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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - January 9, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioA a a a set to Carrr Maxik at Retif Babi Ebesta a Mesa ask Al a or Thiis ii it Al it a a a in it Siwwi in a a i fix i nimm Jiapu. Put Moon a i �,.autlw a Mvi a. It. 4i�� it it vhf 1# a a re in /�4 by of tit pm pm Albi Olariu by pm f on Trio Frarie no tend gasped a Boiro to my i Lauring How bad Hobeom Bera Soto in Lar la a i a Kite Elf a no god a la 4w�wediiese of Par Flom. La the St Wigh love and of Tea we we a by Todd of Nelvey together unto tin Phi it a or to death the Epiro to of oor Ethete is in our bosom Yat for Fanaru Are As ankh tanking and oor Narrey a Finney Aat. In Odd up Jue Iva Gap Peke with the ror Evis a a Fonsa Onax to Nearor a gently and to find Ein Doyi Keiit for those who Ean Labo a to compensate Equi Tewy poof ave Abr Bis work and in a wot to give them Rifae Steans of Reonal to possess and i boy the civil and moral the a Grary and religious a High Tai of Freedona am fast a they Bee oae thus quaff a eds Beetow upon them those rights in full As they lore bestowed upon wite people. Such is a Mere a of quite Imperf est Oudine of that imme Tete Eman ideation which i advocate a Whit i i can Ottlo Ifim is righteous which heaven a Law Den iinds a which a Pevie etly practicable lad which is Ohio rely Side both for the oppressor Tad allow if required a that for Yea tip the it fored the big bold at mount Pasant in Iba Ymi-1919. Odh Rea it Finger % heroes a tied slates Asar Gigious society we have found it to be Ensia dispel Able duty a declare to the world our a of Jap Juancy of slavery to the Christiann. It tit Elf Ore rent Eins to. Our continued is Hibit our member from holding in r Lebow men. And at the present tips Wor it to be incumbent on every Indiyia Dsola apply to consider Bis own parti Cihir share in the slow Prog Reid in tie Eia Anci q of Thida port of the human family we lament to Evechel a do not despair of their ultimate in a feel. And we desm that friends May not the i Oracle coition of these our enslaved anti slav the sped already 8p dem do a broker cd soviet a Leamire that 1 Send you for fault Rte ii letters that i have j the Rev. Or. Hawes the old Chapin of Connecticut foil the character of these Gentl a them so Well or even before Thi be super Nous. You and every other Aioli tip will revoke with me that Sud fornia hed Tim the tiie s Bre uhes in or land let a. Chapin an dlr. Publicly before Txhiaj mos of Freedom those wlm Liberty for the poor and thypin wet How deeply have we to of influence Are to be found am Are not warring against us Are 1 Ness and indifference to All tutors of the ass nuts which or Liberty in this land who Sec Mairul to Kew Olto material danged or inca photo a Auml or Inezi Vileto Auto real Rei aaied rotation of a Good gov in Mehto if we would emulate and carry into effect the intentions Ofey a Wop to Tiyo of tick Stet a or if we we ski give to Ophir what they Abs entry desire our duty a Plains we should give Sanction and efficiency to the Mai we suld Nall cases and Ipp Fer a Circum stain sustain their supremacy none should be so High As to be above them none so Low As to be Benea Tii of Fly in Protection. If Paul cot rid Occure in Violab to to of himself by the sex pro Sale in a i am a roman citizen a the rights of citizen in in re pub Eto America should secure equal immunity. The few of our country should be Wall of defence around All the humblest and highest of our citizens. Is tills so it has been our boasts and to Vertara extent and in some parts of our country it May be True at the present time As Between individual the few Butosi _ __1�?T in its of met visual i dirty has been de it a seem has Security am the yet with the Blo Ury of this Spint. I a necessary con will grow wifi Lur strength and Mot measure the Are but the fore making to incorporate oppress prostration of the Sac red Rigi i who Sec in the firm stat ter slavery employed in a does sepia its iniquities who Perd and Lay Down a to Sueh i would i a brother Are you willing t it Skude and As a Neny red a the judgment seat of Clorist a cd that Trio my e3uu3iple Fapin an i in a Bock Connecticu 1�0n�< g. Bey Etc a Mfd a sir will you has Eive the biome of Calvin cd the acne Rich a anti slavery set innocent blood cries to Hea the martyred and much lame by the cause and manner of 1 portentous import Hie Sulf Siligs Are i outrage civil and Komai or moral and emis of Yueh Frai Itic and sinful a be to mutually what Friend of righteousness r with Hope for prot practice of Good iii a Cau indulge apathy t the detestation., of Hea Yonly Midei understand iii e Crit ii Burc Aas Potisk Whiteh kindles con pet rates murder. There is an Timm a Gantic tyranny be f the Sibu fish of out countr a a Elk have no just Ehtier then at this Omi notel we Mia Hia Hamd the int tue Wybe by aimless 10 to state a Netty Laid which 1 sex 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 21 28 i i i i i a i i a i i in a it i a a i i i feb apr 8 15 22 29 Quot ii f 15 22 29 2 3 4 >rc3 7 9 10 _ 11 12 14 16 17 18 19 a 23 24 25 26 28 4 5 6 7 11 12 13 14 18 19 20 21 25 26 27 28 4 5 6 7 11 12 13 14 18 19 20 21 25 26 27 28 june 1 8 15 22 29 2 9 16 23 30 3 10 17 24 5 6 7 12 -3 14 19 20 21 26 27 28 5 6 7 13 14 20 21 \ 27 28 wadis Lei to squid lie mind is of Cindy Tite Tim a Pini a a face and Apa or who a arises rather of a steel that amp in a willing state of Thi Iiga. A Feitig mean to do my constituents that they can Sec to have i Job tested in All thur rate a touted upon the Nate in bag to extend to Odiev Tom Abr these Lonic a the Saiid object which a Section of a a a by i �0 d i a i i i a. A a i i i .4. I i i e a i i i i aug oct �?�4. I i i a i i i t dec what has been said it is not True of a special leg Fela not Guiu Ieada in aspect for the Laws Marliere preventive in Hope of Success i now is the tune out upon this her disa Sproba the Power to i come but no fur i Humble judg e of your Scere put Down mobs it no secret in Are All of nerve and f your sincerity and in defence of of All that moral t of consistency it a though the pro station in damages done its object is there is no in of individuals so the Howse of an destroyed the put Aore severe than at Wottle now be i individual who Nighbor should set resided it would it was rather Fardias relevant As they where compel u 5 6 7 12 13 14 19 20 21 26 27 28 5 6 7 12 13 14 19 a a 20 21 26 27 28 if prom Saad figr u Whiteh w Vii minty a Ierson who a us a the slave Deli Ihly the wok Catt Publ bed 0�?~<i rvs Ltd material from of Only recognize it we make it the it the property of i this position if Jroy their own pro i tirely the prompt a become property a in Ycre. I ought reate a mob against ices. A single 111-Dden passion will t. So will a mass become in named. Tool and reflecting test Ife own interest. My it would occur proportion wished. Offil place n and their winks lace the Public in build Beail healthily the mob spirit feel p it would be effect nil ted to by iii the off Eden to vent crime you must make Pimm Wiwat j by and Dos Ely upon Iti Iteele. To you must suffer it to Pom with growth and spid increase of mobs three positions. From first to last punish Eric Faaa been a flicked upon of Azawi of Law. This feet shows the emm Vaito Unity. The still More fearful Prospect and the necessity of arraying the whole to in interest and in feeling for the i bringing the actors in such Seuea to Merit Al Rishi nent. For these reasons i am of posed term present Motky and Hope it will not prevail slavery a Texas now that it is openly proposed by politic cans of the South to incorporate Texas Hito 1i�o1 Union for the avowed purpose of securing of a a cidred preponderance of slave states tiie drop rely of discussing the slavery question Ean by or Day be controverted. Whatever May have to ure iced Tiby minds of freemen in the non save holding Somas to and coif and sustain for a few years i Tbs Ai it bit Rary pretensions of a re holders that in Fiu Enoe must now be called to rect Mosi seriously a How Inaudi iii Tiger those pretensions can safety be rated. The proposition of the slaveholders is that to key must hold an absolute control in the Unton by Nebito such control is indispensable to the Security of Dativo property. This is assuming a in a basis of Umon and a basis directly contrary to inc upon whoa the Union and the Constitution of the United states were founded. The attention of the Reader who wishes to Tefil pretend the subject aright is requested to a few prominent facts at the Fonn Stion of the the territorial limits of the Union Exi red All that now constitutes the states of Louisiana Mississippi aka Bama Arkansas and Issom at that concurred in the opinion that Pavery te9bllijhl8sb info. Into the vast country that now file fete states of Ohio Indiana Illinois and miesntin9� All the Wisconsin territory East of the Masai Seifi River was expressly forbidden. The to Al extinction of slavery within the United states wan in the contemplation of every one. It was regarded sat tolerated evil that should be so con Tod that it could not spread. It was to be protected where in was but was to be known no where else Tecsa were the terms upon which the Steve holders themselves proposed to regulate slavery and it was upon these terms that the compact was formed already these terms have been grossly i olnsted totally de a parted from in favor of the slave holding interest. It the Purchase of Louisiana broke up the fair grounds upon which the Constitution was passed and invigorated anew the virus of slavery in the pol Lieal body that Pusti tuned the Union lids was Anag Gressie Extension of slave holding influence trained and a i omitted to in consequent of the yet importance to the Preat West of the navigation of the River Mississippi to to the Ocean. I have a Aid that the limitation in the to extent and Tho final abolition ii of slavery was to in basis of. The Constitution. In �788, the states of Massachusetts new Hon hire a Noel Trout Rhode Island new York the then proposed state of Vermont new Jersey fcb Sylvania and Dela Tzib. my pm. Pagos pro3cocod teds Stossl oiness i lm-18 a oversized our 18 wid3 or 25 big i Nerer Missien Zenhela a fut by of or Loepfe Iri Stod by Dao Bing Tirend. Ihen the wow Oto a vary of Dave Sfetko we am Gad Jupt Bic amp As secure req eng hit to which eve adv a i Liisu until singly by Sid severest pens of to Toffic in Humph its firemen had of a principle trip us Itaf tip la 11 duty of forbid list Stefi ii Lam of a Oioi Entong on Dia of cd afetian Niery gab. Exhort wow us Ibisi Femini Andromahl it Brianc Iuka la i pipe in Lii is of Jae sat Fech torn to oses tel shred by the of vagal Estocin Mon. I sept Toem be mixed to Strnot and a Neate Lippi is if they pot a Moi eds to pro vide for a Rood Flam mibsietence�?4o shut the Driver his o of ont inlay from the Fields to protect the aged the decreed the Young the help Hwe to and Titi mediately and to nil to the rights of free Citi Fink such As by a High thous Cost Imioto ire judged to exercise of Jioie tights Intel a Lieut. Kiwi to a. A a. A., s of Eleaaor at we it in cd governor of a Beni in tt34. Point wan i>olntc4 Govert or of Liber sin 1134, Bis letter of a ate Don to the a. A. S. Neelety wee to Liam in the Jenaii Dpi ref nov. 39 any Way prevent my doing Iceni a ii the Good i a Oxild As Ihor servants for Josm a Ops. Rut i can keep Back no longer. Indeed that have kept Haek As Toner i Tow Frei to been wrong though i did not intend it Ait i hasten to Inake what a to ii Rilent i can by wishing you to insert my name As a member of your society. The movements which have of late been made to put Down Aati Sofery sentiments by attacking the Freedom of epee Chind of tile press and Reo Eutiky by taking the life of in innocent citizen and faithful rain faster of Christ leaves me no longer or toehold what Mea sures of in once i possess for the support of a reuse which essentially right and w Orthy in itself is forced in the Providence of god to contend for which every Christiari and Patriot had Armetor ikan life. I May not have it Niy Power to serve this cause to the extent of my feh re. Lequito a contest like that which it is now called to maintain Bot ii in behalf of stoves and of freemen i wish to have it known on which Side i Aib. I Ami to be on the a Side Fri ref retire to every question of truth Ana duty and which that will appear to be in relation to cause Jioie eur Ewijk where spoken age Meu the judgement Day i feed there is no him tor doubt affetto Leftely yours. Of this Bill thut it i Alfred the great has be a More Pasis of his do lies cd his reign Over a me Lawless com Ito ted the people r in and protect in the reign of is made liable for a Case they fad to die robbers. As Tho Emty Elf Awty. We extra the Foli Winf a be Ells i article concerns none Gro a and slave from the Bisci Purne of the a Shiy Frunda of Ohio a by meeting. Pron Yaj by beam rats of 9r� Forte of Cay Glioma go Fife imae Nteta Ion aim of a Aill making Nummi Paad Mesorp ated Vium Gim responsible to India idume redeeming damage by Mon to ice and those in pinged in Moat to Fatm ref of Sidie to the township and mirages or. Tivitt having moved to a Trike from the Bill the enacting Danse. Or. Foots Reg rotted that he should he obliged to express Liis views this time or upon a motion of toil kind but As he introduced the Bill and believed it contained principles of the highest import in Cen principles which if adopted would be inc Jujj Timion of our Laws and Pur he Tii ipod Priou of to a Tota. Tic room on which Wajd induce him to oppose the motion to strike out. It is admitted said or. F., that it is the duty of every of government to protect its citizens to protect their lives their Liberty and their property. It is peculiarly the policy of our government and the a it tot desire of our people to secure this end that Story of our ancestors both in England aim m this country presents a record of their conic Al Strug to to it a the establishment and maintenance of this priv triple. For Titis they left their ii Atic land and planted a Nev a nation upon these shores. They Bipire a a teen Stoa to toy Ife �o9jto0�?o� in a Al deep Iju Ilgi 0 our i a Ati Nahai slate they have in in our As Thise sve a meld liar and private prope a Sa-,95�ily Piard cd. If then to would deserve the re enumerated arc it Mac liable for their t is also understood though of this i am unable to speak from documents that a Law precisely similar in its provisions to this is now in existence in the state of Maryland and a principle analogous to this runs through the Codea of Many of the states of this Union making townships liable for All injuries occasioned by their Uei act to keep their roads and Bridges in proper repair. But the objection which has been most frequently stated and most strenuously urged against this measure is that it is taking the property of an ii Mohmd can Unity to compensate an a div dual who no claim upon i. The Force of this plausible objection is not apparent when men nor Gate in common tire they give up certain Rigi that they May enjoy others More perfectly and ,_wb�5 above All others is thought to be Pec Fem a sacre4> i Ujj Protection. If in any instance this is get then the com Tim airy have to Fer failed a of fit if duty and Are bound to make a . But further if i com Funky frail to of food Preto etim against the Kwh less violence of its own members it is most clearly bound to make compensation because it. Is itself the guilty and procuring cause of the wrong. It Are countenanced it has created the reuse of the mischief or Jit never would have had existence and to one can Jos any Tjit it shall not be an feral for fee Soonae quench of its own conduct. Far a reply has been attempted to this object tto ii of fee ground Oliai the cd a would not to prevented fee reverse of which for reasons Previn or by a tested is believed to be fee objection is feat the people Hays not asked for it. This is pot anti rely True fitment fee late session much a Law wag Petiti Tim few. But the suppression of mob in Deal mini through fee Ware had All adopted measures for eating i Hinig slavery within their limits by gradual Maryland Virginia North and Smith carolinian i Georgia had done no thing except Fea a. M it acted ii to the proposal from Virginia Wiat aim feet Nisito be prohibited in the new states to be the Norfe Western territory fee states All sanctioned fee position Yak done Inife the limits in which it the existed these facts show a Lauty Featt Thoj cannot found their present Elains of Selt Mitty any thing connected with fee be Tiomi and Tion of fee Constitution. A of not act to subsequent to the Purchase of Lotfe Kamuf no thief Nidorf was asked fee fee a scanty of be Wmk Iwa just i we hould of a report i m Mittig new states so that Felon same number of slave holding and ing store. Thus in few a of i up for admission with Maine. Fee slave restriction and a test it is it was refused to admit Maine Souri because feat would break up fee Equi Libra a and Given so respond Ronce to fee Uon Sto Eho Leffek in aggressive marches to Peper to a re Ife f sedote rails to found new claims upon Avery cd it session obtain. So Here the Oono Ion of up unfounded claim to qualify is of Froum by a to Rand for this Lottie pm tool Are. The people of non Flavo holding states pared to concede tills Especio Are the great Western imitates press add for this coi session i this must now he looked to fee crisis tends to this to to Arto Feer moire Dref Ruc Tive Issue incorporation with Texas Andy clothes the slaveholders wife the control of the Unton. Every great no Iona interest will Bestul eretto their a Lite Tion. Under fees Dij Tinq Feus obtained fee Union can idiot exist. In feet v % boy Psi a in Trie such a measure is consummated Tito Ashlea must be instantly turned. The cry of did Kohl Tina will Ai in fee East arid what then is to Petite condition of the West can she join in Tite trip Perl of soul Earp Rule ? can site Dis fever Hei the Teress As they Are now a Tito Inlow ing in character from Whiladel and rom Toni and unite wife i Oros pret at Charlesb Tib it is Jwak feet time if tire Aili peer Erato a i a a a a a or

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