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The Whig (Newspaper) - May 11, 1809, Cincinnati, Ohio ■    4 POETICAL ASYLUM. \ spirits Vlie Wings saWatióYito tW .lima of Tiicn. • Kevtr did the returning • sun i    I    usher in a day to glorious Í It wái tW ^    juMlee of the universe. The morning Stars sung togediCTi» and all the tons of From the Waah 'ttigton Monitor,    I GxkI Routed aloud for ioV; the Fmiter of ri believe it i. *eir    known    by,Sow who    IV^rtie. Hked d<ywn ^    S wqiinted tt    nU with    the life nfel ai^ «cqueiBira    ■»    TA««/..    I    his worid «stored i he saw hi»w<>A |h»t fá K    n.eedidthéde«aer^ceí ■    the Siofnntur^ W gladde«d tal^    manv    snerimens    i    WflSIDgS    oftho (Btemaf de- • scended^theaewofheavenforrefrlrf.- ttréaífmt^lhem    TW lohiiwpi^vicdon^ on the tendel j)m-.    the    peri of that w^iWio ia* ede’^^ Ident*|i^<^ihhM .^^nt - TOS M -•    '■    ■‘'    ;:.    ‘    '    .    y\ •u ing of tfie nationa. « -■5b*-    .    ,    ,{    ■    t- A'f lE;}!» IN HUMAN GÜISE^ '    ‘    .    'i    '    '    ■•'    ■■    ^    ‘■    -,    ’    .    ■ ^ Never waa jusdcc more jmtly rgi^r-ed, chan lathe monster wh«se%imhÍe»>W mirrated in the folWloff iNSÜKhECTfON IN HAVANÑA. Extract qf a ietrer from the Havanna^ da-ttd iiatch 25, t.,eal a ícw moments before gtJing to |)ed,*io“endose you the two bandos of the fltovtmor, and iW proclamation of the ,b.    a»,.    1    s'^sa'rr.dL.T. •'J-^AKEN upl.y Jf,K, ofSi-lrlnf 'X fifUl township, a^.oui twb miles »I'-i OÍ Sprin • :ld Meetiiig-house, a Red li ri Horse, five years old, near Rftc^ haijtis high| a star in his foMitarf, some white on both hind feet, no brands or itltlrks per* ceivable—appraised at 3j dollárs^ by [From the FUdd^Tork ,    ,    ,    -    ,    ,    P .Aiipif BaoáiK-íi^AtMá^^ JÚ t wil^et ^ nval your J of the>race»«hel4 .. / - ii. -    ri kt-k ««.V    ^, .^trioi Bróéd audT* wiw was tried on dii^ee iitpáras^ .Ui^ktina^, wih wh M U folly/’) 11 for beatbgtheir fomale shwm antf^hi^fc-if iAi«t¿eiu?^!W»dm€mt, ind % If 1.5?® j male eMd> bt^t three yeam<Sd4 The trial Btlitieh y4^iWre> and that I .,«^'^1 » ptfoBah«d ?d Wg¿ % á fair chpneoul arill Wgio w}di your I afich, No. i, Wall stre^/m a chmm iimnir r oÉ¿ queitioiH’Í/V ^ V ^ [ phlct; aridjfimm thbWeWudriiariw / wHiiT It tovjs ?' .    l.tMch were givmi W tettifptmti^^ delig^llaómeítritsgdlt we cah ‘ jj¿i^tter copy^c eloquipl^lddni«t''Ul feh t ^    ^    £    I I«i^/of /    Which paima» pmnoft paint    hor words    j ^ig^t an ap^id fo^hc ioW ‘ ,reveali ,-/-h    f/'    1 apd the g«í¿rbutan^ Mor any art we    cppc^# Mr^ W w    btéalfot^Si^tií-^rLv . Cai/it^&M detet|be^^the «un-beanisítéT daEit pftheatimigft^d. ‘ * ; Orji^ehimlidla^il^^    ifime W ril'alr ^    si h^itb^ ^rireby é^atHptfon ^    ,    j publletty to crimá»! tctrefoM ^fodrhW- *    ThU\£^of^    r    rible, is, thatiim^ legptimafo^ h^^ylore    oVr    the    1 ^ punishment js rxmpl^ . tQuh^ ^    >    V ^    7 •"    \    ,    -X^petitioB^    wifi    here    itmarh thatPws. ■    Qttf    Aottghtt    in tweet j&Urium ; I ^Broad, the^moditr of .Av?.dtóhhíe0|7^c- irolli £ .Whencmtem0etl(^tprea(k Im iAdnbdwi to the^^    cmcltietliei^ ‘ v^mglf v.    ^ -    7^    I inák^d u|oUt7hU,-lw^    ^TÍbé And every fiatbrígriíió new transport v gaVagcln^^    indicted    tmijtjhe '    ■    M    : /‘    ;    1 uhfweunatcmotWr for iw^ ]ISow lyfpetly .ihen our moments g^ide j ptiu wptehrov^    oythV    huK. . 7'5    i    /J    I matoé and bro 7 Airfdreanu prolong dm tnmiporti^ umUtíop SWiety^ ^    . ’ daft    ^    ‘^7 I    Bet^/tj^ihofocr» was,during We live m eiwtocfrto all thipp kindi í knoim hmj^ch ,pf ^«i íf^ucpdjr |ahk|d tor lova ggn teach a moraí to mhuL I up Iri k mre^ wUh ^ haodt Sei But are. thereinot some, other ihougHti rhérjieádi k^Vwi'thout apd thatpriove '    j^Whcn |h. WhatUthiswnnderpftheaoulcialMlovef I make her swaQpw,.for his kpolti large Ó!.ye», thertaie,Wu of a difcmnt kind, r doses ttfglSnW salts, and immedkt«f V Thedi^fulhorróraofadUmaliriiad.)' I ordefhermgblnto^the ctstemtpckah^^ S^e jeglotts fury throwa'hi ipokon’d j W^n, by accident she dlM dk dart,    I pot a uttlt too full with water,he wmfd Arid reads in pieees the distracted heart. | order ner to hold'out her hgndimd pfiHlr * Whrih love’s a tyraiit,.md the tool a sJayc, p hot water upon it, cbolly ai^ cnielhr oo-Jpioi hope remains to diougiht but in the 1 servihg—AmJ not% Kood' doeo^^jo *    * grave l ,    ,    »    , A    j do doctor Negroes 1” Ol^'d|4lfes0tp la that dark den it sees an end to grief,    '*    '    *    *    *    ‘ * - And whal' wai , Ottce tu dread becomes relief..    , •What áre^iron ch^s the. hands have , * ^ wroughtX.. t :,r '    ': The hardest ob^.to. breakv is made of —'7; ^ou^t.'    :r^r;U .    ^    ^ Think wc|l of this .ye lovers and be^ktnd, Nor plaf fritbitonure.nn a tortur’d mind. is gt^t prospect of order being again rc-hiored here. IrieparaWe Injury has been dorie soqie. lives lost, not only, the French have been plundered, but m|Dy'$paniards in twn anq éóuatry, have shar^'the same fate ' 0o4knpws where it wot!^ have epded, had not enei^tic .mefMHlrca been adopteA '    ‘    7"*'    , 7 ^ ^ Miinf troops have been teiit into the Certihed before me, this 1st day of May, 1809.'    ' ♦ , Z FOSTER, J..FV — r-" .■ . '    7 STIiAYED from the’ subscriber.^ in Ci|KÍnaati« on the 2ÍM April li^tv tivo CpVyS^ one á black and while, about eight years old<^^4iad l(^bett on; it is ex^ c^nw. ^d.¿ by twr    1    f    ¿    ,i    oq the .i<é «t *n4| «peet. I h,ave eo dou!« »Whj h^r j«w,jth«e    Anf nntaBiJ^-^SS I c<w«,    In^BWBbn    to the ft^wcri* forkvab^    tw^g^rd I or tothripfrnfer hereof shall be hand^ 5. ^ *wely retíiíáed:, i -    ¿    ' 4^guiJv^».lbe,^.jW^^    .    7    .'^    PHILIP    SlNdH. Xitis |aw    '«^n. I 7 ^.17, ,i!^',-1.    ..    .' SÁ^Eh BURNET, . We/i t* ítieTOW» JtKD'ttoosjfcíilNTíá, 3 TflFORMe the; publit^- that he h... ^J^in meet th.    «^4^^    J    ,rtiv"éá;3|^    miU‘to    ^ettje    id deapwf*^ -; V    toM    titfiWíegsbáw f/ fikEsXirr íÉX'rftAcT.' ^ nv\ A. A!, her entirely naked, in pretence of^hilifiye diUdren and ri(Ui£^ialwife%. and Cpmp^l .herfogo about me hoilw/kfe|fe A^ 8cc. ^ At other duiesi whep .quHv.neikd; he wéüld her out iáto |ho^yar^* in the coldest weather/ wheu>inpw anis on |* ithc gronrid/and keep her    an hour at a time ;    ^fl^^vhs^ldg for her doihet, ana aomissidhl iii^ tke house. In tHft condition he wo\i^ thiW bowls of water, upon herVl^ this was done^in lavrige, wtnConiiesf^lfcn: k was - .    -    .    .    ^    ,    w t    I testified tlwi Bettjr^s cWacier arid aori rrpmXhc Scrmcsisofthe *^ SC(gchFfc^ r    '    ,    ,    7,    í 7.7    7    7 • I On.SiW^ hut .three yciuh old^ ^7/    .1    T V    "    7    *    \    child of Betty, many meltics wei^ pac- Twi<a jbd4tna‘*sitó',gbne‘dowh bpoo    Broadrto    pgmper his/mVaíttíNe " 'kte eA«hfMan#aa wyet quiet «the I appetite for inhuman cruelty, would via 7 tgp^chrn|Hdaa4''Bestó ;hi» Sfecptre :deér i letitly rub ite lace upon th¿ carpet unti -tíip.lSímofífodvatlUtód^s^^^^    ; •7..IW. » k    Í*'' H.'kÍíí«íl the baby, h»ocked h down pai^we r.^.'^^ nMd«i,ht^>mo^([le%^| 'repeatedly, and oqcethréw it upon , bank med OQ their hdmm,a^m their ^ara^ J* of inow. n. kept, ahop, wid made-the the '^,^^'*ACIkriWn<d^in their »u^ 1 'b,i,y jtanAlw die door in the oddest wea. eesO the hearts of his ft^ds «we sunk | ,j^er and «tfeo tired with «alking to and so^ t Th, «pit I fr.¿ ^ould not allow it to sit ; but «hen rit ol i^fwwaikHlri.l^ iuspejiij tri 1 nature was axhaus|aj%ie would do so; hÁ y. b^oW thiii^fed^^aderetthe di^th j kidded iti.sbmetiiOM he would; iiip dib the mor* j infañt’iear,andaVotheri lift herupby it. , tt«t«wsWs^^ij tht itot    hat    sent    the the nppiWNch'drt^f i me w ^sy he* r across thdahop ! , gon todawri p when pn, á 7 - ^Vith standing py theddpr, tha infam’s • 90é^úittm}i'irtaam    Uiiacs became swoUffd ; the was frost* and the powers^61 heaVert w«?re shaken > ‘ bitten, and crippled with kicking and bad antii^f ^ drtccndcd, the guards ' tWatnwnt 77>Irs. Broad ivouldiiad hoi^^ shrunk bncl fnárixérror oChis presence^ j whipping to this diabolical u&age! The and fell prostn^^Qp the gtottn<^; ,h'rs p little girPs head w« cut o^nbya knifo Í eo^teuance was Ji!^ Pghtnipg, andf hiij j ^hich was thrown at her, and Dr. Ga-raimeritwaa.arwhltc ^^hOw ; he rolled    who^Avaa sent for to dress it, .was . aysy the stone frontthir^ of thn 4e- poW that\t was occasbned by a fall. “ . ^lUuUhro, and set upon 'it But Wh6 is r Befb^ tf^e jury prououpced a verdict Wá,ithat eoinelh.Toiih .frofol the'^'tóthb', | of guilty against Broad and bra wife, the rith ¿y«d garments Arom the bed* of I wretch, to avert it, or if pósinhle to iniri- i at thfei^st'nboritWi    to Ipdtm shin I    sa®ifo<5lfo»    fo    tlbsq%ho    m^y the l«tb0^tbe nted n„    1    %(&    well well-beháVelSS.^ . # . irnetof Mib t n . wnf??j£.k0 .«kill the^e^tttd^i^ witKtwri howitspra; y(X> mAntmW siikty, cavUry» fkM^orupmd^    ^ théy^M tty^oeouhter %iSRSsái, rmt tbripfóísl^Wdcápr Ihy^nd jfapld n^*. eivv^oi»^ m k tviyáhpfi timá?*^ The quhsp, Vehq had be^ ^^d^uItoíhM/ cngpisgrimei%f^^^    interest of she    g^velnriléi% had beenj einstl^áted folhtt ^imnwtqr, whose trmtim >marshal hidrdevised . t|hf^lho;ií9dkdie mvsludsumthriiied^^^    prioce    to »uiTandiet^,vwhich'|iri looted to    Qp^ dm    Dimond    Waaipt^i^dfd d¿i mnita^^d taken possession ol,without rojúst¿^4 Tlussultatfwie found fo hirp^ni^himielf, w^ Jdl .iriyis arid^ (HMWii^iu^    hU loldlktfs, The^ ^Oc« daj^^ ^e marshal ,i«0<í^teíd the kmgdontdf^ntarn; #hl| iftg    pot. sessi^tk^ging^to his nudesty % Of ¿roRibdVvis--ther As^e^'^p^dSed to tlm "c^i^|acent cO^^ , This Is to certify: thai die/hejui!r,;;^r.' t'SiOtijel Buimet, W h^ suited tihave iffen,.a good ^[hSntíng and t^k liiq    quatifieda Cqr, ^hriithiss. ' wréiFúndrf my h^ihis Wtiiríy^lNí^ím^ f / tli(SMASJ«OOW^ > t«r. ‘ ss a fqbjfwt «I his'-)6j|e',^í¿4Sf'^ fl9lku^l,;'ándH!ú-be tRi|cr'|^';i^^ af ihénéw ¿oVérnor.    we- ‘swt arresled, ib froni which hcwUI be transpbrtMandpa* nished -to Ambc^na. ;0ii. df^ .i4th ^e first minister of'the de^M^i 4iiltan«,«lM> had been’ fhti cwise' of l^"'. die ipis4Uejf^ was shot, and'his. ■river—'wheww’kh the n^i^ M gOT.mmei»t' btihg thp m»dmUprod,iii)edai|^iib¿tMrt^ menlÉfAtjn tQhií thé Lampriónls to be    g^ focremhft^glvcVro ’thetrt^^    ^    i.    .i    "a    *    k. .,¿7.' NOt£C%. ■ ^ LL pemowr wÍMi ate in arit^^h 2a the suhtcnbér óiÉ acconrit oXÍhcit auhScriptions^ fhr thri Western B i3ílh«msei7arwrci]nmted^m Spri< ttiKib seidemeht» from this niorie fo tfcw moriths7^ Tbosefo w^m the aubicrlbH-^^wdf indebted,; aró ahto ieifuested d> tau^r a settkment -• ' ■" /' "7*7'7 f    GÉO. WlttíAÍÍSOIÍ/ Cmclmiati, Abril 12(X,    ,    * ■TT— -—í-í**- m' • ■: jfTJ-Eí^HfN, ■■ ■■' ■ f    ,    w •    ♦.,?■«    -»C‘'    '■    i'    “ ¿t J;qV ipbffifllpjw» wW mifog to stnrie yo« 40imtfy, wUJ rcí¡eive Wl^e dbHafs BoOT^y, imí'a fine and. accoutrements, w.ltÉL g|Ood cloathii^v ábd ptovisioris,    cálllng on the .sirfiMHHber at V' J. :i , :* V u. Cln««b*4,^j^|iíe.I«09,^ ;N« S:' A la«    ív    ‘í«** .....*    ^    átt    lho«ftfwho *7m'- » n, ^ AHOJ^BÍáf L^Tniká¡iÍ¿kofthi Oiub\ Winer,    lot conuüA73k letetíh froni nunrifog back to the rlw    ou ^hlch diere U iS be«WáppUtrtet^ with the right oí»a well of water, nor inferior fo> ai^ 5 the house'b a franie,which thasuhiCribW now occrijriev all of which he wUlsell at a vcj^ reduced )^cé, as he wishes to leave tJ^ piavp as fobn a^ hr can arrange his busi-‘ntssj ’    •    .    ' DANIEL SEARLRS. Cincinnati, Apri} 35th, 1909. -    ~    R'iuiAM    ITAI,UCJBf~ T NFOHIMS hi* friendi-thathe atill car-1 rits on the TAYLORING BUS^- N£^S, in the house at the jail ( kt his •former reduced pricci, payable in approved country pro()uce,4>r cash. N. B. He is in possession of tht latest Fashions, &c, Ciucinuuli, Match CO, 1809. de^thi He that is glorious in his appear- [ gate punishmeni, mani^ited uis slaves the grenmess of his* ^ atnce, walking si ^ strength! It is thy .    ,    priiice    O    Zton! Chris* j    virtuous and enlightened jury tiam.rt is your Lord. •Hi’ halhirockrcn pronounced, them guilty, and requested the yine^iiress alone, Í he hath stawd his' of the court‘that the politic manumission . raiment with blood ^ bilt^^now, as the fet- I shoiHd not'be ovtjraird; Bniad was sen-horn from the womb éC iiature, hé n.eets I tenced to four nvonihs imprisonment, in-jpprning of his rosurrectfbo. He n* eluding his wife, andyo a fine of g 1,250. ria^ Ct»i||SWtt)r. from j^e grave ;^hé re-, Thr delicate situatpm (*f Mrs. Broa I freed •turnri.^iftdl wtaahigs ffbm the world'of!] hei lV<>in the sufttcacu of confinemcnu der, W^4 *    ^ whitc/fi^ on thp7 Ibippkis a AatttrpI vA Vpyaedrro BUf hri 5 Certmi^hy 'ii* MATTHEW April ?r, 1909,. I saddle obooroiw ' ♦ ■    ‘7    T HEUSraN;y.>. , M ..«nil    . \ FRE9E DAÜGS hf EDlCim^ JUST opened in the. Yellow housíTfor-, merly tccupied by Mr- Andrew Dbh-Scib a Ihw doors from the' Coiufnbian Afh, Main ijaa^pt ^incinnatí, a general assoi^-. iiic« of DEUGa Cp* PATEHIV MErildtA, *‘which will be sold on reásoaabie terms for casu.    ^    • 0. C., WALLACE, 1-    7Prtíf¿yMtl Cincmnati, April 25y 1009.    ^ •■^293^ÍBB3B^®5a53CSBríS55BC3C53S^^3fcSS3C3SíOBWSWi®8 HAND BÍLLS, BLANKS, PAM. PHLETS, £¡^c. neatly •xecnted, on the shortest notice, and on the most reasonp-terms, at thi^ffice. I I.Property of the American Antiquarian Society ORIGINAL STAINED

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