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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - March 18, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioA Ltd it Ames g. Birney we Are verily guilty concerning our brother a a a therefore is this distress Home upon us Ednor amb to Praetor. Volume , Ohio Friday Juarch 18, 1836. Number 13. The philanthropist is ,i.r8itk� wok Rev St Cincinnati Ohio. T terms two la ours per annul always payable in sets arc All letters and communications must be Post paid and should be directed to the editor of philanthropist. Namiwo of the counties particularly should be mentioned in directing where papers Are to be sent. An advertisement making one Square or a space of equal length and breadth will be inserted three times for one Bollar. Spirit of Liberty. Or a John a what Lei is letter to Edwa Everett to Edward Terrett gov. Or Massich skits exercising while yet i May the a surrendered right of a free citizen of Massachusetts with due the a or Are we to infer from this that the discussion of the subject has elected a change in thy own opinions and that a slavery Domestic slavery a say what men will of it a now appears to thee altogether inconsistent with the pure spirit of christianity. If 80, let us by no Means a abstain from if it can effect so Radical a change in a Noth Ernid be apologist and defender of slavery May we not Hope cities that it will not be wholly wasted upon the slave Quot holders themselves yes thy late message which is devoted to the subject of slavery. The people of Massachusetts understand very Well that their a ims pointed to his portrait w hich adorns a when the very foundations of principalities and the Wail with the thrice repealed exclamation Powers Are up heaving with the one great impulse of thai 1 saw the Only blot on the oth the age the irresistible Workings of free inquiry Serwise Bright and spotless character of the father of is it in Massachusetts Over the Graves of Adams and his country held up to open View exposed by re Warren and Hancock and Otis that the spirit of horseless hands to Sanction a system of oppression free investigation is to be arrested and stricken and blood. It seemed to me like sacrilege. I looked dumb is it Here alone that truth w Holch is abroad upon those venerable and awful features while the in the Earth exposing and overturning the lies of echoes once wakened in that old Hall Fey the voice Ages is to he put to silence a abstain from Dis of ancient Liberty warm from the lips of Adams and Cussion a rebuke the Active energies of the Chris Hancock and the fiery heart of Jame Otis gave Tian principles let the Liberal pen forget its office Back from Wall and gallery the exulting cry of let the Liberal press be dumb blog out the lights half expecting to see the Stilt canvass of Liberty get half enfranchised Hii rope question Darken with a frown and the pictured lips a part the divinity of Kings and the vested rights of Sla asunder with cords of rebuke and sorrow. I Felt it As did hundreds More on that occasion to be a reproach and a cruel insult to the memory of the vice of a rep. Nouri emancipation is advancing illustrious dead. Did not the speaker know that the freemen far fitter is the Banks of the bos it must come and if not brought on a the dying testimony of w a in ton we Phou Santhe Neva than those of the Goni Recti 3008 energies of our own minds it must come in a letter to Robert Morris of Philadelphia him Cut and the Merrimack. It is not suited to Pur Hardy bloody process of St. again self a signer of the United states Constitution and handed artisans and free Farmers. It will he wasted in speaking of slaves a when the measure of their an uncompromising abolitionist Washington writes upon them. They see too clearly theeril in which tears shall be full when their groans shall have a a i Hope it will not be conceived from these of their own liberties Are placed by slave holding in involved heaven self in darkness doubtless a wish to hold the unhappy Croach ment. They Hwe not yet forgotten that the of Justice will awaken in their behalf and by decl of this letter in slavery same message of the governor of South caroling diffusing Light and liberality among their oppressors. Slavery is in the hands of Providence but that Providence often effects the removal of evil by the visitation of tremendous judgments. Slavery if it. Priming a in six farm if Fira and Klo Refl is not a Man living who whose demands May be supposed to or at length by his or terminating Thunder Manifest wishes More sincerely than i do to see a Plau adopt Forth the Servile advice of obedience from our own a a attention to the the incurs of this world and that 01 Ramss Nutch under drano very i is Abo in on of i but there is Only one prop contained also in the highest degree in a by to the in Biro Riseto annihilated the lat or and of no anal Mode by it can be Saccom Shaft faulting to the working people Onivie North Intima Home presage of a the blood process of St. Demin vestige of . In ih7sommonwealth. And that quote Ether a cd a Check by an a thy own mind when in adopting the Constitution of the United states this state did not and could not by reason of a fundamental article of that Bill of rights give is sane ton and authority to slavery Here or elsewhere they do not dispute thy position that the cons Titu is a far a my of frat will go my not be toon aristocracy or reduced to the condition of slaves. ,3 occasion before referred to thy readiness was Sparks edition 9th vol they have not passed lightly Over the inon Strous a, to buckle on the Knapsack and sight not the a in he writes thus to Lafayette and despotic doctrines advanced dump the present Battles of Liberty but those of slavery against its the Benevolence of Sotir heart my dear mar a session on the floor of Congress. They have not miserable victims goaded to insurrection by a a Bon new inv Ooton us. Me a it on All occasions that i never regarded As a Light thing the declaration of a slave on of which to use again the words of a on recognizes so Are not a Quot did Enre Ealva by it re a a a. Up Quot a a ? i Quot councils a declaration Imre Jefferson a is More intolerable than Ages of the Ops a by to creation by a the a not and i a a a a a Colony of Cayenne with n View. Baked by any representative of the North a a that passion which our fathers Rose in rebellion to 0?. Argue in Ana of Imp cation. Uni Iney Chunoi a emancipating the slaves is a generous and Noble the system of the nothern states could not be main Mit that it does than this. They believe tha would to god a like spirit trained without creating a Kerf Powers Rong a concedes no night of slavery to Iho states for he if free itself generally into the minds of the to a Onrot and keep in subjection the Corm condemned. I he right of freely discussing any and every sub mix reason that Liose rights were never in the a this count but i despair of seeing it. To labor they have been insultingly told on All under heaven is not a Thingbo surrendered. Pm of the Civ anti on which Fram it to con a petitions were presented to the Assembly at hands Liat the a Islarea of the South Are better off talk of Yie Ding it now As a sacrifice p Patrio cede or withhold. They existed with the states pm last session for the so Litin of slavery but they than themselves that consequently the slave hold Tim is most Manifest Absurdity. It would be the alone reserved und Elef ted a surrendered. They existed before the Constitution As they now exist unde Rived from and Independent of that instrument. It was so understood by the convention in this state which adopted the Constitution. By a reference to the debates of that convention it will be seen that the speakers who alluded to the matter of slavery while Many of th-eiii., regretted that so Mej Means could not have been adopted to abolish a system so abhorrent a never for a moment seem to have snap cried that Anjer new a rights and privileges could scarcely obtain a hearing. Again to John of Mercer septem Ber 9th, 1786. A i never mean unless some particular a Ireum stance should compel me to it to possess another slave by Purchase ii being among my first Withes to see some plan adopted by which Slot very in this country May 6e Ohol shed by / it is Well crib in that one of the Ablest writers in defence of the constitutions was John Jay chief Justice of the United states. Yet he was a zealous abolitionist the president of the new York had been cont eded to its Suppo is in the Southern. Manumission society and the drafter of a petition states by the instrument under discussion. On the Mem Anci pation containing these remarkable words contrary it was affirmed that the cons Utooun bad a your Memoria lists Are deeply concerned for the Gitcin the death blow to slavery and that it would condition of those who ree by the Laws of god Are. A. Cd. A a die of consumption in cons hence of the which had been set to the foreign slave Trade. For one i am at a loss to perceive the grounds of i thy assertion that at the formation of the Eon Stith Jion the question of slavery was essentially an open Hon. We. Pinckney in nov. 1789, thus spoke in the Maryland House of Dele Gatea of american slavery a a founded in a disgraceful traffic its continuance is As shameful As its e. The deletes from gym Riga Virginia and the in a awaits the abandoned miscreants whose self Carolinas received from their constituents no in souls could Ever prompt them to Rob unhappy a to auctions to leave it Topeno to the free action of the of her wherefore should we a convention. the a a Dames and the confine the Edge of censure to our ancestors or those Nia Cocks whatever i a have Heen 7 a a from whom they purchased Are we not equally i had no Power to act upon any other principle to a they strewed around the seeds of slavery i that of political a forbearance in ration to it. The cherish and sustain the or does no wrong in holding the labourer As a slave and by direct inference that it could he no sin for the Northern capitalists to hold the White Northern labourer in Complete servitude. They know and feel already the withering influence of slavery upon the reputation of their honest Industry lowering even in the free states the Standard of the Laborera a re Spectra Hil narrowing too perceptibly his proper sphere in society and connecting with his daily employment the degrading associations of Southern servitude. They have been branded in the Halls of Congress and in the Legislatures of Southern states Immo motion of the goddess on her own altar. Yielding this right or should have nothing left. The silence and the night of a dumb and unnatural despotism would Settle Over us. We might retain indeed the name of a Republic but would the name alone Avail us Venice was a Republic glorious among the nations which beheld her from afar a sepi Ilcare within. With her the inalienable rights of Man were utterly sacrificed to the fancied welfare of the Republic a vague abstraction of National interest apart from the happiness of the individual a soulless phantom of the Honor and the glory of the extract from or. Garrisons letter to the Prossi Dirr of the anti slavery Content on held at with the ignominious epithet of a whits he per ple a in men who the have seen the Constitution of the United rates no her a Zeit of palaces and mingled their Tran pled under the feet of slave holders scoffed at Mediterranean in a Hundri sea a a a blurred and tattered Parchment a and the dec figh rushed under the Heel of an Iron aristocrat la ration of Independence pronounced a a flourish of a Ltd Quot a a a Quot speak of the councils of the suite rhe Lonva by those who. Are living Down its great government under which the tolled and principles. They have seen demands gravely made hied w As to them like the god of the athenians a thing to be blindly reverenced hut whose attributes were unknown. Not there exists no state necessity so imperative As to require the sacrifice of the in Constitution did not create the rights of the slave Holder. It imply a Lefi this whole painful subject where it found it. And i have yet to learn that ma.8�huseus, in entering into a Union with the a of Washingtonii Franklin Quot and Jay was t South gave her Sanction to slavery or pledged her relations of sir self to silence on the great question of human i rights. Tulita was out of her Power. She could not have done it without first blotting from her own a i glorious chatter those truths which have proclaimed Liberty through All her Borders. It had not then 1 i become fashionable to sneer at the declaration of Independence As a a fan Aronade of abstractions a or to Mere rhetorical flourish a and the reiteration of its doctrine that a fall men Are born free and equal a in the Hill of rights of Massachusetts was regarded As a living and practical reality. Its Efficacy had i might go on to quote still More to my purpose from the writings of the political fathers of our re Cuhlic. I leave it to Thysh to judge whether the by was not calculated a to disturb the relations of slavery quite As certainly As that of modern abolitionists and if so whether their offence ought not to have been a prosecuted As a Misdemeanour at common abolitionists Are attached to the Constitution by no common obligation. It is their guardian. The Providence r. I. Feb., 2, 1836. And what have our enemies to present As the Evi a of their Success Why for every s Tore of up that we have formed they can produce a Liot m their favor. For every speech that we have made in favor of Liberty they can show a brickbats or a Rotten egg or a bludgeon or a Dagger used in support of oppression. For every petition that to Nave put up to the throne of mercy they can adduce a sneer a threat or a malediction. And we Are Dis committed Forsooth this is the general proclamation. Then is Victory discomfiture then is continual Success continual defeat then is the Rise of the tide its ebb then is the Sun near its Meridian waning below the horizon of what then Are we confident Why that Nitti to More than a match for falsehood and that Liberty is mightier than Oppi Sion. Of what do we boast of our own strength and prowess no. But of the certain wog Reu of Kuma ii Tyr the wide regeneration of Public sentiment Gay that a foolishness of preaching a which is yet bring Down principalities and Powers a to emancipate a groaning world from the bondage of sin a and. To bring people of every Kindred tribe and nation into the glorious Liberty of the sons of god who Are we Nesses of the mighty conflict in which we Are engaged All heaven and Earth what is our statute Book the Bible who is our Leader not one on Earth but one in heaven Jehovah of hosts a therefore we will a give unto the lord a the glory due Viilo his name a but to the object of your convention. It is not a foreign nor a local nor a partial object. It is fraught with More than grecian or polish interest. It is emphatically a National object around which Are clustering momentous consequences a Universal results. It is to emancipate two millions and a half of our own countrymen from a Domestic tyranny incomparably More dreadful than that which caused All Egypt to be tilled with plagues and pharaoh and his Host be destroyed in the red 8ea. It is to save a million of the gentler sex from pollution Field labor and the lash. It is to put an end to an impure and disgraceful amalgamation. It is to restore the stolen babe to the arms of its frantic Mother and to reunite All the sundered ties of life. It is to suppress cruelty Stop the effusion of blood undo the Leavy Burden enlighten ignorance destroy the cause of insurrection abolish heathenism place our entire population under equal Laws and suffer none to stand beyond the Pale of the Constitution. It is to save enrich and bless the South by substituting two millions of free labourers animated by the Hope of Reward and the Prospect of happiness in the place of 2,000,000 of cattle goaded to madness by torture. It is to Avert the overshadowing judgments of almighty god from our nation by a a me by repentance. It is to Rescue As Many new victims of slavery in this country annually As Are stolen from Africa by All the kidnappers in the world. It is to make theory and the practice of the american people harmonious and perfect in righteousness so that we May no longer be a proverb a hissing and an Aston Stinem Tii it Terrt it it Tottoc Ocre Geory to the despotism a of the old world nor be guilty of the Awuila crime of self Marder it in Fine there is no interest of Man which Appertains to a is intellect his soul his m Ell being to to iii or does not seek to Advance no reverence for god and his commandments which it does not studiously consult. Was Ever a struggle like this yet More. In one half of our country we who 4 i Hon tested and it stood clothed in the supremacy of i the abandon i it of slavery would be nothing Nore than a practical adoption of the principles of. He Constitution of this Commonwealth and the dec a ration of 1776. It is Well known thata Orne of the 1 most distinguished signers of that declaration also signed the Constitution of the United states. Did they the men who had declared before god that All men were created ree intend to perpetuate slavery did they intend to bequeath it to their latest Posteri-1 Tyas an everlasting curse and to deny themselves i and their children even the privilege of Remon a Serences against it a Why then did they not in the preamble of the speak out boldly and plainly to the work a a Zih promote Ike general we fare impure do Nestie Tranquility and secure the bless mrs Liberty to ourselves and our posterity we establish slavery for Ever Benjamin Franklin signed both the declaration and the const Tulien. He was one of the most act live sup Portere of a the comp act a and was o f course perfectly Well acquainted with All its a a concessions and the rights and privileges of slavery. But he signed anther Constitution a few months after endorsing a the it was that of the a Pennsylvania society for the Ahn Livion if slavery Ibe preamble of which recognizes the doctrines which Are maintained by abolitionists of the present Day and expresses the a a incendiary desire of diffusing them a the mils of slavery of this society or. Franklin was elected president and or. Rush Secretary. In 1790,18 society presented to the first Congress a petition from which the following is an extract a a from a persuasion that equal Liberty was Origi anally the portion and is still the Birthright of All Meir a and influenced by the Strong ties of humanity and i the principles of their institutions your Memoria lists conceive themselves bound to use All Justi Fialele end Deavors to loosen the hands of slavery and promote f m general in Dyment of the blessings of Freedom. Under these impressions they earnestly entreat y our serious attention to the subject of slavery that you May be pleased to countenance the restoration to Liberty of those unhappy men who alone in a land of Freedom Are degraded into perpetual bondage and who amidst the general Joy of sir founding freemen Are groaning in Servile subjection that you will de time Means for removing this inconstancy from the character of the american people that you will promote mercy and Justice towards this oppressed acc and that you will step to the very verge of the Power vested in you for disco rang every species of Trail so in the persons of our fellow men. Signed Benjamin Franklin pres Quot to Hla Lima feb. A 1790. George Washington was another signer of the institution. I know that he was a slaveholder Ani i have not forgotten the emotions which swell had my Hosom when in the Metropolis of new in land in the Cradle of Liberty s degenerate Eon of by slave holding leg Slature and governors upon the authorities of free and Sovereign Stales for the de liver of their fellow citizens to torture and death. ,.and for the passage flaws against the Lihr try of of the people. No corp act no con speech and of the press. By things like these has Fedex no Eor Mercial nor polecat the Northern labourer been summoned to discussion. Prof Rorty to to. A _ a. U a a a True glory and interest of a nation consist in these k Lii to Nimitr i iii Cire and Fec exercise Oil the part of cach a childrev8 welfare Bya natural rights the humblest As Well As the hts ged he has been ealle.1 a a a a a Odest. And Neve never Ean that glory be per giant monopoly of slavery. Molong with ill Toni roil a kill to that the Liberty to know to utter to argue freely is l Rex. Above a Lother liberties a abstain Rei _ k i of t. Now wino a Itao Reat from Dis emission a even thigh the so View to do so a the measure to the violence 01 the enemies of Emancia eome8bsckedbyaeautlousintimat.o.of2e. Exeen Tive advice ,. A a Rara Ive enact we Are told in thy message As a reason Why we against the Liberty of speech and of the press should abstain from discussion tint it has a before god and the we orld every Man not. Dency to irritate the masters of shoes. Is truth ignorant of nor Blind to his own rights and duties blow which shall compel them to a abstain from Dis then Only to be spoken when falsehood is w Illing to accountable being will hold the latter if at Cussion must reach them through the very head of hear it. Is the right to be advised Only at the opted As a the Rev null and void. No proof we hat the Constitution. Destroy its guaranty of free Dis a pleasure of be he preached the Heen adduced to show that the efforts of Cussion and the right of the people peaceably to disciple of Gamaliel before the Cral Smen of Ephe abolitionists have occasioned any new uneasy assemble and petition for the redress of grievances sus Why in the Stormy Day of the deformation ads of the slaves. Thev have and an the very life of that instrument will be lost did Luther and his followers expose the corruption dressed their Aro Zuments and appeals to the masters the overthrow of slavery will require no change in land fraud of All grasping Rome i will irritate the of masters smitten with the in its provisions. The obnoxious terms of a slave masters and w by then do our orators thyself Ginny which precedes destruction from culpable and a a slavery do not Sulla it. A the Constitution a among the number denounce the Oil world s tyrants wilful ignorance of the facts or for the Advance. Us a a a m Maxe eve said John Randolph on the Flor of Congress a is a the Bullan trampling on his Menden Ciesa then it of sectional part purposes from a hatred off native Tetory Access not stained by the mention of slavery and would to austrian despot and his Crafty Meternich chaining nothern politicians or from a jealously of Northern a Italy above the grave of her Naciem i Here est the i dip Prity Are publishing in All their local papers a d scattering through every Village and Plantation and shouting from every court House hustings maybe overture eur. Me Consin Inion gives on and in the bar room of every steam boat and tavern Gress the a Power to exercise exclusive jurisdiction in of Belgium the revolutionise of rans the/i6er and we Hisky shop of the slave states the atrocious �11 a a a a f net exceed als of Spain the reformers of Grett brr a god. Our consciences we re not striped All eases whatsoever Over such District oot exceed of Spain the ing ten Milos Square As May by cession of Par Lien Hauslie and indignant Al hence .1lar states and the acceptance of Congress become 4. Midnight insurrection and promiscuous murders Vitrude the Union we Are excluded by the establishment of Lynch Law by the prevalence of As murderous a Yilit As reigned during the bloody supremacy of French Jacobi ism As safely May the Liberty Loving greeks go to constantinople As any of is to Charleston or new Orleans it is then the object of your convention to recover the lost invaluable right of locomotion without hindrance or danger in All parts of our country for ourselves and our posterity to Knock off Liliose shackles from our feet which now cripple and confine us and to make every Nook Arble to All. Again. It is to Rescue the Liberty or speech from the grasp of that , which now holds millions of our coloured countrymen by their throats a Liberty which is Heco Miaw More and More abridged a blocks afe now rcom to Brit Tinl Tkv y a which gags and Are now i com f per a ii a exciting calumny that the entire Norih is swarm i without which men Are abject As brutes n Fiji a assassins men ready to join the slaves in and in defence of which our fathers poured out their discus Midnight insurrection and promiscuous murder water. Until our tongues Are Cut out. The seat of government of the United the Sion of the Panama question and in rep a to thy thereby offering to their millions in is Vitrude the ease to speak freely our voices shall jurisdiction of Congress Over the District of Colum menorah e Eulogius upon Southern slavery is once strongest possible incentive to rebellion non be heard lond As a thousand thunders against the Bia which was obtained for the seat of government More applicable. Themselves alone rests the awful responsibility of enslavement of our species against their enslaves. Under this provision does no r admit of do spin to. Congress has also Power by the Constitution a to regulate Commerce with foreign nations and among the set tween Sto n. Pow Stith Grap the 1 Shai year tax c not i is a i exc i com Immi the states come Latini mercy Soreil pow and h thei in cd 581. The traffic Misal other lot of a Miti Paris a trip Abs tfx Ahsu holy Duflo a Are i Kef the slave Trade carried on be a ooh Star eyed science Hast thou Waid Rcd there to bring us Hack that message of despair a a if sir in the Julie of got Tingent if the deliberate scrutiny of a a a Urman a i had in. The consequences of such guilt and madness. To j it a a to prevent the establishment of a pcs the Constitution and its guaranty of personal amps a tic censorship or the press which is now Siren Well As state rights a to the Calm investigation and you sly advocated even by those High in authority the virtuous the just to hat is a free Oress but the Nalliah or Quot m Vir a or % j r a k is p a t hat is a free press but the palladium for whom is it desirable a for out-,00try�?the whole we orld. When is to Aye to Monrowe now in this is. How much is it Worth More f Gold As much As life itself. What Tom us no mobs no penal enact ily steering a no confiscations Nola a a a Cal a a exis 1 submit to taunts calumnies insults is but to a censorship of the press subject of slavery a �1 will not if a Gibbet is erected for us on the Street and the fires of martyrdom Square. Is to save the friends of Universal lib from a bloody extermination. Let de and fifty persons who signed the even lion and All who shall attend a and All who hold that every Yoke to be broken remember that the in Case of the failure of All other by shall he a put to death Benefit of the in slavery is a spirit of Exter a inst All those who dare to repro onor to our country rebellion against a against the liberties of Mankind that it has come to this now that the so slavery presents to us is either to aged or to be suspended upon a Gal carry on the warfare against it As men upon the Energy Union and Success lend the Security of our firesides the Ril and religious Liberty the preserves the salvation of our country priors we Hose weapons Are not carnal of Man to Man and from rank to gation shall pass would be a traitor Dugave Ould fill it Cowf tide it gift Vel it base would be a a is let him turn and flee a i 4 it of

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