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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - October 9, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioWe it oks main or six to Stretti to of Penna of bin 4 Sittko Street if a Ilii uti Theo. F�6it�iklna Ackt. To big it a win i Bop i of fifty cd in in a a a wide. Pod to a a Ira Tiomi of the jeer. Lei a co the put ushing Quot Depew Menc to the Coith ass but they might hate thought it duty Elm a Jjo a a Gugg to which they were oppose do a to they Scroi tier before, that the destruct iii of inc \ certain cd it lore a both. Great cheering a he an a it he Felt satian Cattou in a pro in a principle having no Auch Al Ance n5r Occam Fening Day Auch . A it cheers but to in a All theae they had had of Etna of negro ens a ipalion and it was to their of thence Corabi oed Vith Theira thai the result was to a attributed Ere pm Goishi their arrest by tried Otto the hold of be a Hytti for Cap Tivit he states that there Are Anua import into Retif to food into Cuba 60,000 and into a to co and Montevideo 16,000 a 25 per Cert of Ali that Ira put on Board up the Rivers or on tha Quot sea Colau die in the Middle Paa aage nod 40 or 75 per sent die in the process of Seua Jigio the colonies in which they Are to labour. He predatory wars in acpt caused by the proof ring of slaves Are frigli4i particular in in the Case Fot As not Jalaw that while the it base his Jet l ihu his or Ken Tocks. Info Matton of lids 0 Avgust is a bar we would made on this inner Ibe most enc a at Aion h it re the Quot great buy a of anti a those who have to of till 5v to the coast. For Lvi sry Hundred timbre taken a a there is into of 160 or 200. The Cost to the country the slave Trade k wave re Lail Liona in 1787, just afr Clarkson cod i ced his Len the they were afraid of truth and that those who prided themselves upon their Liberty and who were rising fast in civilization and the arts and All that gloried Man had a stigma fixed upon their Cha act to which would Cousin them to the degradation and contempt of every honourable and upright ind honest Man. The americans trem it old with fear and god Send they might cheers a and that they never might know peace and quiet till those air odious ruffians for no other term waa applicable to them had put an end to Iri Avery fur Ever. Great applause he was Sata Saed that the hour was a Ptah hug when they Wouri in eerie ugly to think m the Dancs b to be Quot a eloquent of All mph meow meeting iras the idl lowing extract froth one fall of delightful and instruct k to Feming to the history of West history Utas eminently to Mhz Edify other uld teach All by the Bou be _ ii i fth were siltation i of hoi Roll waste teat-w4ietlier\ iai9�w�n med i of a Tieles wait i is 8 Joae etre Aina Ware whole Otean Vry be Ever a no and Silra by la enc and a a my gge fit and Bem a a Tiaa Osai shh by i#i$ar�vri8 a Doy it a xes Digby k Suot Syhl of Greece or Thev Summa it Good work tid was to be Doyle and k world still Sofi Terin lift up Thev Eye yes to heaven or pipe the and the opening Liberty to Liei Tion of when the wrong the Proetti Niji of the or re cheers. He would they were taught by god 4hf Tihe a pc amp i b the incl y Bra Ezer Quot not Chris ,4ooro mat doors Tuth that Arr i Tond. Roik liar chef that Spry Jhu adhere that Peel vide Bee Crete god Hidi in behalf of s fit in phase asian. They it Hae been Shar All its door have been ads of every Man loosed e there Gall the Chain there Ere lacerate their Aig hings a and in Exchange they have ived a Rongos a of stood to magnify the name Hord. Plows. Alluding to the Victory which just accomplished he Breaks mar y a a my no with Isth no a see of acted of the a a of fitly and Elev taif of our Ime Seti Vifot omm these a arcu a Mia Keit hot Otris of these Roget fax a could divest that of us a Sandal Khawli Hioe a its frown its contrast w thelnore hid a. Ai the Weso death islands a Ioffe Radii to a in the he iad cont�mdste6 or Waterloo and thai bad Jabaay that he wot not he travels. It was rain a death still to be seep a were were Rem Anui of Battle still by aroaiwn6e�?Tshones bleaching Han a ii them out of sight were Discor ored. Looking onit to him Many St Iona. Etui of the Lon it Ifrid to lag tent 6e-. To that a oly Home which was Dis 4he intedigrndb�?8f ,4r Doldren Broth-4ne a Faith if Lac� and the to fell Cheed Only to Rort overwhelmed by d a Rerp of see Many apr Ayar bad for the Dawn of a better Day when the bed annoy. Or. T. Then referred the. I Meas tei Bultel be taken by France to suppress Arery in Evvy form. Loud cheering the Tetuan urn Flor i Darshall Soult when Here Fiad m Viea an amur acc that his heart waa wifi the Zhendi of the Digoro and that pm bit re Tufts Kame he wed do his utmost to induce the Chambers to Pam a Law in Imp Itanion of great Britain for the Al mediate Aqa entire extinction of slavery grow thee Reg the eloquent gentleman then proceeded to state the expectation Fly he had of other countries Follo log the example of Britain he ski unwed the or a feet which it might have upon Spain and by rooting out the nest of slavers that existed a Cuba Buttwe find that we must curtail his re Marla on this interesting topic. He spoke of the great Ina ence which the emancipated Negoro themselves might have m spreading wider and wider the work of abolition anticipated the formation of anti slavery association and the rising up among them in defence of the cause of emancipation Many Black Brougham a and Black Sligo att Black of Litas and murra3rs, and cd Connelly a and the like. Laughter the Planten themselves would become eager abolitionist and thus the principles of Freedom would flee from land to land till a slave As not to be found throughout oor entire world a he especially pointed out the effect the emancipation of the negroes was Likely to have in America and Quot after referring in Elo quent language to the terms of Hia iii Tob Oon Ltd eluded by proposing its is option amid loud Che ring. Gra meet at Angl iii. We said in our last we would give some extracts of the Speed Futej at the great my Efting in of inning Aib. Proceed now to Lii Fil our Primi if. Quot it it or. Isis hrs a Tofu % hit Spetch a was on pjs of was Ante w6uht 4dulth�# Jid not i woodshed and Miu Fery. To feta who in feet the Ameri emis the Bod to 1 that example be tire them i iii its fore i they bound to Teu Ike Fli that Al Thongt they did end to Africa for Alavo a they did a great Deal a piste for they kept Aliv Sai id Wal they to came fit for labour a eat Umbi Odd my oooo Milea Seper stong Ike infant it Namer and the husband his wife prisely Thal lame ases a was bred in Englad. Strong express Ion of Indig a Atton vet these to Faem selves High Ekar Acter for their love of Freedom and he regretted to say that not Kli Sig adding til their exertions save Trade was Slyk on the in Crosse. He trus however they a told Evere in their exertions until shivery was entirely abolished. No mortal Tongue Benld Tell the Horrock of the a Bap Trade is at presented i on and one or on that Point rim suffice. In Doe 200 slaves had died a by the last advices Froff Jamaica a slaver was a wry a on the coast the slaves Quot were a added and pot a Mogle soul was saved although the Mas Ier and Crew reached the Shore in safety. These demons had not the feeling to attempt the Rescue of one it Ingle info Stonate individual and Thia was be Trade which Poi Tagal whose co operation had Ween up phased by English Money carried on in Fiance of treaty after treaty,.�oe was Happy to Ink that they a a right to Rohy and take Staves Dndr portuguese nag six Sintil it came to 4tat, that execrable Trade worm never be put an end to let nol the feeling of that Bozir be Diss Jed and St lat Friem be Jotha fitful for what bad a hone and receive to Moro Grgetic a and eave Ursa and More few and let Ikid fit Henty a�4 Nan to acco Phim ail those pm visas which be a held out to Ike world and to Albree for Numion by All Lawf Fil Means the i of toil of of Neffic which no re atom am Jet of common june Sty for be living and perpetual death. Look at4he Situ Ilion of that country. In the first place there is Texas which has been re cognized by the american government and it was a portion of land be lodging to the mexican states which was filched from them by a set of land pirates. They committed and were encouraged in the robbery because the mexicans had totally bolts died slavery. Ali ouch separated by wilds from the a a states it teas Manifest that the negroes in Aea Reh of free Dom would be Able to find a track in rough the oth few my pathless Deitert and that the Max Caiti would receive the refugees. U was on those to tends the temm into Ihei holy Stoter. We filk after the language of my lbs Ned a esteemed and what fans from nil in mitigated Aud mild fit for for Tea and try Eta a do Jot mean to involve a one up Moo censure the a Tife of american Joseph a Veirge say there Are 1346 abolition sonic twi in that country and i give hides Point on which they were defeat i when the whip came into office in 1806f and the so vhf Vias abolished die minority of the englith a Ito scotch Roen Hera were against abet id. The Iriah member voted for abolition Andale Aboul do was carried. So that if upon a late of l am not Here to omd Kalb or explain 0� my a leagues they wer made up for it on a Pirmer hear i have kno we suite Stordy abuse the Irish but they forgot the Bera voted the same we i now i irela Ifil Greer inc a a kit is of the govern he int could not the Crown and Chart ret a rally i the Quiec ii a a choose to emancipate id 1 have to country and i give these the utmost a fed of mar Loi Adest pro Bei they Are the Apos Freedom and Liberal file bold and on Compro Xvi Illg friends of the Tii Tfirn race who dare to be Good to spite of the horrible tyranny and i Why of to bes at Roniotis site who ins Tiu cd a a a Yaeh statute is mint Der i who Venturo to own in Emmea lib it seids of free own. Above ail the ladies of America i understand Are taking a Strong and act be part in Ike Eraitt of humanity. Cheers but stored heaven Ead any thing announce the barbarity of the americans so much m this single fact the ladies of Boston itself not a slay folding state called a meeting a lady was appointed to the chair and they were proceeding to form an i it ton act Ely when they were broken Tea upon and insulted a their lives being act Sun itt wig Era add who irem netted that Ien Itrat american a . I wish they bad been men for they would not have done it. American a Gend Meo alone could commit this barbarous and a a heard of out a upon those whom it is the duty of every one to Admire and of every one who has a heart Tov love. Loud and continued cheering a they had not hearts or Heads they were t ois gites to their sex Ami species and i Blush for being s Man when 1 hear of ssh an outrage. The other Day in Pihu Liphia what Happ Oieda City that was built in order to Prodanos brio wherly lore and Charity free from the taint of slavery a a Hsu was built at considerable expense a which persons of Leolor and Whites were in the habit of a Orvial mob dressed mob the Pitk Tuen of Phila Phish a failed the Era ifs within of lowly escaped with their Eves but the i toiling Voss set fire to and and of Fink they not mat die loud voice of Indig Nant in gtd cd will imk>a8s across the Atlantic and that the wretches who committed these atrocities will and first our ,4ndtgnation is too Strong Auu a and 1 have no doubt they would cbeerfolly"9% so. Wired i Bead that or. Mac cuff or Macturk had been Loti vetted into a Ghrist Taii i will have Tbs Charity Toufick a Christian of that do scrip Itoh and t diff Ibi fifis mat similar Footit Ersi oits will arise the Roglio the islands the pm Anieto rival tag each other la profess Iowa of anxiety for the Manet Matiiw of the negro. This Day should be an Earnest a Wib of one 1 am Only begin hmm. If May be said How dire and insignificant individual like myself attempt of put Wise such mighty re Wilts. Cries of Quot hear. K4o Nhi Promise it from any foolish affectation of Frelot or Energy but because this mighty Engri Sii. Inkiow is How aroused and we most be soccer Feofil a i pome it la a Caus a there Are Good men on Earth a id a Rouse this a god in heaven ilm Honc Zablo an dlr riffed gentle uni cock Lodi Dakrie Jota Ali Gene rail chief chg. A. Iii a w Safe rial too less. To Dancy of hot Tbs of. Those to a her Victory Over its in Holdal Mali Ahedo the con Tion had been most info into and Alai a re St bet san the cot Binens a Meno Apithi conclusion Between their shouting for the Ovsek and on shouting for the Victory. Loud nid a onto need cheering yes their yers had Mubeen inst hut treasured up until if he might nok Peak the Golden vials in the hand of heavenly anon with tie in yrs of saints Poi Down this blessedness in an accepted Home Ait in a Day of salvation. Cheering a the Leeonn was fraught with Especial interest by lire speedy abolition of the apprentice skip. Cot that this was a modified cd Sid Days w0fe Nofiro meant Toni de Etc a a Difesi and discouragements a Tib Eraf government Tali to must not be imps. Excellence of their of malty pressed Forward a a of by Rcd faithful i Heers mow joyous to Hristian Principia i were the sucking a Hild playing Oire of he Asp ind he weaned child potting 1 a a i uie Cockatrice a Den. Cheers a to tabs was the Strong there rite Oppre Otilea were most Cli Eerme now British of slavery there rite a harassed and there Alliey had anticipated the Grea a a a 4 Al Tali Ai 1 4� a. Pm 7t1 i tic governor Lete what it of Lith trusting tos hands Ochu filet the her-8t, Attu aur Roun to see the Mere Iron visage of humanity overborne by the gender in of our holy religion Survey the inc boned rag tons of the Northern seas in vain he straggle with their oppression heave and Fonse incubus becomes yet More dense teased Waters Are hushed into silence rde Ned murmurs Are not heard. How Effort of Mere Force to break up such a 4iow vain the application of the fire or fib but the genial Suo approaches Hia hrs Imp fear indeed soft and mild and you Wajida thak powerless yet under their Efficacy the Ypke Winter is broken and scattered into a fragments and the filtrate Waters leap Freedom. So have our West India cold under the Winter of oppression no might have liberated them no Wea Tiibi la the hands of the negro or in our hands vol a love attained the consummation but then and tinder the Effi system of pm ression has test difficulties. To his astonishment burp Ris and Delight he found that the mover of that abolition which was to take place 6n the 1st Day of gust 1838, was their former bitterest foe and Btry Tail Muffi Kenidy of Boppe Timion of bonded loud the Verili of imy did Hua pity Ami a Oft All a spec Listfon its Ralls fell and its oppressions perished Wili it. Cheers were there any solitary and a Feas Solater and ready to become dejected in pros a eco Fig a Good 11 them Lurn to this Book a of bit tour retd tote events therein recorded and a its Counrod Lauon of the command and pro min a be not weary in Well doing for in due Tito Oya shall reap if you faint Noc a let them Liri ift a a if him amp be courifa.? loud and continued Liat son of Reform w As of an evil. The ifs cd a they had of for heir cheats and Sun of Benevolence Cacy of Bis beams fetish so. G by Tisot fill de in of Georga Titan psf ii the gratitude which Riley eely Cooter Lito a flood by eke min a Fine iii Ciiab Timy made of that med a a Pond in eat for Eil by mph Tion Apih the system and now the re Ofifi Liatos of the sought ref Oft Fri in its ovals is thit very emancipation Witek they not to adept. Load Only too let peo Jdc be Assi ired that a ift wifi he they Are Angara is 1 cause of god net he afraid to Freow out its Princi is Tol Keiff Totire resales. A Tato Sage a mme emf fat loss than Jusuf Elf my be Ettler expedite Etfer Yttri to re Ufeo Wisness 00 by gift by the b a they looked great cheering a less Tina Vitae Torii never do and never Bri Aimee principles motive Paley were the Lig Iott ave the Power Afi owed successes. Or. Of of Tripson said the of strongly to incite them to intae cause of Universal Emancia pledge which they had Given by a red up every Penny spent every Lur every Triumph achieved in this y All these they were called on. To Perse there so paid not a slave 00 fhe Nice of on which they tied. It cheers the tot Folly Sven in our Oten it waa True the Perso a Freedom of the been granted he met How choose master the Power of locomotion had him and from a a tet in his poses ing the Despa Lohes it appeared Fiat it indies there was not in All the Spee i the slightest fear that any bad con Ould flow from the emancipation of sail. What said St Vincent they be the missing of this measure Wotila Brit if Adly bitter Conrad Between the negro and ers Aliffi Jamaica had declared it to be n of the Betony. But still not Lih Tinguf these Friendly assurances it would be Friend of the negro to see that no made fax Abrid his Freedom ent they Tere. A kindness and one the work with a heartiness test abolition St at Home Ltd Den the eau Huriam was Over y would per oui a Pis i iii webs i be Sanction of profess log my perplexed and a Atay in think of its seeming to efficiency Bat Khey Wei relieved when they looked at such a Etas As this. Whom they Esu mated Whit it could do irem what it had done and done on Sudi a scale of National they had indeed Good Hope for the ii Tavba cheers it was True indeed that All a Hove Hes bad not Felt equal Liberty at Hotta in pro Tai iii this great Cam. Hear hear head he Wib Iid not on that count. them. A which not a 3 ii a hips begin sch a Ulous a uce Regp Litinas to ions labour contract measures hear and then All this hey would set about All their might. Now the would require to watch they had acted a Veiht to have some difficulties and perplex inns at it that he did not be they to Doub a lib i i a very a Patio expo Crown land Rygula and a Host of Toffier Leir own protect Jet to they a thought passing them with friends of the negro All this and Morfei they must Institute a revision of All the Hites that had been passed High my to in these Cole aits. Hear or. To then directed the attention of the audience to the horrors of the slave Trade As at present carried on. It might not be known to All that the Western part of Africa was at this hour robbed daily for the purpose of slavery of 1660 of her children. Or Buxton who had devoted the last 6 of 12 months to an investigation into the state of Biff wave Trade had ascertained Liat 356,606 of the n of Africa were slaughtered on the soil most virulent opponent or. Mac Buff hear if any Man ii Uig seven years ago had told him that such an event would take place he would have deemed it the height of of tip Dit. Hear hear but such waa the Force of pubfet>i4iipn. That those who a few Yean 10 were air Bitt Eifu it Earby Therri ish legislature and at list by dint get enemies were now coming Forward to take their share in the Praise of the final accomplishment of the work. Let diem be received even at the eleventh hour Aud late As they had come Advance that glorious work he trusted their sacrifice even at the eleventh hour would be received by him who was All merciful in expiation of their past crimes. Reference had been made to the state of slavery existing in the different colonies and dominions of the Crown of great Britain. He could not but e a press a regiment let there was an exception in the abolition of slaver in their East India possessions. He understood to effect the extinction of slavery in that Quarter c Heere hitherto it had proceeded As might have been expected it had stood still altogether. A laugh unless it was done by the Power of parliament called into action by the feelings of the British people they would remain for Ever and Aye a their present degraded condition. Hear hear it was the duty then of those who represented the people in Farsi Tenent to bring before i that great and crying grievance. With the Bles sing of god it was his intention in the ensuing session to bring the sufi to a East Indian slavery before the House and thus if possible relieve the Crown of great Britain from the foul blot of having one Man in those dominions in a state of Sla Sty. Great Cheming a commencement had been lately made they had All heard of the transportation of the Hill coolies and they had heard something perhaps of the government not encouraging but giving a qui and tacit and rather Active assistance to the exportation of those unfortunate individuals from the East indies to the different settlements of the Mauritius and Guiana. He had the Antis fact on of informing them that lord Glenelg in the Monte of lords had stated that exportation to be an end. Great cheering the order waa rescinded the Eon tract was broken up�?4be system was repudiated to Rem iii simply hereafter a Monument of their Folly. Hurrah i he would say for the Force of Public opium Ion. Jibe Phi Hurrah he would say a gain for the Power of truth. Renewed cheers it was nol in the purer of Man to offer any effectual resistance to the Progress of their cause. Let item be assured that if it was founded in Justice it must ultimately Triumph. Let them use but the Means we ii Providence had put into their hands of full free and pubic discussion Aud they might depend on it that Success would be the result. One word before he sat Down filth respect to the address of the american president a a More unfeeling address or one More disgraceful to men in Joy my the Freedom of Liberty themselves he never a Peni Aadi what he would ask was that Roan who claimed Liberty for himself and denied it to of keys drat was Jit but a base hypocrite ? cd Spring what term in the Engleh Lan Goaga could be tee severe for him ? their jealousy was Arou Ltd a Ion the subject for obit Fow years ago a was in company with the american ambassador and he never failed to speak of slavery Wien he met an american and lie prayed them to Mark the Coward feelings of guilt. He Learned afterwards that his observations on slavery and their private Louersa Tiomi at Able bad been transmitted to every of rican minister abroad. It showed to Bra i for ten kind hearing they had Given his principal motive a coming there was to pay his Humble testimony to the undaunted courage the determined Resolution the powerful and in Shalden principles of his honoured and excellent Friend Joseph surge which not merely led him to encounter the do of faculties and forego the comforts of his own Home by going to the West indies but to do much More in persevering unmoved and unshaken against the cold feeling of the House of commons in. Urging his suit when his representations fell without effect on the unwilling ir1nfjlre"cise of East India slavery before Thi House next session. We a he allow me to have the Honor of seconding him loud and continued however that measures would be speedily adopted Ceery it is not alone the slavery of2,060,666 of 1. Beni be More att Rociola a such Asyat he that Congress has 110 Power to Pic rent this. But even in Columbia the of Washo Goji is placed no Man pm Elf afo Gle hour. Free under skis taws f the Hon. And Learned Gre Tom Lri hrs be extracts from the work of ,4rtbiiglhe horrors and cruelties of setae for foe Atnafe Ricaut save owners and proceeded gifts a and of Christian or human beings or Bav the Hynas and tigers of the desert edit Gregatos mid Obiri died the faculty of bpm ech in order to i re taste Hsi Bra of this Descry prion ? men of ii Knai i address India possessions Ano i rejoice to near the Eio Yogi Are these of your spies or kind Tilro Jar qui amp advocate Tia a Siuy of pkdgs�iiii�4p��terize8e a Mettiet and Tafte notice that is Fkd i of constant Energy liar Long brought about hat con sirm mation which god had granted and which they had now met to celebrate. Loud and great cheering. D. Of Conuel. Extra Cifrod it such. Have a soiled a that but look at our East India possessions and 1 rejoice to hear the Elo human beings but of the Hundred rail tons of Huaan beings who suffer the de Radii slavery of Bav Tigno ride to their land no right to their houses 00 species of per Mamut property because this British government in India bad left them Begalk in their native land and when the last de Spatula had come away they were perishing by hundreds of thousands by famine the streams were polluted by their creases the air was infected by the com option and famine stalked through the land which but for British tyranus and misrule would be Fertile and abundant we have got More to do we Are Only beg inning the fight but we have the Power of Brickh humanity on our Side. Hear hear How delighted have been at the language of our Elo Queal Aud honoured Friend this evening America through her thousand villages and towns America along her multitudinous streams and amid the Roar of her Foo usand Waters we a hear foe Echo of his voice. She Wilt Bear that one of the most eloquent living orators of the British parliament one of the Eikost successful of professional men and one of the most highly gifted and impart of of our ecclesiastical judges has passed sentence of eternal infamy upon Hen much cheering of yes they Are info mouse it was a judge who pronounced that sentence but i want the verdict of a jury upon the Sadeques Rico. Ai Many of you As Are of opinion Foat they Are to famous say Aye. A loud shout of Quot Aye Buret from the whole Assembly Aye a they Are infamy us infamous so beholding America. I believe their very Amway Sador Here is a Alave breeder one of those beings who reared up slaves for the purpose of traffic. In it possible that a Merica should Send Here a Utasi wha traffics in blood and who k a disgrace to human stature i Hope the assertion is untrue but it is right to speak out. I was going into foe House of commons Thi other evening when a tall Gend Manly looking Man yellow and Lank addressed me. A Laigh sir i am a stranger and i wish to Sec the House of commons. I replied i will do what i can to atom Moffite a stranger. You Are an american yes from Alabama and a slave owner i presume yes. Then 1 will have nothing to do with Yon. Roars of laughter this is what we should All do. Universal Europe should proclaim that any Mun who is the Holder of slaves is Degra did in moral character and not fit to associate with honest Wolfn. Who would associate with a a convicted thief or a murderer a you would not and what is slave owner Why picking pockets rises to the dignity of felony the convicted thief or foe murderer Are men of mitigated crimes compared with those who make life Imp Nao fined �2m was puts Tion so that a his child to reafo4� was one years foe by fiume ashes and Quot was liable Quot to Quot be to write to and finer at t flogged ish Biog Panish enl in fold my thimm or Macx Sahf a. Alter How. T Buxton and after foe Tea tapas of Tfir wont yet to be act Oid Foslin said Quot they bad aids slavery Eit sting in Sofo part of their East India Empire but he was of oiu1o� that if the thid their duty they were Tiow in a position to resize foe a to desire of Odd of exp i and favorite Pieta fied Fie said a be in Gaud. If their Zunft / o Iniste oar Aii at outa ent tej Are free. They tech a Eua Farri and their a Back tel amp ii 7bats Rte i Bee Tau a nation pro Tiet Sci of �11 your Empire of Mankind nay 1 a very vein Wise a her mercy toe App Kaip he if oped they had Sotie member of Foa Briick Senate then present who a Vituld Psge him set to Brit Fot re next session a Tori that to taking upon British soil in and of foe be should break the Fetters stave Countey Quot Feli me or color an4i my Doi a roil be wan land _ and they a Tab it waa Power to Tea one who throw of tilt Moo Mimm world. A he waa told Many who item Feao aped eni states fire Cilvy a a re pied Leml Sfer to re att for tar Lin Fig for foe Crew diner parity taw to new York that Dave in foe Scoufo others to do a cube fool Tevz a web islands Frei whence have occurred in the capital of the Empire i Meh was built for the establishment of Republican institutions. What do we want i that into slavery we should throw the american ingredient and make it impossible that these Raon sters hould be tolerated in any european states. Shall i be told that their legislature is open to petitions and addresses f Mark the fact some petitions were presented at the late Congress against slavery but they enacted a Rule that no Man should be allotted to spa a when presenting a petition for the emancipating foe negroes and they were placed upon foe table in silence and unread cries of shame shame the Rale was As foolish As it was cruel for there Are sixty anti slavery men in Congress who won t present peril ids to have them passed in silence it petition to have the Rule Roc Index and they win then be Able to argue on the Resci fld ing of that Rale quite As Widl As if foe Rale was never made at least if they Are agitators of my description they win soon find Foat out. I came Here for two purposes one to Rouse your indignation against America and if it is said Foat the americans Learned this traffic from England let offem now follow her example. She has set a glorious example and believe me the West indies cannot contain eight Hundred thousand free Blacks and America keep twice that number in slavery. The hour is coming when America will regret her conduct in tears of blood. One duly remains to us and that is loudly to proclaim our hatred and execration of foal pretended Friend of Freedom who has Given such horrible proof of her if consistency and brutality. My next pm Pooe was to rejoice with a holy Joy at what has been effected in our own colonies. This is the Day the lord Haf Omada let us rejoice and be glad. On this Day the negro will rejoice for he no longer shudders when he sees his children pass by he no longer feels that horrible creeping of the flesh when he sees them growing up into manhood and strength from the conviction Foat they must either endure foe lash As himself or be sold to some Distant planter away from his father and his family. The Mother no longer weeps when she hugs her Youngling to her breast but rejoice ii that it is no longer a slave but a creature delightful in her in fancy and promising to be her protector in her old age. 3 choir my glory to England that she Gurvy immense wealth for such a purpose my 8c<�d a he Turkl by he in the if Jug j., Utthi Ludd Ziy Taii Ayoub a a a i 1 will add glory the Ireland. Sturge said my said is if Oak votes of All the Irish m fiem for Eman Cipi a taunted for one Foat when the Labolitto motion a assisting Illey had Bra it hear Only foe groans of the slaves but to wite Nice every packet was How bringing if firms of their Freedom they should hot 0 Quot shortly be Able to Tetch tace ii Robab to p their own a is Bot Aid tit Fex other eau tried. The4ritent.o� in prof Teiton Chian of Lions get be m measure conceived from a statement who held to his hand and which he would Foad to it to lib of meeting a United tees 2,256,060,French Coloma a a �356,006 Danes dutch amp 106,066 Here then it would be of ibid Foa nearly one half were held by be Public America. Hear hear that country which Boafo Efi itself foe free Rte upon the Earth hear hear.they told of Oaing that they the British 4icfli>le a Khz curse them and if they do so it Yas Feird to to use their utmost eff Fos to rid them cheers to show of Eire Ilse abolitionists had to contend with there ii give two Aste the Sute of feeling. The instrument Witch 1 hand was called a Quot Bowie knife Man who became celeb Tatei from to victims he had sacrificed fifth it solely As an instrument of death like foe italian stiletto Prin a Tion and it wan said la worn by the slave Holder America. This i Strum to say. Was manufactured name of a Hunting knife York id the most Public and what did they supp characters on its Blade Tion expressions of Fidalg iad fact to which he won id ado Eart Strati Pilof the Hill of fro i do phial where a of Dill i sem bled to promote of air great Cir fact would Beer is Rand was a a jute Atiz feet outrage was efm ted not by foe Ignosh Lyrl educated fab Filc but by foe Active Coytt part of tile Wei ii Ihab Toiata Sanction of inmi.siher8. Bli Aalur eminent Aioli rofl to of him upon foe a inject a much a ask. We my Lois we of a a up Quot a it when we thus pledge ourselves that. Vote for a pro slavery Man we fledge our is As me i As men who have a Depp and abiding respect nay a deep and abiding Jove for our common he Matin Yufor the poor and oppressed slave. And Feich we thus pledge ourselves we do Itas christians Raa believers in the Gion that we profess As followers of Hirn to has chosen As his representatives foe. Icmat of a we kind and who assures us Foat u we do or do not towards these it Ahll be As a judge whether fit Otto my Low of a Jarry in Kofity where cited to Litt m of a Wougk to 1�

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