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Read an issue on 8 Apr 1840 in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tioga Eagle.

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Tioga Eagle (Newspaper) - April 8, 1840, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania37i 771 68 33j 94 94 34 561 95 83 60 53 53 33 63 57 35 81 ship. Go ship. 18 72 51 14 90 00 00 00 12 50 is do 13 12 10 12 72 2 r4 4 729 7 63 15so 1 1r 00 22 or 2j 70 33 1ft 19 in 9 90 9 90 10 95 3fi 6 21 66 g 50 19 s6 19 10 r6 23 95i f is 24 21 1002 7 90 3 2 00 3 1002 20 04 20 18 66 18 8 7f 4 174 2970 30 06 33 1980 22 57 15 07 31 33 33 33 30 21 33 33 22 32 36 32 22 29 29 13 we the Wisdom of a Mem i. C. Remarked the other to. But the son of a profit. Child that know eth his a self evident her to have been a Proffitt. Chad. Or. A Proffitt Ledger. April 8, i Sha 1 cheerfully leave the pub me and my tra Lile All foreign merchandise will under such a system constant Ern Plog of. A. The subscription Price is Man from the existence of a sound and twice the amount of labor or Tolfe Bubble in expanding and the ii Iris year if Pawl in Advance or if not paid whose should in Gold to acc the amount of the products of Are increasing their Loans and their Bill the expiration of Ihn year. And Silver i expressly declared that the Bill Hajj or Jaq punch Aye it. Sues labor of every kind finds employ no subscription received for a Shorter period would exercise no great influence m producing to not ascribe this Power to the Anent then buildings of All sorts a be than months nor any paper be Discon Bill but it is enough for me that its reeled manufactories Are Toner pubs would produce in red ring the friends do. What response still the and the Carpenter and the Mason Makin uni More. Than ask Una amount of our consummation de mechanics manufactures and will be inserted three time far one Dollar and Goulty desired by labourers make to such a subs Tauni insertion Twenty in a a cols. Menf Bill would in some Legree Kix Ujj Nur in surplus Revenue is to be reduced Picolar it u not absolutely tto soon occur. 1 also stated that it would thus in the value of wages and Prosper has not experience demonstrated tra. Were no Mulally a of that senator become their interest As it already was that n foreign merchandise will under such a system constant Emlott be Cociu Noi sefts after e attributed to me the of the rest of the Community to prevent the bog impossible its to the a fim of a. In effect. _ and take twice the amount of labor or the Bubble in expanding if his wages increased with the intention of reducing the wages of our credit sys hoi to the hard Money the Agency of the Treasu of state brands in Europe by Bill has added As an appendix to prices of a the necessaries of his speech a statement made the life Rose in a greater proportioned he senator from Maryland or. Mer in Mason Aid was not i might mention Rick of the prices of labor in these hard u Ilont poll also the vast monopoly of pork pro Money despotism and it u thus left other mechanics Are demand. I b Juo Ine m p y j v j favor Lou. Pro he is Dinv Boc to Cincinnati dicing the honest and Independent la ploy ment to an immense number of la is of faculties Borer of this glorious and free country says m a borers. The tradesman of every a pfc Rahed condition. The Loo Labouring land represent mime sat the Cou Wirry mine of and such been predicted by its enemies and Espe ende Anrce ind Communia Guions for the paper must Post paid or they will not a attended remarks of or. Buchanan of Pennsylva in Senate tuesday March 3, 1840 pm me speech of or. Davis of a Power Elliet Well might the senator have upon the sound and solvent Banks of the Colin was a Flag Titus to posit thought i had succeeded. It certain almost have been 1 never entered into my Conception that any h use team so har9n per san on the face of the Maitti could a so far ii Imi it mistaken my meaning As to attribute to me Iarj arguments in favor of the Bill As directly sell respect instead of being Able to Lay by any Able to maintain and his of every Mcl cease Manu factores Airi against the inde oppose re to those which i urged As darkness is which pendent Treasury Bill. R or. I Rise to perform As the respect Are closed works Are suspended r painful but to Light. You May judge then or. President of my astonish Keiit when in the very second Para me from i owe to live Senate restrains and the Labouring classes Are the Peri o it the past m giving such a contradiction to of employment altogether. It is enough As it deserves. 11 would to make one s heart Meed to reflect in the distinguished Sena Tor 0 i lion he imputes to me were lode in some portions of the country they could earn not comprehend. Tress with which the country has Vcci lotion has been terrible during icon of Small notes. As Long As Bank Winter. In View of these facts notes exist of denominations so in w As to Render it possible to make them the other circumstances iveing equal medium of payment for a Day s or a with the senator from Ken weeks labor so Long will the Labouring try is most Man he compelled to accept he very nimands the High worst of hese notes for his wages. Uner mean less it May be at periods of the highest the great Extension when labor is in the very est nominal amount. During the Rev greatest demand note of doubt fail cred grate d serfs of european have been attributed to to which i never uttered fall Clad for Lul Clyl in pm jul Lac b Clurid m that if Lor a i i moment Bill would , Aie e to the i in Jinou Itra the Nationn my Yunqun Lilard opposition. I Lead Inu a did the oppor Luilly whirl press nod of doing Justice upon this eur eject Illel me and i sent w Nile the syn Tor irom pm Lueky Cut trn line Llie on the re solutions now it i understood that lie had to the wars of Lasor in no terms la me How exc a but in in incr j3 to Ham pc the a Iii a i so much when the senator from new York or. Tall after i ids to he Annie is inject Iii. Pc Usu Haj a personal character in not til m in to intern re him in a contest. To had Notum non a could excite deposition on my part to Pursh Uch u course. Had i Obtamc-1 the floor at any time Diann the fast wits., inv explanation Erml 1 been Short a i i m am Nuj the Only Reid omit he Whu i u a. Alii that i had Ous i to reduce t lot to the Iarj of Tiu Hud mini a n Olen Ope. In. By the i it Rodu Tion of an eur Lviv me die into t a country. . To we i a Radical change in our eur enc i have Ever been i i up avowed my Sittou upon floor und elsewhere and never More thin in my late speech in la Vor of the Independent Treasury Bill. My motto has n lore lorm notto ill Troy the links und Ore i to with w Buci i Mutt leave inc up Ilic to lint such a Radi Cal Reform in thu a institutions at would prevent violent expansion and of Thi and thu1" enable them always to redeem Olvir note in specie Vav july prove eminent v bin Esicial to nil Claire i of society i it More esp i Illy to the Labouring Man. saturday last a wis me boat Nevid Reid Custin 1.1 to Ciai ume the imbed speech of tile senator from Maisie Onwu or. Dave and that it contained an erroneous of the arguments which 1 Luid used in favor of the Independent Xury Bill i Zeal its the Perni should meet influence of paper that this ma79-, in l r Urt Tal paper but this would have scarcely Sion of Iho bps i Sofu from imaging that the in which alone possesses j he the More pro then , i Roa Surv Bil would restore in i hut reign ate our bloltet1 i r he of in i 1iui1j i t. Trs. Iii. 11 m we i v. Dependent Treasury Bill would restore pm Over would but regulate our bloated to the country a metallic currency i believe that it would exercise but a blight influence in restraining the sex ing Bill the Independent Treasury Bill the banking s Stem. Old Crancle credit system wisely by the Banks within Safe limits our coun try would then be permitted to Ibro with regular and per expression Wood be to say that then nothing Forh Swoik but the slain Lister Pui Rancy that country is mos. Prosperous where which the Coar itry was . Ron tuns the corrective As it much More of Iceni remedies be Man would suffer none of Liese u ill Check of foreign ado Plesci by Tho Stiles to re these excesses and thus to pre employment vent future suspensions. In my re Marks i stated what legis lation would i be required what they Call the Cre Dit by restoring a specie Mien cd Icil Urc the and of proper to character labor commands the greatest Reward where one Day s Libor will procure not the greatest nominal amount 01" de currency but Frost of the be his hands tha Lireet of it was to Des evils been ise he would Cesar leg of life. Troy All habits of Economy. As Liis he would not Lay by Foi a Rny Day because lit did not know at what moment it intent become worthless on of labor this is the the measure by its Frei in and alarm Iii As the doctrines observed that the and i arc i am gratified they Aie frankly quo t o _ to accomplish this purpose. In in the second place what is the feet of the present system upon the Gys of labor and upon the prices he the of life it cannot be Ell that that country a the most pros i r you should in some degree reduce a class labourers suffer More from Coli 8 the nominal Price paid for labor by re Kerfeit and broken Bank notes than any the amount of your Bank issues outlier Cess of a oriely. In order to Aff within reasonable and Safe limits and Ford the labourer the necessary establishing a Retalic basis for your lion against he ought paper circulation would this injure the ways to be paid and would from sent pub Avo now sir i openly declare in the face of thu Senate and the world not Only tint no such doctrines Ocie Ever avowed by me but those remarks of the senator arc palpable i will Nofe Sav intentional both of the and spirit of my speech. What sir to attribute to me the re Maik tint thu Bill by necessary connective to influence of b restoring a specie currency produce the disastrous consequences which he his enumerated when a considerable portion of my and Ament was devoted to prove that the Bill would produce no injurious effect at All upon the sound and solvent Hanks of the count i y. More that it i exert Bat a very trifling influence in deed if any in restrain my with in Safe limits their Loans and new sir it imy be very ingenious vaults a Eilain fair proportion of Spe Reward but this not poorer Cie compared with their circulation and year for that Short Teri i j. Of life Are reduced in the same proper deposits or in other words a certain l of time our bloated Credi sys pop Orion of immediate specie Means to meet thir immediate 2d. That the found ii of a specie basis for our paper currency should be Laid by prohibiting the circulation of Bink the first under the de r Titi he will be Able to Purchase More Jee. Do of j Smyj of ears for All Tine. Currency than he would have once a the rate of wages a Despensa of Evnen to the prop Emily of the Labouring Man. Lie to be Able to look for Ward with Confidence to the futures to certainly not because the sity always be paid in Gold and Silver Price of All the necessaries and comforts if the Issue circulation of Small notes were entirely prohibited. It will be perceived that with out the imposition of wholesome re upon the Hanks the Labouring men can never expect to receive either constant employment or steady and fair wages paid in a sound currency or nomination of ten and afterwards in calculate upon being Able to Realand Der that of Twenty dollars. So. That educate his family by the sweat his Yective to the pernicious the amount of Bank dividends should brew and to make them respect Ali e 4 Ank Piper and be thus be limited. 4th. And above All that us Crul Citize is. In this respect what upon the occurrence of another Jsu spen Sion the Zooi b of the should be closed at once and their affairs placed in the Handa of their commissioners. Certainty that such must be the under our suffers More under it than any other member of society he derives Fror it the fewest advantages. It is a pin Sci done in the Days of extravagant expend Sion for a Dollar and a Quarter. So far from injuring it will greatly Benefit the Labouring Man. It will insure to him to pay prices for the Newessa constant employment and regular Pri Rie i and of life which he is Ces paid in a sound currency which obliged to Purchase. Under our pres of All things he ought most m desire ent system every thing is in a state of and it will save him1 from being in ruin constant fluctuation and change. Pri Ces Are High to Day and Low to Morrow labor is in demand to Day no by a recurrence of those periodical sex pensions and contraction in the currency which have hitherto convulsed die country inevitable effect of another suspension of political Economy confirmed would do More to prevent it thin any experience that whilst the paper cur employment to Morrow. There is no stability no uniformity tinder the pre now sir is not my meaning clearly sent system. Of All men labourers Are expressed in this paragraph i Coic the most interested in such a Wise Reg tended that it would not injure Bijj Ulalia of the banking system by the other cause. To Reform and not to de relic a is expand Nir the Price of Exerv that it would not injure u. Troy was my avowed motto. I know s More round Lyllyn Troy was my avowed motto. I know that the existence of Banks and the circulation of Bank paper Are so id anti fied with the habits of our people that first to else increases More rapidly wages of the labourer. They a to ,.jsc the Extension an Chi pc Orlim the National i Lelh in car net win Ine Naous 01 our Inai first to Lal Havit never old to before and i confess to truck but it is certainly not very fair to put they cannot be abolished even if this currency. Hj5 never _ u la with the utmost i found into the to title of a intend of the Bill throughout he had attributed to me arguments in in 1 is favor the strongest favor of the Bill which i never used nay that Wimch have been the the the contraction the Price of a Days or a month s labor of any Price vent the Violett and ruinous expansions and Contr actions to which our Curren had Condo Avord to combat had imputed me As the very against it by its enemies. 1 hese would Iii min a Luuri i any Ivi Hli me ivc. I i i in the banking 8 m of hat or a in of boots of a sequence that if the Labouring Man would Benefit on Cather of All articles of Furni Tuff in. Could deceive As great a nominal i i n in expansions and contractions in the currency and the consequent by was Znaiden and by judicious Bank Sion of payments under which we have Reform to place it on a settled basis. If been Sui Liing. Why sir under our present system we endure the both of an excl this were done what would be the con arg menu which i up a in . Be so m in of its fatal cont Shull proceed to m Iko some upon his sequences and they would be he Itron Oceen. In rarer when converted into arguments in est deposition to do Lum injury in my remarks 1 urged Tho Passa Orp of the Independent Treasury Bill a cause it wouh.1 separate the Banks from t to u Ivo nunsent ant were desirable. In could not receive As great a nominal Sive hard Money currency and every class of but above All for his la Bor As he did in the de paper system without expense no others the men who makes his living gone Ray u fixed and to the Days of extravagant ing the benefits of either. The ones by the sweat of his brow. The object Community the purchaser must always under our present system the inevitable consequence of the o. Her which i aimed by these Relois ten fuse fixed p Etc be of Short duration he would be in at the present moment we have reach j a u in i ii v Vij j u i in j i l is Vav Ilyn ill Csc ii Letl in ticks i i favor by o of friends against not but de a Point of depression in the Curren secure and always ready to promote purity in pm Chi to defend them in great As Are Tho advantage direct Inci ten us which the country will derive from the pass Ash of the Bill i knew tint u could accomplish Little or nothing towards reforming occasions exclusive hard Money was in favor of Well regulated state Banks How could the senator be so far mistaken Salto s it Down and deliberately outta per currency or restraining the Hanks write that Thad urged in favor of this within Safe limits. This rpm Iii i have de Bill that it would restore a specie cur rpm with Safo limits Claro upon All Phat Cally than that the which it might create would not 5 labor and the value it for him to answer ular business of the country would admit. Of All reforms this is what the Mechanic and the Labouring Man ought most to desire. It would produce steady prices and steady employment notions of meat and Flaur were so and under its influence the country necessity. His meat his hour Matoes clothing for himself and family mount up to an extravagant Price on before us compensation is increases proposition a controverted cause no Man for the prosecution of his i think not. It in too Plain for argue necessary business can procure a loan Mark me sir i desire to1 pro from the Banks. They Are now in this Happy not by slab that state of exhaust lion which is the it we formerly supposed that the vast a pure Metalic currency by inevitable consequence of their former m our str Hacche would March steadily on in its career of land that no of them Ifould within reasonable and Safe him of property i leave Prospery from the be Impo Waible. The experience to the and Estah shag a metau basis Tor y r the question accor Luminous Exa Mons and contractions and two or three ears has Rover the paper circulation. _ the idea Plai it the Arrujo Edmont requiring the holders of Treasury drafts to present them for payment to the depositories with As Little delay As mints if i had Ever used would Bio Jor the express purpose of saving the prove conclusively that i was an ene Banks from the injury which might be inflict my of he which j in and in Dis Guise. This is the Light in which he presents me before the world. Tovy 1 Ards the conclusion of his speech he o Mea an extended and highly favored reducing the amount of your Bank is High excited action. 1 he Case which sues Vii thin reasonable and Safe limits senators suppose might exist should our we suddenly adopt a hard Money cur Only Rency Aheady exists. It la now a fact the Man who Purchas ago in the for ase upon it dope upon remaining one j 18 org of that scarcely even in Dis i endeavoured to prove not Only by my own arguments but by the authority of one of the most distinguished Finana Ciers own country Cag Climax Avn that the Banks never could would Render it certain that Bank the greatest evils of our present Ever should be always convertible in changing system but such things must to Gold and Silver. Recur and recur again forever unless and yet this Plain and simple expo some efficient remedy shall be apply sit Ion of my views has been seized upon de. T but the senator from Massachusetts has appealed to the ballot bpm in the 3 top re Lodari Ngothi l .7t wteu4.dta.f4. Price of Wells upon them at pair base and payment for his labor in of the necessaries of life to the a sound Mer. Have not we All Learned Tiara let us in these particulars compare million of dollars has been advanced by the present condition of the Labouring them to an individual for the purpose Man under the Bank system which now of enabling him to monopolize the Sale exists with what such reforms ast would be under the feel consumed in our Eastern by those who desire to make political i have cities do we not All now that his capital out of their and it i to anguished Nna fanciers own country the what is the effect of the pres year in raising the Price of this Neces it was my desire to reduce wages Down freeing the country from t e Lamitie. To follow out the i have sup ent sv3tem of Bank expansion s and con of life or Treasury Bill unless in the event of a posed the income of every Man extractions and revulsion in this even higher per Pound. A Jove sir and of now rom the of ind Pei is a i new spa Peri spa Peri

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