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The Western Fountain Newspaper Archives Aug 16 1850, Page 4

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The Western Fountain (Newspaper) - August 16, 1850, Cincinnati, OhioA in v v a a a a Quot Vav v a it a \ v A"v., x Quot a v a. /. A a i Sweet memories thee it in Aji Etia a. ,w11bt. A a when a Oft Mars Are pm a Ping that Gnu tha Mitre and you Iceni Lea a Waespi their by Lik week mimic pealing far Over tha Blue reathere costs Mem a a swy Tda Foo Rio i a a a a like a Sweet Titus that linger in silence alone swept by Light Finger scarce mar mus a toil it my Young heart inesm mfrs that Lute Light and few Tiu o its Pesorda Trina Fate Thow memory a thee thefil might rec when faded v a Fibre oath Over Ite bite velvet Loat fad id / a a a a 1 Rith,9�lc4 a porn a a a a the round thee he full Hoter i la emf in glee Tiu life s dream be Over i Sweet memories Tartie. Ask dote the Hon. Of a knt eral who was a Bap a v list Quot preacher and Etc it. Of Tenori had at one and the same time been in the ser vice the lord and the state Lui v Noii. Becom ing.tmssatisf�, a with honors a profits Hohf the posts he had do i tinned resign Vliem and devote his time and talents Ito Ellb assistance the. T admin a a a a a the Gencur it that ought come Puder the head Al , he went a a fighting lilt ii Terji a forever Anhder we i Washington and Laid his Case before the could not Tell whether we find swallowed preside a. He stated 14s a retentions and a cocktail a up Schlight procession the last Yam Udy hrs str through Mieir Haman i ohs de Board a taken a Grasa. Long Tail three she Long and Sij Roenz a Short Fly two sidings. The lady a Kod the owner the land the Roa Sofi for the diff whoa in Fri a. Answered a you see no am. Thelong Trnik can Brush away the flies hut the Short tails a be so tormented by them that they Oan Harcus Paiit Ril. Coane Here my sle maa Aid a Gendena a youngster four Cara age while sitting id a parlor where a Large company were assembled a do you know me a yes sir. I think do a a a who am i then let me hear Quot Quot you Are the m n kissed water Jane last night in uie Jane fainted a -.,-dd you keep any thug a cod Ito take a a it High state for keeper a Temperance it Cerv it store. Yes re a a Ali he merchant a a we hate some Cellenti cold water the thu m the world take Quot a Well i know it. Re plied Bacch Anite a a there a not Mpr that done 80 much for navigation As that. Quot How Well be plays for one so Young Quot said mrs. Partington the Organ boy and his Monkey performed near door Quot and How. Much his dear Little brother in the Calico dress looks like him. To be a a Jar funny fiend the Albany Duke maw says Vuk Tais cd some Brandy the other Day son amp re Ira in a Fra 0�tc9i i Coluin Hua March 18flit pm Lam a Thia Moda is employed information Ami is constantly sought by lat Tai from Estafy part the state. The Polk Triy the were Wirt text hand st this Sce and Sant bit Ione upon the receipt ode a Daed pager under Seal the Chr Taion Aad a a. Clos Iii fund m Thi Fot towing a duct , Ltd Ott Cera car i each 11 a Quot ode cards per Der 41 cwt s Dpi. Funeral do. Per a dedication Eer Moniea i do. 80 4 Dee. I,00 travelling fit withdrawal oaf la per Dia. 90 music per copy 10 a tax a per Doe. 19 proceeding a n. D. 1st it a the sea . Bound 1,00 proceedings n. D. Aee too stitched 18 tract Noe. 3 and 4, per Hundred 9li per thousand. Your attention is Espe Clafy Racla a. They 1 Limmea by 5ie Celt he and divisions Are urged Send Eli was for them st once and scatter them bread cast the deemed Abr it in eager Over the slate. J Vrcelj la up Bim Telf supplied Wirtz it he Hei had la aide la refine divines a a . Seme tie str Wal Jar the a amt j0ittiofa the a in amp Amiama tron Kif units eak Tust it Breakf lung end offer tedium Ike Pat Mem Imp Emmr it a a wet Antis Nauam wild ii Etta Yie s sae herbal Edicie composed Chi Eilor wild Cherry Hun the Gene like fad tand my the la at Impo cred. A Friej a for Thia part Cereij the Are medical virtue who Are am combi Aad he a a a Emicel proc a Witk the Eitra i tar Bea rendering the whale comp owed the Moat Perla Tarod Leo Aeleta a Fei Adf a Diee Evered Abr cows option the wjng8. Juie Rai Caf a , 0f a a Aiau a 0a it a i a a i Lihty in Alecta 4a plus iat Hgt aim a fill Villa feline in Farmed a that the Aab if Ucer Balitz a Hvizd Derry it in Paratte that be Caa orders for Practa will re Celira Rtiz Tion. Whether us dreamed we. Mac ski a tie it Job. West. the indent feed at Colombie. Persons ,dm., by Mode Robve Yonce Aey should a sent. W m. Sherwood g. A Quot March 22�?ttjfs.o, d. Of the a were esteemed Good and a me gave temporary reef. Bet Aimee be Baa had Wisuri bal a a who Cherry a aamber the Moat Aeri Oua Taaca Ware completely cured by in Nae. I never Law a mid Kite nya the doctor ,. To Wii Cli 1 a bail t., �1. V. L she dcm0 cratic party a pcs he had subrait�4 the exertions he had made behalf and its Coni Quett in him but said not a a w a ,.h Fiat he for the cause f religion. General Jackson heard the Cler i ice a aspirant. Through in silence and after Una sing a moment put the following jibes Tion �?T we Quot . Kit a Areve a not a mini Tey the gospel re Quot i am sir a a want tire re per. Quot then sir a said he0�ncral. With his usual quiet Dij Niv a you hold already a higher office than and in Ray gift a Quot Quot fic whose duties prop a re que if your whole attention and really i. The Iii Best i can do for will be leave Fon at Liberty you. Whole Jim e Theta for from you Tell me i fear Toat hitherto they have been some Lye fat Tiivi Paul Paris Soviv Sponder the London times a Fra is a the following memorandum a from a Friend fio has ,.som e pain s Ert in rhe inst rest inf place Eythe a Cole rated in aul Jones about which Sopie Corixa a so i my Heraias lately taken pee Cir in. The King Lii a a Friend mine duly author in investigate ,.after a it skiing in vain All he ministerial bar fax in Paris by a Carei Finland patient Section the records the prefecture and subsequent before hip the Moni eur. H it taboo de . that the de Atli every Quot Tim e she drinks it a line meanly looking Chap limped into a Tinner , the other Day i the. O be knee tied up Kwh a Pockey handkerchief and inquired in do you mend pans Here a Quot yes a a replied the Foreman. I Quot Well Quot Quot said the a ii Stomer Quot 1. Quot wish you mend Rov broken i Ltee Uay Quot j v n a i la e Reid it a Krak personage in question Ikic rred in Paris that a is body inter red in the st it burial ground Tim exist Rig the c d ear the e Quot a hotel Dir i that the Pii cry land Devofc Surh Purv Post a was afterwards sold and that All the Bones were collected and throw up into a i Bihm pit a. A fir haps the rata c mb., the documents auth tic copies them for sustaining these facts Are in the hands 0 the alluded and in due time Quot will be Pirimi it hed. I Shpur id add the Kite mop fear corresponding in Daie the e n Fry thu i 1-in e a re Ives the e pee Fec Fure ,tes., All has been slated.�?T. 0. Of it. Pir Filoni. A i a _ . X. Olds a. A. P., Girdle Villei. Tow .,. S co in Mim. D. Of. R s. For the state. I v. Brooks Hills . J. B. Fir Ley Yelko Iii cd. A Rev. W. Swarr Springfield. r�?~,.u , Salem. Quot a he n y. A a W f., rost0r i cd. A Daiil by a. P Shlan. West Union a Len. We s Ashland. A Ritsell. Lou in ii ill a a a Tain la p cad Wol i j Btu is. A. W l. Bro w no a a ens. Quot a Glaize a a by Smout c Ccarroll st Clain Rille a f cow a. A a Lige i. A Ripley / Buller Morfa a. Ii Arail 0 ii a Carroll. .1 Cuin mugs. Ice Stilld Chai Paiga. A my Lonard. Urbana a Clark. R p w Swain. Springfield Cle Fol w i,0 we. A a Cliiiion peek a in Raiolo in Morrise Klop Cofo Octoba. H joust a Coshocton c a w Tii. Of Quot i ii by. B cyms cd Yah a a b Ray Loii a Irv ofe Iid j Al lust 1 new Madron Deminco. .3 my Stilwell. Defiance a Delaware. It. Go a so Ner. T. Delaware Erie. Rev e be wet City fairlield.1. J f Liin Iio a. My is Robb Villo f Agetle. Of Flou ton Fri Uklin a j Jwaun a. Coluin Bua fusion. Quot Gallia. Of Quot b Heb Lia. Be augat. P lib a a a. Burton j a it a a Greene a Balf. Xenia g be Rinsey. A by Reatty. Cambridge Van Hamm. To Joicin i Ali Hamilton . M Gregory. Lii Ici Iii Iati a Hancock a a. A. A wilcox., round head Cherity pectoral few the Cove Quot a coughs colds bronchitis who rim Cove he a a bobs Stem it a5d a c0h9vlimon.�?~ this remedy is offered the comm Tauy with bit Confidence Eli in in Art Kcf e which Seldom Quot fade in realize the happiest Feete. Trial can ii sired. I a wide la the Field la Sefi inem and so Rutner Oua the cases is cures Liat almost very my tips the Cou Fly a a Node a a. Person p ii i Cly known who have Beenick met a a in ing and even desperate disease the Imge by its use. When once tend its Speri Ozity Over every us is m Medicine i kind is too Reu est a lid who re its Virtues s be known the comic no Lunger Liest Tato ant Lotero Etc i ploy Abr the distr eng and danger one eff Retinas that a pulp n Ory �.rfan%. Which Are Iki Dent. climate. And not Only in the fibrin Idabel attacks Appiott the lungs Bat Abr the Milder Var Fetisa colds coughs hoarseness and for children it is the a Lewisen est Slid Nied Ticae that can la in obtained. No Faibisy so bold be without it and life who have used a never will. Read fhe. Ppr Nion tic by lowing gentlemen who will be Fec ii nixed in the Vario tit Section b l a country where they Are located Tach and All As a merchant the first class and the highest car i Acter As the oldest and most extensive wholesale dealers in Medicine with an pipe Rie nce unlimited \ 0 a the Buff excl Wlinich they speak. If there ii Valke in the judgment experience see this a a Tiff Cate. Iff a pc Ivko Zeiah druggist Bat entire Confidence that 1 have in this. 7� mrse whenever via urn a Daan w3d Cherry is introduced it at once attains bet ran add in a no Whf Deery aph. What Ca prevent its Sale when m every band cd How 1 neared its wonder fill cures the worst Enaena asthma reveal and dangerous coughs and Ciao those that Are Lopa standing Bro Clutia a cops ump i in Ita Early a tag is a m la at caved a this renin Krable it Baitary cared he Wisler ral Sesi Ihm Corr no a athe lbs love i re f ? i 0, co a Isu m option Hia by Lofa and it Terai Western Art Union my Eftig Turg Iju m oks Dou Wroot Axa Auma 1847. Off coir for Trio year 18s0. Cmari in a. For Tom. L.\me8 w. Dope Laurise Fri does Chari is Fly it it a we a. W. Steklb�., st a a. Kalll Ichiau. A a a a tvs Serser. The run wed k b a Hiram Powers la among the Prises the year with May the Moat talented american Rainiera. Saba no Tina a. 0o a Ehfe i in emby slip each sch Artber receiving an in Tiai intr a beat Leo steel Quot Plain Aloit w onh the Money. Alao a Chance drawing the greek slav Oft the other vol Uahle work Art. mtg he remit and broach the Bon Orraj Ifer Stariea. Many the Secrel Ariea f the a am Nln Arl Una Iii have a kindly sons led aet in that capacity for this society. Thasa who Hevr declined wifi still pleasure in forwarding . On subvert Petioni May be Enrit ted we. Flolo correbpond�hg�?T�?~40ctota. By Cincinnati two. A very subscriber for if Idu a entitled Tea trappers last shot a in engraving in Linn and a Ripple by 0. Bolh Cincinnati is la 2� inches in aide Stoin in Rifina l Pip Tirie by w. Ranney copy me Annona report and free Adai Iasi the go Fien daring Lse Ynar Fis bins and fiend Froin the up Tatry. .411 the Filinda the society after key Cei iary a a a Naeff. Grill Ltd eve ted Quot Ihu ppr oae l Piip rican words Ari paint ifs Sculp Tuvic ac., which will he publicly distributed by idt among us the member the first monday a november each year. The Sinif Ravin go and Quot report i lne forwarded the honorary Sec Rodrica at the zip enc and Riak the Art Union. The prise am forwarded at the open an Aad risk the prise Holder. Thirty seven i Carea Huv c already Heleni Purcha a de for Contr Batton this year among which Are a Auu Iber Grant Valun gallery the input ution sort West Comer fourth and Sycamore Streeta Cincinnati Ohio. Out. 19, Lambert Hamas a Bho. A Mvi and vice Dre Ert and Tein Perrry Rac attest Between Pearl a a 8cond, Cine Hwy. A #1.1849. A futons tempers no. A we Sweet Sec Cadarto. V. Norton. Man a a fact Tyva Sony Tempe Ranea jews la. Grand and Sabor Diaann Dot Raiona Emman Zawad regalia. Deputies Emblem seals., a p., and Tor Akle at no. It main Street i enl Iii 0. A i i. M i any lag died consumption a titty wonder fall ought not this urge the afflict my make Nae dub health it via remedy when it a effecting cores like the following a Quot Quot. ,. Fkr tem a id i i Hamil Tom cd a september 27. Isdo. J. sir i Uke the Uberty advising you the Benefit that i have derived fro i the Urt a a . Wisla re so a Sam. Of wild Cherry a i was prostrated by that Temble do urfa. Consumption in May Lasu the attack was truly horrifying me Tor Fise Ofey a Wimily Ray Brothers and Sisters had died consumption. I was afflicted with n Early All Oft be writ Leato Irea the disease i had a Istven Fig cough and expect torn red a great Deal blood hectic fever severe pains in the site and Chest cold a Hills alternating with flushes heat and co pious sweats. J was under the car a a ill de Phuyai Cian from the Iier w As taken sick Unold about six weeks since being then about help Leaa and. My considering my Case hopeless at least beyond the i ouf Hyak Jans skill advised the be a i i Cpl i Chiffy. With out Mac knowledge my father procured it Ai gtd bit Venceil administering it me and from the first Day that i come tended taking it health ii proved and in two. Week a from the time .1 a Piir Nencel using it iwas a Etc. To be oat and Versaw my business and labor which i stiff continue do. 1 have taken intr Botilda the Ane Dicine and now consider myself perfectly Wrell. I make Thia abatement in once other that am. Afflicted As 1 been ,. make trial Quot a Wislar a Palsa m wild Cherry which remedy has under the buying Lovi a Deuce Raat ored my health. Jerahmiah is Rigik we Are just receipt Llin Felix lowing Voln nary tribute the our alive Power Wistara wild Cherry from a. Hall. Kid file cleans Michigan who a a physician High standing and an Eit enaire druggist a a my cd a Niff the ail cited Thia May certify that mrs. B. 1 Rol efts a this Village Tiree four weeks after i confine intent was Aua eked with a violent cough and great Proa traction and seemed hastening the Quot Mac waft the. Quot Erpf falts Desir Nua obtaining Asals Tance either Sodipo warily Permin Antly in writing up and a keeping books performing Intner Drca Blifil duties can always Obb in Eom Jiel Entao d rep Ponsini by applying go Adrys a Cincinnati mercantile College Apollo a Nahum bail diag North weat Comer fifth and Walnut tire f Fiffe and ii Iti tie lib Blu Ati Tuti can by consulted matters a Anu Estad with accounts and busies a generally by mailing . Quot a into Gundt. An 31 3ni. Bct4 apes cd cacti if. It Leta pro i it. A Ira a Roan , w Ood a a Kex Ediith my . 1 Cicil it Street Aat f by Oad Way Bhe Lead. Redl Wead , put lev i Ilin a i Al re Erkd Quot Paris w hits Tirom Arcesi Chroma tails a a red. Paris Graen Chi near Rolirad pain cider Tia few. Tired ii ile Estern i Nuftul Orliw Ali la Ead and a ill warrant ii Efu at arty sit in i lit Piil ted. Slate a warrant the a a Lii aary Arete in wis Laimit Lotare m he As eyed As Init la dts and and give entire . A Holh Iod at anal time djs Coant a a a a a. A Coit a pm Chunati cold tob. 8. E. Corner fifth Ani Walnut st redo. The plan ail pc d in ing Thia inti Tettam comb info practice with the Oryx i Ostend Tang books top Pil Are in shaking original entries every Day Tranada Etious Narm Liaf posting accounts opening and a Loang a a great variety different Delta air Booi a Lii l la a a partnership and individual. Buat Sesa Whydra the Fhy ii Hac Heen no spa Row a and advert and thua qualifying the student for entering into the a y the world Perry Dave Lse a Vegter blk pm la killer. Of. In. a i him a j i.�., Kim a a Rio pain. Internal and external remedy the Coupe instruction will Oon vist Doudle v. Entry Bdoe-kekpin6,. Embracing evian do . The. »a1. A. A .t . .cv.,�?T Vul tag this Weflin Karil i Lup in a us Tkv a most pram Ite it dog Guiti and a for Kay i Cannati in it fax a a x 6ls i Natl 0.,get. 4,14. Whote Aal e. A e Tail a co mini is Eban be Law kor Itig manuf Sulu ring shipping in Fri visual partnership Sta Hoeting and compound co. Blaine commercial calculations practical Penman Bip Aad commercial Law. Me the find Craig ipod druggist and met cow Bli course can in from six. A a a this City hav e Begaii acquainted with and sold for weeks. Pm Hurt her particular a please Call the a year two past in article family Medicine a a in Reg a cd. I a a a n. 8, Bacon principal. Apr. 11 . Known a Panay Davis dec Etayle paid Killeri Quot cd com Bee for Long a Fri Der in Afert Raker 5 mph Gres rapid Ity i advised her use i by Factor kerb a certify our Mitef Tlam lits Fie i Siftar s Balsam a wild Cherry she did so and i be and most new Mutual remedy for Primo tart with Itiat valuable Medicine alone was restored 1 a .7 a a =. A tto Fogt lip tin colloquy place at a -Ca.s,fot0 po3t.�ffi be. Quot i Sav . It str pastor i there Thor a a Wii Are you my Good sir Quot , is who i a a a Quot wll a i your i Airt a Hirdo coif Vaht Grid the Narae a ii Lii Letoi Foid he letter if there is a a a we la b iin3, Ali ii . Must he a a i ice a,4 air re i it not Otie for Mary a a a a a is in Cren any Tilert if throw Thi Fine g Lins a Quot / _ Quot 4.?�?� a a a a Quot its Well Foy be there Isnit. I a teach be bet her thin i rims Quot rit pm a print Lemon s name but be did no git it after All so i am even Wii yes not a bit my iia me Burns a l in i son. A d .11 w Urs Tell deers Villo a a Lenry. M j Jacfus ii. Nap Oleo ii a re inert f Hillsboro Hocking l Snail ii a Logan a Holmes. J Cain.�./.ji�?T.,. Niika Viilo tut o./. A 9 Tew it. N a a in a Jackson Quot Quot. . A pm a a Gratt. J Kux. We King a it it Vernoa Lake. A. It a it -.,. H c bar Del e a. 1. Paid Zevill a Lawrence. A Tot a a Ker Bolton Schwieker. Newark a Itigan. B s Brown Bellefontaine la a Ling g Wash Buni. Al y Ria Lucas so i Hun Tor Maumee cite quotviadi8on., Smith a. Loridon Mahoning. A a Frethy Canfield Marion. A Godman. Mario i Medrica d kin <ba.il. Quot Ime do a Meigs i a a a a a a i g Gli Edni Poi Neroy Mercer. W b Iii Ilist Meryi it Miami /. T s Borrotto. Troy. Monroe.,. J a Dave import. Woods eld Mon gooii.ryw.&Quot j Mcie Niue a. Day ii Morgan. A a Adair. Mccona Plavil e Morrow by it. my i c Smith. Zanesville a = a. A ii a i we sum Attoway .1paulding. Perry. .11 f Hickman. Sonic use pick Way. We brei Itigan. Ctr Levill Pike a a Carolus Waverly i a a a a. 1 Portage we Cain. Ravenna a >kw7 \fp, ice Opi it Kiln thu up Ewe mar i Eaton state y i Purkyt he people a re Anizio put Iamb Jed j Nikon a. Gilboa Liat Quot a a a listed a a a a a a Esq it i ,r if Raj a a 1. -v.t. Quot a Rossini Orr. 4 pc Gilileo the a inti Ranee. I Sandusky. I . Fremont. I �1 a the purpi3� in pure a in a Lotf it is stated has Alf Ady a capital a i Qvod a a Wadi is fast Bif a e m b is i j As m a i a f i a Jyce he a m pro Orifon the value Ihire Iai. S Roll defray the Cxpen� Ltd i he. Liquor a Lher it i.,j a. Edund i Dicine without License. New. cull Duhe Quot arson i red at so Raul a ii d is lie Iii the View Assy Eia Tio Quot a Quot you c i tit Iii Lure a a Stark. Summit. Trumbull. Tuscarawas Lini ii. E n joins ii. J Teesdale j bridle., .1 s Burr. .0 w b Allison Portsmouth ,. ii Sidn by it Union. It Union. Akron we Rren it. My Ashi Utun Marysville Vanwert. H Wert i Piton g Job Oji ii siran w j Cre . Harveya Burg was Hiilton l Barber. Harmar Wayne i ii Kauk Wooster with gains. A Paul. F Bryan word. A d.n.ter matinee. A a Wyandotte .1 Loti Aupp a Sandusky f pm a in is eve if ered Ike it fsr Erica a Appl me. We few from oar Ita Eom pop it n a f it i a. 1 be v Rufu tier saw Ria Fig Romme my it Toke lated As work a their Best Ca Hideto and with the Framcom petion that will do for their a Lief All that Midi Riar a a do j Quot Oshaw Edin ands a co., eos tos m a Eese a Cou ison., five Ticino re , a Ladd a Ingraham Bangor Maine. Haviland Sharrall a co.,-Charleston, s. A Jacobs j Deti Bil Michigan. . i Lister 10 i Iain Ille ,keb.,. A Francis a Apo est. Louis j Jysk pm Tucker Mobile lab Aipa. A _ theadore. Peck Burlington,.vermont. Haviland Kis a amp co., Angosta Georgia. Isaac d a pics pro i j. A Townsend Pittsburgh Pena. A. Clerk amp co., Chicago Illinoia. 7 e. E Gay Burlington Iowa. A Quot pm. A. Santos amp. Son Norfolk a. A cd . L a pm go i is in Lela was c. John Gilbert ., Philadelphia a. A 7 a a w. Ii. Giamio Washington . A j. Wright a co., new Orleans la. A / Java tob a ii a co., fort , ind. Quot . Richie Ned o., Fra ii disc a a , Florida. B. R. 3pong, Kuo Tille Tenn. Chilton a Duer Little Rcck Quot Stitler Sla de a co Lei ii ,, ,. Is Ijlal add go tvs ii . Dyer ., Providence r Jos. M. Turner Savannah ,. Vade Keti 0 a co., Cincinnati Olvo. A a a coffin ac., Valparaiso Chi. A . M. Dimond �co., Vera Cru. Mexico. A Fred. Uiva a co Bogota new Provo co., Lim a Perti. Amorton 0 Lalif a n by a a son,.st, Johns vet by up Vick. C. G. So tinae a co., Rio Janeiro Brazil. Yith such a sur acne and Fruin such Mai no Jer proof cup head d Cerf cent that .f�.iid in its effect a Quot a Al. Prepa cd ii id a James c. Ayer v Par tical be most Lane Ell Mase. Sold by Fred took Stein Corner Man and 4lli streets c in Cinitia a. Roberts a co., a a Wius by i a Sturgis a big Al 0 in a mans i Ewe and by All the druggists in Ohio. May 24, 1851-17. A Quot bbl pb.,Ali cd Bou Salt n 1 it ates Hall. Stiv l. Houlton would most respectfully so nonce the pub lie that.jias Lake a charge and iitte4 up and a Umi bed 1p Jbv a beat style che above Fia med Welt non Tow vow 4i Lam in Wooster. It is the determination the prop Krietor conduct said tavern Oil us st newest Temperance Prius Jules and he Hopes therefor share with other hotels he place by equal Shami Public ,.p.a troika be. Iii bar Quot in Ull Toms be furnished with the choicest beverage pro new Bright sparking water his Taole will be Furnis Heij Wilf All the luxury the country will afford. 11 is a Tab a i big w hich is c Oil mod ins is attended by Caie Fui and Ancona Modaty Jig Ostler Silab . Wooster mail 22,1850. Of restored lie Alth and is now a Liam a proof the Vaju lats balata we a i cheery. E. 11 All. A physician and druggist. Sold by ,North East Cornet fourth and Walnut str a Entrance Walnut st it whom All orders a be and dreamed. ,. Bdl. 2s. 1 Apollo room Vas free visitors., dec. Ii a w , a i. W a Cor a Ner fifth and a i it Cincinnati Ohio. Pictures every size from those w Orn in rings bracelets Orcas pins locketvac., half a a lid we would ssh sure the Publ c that in every instance so Tor As we know it has Given the Best the Purchase we Caa recommend it the Public Assn article great m and virtue. A indeed we never knew a Artici cof Medicine become so deservedly Popup Irwin a Short time which is proved by the fact oils extensive Sale and c increasing Leinan is signers j. D. c Orner i hand Wolnut-stsi., i a j. D. Doughty Cor. 5tli Asifo main Ita., Wade a Kirstine a co., Cor. 4th and main ats.,. W. J. M Gordon Dor. Western Row and 8th a. Chan. , Cor a. red Syc. Ata g. Ii. Bates por. Front and maim As.,. Ahia Zeller Cor. main its j. A. Reakirt 21 Pearl st., e. I. Hinman Cor i l. Market and maims a set. Parv in Coli Puiia Froni -db., a. A Scovill Cor. 5th and race. Notice dealers in tan killer. The name pain killer Belonis exc naively the pro Privet this Medici n a. That right been recently a stained by a Cou in Law and any person found Selling an article by that name arid not the Inan facture Perry Davia a san will be re. Principal Ollic Tor the Western and s it Lien states no. 7 College building Walnut Street ctn. Y i. Harris general agent H. C. Alton Superior sudant who Nall orders i Naftis be addressed. A a a also for tie City and a co m mar Cir a collese if. Corner fourth and vat by a can i Lee obtain a a thorough practical knowledge i do Hley entry Bop k keeping comm Errall Caricu a it i d a s a a up ted id i kind s f by Linet. Toung men who Complete s Ioro ngh course in a auction at this College can always and profitable a is account Aitta sad clerks in the Best Basin was Housea. St udeiil8 Oan enter at any Timie. Apply Quot . R. M Bartlett principal. \ d. Collins a and principal instructor. In respect Sale it a druggists Gnu Era Tyr Tiro Ghou id country. Apr. 15 by Chidester House. By a. Barb big Ike South Side the in so stare Medieta Mediha �0. The Rizy life Token in tie Moat Elezam manager. House is one let largest and st fur a a Par in i a wished cup Paren . Perfect likens a aes children can be secured in absolutely oae two seconds a Fine Clear by. This is adapted also for aged persans., Quot / r cent. Improvements i enable us produce i c-ture4 now the darkest Day equal in tone and Superior a other respect those formerly a Nade in the brightest i August. Is 1850. Samikos nest Unok. March 18th, 1850.�?this institution is receiving Deposit Money payable who Aein led for., alloys big interest thereon at the rate six per cent per Ann Iii and is buying Good endorsed notes making Short Knuth collecting Home paper &.c. F big Fth. Oth f Day As in saurian d fro Iiri dry and addressed the. Quot at i it. D Tny a you m e that is our bus ? a a fall 0 1 Opi a a i his i us a Quot i inquire Daj j. I. Ross ,.r Pineur p e d a a l e and it <�mm18si0\ Merchan. I f Jii main and court s tree a Cimias. O y 115m form application for charter. A. Date the find a Nied Hellevi in the tem pm Honor into Cal cola de Cei Mienl Shore firmly oui Fra Turnaj read bub acid add the general proc torn the Cauich Temperance petition the grand Temple their tote a Iii Grant them. A a barter 0 Quot ii w Ein plea called the a Temple llo kor no.�?,i the state Ohio be located in and under your jurisdiction a a a. We pledge ourselves individually and directive by be governed by Tea c rules acid usages the grand a Yeaple and Alibi by those the order at enclosed in the charter fee $ 20. To be directed j. Wads Wertli g. W. R. Cincinnati o., Fri e f s Tage. Torm application for a Union the / a a d. Of The de inhabitants �?�?1�?-, be Lieving the order the Temperance be Vitollo calculated extend the Loa Ziegs Efnor us abstinence and Pio Moto the general welfare Mankind respectfully petition the grand Union the s Taie Hio Grant them a charter open a new Union no. A Daug Bunra Temperance be located a and under your jurisdiction. If pledge ooi elves individually Aad collectively he governed by the rules and usages said grand aide. Cal Send la the charter cd. To be dire Tod Mary Cooper g. H. S., Cin Jiannu Ohio free Plauge a 3 a _ d4. Walton infirmary for Pisi Finase . y insertion artificial a surgical citations ice. Pm do Isle. W. A Emmer top. Fri once. Al a Cinnaca . J dry we tits a late Kentucky and Torii Erly from London Patin and the Public that be idea opened an office i Hird st Fod aeon and door from the Nort ii a Cut Syc Amore he Wiy be Bon salted at All Tio hrs the Day. Relative every disease the . F . Young would seriously claim the attention those ipod w debilitated. A by the for a Beeai use .celo&Quot--. Mel and oth a Dicina the i a a cd is Quot which olten assume Ike. Symptoms soap Dally at Pijie change us weather by attacking the Kepi Braae in i conduct with the Bone thereby depriving it it natural elasticity which renders All those in Del Ito Quot Quot in flu Quot in Chi both in Aln , Glowka More less Pale thin and Tny Agre a Nat ral Cir Burnstan Mejiaa i a Impo Asine Liat nature can resume her natural As it Milf the cause which has prod Pond such an. Cie civis fro Lii the system this . A. Will he found a a free effects with As innocent an antidote As ii found in the practice Medicine and which will pot foe Pelicata 90 inconvenience prevent them front attend ing their. do tie a. S Uch Casc s he Fomil car with Haa effected cure. In a abort period.- time arid improved the general health and Beauty his lady Patie its from a Hundred a ibo Sand a per cent Quot ice Stort la big testimony Folk Corea by.�?~."�?T y.-, Niay a be seen at hib Btl headache cured in ten Iii foe at his office . Re Rocky with forwarded Accord ing order. A diary Hmidi if ii 0 lir�i.i. a ii a be 8 subdued Quot by.i�k� in from i 1 honre.-. Medicine Fox tiie same generous Aud rarely exceeds Tiree Ilses effect a cure. It in advice Gratis every morn ing from toil. Old y.ung Phi a a Kline a Wirtl Weinsel vow a Agento and get a pamphlet Gratis Vrh Ere you Piu a . Yes formula for topic trials. A 1 try Rou King a reason Abl a con sensation. Quot. Raytsi i acts. Facts. Tait persons by mall Are be my pm a Tutt Saieda Quot mouse Tod a a ii Imp Pey the pos Foge Retif Eily it i id re up by Ike Lon. Youngb practice a a spelt quotsh.4ker s.\rsaparilla, 1 containing his treatment chronic cases dec. As prepared by . 8, d. Howe Jjo a been the for Sale at his office. July 4 y Means permanently coring More diseases Ofa i try ids a in ,"ti0 rth a night Iio will be kept strict Tenno Reaace Prfu tiplea.janl7-Ly, a Zabih n hmm Hamm a nil a. Abby. Tan Hamm ? attorneys at Law Thi d st., opposite Henrie House look�?T�?THere.1 my Friend Stop and let us reason together. Are i in a Fath if Boring for the support a a Tenily and Biu Fering from g eneral de Hili and Low spirits so that id Eai must seedy Burden use . D. Howe s Haker Sarsaparilla. A ,1. R. A Quot Ltd i a 1 Abe Youia Mother suffering from females Are Gen Walnut eeto., , tip 0wy.2.ft we .shakers.alp-. Cyril Law it cure you. Male finale f old you Gall and family Sli Duld hive this excellent fam a my Seine by a quiz de t., Ophir Bock Lajud be . Tie proprietor would tender his thanks is former customers and inform the coat Wasity at Large get he a now prepared Fiir Nish All who Malfav Himwith their patronage with table luxuries for Boatmen families. Pleasure parties by calling at ibis stand can be accommodated with fishing tit Okle swinging Ropa itc., for recreation. A a Refre Absents kept wit Cut last Riitta a try the Tel Toplar Magazin a pamie hed monthly and Ciuc Immiti T Erms it an num. All letters Nusl he udder shelf j. Wads Oeth editor bad re Bli Slio Mob d. Boussi emp1.0y x meat in the Centre Hall bin mag Cerner Western Row and 5lh at keep hand ladies and Galle men a Linen misses and children a Clophas Sll d is eruptions. A so an intelligence office for procuring Bel This Alonse employment Al thongs Nader the Mana Crogent tie d. Of t., is not for the purpose Ai Ihrig tha.society As has been frequently s la ted not a half Doken members the order have rec Etvard employment since its i institution but its oldest 18 give employ mint indiscriminately a 11 worthy Destilo the Fem Aku. April it, if which the human Kim ily Are Quot subject than any other prop Ratius Sarsaparilla Ever Yei brought before the Public. J the purity and Efficacy the Shaker preparation. La w Ell known Alid req urea no Long Lirt Cortini a Cater and cures Nir Duce it its increased demand Quot the Paatty Elve years is its Best recommendation. This my Diriye has established its High Repiha Itin it new York and new .ll.anp#.ire, end tie Fhil Lern states Genevah "liy its numerous and. A a Elf attested cures and also by the recommendation end approval the first physicians who now use it in Timeir private Purtice. It is the onto Sarsaparilla Kat Arasom the Fri cars in Ift Hood Ike Saliwe time Lokcik renders it allo Ether More valuable every one Par thu Early Temalet. A . Mussey Prol Tsor ledge says Ilie .Aker prepare Lions Are truly valuable and recommends them Public. No .Aceav a no Mik bal a no poisonous drugs in the Naukler Sarsaparilla. Leme Ember. It a Imp Rutled a purely and in frely vegetable Andos a female and family aos a equal. Ame Ture inquire for s. D. Ii oud a Faker Sassaf Mariua an i take no other. Quart bottles,41 per bottle six bottle for 9 5 for Sale by 8. D. How Eit co., proprietors. No. I College Hall whom All All Ordera my at a add resided acid he Dro it generally in Cin Iii , Covington and . A Clinton House. By c. Climb m a i a a s a i l l Joly 41 year�?$4 Viu cub ii a Iii. M. M work a i a ii. Cml a Liok Bali my retail 0toc�,fy., flip Sehac Ribers Are prepared Supply hair i Ines ids Aad the Prim Wilb every article my ally Loti id in their a Ine a quota and tobacco except Reat in lowest prices. Quot a n. Ii. Produce taken in Exchange for groceries. Actual Taro give a All Paek Agea Pul up by no Clarge for drayage shipping the Ohio medical col Moore amp Chester a in Corne eth. Aed Wallait. Alea Snider Lio Rob Maraih dealer ii Riv no amp a amp a. If Cood do below in incr ii 6th and Walnut Streeta East Side. Persons Wisbin ii Joeab Theu Welvon while walking the City Wil find there every beat Honl Lexner without by la sur round duty and Rove Fry. A a Criffi my by a Sui a Forsing Saiid american tombs grave stones rc., at the gum Western mat a ble works Corner Cowit and Plum Ato near Western Row Cindy anti. Ornamental work. Carving itc., done order. St All orders promptly filled at the Lew eat Cash in a prices. Jan id i860r
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