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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - January 8, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioPm i . Twenty fourth Congress first session. House of representatives. Wednesday december 16, 135. Petitions memorials were presented by which was pending when the House adjourned be carried then the result will be that the same thing will have to be acted Over for Many Days to come. In his report make the strongest opposition to the views of the president and Kendall he is probably aware of the Hazard he is running of alienating i have heard More than a dozen members say they Many of his friends in the South a and particularly have similar petitions to present a and if Southern of losing his Darling popularity in Carolina. But members Are resolved to treat the Northern constr he feels that duty to his country duty to the con Tuer Icv in this disrespectful manner they Are resolve Stit ution which it is attempted to violate and Tram de also to give them enough to do. They will pie in the dust require him to take this stand messes. Evans Jarvis Hall Bailey Fairfield and butt however a a -3 is 8t�u More Gratifying and Sheds still higher August Assembly of which he is a Senate of the United states there Smith of Maine when time. I Trust however the petition will not be Honor on the ,, he said that by a sent to the member the presentation of a petition a member was not made gown utter on the District of Columbia a which is is not the slightest discrepancy of opinion on the responsible for its proposition presented a petition Parji it or and legs Roia tej Ourse and a report should subject among the members of the select committee signed by 172 females praying the abolition of a Ssue from , Gomm free Suca a report would composed As it is of men of As High intellect and h Nave a much better effect on the Community at Large honest patriotic hearts As this country can boast of. 14 4�?T Jia slavery and the slave Trade in the District of Colum to a a i u Bia and moved that it be referred to the committee a a i c0ud on the District of Columbia. 1 a a. It Penuen. Or. Cramer moved tha. It be Laid on the ubi a my a a a which was agreed to. Or. Fairfield then presented a similar petition which he moved to Lay on the table. Or. Mason of va., said As it was extremely desirable to have an expression of sentiment on this subject by the Honse he would ask for the yeas and nays on the motion and they were ordered. Or. B Oon called for the Reading of the memorial. After it was read or. Everett Rose to ask whether the motion to Lay on the table was made by the member who presented the petition. Or. Fairfield replied in the affirmative. Or. Blade moved that the memorial be printed. Or. Williams of North Carolina asked the division of the question. Or Mason of v Irginia asked the yeas and nays on the motion to print and they were ordered. The question being taken on the motion to Lay on the table it was decided in the affirmative a yeas 180�?nays 31. Or. Vanderpool remarked he would move to Lay the Morion to print upon the table and upon that motion he called the yeas and nays which were ordered by the House. The question being taken it was decided in the 168�?nays 50. So the motion to print was Laid on the table. Dis j or. Calhoun it is understood is preparing a reman port which will be one of his strongest efforts. It the subject matter will no be one of the would be a most decisive and unequivocal denial of prominent Points of discussion that will occur Dur the prayer of the petitioners. I must add to what i ing the whole session. Said on this subject yesterday that i think the Appa the House of representatives has been occupied rent excitement of the speakers from the Southern All Day with the motion to consider the vote by states was quite uncalled for. Nor do 1 believe which the petition on the abolition of slavery in the that it was a manifestation of genuine feeling. District was sent to the committee on the District of Wise Pickens and Hammond were perpetually out Columbia. No result was come to the House hav of order going into the merits of the question and ing adjourned before the question was taken. It it in spite of the solicitations and injunctions of the Likely we shall have the debate for sometime yet. Presiding officer. They must have known better i have filled up my letter with what 1 thought and perhaps i May be wrong but they gave me a most interesting. There was a Good Deal of warmth Strong impression that All their declarations was to Day. Or. Granger made a most sensible speech More bluster than bravado. Men who really Felt the against the motion to consider. He is a Fine look question to be so momentous As they wished to ing fellow with a Clear sound head and a heart make this out to be would have assumed a very full of the Best sentiments. He complimented the different tone and bearing. However i was glad to ladies and repelling the charge that the signers of see these fiery spirits kick so strongly against the Al these petitions ought to be classed with murderers Liance of the ites. Poor Beardsley Vanderpool said that they were numerous by signed by ladies and Pierce tried Bard to find favor with the Southern who were murderers Only in one sense. Like Mac but it would not do they had turned both they a murder upon them what Castlereagh used to Call a Back dec. 23.�?this subject which has been made the front. \ ande Peol talked loudly Ini favor of beards f00t-Ball of Contention in the House for four Days Ley s motion to Lay on the table and in commenting past it has at last received its quietus for the present on the speeches of those who proposed to reject the whole discussion has been most vexatious and said he did not question their motives a whereupon profitable nay much worse than this it has up sprang w ise asking with a somewhat fierce a our Brien product love of evil the full measure and extent Tesy if the gentleman from new Ork would allow 0p which cannot yet be estimated. I am of opinion him to explain a i will Tell him my motives or. That this discussion took such a Range and was car a Packer a i know there Are affected and interested j on in such a temper i regret to say on the part friends of the South Here i wish to Nail the base 0f both the great parties to the contest As must be Coin to the counter. 1 Bay those who will vote to Cessa Rily have awakened feelings that will not be reject the petition for us those who will not arc easily subdued. It was the evident object of a w but the Rau would not agree to gentlemen from the slave holding states to Force the this test. Their motion however to Lay on the of ouse express an opinion upon the questions whether Congress has any Power under . /. Wal tuition and acts of cession of Maryland and Vire impressions it is important i should inform Yon Ginia t0 interfere with the relations of master and ih.1 there is clearly a Large majority in the House Siai in vhf District of Columbia a this was the opposed to the prayer of the petition but who wish the matter to be settled by a report from the proper co Manittee which when adopted might foe regarded the decisive expression of the opinion of Congress. Dee. 22.�?the latter part of the sitting in the House was occupied with what is now and for two wish to Avold a debaon3llon of this a at up or three weeks to come Likely to he the All absorb a a a a a a a a web Thorp a la h. A disc Jpn nov of lug topic abolition. I he chair had no soonest stated what Way the question before them at the hour of on Friday last which you will remember was on the motion of or. Hammond to reject the Massachusetts petition when or. Owens of Georgia arose and moved to Lay the motion of or. Hammond on the table so As to enable him to offer certain resolutions which he said with the ��o5s�55t5 a a a a a a a a a like the Rainbow disperse the Clouds and darkness which Hung Over the House country on momentous subject. He said it was useless now to regret that Sion in the Northern spirit. Free discussion. At the first meeting of the new York state anti slavery society held in Peterboro the next Day after the riotous proceedings at Utica the following Resolution was submitted a a resolved that the right of free discussion Given us by oor god and asserted and guarded by the Laws of of country it a right so vital to Man s dignity add usefulness that we can never be guilty of its surrender without consenting to Exchange that Freedom for slavery and that dignity and usefulness for debasement and or. Gerrit Smith spoke As follows a or. President allow me to commence a few remarks by stating the history of this Resolution. On returning Home from Utica last night my mind was so much excited with the horrid scenes of the Day and the frightful encroachments made on the right of free discussion that 1 could not sleep and at 3 of clock i left my bed drafted the Resolution As just read and also noted Down a few Heads thought which i May refer to or not As i proceed. It is known to All Here that i am not a member of the anti slavery society nor am 1 prepared to become a member. I Rise under the Courtesy of the vote by which i have been kindly invited to sit with you and take part in your deliberations. At the same time i am admonished by passing events that it will soon be necessary for every Friend of human rights or of the slave and every Man who is not himself a slave or willing to be one to in concert with those Over whose Heads the proceedings. The rights which they have i m your persons Are their own Dearest rights out which they cannot help being trampled into the. Dust by wealth and title just As wealth and title have always of old trampled into the dust those who have not this right to speak. We Are even now threatened with legislative restrictions on this right. Let us Tell our legislators it Advance that we cannot Bear it. The Man who attempts to interpose such restrictions does a grievous w Rong to god and Man which we cannot Bear. Submit to this and we Are no longer what god made us to be me n. Laws to gag menus Mouths to Seal up their lips to freeze up the warm gushing of the heart Are Laws which the free spirit cannot Brook they Are Laws contrary alike to the nature of Man and the command of god Iris destructive of \ human happiness and the divine Constitution and before god and Man they Are null and void. They defeat the very purposes for which cd made Man and throw him mindless helpless and worthless at the feet of the oppressor. And for what purpose Are we called to throw Down our pens and Seal up our lips and sacrifice our influence Over our fellow men by the use of free discussion if it it was for an object of Benevolence that we were called to renounce that Freedom of speech with which cd made us there would be some color of fitness in the demand. But such a sacrifice the cause of truth and mercy never Calls us to make. That the exertion not the suppression of cur noblest Powers. But Here we Are called on to degrade and unman ourselves and to withhold from our fellow men that influence which we ought to exercise for their Good. And for what i will toll you fur what. That War is apparently to be carried on against the right of free die Ana Lor no j win a a a a in Wai a a pvt cession. And probably he Day a not distal a i Quot a a Gay Law More passive at the feet of the t 11 y 1 11 1 Ai Witri a a a i a a no Virtor Nucian Lek when with All my objections i shall become a member of your society. That i have had objections to the course of the anti slavery society is Well known. What those objections were i need not state Here. They Are spread out before the Public and it would be unreasonable to bring them Forward Here. This much however i will say now. Your great principles Are my great principles. 1 was born w Ith them. I am not conscious that i Ever in my life of Tima Ivy oppressor that one sixth of our american people Mav never know their rights that two and a half millions of our own countrymen crushed in the cruel folds of slavery May remain in All their misery and despair without pity and without Hope ill to to Ess and table was negatived. V was 95�?nays 121. As a whether Congress has any Power under the con 1�d>�,�"oneou8 station and acts of cession of Maryland and Fere with the relations of Maste District of Columbia a this a reason Why they opposed so strenuously every Effort to Lay the petition and the motions connected with it on the table which they considered evasive of the question. Now this is precisely what a great portion of the House do not wish to be discussed. The moderate men of sound beads and honest hearts to avoid upon which there May he such a discrepancy of judgment and seek to dispose of the matter in a Way for which All May vote from considerations of expediency namely by laying it on the table. The fiery spirits of Virginia and South Carolina unfortunately have gone beyond their tethers and Wise Pickens Hammond and Garland of va., have indulged themselves to such an extent in Strong expressions not Only against the abolitionists but abolition of slavery in the strict of Columbia. Attracts from the Washington Thech it. A Al i a a Cinotti gain Cut. A Dee. 15.1835. In the House of representatives the speaker with the prescribed rules called for petitions and memorials in the order of states and territories. This business occupied the whole Day so that the officers of the House Are not yet elected. There was a slight Brush arising from the presentation by or. Fairfield of Maine of a memorial from certain citizens of Maine praying for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia it a rather Odd that the Hon. Gentleman who presented this petition moved of his own Accord that it should be Laid on the table. On this question the yeas and nays were called for and the motion waa carried by a vote of 192 to 32. Or Slade of Vermont moved that the memorial be printed made some remarks relative thereto lie was going into the question of the expediency of abolishing slavery in this District when he was reminded by speaker that such a course was out of order on a simple motion to print. Or. Vanderpool of new York then moved to Lay the motion to print on the table also and asked the yeas and nays on that question the vote stood 156 to 52�?so the motion to print was Laid on the table. It is said that the petitions and memorials having reference to the object of this one from Maine Are much More Nurser a Ous this session than they have been heretofore. Many members have held Back those entrusted to them till they should see what direction others of similar character would take. Dec. 18.�?a petition from sundry citizens of Wrentham Massachusetts had been presented praying for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia. A motion was made by or. Beardsley to Lay the petition in the table. This was not a Noigh Tor some of the Southern folks and motion was made by or. Pickens of is. Carolina to reject the petition w to claimed for his motion the right of precedence. This gave Rise to a lengthened conversation on the Point of order which was terminated by a motion being made and carried to consider the petition. T hen came the tug of War Beardsley of new York who headed the assemblage that made the anti slavery convention at Utica disperse and Vanderpool of the same a state tried hard to coquette with the Sou the Peinen and make them believe they were with them. But Wise Pickens and Williams saw through their hollowness and were determined to test them. So they insisted on a motion to reject. Or Beardsley moved again to Lay the petition on the table. It was negatived 1 and before the question could be taken on the motion to reject the House adjourned. I must say i was exceedingly pained to observe the course which several members from the South pursued to Day in regard to this subject. It w As calculated to do them harm it was better calculated to gain favor for the abolitionists than All the arguments which have Ever been advanced by their zealots and fanatics. There is no doubt at All that there is an immense majority in the House opposed to the prayer of these petitions. But Why should an attempt have been made to throw of t this petition a soon As it was introduced into the House our Constitution recognizes the right and Freedom of speech and thought the right to petition Congress also belongs to the people. Our Constitution is worthies unless it maintains these great principles. What reason i ask can be assigned that is just and tenable for attempting to throw out these petitions we Wall soon hear it May be imagined of our legislators drawing a cordon round their Capitol to prevent the Entrance of similar documents a just As is done around the austrian frontiers. But / i forbear to dwell on this debate because our South Ern friends Are hot enough without our blowing the \ Bellows and if i speak at All i must Tell the Plain truth however Utpal Tabb it May be. I cannot restrain myself from giving my testimony to the admirable and patriotic speech of or. Hunt of new York. He opposed the motion to reject the petition and advocated sending it to the proper Quarter the committee on the District of Columbia. He maintained that the House was evidently almost unanimous As to denial of the object of petitioners and that the sole dispute would arise from a difference of judgments As to the Means of effecting that end. He hoped therefore that the subject might be referred to the proper Quarter from which a report might be obtained before Long which would be decisive of the sense of the House. This there can. Be no doubt is the proper course. And it is greatly to be regretted that any excitements should so far banish discrimination and reflection from the minds of american legislators As to allow them to adopt any other kind of proceeding. Who would have dreamed that the representations of that Section of our country which has Given birth to a Pinckney a Lowndes a Calhoun would aim a blow at the right of petition thank heaven what has been done cannot be undone. No Power can blot out from the Book of realities the glorious patriotism and Devotion to Liberty of the South. Let us Hope that the present fermentation of the minds of Many delegates from that Section will work the must into generous wine. But such exhibitions As that of to Day put us and will put every Lover of be incendiary publications transmitted to the slave constitutional Liberty to a sore trial. They make a holding states will not receive the smallest Counte-u8 Hrmo our Heads. I Nance a d support from the Senate. A in my letter of a Etc up Congress will do nothing of importance yesterday i mentioned that the portion of the an �?�111 after the Christmas holidays. There is no say Nua message relative to this subject had been rein How Lono the exciting topic which led to so feared to a select committee. Their names Are Mich confusion and Idle waste of time on Friday and let them be remembered As worthy of All Honor it Eman. .4. Tian Infix for such a purpose so wicked so inexpressibly6pjrit that mean the Southern slaveholder Calls on us to ii a once Down like whipped and trembling spaniels at i to de feet. Our reply is this a our Republican principle offering the cannot submit to such conditions. Cd did note j 0ut the posed for an hour tie great and glorious doctrine ma�e1 us desus not redeem Psi or Suc be Al now as3 of immediate emancipation. The odious doctrines slnt1 uses.,. A Iule you hold i hold also. A the sentiments that 1 knew Beform that would not survive free in a state of occasion you to be called amalgam tors and insure. Cu88l?i Bui the demands recently put Forth b0in he is a to say Una spes a naive Salus Ambo bus Erit. Section its make the supporters of slavery Call me tk<\.8? oro�?o1r surrender of the right of discussion to be a Man an amalgam Tor and an insurrection St. 1 love to and i get avowed reasons of that demand involve look at the anti slavery society and at myself and of Quot Ira on cession of this fact that free y Man in lib-3 3 incompatible with slavery. The South by her own ten Phelan show my admits that slavery cannot lives unless Public North is Tongue tied. Now you and i and All thes g. When i see your reputation and property and abolitionists have two objections to this a one is. W lives in peril i love to bring my reputation and pro def a a pin the to am it a a once la Perty and life into the same peril. Let me read and kindly and tempera Tely to a Olivai ohm Resolution. A sout Quot Ern Brethren from bondage and never to give j rest to our lips or our pens until it is accomplished. Resolved that the rights of free discussion Given to the other objection is a that we Are not willing to us by our god and asserted and guarded by the Laws of be slaves ourselves. The enormous and insolent our country is a right so vital to Many a Freedom and dig demands put Forth by the South show us that the Tity and usefulness that we can never be guilty of its surrender without consenting to Exchange that Freedom for slavery and that dignity and usefulness for debasement and worthlessness. J or. Ticas on this subject calling them murderers Bastard amp. Us question is now riot Only whether the Macks shall continue to be Quot slaves but whether our necks shall come under the Yoke. While we Are trying to break it off from others we Are called to see to it that it is not fastened on our own necks also. It is said a the South will not molest our Liberty if we will not molest their slavery they do not wish to restrict us if we will cease to speak of i love our free and Happy government. But not because it Cut ers any new rights upon us. Our rights Spring from a nobler source than human constitutions and governments from the favor of Al ,. A a a a ,. Mighty god. Constitutions and Laws Are modes of their Peca a i reply. The Liberty less Ards a ruffians blood hounds ignorant fanatics &c., human devise for asserting and defining and carry a for is bestowed by god and we will. Ac., certain gentlemen of the North have Felt ing out the great natural and inherent rights of Man. Be x As be gave it. Our Liberty is not cur ear Gro i Suo ecu new Yajiu n As useless now to themselves called upon to speak out in defence of which belong to him As a rational creature of god. In in Liege conceded to us by the South and which tins a Eon Miole a subject of discus those upon whom these heavy charges Bave been we do not learn our rights in the Book of cons Titu Are have More or less As they Nicase to t a Quot n it a made and to repel from their constituents who Ftp we learn them from the Book of books no 91r the Huberty w ugh the snut Lii preface upon it. But he did deplore that this discussion Siffner these petitions the epithets referred to j which is the great charter of human rights. Rights fers unto speak and unite and print if wed not was calculated to produce anti social and hostile a Raint led that a distinction worthy of belong to human nature. Constitutions at the most touch the subject with my we do not ask a Obi c i 111 v9 ,u0 Dysas eds trom Many of his mends be highest consideration is to be drawn a us of j do but recognize and preserve what never was theirs cry the would 1101 who e Day dec he South asked no Aid Between the measure of the �lx�li�mn�8la, i the renew Viliy i love a or Public Ltd form pc in fury reject. From the North. We do want your Aid exclaimed and the honest opinions of others who Are opposed of government is not that this form of government is net to be disguised sir that War has broken a a of Quot a 1 1 Are to slavery in this District and petition for its Dis clothes us with rights withheld by other forms but pro Cal , had to the present glorious continuance. Among those who have come Forward that it makes fewer encroachments on the rights confederacy that Are the Bond and surety of our a this w l0 throw Back the wholesale accusations which cd gave us fewer restrictions upon the i Union that prompt so to give to it , made affain8t the petitioners the most prominent finely appointed scope of Many a Agency. U or a a Quot it a Caa p 1 Ead . Have been maps sri. John Quincy Adams Granger we arc not indebted to the constr Ilion of the 1 / by has re8.�.i.uuon Quot Ould recon la be .tnlon8 Ini Ersoll of and Slade of it. The latter United states or of this state of the of free f of gentlemen i he Ere stronger and More sex gentle rnai had the floor at the opening of the debate discussion. We Are thankful that they have hedged the cau3e of Lac War that is slavery. Abstractions a a iou might be struck me out Between the South and the North not easily to be terminated. Political and commercial men for their own purposes Are industriously striving to restore peace. But the peace which they May accomplish will be superficial and hollow. True and permanent peace can Only be restored by removing it can never it about with so Noble a defense. We Are thankful be Stab shed on any Ether Ferms. The sword now. I say that they have neither restrained nor abridged drawn will not be sheathed till Victory entire vie As exceeding Fly imprudent. It was Quito As far it but we owe them no thanks for our Possession ots 0,? or theirs. Not until that deep an it from the spirit of accommodation and deference of rights which god gave us. And the proof that Dan Ning stain is washed out from cur nation or the which ought so to animate every member of the he gave them is in the fact that he requires us to cd a is of slavery Are riveted afresh where they no a i ,. P by on National on this momentous subject As exercise them. Are a d on Ooi necks also. I it is Idle criminal Stith tonal Obj Cuony they admit cd in the fullest some spercbe8 we which he had been previously a a sir if you strip the men who compose the Church Peak of peace in any it to a it solutions a certain gentlemen from the South of Christ on Earth of the right of free discussion i Oenar a Roan asst for pc of of this not to a v strip them of their usefulness. In vain does of a other facts who can read the simple truth Tell us not to suffer sin upon brother but in Rondest narrative of Amos Dresser and not be in. j % Quot a .��.�.tu, v. Wii or Vlaicu Ute any Wise rebuke our brother a if the i it riot of free Taat to is impossible the Northern churches should. The of fact n Al est inti on Wasfia t a san of readiness to vote for the most decisive form of sex discussion is taken away. In vain has god said Ever a ish a hards with so Frery. If the Elm i if v p Eisavi a Al a a distr Tot of Prim Neft. Mike pre8slns disrespect for All such petitions. His a go be into All the world and preach the gospel to members so elders of churches who sat in judg abolishing slavery in he d strict Columbia ought Sperb was delivered under the influence of excite every creature a if we concede to any Man men or met int a a that Youn Roan could be compelled by the not to my that the mint evidently so Strong that Correct judgment and Bod of men the prerogative of restricting this spirit of slavery to such Lawless deeds what Hep House ought not to take into consideration petitions discretion could hardly be looked fen or. G. Is right of free discuss. No sir this right of free of while slavery continues Milf a. I is Reh Init Ihu a no rather fed of the dramatic style. He printed amp me discussion is Ina enable and therefore cd justly can a he South expect to retain the Confidence rules. O As to into discussion to it or three times to the portrait of the illustrious requires me to speak of sin of any sin of every of 11,0 North when such outrages Are publicly in. A. Hgt in a or a. W i ii a a Al a. Al in a 4 a a a a a a 1 -. A. My Al it1 to a if Al fun i v t Vino knit f Ammu m a a i . 1 a a a a Tensed than the promo Emo of the trom trav and ab8tractions, i car Una or. Hammond for they Tould a bib Boote in of truth it meet the question in whatever shape it could be presented they contemplate bold prompt and decisive measures which the state of the country required and at the same time were free from constitutional objections they and latitude the right to petition. Order were involved and the merits of the question most irregularly gone into a motion w As made to Lay the petition and All the motions connected with it on the table which was carried in the affirmative. A band of slaveholders had saved the North from when then this foreign and mercenary foes. He exhibited one of traded this him bred right which is yours and Roem Besof the anti slavery and for this the pictures which the fanatics had distributed Dur is mine and belongs to every member of the he crime this Christian Young Man was subjected a a fall x ?6 last summer among the slaves called the Man family it is an invasion of something which but to professors yes titled professors of the religion a tue nays 7b. Mere we uought the matter pet tar Nerg murderers and fiends not to be Distin mrs a would rest Tor the present at least. But Hus was �9hed from the abo1itio would make but this was not the Case. representative from a the Universal Yankee nation a had on Friday while petitions were being presented banded in one from his own state Massachusetts praying for the very same object which has caused so much turmoil and confusion. N o one seemed the tar. Kart the object a cd s Takios his seat or. Mann of the petition the presenter moved to Otto Vou and demand id that it be referred to the proper committee a that was not obtained thing As old As our own. To Urru i in Neva a of free discussion is in at that Young Many a offence was his bring and member of the anti slavery a piety and for to a it grime this Christian Young Man was subject. S a a a Rich professors yes titled a be sacks of Eligic by human con session some c desu8� t0 punishment open disgraceful and so in being a part of the original be How car it to Ere he peace Between us no difference Between the Devil and those who do Mam a component portion of our own identity w Horn shall we Muster in cur Side in this great his work ac., a. Things were growing hot and something which we cannot be deprived of without Batte Between i Isery Ard Flavery net the Manv. We were All preparing Tor the beginning of a discus dismemberment something which we never can de. E Many rever a Vietn Pruitte Laihing he lost and we t face my is Well Iam Festad the it Trio its be it Hio that is of thew e de to at cock a j. Nany was i have Al t Ness has a in District \ have co Roe the Dee a subject of me and it a in the h Tato \ Teonera Bave a lacing their i w hen they these Powers 1 believe Lett Iowa and of those Pett a proper in ers come to band. Is not the to i believe it a Elong Uig to the redress of their Cande 1niany rever wifi Muster in Suchara cause until Sion in which the whole merits of the subject of Prive ourselves of without ceasing to be men. They unequivocal signs of its Triumph. Feel a d by Hecen these petitions should be opened up when on or. J this right sobered and so essential is now. Dry to to the Many but the True hearted who Are y legislative Bedy sprang up sought to be train him and is in fact virtually de a Killel in the weapons of carnal warfare. We a a Nied. What i have said was intended As in Triduc n wan l the politicians who to secure the the previous question. The opera the votes on the District of Columbia w hich was according of. This cal1 for the or prions question was to tory to my dissent from the language and manner in be South it if slavery is perpetual. Be done As a matter of Mere routine without the cog next torn ast 18 called the main ques which the right is commonly defended. 4 it is. Gen do nut Wabl merchant who to secure the custom exercised or Ubea right becomes a Mazance House. The discussion on the other petition. Tiomi a will the House consider a the Call was really defended As something which our free gov the South is willing m applied slavery and leave a it ramen children to the tender mercies to of slavery this matter leaked oat in the course of de8���n was then put but pm tent be. A Why was a Reed of the ? Cut wree and their Chil no loom for the have room As Welt of More than a dozen members of the Wren uni twas la Rel i Ltd or Owens of Georgia Rosci toil and purchased by a the Bruf otr>athe�7lii a or Quot s Southern members Rose and avowed that it had been Xhu 21 a an Quot Quot a to Quot in it a lha sri Rel it referred without and knowledge on their Oart and rp90, which would bring up the whole ques not Only guilty of violating the Constitution and n wart Only one class of men Fer this warfare. Mus have been in throng ind Vertesey a 2? therefore they moved to consider sent the petition to the committee on Tolt gds interest and exd tement a and occupied Quot the t0 .rej5e Tor the purpose of testing the right. I want to see men defend it and exercise it ?,.h0 twin with unyielding honesty House till nearly five of clock when Thev adjourned 0p,mj01 it Tbs House but the speaker having de with that belief. I want to see Man determined to e Bave Roi it a for All such but no without coming to any decisive vote so that the -j1 8 n�?T38 not a Ord a he in declared maintain in their extreme boundaries All the rights me Servig and selfish. We have a. Matter will come up to Morrow affair and i hear considered the question to Lay on the table the which god his governor has Given him for his in aged and dec rapid Warrior As Jor the vigorous firm Berew Vla a j cared in the friends of to a Jop nent his dignity and his a of illness. M Quincy Adams delivered himself of a speech to i South la show a he brands a this at s i must say one word under the head i have Mark Day so id a ton va., and Thorpe Stop owns a a Tenn pm vote it we the 2 m of a jul in a Nott Halde is i i i a i a a i a is s ib0u0bjhmi. Cd Wiinie Bif in ote of More Titi Quot Iii i Sii Carol be. Also who is somewhat cooler than most three t0 nne. Sqq a be mail a rests but not for Long 1 fear. Dee. 22.�?mr. Ingersoll of pa., proposed the following Resolution which was discussed at some be particularly tenacious of. I mean poor men. Length but not finally acted upon a a j these constitute the most numerous class in every resolved that the holding of slaves is a right country and therefore to the True philanthropist clearly recognized by the Constitution of the unit the it a we of the greatest value. The world Ling Gra i de states and is thereby secured to the citizens of dates i interest in men according to their wealth those statics w Hose policy Doc not forbid it As the or rank or external show. But the Eye of the legitimate subject of individual property and source Chris Titan philanthropist regards All with equal in and the Young. The hands that Are now trembling with the weight of years Are the Best Handsaw tire would <1. Cam n. T these Grey of the chivalric southerns. But i must Tell you All about the debate and debaters to Morrow. The Senate had a abolition matter up also on the question of referring that part of the presidents message which relates to the transmission of a a incendiary publications by mail. It is to go to a select committee who among other things Are instructed to enquire How far Congress has Power to legislate on the subject. Dec. 22.�?it gives me High pleasure to be Able to Ojah tunicate to Yon As a fact that the attempt to create a system of espionage into the contents of the mail under the pretext of ascertaining whether there a in to grasp the shield of Faith. Sign to dwell on the transactions of yesterday them a d servants of god Best know How to move the selves. But a topic which they suggest is import lat grooves the world. We want them Atid a Tant enough to be noticed. This right of free Dis Sun has them men who Are acquainted with g Cussion sir there is one class of men who ought to a Lus. I0 go 8 work. And these we Samll have 1.& a i and his Blessing we shall have if we Are Humble and we cannot fail. A i the people that that Subj it 014 petition is but i have a right to led in disrespect 11 presume St this in the Mator presents a in such Lac go is people to Petite / far they have the posses the right it them from exer Tulina compares a to the Torch Bear he fire in the ion of slavery in i ered anti slavery meeting in Utica. It seems that abolitionism was not entirely Smoth to in i Tica nor is Knob Law norne Tual. That. Salavea. Or. Bodger for 13 year a resident of n. May Keci it Chassis bled Wisdom talking. If messes. Calhoun chairman King of Georgia Orleans and a highly respectable Man had d ter motion to reject the petition from Massachusetts Mangum Davis and Linn. I have Learned Frem j mined to Chey remaining however Long enough to praying the abolition of slavery in this District the most authentic source that or. Calhoun will j Clear his character before the proper tribunal. Law perpetual a fhe Yoni Reg in f i a. I i a Mew held a meeting on the 4th instant in eth of political influence and Power and All attempts t�r98t? because All souls Are equal. When the Rich Chirch which was kindly a ranted by the to interfere with or molest them in its exercise or Are divested of their rights they have still their tees Tor that purpose. The editor of the in Teri enjoyment Are impolitic unconstitutional and in inches and honors to rest on for dignity and defence and say _ just. J but when the porn ten is divested of his Rio Fot to the Call signed he about 60 sons r., k a Paky he.,s do Yefton of a his rights. Take from she a our Jas. Notice was also in i a it More Lynch Law a the. Constitutional and ,n0st How hands on equal both a Cele urn during the Day in different parts of anti fanatical society of new Orleans has Lake u j a rec Arl boor the tie Edom of thritythelj2-agg by issued a decree of banishment against or. Janh lit m3n of pm it a jul ror 1 fold Bodger under a charge of unlawful connexion with to a it p Roe Rcv of the Man of wealth. 1 he poor men it Utica whom we saw led on by men of wealth to a violent assault against free discussion will yet see the suicidal character of their they had sc1 its the Broad group ginning that cop 1 on the question of had any dread of the he has the by War Rush Audoin a a cd or would flt uhf is Strong whole proceeding was conduct a with up stand firmness. A termination to main-1 in their rights and assert them in All proper cd a a c?8cns. Was num tested by All. The cd Stu h cons Titu lion w i a a Quot a a a Hundred a in am to an tall in their Power a one hop. A. One Nimio Hall be to u. a Day. Or Forf As

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