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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - May 8, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioEnd could Send those who would take hold the business and Honor the undertaking. Or. Cowles and his associates Oberlin highly appreciate the plan oud will do All in their Power to further it. If the coloured people will take hold it with Energy i think it will do Mote towards elevating them than anything Ulicy have yet done and As soon As i can find some few who will take hold it with me we will make a trial. I have sir in this place an establishment for carding and cloth dressing propelled by steam and can put in machinery sufficient to manufacture 50 yes. Of sat Tinct per Day. Now sir can you not obtain some the wickedness men whether such men to professing christians not for a Wolf rolled in a sheep Ekin is As much a Wolf us one without it a we shall certain Fly give offence to All who take the Side injustice. Whether therefore we print speak by silent approbation hear witness against evil abolitionists not if we follow Jesus Christ fee shall give offence. John Vii 7. Every Christian is rom sanded to abhor evil to Cleave to that which is Good rom. Xii. 9 to reprove rebuke 2 Tim. To warn every Man As he has Opportunity the tearful consequences four six 8�� thoroughgoing coloured Young men Witko doing wrong Cri. I. 28, fearlessly faithfully two who wil1 engage their whole souls in this Busi in meekness. Awl All scripture is Given by in Ness by doing this i think they May acquire Lor themselves Spir amp Tion got f humbly conceive that the same a character for sobriety Industry honesty and punctuality doctrine leprosy correction and instruction Are and these constitute the visible Macks holiness heart. 1m>w to be he a Forth As we have Given us in the one Man at the engine who will tend the grist Mill another word go the opinion Learned modern Tea j at the carding another at the. Dyeing another at the finish Chers to inc contrary notwithstanding. No Hll-1 my and the other two assistants they May be engaged in Man Lave can bind the conscience a servant cultivating a Field to Supply the families before produce is be silent. We ought to obey god rather brought to Market. This arrangement will do three thou a neither the unalterable go dollars Worth work a year. Now i will superintend the modes and persians nor the Unright the work and in one year cach at a rep Ccu pc Texdon decrees slave holding republics can silence win a he competent to manage without i ice truth if death is the consequence testimony the Christian Dies in the perform his duty. But there is one Case in which think a Christian May die in arms in obedience to the will god and it appears from All accounts that in this Case . Lovejoy died. It is in a ease obedience to the Powers that be when those Powers do not command us to do evil. Rom. Xii 1�?5. Let every soul be subject to the higher one double carding machine one a Ingle one and a concen Sor clothiers tools and the most a set blacksmiths tools and a steam engine. If i can secure a Good water privilege i think it will be Best to Lei the engine remain until it should Lee needed in some other settlement to promote the same interest. This machinery u Worth two thousand dollars and set in prosperous operation adding a spinner needed in despatch ing he negro by breaking his Skull. So much for the illustrations furnished by a i glimpse at present history the virtue making humanizing Power slavery. The ems ninth , alluding to the taunts and looms Worth �300, will Clear $2,000 a year. _ _ ,. ,. Of America says a let the world judge which is it the location is Good and promises inducements Suffi-1 j to client to encourage the coloured people to work the establish moot for one half the proceeds i shall feel in wishing the business with you. You ate aware that with this machinery personal interest would place me Many Miles this Side you in a Rich flourishing settlement. In All yes All will be passed by con i but believe that the remnant my labor Wilt contribute to relieve a. Suffering oppressed people in a gospel land. A worthy minister and his wife will accompany me in my labors if there is a Prospect for their support in a Field usefulness. I think it a duty to locale this machinery the Bounty god in a place where it will contribute to the support ilk ministers and i should not feel justified in establishing i where the Prospect even for the first year was not Good for supporting a the most liable to censure we who in the midst rottenness have torn the manacles off slaves All Over the world they who with their Idle purity and useless perfection have remained mute and careless while groans echoed and whips cracked round the Walls their spotless minister his abilities after next Harvest myself and a except in particular cases for their compensation they shall mily will with the Blessing god be Ible to support our receive one half the profits. These arc the same terms selves without any Aid from the machinery. Probably a which such establish menu arc let to Good workmen. I shall Good Wagon maker will accompany me. As i can stay but not be necessarily employed More than half the time and a Short time with you i wish you would ascertain what the for my services i will receive what you the managers people in your neighbourhood will a Abc willing to do before i. The anti slavery society May think . Now sir i would suggest that the coloured people to operate under our existing Laws the coloured hands in the new settlements ought to take the Advance step in. The must by the Public be considered As hired and business arts and sciences. To do this it will require some Power Power. Tit. A it. 1. Be subject to principalities j done in my name any other they wish and to secure either water steam by which machinery can be pro pc and Powers to obey magistrates to be ready to the property from an arrest the Law which requires those led. My engine by enlarging at the expense $100, would every Good work. I pet. Ii. 13, 14. Submit your who employ coloured people to be their bail i shall make a propel a saw Mill take off the saw and no a pair Raill selves to every ordinance Raan for the lord Sale All the property to remain in the hands another St pcs and if necessary carding and Fulling could be attach Ako amp a. The mayor Alton was then the that it May not be seized upon to pay any penalty i May be de to it. If it is kept in motion night and Day it will a Powers Towt be a a the civil magistrate ruler Bable to for cog flying coloured people. I shall do business coins Irish a vast amount business. To this May be add govenor who bore the sword for the punishment upon credit no farther than the Man will give me permission de a Tannery using the scape steam for sleeping the bark evil doers and for the Praise those who did who a Odai the establishment but i shall lie subject to an. So that in six months leather will be tanned with. Oak. Bark Well. It is a Good work to protect life and pro arrest for debt i expect. As i can Sec no crime in employ which without steam would take two years. Do you know Perty from thieves and murderers he supported my Atka to whatever number i regard it not. I any friends the coloured people who will furnish saw the Uve Power in doing this Good Wor a believe that the Law will soon be repealed and consequently Mill Irons and grist Mill Irons. With your extensive knowl c to resisted t us a offer an re Sis Etc a debt judgment occurring under it would be remitted Edge with the friends the oppressed i Trust you will be ordinance god and shall receive to them selves. A to in t 0 Len a it if to but another View i do not believe that the friends would Able to place your mind men who Are Able and will be glad to Aid in this work without soliciting Cash. I can this Day place Quot myself in easy circus instances. Liberty the press in Canada. A the authorities in lower Canada seem disposed to turn that province into a Siberia and to extend there the russian Law regulating the Liberty the press. We have seen a letter from the postmaster at Montreal returning the Ester Pytte a French paper in this City with this reason a that they Are a at awed to he Eirc ulried tar this Corx it a a a new York paper. No need going to Siberia for an illustration such despotism. We can be furnished at Home. What excites so much indignation when done in Montreal is in fact the custom in a Large portion this Union. How contemptible is the conduct some our editors. If they would look at Home they would find enough evil to rebuke. Iie3r How they exclaim against the government Canada because it will not permit the circulation certain periodicals but who them has yet noted a Ven As a piece intelligence Tira burning Breckinridge a Magazine in Petersburg Virginia there is no such thing As Liberty the press in one half this country and yet we dare to Carp at the restrictions imposed . It by the canadians Independent Jiow the inevitable effect and exclusion a Large portion ministers and members from ecclesiastical rights account color condition is to create a distinct and an Independent sovereignty White sovereigns and Black subjects. Suppose people color should constitute one half the Church in regard to them the Whites would be a distinct and an. Irresponsible sovereignty governing them just according to their own Good pleasure Irre spectre by the rights the governed. In View All these facts it is easy to explain How the m. P. Church has come to be regarded As indifferent hostile to the interests the coloured people. A it will be Well for this Church at its approaching general conference to take such ground in relation to slavery As shall prove that its loud professions attachment to Liberty and Equality Are entitled to sonic credit and respect. A Decatur anti slavery society have challenged their enemies through the medium the political examiner to discuss the differences opinion Between them and that their opponents May have a fair Chance have published their preamble and Constitution. This is fair and courteous we. Hope their Manly Challenge will be accepted with the same spirit in which it is Given. The society says truly that a tic Man. Or set men who might succeed in showing that the principles Field by abolitionists Are erroneous would doubtless. Greatly increase the Public happiness for those principles Are widely spread and. Rapidly gaining ground. Bat god forbid that i should seek my ease while suffering humanity Calk and the a a a pressed cry for help. Bui in. All our acts let us not present one object to our friends that shall divert them from the salvation the soul. May god give us Wisdom. Adieu. S. Warner. The philanthropist edited by c. Bailey . Damnation. Rom. Xiii. 2. He was subject to this. Power As the a ordinance god a and died in doing a no towns h 11h�?o> a a to. Whatever were his motives god Only knows a a a a a a a know Llu a a a a a a Quot Quot x a it it ko.1j a a pc Tward appearances to acted inc part a Uberty which the Law gives to get bad to stay in the county faithful servant god. The motto at the head which they would pot want to they would rather i would this piece proves that gods people have never get bail to go out the county. Ami i believe that when been approved by the world do what they May our opposes see How effectually the Law can be evaded they a neither John with his austerity nor Jesus Christ will attempt to mend it so that the coloured people will enjoy in his sociability. Equal privileges with the other citizens the state. I am we do not know Quot if Paul As a roman citizen no few scr but if i can obtain the coloured men hero men had been called to assist the lawful authorities tinned i will have my business be arranged by Able attorneys the Empire in a similar Case might hot have acted that it us now it to rift rec the business Manu in the same manner. Although an apostle 1 fax bring a such an extent As to he profitable can be done Christ his weapons were entirely spiritual. Without borrowing capital by working Wool shares. So however Many May be the reproaches cast upon sex a naive is3 my acquaint acc in inc business that i court Tilc memory . Lovejoy by a gesso so la amp employment far several hands mostly females and this degenerate age a Hail thou that Art highly a m Jawed May i a a year round. Also i can hire a saw Mill and i the Southern convention Quot merchant Are thy dauntless Zeal in the cause the oppressed. A a a though Briars and thorns were with thee a and two doth is works and card is �>au�c3. A a a a hands As profound in moral philosophy As they Are m though a thy dwelling was among scorpions lie ran ,k5 prot kurd 10 wt7ihem further As soon a set political Economy. One the grand truths they who fortified Ezekiel and made his forehead As hand should be competent to it manufacture they would revealed to a benighted world it their late session an Adamant harder than Flint in the path duty have accumulated property sufficient to go to a coloured set wag also fortified thine. A henceforth there is Laid up Dement and Al up business and employ the Young men and for thee a Crown righteousness which the lord women rather than have them compelled to go boats sub a thai ail the social conditions mail the the righteous judge shall give Liee at that Tolpy Jetto temptation to vice to hardship and fraud. J most favourable to the development fat Cardinal which Vadeth not away when Llie boasted guilty placing entire Confidence in the Rev. Or. Cowley a opinion j Virtues the heart and the noblest faculties heroes politicians ancient and. Modern and. The you i have Laid open my plan believing that you will ice soul to the promotion private happiness time serving teachers a perverted gospel shall approve it and that you can obtain and direct men Here and Prosperity is that slave hold Rifin to no a my a Arlo Tittor int mtg it. I t lit a a Lia Cincinnati tuesday morning May 8, 1838. The project is the same dishonourable dangerous wicked project whether supported by arrogant and haughty demands insidiously urged in the language fraternal respect. Texas again. The texans Are now playing a game that ought not to deceive men who Lay claim a any sagacity. The Texas Telegraph april 21st, thus sets Forth a emr. Everitt from the committee foreign relations submitted the following report and joint Resolution. A the committee foreign relations having had under consideration the situation the annexation As it now existe Between this government and. The government the United states deem it proper to submit the following preamble and Resolution to the consideration the Senate a Whereat the proposition which has been made by the government Texas for annexation to the confederacy the United states America has been met by that government with views and propositions very discouraging presenting obstacles Tad difficulties at present and involving a consequent postponement any action the subject its part to a period to be determined by future contingencies thus leaving the people Texas exposed in the meanwhile to All the trials India to their infant condition and whereas a great Aad unhappy a Rife Cut is now prevailing among the people the t nth a a states the subject slavery which appears to be partially kept up by the proposition referred to a result not anticipated from a cause so innocent therefore by it resolved by the Senate and House representatives the Republic Texas in Congress assembled that the president be and ire is hereby instructed to cause the proposition heretofore made by this government off the government the United states for the annexation Texas to be respectfully and unconditionally withdrawn and thus in the most decisive manner refer the people Texas for All the future Good they May Hope to receive enjoy social Security to their own Independent and Manly energies. A a which is respectfully submitted by your committee with the Hope its speedy passage into a Laws. H. Everitt a the report and Resol Zutian were read and Laid the Rise to shame and everlasting contempt. Elect Iberia. Indiana March 1838. Quot who will exert an influence in this place that lecturers cannot. There arc Here Many men influence in Church and stale but not an abolitionist who is willing to take a. Paper advocate the cause Only to say a i am As much an abolitionist As you but do not want to have the ignorant creatures turned Loose upon the world and mingle with a respectable you have doubtless heard enough the stale hypocrite f Guernsey county. Cumberland Guernsey co., o., a april 13, 1838. Or. Bailey. J dear sir a for Many years i have stood almost alone in this Section country in pleading i Cal self righteous arguments which emanate Only from con the canse suffering humanity yet after a Brief traded minis and those who regard their own happiness As struggle and a formidable opposition the friends the Only object their being. I have not ability room Ibe Tyg this place have Sticco ded in getting an. 1 in this present Sheet to plead the Emu the Blacks there Ann see Ivery society organized. We meet with fore i shall explicitly state w him that Poffett at and we Are As fully assured that it is a duty incumbent us to a open our Mouths for the dumb a a and plead the cause the poor and although we have Strong opposition Here i think we May safely conclude that to Tere is something favourable in the lot Wool at this time which can be manufactured before the next seasons Wool is Cut if ergs ged soon. If the necessary men can be procured i will refer the arrangements All business to the friends the Blacks As i have no desire to superintend the business if a better can be found. If thou who commence the work should succeed Well i be ing communities under free political they think Lii i truth is hardly yet unders Tood among themselves but Trust that it is to be illustrated by to Cir future history. We fear we shall have to wait too Long and prefer the illustrations present history. Two Cardinal Virtues this Peculiar social condition tends specially to develop Are revenge and a fearful disregard human life. Though a i a Ders and acts violence Are alarmingly frequent in the free states they Bear no kind comparison either in ferocity number to such deeds in the slave holding Coin mow a ties. We will record a few cases that have come under our notice within two weeks. March 30th, in Kentucky r. A. Ferguson shot a a a i _ _ what must ire immediately done great opposition having the lawyers Doctora and i a a commence business my plan. There most be three clergy All against us. Were our dependence such Man gent immediately As you think would be Tho the Arm flesh we could not stand but we have Rougk it a family two can be procured for the. Winter but our Hopes built Oil a better foundation having the 1 it Wye n0 a Best for the men to wait for them. The Neces munition rocks for our defence and the prompt a a imn Disu. Arrange Lenl a l0 me Payin a for cd ses god. For our encouragement. We resolve1 therefore in the strength god to persevere being fully assured that he is Able and will a com i 7�?ot�?o&Quot a Quot to a a plish his own promises a for the oppression a in he a in a la a a a a a �w..ble a Ngoy a we it. Or Thomas Rivera dead it a8 he was walking with fhe poor for tie sighing foe needy now win i his Little son Down the Street the gun was fired to Saith the Lori i will set him in safety from a a i from a concealed place hut Ferguson came out the House boldly avowed that he was the murderer and would do the whole Over again if necessary. The brother the murdered Man Jones Rivers was sent for. He immediately went with a double barrelled gun to the place where the Mur aspect things. There does not appear so much Fieve that fifty men women and children May be furnished,., hostility against the cause As formerly we still Wal Good Bosinis. If they will manage busing Forth. Decor Wab a threatened to shoot any Siope that even Here we shall finally Triumph. A elves and feel responsible for their skill in the arte and one in guard who should attempt to thwart yours in the cause the oppressed j prove to the world that they Are Chaste inoffensive and Punk him Drew a pistol and knocked Down capt. Pow Tual this will place the anti slavery argument a footing Ell and. Rushed into the room. Ferguson fled. Ata meeting the citizens the Vicinity i a it if righteous bigoted whims cannot overthrow. In i Rivers pursued him the bystanders rushed be Cumberland Guernsey co., the Audi i i conclusion i say i will Devoto my prey try my labor nay Henry George uie auth March 1838, after prayer the following preamble i a a few required to bring an oppressed people into the Liberty and Constitution were unanimously adopted. Of Lac gospel the scriptures the old Quot a and new testament to be the word god and shoud Man come u important that they keep their our infallible guide in duty we judge slavery to be busine8s it a entire m i wish to secure a lot offend by a sin against god flagrant violation his Law contract which will furnish 20 hands with dwellings with and human rights a libel our Republican in Oul making ready payment before it should be known to Bat Sti Tutins an obstruction to the cause . Cli Risti was to employ Blacks. Let Thow who come enquire for 8yl-Anity by making it foe Patron sin and exciting Vanus Warner for chopping As they wish to take a Large the derision opposes a that it consigns its vie 1 Job and this will introduce them without any disclosure. If time to degradation suffering and despair sur you should find any who arc willing to come i wish you rounds the master with perils leads All connected would write me immediately As i shall be under the Necos wit ii it into habits licentiousness vice and a to Makk a contracts which will materially affect the a exposes All who uphold it to the judgments Rorig cents for the next year. God and believing that we owe it to the oppressed to our fellow citizens who hold slaves to our beloved country to human interest generally to posterity and to god earnestly to seek the abolition slavery by using such Means As Are sanctioned by the Laws the land and the dictates humanity and Justice a we do hereby agree to form ourselves into a society to Aid in the accomplishment this object and to be governed by the following Constitution. A in a a Quot i a a your obedient servant 8. Warner. C7we make no apology for publishing the two following letters in our paper. They furnish a Fine exhibition True impartial Benevolence i the coloured people they contain hints which we regard As the it Are that i had better move from this Section and account most importance to our coloured Friend and most i a a a i it a Quot it foods it a be to go Lett he ii. Burlo a. Beauga co., 0. Fob. 19, 1838. Dear sir a some years since i wrote you the subject having the coloured people learn. Ira Dos. Let them acquire a knowledge the arts and their consequent increase property and usefulness Wilt do much to elevate them and will present an argument in their favor which tradition habit and prejudice cannot Confute. Having received no reply i have concluded that the anti slavery society did not think it Best to direct their efforts to this department educating recently the indications Providence signally do they expose the iniquity our disc i Mma Tive Laws against these unfortunate people. Only Mark to what shifts Christian Benevolence is in its efforts to extend Aid to the Helpa a we Hope our readers will attentively peruse these letters and then make such efforts As their own Good sense and philanthropy May dictate we solicit particularly foe attention persons color. Or. Warners efforts ought to meet to Ith Hearty . Phil. The coloured people plan a earn not Burton Beauga co., o., nov. 27, 1836. I Wanup dear sir a i write you by the advice the Rev. Henry Cowles Oberlin to whom i wrote the subject that Fob lows who advised that i should Lay my plans before you As you were extensively acquainted with the coloured people to the South West. There with a Small sum land can be obtained and with the machinery that. 1. Can. Command i Hopo to encourage some coloured persons to engage in carding cloth dressing and manufacturing. My health Wilt not permit me to perform hard labor yet i could instruct them so that in a year they could manage common business without Aid. I am now closing my business and intend soon to take a journey for the purpose visiting coloured settlements and shall go until i can find a place where with my limited Means business May be started to their Benefit. I have this Day seen a letter in the emancipator written by you stating your desires and. Calculations for schools near St. Mary a. I was much interested with a and shall visit Yon. In my proposed journey and i shall make no binding contracts until i see what is the Prospect in your Vicinity. This will he received some Days previous to my arrival and As my stay must be Short i wish you to ascertain where 50 100 Seres wild land can be had for ready Cash i am not particular whether it is Good for agricultural purposes also if a Good Iii seat can be obtained and who will take hold to build the establishment and receive pay As the establishment will make it i can furnish tween the presented ills gun and exclaimed a Clear the Way ill shoot somebody a he then let Loose at Ferguson who was thirty paces from him and put eleven Buckshot in the Smalt is Hack. He walked up to him and Drew a Pic tol and Ferguson a begging for Marc told him be would show the same a mercy As had been shown to his brother. A the discharged the pistol five Buckshot and a Ball into his breast Drew another and busted a Cap at his head Drew a third and burs ted a Cap and then left in Georgia some time in March a Young Man named Wooster shot a slave belonging to the Hon. John p. King and was let to bail by judge seek ler in the sum $3,000. A slaves life then in Georgia is valued at $3,00o1. At split hand ky., april 11th, Clark a barkeeper attempted at the request a Landlady to remove . Brown an old resident who was under the influence liquor. Brown Drew a pistol and shot c. Through the body who immediately rushed upon. Brown Drew a Bowie knife plunged it into his heart and left him dead the floor. Clark died his wound next Day. In Columbia s. C., sometime in april Nazareth Allen an apprentice to the carpenters Trade the Sabbath while intoxicated before the methodist Chapel during divine service stabbed a negro boy with a Dirk knife directly through the heart. The papers say that Tho boy gave him no provocation. Sometime about the latter end March beginning april win. Wondrue while ascending the Arkansas River in a Canoe was shot from the Banks and killed instantly. About the same time in Arkansas Augustus l. Glover while travelling to the residence his lather in Law in company with his wife a Young lady and two gentlemen was twice fired upon by a secret Assassin. At the second shot a Hall entered. His breast and lie died in a few minutes . Loftin near Murf Reesburg tenn., not Long since in a desperate encounter with a run away negro whom we presume he attempted to arrest Suc Meti Odist protestant Church. We re mar lied in our last number the proportion coloured persons belonging to the methodist protestant Chuck in Maryland. There is a reason for this. A general impression prevails among persons color that this Church is unfriendly to their interests and we cannot blame them for it. As a Church it has never yet said one word against the principle system slavery. In the publication John and Charles Wes Leys general rules which Are bound up in one volume with its elementary principles Constitution discipline and forms the Rule relating to slavery is entirely omitted. It was omitted in deference to slave holders. Its seventh elementary principle declares that a foe Church has a right to form and enforce such rules and regulations Only As Are in accordance with the holy scriptures the Southern sections the Church a form and enforce Regela Lions a by which persons color Bond and free Are excluded from All participation in the government the i Turli from the rights suffrage and eligibility to office. Is this in accordance with the holy scriptures in the Church emphatically the Golden Rule the Law Christian Equality ought to be strictly observed. Rights should be secured equally to All the members without respect to condition color. Any regulation excluding slaves free coloured people from privileges and rights enjoyed by the rest the member cannot be otherwise than unjust and injurious. It tends to wound their feelings degrade them in their own estimation perpetuate their degradation in Public in ton and give countenance to a system that strips them All rights. Southern sections a Church have never yet been Hallett Quot to account in any Way rebuked for the violation this elementary principle. Its eighth elementary principle declares that whatever Power May be necessary to the formation rules and regulations is inherent in a ministers and members the Church but so much that Power May be delegated from time to time upon a plan representation As they May judge necessary and there is no exception Here a minister Sand members a not apart but the whole without any distinction condition Are embraced. And Why should the principle be restricted if it be True let it be carried out to its legitimate consequences. Its unbroken integrity its Universal applicability Are precisely those attributes which Confer it any i in. Is such a Power inac Mif in the ministers Ami members a Church then it is i Hereit in All Black As Well As while. Have tile ministers and members the right to Delegate such Power a then All have it Nane Black As Well As to Hite. If then the Constitution provide solemn guaranties for this right in a Case White members ought it not to Grant the same guaranties to coloured Mem bars ? surely a principle favouritism should not be allowed to nullify inherent rights. None ought to receive Protection from which others Are excluded. Justice is even handed. God has conferred these rights All if they be inherent so that Man if he would guaranty them in any ease should guaranty them in All cases. But what is the fact in this professedly Republican Church a the Constitution article 12, secures to while men otherwise qualified the right to vote Delegate Power but not to coloured Mes. In the same Way it secures eligibility to , to White men but not to their coloured Brethren. Here is a principle discrimination introduced plainly repugnant to the elementary principle just quoted and Titiro diced too for the Sake accommodating the slave Holder the annual conferences in the slave states some them have gone further a ther have absolutely violated this essential principie., a a a Power and a a rights declared to be inherent in the ministers and members a Etui Reh have without scruple utterly taken away from the coloured ministers and Mem bars Bond and free. It May be said that the Constitution confers exclusive Power . A annual conferences to make such terms suffrage and government for persons color As they May deem proper. Whether this Power be without restriction not an elementary principle is violated. One two things then is certain a either a annual conferences Are the transgressors the Constitution itself is a transgressor containing a provision intended to limit an elementary principle announced with studied form and solemnity and without any restriction. If a annual conferences be in fault let proper action be had against them if the Constitution be to blame expose and Amend it. Its eleventh elementary principle declares that the Church has no right to a create any distinct prejudice. Our prejudices Are Almos always founded in. Nature. They arise from a perverted action natural principles the action not infrequently the most excellent principles our the against the jew which daring the Middle Ages subjected him to so Many intolerable abuses throughout Christendom took its Rise in an. Abhorrence the wickedness exhibited in putting to death the son god. By a natural process the deep indignation Felt at the recital this deed was transferred to a perpetrators it but by a most cruel perversion the infamy a few was spread Over a whole race and the sins the fathers visited upon their posterity. Liat was at first a righteous indignation became finally a wicked and most unnatural antipathy an antipathy which led to the infliction injuries utterly forbidden by the precepts him whose violent death was assigned As a reason for cherishing so unholy a feeling. Thus it is that prejudice under an insidious Guise corrupts the Best sentiments the heart. It May startle Many our readers to be told that prejudice against the Man color has grown out some the Best principles our nature. Why is it that so Genera an antipathy is cherished against the coloured Man is it because he is Black Brown that his hair is not so straight As that the White Man ridiculous our prejudices lie deeper than tills they grow out constitutional principles. To Tere is no such thing As prejudice against color it is against condition. We hate slavery a vice ignorance and deep abasement it entails upon its victims. We scorn a passive submission under so grievous a Yoke. This is a ii right. Such feelings become freemen. But Mark what follows. Our degenerate natures Are always erring either by excess perversion. Most cruelly most absurdly the dislike we cherish for the consequences slavery is extended to its victims. This is prejudice. We abhor the poor sufferers for a degradation character and condition not voluntary but a criminal work ers. The train perverted associations once established it becomes More and More unreasonable. Not Content with abhor ring a slaves for air misfortunes we extend our antipathies to All connected with them by a common origin the ties relationship whether slaves not hence a prejudice against a free coloured Man. The prejudice however in their Case is invigorated and kept up by our habit associating ignorance vice and degradation with this much abused people. So then however praiseworthy the original feelings the perversion which constitutes prejudice we see aat the prejudice itself is one the most unreasonable and brutal things in. The world a it is nothing less than hating men for injuries inflicted them by ourselves and others. In the name reason and religion How can reasonable and Christian men. Arty longer suffer this insensate feeling to make them indifferent to the wrongs heaped upon their coloured Brethren Why will they not exert themselves to remove the disabilities under which they Labory to extend to them the benefits the common school system to throw around their persons and Quot property a Ordinary safeguards Law and to secure to them in the daily walks life kind and courteous treatment must their Charity be always away from Home cannot their sympathies be enlisted in behalf a Good work this Side a Atlantic As Well As in Africa must philanthropy take a voyage across the seas before it can reach Forth a hand to Succour the perishing a tis distance lends enchantment to a deed. But a better Days Are coming a thanks to a Wise and merciful Providence a time is hastening Oai when the pure spirit Christian philanthropy shall take a place those Low and selfish feel Ings which distort human nature and Trammel its kindest affections. Hereafter our mighty prejudices against the coloured race will be regarded with the same kind sentiments As those now awakened at the recollection the popular anti Paay which once proscribed the jew As an unclean thing and distinguished him by infamous Marks. The commercial bulletin new Gideons states aat private letters had been received in that City contain ing in Tell i. Gen be the subsequent the Resolution. This Rumor May to True false. If True it would indicate great Folly in the people the free states to relax air vigilance. The texans May think Quot Best to pout a Little put a show Independence and dignity they May be aware that the annexation business shall proceed just As Well whether they continue withdraw their petition. At All events the editor in the free states who would cry peace because Texas has concluded she wont beg any longer for admission into our Union shows no Small share simplicity. American slave holders have conquered this territory from Mexico Foi years it has been air Darling project to have it incorporated with our possessions ambition and a regard to the stability their system slavery impel them to consider Success in this movement As All it port ant it �3 not probable therefore that ave will suffer their tools in Texas to prove traitorous to air wishes. The Creed slave holders this question May be stated in the Zeip Batick language the finn fort Commonwealth by in an article copy Ernie Texas the editor says a Quot a a for ourselves we have never for a moment doubted the policy which our government should hate pursued in relation to Texas. We have heretofore asserted and we repeat it again that Texas hold he made a component part our country at All hazards peaceably if she we willing and Fob Cibit if sur. Was Altmix Texas f a a Texas there id Good reason to believe has withdrawn her application to be admitted into our Union. She is Light. Her territory is Large enough for an Independent state it is so situated As to engender no collision local geographical interests. Her slavery regulations Wilt remain in her own will be involved in none our sectional strikes but May exist a snug Little harmonious Republic exemplify ing much than we do the re publican Aston flying a. Beau Tifa i exc Mali Fie Atiim republicanism where at the basis their institutions and government lies the principle Purpe Tual slavery a a snug Little harmonious Reubie a where millions human beings Are destined to minister to the Ava Risic idleness Pride and lust a few profligate Pettiet despots a a snug Little harmonious Republic a pm As if there were no god in Quot heaven to avenge the wrongs the oppressed and to pour out the vials strife discord and to a hypocritical Republic that dared in its very origin to immortalize so far As it could a stupendous system robbery and cruelty a tie distance lends enchantment to the View ,.�?��? Campbell. Texas. Or. Preston has called up his Resolution respect ing the annexation Texas. His speech is spoken As having been both temperate and eloquent and free from those denunciations against abolitionists so characteristic a speeches Southern statesmen. The secret it is these gentle men Are beginning to perceive that they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by bitter invective against so respectable a body men As Norhern abolitionists. Let not the friends Liberty be deceived Byais courtly Dent Canor let not the kiss kindness dissolve their firm resolutions common Massachusetts. To a state april 6, 1888. The joint committee to we dub we a referred the petition Asa Stoughton and others Oftle a town Gill and Many others petitions Kothe same Tenor asking the legislature to declare that Congress has the Power 4nd ought to . Slavery and the slave Trade in the District Columbia and Tho territories the United states and the slave Trade Between the several states the Union to whom were also committed the petition Homan Humphrey and others the faculty and students Amherst College and Many other petitions requesting the same declaration As to slavery and the slave Trade in the District Columbia and to whom were also committed the petition Eben. Crosby and others West Hawley and Many other petition the subject the admission new states into the Union have considered the several matters so submitted to them and beg leave to 1 report there be Little difference opinion in this Commonwealth As to the moral social and political character Domestic slavery. It w regarded by All nearly All As a wrong in. Itself and an evil in ail its relations and influences. There can be Little dispute either As to the degree the qualities. The wrong is the greatest which Man can inflict Tipit his follow and the evil deep certain and Only practical question Here would seem to be As to the relative Power different governments Ove the subject and the comparative expediency different modes action. There is happily no slavery in Massachusetts. By a very Constitution which gave her birth As a state she vindicated bar sincerity in the cause human Freedom by emancipating every slave within her Borders. This institution docs however exist extensively in the Union which she is a member. But so far As it is confined within other states it is a matter for their exclusive regulation and with it Massachusetts has no Power political interference. The petitioners admit this. They do not contend that Congress ought to abolish slavery As it exists within the several states. They acknowledge that it has no Power to do so. But they insist that the Constitution has Given to Congress authority to a certain extent and in some places Over a subject slavery and the slave Trade and that for a a Zercie this authority for the purposes Justice and the common Good the people this state As each a states arc responsible according to the measure their influence. Quot it j the Powers supposed to reside in Congress Are the following Allaf which Are made separately in combination the subjects to rese petitions 1st to abolish slavery and the slave Trade in the District Columbia. 2d. To abolish slavery and the slave Trade in a tar Rife Rica Tho United state. 4 the. To refuse admission into the Union any new state whose Constitution shall tolerate Domestic slavery. The petitioners ask the legislature to affirm the Power Congress and the duty its exercise in each Tho forms before stated. The committed having Given to every part the grave and delicate subject committed to them their anxious and awful Alten Linn proceed to state a conclusions at which they have arrived each Branch a subject separately and in the order before taken giving merely the More prominent principles and reasons which govern their opinions without attempting a Laboured argument pretending to a thorough discussion either. The first question thus presented is As to a Power Congress Over steer a and the slave Trade in the District Columbia. Your committee have no doubt upon this Point. They

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