb y sold lint he was a Unwe a Jenl. Before Llic shh stroke the doctor Obser red to the Mirse m decorous whisper his docs nut please Tho Man hid so completely deceived As to he fatal nature of i disease that it was Only when he Felt the hand of death upon him that he started and said i believe i am dangerously a moment after with a sudden Hor ror the thought thrilled through his soul thou Art h1- struggled for a Lew moments All screw Larli and he sunk into an in Nondi he supposed to the commence ment of non Liili tinn. His friends stood horror stricken Anil Itu pitied and now at length they Ico tured to of fun death j t the night winds in the lonely Church Yard a lied Hea ily Over the1 fresh grave Mound of the depart cd and no voc it wavering m the Moonbeam a shadowy form seemed i Lovely and Fri Julah Lull Al rom tie Earth. It he slide soul of the lend now breaking itself we from is earthly tenement As the Butterfly from Ltd withered and useless shill. And am i thin till sighed the de Pirtel and Thore what 1 never believed a ire tenth but How cold How dreary is whether Blell go 3" Here cheerful voices of some travellers Olio were pasting by the grave Yard into the cite struck upon ins Earsl and stretching his inns toward than in an imploring tone he Juhl them to take him with them into the Lily but he perceived they neither heard nor Eirv in n i i How it is. I am no longer Able to Lipold with Mug men c am for Ever from the warm breathing forms n i i in i hive hitherto lived. Whither san l i who will guide me in thu u and in a world which i have entered 1" lie Apoc these words an Angel form swept hmm the skies and approached him ins Wii g Ormus and his Fuce marked i Beni Jed Lent. Yet sorrowful the Nigel but the object of All Art is to Shadow Forth and express by new images the divine Beauty and grandeur As it appears in All his j works but Mostof All As it is reflected from the face of Jesus Christ. If you can take an Eter Nal Delight in such exercises of the creative Power come with no replied the dead angrily and shrinking Back from the touch of the Angel Are these same ideas to haunt me everywhere 1 take to the society of the polite the refined the courteous to such society in Short As i have been accustomed to on and what is refinement but purity 7" re plied the Angel. These whom you seek Are these same ones who stand with uncovered heart beneath Eye of god yet look up to his face without a fear. In whose bosoms every passing thought May be read yet not a Blush Rise to the Cheek or one shrinking feeling Lead j them to draw away from god or each other. I if with unveiled heart you too can a Happy among these ascend with for heaven s Sake exclaimed the dead with a mixture of terror and what have All my thoughts heart forever unveiled Fine eternity that would be for me and he laughed in a Bitler derisive i Lone. You must must he 1 suddenly added How you mock Mje by pre i Sentmo at every turn these same ideas. You know i always hated and disliked All these images and associations my whole life has i been an Effort to keep them out of sight and j do you suppose i can change in a moment so As take pleasure in them v i Only Tell you what it replied the Angel in a grave and steady tone and again i ask if All these things displease you whither would you go 3" take me to those who feel and think As i rejoined the departed. You exile yourself from All Good in saying sighed the Angel nevertheless come with then with a Broad Wing the Angel swept up Ward they came near to a fair a Golden Star wednesday morning april to s nut he thy connection nil Lile u River thy creator hath placed thie n the territory of the orid. To Vav hat Pirt of it dim thou now Ile my to be lid at first the spirit seemed overawed by tins but striving to recover himself he re i to a Vita More consideration than i l Al r Ison to cd pct in the event of my com i Rich n Iii As Thea. In my part were to threaten Heil and f in Irma Ito in people of my habit band turn to Mulji i i nov glad i could see 11" subject Llian they and that in Vii Var threats with contempt. By l a me Vav hither i would go i say let m Rrt nun m thu world a s Here Are All the things n i i pm replied the Angel that you Cin no r Liol i any communication with men or in any of their modes of life and enjoyment too replied the dead i should be Only n forum wanderer among the scenes of former plei ures and could i reveal myself to any of my Friend i should be Only an object of terror take me then into Tho better land la von the Bel replied to Angel seriously 13 Large and in my father s House i e Many millions to Winch of these would you be led to the Irio a perfect of All Good re p ital the departed. The most replied the Angel is god unveils ins Jesus is by the spirits of the just made per or Xigues and hallelujah to god and Are continually of the departed expressed a disgust As he answered s there no Oiler place but that Good Angel 3 1 liked to hear about Jesus Christ and i 7 sure n would to very repugnant to my feel anywhere in hid presence and As top Jim singing and Piel Utic jargon i Al had the utmost contempt for it and do not Tho deposition to conform to it now. It bring me nto the society of intelligent men " Lii sop lick and men of learning 3" l5 Tarn my in this world but Tho of god and of Jesus As seen in All Tho forms of creation. If it displeases to hear of there is nothing that you hero with any pleasure for in no treasures of w 8dom and know Are by him and for him i by him All things Bat Tsien if i cannot associate with your Eil replied Tho dept Rod bring me to the society of artists for i have be n the contemplation of the e and m Vliem the greatest Hii sort a 13 trn i think i am fitted for 0 there is such society said where might be seen forms of unearthly Beauty passing to and fro and they passed they secured to be communing in an Earnest and love manner or singing hymns in a Sweet mild full hearted and though there were Many different voices yet there was no discord but All blended together in a Calm and soothing Harmony. But the spirit of the dead rebounded Back from the sphere of the stir As by some i natural repulsion arid passed downward into a shadowy Region. And now they Drew near to another world where were forms of men Valk ing slowly and conversing with each other and Ever and anon they looked upward with an i Earnest and imploring expression. I in this the Angel Are those who never fully in their life received the offer i of the gospel by Jesus Tut who died with a longing after truth and undeveloped germ of Good in their souls. Here by prayer and by 1 searching this germ is unfolded till they ascend i to the presence of i said tie dead this is not the place i i am in quest of. I suppose Here i should find i an army of churches and priests All in array to l make a proselyte of me. No let me go where i All these things Are never heard i then replied the Angel to thine own and with these words the spirit of the departed sunk to a gloomy Region that Lay far below. The Angel followed him not but stood above. Lie then found himself joined by two ill looking figures one of whom laying hold of him roughly saluted him by a vile name that reminded him of the sips of his youth. How is he exclaimed. Where am 1 now 1 Are there no police to protect me from abuse 7" the Angel from above answered that police which you found so convenient in the world you have forsaken owes All its i efficiency to that moral sentiment inspired by the religion of Christ which you say you always despised. You wished to be where nothing of the sort existed and your wish is granted. This is a world where no relic of any of those res which come from god in any shape re there is no Trace of any kind of virtue that had its origin in his Laws and institutions. All that can be expected from the association of the ungodly and haters of god you will find Here but look not for Security rest or piece of mind in such society. Those Only Are to be had among the friends of then the face of the dead Man grew dark with anger and blasphemy As he bitterly replied i see now How it is thou most holy most virtuous most devout Srajn of god thou most Excel Lent preacher of righteousness. I am in the so called regions of despair this is what i am to understand and Call you ibis the land of my gloomy and sterile desert where not one Flower can unfold such a residence is contrary to my taste and therefore contrary to replied the Angel is it not meet that the Beautiful mansions of my father s House should be inhabited by his children who love his presence and enjoy his smile be cause thou canst not Bear him and them i be cause All that thou finest there is disgusting and painful to thee therefore it is that thou Art compelled to seek this outer darkness. Accord ing to the character of the soul to doth the material world form itself around it. Around the pure and peaceful spirit pure and peaceful skies arise around the Lovely and the Good forms of loveliness and Beauty Are constantly springing but around the dark minded and impure and passionate dark and Stormy Clouds forever arise for the world without must forever image the world within. Such is the immutable Law and does it not seem to thee to be Justice 3" it May be murmured the dead angrily but these vile forms around me Are these my equals 3" they Are replied the Angel. He who first addressed you was indeed a Low coarse Volu stuary thou was a polished and refined one hut still be were both of the same order and the artificial distinctions which separated you in yonder world no longer and How rejoined thu spirit angrily is this to be my residence 3" tis thou canst Lave god whom thou now hates till thou canst fall in repentance and submission at the of Jesus till thy heart beats with the heart of the till till then rejoins the dead Man love ask forgiveness from Nevar never outer storm fire were better than that. Here i shall at least have one hate and despise and hold them in utter contempt forever. I be subdued 3 no never i no responded the Angel in a voice that thrilled through the dark Region. No never thou Hast spoken the Anglo Saxon race. By Eli fill bin Rutt. Britain has been frequently denominated Ilia Mother of nations. Whatever May be her appellation nothing is More evident and True and the Fael that her Island has been the Laboratory of f a most remarkable race to which nearly All the people of Europe from the roman to the Norman Conquest were combined. All that is vigorous the Celt the Saxon the scandinavian and the Norman was absorbed in what we Call the Anglo Saxon race and when the combination ii was completed on the Uland of great Britain n Neva world was discovered As if it were on purpose for the irresistible expansion of that mighty race. As an illustration of its physical qualities it is estimated thai its population doubles itself in 35 years whilst that of Germany doubles itself in 70 of Holland in 100 of Spain in 106 of Italy m ,13o of France in 138 Portugal in 238 and1 thai of Turkey in 555 years. When about 250 year ago one or two vessels crossed the planted or re and there coast of in Forth America a few germs of hint race its a Hoje population in Tho old to Bdl did not exceed six millions. England Wales i hid i Scotland numbered fewer inhabitants at hat time than new York Pennsylvania and Olno do now. Hardly two centuries and a half elapsed since that epoch and now there ars least of that race in North America and its adjacent islands or a number exceeding the whole population of great Britain. In 1g20, the Anglo Saxon race numbered and was confined to England Wales and Scot land and the combination of it is the result was not More than half perfected for neither Wales or Scolland was half Saxon Zed at that time. Now it numbers of human beings planted upon All the islands of the continents of the Earth and increasing every where by a ratio of progression. It is fast absorbing or displacing All the sluggish races or barbarous tribes of men that have occupied the continents of America Asia Africa and the islands of the Ocean. Sec. It gird in them from year to year with its vigorous i i nations. If no great physical revolution super Ine to Check its propagation it will number of human beings it less than 130 years from the present speaking the Nairne language entered to the same literature religion and exhibiting All its inherent and amiable characteristics. I a. Thus the population of the p4rth is fast be coming Anglo Saxon Zed by blood. But the English language is self expensive and aggressive than the blood of that race itts if we May speak reverently the John the Baptist in the Mission of that race uttering its voice sit upon the same Bench in our common schools with those of native americans and become As the y grow up and diffuse themselves among the rest of the population completely Anglo Saxon Zed. I thus the Rice by its wonderful self expansive Power of language and blood is fast occupying and subduing to its Gen All the continents of the Earth. The grandson of Many it Young Man who reads these lines will probably live to see the Day when that race number its of human beings. Perhaps they May comprise a Hundred nations or distinct governments. T perhaps they May become a grand Constellation and Commonwealth of republics pervaded by the some Laws literature and their Union Harmony and brother Hood must be determined by the relations be tween great Britain and the United states their Union will be the Union of the two worlds. If they discharge their duty to each other and to Mankind they must become the United heart of the mighty race they represent feeding its myriad veins with the blood of moral and Politi Cal life. Upon the state of their Fellowship then More than upon the Union of the two nations on Earth depend the Well being of the peace and Progress of the world. Hor. Could t cure him. Eel Tea and All other cure to drunkenness that human science Ever devised were tried in vain on Philander Nicholls the last maker. Mrs. Nicholls had used some de Perate reme Tiea of Jalapa Dies such As steeping Large Iran aloes ipecac in Philander s continued to drink with Undiemi but he shed relish and teaching its words 10 the scattered tribes and tongues of the Earth in every Distant wilderness of barbarism. When a Community be Gin to speak and read the English language it is half Saxon Zed even if not a drop of Anglo Saxon blood runs in its veins. Ireland was never colonized from North Ameri Ca or Australia but nearly the whole of its seven or eight millions speak the English Lan Guage which is the preparatory state to becom ing entirely absorbed in the Anglo Saxon race As one of its most most vigorous and useful ele ments. Everywhere the English language is gaining upon the languages of the Earth and preparing those who speak it for this absorption. The Young generation of the East indies is learning it and it is probable that withing 50 years of the Asiatic race will speak the language on that continent. So it is in the United states. About emigrants from Germany and other countries of Continental Europe Are arriving in this country every year. Perhaps they cannot speak a world of English when they first land upon our shores Muster to e language m Homo extent. Their children and the. Consequences of this dosing system was More troublesome to mrs. Nicholls herself than it was to Philander her husband. Being dead drunk every afternoon within half an hour after he began his Day s Jollif cation a rapid did he Pur Down the he never Felt the slight est inconvenience or unpleasant sensation on account of the Medicine he had swallowed. At influence or music. Among those mysterious influences which come Over the heart almost imperceptibly and like the glad Sunshine to the Flowers fill the soul of Man with Delight music is the most Subtile and at the same time the most potent no Palace Walls confine this heavenly. Influence within the abodes of no wealth or rank can Purchase for Ite owner the exclusive right to the luxury of hearing and enjoying Sweet music. The italian peasant and Thel Swiss Mountaineer Carol their Tojo the free airs of heaven and the notes borne on the Gale to the ear of the passer arrest his step and Send a thrill of pleasure through his veins. Nor does it need sunny skies nor the lowering form of the Noble Alps to Waken the soul of music in the human heart. Wherever there is a sad heart to cheer wherever there Are hearts swelling with desires which cannot be expressed and Hopes which words would dese crate in the description there you May find music. The Natu ral expression of sadness is music. The Only Relief a heart throbbing with emotions too deep for utterance can find is to pour them Forth in Eong. Music is not then the Queen of an hour ruling to Day and resigning her sceptre to Morrow. Her throne in Man s heart is As listing As Hope and fear Joy and sad Ness nay As lasting As love music is the food of care of the eyes. Looking in the fire is very injurious tithe a Coal fire. The stimulus of Light and heat United soon destroy the eyes. Looking Iron soon destroys the sight. Reading in the Twilight is injurious to the eyes act of Assembly. An for the reliever the creditors Otom Tioga navigation company. Whereas the Tioga navigation company has become greatly Einz barraged by numerous no settled claims and complicated Legal and by a debt triple the value of Road and and whereas the Road was originally construct with a Flat rail and it has become Dilapi dated and in such bad repair As to be unsafe for passenger travel and Only sofar maintained passable Aslo allow a Small freight business to be done upon it at immense expense it has in act ceased to be an accommodation to the pub Lic and is Only a Burden to the stockholders and a fruitful source of litigation among its Credi tors the same time it is certain in us present condition that i the Commonwealth must continue to pay seven thousand five Hun dred dollars per annul them mount of her guar Antee of interest up to the year 1881, being the full term of the guarantee. And the company were free from present Embarrass ments and the Road repaid with Good rails and the track of the same Guage or Width As York and Erie Railroad and was connected therewith at Corning it is believed that this Railroad would immediately take its p Ace among our most valuable Public that thereby the Commonwealth would be speedily released from the guarantee. And whereas the loan holders i Tock holders and creditors of said company have by very general co Sapt agreed to the terms of a proposed Compromise and consolidation of their respective debts claims by which the same which have various rights and priority amounting exclusive of in Terest to about four Hundred and fifty thousand dollars Are to be consolidated into Stock. Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of representatives of the command Tach of Pennsylvania in general Assembly met and it is hereby enacted by the authority Aflfe same that a new Stock shall be created by a combing Attoh of the interests of the present holders of Stock loan and other claims in the following manner that is to say the nominal or Par value of each share of Stock shall continue to usual served now and then to break the silence which reigned around us a silence far differ ent from that peaceable composure which Char tobacco. One of Stock for every fifty Dol i in or the amount due noon said loan. The James most violently de of Olber debts judgments of any bounced the foul Weed he wrote thus against other Chism whatsoever shall be entitled smoking it Isa custom loathsome to the Eye to rec Lac one share of Stock for each fifty Dol hateful to the nose harmful to the brain Dan i of such claim or debt and i where fractional parts of a share of Stock mar serous to the lungs and in the Black foul fume be due to any Hollcr of Slock or Oan 8 thereof nearest resembling the horrible stygian Tion shall be issued to such Holder in the nearest smoke of the pit that is John tenth part of a share. Provided that Joselyn in his account of his voyage to at Tilc declared upon such. It i fractional part of a share. Provided further new England in of tobacco and loan notes or others he himself was a Lover of that imm Oder 1 ties Are held by any party As col Holder lately taken it dry eth the body in Lameth the Der shall be entitled to consolidate Orle class of blood Hurt eth the brain and Weake Nelli the at up other la eyes and be cancelled. And the Stock resulting from such first mortgage or loan shall be entitled to receive As at present the guarantee from tha male so Long As it shall be paid and shall have on the rec Cpl of dividends up to eix per cent a preference Over All other Stock of the Arctic regions. The silence of night in a crowded City and the silence of the country contrast strongly with the hum of Busy thorough fares during the j Pany e except Slock or loan Tob a issued a Hereta Day time. But the Bleep of desolation which provided for the purpose of relaying the Road reigns among the Arctic regions is profound. _ Sec 2 ii Ellal be Het Luly of the Board of sir Edward Parry thus describes i the directors of said Tioga navigation company As Ion after the passage of this act As May be. Sound of voices Winch during the cold weather to open books and receive the subscriptions of could be heard at a much greater distance Tolian such holders of loan Stock or other claims assent to the provisions of the same which books shall be kept open for the space of not than Twenty Days after the expiration of which the said directors shall Call a meeting. As they Are thet obliged to make great exertion. Reading or Sepug with a Side Liebl injures the Ier Eltore Bufty dollar9i and fir every eyes As both Eyta should be exposed loan equal i of Stock now exit tag the holders shall been degree of Highl. The reason is the sympathy titled to receive one share Between the eyes is so great that if the Pupil shares of Stock less Piid up shall not of one is dilated by being kept partially unless the or owners thereof account of me Medicine be incl swallowed. At the one thai is most no i of and con i if at u n u .1 t. I. L in u Leone mat is most exposed cannot con i e0lidat on under the tint be hereinafter Rea Irod last mrs. Nicholls Bethought Hesse of of another j Triick a Tael for protect Roll and will to be he to the treasurer of sitcom plan for making a reformed drunkard of her be injured. Those who Wash Lopre a sum sufficient to make one half of Eaid Ford. She engaged a Ted Reward to carry House while he was yet ability and frighten him a Little when he re covered. In consequence of this Philander waked up about 11 o clock at night and found himself lying on a Pine Bench in a Hun and strange apartment. Raising himself ii inc Elbow he looked around until his eyes rested on a Man seated by the stove and smok ing a so Gnu. Where am i v said Philander. In the Nedical College answered the Segur smoker. What a doing there 3" going to be Cut How i1 Why you died yesterday while you were drunk and we bought your body to make a it s a lie i m not no matter we bought your carcase from your wife who had a right to sell i1, for its All the Good she could Ever make of you. If you Are not dead that s not the fault of the doctors they la Cut you up dead or you will do it he 3" asked the Sot. A lobe sure we will now was the Resolute answer. Well can t you let us have a Little some thing to drink before you begin 3" this last speech satisfied the watchman that Philander was a hopeless Case and As his re Ward was contingent on his successful treatment of the patient he was not a Little chagrined at the result so no gentle handling he tumbled the in deformable inebriated out of the it no friends. We were travelling through Canada says a Conte pary in the Winter of 1839, and after a Long Day s ride stopped at the lion inn and the contents ofic stage numbering about nine persons soon gathered round the cheerful fire. Among the occupants of the room we observe Al an ill looking cur who had shown his wit by taking up his quarters in so comfortable an apartment. After a few minutes the landlord entered and observing the specimen of Iho canine species Fine dog that is he yours sir 3" Appeal ing to one of the passengers. No Beautiful dog yours sir 3" addressing himself to a second. Was the Blunt reply. Conte Here Pup perhaps he is yours sir 3" i Fyfo was the reply. Very sagacious animal belongs to you i suppose 3" i no he was the answer. Then he is yours and you have a trea throwing the animal a Cracker nothing of the of with a smile he belongs to you As a matter of course 3" addressing himself to the last passenger. Would t have him As a then you infernal dirty mean contemptible whelp get and with thit the Host gave the poor dog such a kick As sent the animal Yelling into the Street amid the roars of the company. Acte Rizes the landscape of a cultivated country whereof ten Days Public notice shill be Given it was the death like stillness of the most dreary in one published respectively 1 desolation and the total absence of animated existence it in a bad1 Sion to see a Man with his hat off at Midnight explaining the theory and principles of his party to a lamp Post. It is also a bad sign to see a supposing it to be fellow lie Down in a Gutter Lis bed and commence Call poor innocent hog All sorts of hard names the nearest guess we knew a Man to make was made by a Man who was tumbled bodily out of a second Story window and when picking himself up he rather guessed he was t wanted 1 a stuck up sort of a Genius entered a shop in Auburn and turning up his nose at some apples in the window exclaimed " are1 those apples in the window fit for a decent hog to eat 7" i really Don t pm and was the instant reply of the shopkeeper. Boy Why Don t you go to school 1" because sir daddy s Froid if i learn every thing i Shan t have anything to learn when i comes to go to the of our exchanges tells a Good Story of a certain noted burglar who having just been on various convictions to 67 years imprisonment Rose in the Dock and addressing the court said judge i do feel sort o pleased and grate Ful you be took a great Load off my mind for by Jingo 1 thought you were going to be particularly severe on me this time and sentence me for life " Liberty of conscience is a natural right and he that would maintain it must give it also. Things themselves change Len than our manner of looking at them. In the cities of new York and Philadelphia and in Tioga county Pennsylvania of such holders of loan Stock and other claims As shall in writing have signified their assent As aforesaid which meeting shall by a majority of votes to be taken and counted As directed in Section four of he original Charier of this company determine to carry out the provisions of this act or to decline the same and if said meeting shall resolve to decline the same then the said holders of loan Stock and other claims shall continue to possess respectively All the rights now bold or Are entitled to but if said meeting shall re solve to carry out the provisions of this aet then the said directors shall forthwith proceed to Call in and receive the surrender of All existing certificates of Stock loan or other of debt of such assenting holders and to Issue new shares of Stock to the holders thereof agreeably to the requisitions of the proceeding Section. Sec. 3. That All holders of Stock loan or other claim who desire to retain their present rights and Legal position shall on or before first of june next notify in writ Ilig the presi Dent of the company their dissect to this act and All such holders of Stock loan or other claim who shall fail so to notify their dissent shill be taken and considered to have assented thereto As fully As if such assent had been Given in writing. If any Holder of Stock loan or other claim who shall i Jive assented in writing or who shall have neglected to notify their Zinent shall neglect or refuse to deliver of his certificates or other evidences of debt on or before the first of june next it shall be the duty of the directors to prepare and execute the proper certificates of Stock for Euch person or persons in their names or the names of their or representatives at the said directors May be Able to ascertain the to file such certificates archives of to be delivered to the proper owners whenever the old certificates or other evidences of debt Hull be surrendered and from the time Nhei Midi certificate shall be executed and endorse ment of which shall be evidence of the the said holders of Stock loan or other claim so neglecting shall forfeit All right whatsoever under their original claim except m again non ass enters provided in Section fifth of this act. In few spa Peri

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