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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - June 12, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioRia i Kotof the fiend at who instigation it we. W. Have Only time to give Hasty etch of the horrible proceeding of last night. All Day yesterday e body of ill disposed persons lingered around the the crowd in created towards evening. Between 6 and 7 of clock the mayor a to Hearst time made his appearance and met the manager of the Hall. He told them that he Erid not pro tact the building unless the key. Of it were placed in his earnestly requested them to put the Hall under i. Control for the evening. This was acquiesced in. He then addressed the crowd who answered him with cheers but refuted to Cisperta. About 8 of clock the work of de commenced of assembled thousand. The door were broken open with axes a the anti slavery u Nice a the lower Story was entered and the books and Pam Phleta scattered among the crowd. Boon the cry of fire was heard and flame appeared from the building. It was set on fire in several placet and the engine of the firemen were not permitted to play upon the Hall. Pitea of shaving from the cellar were brought up to the speakers forum placed upon it and set on fire. The flame soon Rcd a High above the roof casting a Baleful Light upon the Busy Xinren Jar team and the immense crowd of human beings who filled All the adjoining streets. From 15,000 to 20,000 Perrons a Tood in zing on the scene. A have no time for comment let the abhorrent deed speak for itself. Let All men see by what a frail tenure they hold property and life in a land overshadowed by the Curie of Freeman. Disgraceful riot and arson in pallm Lelum i the City of Philadelphia has been one of Fth a neat Wanton riots of Modem time tha friends of Liberty in that City finding their elves shutout from All the most Des tabla pieces for holding Public meetings where the great questions of humanity and metals could be freely do cussed built the Haw. For the express design of what we observed we Art satisfied that fifty Resolute men could have prevented the fire Ami have roved the City alike from the disgrace of the affair and from tha expense of repairing the injuries sustained and until we Aro very Strong reason to the contrary not now Manifest we must remain equally satisfied that the civil authorities bleached from the fulfilment of their duty tamely suffering this riotous and incendiary act to be effected with impunity almost under their very noses if this conduct admits of any explanation let it be a from passengers just arrived from Philadelphia that after the destruction of the Hall the mob destroyed a school House that the women s convention met sat All Day on Friday and closed their business last evening and adjourned. The stories respecting the White end coloured Ablitt feists pro menacing the streets it is said Aroa Eupora the coloured women retiring from the Hall when first attacked under the escort of the White ladies belonging to the Peri one Roa All. The stories put Forth by certain profligate and Ruffian edit the about the a out a Vatious parading of Whites and Blacks Arm in Arm through Chesnut Street a dec. Dec. Are purely fabulous and coined for the basest of purpose. Nevertheless he who would refuse to walk with a coloured brother gives evidence that he is a murderer in his heart Liberator. violate the Laws of their country. May there not be Radical evils existing in our country for which the Laws provide no remedy or if a remedy has been provided the enforcement thereof owing to circumstances May have been impracticable Public evils will be corrected if not by the Lep Fily constituted authorities it will be done by Injo pendent Organ in stint. Hence the necessity of legislative action in relation to every evil which May exist in Sci str. The recent extraordinary movement in the City of Phil it a Lawless character May shed some Light on the subject in the opinion of a Large portion of Tbs citizens a nuisance had been created in the place which no constituted tribunal had the Power to remove. The peaceful citizens arose resolved executed their Resolution on the obnoxious building then peaceably retired. A a encouraging a free Ufa Carrion up All subjects not of an moral tendency a slavery and abolition bring prominently in View. Last work was the time set for opening the Hall now just completed and in order to give the greatest possible eclat to the occasion numerous meetings were arranged to occupy the whole week. A Mong Thorn an oration by i % v i n Pawl Shaowu esq., a Temperance lecture by or. Hurt a series of lectures and discussions by the Philadelphia lyceum and. The convention of anti slavery women. Matters went on quite smoothly As we learn until a speaker in one of the anti slavery meeting had the temerity to speak Dis respectfully of the colonization scheme characterizing it As it a generally regarded by those for whose special Benefit it professes to exist. A Champion of the scheme it is said came ont and declared that the building ought to be Tom Down. Presently the air was filled with various reports industriously circulated with the design to Madden the popular prejudice against our coloured citizens which the a scheme so skilfully feeds and feeds upon. A gentleman of education whose Mother was once a slave happened to be seen bulking the streets Arm in Arm with his lady and her sister and the cry arose of the Hall had no a negro Pew a and of course the people All sat where they find a place some such men As the Rev Taso a 8. A Moitt were placed on the platform. It was enough. On wednesday evening the women a convention held e Public meeting which was attended by an immense crowd and addressed by William Llotd Gas i sow. Mas. Cd Admix of Boston a sorta warn l Ream a Mott and a bit a Kilt. During the evening a targe number of unruly per Ortto gathered Almut the doers and made what noise they could. They also broke some panes of Glass by hurling stones hut the inside shutters protected the audience from harm. The speaker particularly mrs. Weld end the numerous women that made up a Large part of the Assembly me stained the most perfect composure. The meeting closed about half past ten of clock amid the groans of the mob who filled the Street. Philadelphia mob a number of articles in t relation to in relation to teens Tirania Kail and Ita destruction will be found in another part of today a paper. We Tike the tone and spirit of the article from the a pennsylvanian a a Well As the one subjoined from the a Saturn by evening poem 1 i a the vituperation and abusive language employed by a portion of the new York Presa in relation to the recent disturbance in this City cannot he too severely condemned. The journal of Commerce Anu. The commercial advertiser state circumstances of which Throe on the spot knew nothing among the rest that Black men and White women were seen walking Arm in am in the Moat Public if Meh an event occurred the people of this City have been so Blind a not to perceive it e few respectable females however from it is said Boston did walk Home in company with certain coloured women. A to the convention itself although we May disapprove of its measures Justice Corn the mob press the Pennsylvania Gatto the Pennsylvania Gazette Heads Iura count of the affair a Greet popular movement a describes it As a proceedings which have Arisen from popular indignation and with a hypocritical affectation of morality avers that a the police of the City did All that could he done a quell the tumult. Our intrepid mayor col Swift repaired to the spot about half past eight of clock at the heed of the entire la Ody of the police. The crowd quietly opened to allow him to ass to the Hall but the instant that the officers endeavoured to arrest those engaged in the work of destruction the populace fell upon them and the police Force was of course Defeated and. Scattered. No police could unless barked by a military Force have averted the ties auction of the Hall. The crowd must have Coin prised from Twenty five to thirty thousand men generally respectable and Well dressed and determined almost to a Man to protect from interruption the immediate agents in the building. The whole affair took place without unnecessary violence or noise. The firemen seemed fully to participate in the feelings of the assembled populace and though the surrounding Bouses were completely protected not a drop of water fell upon the building devoted to destruction. We saw no Drunken persons in the crowd end heard of no fights except the Brief conflict with the police. Of course even Good citizen every one who desires to see tire supremacy of the taws maintained must regret and reprobate proceedings of this character. It must however be admitted that the excitement which has ted to this unhappy Alfeiri is widespread and compiler and Richmond whig. A portion of a a a press in the rave states Quot has spoken very freely upon this subject. The Richmond compiler Speaks thus a nothing further relative to the excitement in Philadelphia quiet no doubt prevail. We Are no lovers of Lynch Law but if the abolitionists will provoke its exercise upon them rest the responsibility moral and personal. With regard to the burning of the Pennsylvania Hall the event a to be regretted but it at the same time exhibits the outburst of a indignation springing from the highest sense of Justice and Pride. A feeling worthy of americans a sense of we it is due to their Southern Brethren and to their own i we Hail the event painful a it is As an Index of the proper state of Public sentiment on the subject of abolition at the North 4 com. The Richmond whig has also spoken. A the mob in Philadelphia which destroyed the abolition Husli in that City was caused it is said by the fact that Black men and White women were seen parading the it rests Arm in Arm and seen sitting Cheek by jowl in the Hall of a free this infraction of the proprieties and Ober is Nee of decent society so inflamed the Morai and respect Able citizens of the City of brotherly love that they determined it should no longer be tolerated Wuh Irither the cause was one certainly Well calculated to excite the indignation of a Community even Lesa scrupulous in its Observance of moral and social propriety than that of Philadelphia. And unquestionably mitigates in a great degree the enormity of the result which ensued. But it does not justify that result. Mob Law to effect moral or religion sends can not in our opinion be justified by any Combina Tifi of circumstances. It will almost invariably when resorted to Lead to evils More to be deplored than the evil sought to be remedied. Up but if Ever there was a Case in which a Community should be excused for using violence to arrest the violation or to enforce the Observance of the canons of decency and Well ordered society that Case is made out for the citizens of Philadelphia in then late proceedings All the circumstances As detailed go to prove that there was a settled design on the part of the to break Down the established barriers of social intercoms and both by Precept Sod example to propagate principles and encourage practices subversive of Law and morals. The new Hall for a a Lee discuss was dedicated on monday before it was Boston courier. We cannot on Reading the accounts see that the course of the abolitionists could result in any thing else. If people insist upon out raging ail decency and the proper courtesies of life they cannot expect any thing else than to a Reato a courier. A a Kentucky paper. On tha 17lh of May a mob originated in the City from tha fanatical ravings of Garrison and other leading abolitionists in a splendid Hall erected at in expense of $40,000. They denounced Alt who opposed their mad and incendiary doctrines. They advocated abolition and their impudent denunciations aroused their hearers who first resorted to breaking windows anti finally Burnt the splendid Hall. It a stated that the firemen and Leto mayor and his pose made no efforts to extinguish the fire or arrest the depredations and that such an Effort would have been useless. The indignation and excitement against Garrison end his Doc Trinca of amalgamation is represented As being very great. The Cincinnati chronicle. Pele As to say from some personal knowledge that its members to Point of learning intelligence and varied Socoro pit sements Are far infinitely far Superior to either of these Sapient editors. Quot w it a certainly a Gross impropriety in any portion of the pro Salo urge on a hand of a reflecting boy and youth to the of acts of violence which must if permitted finally overturn our social by step the question of abolition has had Little to do with these riots but the cause May be found in that spirit of insubordination and contempt for Law and order which a now so prevalent in every part of the country. There can be no doubt that it was perfectly within the Power of the City authorities to have suppressed the riot had they been to disposed. If on that occasion the mayor had acted with the firmness and test Isis a which tits tingo Zahed recorder Rush in a subsequent event no great mischief would have been. Done. There can he but one opinion police ring the mayor and that is a firm conviction of his culpable negligence and entire unfitness for the office he mro Unworthily r it a tas. Bufi if Ever the abolition Doc Iota had occasion to hold a Jubilee it is on the occasion of the recent Philadelphia Ultra measures can Only live on excitement and men whose chief ambition is to be notorious Are never so ill Usi when let alone. This last mob proceeding will give me is. Garrison Weld amp cc., Pray is ion for a twelve months successful Campaign. Thi truth a so Welt known that in the elate 8tates these violent measures Are Rabat deeply regret ted a pc in Point of feet we regard the burning of Pennsylvania pall a a decidedly More important epoch in the anti slavery movement than the death of or. I Art Joy. The latter fell Asa Warrior sharing the fortunes of War but the burning of the Hall is an unequivocal and a resisted attack on the admitted rights of american citizens. It took place in a stale too. Where Many of the legislature and a Large body of the citizens Are avowed abolitionist. The first effect will probably be to make the Pennsylvania legislature what that of Masar Susetts is decidedly so. And should the same Acta of Lawless violence he continued the result will lie rapid crisis in the slavery question. The aame Torch which destroys private rights will Light slavery to an Early grave. Its life cannot lie prolonged beyond that of the Law for by that Only it exist. That the provocation As Well a the act May be known to out Reader we will relate some of tip principal fact. The cause of irritation was certainly great. Never did the extremes of uti raise More perfectly meet together. Aeon vent ion of Cromen lecturers assembled to deliberate on the affairs of the Republic aided by the advice and assistance of a Council of coloured gentlemen were certainly no bad figures in a picture of Midnight conflagration lighted by the hands of a mob prof doting Freedom and sympathising with slavery. The Pennsylvania Ball waa. It seems built by men of All parties and sects As a building in which to discuss Liberty and Equality of civil rights a majority of the owners were me Hank and the coast about $40,000. Its use was not confined to anti is a very purposes Only but might be used for any not immoral. Ita motto was Tike that of Pennsylvania. A a virtue Liberty and for three Days previous to the arson the abolition society held a grand festival in which they used up a Large amount we Hui iter in Quot inning the Royiw Llie a do too Tea very provoking Manne. Among the chief chs Rae teis were Garrison Stewart Mia Grimke. And others of like stamp. On the last Day a Large audience assembled and in it appeared a number of women As Public lecturers and several gentlemen of color. Of the women who formed the convention the following were officers Quot president Mait 8. A bks. Vice presidents Maria w. Chapman Sarah of Smith mrs. Tonra Catharine Sullivan. 8usan Paul mrs. Prior. Lucretia Mott and Sarah m. Grimke. Secretaries Juliana Tappan Martha Ball Anne Warren we ton and Sarah Lewis. Treasurer a Sarah m. Dong aaa a among the fart which afford room for reflection this a David Paul Brown who waa the regular orator having mentioned a plan for gradual emancipation was immediately censured severely by Garrison for having widely departed from principle. On the evening of the Day s discussion popular excitement. Which had commenced the Day previous came to crisis. The keys were put in Possession of the mayor a Bat the building was Setili ettely act on fire by Means of aha Vinga in several places and in the presence of the mayor and of thousand of citizens looking on a burned to the ground. The Philadelphia papera say that the City a liable for All the damage $40,000. If so. It must to exceedingly consolatory to the citizens who looked on. The drama inside of the building seems to have been new edition of the loves of Othello and Desdemona that outside if played Long enough May terminate in a still greater tragedy. From they. T. Evening Post. A we give below several extracts from the Philadelphia papera from which it will appear that the mayor and the civil authorities on whom it a so Cumbest to prevent the commission of these disorders were guilty of conduct which they May take the Choice of hearing called dastardly and pusillanimous to the last degree Ore a a treacherous to Public peace and faithless to their duty and la fir oath. A paper display of firmness and Suziah e preparation for protecting la it we who were assailed in their Legal and constitutional rights might have preserved order and prevented the outrage and crimes which have disgraced their City. The mayor however appears to have contented himself with enjoying the abolitionists to forego their appointed meeting on thursday evening after which he allowed the mob to work its own will unrestrained Stone Nee which must have flowed from the brutalized Stele of feeling evinced by the late outrage had the meeting taken Pispa. That Assembly of defenceless female a persons la aging to that sex which the customs of All civilized countries protect from insult and offence abandoned to these human tigers would probably have been involved in the flame of tit building or Tom to piece in the a from the n. T. American. Iia propitiation to the Genius of slavery in such a City a Philadelphia in Auch a state As Pennsylvania which wit its earliest history has borne unwavering testimony egad iat the blight the curse and the crime of holding our f Fox Crealure in bondage will fill that Commonwealth Aid l in whole of free America with such indignation As will infallibly accelerate the downfall of the Al orious Tyr teen which can thus even in the midst of freemen and where Laws and Arta and civil Zaniou prevail prompt to Auch Normi a so far then As the ultimate result a concerned we. Who f Donre a it earnestly to tee this Republic a a contaminated with slavery and who feel that each new outrage of its to. Uriah but hastens the period of Ita extinction amid Nur regrets at violated Laws and our ind Gostion at the supine near of mag Istrate who were forewarned by the events of the preceding evening and should have been prepared to suppress by Gairoe Fritot and the Bayonet if other mean should fail the lawlessness of a mob a find Consolation in the reflection t it i a by outrage every robbery every arson every Mur Dor com fitted in the name of slavery convert and diverts thoum Nule and tens of thousands from Ita support or Tolar i -2 a a for a while then a truly mourn that private rights and puff us taw an d authority have thus been audaciously defied and tii suited it i Philadelphia yet from the very crime we derive Contd co both in the rectitude Ami the nearer iritis a the opposing cause of free Lam of morality and we of Mil the following strictures on the conduct of the mayor in a be pennsylvanian a but while a peaking of the aaa chants and the availed there i. Another party whore conduct demand the severe scrutiny. To repeat our question of yesterday where were the civil authorities White this disgraceful scene of thursday night a s enacted 1 some of the papers Tell us the u. 8. Gazette in particular of the efforts of the mayor the sheriff m id the police to quell the riot and save the mild Mvi of Tita wounds Thev received in the Dik e building of to a wounds they received in the discharge of their duties. How when and where did Alt this occur a we happen to know from personal Oleer vation that no at of the kind were made at the building itself Between after eight o clock when the riot commenced to the moment that the conflagration was at in Heigh h. A the Ritter were altogether unmolested and unimpeded a not a movement waa made then and there to interfere with them except by a single watchman who sprung i rattle in front of the Hall at the sound of which a general Row mint of Asitim Datton waa Manifest. The mob shrunk hade until they saw that the noise was caused by a single whose intrepid conduct shamed the whole police when heart Altey hurtled him from the ground. From greens Burgh la repository abolition gear Ramn iome Fanny Wright ism mob ism 4-c.�?it waa said by an illustrious Sage of our own coun try a that errors in opinion May safely he tolerated so Long a reason is left free to combat this remark no doubt waa just and appropriate at the time it was made but whether it will be found equally Correct in All time and piece is a question that my not be difficult to when the propagation of a error in opinion is calculated materially to effect the peace of society to destroy its necessary organization and tending directly to eap the founds Tion of no advil institution is it sufficient for government to leave reason alone to combat Auch errors if we have any thing like Correct information in relation to the matter very Many of tha peculiarities of mrs. Fanny Wright Are of Uch a character extremely demoralizing and tend Greetly to overthrow Many of the most valuable institutions of our country. Following closely in the Wake will found Garrison ism. The enquiry May probably he made a what is Garrison Tamly it is a luxury but sprout of modern abolition which has grown in a prolific soil and con a tat Antly earned out their system much nearer perfection than has been done by Mart of those who have embraced the doctrine. An opinion is prevalent that a Lawless spirit now pervades Community to a greater extent than Ever has in the uni totes. 1 i May be fact but the Mobo cratic movements that have from time to time been enacted in different parts of this country although wholly unjustifiable May nevertheless proceed from quite a different cause. There May indeed be no disposition on the part of those enga from the time of Ita dedication until it waa consumed it was the Headquarters for agrarian infidels and abolitionists from All regions who congregated there daily and nightly to preach and practise their abominations not a Gro Fellows escorted White a a ladies through the streets White a a ladies Felt honoured in sitting on the same Bench wit a Quot Black Fellows in marked contempt for Decercy and Public opinion. Such practices out raging the moral sense of the con nutty and if continued to throw soc if into confusion and to engender immorality and vice it could not be expected that any people having respect for themselves or affection for their children would permit to journal of Commerce and new York commercial. Those Recreant presses the new York journal of Commerce and the commercial advertiser of course exulted in these developments of the a inevitable tendencies of modern the journal of Commerce discourses thus re fineday a for ourselves we disapprove both of the mob and the causes of it. We do not say we disapprove of the two things equally for they do not exactly admit of comparison. An open violation of the decency is and proprieties of life is not in. All respects so had a burning a House yet it la so bad and productive of to much mischief that the perpetrators especially if women ought to hide their Heads with shame. Really we have fallen upon Beautiful times when White dandies with spectacles and Black wenches a and Black dandies end White wenches a must show them wives off in our most Public promenades walking Arm in Arm and in our churches mingled like the squares on a Checquer Board and when women of that the apostle Paul would come among a with More brins than men can readily command Are seen holding f Rob to Large promiscuous assemblies or travelling Hondred of no be to meet in the commercial a Aya a the immediate Causo of tia popular out break a said to have been the ridiculous and ostentatious amalgamation of colors in Chesnut Street during the hours of fashionable pro menacing. Whites and Blacks Arm in Arm were thronging the streets by scores Whereat the populace became greatly excited. Such a course on their part waa exactly calculated to create a popular communion. The result is fearful and deeply disgraceful to the country. A the females who so far forget the province of their sex As to per ambulate the country end assemble for such purposes should he gently restrained from their convocations and. Wot to the Best insane hospitals to be found. Meantime the husbands and parents of those modern Amazon Aho lit be arrayed in Caps end aprons and installed in their respective Paramount Devotion to the cause of the slave the same fixed determination to Bear Onward our Enterprise to a successful termination and the same religious feeling that have always characterized our annual conventions. Party politics and sectarian considerations had nothing to do with the meeting. We do not believe that they disturbed the meditations of a single member. Although some of us Are orthodox some Heterodox some infidels some Loco focus some democrats some whigs we Are very sure that at our convention we All Felt simply As abolitionist. We knew our Point of Unity and All other Points were for the time forgotten. If the presbyterian wished to introduce a Resolution calling on churches to forbid the admission of slave hold ets to their comm Timon table the Friend would not object to it on the in and that outward ordinances Are carnal and not a obligatory. On the contrary he was quite willing that men of other sects should be called on to act consistently with their own principles. Neither would the disbeliever in the lawfulness of human governments oppose a Resolution urging abolitionists to exercise their right of suffrage in obedience to their anti slavery principles for he saw that it was a Cessa by that those who believed in the right and Fluty of voting should vote in accordance with the sacred principles of civil Liberty and fundamental morality. There were Noble women too in attendance Many of them delegates from societies. We have not Learned that any were scandalized by their attendance. Nay our parliamentary president judge King did not seem to falter when in putting the question he pronounced the words a ladies and we do not believe it Nee entered the Heads of the delegates there present that their mothers and Sisters in responding a gentle Aye to some generous Resolution were stepping out of their sphere. If our meetings were boisterous political meetings we confess we should regret to see any of the other sex in attendance but their presence and participation at meetings purely benevolent in their character where the noblest and purest principles Are discussed Are in perfect Harmony with All that delicacy which is their Peculiar Grace Are duties which they owe to the Community of which they Are members and will offend no taste which is not radically depraved. One More remark a colonization we believe was not alluded to during the whole course of the meeting not because the convention Felt any re lettings to wards this abominable scheme but simply because in Ohio its operations Are so insignificant As to make no impression on the minds of its citizens. Rev. John Rankin addressed the convention on the duty of the Church in reference to prejudice against color. Rev. J. Blanchard presented and supported the following Resolution a seso Imd Rait the property Lio Kiing Power by which Ever master holds his slave is a. Sin in itself and ought to be Sci regarded by All Christian. I if m on motion adjourned till thursday mor Lingat 8 of clock. Tau Ridby 8 o clock a. in the chair. Rev. Moses Scott addressed the throne of Grad on motion of Horace Nye a committee of six were appointed on the philanthropist and depositor. The com Mittee was composed of the following gentlemen Samuel third anniversary of the Ohio antislavery society. Milit Fri a the third anniversary of the Ohio anti slavery society was held at Granville Licking co a Ohio commencing May 30 the 1838. 1 the delegates convened in the presbyterian Church and were called to order by Robert Stewart of Ross co., at 10 of clock a. M. Rev. Win. Beecher made a few remarks and followed them with prayer. Hon. Leicester King of co., president of the society took the Ksir. Quot to Quot a a a after a Short address by the president George Whipple of Oberlin and George w. Warner of Massillon were appointed secretaries. On motion of Joseph a Dugdale resolved thai a committee of three be appointed to re White William Gage William Lee James Boyle j. B. Walker James Austin. The committee on political action presented their report which waa ordered to be read. The report was accepted and article by article adopted. Report. Fhe committee on political action Doem it necessary simply to report the following resolutions 1. Resolved that this convention entertain the same opinions As Ever in regard to the truth of the sentiment expressed in the declaration of sentiments put Forth by the convention that formed the american anti slavery society a a sentiment repeated in the second article of the Constitution of said society and in general terms incorporated into the Constitution of the Ohio anti Sis very society a to wit that Congress by the Federal Constitution has no right to legislate for the abolition of slavery in the states. Adopted unanimously 2. Resolved that this convention does hereby record its full and solemn Sanction to the following sentiment contained in the declaration of 8entiments referred to in the foregoing Resolution a Sotir principles Lead us to reject and entreat the oppressed to reject the use of All carnal weapons for their deliverance from bondage relying solely on those which Are spiritual and mighty through god to the pulling Down of Strong adopted with but one dissenting voice 3. Resolved that nothing in the foregoing Resolution is intended to prevent blame or discount Nance in any Way the exercise by abolitionists of their rights of suffrage in obedience to their anti slavery principles. Adopted unanimously 4. Resolved that this convention fully believes in the propriety and great importance of questioning candidates for office on All those Points connected with our Enterprise concerning which they my be legitimately called upon to act officially so that the right of suffrage May be exercised on enlightened grounds. Adopted unanimously 5. Resolved that All abolitionists who believe in the Lawf Lueas of our representative governments Are Sac redly bound by their principles so to bestow their Suffrages As to promote the election to Congress of men whose sentiments Are known to be decidedly favourable to the right of petition the Liberty of speech sad the press the right and duly of Congress to abolish slavery and the slave Trade in the District of Columbia and territories its constitutional Power Over the slave Trade Between the states and its Soloam duty to prevent the Extension of slavery by the admission into the Union of any new slave state or territory and also to promote the election of men to the legislature who will advocate the removal of the Legal disabilities under which our coloured Brethren now labor and the Extension of the right of jury trial to All cases involving personal Liberty and who believe that it is the duty of Congress to Grant petitioners on Alt subjects an attentive hearing provided their petitions be couched in respectful language that it has the Power and ought to abolish slavery and the slave Trade in the District of Columbia and the territories and that it ought not to Grant admission to any new slave state or territory into our Union a provided always that in thus bestowing their Suffrages they violate none of the fundamental principles of morality. Adopted unanimously 6, resolved that this convention is opposed to every on motion of or. Blanchard the report was adopted and ordered to be printed. Or. Blanchard offered and supported the following Reso Tion resolved that it is recommended to the marions and other officers and members of anti slavery churches whose duty it a a to examine candidates for admission to the same that they pass and publish in the newspaper As soon As convenient a Resolution to the following effect a that we will admit to our communion no candidate for examination who holds slaves or defends the principles of slavery. A adopted a. A. Guthrie moved Sod a. Wales seconded the following Resolution resolved shut we now proceed to receive the pledges of individuals and societies to the funds of the state society. Recess till 2 of clock pm. 2 o clock p. motion of amp. Weed resolved that this meeting Recor tfx Tod to the anti Sla very societies throughout the state in adopt a Talethe plan of regular monthly or quarterly Sansev Ruona Aid of the funds of the 8tate society. Or. Beecher submitted the following resolutions i. Resolved that the anti slavery cause a truly a religious one and that its unparalleled Success in opposition to the most powerful and inveterate hostility is unquestionably the work of god and is a signal answer to the prayers of his people. 8. R solved that the final accomplishment of our holy object must be by the Messing of god on our efforts and that we earnestly and affectionately entreat All Christian to Pray always with Alt prayer a that god would be pleased to fill our hearts with Wisdom Benevolence and holy courage Sod Render our efforts speedily successful in the entire removal of the system of slavery. 3. Resolved that Are regard Rea. G. M a Noble Martyr in the cause of the Freedom of the Presa of speech and of Man and that we Revere his honoured memory assume his Mantle and sympathize with his afflicted family. 4. Resolved t at we regard the mob at Alton and tha More recent mob at Philadelphia As furnishing conc Uriv evidence that the cause of abolition is in direct hostility in the Empire of the Prince of darkness who has com do wac in great Wrath because Henoweth that his time is Short and a being to our opponents an evident Token of defeat a but to us of salvation and that of the committee of nomination reported and their report was accepted and adopted. The committee on 8lave-labor produce fice., reported the following resolutions resolved that it is the duty of abolitionists in a cases to give the preference to free labor products and to encourage merchants to keep supplies of free labor goods. Resolved that suitable efforts ought to be made to promote the manufacture of beet sugar and silk. On motion of j. A. Dugdale resolved that the Resolution of the House of represent Titi ves in Congress adopted at the session of 1835-6, by which the petitions of thirty seven thousand of our citizens praying for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia and the slave Trade Between the states were virtually rejected was an inexcusable violation of the inalienable the philanthropist. Edited by g. Bailey or. Cincinnati tuesday morning Jane 13, 1835k our anniversary. Our third anniversary was equal in interest to either of the preceding ones. It was held at or. Little a Church in Granville. The audience was Large and the number of delegates in attendance about four Hundred. Owing however to the wretched state of to re roads fewer societies were represented than at the last annual meeting. Hon. Leicester King president of the society was present. As a presiding officer we think he cannot be excelled. The principal speakers were messes. John and Alexander Rankin Beecher Weed Galloway Blanchard and or Clergyman. From Mississippi. J. Rankin j. Blanchard and Mississippi were the Only speakers we had the pleasure of hearing. The subject of or. Rankings speech was prejudice against color. It had been prepared As an address to the churches and will be published with the proceedings of the society. It is a Clear compact logical address full of interesting facts and was delivered with the speakers accustomed earnestness and deep solemnity 6f manner. Or. Blanchard favored us with two Long speeches so delightful both for thought and manner that we could have listened unwearied if they had been twice As Long. The speaker has partly promised us to prepare at least one of them for publication. Or. Of Mississippi evidently was not an abolitionist. The facts he detailed with regard to Southern society were indeed horrible. The dissolute Ness of morals spirit of violence and reckless disregard of human life fostered by the system of slavery he dwelt on with much particularity. Or. Ref loud not seem to think with or. Calhoun that slavery was one of the a most glorious institutions on the face of the Earth. The people of Granville deserve thanks for their abundant hospitality to the delegates. Two years ago it will be recollected every Church every Public building in Granville was dosed against abolitionists. They held their anniversary in barn and even that was thought too Good for them. As to the attention paid them it was such a was More honorable to those receiving than those bestowing on their departure they were stoned clubbed egged and hooted out of the town. Let that Day be forgotten Granville is redeemed. Our meeting from beginning to end was characterized by the same harmonious spirit the same right of petition inherent in the people. The resolved that we consider the renewal of that Resolution at the ensuing session of Congress by which the memorials of More than one Hundred and ten thousand of orig country men were disregarded As adding insult to the wrong already committed. Resolved thai the second renewal of said Resolution in the House of representatives during the present session by which the petitions of not fens than three Hundred thousand of the freemen of this Republic have been contemptuously Laid aside without being debated printed read or referred is an aggravated insult to the people and an outrage on their rights. Resolved that we Are signally encouraged by the information furnished in the letter of senator Morris that 15, my Asur that looks towards a separate political organization 000 citizens of Ohio subsequent to the passage of this gag chive and enrol the names of the members of this Conven Tion together with the names and localities of the societies which they represent. On motion of the same jets Foeri that All persons who approve of the principle that immediate without expatriation is the right of Quot the slave and the duty of the master be requested to offer their names As Mem Rera of this convention. On motion the following Gurami tees were appointed committee to enrol the names of members a Joseph a. Dugdale Joseph h. Fay be. Commilee to prepare business for the meeting a John Monteith Edward Weed Gamaliel Bailey George w. Warner and a. A. Guthrie. Committee on resolutions a John Rankin we. Beecher Samuel Galloway Edward Turner George Whipple. Committee on political action a Robt. Stewart Eli Nichols Horace Nye Rees e. Price Gamaliel Bailey committee on the nomination of officers be. Weed Augustus Wattles w. A. Bancroft John Monteith. Lorenzo d. Butts. Rev. We. H. Beecher offered and supported the follow lowing resolutions which were subsequently adopted. Resolved that the inc cation of tire sentiments embodied in our Constitution is emphatically but a re affirmation of those fundamental principles first promulgated in the Law of Godl and from it incorporated into the decl Ntina of Independence and the Constitution of Ohio. The society then adjourned to meet in the same place at 2 o clock p. M. F 2 o clock p. meeting having been called to order by the president or. Monteith presented the following4 Resolution resolved that a committee of nine be appointed to report on the Best plan of operations for the future and to define the relation Between this society and the american anti us cry society. The Resolution was adopted and the following persons constituted said committee Gamaliel Briley. John Monteith Edward Weed. Robert 8 Tew Art w. W. Bancroft j. B. Walker a. Cody Horace Nye George who Ujj Fol it on motion of a. A. Guthrie John Purdy and a. F. Hanna were appointed a committee to audit the account of the executive committee. Samuel Galloway offered and supported the following Resolution resolved that the friends of immediate emancipation claim to be actuated by motives of the highest Phi Lanthrop Phy and that this claim Wilt to recognized when the principles of civil and religious Liberty Shell be respected and loved. Adopted. The president then introduced Rev. Alexander Rankin who addressed the meeting in reply to some objections frequently urged against our operations a a Edward Weed offered and supported the following Resolution which was adopted. Resolved that the immediate Anition of slavery in the United states would Advance the interests of the slave the slave Holder our whole nation and the world. On motion of or. Weed a committee of one was appointed to receive payment of old pledges and to take new pledges from those who should be compelled to leave before the final adjournment of the convention. 8iepben 8. Guthrie was appointed the committee. Or. Galloway read to the convention a letter from Hon Thomas Morris addressed to col. We. Keys. On motion a resolved that it be placed in the hands of the executive committee to be published with the proceedings of the convention provided the consent of the writer be obtained. Convention took a recess till half past seven p. A half past 7, p. convention was called to order by the president. Because Ilta us Experiment which Baa never a Cen tried and a therefore Uncertain because in All the resolutions of our National and state societies it has never been countenanced because in would Render our motives suspected place abolitionists in the attitude of political partisans fighting for office Honor and Power and thus corrupt their ranks by filling them up with selfish and unprincipled adventurers and tempting them to resort to the Ordinary machinery of partisan warfare tricks misrepresentation and calumny because it would divert their energies from the promotion of anti slavery principles to the concoction of scheme for their own aggrandize Orient because it would effectually prevent the reformat ion of Public sentiment they contemplate by utterly subverting their present party attach Mente and sympathies which afford so Many channels for reaching the hearts and Minda of their associates and substituting in their place a mass of hostile feeling the unfailing product of a strife for office of Trust Power or profit which would defeat All attempts on the part of abolitionist to conciliate the Good Wilt or Confidence of their political onion dts because Quot finally it would engender internal dissensions jealousies and at length open division among themselves for being composed of accede is from the great parties which now Divide the country they would naturally array them selves in obedience to their party and oppose or support abolition candidates according to their political Creed. Adopted Ltd 8. Resolved that it is recommended to the state executive committee to question candidates for the governorship and that it be recommended to the executive committees or managers of the county societies to perform the aame duty in relation to All candidates for county offices and for seats in the legislature and in Congress. This was amended by striking out the clause in parenthesis and then adopted unanimously 9. Resolved that the subjoined questions be published As indicating the course we recommend. 1st� have Congress foe Power constitutionally to abolish slavery and the slave Trade in the District of Columbia and ought they to do it 2d, have Congress the constitutional Power to abolish the internal slave Trade and should they exercise itt 3d, have Congress the Power to abolish slavery in the territories of this us ration and should they exercise it 4th. Have Congress Power to prevent foe admission of any new slave holding slate into the Union and shout they exercise it 5th, ought the legislature of Ohio to repeal All Laws making distinctions Between the rights of White and coloured citizens and if not which one of these oppressive Laws should continue to disgrace our statute books 6th, ought Freedom of speech and of the Presa the right of petition the right of the people peaceably to assemble themselves to consult for their own welfare and the Security of person and of property be maintained and held inviolate or which of these great chartered rights should now be sur rendered to the dark spirit of slavery adopted unanimously on motion resolved that a committee of six be appointed to devise and bring before the convention a plan that will enable those who feel conscientious scruples in regard to the use of slave produce to obtain articles of free labor. The following persons were appointed the committee John Rankin Joseph a. Dugdale a. L. Benedict Charles Neil w. H. Beecher we. Donaldson. The treasurer presented his report which was placed in the hands of the auditing committee. Joseph a Dugdale offered the following Resolution which was adopted by acclamation. Resolved that As men and christians we rejoice at the peaceful escape of the slave from his House of bondage and recognize As imperative and binding on us the scriptural injunctions a a Bewray not him that wander eth a a Uthon Ahalt not deliver unto his master the servant that has escaped from his master unto thee. The executive committee through Gamaliel Bailey submitted their third annual report. On motion of w. H. Beecher the report was accepted. Resolution forwarded to hint their memorial for Tion. M i of w a a vat or Tkv a. A. V fit. A a. W l. A of Ihk i 1 f on motion of or. Monteith resolved that in is the duty of every Friend of the anti slavery cause to contribute liberally for the purpose of sustaining and enlarging our operations let the poorest appropriate the value of an hours labor every week and others in proportion and the object will lie gained. The auditing committee presented their report recommending the acceptance of the treasurers report. A Cepter. The committee on the affairs of the philanthropist and depository made a Verba report accompanied with the following resolutions resolved that the convention believes that in is vitally important to the cause of abolition in the West particularly and throughout our country generally that the philanthropist be sustained and that to this end each member of this convention will Endeavor to procure at least one subscriber and induce each family in his or her neighbourhood to take at least one copy. Resolved that we feel increased and abiding Confidence in the ability and integrity of or. Bailey its present indefatigable editor a a resolved that one thousand dollars of the funds of the society be appropriated to the use of the Depow tory in Cincinnati and that the executive committee of the society be directed to consider the fund As pledged to this purpose exclusively and so manage it As to prevent its diminution. Recess until half part 7 of clock p. M. Half past 7 o clock p. celled to order by col. Robert Stewart. On motion of w m. Brown Al resolved that John Quincy Adams we. Slade Thomas Morris Leicester King and Ben. F. Wade receive the thanks of this convention for the fearless manner in which they have vindicated the rights of All men and for the eloquence and fixed determination with which they have asserted and maintained the right of petition. The foregoing Resolution was moved just after the convention was called to order and passed almost before the members had Ime to consider whether it required amendment. We now Mot an amendment which we Are very sure Wilt be seconded by every True Aba a zionist in the state a we move that the name of j. A foot member of the Bouse Iff representatives in this state for last year be classed a with the other names mentioned in the Resolution. His name we know was omitted . Pin g. A Warner addressed the meeting presenting the free will offering of a poor Man in Bis neighbourhood. Rev Mississippi addressed the convention detailing Many facts illustrative of the condition of society in Mississippi. The committee appointed to devise a More efficient plan of future operatic not having sufficient time to consider All the subjects submitted to them reported Only the following Resolution resolved that the exec Tivo committee of this society of Quot Are hereby authorized if they deem it expedient in order to facilitate their operations to establish an Agency for Northern Ohio to be called the Northern Agency and that for this purpose they be authorized to appoint an executive committee of one or More persons in the Vicinity of Cleveland who May he invested with Power to raise fund throughout that portion of the state lying North of a line designated by the state executive Commilee and who shall co operate with said committee in promoting the interests of the state society. The report waa adopted. Or Nye presented the following Resolution which was unanimously adopted. Whereas those funds received into the National benevolent Sci ties of the Church which arise from the labor of. The slave Are in All cases the wages of unrighteousness in Many cases the Price obtained for human victim sold in the shambles and in some cases the Price of blood therefore a resolved that to receive such funds obtained by a system of oppression and cruelty committed on souls and bodies for which Christ died to be expended in propagating

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