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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - May 27, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioA r i. In i i a piste k jambs g. Biri8ey, Buitoni to vote ii. A # a Jere i ily fully concern Ling Wiir brother a a a Ili Refore a Thig distr so come upon us. My. Mix in a. Pugh ski Wren. Cincinnati Ohio Friday May 27, 1836. A Quot a a is a a number 22 the p1tbli8hki1 we balt at. Cincinnati. Ohio. O by the a it Hio state anti-8i.avkrt Misatis Mew Comer Semih Ltd main so terms. Two dollars per annul always payable air not Acx. Letters and communications on business of the Jolce a Hook be direct a to a ousts Wattles. Those relating to the editorial department to the editor of the Phant Cropiot. In All cases poet paid. Namia of counties should in particularly mentioned in giving directions for sending the paper. An advertisement making one Square or Jess will be inserted three times for one Dollar. 9 �1 a a in us i address conc tided pies before us shall we succumb to an Sukoly Public opinion founded in the love of gain shall we turn our backs upon the cae of suffering humanity because Public opinion pm was Sipon us i Pio never or. President Rev. A a. Coati Isbay told us that he Carne up Here flitch with the expectation Liat the Brethren from the North would put their foot on Abolitz Ottison and crush it. And have we yet to Leam sir that free discussion is not to be put Down in this Way when frn can put your foot on one of the burning Mountain is and smother its when Yoti can Roll Back Trio Curre it of the thundering Falls of the Niagara Stop the Sun in Bis cur so you May then begin to think about crushing abolitionism sir Tite die in East the Days of the Captivity of our country Are nun tiered Tomsie eboeu1tjon�?~is Wei tel 1i� heaven Weny action which this conference May take on this subject will give to abolition Isiu both strength and stability. It cannot be voted Down a it cannot be persecuted Down it has braved Public opt Iota and mob Law too Long to think of yielding now to stoles of ensure. Any read Iiona you May miss Ibi or Nga Insi abolitionism will bring it into notice and set it on a higher and firmer foundation. The resolutions of this conference May retard the emancipation of the slaves but they cannot Check abolition. If you would not contribute to the permanency and Serenil of abolitionism you had better practice on the suggestion of the brother from Ohio Rev. D. Young and a not touch it with your tongs. This be tells us has been he Coultm. Bui let it be remembered that these arc the men who Are to sit Asfur Jud a men Olio in Point of examination and a knowledge of what they condemn have not so much As touched it with their tongs and yet they Are prepared to express their a unqualified Clis approbation of that of Winch they Ankuo Ijedge their entire ignore Kneel of How strangely have we departed from the foot Steps of our Zibers several of the speakers yesterday alluded to mobs and exp Resad their Sears for the pen Opal safety of the two Brethren who intended the abcs Iticia meeting last tuesday but nol a Wor Fdl from their ups in come meat on a a of Tiibi Apfl. A Vii m / / Fowe Are assured by tie Ritre Eui of this place that there will be no mob unless die a general conference get it up i Hope for the Honor of the conference that we Sigall hear no More suggestions of ibis kind. Such Euggne Eions through the press and otherwise have been the Means of getting up the mobs whih have so Lerenty i raced various Paru of our country. You have also been told that one of our Bishops was last year almost driven from the chair Liat the conference Mig it be turned into an Abol Ittem meeting. This sir Isa very great mistake. The facts in the Case Are these. The n. H. Conference at its last session apis tinted a committee on slavery a that committee reported a motion was made so adopt the report and the bid top ref user to up the motion. Stating As his Rovison that he did not think the adoption of the report would tend to Ilie peace of the Church. A motion la was then made to go into a committee of the whole the Bisl iop after a moment s reflection said that it would be in order for the conference to do so. Be conference alien went into a committee of the whole and Adco terl the report by a vote of 59 to 8�?tbe Bishop leaving the a liar and calling another brother to take it. So much for driving the Bishop Wim the chair and turn ing the conference into an abolition meeting brother Scott made a few additional remarks acid took Bis seat having occupied about two hours in his speech the moment he finished As you Well know some half a a Lozen roil to reply die floor was however obtained first by Rev. T. Crowder of Virginia. Atid now dear Bre Thren i wish to Call your attention to an examination of Soi a of the Princi my arguments which w Cre adduced by brother Crowder and other speakers on the some a de. Thesty arguments you Well recollect were not replied to on the floor the Geiger Al conference. The abolitionists occupied Lesa than one Ikird of the Lime which was consumed in the discussion and the Small portion of time which they did occupy seemed to give pain to a majority of the conference. Uliey did not therefore think it Best to insist on replying to the speaker who followed brother Scott. I am however unwilling that their arguments if Argi Unen they May be called should pass and therefore embrace this method of addressing you. Brother Crowder Coin Merced hta speech with an Al tempt to defend slavery from the Bible. When will Chri Adan ministers cease to Orcas into the service of slavery anti sin the holy scriptures i before slave holders and their apologists were so hard pressed by the abolitionists it was generally admitted in All parts of the country that slavery was m a Ting but then it Mas thought there was to remedy. But since the great net of Justice of the memorable first of August 1834, was consummated and it has been fully demonstrated that it is Safe to do rights slavery hns at last taken Refuge in the Bible yes in the nineteenth Century chistian flu listens in the midst of a Christian land gravely attempt to make it appear that there is Tio moral Loron in holding and treating the human a Estes As property in exchanging them for sheep and cattle in withholding from them die Bible and the knowledge of letters in breaking up and separating families and in All the other evils it Alrh the right of property implies. But from this Retreat slavery will foun be Cut off its Bible advocates cannot Jong Maii Ivain their their is too much Light and last pious Fae Tii g in the i Rounitz to admit the possibility that the it Eoo test Between slavery and the inspired writers Caa Long remain undecided. The Triumph of truth is certain and it la near. Brother Crowder is a stranger to me and there is in Bis appearance Somei Atiq so Meek and Chritian Rike that 1 could scarcely believe my own eyes when i Law him stand up and attempt to justify slavery from the bib but when 1 reflect that ministers of the gospel Tia i to rink rum and think it right to do so i cannot consent to us Christi unite All stave Jolders though 1 firmly be Teve Iligir conduct irreconcilable with the principles of the Uhr Isiiah ministers once justified the foreign slave Traxtle and the Constitution of the United states directly licensed that traffic in human flesh for the space of Twenty years All Avi lived nations now pronounce that Trade no better Han piracy. And the time is not Distant when the Tomfor Nal slave Trade will be viewed in the same Light and when slavery will not find an apologist professing the Chris Tian name. To brother Crowder i am willing to award a spirit of Candor and fairness. I wish i could say As much of All the speakers on the same Side. A for an answer to brother is Bible arguments i would refer you to brother Scott s extract from the Synod of Kentucky which i consider a full answer to him on that Point. As however this View of the subject is at the present time of great importance i will add a few other considerations. We admit that express Permisson slavery is like their servitude neither of which can be done. There have been slaves in this country about two centuries and alien have they Ever Lead a year of Jubilee or general release four times fifis years have rolled away acid found them still in Bonds we have heard it argued from Hijii authority since of wherein do those principles differ from the principles of the moral Law ? but fourthly the pain cities of the moral Law Are not Only still binding upon us but we Are emphatically under the Cospel. If therefore slavery be contrary either to the principles of the Law or the gospel it is bin and if it be not contrary to the principles of either How is the Dussein Natios of the gospel and the carrying out of its principles to do it away i suppose it should be said that drunkenness is not expressly forbidden in the moral Law and yet that it is contrary to the spirit of the gospel and when the principles of the gospel Are fully carried out drunkenness will be done away go on preaching the gospel and let drunk euness alone. By preaching against intemperance particular Rig you interfere with the rights of property. Many of our citizens have invested Large amounts in Mami Factor iii and vending distilled liquors. And besides it is a vary a delicate and exciting subject. Lecturing upon the subject will Onty have a tendency to the Nide feelings Ami make the matter worse. The Prim Ples of the gospel when fully carried a out a Viu gradually undermine Ami Lestroy the evil. We ought not to have my Lei per Ance or peace societies or any lectures on Itse subjects because drunkenness and War Are not expressly fut idea in the moral Law and the principles of the is std when fully carried out will do them away. The same kind of Ren a iii May be applied to Many other Els jut this is a Mere play upon words it is nit King Nice distinctions where none exist. Brother Crowder told As that Elfre was a difference Between Liis country and England. True but what of that slavery is slavery wherever it exists. Human rights Are the sume every where. Emancipation Means the same thing in All parts if the world. The Means through w hich slavery was abolished there Are the very same we Are now pursuing Here. The Brit Isle Golem meet had the Power to abolish slavery in the West India islands and our government has the Power to abolish it in the District of Columbia and the territories. The British parliament did not abolish slavery till the people pretty generally through the kingdom called for it and the people did not Call for it till the subject had been thoroughly discussed and anti slavery societies had been formed in All parts of the Empire. And had it not been for incendiaries and fanatics the English people had still been asleep. Slavery will be abolished in All those parts of on Cou Wilry where the general government has jurisdiction As soon As Public Sofi Tinnent becomes Skiffi Rienti enlightened and United. And when the example is set by the nation the states will not Long hold out. But be this As it May slavery in the District of Columbia and the territories is of sufficient importance to justify All the exertions which the abolitionists have made and much More and we should All be of the. Same opinion if our wives and our children were among the slaves. I observed that brother Crowder and the other speakers on that Side found it very easy and convenient to pass Over the question of slavery so far As it exists under the jurisdiction of the enc go Wimin i. Another objection which brother c. Made against Tao . A a the hebrews held some in servitude for a limited period by the special permission and direction of god and this permission was Given on the very so tic ground that a hebrew was permitted to kill a Man who had murdered his Friend. Num. Xxxv. 19 and he might do this without the process of a tri Al. A of u Pon the Sam c ground the jews were permitted to co Mience and carry on exterminating wars against the idolatrous nations around them. Hence to suppose that it is As really wrong for any Man in this ago of the world to take away the Liberty of his innocent neighbor or to withhold it from him in any Way without an express permission from god As it would be for one to kill the murderer of his Friend now without the forms of Law. Two thirds of All the servants in Israel were free at the end of six years and the fiftieth year All were set free. There was no such thing As hereditary servitude among the jews. But american slavery is perpetual to the very last moment of the slaves earthly existence and by Law it is entailed upon All of his descendants to the latest posterity. Jewish servitude was voluntary except in those cases Liere it was the penalty annexed to crime. But american slavery is involuntary. No one who is now a slave in this land was Ever consulted before his Liberty was taken away whether he would be a slave or not and if he had been he could not have Given his master a just and proper title to his body As his property. Under the mosaic Economy servants might contend with Mieir Nia sters about their rights and to despise the cause of such was considered a heinous crime Spe Job Xxxi. 11. But Here in this land of christians slaves can make no contracts of any kind they can have no Legal right to any a Rafferty All they have Andary belongs to their masters. The Laws of Moses granted Freedom to a servant who had been cruelly to recited. See sex. Xxii. 20. 27. But our Christian Laws allow the master to punish his slave As much As he desires and a Fibre the slave no redress nay if the slave makes any Reed St Hutc tits is wis by measly just Rev Llis master a in Puum a a him to death. Unkei Tacky a an Gro mulatto or indian., Bond or free a who a shall at any time even off a his hand in position to ant White person shall receive Mirty lashes on Bis or her Bare 6ctca, Well Laid on by order of the servants were carefully protected among the jews in their Domestic relations so that husbands and wives Parent and their children must not be a separated. And in Case the Mother did not get iter or Odom As soon As her husband the children remained with her and her master was bound to receive him to service again in Case he chose to live with his wife and children. But Here slaves Are entirely unprotected in their social and Domestic relations husbands and wives parents and their children May be and they Are separated and parted forever at the irresponsible will of the master. The Laws of Moses secured to servants the necessary Means of instruction and Consolation. But no such Laws exist in this land Here the 0kcation of the Laws tends directly to deprive the slaves of All a a mental and religious a instruction a for their whole Power is exerted to keep their slaves in the lowest kind of ignorance. The Laws of Moses require every one to pity and love the stranger who might Chance to come r among the jews and under severe penalties they were forbidden to vex or oppress them in any Way. Here the Law View every coloured stranger As an Edemy and they consider him a slave until he proves his Freedom. If a servant escaped from his master and fled to the land of Israel the Law of Moses commanded Ever one to protect him and forbade any one to deliver such to his master again. But Here if a slave escape from his master and flee to any part of the United states the Law forbids any one to protect him and commands that he be delivered up to his master. The mosaic Law forbade Man steal Itig As the Boghrat kind of theft and condemned the perpetrator Thieu offer death As the penalty but Here thousands of legally free people of color have been stolen and sold into hopeless and involuntary servitude As Many Are now every year in this nation and there is no Law by which they can redress their before american slavery can be justified from the fact that the jews held servants it must be proved 1, that we have the same divine authority that they had the same and 2. It must be shown that our abolitionists have no objections to any coloured persons going to Africa who choose to go and they would be glad to have the Colony at Liberia Prosper. A and yet they Are opposed to colonization ism for the of towing reasons among others. 1. Colonization goes m the supposition that the coloured Man has no right to this country. 2. It asserts that Thep Marmot be elevated Here. 3. Its Csc fort the free people of color and Fosters an unholy prejudice against them 4. It opposes Ermin zip aim. Unless it be connected with . 5. In the South it commends itself to the Forert of the slave Holder and in the North it professes to be a gradual remedy for slavery Aud yet it disclaims All connection with slavery. 6. It is an Anri abolition ii institution a it persecutes and condemns the abolitionists. 7. It does expressly justify slavery. 8. Though it professes to colonize the free people of color with their own consent yet it opens a wide door for coercion and Many who have been transported have been actually coerced away. A these and Anjany other Points equally shall he proved on the general conference floor if desired by extracts from the monthly repository and from the Public addresses of the agents and officers of the society. Is it strange then that abolitionists Al Ould have their objections to this society ? the speaker then stated that the new England states were once engaged in the slave tra de and that Many in talk new England states made themselves Rich by this traffic. Suppose we admit All this yet what does that prove about the right or wrong of silk very or the Justice or in Justice of to immediate eau ipalion can the South be justified in continuing to do wrong because the North Vevie once wicked brother Crowder next affirmed that Abolitz Jainism was a violation of Ilie compact. Here we Are at Issue. The same statement has been often made but never proved. The terms of the compact contained no provision Abat the subject of slavery should not be discussed in any part of the Union or that Congress should never abolish slay sry where the general government has jurisdiction. Supp cae the Laws of Massachusetts sanctioned gambling in All its forint and suppose also that the Laws of the District of co. Lumbia sanctioned it we never could have dreamed that South Carolina bad violated the terms of the compact by lecturing against gambling forming anti Ghi bling societies and Peti Irviing Dongress to abolish ambling in the District of Columbia and yet according to the Southern doctrine this would an interference with our civil institutions. Brother c. Reminded us that according to the apostles doctrine we ii ghetto be sul 4�?Tct the posters Itiat be a but he forum to mention the example of the apostles when a a the Powers that be contravened lie Powers that were from above. In such a Case they did not hesitate. We ave been in a Riis City not indeed on Llie floor of the j a a whether it be right in the sight of god to hear Ken unto but else where that though slavery than unto god judge contrary o the original rights of Man yet is not forbid brother a stated that he had two slaves was not cruel Den ill ii Morai Tjw. It was admitted to be contrary to m Ali Ems they were Well fed and clothed they love us and the Princis Lyles of the gospel and it was asserted that they wept when i left Hume come to this conference. I when those principles should be fully carried out slavery would be done Awn. It was said that the moral Law was Des red not to restore the fallen but to govern the Hunio cd tit. Let this be admitted. Does it hence follow Liat innocent and holy beings Are at Liberty to enslave each other that there is nothing in the moral principles by w Bich Oljey Are governed to prohibit them from Robb Teg each other of their original rights let us try to ascertain in the first place that is expressly forbidden in the Noral Law. Set madly is there nothing contrary to the trim Ftp of of the moral taw which nevertheless is not expressly forbidden. Thirdly if slavery be contrary to the principles believe this is All True. I do not i Hick Brodier c. Would Hurt any body there Are undoubtedly Many others who treat to their slaves with consid Rahle kind Iress. We live never pretended that All the slaves were cruelly treated thou there is not probably one such Case As brother is. In a thousand. With a few exceptions the slaves Are Cru a treated. Brother c. Admitted that there were some instances of cruel treatment. He was too honest to cover up that fact. But slavery in its Mildest form is a a very. Aud what an incalculable Amott of injury does the example of Sawh a Good Man As brother c. Do to the cause of human rights. A a if Sich a hot in an As brother j Crowder holds slaves it cannot be wrong a Ana thus ins example till be imitated As a slave Holder. But not As a benevolent Man. It is of Little consequence to us whether the Man who robs us of our Money be polite and complaisant or otherwise. Robbery is robbery and slave Quot by is slavery. Rev. W. A wynans stated that slavery was a divine institutions and must of course be right. God said he has instil used perpetual hereditary slavery and therefore it is right under til circumstances. If circumstances Ever did exist sufficient to justify slavery aside from revelation Hen american slavery might be justified. But. I deny that god Ever did Institute perpetual hereditary slavery. 2. I deny that there is any scripture authority tor Ameri can slavery. Or indeed for any other slavery at the present time. 3. I deny that there Are any circumstances in our country which can justify slavery. And if or. Wesley is right then every slave Holder is a mus a teaser. He m hypo will Fott any child of mail should Ever be from a slave. Now there Are 60.000 children Boro of female slaves yearly and if they Are in the sight of god As or. Wesley has said firn free then there Are so Many children stolen yearly in our country and reducer to slavery. Brodier wynans next stated that the abolitionists a Cre shutting the door of the gospel against the slaves that their Inovel nevits made the planters very. Jealous that in one or two instances Mission Waties had been turned away be thought the movements of the abolitionists there injuring the slave. Now if it were True that the discussion of this great doctrine of human rights stirs up in some few instances the bad passions of men to increase o oppression is yet this fact alone is not s efficient proof that tiie cause Shii uld be Abai Idorice. This reasoning would have Defeated the deliverance of the children of Israel from leg Priam bondage and our fathers from the British Yoke. The presort generation of slaves Are not alone concerned Ami especially the few who May be More severely treated in Coos Elii Bice of the to Venenis of the present Day. It is a question connected with the Dearest interests of millions now on the stage and of generations to come. I am Folly of the opinion that there Are More instances w Here the slaves Are treated better in consequence of the abolition movements than there Are where they Are treated worse. A slave Holder was used not Long since in the City of new York whether the abolition movements were operating unfavourably up a the treatment of the slaves he said Ixo we Are obliged to treat them better for now every Eye and ear is open we Are More narrowly watched than we used to but i will not insist that they Are belter treated neither do 1 believe that in general they Are worse treated. But admitting that All the objections which have Deen urged to abolition Are True still the great question to be decided is whether slavery be no not. If it be sin the path of duty before every Christian is Plain. The promulgation of the doctrines of the ref ordination were connected with the shedding of blood but had Luther been influenced by the modern doctrine of expediency where Sti Ould we have been ? had foe signers Aud renders o the declaration of Independence Ben under the influence of this principle w Mew Disney a where would our liberties have now been. I fear we have nearly lost sight of slavery except As it exists in the methodist episcopal Church and it appears Tome that we Are almost ready to sacrifice the rights and liberties of millions of human beings to a few local with some of our Awn mis on to the slaves do we not Liiri ouf views of ibis great Ovi to on own Church i let us lift up our eyes and look on the Fields which were once dyed with the blood of Libony but now covered with tyranny Ami oppression brother wynans proceeded a abolitionism is an incendiary flame. It is a erection Aryl and in the carrying out of these measures we in the South can sea through murdered drives and children and burning houses Damp a. If this were not a serious matter it would be not a Little amusing to reflect that at this late period ministers of the gospel will indulge in such flights of imagination on such subjects if there never had been any slaves emancipated or if such effects had Ever followed emancipation these Lepre sensations would not appear so utterly groundless. But slaves have been emancipated by him dress of thousands at afferent times and in diff erect places. And where have murdered wives and children and burning to discs Ever followed it is now too late in the Day to produce much effect by such . There arc too Many facts in existence upon Ihil subject. The Experiment has been often tried and it has never failed no not in a sin instance reason and philosophy agree with facts. Oppression not emancipation w in produce insurrections. Tit slave Longs for Freedom and will he kill his master for bestowing upon Linin that which he ardently desires piece i know some supposed that the Einan ipalion in St. Domingo was followed by murdered families and burning browses but this is a very great mistake. There were in the French part of the Island of St. Domingo 600,000 slaves suddenly Einan Cipa ted in the year 1793. It was a time of civil War the arrival of a British Arr Diament was daily expected. The of rite slaves was the Only alternative the Only possible Way of saving the Island and this a very doubtful Esperin Paiit Al Best. But i worked Well. The Daves joined Wiik the Whites in opposing the common enemy. No White inhabitant of the Island was injured Stiless he had first put Hii self in the attitude of a political enemy by siding with the British. Not a w Ife nor a child was murdered no a building burned. 7 he i Narici rated slaves remained quiet and w Cre industrious till by Sparte in 1802 through one of Bis generals attempt cd to re establish slavery in the Island. It was then that those who had been free and Liap in for nine years resisted unto Bloomil. Thus it will be seen that it was slavery and not emancipation which gave Lac to the bloody scenes of St. Domingo. But let it be remembered i. That there were about 42.000 whites�?44,000 free cold Yeri people and 600000 slaves ill the Island.�?2. Slavery was abolished under Itie most unfavourable outward a time of a civil War. What Aii cd Cellini Opportunity this for the slaves to have Bui Clifred their a Steric is a Chauy As they were so much More Niit Nerous than tlmwbiies.-. Tho a Slawso Erc emancipated sudrls Niy with ii a Momeni warning or it try kind of preparation. And Experiment Wasper factly Safe. By. Wyman s cry of murdered wives and children and burning houses is it new. West India planters and their apologists throughout the kingdom of great Britain when the subject of Kef air Tiff was first agitated in the British parliament rat lid this same Blo orly cry Long a tid loud and they it from year to year. A your i inroads win be Cut and our buildings will be so they said and so Many believed. But what has been the result. Let the Antigua new Aper to Gelber with Anele and ear of Neh answer the question. The above named paper of die 7ih of aug. 1834, Speaks thus a a the great doubt is solved the alarming prognostications of the advocates of slavery falsified the highest Hopes of the negroes friends fulfilled their pledge honorable redeemed. A whole people comprising thirty thousand souls have passed from slavery into Freedom not Only without the slightest irregularity but with the solemn and decorous Tranquility of the Sabbath. A week has nearly elapsed and although All eyes and ears Are open and reports spread rapidly we have not heard of a single act of insolence insubordination or violence committed by any one of them under false and licentious notions of Freedom a from the same paper of the 15th August a it is with the highest satisfaction we announce that we Knower a Ifil Lite luvs tip to Lse to a mss of labourers in the Island which has not returned to its a thu slowed employment. So that two weeks after tie slaves were let Loose a instead of begging and stealing they were All quietly at work. We quote from the same paper of the 21st August a the third week of Freedom will close with this Day and again we Are bound to express our gratitude and Praise to the divine goodness for the perfect peace and Tranquility which the Island enjoys. Not the least symptom of insubordination has manifested itself an where and the daily accounts from All quarters testify to the excellent disposition and conduct of tic new in a letter from Antigua dated 30th August and published in a Norfolk paper we find the following a the operations of Commerce have experienced no interruption Public Confidence remains unshaken. Two sugar plantations have recently leased for As much As they were Worth with the negroes included prior to from the new York evangelist. Facts facts facts West India emancipation. Autt Icelic Anil recent new from Barbados. A few Days since we had the ply asure of a Call front an old and respected acquaintance formerly a respectable attorney in Vermont now a merchant in the Island of Barbadoes where he has resided most of the time since september 18�14. His character As Christ Lii and a Man of observation renders his remarks and statements worthy ofe tire Coe Fidance. We took some notes of his conversation during the hour he had to spare to us Between the time of his arrival Here and his departure to visit his family after so Long a separation and from these notes we have prepared the following sketch every particular of which corresponds we believe with the statements he made. The Island of Barbadoes is one of the most pop Pujous portions of the Earth. The inhabit fonts Are reckoned to Joathan 12t000yo� an is anal not More than Twenty one Miles Long and twelve Broad at the extremity. Of these it is estimated that 80,000 were slaves before the abolition act took effect August 1,1834, and 20,000, free people of color. The colonial legislature of Barba does did not fully emancipate their slaves As was done in Bermuda and Antigua but adopted the apprenticeship system with All its absurdities and injustice to the emancipated slaves. This Oystein of apprenticeship had been in operation nearly a year and a half when our informant left the Island Many of the masters ate now voluntarily emancipating their apprentices and such is the Progress of this that it is probable nearly All will be made wholly free before the expiration of the Legal apprenticeship. Intelligent men now generally admit that it would have been better for the Island if the emancipation had been immediate and unconditional at first As to the effects of emancipation upon the Public safety they now laugh at the idea of fear. They Are talking of reducing their military Force. Ask them if they Are not a staid the Blacks will Rise and Cut their masters throats they reply a what should they do that for when they have got All they wanted the free Blacks Are organized in to militia. Many who Opp aed the abolition of slavery Stepi by step to the last Are now in favor of it. They say it has been a Good thing for the i slant All their fears in regard to evil Conser Junces Havo been disappointed. The Cape Tol Bridgetown is very populous the of inhabitants from 10 to 12,000, but our informant had never known sufficient disturbance to occasion a person to walk forty teds to see it. There is vice enough to be sure but no combination of the vicious to disturb the Public peace. He could lie Down to sleep there out of doors As quietly As in any place in new England. There is no general complaint of the want of labor. The crops Are got in As usual. The Blacks will work for pay on their own Day and extra hours As readily and As much As ignorant and depraved w Hite people would do when paid for i hey act Fust As other people a mottled a air alar circumstances 11 is a common remark that a next Gro goes on an errand quicker and looters less now he is paid than when he was a slave. As to the fear that abolishing slavery will Lead to amalgamation our Friend avers that it operates precisely the other Way to separate the two races. Amalgamate in has had its full run there under the reign of slavery. You May go into a Chnrei now and see 250 persons at a time of whom Yon can nit determine confidently whether they Are White or coloured. It has been a Cornmon thing there for White men to keep coloured women. Even married men did it. Every body says this is be coming now far less common and the coloured to a non who used to be kept As concubines of White men Are nov getting coloured husbands. It takes the minister in the Cathedral at Bridgetown a Quarter of an hour to publish the bans of marriage. The effect of abolition on the financial condition of the country is quite remarkable. Our informant says that real estate is rising for the Las six months has risen rapidly in Many instances has risen one third in a year. If persons had bought real estate two years ago great fortunes might have been made. I he Consu nip too of dry goods has also wonderfully increased and dealers in dry goods Are making fortunes. I he negroes now dress like other people. Some years ago if a coloured woman had been seen in the Street wearing a Straw Bonnet it would have been almost a signal for a mob now they dress As Well As any people of their standing. The imports generally Are rubbed. A

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