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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - May 20, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioA f Iames i g. Bib hey. Edv Toneu we Are verily guilty Voace Menf oar Kroll Hir volume 1. Oin Cannati Ohio of full roast Iai a at Cincinnati Ohio. 9lpr a Tab Abati Ala Veay to City. A i Lily att to a Roo to a order of St Emik and main St Tenas the Dohrs a per Jumi Al wars Paysons in and Takchu Letten a communications on Blu farm of the office Toboso. Nin is directed to too Wistos Wattle. Kelsting to the a of orto department to the Etter of the Philant Repi to. In All cases Point pad. Mans of counties shone be partial airy Inezi toned in gang fire Tiona for sending the paper. A an mading one Square or Leas win be Throe tines for one Dollar. Ien mad breadth of oar land�?4ow soon does the As it in is this Ulstrom Cone Numi is a. Fugh print be. 1636. Number 31. S1.avery. Patriotic and Heartfelt Joy which Springs up in is on these occasions meet with the withering thought that a leery is in the land and How ready Are we to exclaim in this revulsion of on feelings that a a get Fitusi he destroyed when on the list october last More than five Hundred Inen a eminently peaceable and inoffensive men were driven from this Temple of the living god by an infuriate mob when we saw with oor own eyes How completely this mob was at the Beck and service of men High in office and Strong in in in Enoex when we look in vain for the police of the City to come to our Rescue when we inquired b t speech of Gerlt Smith Esq. The following Manly and eloquent Effort Wal be Delight by every Friend of few institutions and of Republican Liberty. It was delivered under these circumstance the Oneida manual Lifbor Institute had been established at Whitesboro for the education of y Oung men who were unable to defray the expenses of attending a literary institution without at the same time Labouring with their hands in common with other institutions erected for the advancement of learning it had received some assistance from the state. For the time it has been in operate on it has sent out More Young men of rare in Riel Letual endowments of Independent thought and a of untiring real for human Good than any other in tar land. In obedience to Southern dictate Uwi of which the governor Hexame the supple and willing instrument the legislature of n. Y. Was called on to Sid in sustaining the Domestic institutions of slavery at the South a it the expense of the institutions of m Liberty at the North. The first assault was made by die Senate a and this too on the inst Tationa at Whites Hoto a peculiarly the institution of the poor by attempting to withdraw from it the Aid it had been accustomed to receive from the state. In this slate of things the friends of the institution in the county of Oneida met at Utica on the 27th april last for the purpose of adoption such measures As would a be proper Lor its support. The sum of nearly Rivi Nio Saiid of Lars Wai subscribed by those present. A the conduct of then a York Senate adds another proof to the Many already exhaling that servility in performing its loathsome offices Ever delights in Een Iling the weak. Before an antagonist that has it length that wields a Mower it has always shown itself a contemptible and nailing Recreant o 1c at any time 3ie liberties of on country been a Only lost this Evait who he a seeded by the Igno Ranee and degradation of the poor. The Means of a donation will not be Opp lied or if they hate Foteen Friey will be taken away by those who wish to be their masters. Hie minds of the pots jul a be suffered to remain dark and comfortless and in enlightened Fiat they my have neither the Intelli Gencert know nor the spirit to maintain their rights. When the master of a thousand Ero Diing Heathen f Thall he enabled to Eay with truth what he now says falsely a that hit chained slaves Are happier and More respectable than the honest yeomen of the free states however poor then indeed not Only shall the slavery of die South be perpetual but the slavery of the North Shai Lomske another Corner Stone of this Republican edifice. A but there is ground of Hope enough to cheer in vain for the friends of Law amongst this hitherto Law abiding people when it was to no purpose that we asked where were the hospitable the pious the. Pitiful the courteous of the City in this season of the dist cols of their guests and of the peril of Riveir Brethren a lives and when we could distinctly Trace this outrage upon our rights and interests and this deep Dis Gintole of a City hitherto distinguished for the Virtues of its citizens to the acting of slavery on the selfishness of the human heart i ask did we not feel As we never Felt before that slavery must destroyed i and when we have since heard of similar scenes and especially of that very similar one in Boston in which numbers of the mob if i May use the expression boasted that they were a Tlemcen of standing and property a 1 ask again did not the feeling in our breast that slavery must be destroyed Wax Strong i since the odious and terrific exhibition of slavery on the 21st october last there have been abundant manifestations of that Power in our National and state con cos. It has not spared even the venerable chief magistrate of a he nation but has made him disgrace himself in his old age. It polluted his last annual message with falsehoods and made that document the vehicle of slanders a most some of the purest men in the land. Noria its Power on the minds of the Gover a of our states As indicated in their messages less run arable. For instance governor Mcduffie Calls slavery the Corner Stone of the Republican edifice a and he recommends it to the people of the Northern Stales As an institution Emin Endy worthy of being adopted by them. He unites with senator Leigh or i inia and or. Pickens of Carolina and other Southern statesmen in recommending the White fingered gentlemen of the North to strip their hard i knuckled yeomanry their banners and mechanics of All political rights and to Tom them into slaves. I fancy some honest labourer within die sound of my voice exclaims when the aristocrats of the North undertake that Job they will have their hands that slavery should Lead gov. Mcduffie to believe himself and politician again i will not Cut myself off by any pro Inisss secret or published that i will never hereafter be a politician. But to show you Bow utterly groundk�8 is the attempt of the state paper and its affiliated presses to prejudice your precious cause through the sides of my Humble self by holding me up week after week and Day after Day As an aspiring politician and even a Polit Teal Leader 1 state to you that since the year 1828,1 have not been in a political meeting a that since that year i have not written a politick article a and that the air Gate of the time 1 have spent at Fife polls of election since that year does not exceed five minutes. And let me add that when i have voted since the year 1828. Which i am almost ashamed to say 1 have not always been careful to do the composition of my vote has not invariably been satisfactory to either party. But sir i know not what i or any other abolitionists has to Hope for from either of the political parties. They Are endeavouring to surpass each other in their abuse and vilification of us 1 rejoice that the abolitionists Are expelled Defea both of the political parties and a Trust Todt vie shall contrive to stand by ourselves a fully Deto mined never to blend and a pollute on holy cause with party Al his fellow slaveholders to be patriarchs and that he pats should so complacently take his seat by the Side of Abraham and Isaac and Jacpb is a proof of its Power Over the imagination scarcely less ludicrous than As we Are citizens of the state of new York we Are More interested to Leam what slavery has done and is doing in her councils. And in the first place it had a work for on governor to it Trade him do it. We often hear about the Devil standing at the Elbow of certain people now it is easy to Foney that Slavy stood at on Geve Tnora a Elbow. When wrote the last message and it is easy to fancy the dial be which passed Between them. Write a says slavery that there will be Agri m Law enacted unless people Stop talking i inst me whatever source. I ask you again sir is it not time that slavery should be destroyed i can we witness these exertions of its Power Over the iinds of our legislators and not feel that it is High time it should be destroyed 1 but sir Why have i been detaining you with the comparatively insignificant exhibition of the Farmr fill Power and bitter fruits of slavery Why did i not Tell you in the beginning in abundant proof that slavery must be destroyed Tiia amp its ponderous Iron hell is already on the necks of More than two mullions of its bleeding victims that it has stripped them of All the dear and sacred rights of Man and that it impudently and blasphemous by says to god a these millions of your rational creatures shall never be permitted to know you and the homage of their hearts you shall never but again 1 say Why did i not Tell you in the beginning in abundant proof that slavery must be destroyed that the Demon is Al this moment artfully and powerfully Busy in stretching out his Dominion Over immense regions of the South West and that until he is destroyed and driven from our country no part of it not even that where our lines have fallen will be secure against coming into entire Subj Tion to his Power. Slavery sir must be destroyed. But then follows schemes but always to Trust to its intrinsic Power the queston How shall k be destroyed i answer and the Blessing of g of upon it for its perfect and by continuing to employ and Persely the me Means substantially which we _ hitherto employed a by an Honet tand fearless i tips of the political press of this slate a Muz and yet kind exhibition of the truth. The sir is led by slavery deny it who will the political a the Ithuriel a Spear which has started Ress of this state is muzzled by slavery. Nota ter and shown his huge dimensions and i hts Ozen newspapers in this state dare to speak out Power. A let us continue to pour the Light of truth against slavery whilst almost All of them Are Rea into his dark and filthy Den until he shall be Dis by to offer apol ies for the abomination and Many of tingly seen in his True character when he will be As them to speak in High praises of in sir is it a of universally hated. What if under this Stream his Dent Mon a hid re lived More than a in died and fifty letters from inhabit gifts of Georgia Reid tag near the Florida line declaring that their slaves ran away in such numbers and found an Asylum in Florida that if the province were not obtained by trea the g Georgiana would Rise and take it by Force. We pass the melancholy subject of the robbery of the aborigines. Florida was obtained but scarcely was peaceable Possession taken of it when a longing Eye was cast upon exas. Or. Adams a Northern president accused by the slaveholders of having sacrificed a Good claim on Texas to obtain Florida because to and not feel Low stood the rage do swell and his contortions increase they will Only serve to make him More Manifest and to sible that we can look on these things that slavery must be destroyed he political a press of this country in relate ii. To the draw upon him speedier and More fatal vengeance scenes of the 21st of october i was it Faith fill to j on the present occasion sir we have a special the great cause of civil Liberty to the sacred cause Doty to perform in Aid of the sacred cause of anti of human rights no it we Noti it was most Elgye. The Providence of god affords us an pm treacherously unfaithful. Why sir if i am not Iio entry favourable Opportunity to attest the sincerity misinformed the Public have of this county 2l�t a cd last people of Utica that n memorable this Day from the cd Iteal that there was a mob to Tiivi or that any thing we done 1 Between Sunrise and Sunset on Day which they have Good cause to regret. Had but a single slaveholders and in peal to the Candor of every hearer for the truth of what i say had but a single slaveholder been insulted in the streets of this City on that Day for his slave holding the press of this country would have been trumpet tongued to a avenge him and rightly too exclaims our deep salted respect for Law and right a but because the five Hundred men driven from this Temple were the enemies of slavery the press observes a profound never known to of our Devotion to this cause. By extending a help Sile about the enormity and thereby sanctions it. For know that i Neyer allow myself to be spoken of but in terms of i cannot write that a says the governor for it is settled by the terms of our Goy froment that the Freedom of speech and of the press cannot be a Fig for y our us now sir turn our attention to the proceedings which occasioned the Call of this meeting to see in them a further argument for the necessary destruction of slavery our Senate Haye under tax Ken to regulate the politic so and moral complexion of the members of our schools. The Constitution of the state allows them to Yote on the Bare Quali fixations of age and Reed dec hut our Senate raising itself Aboye the Constitution threatens to limit this Light to Thos 1 of them who will Yote for what it is pleased to Cal the Republican party. A the Constitution guarantees a big Iris Freedom but on Senate in Defiance of this instrument threatens to ing hand to the school which has fallen under pro slavery vengeance we shall he Giring Good proof of our appreciation of the get principles of that cause. These principles the Oneida Institute has had the courage and the honesty to espouse. With these principles hated yet Beautiful persecuted hut one Day triumphant and glorious she has even dared to identify herself. She has made common cause with them and nobly determined that their Fate shall be hers. What shall this helping hand be if we should do nothing in this convention for Oneida Institute i doubt not Tibet some Benefit would nevertheless Aborne to it from the Bare fact that the convention was held. If we should pass resolutions expressive of our Confidence in its religious principles and in the Wisdom and learning and teachers still More would it be Ico with instructions to Purchase Texas if it could be had end if Zeal intrigue and taking every advantage of the intestine divisions of the country could have ensured a favourable result there cannot be a doubt that or. Poinsett would have obtained the land five More slave states a would have now been in rapid process of preparation for brightening the North american Sonste Llalon. Fortunately there was nothing Scomp listed in or. Assini time in which there was certainly the most danger from his wary and experienced diplomacy. Gen. Jackson having succeeded to the presidency sent off new and pressing instructions to Poinsett in consequence of which that minister appears to have pulled the wires with an intensity till then alien it was that his House was beset by a mob and the american Flag unfurled to protect our minister from their fury. It was duly honoured by the med cans and we would Fain say As much of to a Teri of the affair. It was reported Mattimoe that Poinsot we Assassin at. Made himself the master move of nil by the Yor Kinos or York masons a political party under the name of freemasonry. To Max can people As Well As every administration for the last eight or ten years have been not Only opposed to the Sale of Texas Bat sorely sensitive on the subject. Their National Coustie tuntion defines the limits of the natio Lial Domain. These could not be altered without an alteration of the Conatta Tion. The exit mrs resented the idea of a foreigners pm to posing an object which co us not Bermi faed without break Down and trampling upon their Constitution. When it was found that they wild not sell Texas or. Poinsett taking advantage of an approaching invasion and of the supposed exhaust it of the Treasury proposed to loan them the sum of $10,000,0 upon a mortgage of Texas. considered this a farther and grosser insult. In the latter part of the year 1829, Poinsett was recalled and All the information respecting these Renia Rathle transactions which the president has r every Friend of Lih Efty and urge him on to mightier Effort. Gods a testing is still with those who Are contending in his fear for the Inalie Nable rights of a heir fellow men every Day bears witness to fresh idiom pcs of the troth end to the rapid be animation of the spirit of Freedom. The following resolutions among others were con a i died at the meeting. Do Oleif that the recent attempt in our Legisla Turo to diminish the need Nimit resources and to tarnish the character 01 Oneida Institute on the ground that its officers and students vote As they Sleime and embrace a Rel Moo which pronounces slavery to be a sin is not omy a Dan mrous infringement of Mir political compact hut a daring and wicked invasion of Cox la a moral government Rem Hedt that we have most alarming proof that tiie prom to under the baneful Infin ence of slavery and its twin brother aristocracy in Tiro fret of its found silence respecting the attack in our legis iture on Oneida Institute a school which was is Ili shed especially for youth in Humble life ant outlaw the dig Ion which Adjuder slavery to be a sin. Had the Oneida Institute government a a Saye slavery a Havo not my mobs a elsewhere and my whip murders of abolitionists at. The Soili in Utica and Boston and pings and taught you that i so stronger than the govern meet upon this the a governor writes what is dictated to him a a write now a says slavery a a that the abolitionists Are invading the Constitution and attempting to ram the Here again the gov error record the glaring falsehood not however without a slight suffuse of of the Cheeky just enough to show that conscience is not entirely a write now a says slavery a that you know the abolitionists to be a pack of wicked worthless Fellows Small in number and rapidly becoming at this the governor bolts out eight exclaiming that he will do this dirty business no longer that his dictator must Tell his leaned to this said a a Republican party a and had its system of ethics been such As justifies slavery it would never Tive been taken in hand by the Senate. Own frils hoods and that he will not be Gaul of the self degradation of him. The demons eyes Flash new tolling them for my. Rne a Emonts eyes terrors and his Voira assumes the Energy of his great master of the pit. A a know then a he exclaims a a that if not in the Semi slave Region of tiie North yet in the slave states proper i reign Tnp reme and that Timeir presidential vote is As surely mine is if 1 carried it in my breeches pocket a and know too that none can he benefited by that vote who refuse to fall Down and worship the governors bristles Are now All fallen my his courage which for a moment promised something belter now utterly expires. A a command me a says the affrighted humbled Man a a As you will Only done to done to deprive the Reposh Lucaa party of the vote of the when we see the Power of slavery As in this instance Over a Man justly esteemed for his uncommonly vigorous and highly cultivated mind i ask a Ombemi hich has the hones and courage to set Itaev against the Pahomi Natilia of slavery Izetto Teri that it required no Effort to prove that he Oneida Institute Fri voted the aristocrats Darling ii tuition of slavery or had it been a school for to sods of the wealthy and fashionable instead Fafa Carse Clad and hard handed sons of honest Pov Eay it would not have fallen under the vengeance if our legislature. A Gramit Smith Esq. Said if the roman Cen-m9rs mind was to big with a Sente of the import Rhnee of the deter option of Carthage to his county Swelm eap to cause him to introduce into All his speech son whatever occaa4on, on whatever i object made Bis famous Carthage Delenda ii then the abolitionist should exclaim both in seas Ltd and out of season a a slavery must he whatever the interests of his country on which Friis old roman was called to speak this Iwa Mesu and uppermost thought the necessary destruction of Carthage must have vent and somewhat so is it coming to be with us. Are we walled to contemplate the precious political and Leli-8� Init Lution of our beloved nation and the Happy bearing of their example on the other National of the Earth if we but Remata an undivided people and illustrate the excellence of those institutions in our Good conduct and Prosperity a is Bur attention Calm to our nil Roada Ana canals and schools to the is roue developments of our Enterprise and re Ait does to on Colum Etc vexing every sea and be arching out every people to tiie abundant rewards of laborious Hoa Aat Tutag Tiia fresh and Beautiful Village and cities rapidly staid deaf the whole you in slavery Wae allow me Jet which 0 not feel that it a time that but it is asked is slavery to Lune for these proceedings of cur Senate yes it is these proceedings Are manifestly a sacrificial offering to Itiat Demon. The sooth insisted that the authorities of the we states should Manifest the a respect for the venerable and As gov. Mcduffie Call sit patriarchal institution of slavery. Our Gore Roor was Quick to respond to the claim and oui legislature was looked to a to follow suit ii a enact a gag Law. But it prudently paused would he profit rating the sout Vijh a to though in such a game the a i haps draw a few Small South Etc a axes it was i probable that it would draw some fatal Southern Lanks. The conclusion web Itiat the enactment of gag Law should Sot be risked that the joint committee should not report one but that they should to no More than to report u series of resolutions abusing and Black Balling the abolitionists in customary style and As a matter of course extolling the a chivalry and a Domestic institutions of the South Ese resolutions together with the governors message were to appease the South and she was to receive them in Exchange for her far greater claims. It was however thought advisable in order to Render the satisfaction of the South More sure to make a legislative pro slavery doth at the Oneida Institute. I Admire the cunning which was displayed in the selection of this it been a school of an Ordinary character not even the in eurus of slavery which poses upon the whole length and breadth of the the Benld have restrained the general expression of indignation at a i of a this outrage. Be butt they selected a Schod Culiar character the first Maud labor sub it established in our country a school which is pm that Icalla the poor Bov a school and one where to he thought proper to give or any member of con to Call for was a declaration in the Messaro year that the imputations upon Poinsett or interfere egress f that but if we should Avail ourselves of this Opportunity to impart liberally to it of our substance unspeakably More would it be benefited. In this Wise sir we should he rendering timely Aid to an institution which must look for its Means of support chiefly under god to persons Ofey a views of truth and duty. In this Wise too we should be encoding in Quot other schools to Cut Loose from the moorings of expediency and worldly policy and to put out upon the Broad Ocean of truth to dismiss their fears of losing la triage by the change and to Trust to god to raise up for them new friends who shall be Worth As much More than the old ones from whom they Par As Timir new principles Are belter than those which they repudiated. In conclusion sir out coming of liberally to the Aid of the Oneida Institute at this crisis of her fortunes will teach the enemies of the cause of anti slavery How vain it is for them to persecute it and that every blow which they aim at that sacred cause is ence in toe political concerns of Mexico were believed to be groundless a. Poinsett left Mexico amidst toe general execration of toe people Ana government. A charge de affaires col. Butler was sent to replace him but we understand that he has never ventured openly to propose a renewal of toe lathe year 1831, it had Home to be Well understood in the United states that All Hope of taking Texas by diplomacy was at an end. But it was said by toe Southern presses and Evide fitly with toe Sanction if not at toe suggestion of offi Ciu persons that toe texans would one Day declare themselves Independent and ask to be received into toe Union. It remains now to advert briefly to Iba source of this extreme impatience for the annexation of Texas to our country already so extensive. This source is deeper than Mere covetousness of territory. Slave labor ruins in a course of time every soil m signal for its prompt defenders to rally around it line with new Zeal and courage and self sacrifices. Texas or Batis lab child a a a. Of concluded in the beginning of 1833, to relieve themselves from their apprehensions they held a convention at St. Felipe de Austin to form a Constitution for the new state of Texas separate from Coahuila Hiis convention in Point of form was not agreeable to Law. They proceeded however to form a Constitution and commissioned or. Stephen f. Austin to proceed to Mexico and request a ratification of it and toe admission of Tiro proposed state into toe r. Aus iii mexican Union. This or. Austin is toe son of Moses Austin originally of Connecticut to whom toe Royal government had granted a Large and Fine tract of land in toe Central part of Texas. He died without effecting much towards possessing and enjoying toe Grant hot this son above mentioned Laving obtained from Tiro Republican government of Mexico a confirmation to him of the Grant to his father commenced a settlement under better auspices which has become the leading one in the Colony. The mexican Congress reject the application of the texans for several reasons but principally be Toey considered toe object to be to Stab Cirii cause and perpetuate Ria very contrary to the National con and Oon Tiar to that of the toe planting countries except those rare spots which possess by nature an inexhaustible Fertility. The planters know no such process is maiming to maritime parts of Maryland Virginia and North Carolina Ara do ascribed As Barren and desolate for nearly one Hundred Miles into the Interior. Where once there was cultivation and stately Man simis Are now stunted Ines and the Wolf and toe wild Deer it have literally returned to to intr primitive Hama. The business of Plant inf properly so called is no out and As firming never has borne and never can Bear to any great extent the expense of slave labor of slam toe owners of slaves in toe old states find tiie Selvea equally embarrassed by an impoverished soil and a surplus of labourers a latter rapidly Lue Reasee new Mouths Are added in an new months Are added in proportion As the Means Are diminished for filling them. In this state of things toe planter would be compelled to emancipate or starve in toe midst of his Hasselt. And Here comes in the american a Aee Trade like a guardian Genius from the regions of despair to relieve Orimo duals from toe natural consequences of their Crimet from the correctional police established in mercy by toe ruler of the universe. It comes to turn sins into Gold and to diminish the number of Montos White it increases the Means of sadism no them. Hence toe fact that Midland Virginia North Carolina and South Carolina had become before toe year 1830, slave exporting steles mid some of them slave Ramtung stes . Making it a Butine to had trave for the Murkey. Or. Marshall a member of the Virginia Asse Tribly estimated the number raised acid sold by that state Between years 1820 and 1830, at 108,000 which were Worth. Tec be unwell myself Sion toe ical effect and to disc mind that ape cime also she i am not Presa for ing toe Little glorious cases my Moti signs of a a toe walled is Abo Jitni sir who eve the giant if of a de Magul heart and to vices Surj if i were give us Moi ing debt m no d Abor Amic Wrath top tempera Noel men from till since i Sav a few a Lew peril a political of lbs i it Quot in a Quot if trn is a ,000. During the lotto Carolina South car irked As Many More. Thia awfully great and increase i and even Missouri May according to informal Tim i these states Nemense amount of human Ial crop As it was Denonn in toe Viig Bia asap Milf Here is no place on Iha who by toe Law of god 1 him which we have for free can he sold like Eal units of our own Lep blk. Fore for toe support of i a Home Market should be Yaghout toe slave holding form policy of toe Slava Ilion of slaves from Olbum b in a situation to diaper a it source. The Moat Hig laves and those a Zehava pm Only transported to the i a punishment. Thera a i inn Isi f ing together a those a of material for in settee be mates except Louisana Tede. They do permit permits for a Purdom of Leavet Bat none for the por Loni Aana Ned a Ai Pilar it in 1833, in Compaq Asanee i Quot % i. H a l a /

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