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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - May 1, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioA Durso o. Ban.b�, in. Cincinnati to eclair moral my May 1, 1838. Ament found me. The Good opinion of my fellow Meir in to me and i would sacrifice any thing hut Principio obtain their Good wishes but when a Tiey ask me to surrender this they ask for More than i can than i dare give. Reference in Oade to die fact that in offered a few i Days since to yield up the Edro ship of the a observer into other hands. This is True i did so lice Aase it was thought or said by some that perhaps the paper would be better Page w in ii a proceedings not useted Wuh the a oui in Ortr Hwd. A a a do line a use print my Oik cd re Cimon of the amok Obort Var Ond the death i Howen Umi a nce then we Heel Hemd from the Friend. Off the Rev up love by by Rev Swaro i Mil support jeers of the paper in All parts of the state. There bbcmi�,--�th�8, sex to Scad weak is at length sentiment among them and this was that the a in inn and a Fol shorty in pub Abed. By the to a a a a a a i in no other Bend then mine. U Leneas of the a Swisher. We have been faired j How Kublal Caloir. With the Phi Liege of exam Ming it m manual Ripe. We read it All in rough with pro food interest and hesitate not of express the opinion i at it is one of of most important Pfow cohns we he have grown i of the disco motor the slavery questions its narrate it of Ocon freaces in Alton is peculiarly dear fall and spirited. Many things Are told which we have not seen in any other account of those lamentable events and it occupies ground which has not yet been taken in any Book temp let or other writing on this subject his a a a is of the discussion of abolitionism of theses of mobs and of the responsibilities of Good and listau men Are ample just and most Elo a Wendy expressed. In Many respects they May Lay claim to originality. The author in fact has treated the whole subject in such a Way As to make Itolo special interest to the world. The Wohl it is expected will be out in two or three weeks and will make a Dao Decino of about 156 pages. Holton of Alan is the publisher and is Aow in this place for the purpose of superintend ii the printing of this occasion to Forward collections and the names of new subscribers. The business agent will be present at Granville to attend to these Nattens. It is moreover requested that All persons indebted to the depository will prepare a ier selves to Settle their accounts at the same time and place. Ii 7lct it be understood however that the i Printer must be paid and the Treasury is still largely in debt so that our friends from Mere motives of Convenie Nice ought not to postpone remittances until the anniversary. We want Jey now As badly As we shall need it then. Al re Mil can now or at the Roq aest of friends Yow up my Post of a Heder i a shall forsake it at the demand of a mob. Tho former i am Fouec tip ought Bice to h sent on. At All times ready to do when ecu Matanes seem to autre it As i w do never put my personal wishes or interests in Aifiti slavery publications at the anniversary. Competition with the cause that master . A. R re. A Friend at Granville suggests the propriety of am hut uie latter be assured Ivy Var no god in he Providence. Win Lyall my Brethren and 1 think has to warding a Complete assortment of Anu slavery devolved upon to the respond bitty of Maint Taing my j publications to that place at the time of our Anni ground Here and or. Chairman i am determined to do it. A voice comes to me from mine from Massachi aels from Connecticut f of new Turk from Petu Sylvanis Yea from Kentucky from Mississippi from Missouri ceiling upon it me in to fax name of All that is Der to heaven m Earth to stand but Aad by the help of bid i Sra Xii. I know 1 am Ersary. The different societies throughout the state win thereby have an Opportunity of furnishing themselves with whatever works they May desire. It is our intention in accordance with this suggestion to have on the spot during the Annivera Bol a a Sci. Delivered a a a great meeting of the wifi Archit of it a few Days a fire his a few Sac two notices of Las Spescha one isl ter Stoin the Alton correspondent of the Cincinnati journal and one in the Memoir of Lovejoy. They arc both Eit Emsly affecting it it is confessed furnish tidy a faint idea of the diameter of tie speech As delivered. We rejoice that president Beecher has Given a full report of this remarkable speech. He Stales that or. Lotc Joy ail is request immediately alter the meeting wrote Down All that he Ltd it uld recall of it and he pres. Beecher from memory added the rest it win he recollected that the meeting was composed but one end Yon an my. My Iren Gih Wonlu a if but i a Quot to Large a Supply of both is and pamphlets As Little Agunai Yon sch you Lesii crash to if you will but i possibly furnish. Shall die at my peat for i cannot and will not Joraine in j we Hope therefore that societies will at once Why should i flee from la not this a he a a 1 meet for the purpose of determining what pub-wteim�d.dlvimobi�8tla.�iicmhe�tou a cube of Freedom and of the Kwa. The mob have pursued h r i a u .i.__. ,. T. A t Yijin f i. Pessary for their Purchase these May be remitted Mech to and Why should i Retreat again. Where can i be ,. ,.a few if Tittl i a. Right to the pm tee is regales. It is vastly ii portent that Tina of the us and what Diioro Asti in any other every society be Well supplied with Anu slavery place sir the very act of a treating will embolden the publications. It is a cheap Mode of disseminating mob to Fonow me wherever i go. No sir there is no Way the truth to escape the mob but to abandon the path of duty and that cod helping me i will never do. It a it has been Adl Dhere that my hand k against of Mok and every Nisi in a hand am to. The last of Toto ration is of painfully Kuo. I do in cod find almost a very hand a find age inst me but against whim in this place has my hand been raised a i Appeal to every individual present who of Yon have i injured whose character have North Carolina Baptist conventions hell gloss instruction of slaves. The North Carolina Baptist convention at its last session adopted the report of a committee concerning the religious instruction of people of color. The committee recommended two modes of instructions Reading to them the scriptures and preaching to them the gospel. They think that in every Christian family a it were easy so to fix the time of family worship that our slaves at least once a Day May meet with us and that few Heads of families would find it difficult at such times impart to them religious a in addition to this they say a Little or no loss could be sustained by calling of our slaves from to Weir labor for a i Hoar or two every week for the purpose of Reading and explaining to them the scrip tires. We ask any candid Man who knows what human nature is How exacting Are the duties of every Day life the amount of Tine usually spent by christians in family Devotion &c., &c., How much Worth will be the religious instruction generally communicated in this Way a one or two hours every week devoted to expounding to them the scriptures How efficient so much time at so Short inter Dsa How can it help proving effective on minds so Well prepared by previous Reading and meditation and at a time so propitious called off from their labors just when the Man released from his toils is in quite a passive state open to every passing impression unless perchance he should Glide off. Into a refreshing sleep seriously How can reasonable men expect the Brief general exercises of family Devotion and an Jour or two of re Gigious from this office. How often must we remind our friends to Send papers to individuals of their of the propriety of writing their own name on the margin so that it May be known whence they came. Patriotic anti abolitionists of Muski Ngum county a lately got up a meeting in Zanesville against . Or. Hammond thus handles them. The reel Ute on of the meeting breathe i spirit very much to be repro Bete. It is highly Denun Chatory and Inq Nisito rial. As example we quote the two follow Uig a awol unions which stand in the proceedings in the order they ire Here Given resolved that this meeting look with Pater and regret on clergymen of All denominations who attempt la or out of the pulpit to make use of their clerical station to fat embers of Discoid or to stir up factious feelings having for their object the further disturbance of society and ultimately or Severance of the sacred ties which new bind us together As �?~j2e�o/recf, that it be recommended to the superintendents and school directors acid examiners to examine strictly the books pamphlets and tracts that May be put into the hands of children in the respective schools i hereby guarding in due time against All attempts that May in in acid by a i zionists to give the tender i ids of our youth Anim proper and. Dangerous direction in relation to the is a blushed institutions of our certainly a High hand that carries denunciation into the sacred desk and inquisition into our Public schools. Are the freemen of Ohio prepared for this the following is the last Resolution except two or three of formal character a ee9ol9ed that Robert b age esq., Matthew m la Theny esq., and or. John Hamm be a committee with instructions to obtain copies of All petitions and memorials purporting to be from this county with the signatures thereto presented to Tho present sumsion of Congress praying for ure abolition of slavery in the states in the District of Columbia of in the territories of the muted states and that they cause the said copies and signatures to he published in of orders most be a complied by few kit Ictor of its a week to recover tic Luli Cash. / mave from the Daif Eiress and stupidity which the i agr culture in the slave states. Free labor and the Iod Efin Subedi Viscum of property the basis of the wealth Industry Equality i intelligence and Enterprise of the North. I Trad Oedel whose family have i molested Whoso business i wherever slavery exists property tends inevitably a vol meddled with if any let hint Rise Here and testify in �o1c hands of the few and More against the. No one ans res. Reliance is placed on muscular than intellectual a and do not you . By that you ind not Jug slave state should a inst my private of personal Char Eicr and does any one Bol Teve that if there was any thing to be found it would not be found and Brout Forth if in any thing i have offended against the Kwh i am not so popular in this Community As that it would be difficult to convict me. You have full Short continually of the Prosperity of their Northern neighbors. The slave scarcely Ever becomes an inventor or discoverer. What has he to gain by it what motive of sufficient Power has and also of the Lawless part of the Community the con Mittic appointed to prepare a set of Coil Promise resolutions As they were called performed their task in auth a Way As to concede every tiling to the mob and demand from or. Lovejoy the surrender of the Liberty of Tho press of which at this crisis he was the Sentinel. We give what follows in the Lan Guage of or. Beecher. The Mirta and judges and juries tej find nothing against me Fie to tax his ingenuity to Fri out better modes of and now you tog her for the purpose of driving cultivation or Economy and As to the Large land incentives tothe ener by Runny of your 1 country of posterity above All of the judgment Day for smaller Farmers of the free states remix bar. The judge it that Day is no respecter of per-1 the would raise larger crops he gels More slaves. Of the Weid Hiest and most respectable citizens of Tacony by innocent Man for no cause but aat he a above the reach of to Ioveino dares to think and speak As his conscience and his god die. Alt ii ministers merchants. Civilians politicians i improvement which Are such spurs to sons. A pause i beseech you and Rosie cd. The Perment excitement will soon be Over the voice of conscience will at last be kurd and in some Teaso of honest thought even in Tim Werkl As Yogi. Review the scenes of this hour you will be compel Leil to say a a he was rights he was he win not be Apt to improve hts modes of culture while he can so easily command thi Tiff a quit cd labor of human beings. Our Kentucky friends complain of the backwardness of agricultural science among them compared with its advanced state among their Northern Brethren. 8ure butt you have been exhorted to be lenient and compas the Eek of or. Lovejoy is with one or two Exeen Amonate Aad in driving me away to affix no Muriee Esfarj dts if admit dial kentuckians Are Natur Tiona a Model of eloquence we never read one i Grace upon me. Sir 1 reject All suck com pasion. You i ally in Heriot in Enterprise and ingenuity to the peo that afife cled a More deeply it dec rvs to be 1 cannot Diagra a. Scandal else Hood and calumny have i pie of Ohio or Pennsylvania. To what then but printed in letters of Gold. To cannot but think i Dready done their worst. My should cd Heve borne the Bur Javery can they attribute the vast difference which that if it were circulated every a it Ere throughout you a hang me up a l. Confess cd its Between cultivation Amongo. mob Hung up the mid Vidrak at Vicksburg you May \. ,. L a i. The Nakon it would do More to win respect me at Tho Stoke a they did my lotto at 8k Louk cultivation among their Northern neigh admiration for or. Love Joy a character than All that has been written about him. A after the report had been read by the honorable chair api says or. Beecher one of Tho Coa Unito commuted on u Al Home length seeming to anime it a Caprice of no doubt that or. Lowboy a friends must Aee the of to generous a comp Roma and Ite eminent adapted nem to promote the Public peace proceeded in a companion ate Strain to express Hia Sii Why Fos the men a been rights were to be Eye Rifted eee peace of bring of the alter of the Demon of Enar Chi. He regarded him As an unfit unto Man whose hand you May tar and Feather me or throw me into the Miens Stuppi As Yon have often fare evened to do but you cannot die Borst the following extract from an article in the a Franklin. Farmer a paper devoted to the inter Grace me. I Tad i alone can disgrace Myad Aud the ests of a cult tire published at Frankfort ky., deepest of Audi race would be at a time Ike this to deny my master forsaking his died for me and i were Moet unworthy to Bear his name should i refuse if need be to die a it a him. A Aga i you have been told that t have e 4mily who arc dependent on me and this has Boen Given As a reason Why i should be driven off As gently As Poest Bie. It is True or. Oba Irman i pm a husband a father and this it is that adds the bitterest ingredient to the cup shows most painfully As we think the ruinous effects of slavery. A throughout the whole article however there is not the slightest allusion to this evil. A our and docs not produce More than tif As in Corn As it ought with improved culture it does inca in Muffi Foo fir the Emouna produced in is Prev Silt Dace More Fafian Nort Liem him. I a of a a drink. I in la fwd Theka cd it pm him , a a a a a a apm a a a a. A a a i. A min a to my in. Mrs. End Reia Ember that be had a wife and Fenily dependent on him fit a Eup Poci. He was As Mill and Calm As he knew How to be for he eee Mcd to think that it was appropriate Thal he Rilo Iteld be to whilst thus negotiating a treaty of peace. A a but the a Ommittee were not Ukia nitrous in these proceed Thern was one Hon Emble exception or. W. 8. Git he erode end kid in a nodded protest Alle Png h As his Fonti Iea a that the rigid info Keement of the Kwh worm prove the Only Euie Prole Tiecia of the rights of a Stivens end the Only Sefe remedy for similar excitements Inlet Nee. It a As or. To sit arose to reply i wat died his Counte Aanes with deep Mesk not Toast anxiety 1 saw no tokens . With a tranquil Asl Peak used air he went up to the bar in which the chair Nan sat end in a tone of deep trader and subdued feel Kig spoke is folks a tax Xci. A a a i foe or. Chairman that this in the most solemn moment of my life. 1. Feel i Trust in soms measure the res Pomel Alvties which at this hour i a Mataln to these my fellow to tiie Church of Wahidi 1 am a minister to my to Unity and to god. And let me beg of you before i proceed Forther to constr a nothing i shall say As being dire epee Ful to ibis Assembly i have no such feel Iiga far from hand if 1 do not enter a Freak to their Wye Nat All a a. It is Bee Zuei i cannot do in it a i opt 1 out tale Tim whrite matter As i understand it before Ihk Eit Dieane. I do not Send Hwe to argue the ques Tien be need filed by the report of the committee. My Only wonder a How the Hon. Gen Miramm the Diakum of that Oom Htee for whose Hera ctr i entertain great respect though i have not the pleasure of is per soil acquaintance my Only wonder in Bow Thal Genteman could have brought mfg Arif to submit such a Row it. A for Xihai Nabaii 1 do not admit that it is Tow Busi ass of this an Nuy la decide was Are Lahatt or shall not publish anew Peperino Tus City. Thegen Lemm Heve is the Kwh yers my evade a wrong keue., i have the right to do in 1 Kao that i have her to free in to Speek and publish my tothe Kasef the and for the abuse of Thel right. This right was Given me 1 my maker and u be Lewty in Amantiad Lema by the Kensli Tationa of these Yew ter Ead dec whet i wish to know of is sri Etnier you will Praneet is a the exer Das of this right or what Sisr As heretofore i am to be surge cited to per a Eoal indicia Iier �3d outrage. These in Sohui it in and the mesh to pro Saed by them ars Apo Kan of aaa Compromise a Between two Perriee. Or. Chur men Tibia is Peteet twas k but one party store. It is simply a que Eton we or the Kwh Rivall be and Meed of whet Hof the mob shall be allowed As they now do to continue to trample it under their feat by violating with Imp mity Tho rights of an inno a Ossa info Avidael or. Chairman whet have i to Compo i know. Sir that in this contest i stake not my life in hut that of others also. I do not expect my wife jul Ever recover from the Shock received at the awful scenes through which Rise was called to Paar Al St. Charles. And How was it the other night on my return to my Home i found her driven into the Garret through fear of tiie mob who were prowling round my Boose. And scarcely had i entered the Houm Ere Ray windows were broken by the Brick Bata of the Mol end she so termed As rendered it impossible for her to by our Northern Brethren under More enlightened and Judi Cious cultivation which at the same time instead of exhausting improves Tho soil. We cultivate too much land and we estimate too highly the value of muscular Over intellectual labor. The spirit universally manifested Here of setting to increase la we of our farms instead of doubling which to Foj Kelci because we can do the products of the land am already own k working a serious evil to the cause of agro Altura these Are indisputably to errors in our practice and the greater As they refer chief in to All our most important productions. If they affected Only the less important interests they would be less deplore hip and More misty remedied. But Here too we Are sadly Dak Aenk in Domestic Economy and mama Gedenk and in the minor productions for household consumption we have Abo great room for amendment and improvement it b sleep or rest that night. I am hunted As a Partridge on the mortifying to us to record that Kentucky having the finest a Rita if fim aty Tofoi Giva Tho a wha Havano go attic injured mat if to play for Thair la Parat and atonal Happ Teaa if Atill to Wiah for fee pro parity of your City and Atafo not Watfa Slaiding a a the x Hava Luffa red in it if this a fear a Buffa Atoil Toton did fest a Wildi Fly make in my rights hem head slut Feliy we badly gals ted few 1 i and foal and aaa waver Voigat but i Aan and do fir a of in a Faaa who Hava Dawe in if by a a Amanta feat i Fevold Caara Eftem a a a Feal who ii duty req has of one i it not ska in Fea Tokhi a Feal i Tor god la Oil than i fear Lafe Emmr Wal feat i Wald his a ems nay to Public maintain. I am pursued As a Felon through your streets to fee guardian Power of the Kwh i look in vain for the Protection against violence which even the Vuest criminal May enjoy. Yet think not feat i m not feat i regret the Choice that i have made while All around me is violence and tumult All is peace within. An approving con Denoe and the rewarding end Leof god Are a full recompense for All that i forego and All feat i endure. Yes str i Enjay a peace which nothing can destroy. 1 sleep sweetly and undisturbed except when Awa Raed by the Brick bats of fee mob. A no sir i am not unhappy i have counted the Cost and atone prepared freely to Ofier up my my in the service of yes sir i am fully aware of Allee sacrifice i make in Here pledging myself to continue the contest to the Lask forgive these tears i had not intended to shed them and they flow not for my astr but for ofe Eie but i am com Saaded to forsake father and Mother and Trifo and children for saus Sake and As his prof emed disciple i stand pledged to do in the time for fulfilling this pledge in my Case to seems to me has come. Sir i dare not flee away from Alton should i attempt it i Rico old Foel feat the Angel of fee lord wife hts i among sword was pursuing me wherever i weak it is because i fear cd gtd that i am not Afri tid of All who oppose me in this Day. No sir fee contest has. Commenced Here and Here it must be finished. Before god and you All i Here pledge myself to continue in if need be till death and if i foil my grave shall be made in Alton a i have been affected often times wife the Power of intellect end eloquence hut never was i so overcome As Al this hour. He Waade no Dii Feere was no rhetorical decoration no Vio Koce of action. All was native truth and deep pure and Lead Tor coding. Many a hard face did i aet wet wife team As he struck tiie coi of fooling to which god made the soul to respond. Even is biter enemies wept As for me i could not endure in i Laid Down my head and gave Way to my feelings without control. When he had Doanad 1 could not doubt that the whole audience was convinced feat he waa right and that if the authors of fee re sort would have said to and exhorted to defend him it would have carried the whole audience wife Elderk a mar actual inhibition of All intellectual Effort on this part and his degrading condition inevitably entail upon him these Are influences Ever oper Abingt and that prevent him from coming under the action of those motives which god in his infinite Wisdom ordained As necessary to the development of Many a intellectual and moral natures. Will one hour of Light he sufficient to bestow brightness and Beauty and fullness of form on a Plant or Flower that Dands the steady rays of an every Day Sim these slave holding baptists would make their slaves religious while they keep them in brutish ignorance. They would exalt their moral while they sink their intellectual nature. They would have them perform duties which require clearness of mind and decision of will while at tie postures in the world except perhaps those in certain Parte of Irr and and to Meang the Best Breeds of cattle actually pays to Ohio and other states enormous sums for cheese. We have heard the amount variously estimated from one to two millions annually. Tvs is too bad especially when we ought ourselves to Export an equal amount but there is scarcely one family in fifty which makes fee cheese for its own consumption. Why we oven import we Are ashamed same time they cover their minds with Gross darkness Aud suffer to ice to have no will of their own in a word they would Malte their slaves religious beings in Obe Iliesco to conscience while All the while they Are aiming in obedience to interest to destroy two of the essential elements of religious character Ira Ell Gerwe and win. How much More Christ Vandike and philosophical is the conduct o the Maho Medan Prince. First a school then the Reading of the Bible by the scholars themselves. Here we have a basis for religious character. The committee next Speal of the preaching of the gospel. A they do not intend to Recor Ament separate religious exercises for their the slaves special Benefit a and yet reason says that the of All other people require exercises specially ile voted to their Benefit and a special amount too of such exercise s. The committee think that provision May be made in every House of worship for their comfortable attendance. A often a say they a a have their hearts been grieved at witnessing the inconveniences to which they the slaves Are subjected in attending to the preaching of the gos Pel. Freq july they Are altogether exclude from the House of god and most generic Day where an apartment is assigned to them it is too Small to Hoid the half of those who would attend were suitable provision made for their accommodation. We have italicised a few words to draw special attention to a few things in this confession of the religious disabilities imposed on slaves. Our readers May now be curious to know what is the grand machinery recommended by the com it Mittee for elevating character Ltd the negroes. It might be expected that in View of their most lamentable destitution some peculiarly energetic and decided measures would be taken. The following resolutions with which the committee conclude their report jul Telf us All about it. A Breve we that this convention affectionately urge upon Tho new kippers printed in this i Luis purports to Haite been of fired by George James. Its object in a wicked move and a silly one. None but a wicked Man would deprive his neighbor of an unrestrained expression of his opinion. None but a Simpleton Wald expect to effect any thing useful by a movement like this. Is there any body in Muski Ngum county who would shrink from subscribing an abolition petition for fear Grange James should Send Robert Boggs Mathew my a Leheny and or. John Hamm to ascertain fee fact and make it Public not one old woman would be deterred. And without the meeting to Back him or some other support it is not Likely feat George James would venture to commence inquisitor by peering this question at the Moat squalid tie Gro he might meet. Save me always from the Contact of a poor Knave who shows his persecuting propensity Only when he has a and Storrs two of the most indefatigable agents in All the anti slavery ranks. A a whereas Thia conference has heard with Surprise and much regret that the Rev. O. Scott of the new England conference and the Rev. G. Storrs a local preacher have come within our Bounds and Are engaged in delivering lectures on modern abolitionism and promoting the formation of anti slavery societies within the Church and in the prosecution of their objects they Are in the habit of i neighing bitterly against the settled order usages and discipline of the methodist Vopai Church to the great injury and emt Efi ment of the Church and to the wounding of her peace therefore resolved that this conference strongly protest against the conduct of the said o. Scott and g. Storrs on the subject of Modem abolitionism and the formation of anti slavery societies within the a March and with the title of the Church and that we Law testy exhort our Brethren and friends to refrain fro tif Lifty act or deed which May favor the plans and objects of the said Scott and Storrs and that we. Earnestly recon mid our Brethren and fiends to discourage the Obj no and Pena of the said Scott Aud Storrs on the subject of modern abolitionism As they tend to disturb the peace and Prosperity of the Church within our Bounds. Resolved that a copy of this protest be forwarded to the new England conference and also to the presiding elder of the Oneida District Oneida conference Rev. E. Bowen Utica n. As the conference stepped somewhat beyond the Ordinary sphere of its duties Why did it not pass resolutions of censure against or. Smith of Virginia who has threatened the Church with i. Visi Oit because the general conference wow elect a Sli holding of against ministers and members in the South who defend slavery Asah institution in accordance with gods word alas for that prejudice which discerns danger in the advocacy of free principles but finds no cause of alarm in the a blushing defence on Bible grounds of a system which involves in its consequences the violation of every one of the commandments of god congregation of excited men to Back him. We shall be very much obliged to George James Robert Boggs Matthew Milleny and or John Hamm if they will carry the last Resolution into effect. We have for some weeks been seeking intelligence respecting several particulars among which is the number of petitioners to Congress in Ohio on the topics alluded to in the Resolution our opponents in other parts of the state Shouk think fit to follow the example of these four Wor thy patriots they will Confer on us a particular . Phil. J a rights of coloured Book of fads in a by William Yates. This is a Book of facts authorities amp a. With which it will be Well for abolitionists to acquaint them Selye s. Alton. If Alton has been generally benefited by the revivals that have prevailed there we shall expect to Sec her resist the claims to office of such men As John Ilgap u. F. Linder Criggs and Cyrus Edwards. These men Are now seeking office As a Reward we presume for the porn Merit testimony to the intellect and morals of the coloured . Or. Mathias governor of Liberia in a recent letter to the n y. Commercial advertiser says a a your Colony is marching Onward Ima very satisfactory manner Pur courts of Justice our merchants a our military men fully satisfy me that the mind of a coloured Man is equal in every respect to the White Many a when left to pursue a course untrammelled by others a governor Mathias in his journal As reported in the colonization Herald says after noticing a Public meeting of the colonists re the remarks made were not distinguished it is True for grammatical accuracy or parliamentary etiquette but lean say that for Good sense patriotism and respectful deportment they were equal to any body of men brought together in a country place in the United states for similar object. Part they took in the Knob Tunis actions. John Hogan is a local preacher in the methodist episcopal Church a merchant and now a candid ale for a seat in Congress this is the Man that rallied the spirit of misrule and anarchy in the celebrated meeting just when tie eloquence of the indomitable Lovejoy in the pc Wal of gaining a Complete Triumph Over his enemies. U. F. Iii Ider is Jiow a candidate for the stale legislature. Doubtless he trusts in tie affectionate remembrances of his mob associates. A Criggs is the opposition candidate. He a indeed i Seldom no fee minutes connected wife it to us Feek influence to have to of our brooms from new England when every farm so folded in Alt the places of worship ample and comforts might raise a surplus in fee Genoa Corners where a a Sheds die accommodations for fee coloured pert of their co Grega Grade his style of culture. And while we hard Feus foiled to improve our modes of husbandry and abandoned the culture of Nany productions we have not kept Pace wife the improvements of the Day in the introduction of new and important Obj acte of agricultural labor. The culture of silk of fee Vine and roots for Stock food though the have attracted some notice have not received merited attention. We have Only specified some of our errors in order to promote to Endeavor to Correct them. It would he mortifying to swell the enumeration unless for the purpose of a school in Purala Estah lashed by n persian Prince. Power. Hon. Cyras Edwards senator from Madison co., and whig Candise for governor. Motive o . There in a Large amount of Money yet due on a to the philanthropist. Many subscribers who have not paid will have an Opportunity of discharging their obligations at Tite coming anniversary particularly if they should be delegates otherwise they can transmit their monies by those who shall be delegates. We Trust this hint will be attended to and we would specially urge upon our heal agents the import Ikse of availing them Selver this it Siiple of Mahomet. A Smalek Kassern Mearaa a persian Prince who visited the Rosie Fonaries at oor Miah some time since has established a school at his own tepid once and appointed an american priest to teach it under his own superintendence. A Maho Medan Prince so deeply interested in fee instruction of hts subjects by an acquaintance wife fee a Merican minions Ries and their schools As to establish a school at his own residence with one nominally a Christian As its teacher the Prince open this school at his own expense and has applied to Tho missionaries at oor Miah to apply it wife books and with fee Birle which he reads himself and puts into fee bands of others what will fee friends of missions think of this movement is not the hand of god in it they will recollect that it is but a few months since or. Merritt and fee German missionaries narrowly Csc red fee View woe of a mob raised by an attempt to circulate the new testament at Isfahan and feat copies of fee testament circulated at fee Cape tol were collected and Burnad in the midst of great popular commotion. Now a Maho Medan Prince inti uces fee sacred volume into his own a drool this intelligence is Given in a letter from or. Grant pub Lis bad in fee Marion Are Herald for fee present Rel. Tel Only see How the editor of the Southern religious Telegraph rejoices because a Peraian Prince not Only reads the Bible himself but a puts it into the hands of his own subjects and we too rejoice How much better this is than a Oral instruction a How much better off these subjects of a Maho Medan Prince than the slaves of Southern christians the Prince does All he can to enlighten his subjects teach them to read and make them familiar with the Bible the slave Holder does All in his Power to Darken the mind of his slave prevent him from learning to read and make him a stranger to the Bible. A when will the editor of the Southern religious Telegraph and Bis Brethren follow the example of teens. Resolved that we also urge upon All our Brethren to particular regard the the religious instruction of their own raves. A Vreto Ved that by religious instruction be understood verbal communications on religious subject. While we Are on this subject we will quote five items from a report of the Synod of s. Carolina and Georgia on the instruction of coloured Peor pie 1834. 1. A the gospel a things now Are can never be preached to the two classes Whites and Blacks successfully in conjunction. 2. A the negroes have no churches neither is there Sun Cieni Rosip in White churches for their . 8. A the galleries or Back seats ii the lower floor of the White churches Are generally appropriated to the Pekoe when it can be done with Corid Cnoc ice to the Whites. When it cannot be dose conveniently the negroes who attend must Catel Hite gospel As it Escollies through the doors and win dots 4. A if a master is pious the House i vants alone attend family worship and frequently pm or none of them. 5. A so far As masters Are engaged in the work the religious instruction of slaves an almost unbroken silence reigns of this vast this report was made and ordered by tie Synod to be published. The report was published a Little while ago in the Croes end journal gentes number of our paper was recently returned from Reading pa., with the following courteous message written upon it a dont you Send your filthy fanatical Sheet to h. Chase any More. He wont take it. Now mind feat or. Chase amp s a we cannot decipher the balance of fee last name. We were very sure that we had none but decent people for our subscribers and accordingly on our books we could not find the name of h. Chase. The paper he receives is not sent forgot for a time their eolo Tice it now. Speaking of their capability of self government he says i thought i saw in fee circumstances before me the Public meeting and fee resolutions and Spee Enes that a coloured Man was capable of governing himself and that they do not differ in Intel Lect or even Enterprise from their White Brethren who have enjoyed no greater advantages of education and self Golemi Keiit. C7 it seems to us rather a round about Way of doing Good to Send men to Africa to educate them in Liberia the Bieth Odist Church has 7 Day schools with 221 pupils. Well we Are glad of Feis but these children could have been educated much better Atid at a far less expense at isme. What if the methodist Church should raise As much for the education of fee coloured people in Feis country As they Lay out on them in Africa would it not equally praiseworthy Ohio abolitionists have is lab listed 27 schools among the coloured people of this state and we presume there Are nearly 800 scholars in attendance. They have Quot done this quietly against Strong opposition at Kitle exp Iise and with no Parade. Why should the churches be Mote unwilling to engage in Feis work than in the business of instructing a few coloured persons who Are colonized some thousands of Miles off the editor of the Delphi Oracle attempts to be pleasant in his remarks on an abolition meeting whose proceedings he had not the Independence to publish although requested. He compares the resolutions to a a puddle in a storm a tempest in a Tea pot fire Frith and fury a this gentleman forgot a very important thing which is that he who would employ ridicule to effect must possess at least a modicum of wit. 17th in the Senate or. White presented fee resolutions of the Tennessee i Egis lature in favor of annexing Texas to the Union they were read Laid on tie table and ordered to by printed in the House or. Shields presented the same resolutions and moved to refer them and All others on file touching the same subject to a select com Mittee. This motion together wife fee whole subject a Laid on the table. In fee Senate april 17th, or. Preston gave notice feat he would at an Early Day Call up the Reso fusion on fee subject which he presented several weeks ago. Too we Are informed is a Mobo crat Hon. Cyrus Edwards chairman of fee committee that introduced the mis called Compromise Reso unions and who wife other respectable citizens gave countenance to Lawless violence is now candidate for fee governorship. So much for Honor and office in or fact we state on the Auto wry i Pispa the resident in Alton. Hardly said he a Qiyi ilm body of Lovejoy cold in his grave before fee subscribers to his paper were called upon by an agent with fee request Feal they would Transfer their patronage to the Western Pioneer. When it is remembered with what bitter animosity this paper spoke of abolitionists during fee reign of terror and what o dastardly silence it preserved on fee death of Ito Ejoy we cannot but regard such a request As peculiarly Gross mean and insulting. Anti atoll ton in the methodist bal scrotal Church we Are very much mistaken in the signs of the times if the authorities of tie methodist Episco Al Church have not come at length to the full determination of putting Down abolition in that Hody even thou Gli it should require the expulsion of its adherents. The last Zions watchman furnishes Many facts of an alarming character. A local preacher named Richard m. Smith 1sa member of the Bustleton Pennsylvania quarterly conference. He had travelled under fee presiding elder. Rev. J. Smith but on account of ill health is now unable to preach. A this last licence was Given in november last consequently it was not necessary to re no a it for one year. Yet the Case was called up and after examination the following charges were preferred against him. 1st, of being an abolitionist. 2d, scattering incendiary pamphlets. He confessed he was an abolitionist and had distributed a few incendiary pamphlets Viz. Wesley a be ought on slavery. The presiding elder then asked this question Whai course shall you pursue in future to which brother Smith answered the same that he had Cine. Upon these charges his Luot tse was withheld and Case referred to the next conf Reniee for the correspondent John g. Chase who furnishes the foregoing Case relates another As follows a brother Robert m. Hagerman an Echo ruler agent of Zions watchman in this place Long known As a Pous devoted Christian was called upon to five up his principles and cease to open is Mouth for the dumb. His Case was called up and the following motion made by Asbury Boreing a local preacher thai we renew the License of or steer Hagerman rom a that incendiary Publica watchman and i Ike a a a a a we is i Prev Rava Siva so a ids hence up the Agency of the Hon ton s watchman and keep his about zionism out of Hon. E. P. Curtis will accept our thanks for his favors. A new society was formed at Brighton Village Cuya hoga co. April 4th. Name Brooklyn anti slavery society. Prest., Rev. E. J. Fuller secy., Francis Fuller. Philadelphia annual conference a this conference which sat at Wilmington Del. April 4tli, Feus signalized its Zeal against messes. Scott before putting this motion the presiding elder Rose and addressed the conference some 10 or 15 minutes descant aug a unmeasured terms upon the character of the a Kadi eals a As he was pleased to Call them. A see them a says be a leaving their appointments going about lecturing a eclat tag the holy Sabbath causing divisions in the Church amp a. There is Storrs at the head of the abolitionists St the North virtually admitted that it is their intention to Divide the Church and that it would probably take place before the next general conference and he Storrs has written to doctor Bangs giving him to understand Trtat should he join their party he would be elected Bishop of that a a a b a a a the then concluded his Remarais by calling the attention of the conference to the effects of abortion Tom. A look around you a said he a see its withering influence. Doctor Fisk told me a few weeks since to bit in new end land it waa a Complete moral Desoi Ohen and thus Are its eff Sta every where where it exists. But Tivey have got about to the end of the chapter Thev must be put Down and the course we shall pursue is net f renew a Tovtin its License or licence any that Are suck this is the course we have taken in the City Phi Ladelma. The motion above referred to was than put and carried. Thus has a brother been depot fed from his fading in the so

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