The Philanthropist in Cincinnati, Ohio
22 Jan 1836

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The Philanthropist in Cincinnati, Ohio
22 Jan 1836

Read an issue on 22 Jan 1836 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Philanthropist.

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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - January 22, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioJames a. Of finny we Are verily a Silty Couch Erule our arc Eicr a a tie Reform i to Lii distress come upon us. Editor aka Propri Etoil volume Richmond Ohio Friday january 22, 1836. Number 4. The philanthropist is Rubli sub at new Richmond Clermont co Ohio. Zenuk two douse per annul always Payadue in adv Ahab. \11 letters and communications must be Post paid and should be directed to the editor of die philanthropist. Passa enjoining the names of the counties particularly Dould be mention see Luke Vii. 8, Ephe. I. A in directing where papers Are to be sent. making one Square or a space of equal length and breadth will be inserted three times for one commencement of. The first versa in Geue ish. Theocracy. If any one will still insist that we. All history shows that when the he scriptures Are Falion. Nor is such a course of conduct on the upon whom the system of slavery was forced applied As an arbiter to the subject of civil ius Titu part of some of the people of our sister j a a a in tons they become an instrument of cruelty and less remarkable when it is considered that our be mischief. True it is religion exercises and very Culiar rights and interests Are guarantied and occur properly exercises an influence Over All the objects de in the most express and solemn and binding of temporal life. True also it is that the Bible fur form by the co is a a my Ioji of our common country wishes the most excellent rules for regulating thethis is a topic so Plain and palpable that i will not conduct of both master and slave. But it does Stop to argue it. Appear evident to me that the by scriptures have no j 1 will not dwell on that part of the articles of the More bearing on the guilt or innocence of slavery in confederation Art. 2 and the Constitution of the South Carolina than they have on the guilt or in United states Amend. Art. 19, which secured Novence of War or on the defects and excellencies of to the states the rights and pow it r not granted. Who Are constrained by necessity 10 to continue the system deserve the malediction of that deity under whose blessings a system of slavery was originated he of contradicting the history of holy writ or of blast inf a against god. Turning to the new testament i find passage fist implicit obedience 5, 9, col. I. 22, 25, by. I Titus ii 9, �?T1st Tim. I i. I. 2, is Peter ii. 18,19, 20, Philemon. And nowhere in the Bible Douf. Slave holders department on speech. I the to eject slavery delivered 7th september Bibb my testing of i Herdti pm if a Mem Well Dit Rich South Carolina Lim tit. Or. Sis to the last verse in revelations do i find the system condemned. 11 but if any doubt remain on our minds behold the example of Christ he i found existing the system of slavery handed Down from the Trig to Eli abolishment of the jewish government he bund existing under the roman govern Ament a system of slavery the most or inciting and galling under which the master. Some to try the to tar Llila Kluvo fest my the pow of live governments it is sufficiently Plain that their complaints could not be even formally examined by states who admitted the sovereignty of e England and France of new York and Pennsylvania. This is the general principle which regulates National society it is Well that such is the usage. Much wrong is doubtless done in the world but a greater evils would ensue if gov Emmetts or people like political quix ottes taking the High Road in quest of adventures would Couch a Lance against every injustice real or imaginary that they encounter by the Way. Lei the fanatic meditate on this re the various forms of government. It does appear a will not dwell on that part of the Constitution Memering that the present dispute is not Concemi evident to me that the Christian who undertakes to which recon used and permitted even the slave ing the in in St a mtg i of the policy of South Cai condemn or defend slavery by garbled and mutilated Trade for a certain term of years. Ait. 1. Sec. 9, Olina towards her coloured population though As passages rom scripture and possibly such May be cd 1 20. Justice and humanity of policy we dread not in found would act As wisely As the Gem Ralho i w ill not dwell on that part of the Constitution pc ligation but concerning the of other pow would besiege a Cit after the manner of Joshua to which declares that our slaves flying into another ers to interfere Between the . Would Tate shall be Given up on demand. Art 4. Sec 22 1 say As to to Justice and humanity of that policy we dread not investigation 1 do not allude to the by Edmund Bel Quot of life and death under which the slave was not i permitted to testify save under torture a the luxurious roman threw his into his Pond to fatten his fish under Wlinich if a toaster was killed his slaves in the absence of Troverso i think a a a Ett forced by Noceti itys sanctioned by religion and Jud idea by Law published by request. Concluded 2. While on Earth and of his apostles after Liimol he sanctioned by religion �?o�1� Ini Matory addresses or circulate it is Here the a Otic Oniss seem to Triumph with incendiary paper 13 he did not denounce the an air of the greatest exultation. With the Bible in i system even of jewish Savery one hand and an incendiary tract in the other they to excite sedition and roaring through the land invoking the blessings Ert the contented Bondsman into a dark and Despe a Mote in their brother a Eye More readily on Tbs in a Chi mfrs. And Veu rate rebel he did hot attempt to turn Loose one in their . Vii. 3, 4. 1 a it of Beavert on their schemes and Impre Cating Veu glance on their guilty Heads. A slight examination on the subject will show that the abolitionist who this makes an exhibition of his Charity is 0� if the scripture a and regard leu if religions he is Blind to the comft7ton and of our slave. I need not dwell on particular passages in scripture though it is remarkable that the jews were permitted to Eit slave their own Dot men provided they did hot sell them to for Eimers 1 see exod. Xxi. V. 7, Nehemiah v. 5, that the slave is mentioned in the Bible As the o6�o/uleprqperiw of the master because a the is his Money a 2 see exod. Xii. 44, and anti. 21 and that the ten commandments two it of them the 4th and loth recognise and indirectly Sanction slavery see exodus xxx. 10, 17. Nor need i contend As might be fury proved by Plain que options from scripture it a 1st. That the venerable patriarchs were Elave Holder in every sense of the w Ord see genesis xvii. 15, 94, 27. Genesis xxx. 14, xxx. Paruck Lar Abraham the founder of the jewish race and beloved servant of god must have been the master of nearly a thousand slaves since on one occasion see genesis Xiv. 14, he led to the Field of Battle ups Nisoff 300 3 fighting men slaves born to Kun own household. 2nd. That the original curse of filial i Aobert Enorio being fulfilled in slavery genesis in. 24, That under the jewish theocracy men were born slaves 5 genesis Xiv 14, Xiv. 3, xvii. 23, Jeremiah ii. , Palma Xxxvi. 16, Xvi. 16. 4th. That under the jewish theocracy men were Hll in la it rid a slaves exodus xxi. 2, 6, lev in Cus xxv. 44, genesis xvii. 23. 5ih. That under the jewish theocracy captives in War were reduced to slavery. Josh. In. 27, Cut. M14, xxi. 10, ii. That under the jewish theocracy a thief was a old when he Pould not pay his Fine see exodus Xii. 3. That individuals sold themselves through poverty 6 see lev. Xxv. 39, 47, and that creditors were allowed to Seix insolvent debtors and sell them and their children see lev. Xxv. 41, 2d Kings in. 1, Matt xviii. 25. T a. 7th. That the system of slavery under the j e wish theocracy was absolute and perpetual 7 lev. Xxv 44, i Bam. Xxv. And in Many other respects such As marriage testimony and the Condi Uon of the offspring similar to our own 8 exod. Xxi. 4. Fire. Fore the Walls of Jerico As the people who choose their governor by lot As the Carpenter who 2, cd. 3. Ii a . A a Fri iii iii in ibo Uli uen i 1 will not dwell on that part of the Constitution Sions 0� Noah Sark As the plaintiff who would a which provides that the Federal to overment a be. Pm rites or Spir interest of Honor of morality and claim a cloak on the authority of Matthew v. 40 or protect us against Domestic violence if we should of religion which have Liwo ensured and must urea under which i to come to matters of fact As the judge who cited ask their . 4, see. 4. Always ensure to our slaves care and Protection 1 offending menial scr Plure on trial for witchcraft. I will not dwell on that part of the Constitution do not Aliide to the actual condition of eur slaves As if How Ever the scriptures Are to decide this con Wirich distinctly and cat Pressly Recognises slavery As furnishing palpable pc of of their Good treatment it Versy 1 think i have shown that we need not constituting one of the component parts of represent i allude to Laws recorded in our statute Book and proof were put to death without Nercy or Dis Crimi. I dread the investigation and further a there . 4, Sec. Cd. 3. Uii ported by the Ai Hority of the boat cd 23 in nation 12 what was the conduct of our Saviour passages which might be considered peculiarly a 1 will not dwell upon the fact that our system of posing penalties on those who shall beat or disable a Ali Cable. 1 slavery was known to the other members of the con slave without cause Public Laws Page 195 for thus i read a Rihou shall not Bear false witness Fede racy when the Union was formed bidding them to be worked in the Sabbath. P. L., p. Against thy xxx. 16. I read f will not dwell upon the fact that it was Well 169 or for More than a certain number of hours Dur he did not Endea a thou shall not covet thy Nighbor s known and thoroughly understood by All parties con ing the Day p. 174 compelling their owners to he did not con-1 exodus xxx. 17. 1 read of those to to can see a a corned that Ioc never would have adopted the fed allow them proper and sufficient food and cloth eral Constitution had not a guarantee been Given to ing p. . 173. In particular the statute which secure our Peculiar rights. Subjects heavy penalties on whomsoever kills a i will not dwell upon the fact that when the non slave his own or that of. Not Fer in sudden Pas slave holding act acts formed a unit with us whose Sion or by undue correction p. 173.a. A. 1821, p. Per Aliar rights they a they recognised the i2 still Mere particular by the statute which existence and admitted the Usu Litif slue Ery. Prescribes for the wilful murder of a slave the Pun 1 will not dwell upon the fact that in 1719, Acorn ashment tui a death without Menefi of Energy p. L., Mittee in Congress composed entirely of Northern 172, a. A 1821, p. 12. And As a practical commen men reported a Resolution unanimously adopted tary on the spirit of our Laws on this subject i that a egress has no authority to into firc in the Eman Mif Fht refer to Cheetwood Scase dec. Term 1834, Sipat Iotus slaves or in the Ira Imenit them in any Columbia in which our a preme court after of the states. Elaborate argument and great deliberation unan i will not dwell upon the argument that our rights Mously decided that under the a. A. 1821, the Mur in this matter Are Paramount u the Constitution of Der of a slave was to he adjudged in Law on the same the United states and that no alteration or Amend principles As the murder of a free White citizen. I attempt half of Mankind upon tie outlier 14 he did not Point to the end. Of his schemes a equal rights a and a Universal email citation a no other and different were the purposes of his holy Mission and in another and in a different Way were those purposes fulfilled redeem than a beam read of those who a use their Liberty for a cloak of maliciousness i pet. I. 16. I read of those who Promise Liberty while they themselves Are the servants of corruption.�?2 pet. I. 19. I read of one Barnabas who was put in jail for edit Imus Luke Xxiii. 25. He he came to enlighten to purify and to , the ugh his imitators in my Deriv times seem if the system of slavery was noticed it Likely to receive More mejt7oi-»Oui treatment. If those was to enjoin the performance of their duties on Mas who keep such a mouthing about scripture and Slater and slave he pointed to a a better world and very can digest these passages to their Satis fac led tie his language and his acts were i Tion they May read farther and fare worse. In and reeled to that a glorious consummation a when a Cor aspect of the Case i feel assured that religion sane eruption should become incorruptible a when a the Ihms the course which we persue and that n Quot a a mortal should put on immortality a when a the who Tidence May we invoke the blessings of pro suffered in Gethsemane a Garden and died on Cal in Aid of our Courser Ith con Providence vary 8 mount should speak to Captivity and Call his exiles Home 15 Freedom pm tired by a. Driven from the Bible the fanatic resorts to Law then let those who flatter themselves that scrip and plumes himself on the position of Sta cry to Ture authorises on their part of a impudent and mis illegal contrary to the principles if natural Justice cute cons interference in our Domestic policy let this position thus broadly announced 1 distinctly them look to the example of our Saviour. Let them a go and do but i fear such an Appeal is in vain made to men and Tonji Dontly deny. It is somewhat remarkable that a almost every Page of ancient history demons rules the great Multi 0 ver whom ignorance and fanaticism exercise their tide of slaves which gives Rise to the melancholy Baleful influence j reflection that the world has been Best peopled when the Are More deaf than the adder. Their hearts not a world of freemen but of slaves a and that if a Are harder than the nether Millstone. System of slavery is contrary to natural Law nature from such men i turn to a christians at has in All Ages and in All countries been so slow in 1 select Ike most scrap so ots the most pious att the vindicating her principles. 18 Mosi venerable minister of the gospel and i say to but i meet the position fully. I contend that a him a servant of god and pastor of your flock you cording to the Law of nature and of nations slavery behold the system of slavery As it exists in your May Arie country you behold How it forms a part of our social and political existence you behold the slave 1st. From War. 2d. From the state of property and of government. 3d from bargain and Sale. From debt. From the consent of parties. 19 from crime. Where from physical intellectual and mor 4th. 5th Gih 7th might also illustrate the remark that although our legislature a a determined that our slaves shall be protected by the Laws and to leave Una opted no measures a which could ensure their Comfort and safety yet such Are the pro us Ca of our citizens that the Laws which i have enumerated Are in fact use Man of the Constitution can affect those rights i a i will net dwell on this topic because i can not believe that our rights under and above the Constitution of the United a states can or will be questioned and because if they Are questioned the Case admits not of Wordy to Clate. W e w ill read our charter Mciva the Bayonet for a less Luther. I am certain that save professional men porn or a a Ott a w a of ice a Rumen and 6/w��/ac i7/u5 very few of our people Ever heard of such Laws. Traction a s Mth Carolina slaves need no penalties for their there is however one argument derived by the Protection re masters need no legislation to make am fanatics from the declaration of Independence and Tarr Ful kind and humane but enough i speak to which i will give a passing notice. I with due advisement when i say that our Laws and a it is said that our declaration of Independence conduct in relation to our slaves will not to proclaims All men to he equal Ltd a. I say the least suffer by a comparison wit ii the con comfortable contented and Happy you behold the master kind and humane you behold that country prosperous and flourishing you understand the necessity by which that system is enforced 16 you know the dire Ful consequences which a change roust produce both to master and slave you Are conver Sant with holy w Rit you know and you practice Al causes the party is inca pame of enjoying free the precepts of religion you have before you the sex Dom. Ample a it four blessed redeemer w hat judgment do Quot that this matter is not to be decided on abstract you declare and what course will my persue will principles of Justice and Liberty Lut must be viewed you not repeat the injunctions of obedience which the in relation to the social condition of Man and the holy Book contains will you not infuse into the Curcuma Anees under which the system in question bosom of both master and slave the spirit of True originated and exists. Piety will you not lend the influence of your voice in particular i contend that government and Laws and conduct to preserve and continue a system on Are established for the greatest god of the greatest which i welfare and perhaps the existence number that to the Southern slave food clothing of your country will you not imitate in this Man any Protection Are ample a Quican ends for the loss of ner the example of Christ and his apostles or Freedom that Liberty is to be considered As a prac will you declare that the Bible condemns and de a tical Good and that w Here from Tahurai and Parma ounces slavery w ill you act cons Stanlly with nent causes Liberty could not be enjoyed slavery is that declaration will Veu Endeavor to overthrow a blessings that this is a Case in which the question to a Ava Ipin and repeat that system will you become the agent and the Ofra Gay is resolved into a question of expediency relation 9 see exod. Xxi. Fool if the Northern fanatic and Western pirate in the and no Man unless he is Blind to fact but must edly provided for i a name of Jesus and the cause of holy religion will. Know that the voice which would proclaim Freedom that Alavern did exl you of can you scatter throughout this Eom Muni to our slaves would proclaim the loss of Comfort it is enough for my Purow that slavery did sex arrows and death a and happiness to a Hen of Liberty and life to . I contend further hat our system of slavery is justified on the same grounds to wit the Progress i offspring 8th. Or that god so far from having expressed his under v. Jew. Y and i country , Arrow and j Trust know that you will not if any Misier notes. Should be deaf to this Appeal then 1 envy neither his 1. It is Wise in the orator not to quote the texts to be Tnge nor his/ai7a/ which he refers. For instance exodus xxx 7, reads a a and if a min sell his daughter to be a maid servant she shall not y out As the men servants do a and in the next verse we read a if she please not her master who hath. Betrothed her to himself a. What a text to jus Selling women under the Hammer for purposes of Agni Ture 2. This proves that the hebrew paid Money for his servant and hence the presumption that in striking him he did not intend to kill him but it does not prove that he Bott to the servant without the servants own Jensen nor that he could Tell him without his consent ther does not prove due he was his would recommend to him. Civilization and the unquestionable Laws of neg. To Trust his salvation on surer grounds certain i am i a the exclusion of the a of Pii that the less he reduces his piety practice in country from their Possession 1 ill ils isl would be Well for tie gospel of Christ and better for himself. 1 have thus far or. Chairman argued this matter As though it came within the legitimate Quot of the Church and was to be Deci a grounds. I have done so satisfy the Donti self read a it arose from the a their i of the other hand the s6th and ter prove that the servant w Abr if the master delayed an vant he was for that reason Toi Ever heard of setting a Niece for such a cause is it done Afi 3. How happens it Fiat 4 a Lead out their slaves on Mil Tofy \ giving or i promising them fire Edo ers will not allow their slaves to Ltd a drained his.1 4. The murderers of our lord were they innocent a 6. Bur at any period after tie make their escape there was very being brought Back deut xxi. 16. This land and age were bom to to Ca i 6. This is worthy of remark. \ a theocracy was such an instil themselves into it but american slave never heard of an instance of a mans s4 it. How could he whatever he Simgh a Elf would after All be his masters to can a possess nothing which is not his it Law of Lousana. The very fact that i selves is to common sense Plain proof a jewish theocracy of it was not so. 7. so we Ito a Safe of perpetual fifty so lev. Xiv. To 8i an impudent libel on god s word the mosaic Law permit the a Opara Uon of Famich to the servant his taste Rainy a a 9. All american slavery to founded on tha Quot my from Africa Tili run Acton that b Nian bog Lichy 60 notes. Constr entirely the remark a that we the Southern planters had for gratuitous. Were our conduct and our Laws the tested All title to Tike a place in the same Grade of reverse of what they Are the Imprudente Man guilt of society As the people of truly our in interference would not be it Reafer nor would our Glish friends have forgotten upon whose Heads rest rights to repel that be less the guilt of Thea Quot of de o a i. That Amo l c-1 nothing Thor fore main for me on Thi Annie Clar Atlon of charge Tveith exciting Carolinas Domestic insure acc Ion Frej hate equally fi�?Trgotv., the a. A. 1820 p. 53 ii relation to incan ten their own local Init Tillion they have equally forgotten certain pass g am the ret solution and he 13, in a relation to Nodi Loiis practices remarking How late War. It snot the first time however that the Best Legal authorities Thev have la retd Bach ii Jan i a a be a a a a a is nation and in three a. A. Would be iii if there was any thing m the argument Trio non g individual who then being s Aye holding store would have to explain Berhain of Fri estate shall through the Agency of a air Law which declare that some men their to a a he a commit the Oife nees specified lot cd population arc nor equal to others if there that three a. A. Have in fact was any thing m the argument those Tho Advance imprudently violated. That Al it will had it necessary to Ramie their Argi irent considered with the of the United bytes to High meet the Case yet on the Princi Recognises slavery. Slut the argument is affably of International Law which of the constr tue on Refici Ioui. The Del est the skin thu >f-4hc Meta try intended to abrogate a see in Point Ander cd Smurr ferr us reason Vete ,3 exe eur to the King of the Abol Monist. If pled to the Dock Grete would on proper Legal proceeding before us which lie doubtless won d Honor As much being authorised is Allen Pace or any other of the Many wot by villainy a Violater of or personages who have a put thorns clues upon the go a a a go Nali itary lesson would he. Country even a when arraigned for seditious prac Jan a Rbt if a few of these impudent miscreants were lice a under our a. A., w05 or 1833, might contend go Njg Jug answer for a bal All Wen were born Fra an l equal and that the face to Faro a people Whoso court had no authority to it re with Ais Mallena a attacked and whose feelings they blk Fiji hts to life have outraged by their base and nefarious conduct. Ake Lur Lier except j considerations of a higher import. A Iris h a a a a a a or citizens held this pc v or that Nis pc of property by a very precarious and Uncertain cipher under the slaves then were no doubt in great num Lle would not system though introduced and allow j de was recognised and regulated by Law and it ,. Y w was even supposed that baptism would Confer free duration 01 in a could not exist Long of the cons ii government was permanently est abused. To support accordingly in the year last mentioned Thel gisla1 a tic authority declared a that the Power of the Mas by be deemed slaves ought to be settled and limited nes Otna u Laws so that the slaves May be kept in a m a a subjection and obedience and the owners and other persons care and government of x of a slaves May be restrained from exercising too great of to i Ujj. Cruelly Over them and the Public peace and is not Niy province May be they a to file proceeded to enact p. 163. That Otiis ii 01 1 class of persons a aft ii beaten cd taken reputed Ami id to \ \ 1� in this whole argument the orator Stobs at Quot a Man who know what american Clayery my k practical regard for the Bible after it has it sanctions Euch a system of slavery. By no Man has yet proved it and we i ave any one Tver will 22. We wonder that a slaveholder should borrow for Bis signature the name of Oglethorpe How happens it in pair a men of Oglethorpe have their tombs built by latter Cli Ildron of those who were ready to dabble in Tib Cir worn blood before they died in 1776, Oglethorpe wrote to Grenville Sharp a a my friends and i settled the Colony of Uliar \ Georgia and by charter were established trustees to Wiki it i Glaws a. B a determined not to suffer slavery there Rin but the slave merchants and their adherents occasioned us 7ac Inot Only much to time but at last got Tho then govern nor race to to Sanction them. We would not suffer slavery which is against Tho gospel Well As the fun dam a till Kwh of England to be authorised under our authority to trus eco to make a Law permitting such a a. Horrid fun inc govern Mont finding the Trust res. A. Resolve Cal in my not to comply with what they Ali ought in just to k away the charter by which no Law could be passed without our consent a a a Prince iroc Rcd a of Sharp vol 1, p. 231. 21 the to Laws so far As the a have any humanity in hem do indeed prove that have a conscience and m an to set some hounds to their oppression but All tactical Protection which they might afford tie slave is Illif cd and turned into mockery by the refusal of save even coloured testimony when a White is a party. 1. 34. This measuring of i in cars among themselves is .0 mde just not Wiso. If the slaves Ara treated As ill As oar Northern a a j�8iation,but not against Colorado population or any thing like it what or. Begun Ger has just said cannot to True. Our coloured population orator certainly has Tho Best of the a do need Protection and for this reason we Are striving to b Trero is an old Book which says a though overthrow that system which throws its Upas Shade Over hand join in in the wicked shall not go Aen As Well As Over its in Mortato victim

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