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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - January 8, 1836, Cincinnati, OhioThe philae a the rapist in a Kilt at Imp Richmond Clermont co Ohio. Terms. Taro to dts per annul always payable x3t and Vazci. V letters and communications Nuwt be of paid and should be directed to the editor of the t 1 names of the counties Petku Early cd Kenim be Ujj pentium fid in directing where papers arc to be sent. Torch and your families with the Snifen and if toe a to be it since they will hav were to erect presses in our own bosom to print and happiness an o glory is Ope t to t circulate papers to blow them into a flame would tread it apart from them and w t ?zo.,., ,0 Inu Fere for Uteri supp a a Adf it Timi nent making one a Jentre or a spoke of dec Pic in sight Ted breadth will be inserted Throe times for one Foliar. Sioni a amp May we not Call upon you in the like spirit we Pray you also to Mark the discontent which is gradually spreading in the South. I he a Teate your incendiaries. She will wreak the earliest vengeance upon their Heads if Ever they come within or jurisdiction. We believe that the greater part of your own citizens Are opposed to their nefarious projects but to Call upon you to give the k,., we w ill acquit Wui. Sep Cra but no countrymen of the Norald dear citizens of Reao to Lagio. That the measures of the abolitionists Are strength and t fio a Quot j a Clear and explicit infringement of the spirit of the who have called this convention Federal Constitution and tend with unerring certain done to to it the dissolution of this Union i Hope the Eisfelt will be that i Host will regret having of. 1 Quot �1 Jowui 9\ir Iga ii uis Otto eldest evidence of their sympathy and support. For want of this Active sentiment there Are it some men who Are pleaded to suspect your sincerity and to press their Owa Calm Appeal from the South to \ the North. I a this a Chi Ira of the Monseque once of Damion cannot a a too highly coloured or too often exhibited. Feiy Man who Lotta peace every Man who love his Courtoy Ezcry it Nohna who love Labeit ought to have it before hit eyes. Press their o i scheme of disunion. In fact ton not beginning to see the danger and to trem the Many aeon whom hot. A common country let in banish Del such gloomy anticipations. Let us dissipate All dangers and rally firmer than Ever round the Union. The great majority of you All the Asen of talents wealth and distinction Are with us. All we ask is for them to a Lifis it now and put Down forever these Wanton fanatical and with them the Only Rock which threatens our blessed Union. Let us Trust to each other and Rewt us As we would to at you sympathize Quot with <5ertam a deed of which they log act to dreamed s a be so a ssh of fair Srmst crease the room of they necessary a a a i Levaie. Servitude which the a a conyedo say. We have come to our senses Imd w e believe we Are in the wrong we will cease Here and throw no More fire brands. May we not j Vul ii lure Are prands. May we not Hopeb resolved nevertheless thit we confide under i that the feelings of Liis Community will Call these divine Providence in the patriotism and deliberate j men to their senses. The last resold Iiona to Chi our situation a by put Down the fanatics. Rally then around to Union in fact _ a and in sep�mut-n�d��t. by Bat As was a Schlife blood a gins Elow Niy Oaid bythe Illus Tom too a Nilet Tiiu Prospect. Many a cos a ,.�?o>0. My country men ant trint. Weft j Usu. Uciaucfa>m3 1 food sense of our fellow citizens of the non slave intends to our fellow citizens in Case theye Hobrla Oldag states that such measures or the views persist to absent themselves from the i from which they Ein Euate will never become so a Trust that the general As to jeopardize the Union of these states this or the Progress of Freedon in the world. Resolved that while we Are disposed to ear tend. Idling with which ,110 was received is a proper Index of the feelings of the pm of Utka. A Hie right of Discua iou a that pm week our fathers bled. We be my cherish to Bill heart a due attach sent to Quot the and be Able to Etc due Yalu pm thu it Oitt in up Rcd a re a big to. Mal it of Quot a Trio who loves you is Ali by begin my to ask a Why Flo we not see our friends in the North come Forth Loaid us to put Down these fanatics by the utmost Force of Public opinion to Call Meed and denounce Quot with All the Force of indignant Al Quence and in All the majesty of Crow diff Multi a. Y conf ears against this unhallowed language. Shut your hearts against the Poison which it cog Eyk the Kindred blood which flows the vein of Dimer can citizens the. Mingled blod which they Hae sed in defense of 1 their sacred rights consecrate their Union and excite horror at toe idea of their becoming aliens i the Sou has As deep an interest in the Union Tho Northr. Unit mainly no state is More attached it than Virginia Bei aass the protom May be dividing line and she will thus Bechie the Hor it is state. Her River a hold bristle with entrench in air a wits and her Fields be turned into Battle grounds one hair these fillings she and with All the Jia Toots go Roa the South would commune at the present crisis of Heak the kindest spirit with her Bret hem of the North Gean of t5e Only Rock on which the Union May probably Asp is the very one which now solicits our Atten nothing has created such marked interest in Erent sections of the county a nothing is so we a a to inflame the sensibility of the South is Toi her Domestic institutions. It is not a Mere question of property which us in stake but it May Hener safety the very Yves of her wive and her Coldren and be it is thi8 be topic which the few antics at the North the crites who aspire to the Char ctr of saints philanthropists Aremo Taptto toddle with. It Khe nerve in wih in a most feel and which a key Frt Oost dispensed to Pierce. The weak among them Vijil so eed to engage in its outrageous agitation by amp by and the knaves Are incited by the vilest a passions one Man by the Quot ave of distinction an the want ofor. Fanaticism seizes to of and Taia up a crusade against the a an Ooi Butos w Mottey to fire influence a convention of an Infa Toason not less dangerous to to in Well being of our Bommon country in All her great interests nor less hostile in effect to her Constitution of government Tolian the assaults of open and avowed foes. My Torwal to my Erorup a Jak @7 9 pm Gas or 2 3 6 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 16., 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 26 25 26 27 28 30 31 material do god Latoria Repi laced or Iacob photo i a i 0 1 i i i a i feb 1 2 3 � 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 it 22 23 26. 25 29 7 in 21 28 mar Zer w inf Luef seizes the Opportunity of display-1 a hims inn a Public ase emby. And More shape still a foreign eco scary is audacious enough to North a a amp this foot in new in Gand to disturb the peace amp the and silk a soy Edo Prototo Meir be finious 1 Are Prihod. For gratuitous Cir 1 8 15 22 29 z 9 16 23 30 Ometia a Luri Rii esd scary steals into the May mean to families the to i Natick Toni sooth to their Poison. Pm do Jeri my citizen of Nuth out of in a i hire in Trinin publications nor is he aware of to Dai Pei which they Are Eal Culaton to Tim pro us exp the Souri. But she knows the peril and. Of the Ahe feels the mooch dec. She is indeed prepared to All in her Power to keep off their emissaries and arrest but it is scarcely prac a i flt of hit to shut up every Paisible a clue of if cation. Some Tsonos missile Jay yet the Bamer with la the precaution she pm a vengeance wheelie is toe head of the Iii tuning 1 8 15 22 2 9 16 23 foods adequately to sex fess the Vest Ato ent Quot which the South feels Tow Alibi these shia Tea. The outrage is intolerable an is with ont excuse. Do these incendiaries plead to they Tow Wai Misch Teli up elation Gothup Union w which is i Are made effect. In make our the duty to the Sou Forth ers anti Rise d apr Juke 5 12 n 26 6 13 20 27 and there will not be a coi ral guard of the inv cheers citizens of Utica let a do it. A Hon. Chester Hayden l0hlmmm#ubject in which 1 feel a deep inter it. Eve that my feelings Are under an in _ m on this subject to Are the result of id deliberation. If 1 understand Tai i reel unions the principle assumed i e who to a selves abolitionist a immediate emancipation a tto v pursuing not Only riveting the Al servitude More Oise by up a Toa Ihnath but a vastly greater no Schief is a a course Uliey adopt they Are Nutting to institutions of our country la there to believes that if tie people of the Vince Nhat toe people of the North it Dorahle extent minted and determine Fieira social relations at one Swett a Stem of slavery that Toey would band themselves from the Union it doubt that such would of to merely toe Union Between too Ouid be dissolved Iraq the id instead of one or two govern and the South we should have a Quot i As we have states. And could armed with a Constitution which probation of All the states d of liberating the slaves at the Nee would be that a state Little / 7 la 21 28 would be brought on the Union by on the world. It is said Sla 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 � a 28 29 30 31 to a a 3 u jul a re american ind that they a i and Morea sat in toe character of the whole Union strict of col eat in to character. T Toita Moebus. When the North enter air into the neither Pari Wesant unlit a Mph it Ibeme that a Ahert of the confederacy they Iang touch would have nothing id All to a to our of worship m Tini toe a aves or to Mync ipsa to ii. Tai Guaran a a tried i to to us indeed represent in founded in Stabli Wro portion upon this Pimes of population by j government also bound toe Selvas to deliver up our furtive a which below a laves. But beyond these two provisions toe con-1 slave a a it nation is perfectly silent. It u no am Roan que j open no asyl Tom. It conceit Only and the Sonto a Ere of Virgin West. It is an interference with our a saes Ric my a have intended 3 10 17 21� 31 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 13 20 27 la 21 28 i i i m i i i i 8 15 4. 22 29 9 16 23 30 10 17 � 31 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 in 21 28 sep it a 2 3 k 5 6 7 oct i 9 16 23 10 17 2u 11 18 25 5 6 7 12 13 16 19 20 21 26 27 28 1 8 15 22 29 9 16 23 30 3 10 17 � 31 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 21 28 i unions amp of which they Are Poniti Srauy debarred very theory of tos it on Rit won. If the he org la a a Mot Jjck retention of then we b��4 Rig wrong 115#, a citizens of which must cd ves it is a nothing to sagr to it. Itself. The United clearly ii id Jet from who to. A i Riv which the t�nlhcyh�? a it Leftt of a Obs. She to by oa�d7e�. The diet of i 30 2 3 Quot 6 a 59 10 u 12 13 16 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 30 26 25 26 .27 28 a. "2 Quot i Quot. A a 6 1 i a 8 9 10 11 12 13 1 a a 15 16 17 18 19 20 i 22 23 26 25 26 27 i. 29 30 31 7 in 21 20 a and called at once to a Muvery is a sin and we Are to to without regard to coast Quine play and ethics Are these to do i to is to Tere such i wrong w without regard to con a infect sole Etam. It is toe con a thing right or wrong. I hts Tases who Are not left to he not. To those we have divine author a hit Jujj Flat Light Lead a to a Wise cases we Are to of right or wrong. Ion us As an arbitrary Rale fences a fhe no 0�eh thing As Ted with consequences. I inhale to unders mid persons e Are bound to Einan Ripato because we Are bound to it it regard to Cona sequences Fly it was wrong to reduce Hen we have Triem in Oor e right of citizens should or care and let them provide for Tomsel Al them it is better for l of them in the relation provision for them in impracticable. The utterly forbid our taling a insists. Wrong thou Gli it i As originally to place Tubich Tivey Are found std t then right but is if in now exist. It i cedi or a doing an absolute wrong do take the course of tbsp but desire that those who i we respect and esteem views should be satisfied v Brity of the inhabitants a which we deprecate i assemble in this place a of Utica better under a the demand of Benev Ite paiute to their proceed Utey Rofel to remedy. They strengthen the Cord Tovery win itself. They comply Liusho a Fety Iti it severity which is ask pain unto the slave As it i Quot ii sore to the of wimp. A regard pm our own Security impose up them a the a a untie. I Tow Vil Lacre Afflit Abold ohm i Creed in a or be Belliii toning them they Jone it will be Rie nto eyes of god Sandman for All he will few. It i. Thu. Thet they Eie wit the itry a lha to yes a which they pro Vej is Cleee Litfiy Imu. Man lath. Boythem right of the Elk tires no argument to convince him that the either now lotion and inter mixture with the whiles a Fleet s Seii tence i a to All Cir san Sib Itie and too per a a to place but a pm Rory safety of the South to by enter j Uhi it Juuel Beardsley. Said it is but processed 3tt published Exira. ,3q proof cod teds n overs so Over 18 Vito or 25 out ii la uni a Short respectable number of air senti Meute on the in. The views of this of abject As Well As of Mem lies in this state. A free states has been lenient Agugust the a Erthe living and to Weir Fanti bag me Ember a have spoken audibly n at toe South and to it have we Witner eed Adou of the Cit Izmit of Conan Miliate fool c has a state coven rat moment. ,. These madmen desire to excite of the North May aeon the South a Iaci ease. A a Ion among the slaves to shed sur eras a a those off the a onto. The Intercourse to of to Elia to flow in of her citizen toe Southon. S tates will be a we. ,. I fitted to unpleasant restrictions Flora the eff dicta of tar Refore appeals in toe most i Tophet the suspicion Whitto is now excited. The Public toe North will you permit these email will be fettered. Our own a acty will compel l3-�to has been select go on ill their audacious career fill ,.g_ to drive off the �o8t. Obnoxious pc Ople of a Olor your soil to by used for Piaf jew of rho wiil become Public nuisances Ift the Northeim a ?? to Call Tipon cd Tiee. Commerce will be gradually Fet wed. It citizens of toe same. Be Public will first Iffe prohibited with All the of tip a Tate a to As Citi of m indignant spirit of an incensed people May extend toe restriction to All the Penc Iling until Este w i align the course which they have by a and Are rur of Utis Dange Tou. End your he teen Jjo a Zeho Dent a feeling which bound be mus in the a eur Mattoni of Jung toned Iii fun Ceung i t Edas a place for the meeting of t state of the a of Nender of immediate a on a for toe Pur sose of forming a anti say Avery society a eem it a solemn duty which they owe to themselves As Good citizens to the people of the North As Well As the sooth and especially to the a Tara cute of toe City of Utica tempera Tely but Frani if and firmly to Dia Clitee sen Finetta Ekwe Tostoe proposed convention and toe Obj a of its flux Fraere Bra Ilc solved that it is the and settled Eon Etc Tion of this meeting that whatever May Fie the m Tive of to Avoca of Uto Uumo be Toler purposes a charitable or wicked a benevolent a Avery a the a her win enter do a u to to a Lik a band of Brothers May be Multi Nitoly men denominate them the Pratti 1, the Trust undersigned enemies of toe m a it Allf As a people us freemen All at once. Is it not madness to tank that at one Hloy a a you can make citizens of two Millious and a half of i slaves when new York became a free state it was by 35 years of policy. A course was taken. Our Letisia turf a a the extinction of slavery at St i i was made a do Topi for the master to. Kves. This was tie first measure. The next was. By Laid Down toe practical belief of ii people it men who had been enslaved till they were 30 Yeara of age a Ere incapable of Freedom. Did the legislature turn their backs to this subject no Alliey enacted Laws that those who were bom after a cer period should be free. May we not Hope that Laws Hubo passed through hmm the Southend Stati s of a Aimar kind. I a Clovo sir that tie whole South at some Day will by glad to emancipate every slave upon toe american soil. I Trust in god Toat a to Rte note toe objects they have sir what Are the Obj Cote mainly to bring about the abolition of slavery. At to South they seem like downright i Iii no Nara to Hift sober senses can doubt to tax Hwy meal of this kind instead of renders their condition Rafft do debased and oppressive than it him Hurt Tombre been a id toe con of to Asares tendency a to reduce thick slave still lower and a Vert Oil a in a to a pm. A a a by a a Fowe Foj in re i we the time will come that measures every Day will be ---Utasti-1 hastening till few it but we Are hot the men to do k Uta do Bis duty. He Corm awful Lienau Al Estoe Souto will be compel Tut ions it of own Contr of h r a Peri we fears a Quot the master and the May him. Ii bar on the a to say to the North a or. Jefferson a first a raft ment of of fit a government graph Atica lot a toe of to declaration of Independence said to our then slave popu Stit of the South and Otoi British Brethren a we Mighill raw Jaa ire find race. X. A hot Tidi Doit big upon la that it equally Iez a a. Jour. Great people together. But Acom Mui cation of Gran tour of Freedom it seem is by w their a Ugoni Slavo w aimed ,. A loser. It becomes us As Guiuan j Good citizens to assure the whole Smith that we have no fellow be Elm i Ith this Klel Benevolence. I a fluted that tilts is based upon i which has called the convention we deprecate. Vat m hold Tobe to undoubted dictate i seun Roice that this people have i to blvd Here in their�cs5i make him More a slave than w Vas before. It i Clear Toat this is the tendency of toe efforts of toe abortionists. 1 do not believe that a Man Eail Wiz an honest heart with a sound and intelligent mind take such measures and enter Aln Nuh a belief or even expectation Toat Toey will produce any share the objects which he professes to have in View. And Why Are the abolitionists intent on holding a Meetor in this City to pro Aoto their resign is it in intended a it Insul Ual cheers it is intended to degrade toe character Ltd too City in tote esteem of the world. And Espoo daily to no who live Here to treat us with the utmost a wite topic and insult us to our i. A corp Reik guard ulcers they or in Coulm not of tos fee pub a a a i Conni unit. Quot a ii a a. .-.lauumtpiby., Home Here to hot a disgraceful and scandalous As Obly to Rush in and insult us to our Noee Wii Iii career blast of this kind of we Lefoi a pm Itcea Topf sle perhaps Toey might have a Jmae for such of Lori hardiness and insult. They will be treated m Fth is

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