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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - July 15, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioA it a re i. 5e�-=====5f$w9�� a Anis q. Birn myi bettor. We Ere tet a j guilty conceding our Tiret Lier a a a tie restore is Tulili a Tesi ezme upon us a Fugh prior or a vol me 1. Cincinnati Ohio Friday july 15, 1836. Number 29. It Anthrop is or Utsuru be Der at Cincinnati Ohio. By the Ohio stats ant1slavksy Sci but. Ifim i tag in ooh Corner wad 3iain St Teruss re Elkira in Unn Navy always Pajank is data Xci. Letters a us of Busi Ziess of the once Etc Tidd 1m directed to to ousts Wattles. Those Tell limit Lollie Tuut Moriat department of the Edour of the in a it caeespoetih0d. Hemet a if counties Flo told be a Miti Eulerle Lomuti oiled in a Thriff Damp cacti him it sending the Peper. An advertise tent risking one Stinske or less jul be inserted three tines for one Dollar. I by Equi Talent to saying that Congress have no Constitution Ai authority to make peace. I suppose a More portentous Case certainly within the Bounds of possibility i would to god i could say not within the Bounds of probability. You have been if you Are not at the very Point of a War with Mexico a War i am sorry to say 80 far As Public Rumor May be credited stimulated by provocations on our part from the very commencement of the administration Down to the recent authority Given to general Gaines to invade the mexican territory. It is mid that one of the Eartiest acts of this administration was a proposal made at a time when there uras already much lib Limor in Mexico against the United states that she should cede to the uni a a Adams speech a a f4e and Mdian Wum and slavery Wini Ronay May s5, 183 501� join of a solution front the Senate aul Hoitz i wet Sci As or the capture acid military execution of san it Riding army Why Are you a Trutling by direction and la Anna i i save you from War with Mexico a indirection to raise per Saltus that army from lets than a a to tire than Twenty thousand Niento your can mind Santa Anna was but one of a Breed of which Spanish America for the last Twenty five years has been a teeming Mother soldiers of Fortune who by the sword or the Musket Ball have risen to supreme Power and by the sword or the Musket Ball have fallen from it. That Breed is not extinct the very last intelligence a rom Peru tells of one who has fallen there As Yturbide and Mina and Guerrero and Santa Anna have fallen in Mexico. The same soil whih produced them is yet Fertile to produce others Rhey re ted states a very Large portion of her territory cum i a of the United states to cause i sons cd be distributed to suffering fugitives from Indian Frosti Liwisa in and Georgia being under debate. Or. Adams a de that the Resolution should be read it was accordingly read and was As Tai lows % Isle Senate and Fourr Ochej Refco Tai Tvett of fit United state of America in Cea Gre a a Emblem. That the president of the uni we ted states be authorize to cause rations to be de a Vered irom the Public stores to the unfortunate a a Febrera who Are unable to pro vide for them Neives and who have been driven from their. Homes by Indian depredations in Alabama and Georgia until they can be re established in their possessions or so Long As the Prev debt shall consider it necessary. Or. And amp Nis after Many observations which we have not room to copy said 1 return then to my first position that there Ere two classes of Powers vested by the Constitution of the United states in their Congress and executive government the Powers to be exercised in time of peace and the Powers incidental to imn that the Powers of peace Are limited by pro Tisins within the body of the Constitution in itself but that the Powers of War a re limited and regulated Only by the Laws and Usi is of nations. There ate indeed Powers of peace con Terr upon Congress which also come within the the and jurisdiction of the Laws of nations Yueh As the negotiation of treaties of Amity and Cpin Merce the interchange of Public ministers and consuls and All the personal and social Intercourse Between the individual inhabitants of the United states and foreign nations and the Indian tribes which require the interposition of any Law. But the Powers of War Are Ai Regula ted by the Laws of nations and Are it act to no other . Quot Itta by this Power mat t am justified in voting for Money of my con students for the immediate Relief of their fellow citizens suffering with extreme necessity even for subsistence by the direct consequence of an Indian War. Upon the same principle your consuls in foreign ports Are authorized to provide tor the subsistence of seamen in distress and even for their Pic age to their own country. And it was upon that same principle that i to Tod again the Resolution reported by the slavery committee that Congress possess no constitute Onai authority to interfere in any Way with Ahe Ensti Tatios of slavery in any of the states of 4his confederacy a a which Resolution most of those with whom 1 usually concur and even my own colleagues in this House gave their assent. 1 do not admit that there is even among the % cease a were of Congress such authority but an War there Are Mauv ways by which Congress nut Only have the authority but Are bound to interfere Widi the institution of slavery in the states the existing Law prohibiting the import Matfen of slaves into the United states from foreign countries is itself an interference with the in udon Titi of Davery in the states. It we so considered by the founders of the Constitution of the r a m it it tinn Lutted that Todji general returning from his exc Nion to Florida often Lar recon intends the increase of your Annj to that num sir the Extension of your sea it coast Frontier from her. Produce themselves with nothing but a change of the name and of the Man. Your War sir is Large enough to constitute nine states equal in extent to Kentucky. It must be confessed that a Devoia better to produce jealousy Stis Pateion ill will and hatred could not have been contrived. It is further affirmed that this overture offensive in itself was made precisely at the time when a swarm of colonists from these United states were covering the mexican Border with land jobbing and with Staves introduced in Defiance to the mexican Laws by which slave a had been abolished throughout that Republic the War raging in Texas is a mexican civil War and a War for the re establishment of slavery where it was abolished. It is not Servile War but a War Between slavery and emancipation and every possible Effort has been made to drive a into the War on the Side of slavery. A it is indeed a circumstance eminently fortunate for us that this monster Santa Anna hit been Defeated and taken though i cannot participate in that exquisite Joy wit i which we have been told that every one having Anglo Saxon blood in his veins must have been delighted on hearing that this Ruffian has been shot in cold blood when a prisoner of War by the Anglo Saxon Leader of the victorious texan army. Sir i Hope there is no member of this House of other than Anglo Saxon origin who will deem it in courteous that i being myself in part Anglo Saxon must of course hold that tor the Best blood a Fiat Ever circulated in human veins. Of yes sir far be it from me to depreciate the glories of the Anglo Saxon race although there have been times when they bowed their necks and submitted to the la of Conquest beneath the Ascendancy of the Norman race. But sir it has struck me As no inconsiderable evidence to be a War of races the Anglo Saxon american pitted against the moorish Spanish mexican american a War Between the Northern and Southern halves of North America from Faresa Raa Quaddy to Panama. Arc you prepared for such a Warl and again i ask what will let a your canse in such a Warl aggression Conquest and the reestablishment of slavery where it has been abolished. In that War sir the banners of Freedom will be tie banners of Mexico and ii our banners i Blush to speak the word will be to a e banners of slavery. Sir in considering these United states and the United mexican states As Mere masses of Power doming to collision against each other 1 cannot doubt that Mexico will be the greatest sufferer by the Shock. The Conquest of ail Mexico would seem to be no improbable result of the conflict especially if the War should extend no farther than to the two mighty combatants. But will it the Sabine to the Rio Bravo would add to your weakness clip Iford for it is Only wacko Etc with reference to Mexico. It would then be weak Eai with reference to great Brit in to France even perhaps to Russia to every Watral european Power which might make a quarrel with Sifor the Sake of settling a Colony but above All to great Britain. She by her naval Power and by her american a a Lon Les holds the keys of the Gulf of Mexico. What would be the condition of your Frontier from the Mouth of the Mississippi to that of the Rio Del a Portt. In he event of a War with great Britain sir the reasons of or Monroe for accepting the Sabine As the Boundary were three. First he had to eos Meuce in us strength of eur claim As far As the Rio Bravo secondly he thought it would make our Union so heavy that it would break into fragments by its own weight thirdly he thought it would protrude a Long line of sen coast which in our first War with great Britain the might take into her own Possession and which we should be Able neither to defend nor to recover. At that time there was no question of slavery or of abolition involved in the cont Versy. The country belonged to Spain it was a wilderness and slavery was the established Law of the land. There was then no pro inject for carving out nine slave states to hold eighteen seats in the other Wing of this Capitol in the Triangle Between the Mouths and the sources of the Mississippi and Brav Rivers. But what was our claim ? Why it a that la Salle having discovered the month of the Mississippi and France having made a settlement at new Orleans France had a right to one half the sea coast from k a Miguil Como Nimms. Juv Tju us iof be two weakest Mouth of the to the next Spanis. 0� the Tuo Power but she is not the least pre a hich was Vera Cruz. The Mouth of the Rio Bra pared for action. She has the More recent experience of War. She has. Die greatest number of Veteran warriors and although her highest chief has just suffered a fatal and ignominious defeat yet that has happened often before to leaders of armies Loo confident of Success and contempt Itous of their enemy. Kven . Contemptuous of. Pineir enemy t Teu a. Mexico is better prepared for a War of invasion pm Ridas and for the line of the 42j degree of latitude upon you than you Are for a War of invasion up \ source of the Arkansas River to the South sea. On her. There May be found a successor to san-1 such was our claim and you May judge much Conxita Anna in Fiamos with the desire not Only of dance or. Monroe could have in its Validity. The great a a. A a a to Hect and desire of the country then Wata Anna India ipod with the desire not Only of Ueo or avenging his disaster but what he and his a object and desire of the coup try then a to obtain the Tion will consider your perfidious hostility it was Geue iat Jackson a desire told in Whiat of the spirit which is spurring us into this Wax of aggression of Conquest and of slave making Allther c that All the fires of ancient hereditary National hatred Are to be kindled,.to familiarize us with the ferocious spirit of rejoicing at the massacre of prisoners in cold blood. Sir is there not yet hatred enough Between the races which compose your Southern population and the population of Mexico their next neighbor but atm must go Bank Etc to Hundred or a thousand years and to another hemisphere for the fountains of bitterness Between you and them what is the tem per of feeling Between the component parts of your own Uther population Between your Anglo Saxon Norman French and moorish Spanish inhabitants of Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas and mis Bouril Between them All and the Indian Savage the original possessor of the land from which you Are scourging him already Back to the foot of the Rocky mountains what Between them Alt and the native american negro or african whom they Are holding into National spirit May go with him. He May not Only turn the tables upon the texan conquerors but drive the for Refuge within your or Ders and pursue them into the heart of your own territories. Are you in a condition to resist Himi is the Success of your whole army and All your Veteran generals and All your militia Calls and All your mutinous volunteers against band of file or six Hundred invisible Beth old cruel bondage Quot Are these Elemente of Harmony and Concord and patriotism Between the corp Oneist parts of a nation starting upon a crusade of Conquest and what Are the feelings of All this Motley compound of a Uther population towards the compound equally Hete Genous of the mexican population do not you an Anglo Saxon slave holding exterminator of indians from the Bottom of your us hate the mexican spaniard India ii emancipator of slaves and Abo Lisher of slavery and do you think that your hatred is not with equal cordiality returned go to the City of Mexico ask any of your fellow citizens who have been there for the last three to was about Balf Way from the Calixe to Vera Cruz and �0 a Granite is from France of Louisiana we claimed to the Rio Del Norte Boug a the spa Riib Fet Lemeut of Santa be was at the Bead of that River. France from bom we bad received Louisiana utterly disclaimed Ever living even raised such a pretension. Still we made the Best of Ibe Daius Liat we could and Fin atty yielded it for the Gers her own abolition of slavery in her own colonies. A War for the restoration of slavery where it has been Abo. Listed if Success fool in Texas must extend Over All Mexico and the example will threaten her with imminent danger of a War of colors in her own islands. She will take Possession of Cuba and of Porto Rico by cession from Spain or by the balt Aries Aroni her we an Walls and if you ask her by what authority she has done it she Witt Salt you in return by what authority you have extended your sea coast from the Sabine to Rio Brand. She will ask Yon a question More perplexing namely by what authority you with Freedom Independence and democracy upon your lips Are waging a War of to forge new manacles and Fetters instead of those which Are falling from the hands and feet of Man. She will Cany emancipation and abortion with her in every fold of her Flag while your stars As they increase in bombers will a overcast with the murky Vapours of oppression and the Only portion of your banners visible to tha Aye will Baba blood stained stripes of the task master. Or. Chairman Are you Reader for All these wars in mexican War n War with great Brif Atn if not with France a general Indian War a Servile War and Asad inevitable consequence of them All a civil War for it must ultimately terminate in a War of colors As Well As of races. And do you imagine that White with Yoter eyed open you Are wilfully kindling and then closing your eyes and blindly Rushing into them do you imagine that White in the very nature of things your own Southern and southwestern states must be the Flanders of these complicated wars the Battle Field upon which the last great conflict must be fought Between slavery and emancipation do you imagine that your Congre a will have no constitutional authority to interfere with the institution of Slavey to and tray in the states of this confederacy ? sir they must and will interfere with it perhaps to sustain it by War perhaps to abolish it by treaties of peace and the will not Only possess the constitutional Power so to interfere. But they will be bound in duty to do it by the express provisions of the Constitution itself. From the instant i that your slave Bolding states be Cove the theatre of War civil Servile or foreign from that Imant the War were War were of Congress extend to interference with the institution of Toni Terence with me to which i have heretofore alluded and which it is said he does not recollect he said to me that so Long As the Florida Rivers were not in our Possession there could be no safety for our whole Southern country. But sir suppose you should Annex Texas to these United states year would not pass before you would have to engage in a War for the Conquest of the Island of Cuba. What is the condition of tha t Island still land of file or six it mired my Isilie be Ramovic i indians in your late Campaign an Earnest of the a a a Der the nominal Protection of Spain. And what is the Energy and vigor with which Yon Are ready to herself ? consuming her own vitals in carry of that far otherwise formidable and com a he succession to the Crown. Do you sex _ succession to the Crown. Do you explicated War a complicated did i say and pm whatever May be the Bane of that War she can complicated your Seminole War is already the nominal Possession of Cuba after having spreading to the creeks and in their March of a a a Cousin rental colonies in North and South Amer a x in or Iti Tinnil in need of More Ellic tent Protection desolation a they sweep along with them your negro slaves and put arms into their hand to make common cause with them against you and far will it spread sir should a mexican in Tea Cuba will stand in need of More a a Lorient Protection and above All the protect iii of a naval Power. Suppose that naval Power should be great Britain. There is Cuba at your very door and if you spread yourself Alonga a far will it spread sir in oui a mexican a i a a a a. Vader with the Torch of Liberty in his hand and 1sabine to the Rio Bravo what will be the Standard of Freedom floating Over his Heady a a a proclaiming emancipation to the slave and re h Jamaica but Cuba and Porto Rico in her hands and Venge to the native Indian As he goes invade abolition for the motto to her Union Cross of St. George your soil what will be the condition of your Saint Andrew or. Chairman do you think i am Louisiana of Mississippi of Alabama a treading on fantastic grounds let me you apiece of i of Missouri and of Georgia where. History not far Remote. Sir Many years have not passed will be your negroes where will be that com away lice a internal revolution in Spain subjected that bind and concentrated mass of Indian tribes her King for a Short time to the momentary whom by an inconceivable policy you have sex govern sent of the Cortes. That revolution was followed pelted from their widely Distant habitations to by another by which under the auspices of a French a embody them within a Small Compass on the very not a with the Duke do ago ulema at their head Ferdinand 1�?j----c As.�.,. R Nix a that the seventh was restored to a despotic t Leone Cuba had. A a Borders of Mexico As if on purpose to give that the seventh was restored to a despotic t Leone Cuba had country a nation of natural allies in their hostile followed the Fortune of the Curte when they were Crown it. A Side red by the found ers 01 me a United states in which it was tip plated that or four years Bolber Lej scarcely dare show Congress should not interfere in that Way with their faces As Anglo americans in the Streete. The insist Union prior to the year 1808. Be assured sir that however heartily you de Puring the 1�� we i grit test the mexican his Boom Burns with in wild sir even quench your burning thirst 1 the l it Lutc. Aaa i ,.ow us. dates upon of you. J for. Aggrandize mint. A . Cos Audi Sud to the thl. C. R�.--1. Country a nation of Namsrai inuit a i an when the counter revolution came ties against you sir you have a inhabitants of the Island Uncertain what was to be Indian and a negro War upon for some time in great perplexity you Are plunging yourself to it what Todo for themselves. Two considerable parties arose Are talking abet acknowledge my in the Island one of which was for placing it under the dance of the Repi hot Texas and you Are Britain and anole or for annexing it Sand Square a a Voje i it don.�?T? it. Hour no. A moved. In a. Slavery in every Way by which it can be interfered with from a claim of indemnity for slaves taken or destroyed to the session of the state burdened with slavery to a Foa eign Power. Sir it is by virtue of this same War Power As brought into exercise by this Indian War in Florida Alabama and Georgia that 1 vote for the Resolution before the committee. By virtue of this 1 have already voted in the Conree of this session to increase your standing amid Bya second regiment of dragoons to authorize your president to accept the services of ten Thonstad volunteers and to appropriate millions of the Public Money to suppress Esa Indian hostilities a All for the common defence All for tha Geo aral welfare. And if on this occasion i have been compelled to Avail myself of the Opportunity to assign my reasons for voting against the first Resolution reported by the slavery committee it it because it was the please a of a majority of the House this morning to refuse me the permission to assign my reasons for my vote when the question was put upon those resell tons themselves. Sir it is a melancholy contemplation to me and raises fearful forebodings in my mind when i consider the manner in which that report and those resolutions have been disposed of by the House. I have twice asked permission of this House to offer two resolutions calling for information from the president non subjects of infinite import new to this question of Tavery to our relations with Mexico and to the peace of the country. When 1 last made tha attempt a majority of the Bouse voted by yeas and Naya to suspend Che rules to enable me to offer one of the two resolutions but the majority not amounting to two thirds my Resolution has not yet obtained from the House the Fis Vor of being considered. Had it been the pleasure of the House to indulge the Call or to allow me the privilege of assigning my reasons for my vote on the Resolution this morning the remarks that i have made might Bava been deemed More approx Iriate to those topics of discussion than to the question More immediately before the committee. They Are reflections however which i deem i not less indispensable to make than they Are painful to a made extorted from me by a condition of Public affairs unexampled in the history of this country. Heretofore Calls upon the executive department for information such As that which i have proposed to make were considered As among the rights of the members of this Houct which it was scarcely deemed decent to resist. A previous question smothering All discussion upon resolutions reported by a committee affecting the vital principles of the Constitution l 5-1 Tiodos of the House bad not even been moved. Upon tha Mere question whether an extra Numier of the report of the committee should be printed a member moves the re of the report with instructions to re sort a new Resolution. On this motion the previous question is moved and the that the main question is not on the motion to a comm not on the motion to print a us a in two _ Uoo to evacuate All the forts and places in tes United Public a a. A j a a w a _. _ without carry my away any slaves. If a Republic of Twenty four states and a Popula Kate giver Sineni of tie United states had no Tion of eight or nine millions of souls. It seems. A a with the in lobe considered that this Victory Over twelve Akua Over nisus Waskl in id interfere to ony May with the in to be considered that Ati tuntion of slavery in the a tales they would not Hundred men with the Cap have had the authority to require this stipulation Der the president of the Kex Iasi Republic a was no. 7 a had the authority to require this ship Uaima. Surj aiyo.u�. A Well known that this engagement was not has already achieved the Conquest of the whole Quot a a v a pm Fri Niblic. That it May have achieved the inde ence of Texas is not impossible. But Texas Vit i a Lis Well known Xmas Nio fulfil red by the British naval and military com rep Manders that on the contrary they did carry Senfft away All to a Indur a to is to i join Vliem. Inane Odif was a a _ _ tli6y Dio. Cd Rry a away All the Staves whom they had induced to is to the mexican Republic not More nor so much Vam and that the British government in m the state of Michigan is to yours. Liat state of abolished the mexican re Ooi ,.u. A a a for your War will be with Mexico with Dent state of Texas to your confederation without their Quot affairs a under no Inconis Kemble alarm lest under the j an extra number of a apis of Ibe report but upon the adopt Interpol Tiou. You will have an Anglo Saxon intertwined i pm pm a so a a seventh a a with a mexican War to wage. Great Britain May have no i commit to the commander of a French naval a Quad serious objection to the Independence of tax a and May a a a Tody of the Moro cattle is a circumstance also be willing enough to take her under her Prater too As a known to me. It happened that just about that time bait tar both against Mexico and against you. But As age French Squadron of considerable Force was fitted out and grandee meet to you. She will not readily suffer it and. Received sailing orders for the West indie without formal above All. The will not suffer you to acquire it by Conquest communication of the fact to the British government and and the re establishment of slavery. Urged on by tote in a a we a own to him he gave orders this Victory Over twelve men with the capture of their Comman a of three resolutions reported but never even moved in the House. If this is to be the Lample of our future legislation it is time to awake from the delusion that Freedom of speech is among the right of the members of the minority of this House. To return or. Chairman to the Resolution before the committee. 1 shall vote for this application of moneys. Communication of tie Laci lome _ that a soon As it was made known to him he gave orders levied by taxation upon my constituents to feed the of a a. I a a of a for Iyog from Indian desperation and searching in the coffers of your Lenciea even m in. Occasion of Mutual explanations by which great Britai France and the United states not by the forma solemnly a a slavery throughout All her colonies in the West indies after setting such an example she will not it is impossible that she should stand by and witness a War for the re r Ranee aim of slavery where it had been for years Abol >1 a treaty but by the implied engagement of Mutual As irined and situated thus Ink immediate neighbourhood of srances of in cation gave pledges of Honor to each Uther her islands. She will Tell you that if you must have Tex a that neither of them should in Ibe then condition of the As As a member of your confederacy it must be without Island take it. Or the Moro Castle As its Citadel from the a a a a of Spain. This engagement was on All sides mgt it. It wis by toe i Husu Jiuu 4hat the of slaves enticed by proc Lama with the Republic of Mexico. Texas is an sex Tione into the British service could be claimed As Treme Boundary portion of the Republic of mexi Arof Why but for the institution of slavery the co a wilderness inhabited Only by indians till Btu to so cola Roander could Neiuber have attired after the revolution wich separated Mexico from a a Motif to the a Aro and to. At a a member of your a. A gun. This engagement was on the taint or Tbs trammels of slavery and if you will wage i nor Fomick but. Without it. Who doubts that Ataw mss a. 111 wage r a War to handcuff and Fetter your fellow men she will wage Whf Uii performed but. _ a War against you to break Bis chains. Sir what a figure Frank that Day to this either of the three Powers might in the eyes of in Okind would Yon make in deadly Coo have taken the Island and held it in undisputed to Possession flirt with great Britain she fighting the Battle of Eman i at this time circumstances have changed popular Revoc spation and you the Battles of slavery she the bin fac Inion both in France and great Britain have perhaps Tress and you the oppressor of human kind in such a curbed the spirit of Conquest in great Britain and Franco War. The enthusiasm of emancipation too would unite May have enough to do to govern her kingdom of Algiers. Fun. To Jug r this violation of to amp to engager us. Butt Tiia War Power of Congress Over the Mati Tutti once Lila very in the states be yet far More sex 4th8lva. Suppose the Case of a Servile War Tocar Tifrit 3ft, As to some extent its even with an India i War suppose Congress were called to raise armies to Supply Money from the whole in ,irr#elio0. Would raise armies to Supply iii Zuj Unwin to suppress a Servile insurrection would Altey Hava no authority to interfere with the institution if slavery the ii be of a Servile War Bedlin Strous. By War the slave May Eman Ciapata Hui self it May become necessary for the master to recognize Hie Obj a ire j Saosi can it for an instant be pretended to in such a Leonti Trency would have i a j Ity to interfere with the institution of any Way in the states Why it Saav y a emancipated Spanish american been Ever since their separation from Spain a history of wars of revolutions accomplished by single and often very insignificant Battles of chieftains whose title to Power has been the murder of their immediate Pride be Esoff they have All partaken of the character of the first Conquest of Cortez and of Peru by Pizarro and this sir makes me shudder at the thought of connecting our destinies indissolubly with theirs it May be that a new o t c n 9 we re 1113 Flat pc cd run us o vast bumber of her people to Aid of the National rivalry Spain is again Rqn pulsed with a civil War for the sue and All her natural jealousy against our . Cd a on of her Crown she has irretrievably lost All Ercolo a a a i i Nie on both continent of America. It is that a of a no War a aver so popular in hould hold much longer a Shadow of Dominion Over be against slavery the slave Trade and the Anglo Saxon descendant from her own loin. A to the annexation of Tex Aalo your confederation tot �?�h0 lao Uku the Teitt Siam we a a 1 j tha Island of Cuba and Porto Rico nor can Thosa islands in Iha in a reset condition form Indeman Dent nation. Cap _ As to the annexation of Texas to your confederation tot their what do you want it Are you not Large and unwieldy. Ble of protecting themselves. They must for Ages remain enough already ? do not two millions of so tire Miles at the mercy of great Brittin or of these United states a Over surface enough for the Insatiate rapacity of your of of both great Britain is even about to interfere land jobbers i Hope there Are none of them within the this War for the Spanish succession. A he Vovou not indians enough to sex imbecility of the mexican confederacy tui Willu Reyo Lutious in Mexico will follow upon this Captivity or death of their president and commanding general we have rumours indeed that such a revolution had happened even before his defeat hut i of Tenno yet see my Way Clear to the conclusion that either the Independence of Tex is even about to interfere i. If by the utter sound of my voice. Have you not indians enough Lex imbecility of the mexican Coni Cleracy this revolt of Tex Pel from the land of their father s sepulchres and to exp a should Lead immediately to its separation from that re terminate what in a Prudential and military Point of t Public and its annexation to tha United states. I believe View would be the Addi too of Texa to you Onzain ? it 1 it in possible that great by Idun should look on while this would be weak Esb and not Power. Is your Southern and operation is performing with indifference. She will see southwestern Frontier not sufficiently extensive not Suffi that it must shake her own whole colonial Power on this i entry feeble not sufficiently defenceless Why wre continent in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean you adding regiment after lament of dragoons to your seas like an earthquake she will Sac too. That it end an ultimately be no Man can at a _ authorized by this result too May be not in itself very considerable but in its Progress it has already stretched from Alabama to Georgia much further it May extend will be seen hereafter. 1 turn Ziy eyes away from the Prospect of it but am prepared to meet the emergency if it should come with All the resources of the Treasury. But sir 1 s Aall not vote for this Relief to the suffering Alabama and of Georgia upon uie ground on which the Gulleman from Alabama or. Lewis and the gentler Eti from South Carolina or. Tuu Maom have been disposed to place it. Litzts reason have the inhabitants of Georgia and of Alabama to complain that the government of the United states has been remiss or neglectful to protecting them from India i hostilities the 6 is directly the Revena. The people of Alabama and Georgia Are suffering the recoil of their own in lawful weapons. Georgia sir Georgia by trampling upon the Frith of our National treaties with the Indian tribes and by subjecting them to her state Laws first set the exam per of that policy which is in the process of roof summation by this Indian War. In setting this example she bade Defiance to the authority of the government of the nation she nullified your Laws she set at naught your executive and judiciary it medians of the common constitute Ion of the land. To what extent she carried this policy the dungeons of her prison Ami the records of the Suprema judicial court of the United Stutru can Tom to those prisons she cur omitted inoffensive innocent pious Rainis Leri of the Orosi Pel of truth for carrying the Light the comforts and the consolations of that gospel to the head stand minds of these unhappy Indian. \ solemn decision of the supreme court of the United state pronounced that act a violation

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