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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - November 27, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioI t a a a Isz p�jft�l��tfi9ir-tbe-Txecutive commit Agama Libl , or Boitor. Yasm 1. A a. 49. i Eric i. The philanthropist Vul Bliszko weekly by the amtt8layb1ly society a 1, Porrter of main 4 sixth streets Cincinnati Ohio. R Jamks Tyvise Pabl Oaklus Aernt # dollars and i Fly cents in three Bollara if not peril till tie expiration of the year. Let Era on hits treat could Beuic acted to the pubs Huhg agents a tone relating to the editorial department to the Edito s. In Ait cases psst paid a a it Terri ii iii i in Airit Jln communications. For inc Phanth rapist ci.os1mg by Hacks Jon the forms of government. Or. Suitor a my of fixations to you Are duly appreciated for the readiness with which you have my unpopular articled into the columns of year periodical. I commenced this discussion in the Hope that More influential pens might then listed to Stem that torrent which so generally threatens the destruction of american Liberty. But the signs of the items too strongly indicate that the torrent will go on and perhaps nothing bet Lar can he done than for us to retire int prayer Oil silence and watch the nations of the storm. I am apprised by your editorial note at the end of my last article that even the editor of the philanthropist has to decline being my second in this cute prize alien what coadjutor can i look for throughout the United states suffer me tills once to speak Tii rough your columns in further a Spla Nati ii of my views and 1 shall Foi hear to solicit the attention of your readers any More to this obnoxious theme. 1 am no advocate for any other species of monarchy or Arist Deraey or. Editor than such As i Hod. Cottu ined in the Cotti Tutiven of the United state and i heartily wish thai this Constitution in its essential principles May be perpetuated to acc end of the world. Momir Skiest i Stoermier and democracies in their simple forms 1 regard As being alike destructive to the Liberty and happiness of Mankind and which of the three we ought most to a abhor a i shall not now inquire. The Wisdom of Ages has demonstrated that the simple Lei Zients designated by those names must be combined so As to form a compound government whereby one department of a corrupt race May be set As a Check upon another of keep the world in a by tolerable degree of order. If a simple democracy were any better than a a imply monarchy Pray what use is there in hair iof a Senate of the United states what there in having a president possessing a veto Power whereby he can negative a legislative act of in ill houses of Congress is not this a species of Noim Schyf the president May be removed in. Four years but the veto Power remains permanent acid his successor can maintain it in under finished Energy. The government of England is called a Are told by statesmen who understand the subject that the chief magistrate of the latter holds As much Power As that of the former and it cannot be de led that the people of England have the right of suffrage it Are represented in the legislature and consequently have a voice in making the Laws by a a Rhth they Are governed. It is equally True that their personal rights Are protected by the Golem ment and they have the us disturbed enjoyment of life Uberty and the Pursuit of happiness. Now what but prejudice and misapprehension can influence us to hate and condemn that government because it i called a monarchy sad to adore our ova because we have Given it the empty and false Nameon a democracy my heresy or. Editor consists in believing that monarchy which protects personal Liberty Mma maintains Public righteousness is better in Ibe sight of heaven and of common sense than a a Moc racy which enslaves it millions and Vio Laton the individual rights of humanity in the Exerv of a Soverel popular mme Sty. I believe a bib Miner that a a a pm a Elrean Tike Imbt of 4ie United states is a privilege providentially a printed that it is possible for any people by their sri redness to forfeit this privilege and that when they do so Ood has a right to take it away from them. This implies of Cour that the people have to inherent right of self government inde Pended of their creator and that he has not Given the authority out of his hands to hold them responsible in to mar political and social capacity. If the people have an inherent Over eighty and an Independent right of self government it follows that no just authority would be violated if they should aborts a the Constitution of the country to Norrow and proceed to govern themselves according to their own pleasure. Are the above statements admitted to be True if they Are Why should they be thought to constitute a delicate subject that it is dangerous to meddle with exactly because of a general unwillingness that the truth should come to Light and he clearly mde stood lest our Devotion to certain idols should be Attu shed which can Only be kept in Youtt Teanee by Bebsz concealed or Oli wiil under Shaf tows of error acid delusion. If tiie above positions Are not True Why should there be an uti willingness to examine discuss and refute them fun the same reason that the people of the South e unwilling to discuss the subject of slavery and that is a secret conviction that their own a route schemes Quot and opinions cannot Bear examination. While a Republican people faithfully and practically own the almighty for their Sovereign they need no other King do not All enlightened statesmen agree that general intelligence and virtue Are tile main pillars of a Republic and what is this but saying in other words that the people must be virtually subject to the authority of divine Law and Mast bring this virtue into All their political a Perst ions otherwise their free institutions cannot be perpetuated they must own that god is their Sovereign and that they civilly and politically a re the subjects of his righteous administration. This is Irue pub Eanis and it is a very different thing from that democracy which by its proud claims of supreme and Independent majesty sets the Essen Al Laws of heaven at Dei Noe. This re a Quot will a Estafy personal Liberty As e Ecta ally and speedily As any or mlis cation of a monarchy a aristocracy under heaven. It will also equally unjust to Leigh Boring nations and world common happiness of the or. Channin., in his letter to the Hon. Henry Clay says. Namons cannot consolidate free in a Rte Tuom and Curen Kimting Prosperity by crime. They Ohe ple of this a a a Aon show tremble when they look round on their country. Let them consider our unmeasured our unrighteous love of gain Obr unprincipled parly spiff and our faithless and cruel wrings to wards the Indian race and can they help fearing that the cup of Wrath is filling for this people a now in regard to a your faithless and cruel wrongs towards the Indian race let the a following question be fairly and honestly answered a from whom have the aborigines of this continent received the most unjust and cruel treat Merit from the Wiki Marc of England or from the democracy of the United slates England possesses the Northern part of the continent and has it equally in her Power to defraud the indians. If she has Mot done so not having the same a unmeasured unrighteous love of gain a shall we abhor that monarchy while we Admire this democracy and shout its Praise to the ends of the Earth again Fhelt Eimy Ash Man Techy listening to the voice of petition from the people has Al shed slavery through the West India islands while our democracy has Laid All petitions against slavery on the table with contempt and maintains the slave Trade with am its horrors while its advocates mob men and women but houses destroy printing presses and labor zealously to perpetuate slavery to the end of time. Let it be Well considered that All a your faithless and cruel wrongs towards the Indian race and All our acts in establishing slavery and the slave Trade in the United slates Are the acts and doings of the people themselves for they appointed the men who did these things sustained them in my their doings and still continue to sustain them. The whole responsibility therefore is on the Sovereign people and these things have been done by Vliem in Thor regular exercise of self government. And now Tell me what monarchy or aristocracy upon the face of the Earth has done worse things than have been done by these legitimate operations of democracy have these republicans departed from their own principles not at All for their principles Are that the people have an inherent and inalienable right to self government that when representatives Are sustained by the people they Are sustained by a Sovereign Mes to thatis and whose right thus to govern is never to be called in question. That it is not a anarchy nor aristocracy but genuine do i Ocran to which perpetuates the whole Energy of the Aine rican slave Trade is proved by the following extract from the Washington Globe As published in a Toni a watchman of the 29th of september a the Union of the democracy of the North and the planters of the South is the Bond of their Mutual safety. In the great contest Between the candidates for the chief magistracy nothing but this Unity of principle and action can secure them from a total defeat and this defeat while it endangers the rights of the democracy of the North. Will be followed by the Nec Ity on the part of the South either of submitting to be Roh Beil of its property or departing from the confederation. A dose Alliance with the democracy at the North will insure the Aseen Dency of those great Princi Teu of Ria to May repose in safety. It is in the Halls of Congress and not in the Fields of the South the Gre at Battle is to lie fought and her institutions Are to be upheld or overthrown. Let her look to the proceedings of that body w on the subject of slavery and then ask herself who it was that stood by her Side and put Back the raging flood of fanaticism was it not the democracy of the North was it not the friends of a Republican administration it is unnecessary to reply in the affirmative for the fact is known to thus we have it from High authority that slavery and the slave Trade in this country Are not fostered and perpetuated by any other principle or Power than the a fac demo Racia of the North and by the regular and legitimate action of Republican administration those who Are opposed to slavery Are called federalists and aristocrats while its supporters Are the genuine democracy of the North in close Alliance with a a Republican Adraion stration which makes men women and children a Ocao Tefr personal to Alt intents and purposes whatsoever. In the Lamelin facet of1i5ioii� witelliai�,"f1lllt my anti Republican heresy fully advanced and endorsed by Baoliu Oniss. A the Freedom of individual opinion the rights of the minority to their opinions the duty of restraining the tyranny of a majority by Law Are the grand principles of our operation. What Barrier is there against the Universal despotism of Public opinion in this country but individual Freedom who is to stand against it Here but the possessor of that lofty in Demenil Nencet if you yield this Point every thing will be swept beneath the popular flow sir if the rights of the a Merity Are to be secured by Law against a a a tyranny of a Toniy a we Are verily guilty comic erring our brother therefore is this distress come upon us. Cim Cismati tuesday Mot Miber 37, 1838. Mit to the degradation that they should not present their Humble petitions to even majesty now this a High handed arbitrary and despotic matter spoken of by the senator was the action of the Sovereign people themselves for they not Only formed that a american Congress but they still sustain the same men in Power wit ii As much eagerness As Ever notwithstanding All they have done against the right of petition. Such a thing we Are told a would shake the drone of any Sovereign in that a the people there would not for a moment submit to such then it follows that the throne of a monarchy is More easily shaken by the people than the despotism of a ruling party in Republican America. If so by what Spe Cirei of logic can it be made appear that Libarty is any Mare amply enjoy or any bolter Sec red in this Chantry than it it in Eaf land it is not for a moment doubted that a Republican government is More desirable than any other when theft Ople have intelligence and virtue enough practically to acknowledge and obey the Sovereign authority of god but when they claim supreme Power and inherent majesty for themselves and exercise a More a High handed arbitrary and despotic Sway than the monarchies of Europe their claim of having a government of distinguished and unparalleled Freedom is an empty a demagogue ism a with which to flatter themselves and to deceive the balance of Mankind. The greatest and most valuable object of civil government is to protect the personal rights of All that every Man Bay be secure in the enjoyment of in forty and happiness. The form of government which Best accomplishes this object and which provides most effectually for its perpetuity is the Best form of government in the world. To shout around an idol called political Liberty and inequality while personal rights lie prostrate my a private happiness is bleeding at every pore is a species of democratic nonsense that ought never to be permitted to arise from under the ruins of the French a Volution. It is my perfect conviction or editor that the ground which i occupy is Invulnerable and that the principles which i advocate Are essential to the permanency of the free and invaluable institutions of our country but As i appear to have to second in the United 8tates, and am regarded As an Tansu rated and unsupported visionary i am willing to retire into silence and watch the operation of these popular delusions which Are threatening to sweep away the inheritance of civil Liberty from us and from our posterity. An Able writer in the state of new York who ranks among the most eminent Legal professional characters speaking of the a Texas conspiracy a says �?o1 cannot now bring to my recollection in the history of the world so foul and abominable a conspiracy against the Laws of nations of civil society and the rights of Man As this nefarious combination of land speculators land pirates and Titan steamers under Llie name of texan patriots. Thia and in the midst of a people who boast of being highly intelligent and claim to be the friends of against the Universal ism of Piaf in pin Tony a if in Short individual Freedom is to be effect to tally protected so As not to 6c swept beneath the popular wave,�?1 ask for no other monarchy and no other Uri Stourac a. If it be possible for t action of a majority to be a Hura Nuy As above slated Pray what More than in is can be found in monarchies and aristocracies if the Sovereign people can become tyrants there is As much neet Bibily for Ribeir Power retrained by the Auto Riff of done raw,7t5 a Arof kill of Abil emperors. In your 40th no., la series yid say a party has never fastened its bands around us and we owe it no allegiance. The liberties the rights of a single citizen Artof More value in our eyes than the governorship of the state. Are the intrigues and excitements and demagogue ism and the Petty interests of party to prevent for Ever the discussion and settlement of questions so intimately connect with the very existence of our free ins Titu Tio Jis a what is a governing Ina Jority of this nation i ask but a party has not great care been taken for these Twenty five years that nothing be done pm Divide the party is it not possible for a Republican party to use As much in Taigue demagogue so a bribery Audi corruption to keep itself in Power As was Ever used by any emperor or order of nobility aft if h shall do so must we regard the whole matter As being pure and holy because the Golem in ent is not called a monarchy or an aristocracy Bat of the contrary is called the self government of the soverign people in the tame no. Of the philanthropist you give Urther closing part of senator moms of Kleeh in which he said in the Senate of the United states a sir the doctrine contended for in this Cape is the most High Hamlet arbitrary and de Pete that has Ever been advocated in the amen can Congress. Indeed nothing like it has been chinned a the prerogative of the Moat despotic Crown in Europe. Even there to put in practice what has been claim Ned Here As the Rig it of the Senate would shake the throne of any a Over Elan in that country. Of people could be found there who would for a Raon tent sub Law order Liberty and the rights of Man a from my inmost soul i sicken at the thought. See a a rhe War in Texas a Page 65. It is obvious that the abuse heaped upon the Indian race the establishment and enlargement of the slave Trade in America the Breeding of negroes for Sale and Quot transportation the encouragement of mob Law in the North and Lynch Law in the South together with the combined efforts to obtain Texas As a vast slave Market in the West Are the acts and doings of those who profess to be the Best fipii5ltcait� and demo rods of this nation. So far As the government acts it is supported by a Republican majority and if it should carry All the above measures into full operation and be sustained by such majority this would be a regular and legitimate operation of democracy in contradistinction from iii narc and aristocracy therefore As the first of these can promote tyranny in principle and in practice As effectually As either of the others i am at Tome loss to comprehend tie refer consists its great pre Eminence. If a governing majority can be As regardless of Atman rights As any other Moilis location of Power it is a Plain and undeniable conclusion that there is As much necessity to have provisions to Guardi against the tyranny of the Sovereign people As to guard against that of a King an emperor or a hereditary Arbit Cracy. If we As a nation furnish the practical contradiction to All our professions which has been so Long in Progress we need not be surprised to find reflecting and observant men drawing the common sense conclusion that democracy is no such Blessing to Mankind As its advocates would fondly persuade them to imagine. By publishing this closing article or. Editor Yoo will oblige me much., 1 am aware that its theme is More unpopular than even abolitionism itself. I do not ask you to endorse its sentiments. Let them stand As mine and on me be the responsibility. I court not the applause of a popular current that is sweeping away the liberties of my country and i wish my conscientious testimony again it it to stand publicly recorded. _ tour sincere and constant Friend a. Shinn. For the philanthropist. More pm Napina in Ohio. Or. Editor there was dwelling a few Days ago a family of Blacks in a Small log Cabin attached to another House in pern township Delaware county Ohio. There were five two men the mulatto wife of one of them and children All smart. They were happier than they Ever were before. They had been slaves in Kentucky. The men Long ago had heard that a fall Are created free and they saw they had the form of humanity. They Felt themselves to be men a that they had a right to themselves a they had Good sense and Resolution enough also to attempt to recover this right and they made their escape. They turned their backs upon the land of Viole nce and bondage upon our american Egypt and crossed the Ohio River never to them half so Beautiful before. They addressed themselves As Bunyan would say of his Pilgrim to Canada the Black Many a land of Promise to him the land of Canaan. They Felt and made their was sometimes by night and sometimes by Day. Over Hills awl to Roux a the Dales now in the forests and Ibex by the Road Side and the Otth the Brambles like to Iosef tie Fox wond tear their flesh a Hille yet they would serve to keep off the hounds Man catchers of Kentucky. They finally got to the Interior of Ohio to Peru. Here they called a halt to take breath and look afro did them a besides they Learned that Here lived some quakers a Nam from i so Sweet to the Man of color further there were abolitionists mortal foes to slavery. Here too Lihty were greeted with smiles. They could shake the hands of White men. They looked at themselves they saw that they were not brutes As deemed and taken to be by slave holders but human beings a part and parcel of the great family of Man. In Peru at 4 of clock in the morning they heard not the blowing of the Horn to summon them from their Quarter to perform for others unrequited tasks. The Sun began to be Lovely to their sight. Formerly they loved the Moon much better. They had Little rest except at night and then she seemed gently and lovingly to shed her Light upon them when they were not cursed with the presence of their enemies their masters their always found them at Tii Cir tasks and arose upon their misery and they longed for his disappearance. But now How changed he shined messes. Isaac l. Hedge Selli Sprague or. And Elihu Hobart. Quincy oct. 27, 1838. Pm a wifi a the nomination of so Large and respectable a portion of the twelfth congressional District of Massachusetts As those whom you represent is the More Aniie full received and accepted because accompanied with their declared approbation of the general course which i have hitherto pursued As Ilie re prese imitative of the District in the House of of the United states. If there was in the councils of the nation one representative of the profile of Union bound try More unyielding ties than All the real to adhere upon them a freemen he was now to them a Sun of glory was now to them More than the Sun of Austerlitz to Bonaparte. But As to the married Man every enjoyment every exciting and delightful sensation brought along its Pang. His wife and children they were not Here to rejoice and enjoy Sweet Liberty with him. He and they were now separate and they were still in slavery. But can a a niggers feel can a a niggers a love say the slaveholders and soul buyers when they separate men women and children so As Best to suit the Market. Yes they can god has not confined the Best affections of the soul to any particular color of the skin and claims these affections from All his intelligent creatures. This Man loved his wife and children and Laid his plans to obtain their Liberty though in the execution he ran a Roost eminent risk of losing his own. Saving the earnings of some months of Industry he secretly returned to Kentucky. The details of this dangerous expedition into the enemies territory of the Midnight Mexcur Ainor there of the suppressed excitement of a few dear friends let into the secret their Hopes and fear a of the whispering consultations and death like silence of the exploits performed and of the escape effected a the details cannot now by Given. The wife and children were recovery j to their husband and father. Say husband a father White Mam would you not do so too he brought his family a few weeks since to Peru and there for a while and till the night of the 17ih october they All enjoyed Sweet Liberty together intending soon to leave for Canada the Bondman a Only real Hope and resting place. Is he not Safe in free Ohio no and when was Ohio free never it is a Mere race ground Between the slave states and Canada a Between the land of violence and oppression and the land of Liberty and All its High ways and by ways Are so Many courses entered and scoured and run Over by the slaveholders and their hirelings to run Doivan seize and Kidnap either Bond or free White or Black men to them but of Little difference. Ohio has no sovereignty no Independence such As Southron claim and enjoy. A kind of Han maid to Hobo my Ami wishes to do her duties Well she loves and serves and Otley. And the legislature of the great state of Ohio takes no Steps to dissolve the connexion to redeem its disgraced character. As to the Case before is on the morning of the 17th instant a stranger was passing from House to House in the Neil boyhood of this family of Blacks endeavouring to in rehash hogs but was careful not to buy. This stranger it afterwards appeared belonged to Ohio. During the Day he and three Independence and to defend them alike through direct assault and Prevar Cating Compromise it was the member who held his seat by the Confidence of the sons of Pilgrim fathers. It was the social covenant of the May Flower that taught the first practical lessons of equal human rights and Laid the Only just foundations of government in the Mutual pledge of Faith. Could the sons of those whose feet alighted on the Plymouth Rock have been represented by one who would listen and nod assent to the axiom that Freedom lives Only by suction from the blood of the slave he would not Only have disgraced his parentage but must and would have been disavowed by every Freeman of the District of whatever party bearing one drop of Pilgrim blood in his veins. In the tiny Happy diversities of opinion prevailing among our Fel a citizens at this time it affords me Consolation and encouragement to observe that upon this a Goject there appears to be among my constituents of this District a Gre it and cheering unanimity of sentiment. All adhere to the right of the people not Only to petition and remonstrate to to Weir a resent Tives and Niles Bat to the duty of those representatives and rulers to listen to their complaints to read and consider their petitions and to answer them not always indeed with compliance but always with argument Concession and with kindness. I Hare not heard of one Freeman of this District who considered the duty of a legislative Assembly to the sacred right of petition fulfilled by redving and then refusing to read or consider the complaints or remonstrances of the people. Wheresoever and with whomsoever this distinction originated it is no fruit from the Blossom of the May Flower. Fhe Freedom of thought the Freedom of the press the Freedom of speech for yourselves the Freedom of debate for your representatives with inexpressible pleasure i say appear to be equally dear to All of my constituents of the twelfth icon Gressional District. I Hope and Trust in god they will never give their Confidence to or Trust As their representative any Man prepared to surrender them to the oppressors wrong or to sink them in the political Kennel of party discipline. Against the Minimi Tooa and most pernicious project of annexing the new Afave i f Fen Republic of Texas to this ution the opinion and the feeling of the whole people of this District appear equally unanimous. Nor Are the instigation to a War with Mexico Inore congenial to the moral principle or the Public policy of any one of my constituents. I congrats late you and them that these imminent dangers have passed away. Amiable negotiation with Mexico is resumed and precisely at the same time the texan proposal to join our Union a Fexas with her Mountain Load of con have one and the Sams origin a adware one Issue the Rivot Tiik in eternal Boni chains of your so Pheni countrymen of descent. Should the people of is Ivel fib District of Massud Hijii again see in me As their Sentinel on die we told a Tyr lion they will not Eit from i my con twin. Acquiescence Mempa amp we mob a rhe system or of its fax Wui to blog he a huty Aguf Jet a to am mib with every pulsation against it feeble and i Neffic Poi the last of a failing voice May he. Stilt be while the Power of note ranch my by Tom pm shall never cease till the Piedl Stolb w at the Fotz Narni tel Wihtol was and the spirit unto god who _ 1 am with grateful sentiments to whom you represent for the renewed of your and their Confidence gentle min Gap your Friend and fellow citizen John Quincy Adams. I National Ila borers and free in strict parlance it is Only those Wilfo Labov. Kentuckians from Mason county were in the town of Delaware and eur Ella employed a Man a is secretly employed his horses and Waggon to assist them in the Abd Tilk Tion of this family of Blacks. This hired Man Catcher is a member in regular standing of the methodist episcopal Church in Delaware. At night As he was about starting on this unholy expedition he revealed Liis business to a brother member who resided under the same roof and who in principle is an abolition isl this brother cant Onmi warned and entreated him to desist hot All Tom he Rose. He could for a Fow pieces of or Tda on he Fishow Imin Rotts cast them into hopeless slavery but could not be warned for the love of Christ. He should be tried in the Church cries a brother member. Not at All dear Man Why should he be tried he May have violated the Law of Ohio the Law of conscience and Christian Precept but not the present spirit and principles of his Church. Slavery is now the grand order of the Day in the methodist e. Church. Look Reader at the resolutions of their conferences either North or South or West. Our heroes started some time Afier dark and the five most or All of them armed arrived at the scene of operations about 9 of clock at night. The Ohio stranger the hog purchaser had got All necessary information and the gang darted like lightning into the room of this Black family. The men Wie away. The women and her children were Sei Imd a an instant thrust into this christians ? Waggon and in a moment of time borne away. Her shrieks piercing the air became most terrific. At this time in the House adjoining there were two men members of a Quaker family that lived there they blew cheer Horn and made a rally but quite too late. The neighbourhood however mustered in considerable Force and gave Ehase during the latter part of the night but lost the track and some of them came to Delaware. Here in the morning they procured a warrant under the statute against kill napping and a a iii pursued with a Constable there being to qualified sheriff. At Jefferson on the National Road in Madison co., the Constable with what Force he had came up with the do except the Church member who had been previously discharged. The hog purchaser was a citizen of this pm acc and son in Law to the tavern keeper where the kentuckians stopped. They All seemed to feel quite at Home and quite Safe. They openly avowed and acknowledged every step in the whole transaction said to crowned the two men not taken hut not the we men and children they took the latter because they knew the owner in Mason co a but did not pretend to have any authority from him. Nor any advertisement. The pursuers were threatened to Bahiey should be mobbed by the citizens if the Leab attempt at arrest was made. The a kentuckians held a secret consultation with the Constable and he came out Quale persuade j that the poor woman wanted to Geck to Lientu Jaty. The woman and children were seen by the pursue cos in Jeff Tson and spoken to. She dared to make be reply hut shed hum Lance of Loi tsim pos lure tears. The Pur acors have returned Home mid the cd a times to their bondage. Dry a a a a october 22df, 1838. By we never hear of its renewal whether with moloch or mammon in his train i regret that 1 am not enabled to indulge with equal Confidence the Hope that i height of petition and the freed iii of debate Smo tiered As they have been for nearly three years in the legislative Halls of the nation will be restored in All their plenitude and All their purity. Slavery shrinks and will shrink from the Eye of Day. Northern subservience to Southern dictation is the Price paid Rhy for Southern support. New Cru a Qia Uit Niu Uii or oui item supp Iiri. A ted. Skin Lipport Bolh tolf d. Sex the minister of the gospel who does not pose the sin of slavery is unfaithful to his trusty and is dealing deceitfully with those under his a a re. Forages the men who have trickled to Southern domination a and their representatives have not been Ahamed out of the distinction Between refusing to Recette and refusing tor Reada petition. 1 believe it is impossible that this total subversion of every principle of Liberty should be much longer submitted to by the people of the free states of this Union. Bui their Fate is in their own hands. If they choose to be Renc Senomi by slaves they will find servility enough to represent and betray them. 1 have seen with pleasure that even among the most decided Suppo Tafa of the present administration there have been Here and there one who refi Scuto sacrifice his own Righte and those of his constituents to the shrine of party Idi Stry. These however have been solitary exceptions the spirit of True Freedom is pot yet sufficiently awake and while she slumbers All the vigils of the watch Naii will be in vain. A the suspension of the right of petition the suppression of the Freedom of debate the first for the annexation of Texas the car whoop of two successive presidents of the United states against Mexico Are All but varied symptoms of a deadly disease seated in the marrow of our Bones a and that deadly disease is slavery fhe Union will fall before it or it will fall before the unum. The abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia or in the territory of Florida the prohibition of internal piracy Between the states the refusal to admit another slave contaminated state into the Union Are All partial ineffective it aisles for the great elemental evil. A they will til ski ii and film Tea Iti Seroua part whue rank corruption mining All within in feta i believe it important that the inhabitants of the twelfth congressional District of Massachusetts should be fore warned that during the 26th Congress the whole system of policy of the Eketu Tive Adu ministration of the govern eat of this Union and All its prominent measures foreign and Domestic will be a they have been and now Are to support strengthen an perpetuate the Peculiar instr unions of the South fhe extermination of the Indian race the a yrs tool Delap Idalyn of of left Public Imide the diff hostile ten to a nth real in prove me to the insidious crippling of Domestic Industry the Ridicn-1oit5 imposture of an exclusive metallic curency for the revenues and a Pem litres of the nation inc Eno Rinonos increase of a Stan Cung army and the Stu Haneas slanders upon the Wavy and its Gallant officers the sycophantic Emi tip of the democracy of numbers and the Macc gems i stiga on the Public work and Are Pajl by or those who labor for nothing who can National labourers. The individual operatic i who labor for individuals Are As Independent and often much More so than those who employ them. A our great Public writs have been cart if on and completed Erie fit by foreigners and aliens. A the ill used Laslie minded Kish Raan driven by oppression from his native Home is become the worlds renovator. He is found Everty Ftera where there is hard labor to perform and Mettr grumbles in the perform acc of it. A fhe plod if patient German too prefers to break up the soil of Liberty rather than Bend his stud hot neck in Fidai Vass Dage and second hand Tram in to Kil own Fother land. But the greater part of mire ports Are the production of on National fhe out casts of tiie Laws the is owned and in nationalized the patient and Uno fending negro whom Many very a honorable Ranny esteem As of Legal Protection. Shall it Ever be so ? must the while Tan tier Widm a the oppressor Over every Shade of color hoi own shall that knowledge which has Given him the Power be forever exerted a for evil Only and that continually a what answer will the Hindoo the Indian the african or the Australi Tan give to this question they Are a his Lah Etess whenever he can enthral or subdue them by frail or Force. Slave labor is without doubt the de rest of All labor and therefore the More it is extended tie poorer a nation must become. The Nunner Aldo in which forced labor is performed will evil ii its we need but Lille acquaintance with slave slates to be convinced of this. Believe says a modern author that the real the of All experience both with us and by ii by to a try where a fair trial has by made to thai the labor of slaves cannot compete with the Lafarr of freemen. The principal support of the value of slaves in our Union is for the pro it fiction of sir entirely owing to the great Preni thib Given by Congress in the duty on foreign sugar which Aota As a Premium on slavery. Take off that duty Ami the probabilities of Ould he that a slave would not be Worth More than from forty to fifty dollars instead of from five to six Hondred Dollosa the present and the Trade of Breeding them for Sale As cattle would finish and bring their Vidue within the abilities of the people to Eman Eime them As the British have done in their colonies. It is in vain to conceal the Dady increasing risk from the existence of slavery besides the rapidly Mcrea Siag disgrace acid degradation ii of a Neopit a tending to be free and tolerating per Onatsu Vety which Obi by must become greatly by the diffusion of Knowles and All that the world has to fear Ini the Progress of Universal emancipation is from the ignorance of the a Manet perpetuate tide igme Anae therefore Agio Wetr it May appear pm apparent policy of the slaveholder to reconcile the slave to his condition a to eventually prove his greatest evil a emancipation must come and then the master would be glad to find his equal in Law and Rit a be in it be his associate his equal in knowledge. The lowest of labourers the Meriest slave the Mechanic and scholar the Rich and the poor Elm Fly understand All matters that relate to Haimy Ifo erty. The science or Art of Gover meat is another subject which it requires much study and skill to understand to explain to put in operation. Here lies the danger of having the majority ignorant where the Ina Jority Rule As Rule tray must where there is perfect Liberty. In he labourer feels that be has a right to i of Ommo Lested All the of tits of his labor but one labourer has no More right Thui another to this class uie caste that would dominate Over soother class let them be called by whal name they May Are aristocratic id principle. True democracy consists in the free and fearless Admix Tiro of All masses. The danger of All associations is that the strength Eli Caliri May be abused by the poor and ignorant a Nuol As by the wealth and Wise and a Lynching government we All know would be worse than the most abused autocracy. The greatest enemies of labourers individual or National Are those who would Divide them into castes who would involve them in Jhu party squabbles of the Day by tween is North acid the South who would mosle Puzzle Turnm Wim sectional prejudices and sub meet Specular Lolita on government. The path of the Plain a Titan in defence or furtherance of his rite a Rye it path and easily lighted. He May be of a by a Glare that promises him too much and Folie himself in the traits of a violent in Ler or when he Ali Ald Only travel a Eom Paity with Tife expert ease. An Myrer has in general better More Euvater Concep of Hurado rights and of human duties nights which Are denied him duties which he it compelled to perform than the most accomplished tyrant or Slavet Iolder the Moat Nitelle etude mid humane. % a habit of unabridged command de Abioye Ohlis Eratha Alt Aen Ifo of Equality of Righta. Hereditary right is no right Jalall in the estimation of re pub scans. What then u her Italy labor while Man in any situation Eoa Ders he has a right to the Fabor of others a cwt Dino or Reward a he will naturally Emle Avor to defend and mint sin that right. It a unjust by Force to deprive Hia Lof jul.,. A convince him he is wrong and you disarm him atm of it apr against capital to them notary jus-1 of his Best defence for Man who Baltie m Lino of Lei Toomir a All these ways and Rae Aoa for gain Only As for his rights and a Ata Northern administration with Southern adv Cales of the Nati nerf 4m. T.s<5r ,

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