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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - August 7, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioWe adj he fourth Falt a ? 8atvbi>at� Imbt 7, .18. Adams. Kimii amp a boor is i died Irmiter amp a i we a a a in ooh to Dow to Kot of the exec of the thu of mex Mif cod by Mai. Boo Tihy by Bocci key to of a 4ol3�ni� a mph of plot Jioji it into a War Powars far so per Pola two tort Tor Anat of a Larga Porton of them to Tom uni oct to nil mite bed to Tea age amp Liob a Tantod that in Tom tuba pm a the off Iha Tot Leinati now at far May of Tea Hish of aah of the the Perpe tif Tuii of Mant Biea Meao a my mfg Thali our liar Ater bore that Thad de la Meau. In tha of Prem Dent of i8t9>-9�i it to Ota ted cwt the recall and that a that Lagalita in i Minad Antof data i amp the Sec tam of Alil Kai for the pm numb of to not a if a amp Las bad been a it of the Molster Thita Jtb Ngel to a Var remark isx9, drawn up by a Bat who Haa a Oca be Moti la which tha prop Tao ewed and Arad with ebb Orata that the letter of Anatrao a oui Faavae my Henhe Impresa Aimor and How a to hum Bat before i time or foil pit Eviey of mind to Digeatano though to Apon tha subject oar Iraq want inter views and Hia Confidence in my carving hit Endt doubt a traced Bim to a it a to my More Pamlico Early tha ground of he a ii to Hia character and new Neal Coran Tenn a a it Fae Ibre the Paffie. A Dane anted he Tea i mum Field for Enterprise in tha Indian thamia a us Phi and through that a a a Tepni Gruoner in Taxa and the commended me to direct my to bad a that Way without making any pock or Mitma Ato. I did not do Carafo at tbsp staff he Lof Laford ache Raea for my and Macc met u i bad a curio any now on up it Toa to hear his romantic project Iona fee hit manner and bin Olibo Hiaam wern at least entertaining. A a Dinghy he went on the Dey top much of a systematic Enterprise but not half what i have Auice Lanzt from another Lourda per papa Dia it Ltd a re at to Iny interest in the a object did not keep pee with the anticipation i he had formal from the Progress of hit disclosure. I Learnt from him these focus and speculations m. A that a wat Maui zing an expedition against Texas to a bad a cloak to which be bad assumed the Indian Kostome habitat and tending among them in the neighbourhood of. Tex As. To Tot no Ihirg wat More Ebay to accomplish thin the Oon Quieti and Possession of that Exten live and Fei tiie country by the co operation of the indians in the Arkansas territory and recruits among the Cit Icena of the to ipod states. That in his View it would Hedly be necessary to strike a blow to wrest Texas from that it was ample for the and maintenance of de Roe at the present Terrion. I do hop however that we shall Novar Motohara of the gag and that at tha next sea Aion ample Tim and Opp Tummy will be Given for eve gentleman to a Spreat his opinions in All the topics which to Safrom the committee on Poratta affairs. I have and doted these Docis data simply As proofs of the soil thence of both duplicity and hostility on the part of this love meant toward Mexico and that from the commencement of the last administration we have come Down As Faras to a Clcil of the year 1830. I have read to the Houst a report of the medic a Sucre try of Sute made to the mexican legit lure during the very time in which general Housum is said to have been in aged in to conspiracy to which the president Alandete and in Shioi report the conspiracy is he showed Forth in All the Potirala Hiss of is progressive Devdor Mcnol 4tu-Lhis time be u re pm Breed oar charge near the Vatican Gate inner a bait ted in a letter with to people a a less fam of As to the United states to urge Tift Propp Sitka with a influence and to Back it by an offer of five millions of of Dolours and at the same time he was charged with a pm negotiation of a treaty of Commerce and for the purpose of carrying into effect the Boundary wins spread Upa in our former treaty with Spain. The House has teen that the legislature of Mexico having in Conselo epee of these pro of endings its Eust Choiu very much rooted in regard to the i is paid pre Fasly time that a Spanish Force Lilwid of Cuba Mexico. I read from Paea Gei pig now that it was within the Ilia Oikam Mimi. That Mexico waa then in a i Arhat it might be Cha pal on of that my of things to prom Par of a Peil of her Lerret toy but i gust terme every thing like such a i fart f a Iha me Hera of the Oose to mad that Doc Damon treatise proof of the Dpi idly after the me Sean government bad or Rota of or. Poinsett and after the spec Ian invasion vouch two events oem Tahy the a ame time. The messenger who took the letter was appointed charged affairs and the latter be Bill of his now character became the or Tea named states diplomatic Fino v at. In that letter among other arguable in Fticar of tha of aeon of a xae a a cataud the Foat Rofot urge Sumbera of the ski Lens of to United states Ornea Nhing into that Teni tory. Obtaining a Grants of land Wuh thu Pepose of a a a tag an in erection of the Povine a a Iamb liw mexican Govan sent and that this design fast Hawaii Chi iwed few Yssis no a of tact was and Dps i say in a Kmiec land for Date the Tith of Voguit 1639, and urged m a a to of Tony argumenti m he roof the Cesaren. Now in is num Beetem believe that Pitt air a a citizen of Tea Nakaea May be As Well i Ain Lei Toish who i am now scat Gas any other in dive Doal in thae mows or perhaps in this country and i May with a Etheain of Tomato that la the state of ten Saenen Limie Exi Tod Penn Ninberg of Coeh Specula Tom and Fittler a Ami Faey Hod Graat a lao be with a via then heed of the Ibi Sentive Genera meet. 1 believe that this Dpt Wleh three Peca eoe Reata Iamb in the United states a a Littzi amp Mottl hmm eat or whether them emcee Golner adult a assist i into Texas. Attiat Odd fast Fatt Mato of Foj ugg was we a understood Ifo Imi teat but Mai thai twas a evident from the re he Omlor ill Tieara Congress in l839, by the then not of which i will now to a pm Roenee by into Dacia them whih they Leveton Pretice of or of of Solo files Tot of the govern meet to which it b Row and Tipsy become the pre Ihn Geode time t and a a Aoa be a to am up Rifle huh it Wampl top to Eualalio in a and to bang Fai Toioi a Imam founded upon Hiel Orwal Fecu a Meh a a a pm % a Foody Alfo As la 8aite\ voyage War Lapin take a fore head Bat which serve As a Aupp Oit a it fast la Hibib for thah a Laim to Tepee. Theae exhava to fast Difoto Preeo Tedon the world i on a Tod tha Fob or which in la played by otheta Laid Raa Aninna. A Agni air by them in rape a a pied Ausgto Ifor a of drawing their follow a if Tinna not upon the i Utica of but poo Tom Advage stages and Inte Nati to be Toiv Erteld by their Anib Mon. We not Debei the Oue Etien of the in the Cen try they Wiah to acquire Iha appearance of explore a a. Mol Iii that Behr Pree Enco right of sovereignty or of Fae land. Teaa Pomera Exito by degrees whih do Tomb the log tidal state of the Coon try t Ytol then in liver Dinton Teite and Kaatia fiction of Tito Iii Gaadt in Tierce of the lag Stimato owner Llis of foe administration and of narc a of an homily. When goings have come to for a Frieh ii Prada Afy the pent state of Fotous in Texas Toie Torti Golant Downto Ifoma. The in Metude nne Tad in do territory in die Puto Tea inter ate of a Athu faed tha of Advent inst Gator by them and the Pertinacity Toffol lha Rhyon Panitt pesto that eight of Poa Oeta of Notos fou of exp nations of Jos to Btl who foe Aid of other Ioe Depte to anti fog in foe a it Arae of dip Lunatic rela i my food of end Udine in arrange advantage Ops to the a that a hen foe United slates of in i tog predominance to the it Ali the you Ottea they had in View awl rating Forward Prete ortans founded foe i availing Terai Nivea generally hot Senju Nettre to we Tufa they Ousami Nant meat be i acted. Aerate and Independent government from the United states. That the expedition would be go ready with Ell Post be despatch that the Demon thearion would and Muat be made in about twelve months from that time. That the event of Success owned the Moat unbounded Prospect of wealth to those who would embark in it and that it was Voith a View to Hia re Cratte he a Lafaed to elevate i Maatz in the Public a of Identa by the Aid of my Tommu Niez Tiow to the a mond Jsn Quirar. That i Afa Ould have a surge Oncy in the expedition and recommended me neen time to a move along who him and practise physic among Iha Indiana in the there a much Mora to foe a Law go neral a a oct but is Foate do moments Are All font lined in a printed pamphlet which a acce Waible to All and Haa been Tome time in print forbear to read Furuta. But the paper i am now i dwt to read a not in pint. It u a letter from the late president of the United states to William Fulton Esq. Then Secretary of the 1 eni Togy of Arkan aaa and the endorsement up h above that a similar Tetter was addressed to the United states Dia Triet attorney in Florida. Tha ppr i bold in my hand is a copy. 1 have seen the original in the handwriting of gen. Jackson it a now in thu City and can be seen by spy gentleman who has a curiosity to exam we it. A tact to Couri Nimal a Kwa Shikoto Dac. 10,1830. A dear sir it has Boen stated to me that an extensive expedition against Texas is organi tog in the a muted states with a View to the of in Independent government in that province and that gen. Houston is to be at the Bead of it. From Ell the Carcame Bencea Coto mandated to me upon Foss to object. And which have Folie under my Oba Ervay on Ami Nick to believe and Hope Cir com Sui total manner in which it a related to me that the information i have received is erroneous and it is Sunnee Rasary that i should add my sincere wish Towt it May be so. No movement have been made nor Beve any facts been Stab Lia had which worm require or won justify the Adt on of official proceedings against individuals implicated yet so Strong is the detestation of the Cri Rosiael step alluded to and such Are my apprehensions of the extent to which the peace and Honor of foe country might be comp omitted by it As to make me anxious to do every thing abort of it which May serve to a hit foe truth and to furnish me with the Nery fact if they exist to Lay foe foundation of further measures. A it a said that enlist Nente have been made a a the enter Pate in various Parte of foe Union that foe confederates Ore , As travellers to diff sent Polo Gao the m views and purposes of this government refuted co sign foe treaty of Commerce uni Era in article should be intr Grad into it Reeo Giring foe line marked out in oar Spanish Traa As foe Boundary line Between Mexico and foe United ites. Such an article was accordingly introduced and foe con Vercial treaty was concluded by or. Poinsettia 18-38. But owing to those Delap which frequently Bappe in matters of this description that treaty was not ratified in time. Were up or. Butler was charged in Hia instructions to re conclude the some treaty which he did in 1831 and 32, and in it foe same article was inserted foe Boundary line As agreed up in 1816. Here the morning hour Haring expired. Or. Padavi without Oon Doding Hia re Pariss resumed Bis seat. Tea subject of course Liea Over until foe i next aaa Rioa or. Adams being entitled to foe floor . 7\> the editor of the dear sir a the following review was prepare at the request of a Mitu Ater of the gos Iel of High Tau duty vrho is inc an Aioli tamist a to he of the word but wishes at the same tithe to compare our Tiews and those of our opponents with the word of god. He requested the editor of the Pittsburgh hex id to open his columns for these essays but no answer has been returned to this request he Hopes therefore that you will insert them in your paper As they coincide so entirely with the matter generally contained in it and if it should so happen that his letter to the editor of the Herald miscarried the latter if he thinks proper. Can copy then from the philanthropist. Or if this should not suit his views perhaps the Pitt sub a Christian witness May give readers in that Region an Opportunity to examine what is Quot a he re advanced and thus Supply his of service. M my i Aquila. they Kava alms by Chi a Terai air Ash irate Haiti in to be oms or that the Pant of Rende Voas is in tip Ariun Sas Terri Iury and that foe to opia Tion of to a Indiana a la Okad to by those engaged in foe contemplated sex pad Tion. A i know of no one a boat situation wifi better Ethle him to watch the course of Foi ogs and keep me truly and con subtly advised of any movement which May serve to justify the so Sidona which Are entertained than yourself and 1 know a can rely with Confidence on your Fidelity and Active Ity. To Arcnia your exert i in that regard is foe object of the latter and it a Beeance i wish it Tobe considered rather As a private than an a oficial that it a addressed to you instead of the governor who a understood to be atm if Kentucky a the coarse to be pursued to effect the object in View most of necessity be left to your discretion enjoining Only that foe a Moat secrecy be observed on your part. If in of a the Perfer Pence of foe duty required sea Sre no oem Ruy incurred by you 1 will see they Are re you any expend funded. A i am Yon a a an Dib Jackson. We. this was written in december 1830. I adduce it As do it most alive Protoff that the president of foe United states then perfectly and fully informed of a Crignon the a mba fair Are Morar fora Tinsie Dha to a f Iolo general Coo Hica foe people of the la of Faa am dated j8omeoi Jfe Aai that Yhvulla Makad is risk foe Rio Foa i menial Boundary of these step Farhit h has Lattari an writer to Zepf Tayeh them with an attempt Tamaka Firari sift foe Natl of Foater but Wal is Moat Varia rim a. That they have Emma need that Mutsam Ltd per ally at fas same Tinte foxy Law of engaged Aav ska ref avar too hmm ving that our Alten Fite a Lent food a to Croy from Conw Quot a Sci a fast a a notto in Coop ered a foe latter of in Ett Ieve Mem Heve Lefe tried in Aad Kwh foe Star Mode a Iube Iain la Errata Leaf tasks. The Ilni Upen tie Eft liar Aai a Vivo Teken to cd fifa air Tbs a aril . Of Cha tii Fth of Fos Chuga jute Ihaza Ahwai Laev a a a to Pait Loffl Wofa idea a Nim met end Hoa Tiline accompanied by in to tidal Fetoai her paean Pihi a Porti Oci of he �0a to see foe a dab Day we in fwu to free of atty a foam. Butt be Teredo bar. Meya Honfi Euliel i4nckeon,Deled the i data of us i Tattoo food if 9f, if. A tote lel a so Eitt Al Ihu at Wii in the Wiloh can ii Inte my Poe Meehon Rafo Reeed a Meh i conf life tep Selfo foe Foh Wii ate tement of fatal in be no year Mari Leiis w dram Rora writtenftah%m3tafadtaeadafouet�?� Len an Engi Viqi Tai Ikins of prune boor Hodge m 9la no. I. Ufi. Editor a it requires an a Pokey few to your readers a work Whir ii appeared so Lohf ago As in Arft 1836. Tomara aware that a a stills apr arid Eft font Titra in foe by Alica repertory and Sta re punished in Piu Burgh for gratuitous distil Eutimi which caused Conri Merabie Asto �4 and their rep local if Arief Seq Jonad. The third Dee pm is Espres tra i rotate Dalai Moa Wadi has no Rule of Exerene other than so Ere a will of foe governor. Ilia with go at propriety a Pplk de off foe most High. When applied to men k stg Osiee Abe Riate authority and is writ translated by the Oguah a wed depot which Iada Rived Fifon it Thia is foe appropriate title of a slaveholder. Pro fees or Hodge says slave holding h despot Ltd on a. Lasa scale than who monarchs exec in it Despote is used a 1 ten. I 1, a thus ii 9. 1 Pat. Ii. 18. And it is of snark Able that in a Thora be Saaga where the Amtjea Addina the Servante Palavra of a do Apo tie they never speak a word to their master. The a is one text item. Al 8, often i pm As Afonie proof that Paul did acknowledge a beheld eff As Christiia Brethren because it b said that when Evi. Dently addressing slaves he mentions their having believing masters do spots and sex hosta to do them serv toe because they Are Brethren. In reply we remark a when the whole passage is taken in connection it appears that the apostle intended to make a distinction Between the Send ilium of ter Vashte waa had Hei Ievin Rma ter to and that of servants in Der the year. A let As Many servants As under foe Yoke count their own masters worthy of ail honour that the Nobe of god and Hia doctrine be not blasphemed. And do hut they that have Hei Ieving masters let them not despise them because they Are Brethren hot rather do them service because they Are faithful and beloved partakers of the Benefit it is Plain from foe of tue of this passage when Tea one class is contrasted with foe other that those Servan la who had Scheving Maaseia Weie not under the Yoke and Foat those who were a dec foe Yoke had not be Lieving a Latefa. The committee Zuege several Edd Rioual consider Tiow tending to support and in fora this hate rare tation arising from the cd cams fences of foe Case As writ m from a Riera i Myrlian of foe Prenge Kralf. Hwy Are too Long How in my quoted but we invite it Letioa to Home addition Chi a i connected with Foi pan of foe Kuljeet jpy denied Foat deep idea a the Only word w the greek Lan Gnage that suitably expresses foe idea of a slave bolder when applied to a Magator although k a a word of Mere extensive sport. Bolt As to Jet Rosa if a thus applied in scripture foe feet most be discovered the context for the word itself does not teach it. Nor will k do to say that Fob is its meaning when used in connection Trifo Rimes servant Bee Auw this term b Nat As indefinite for k Means any kind of servant whatever and b to applied in foe Bibb Foat even a Tyro May perceive that there b no fou Dauod at All for the Aeter Tion that it b jest equiv Teot to our word save. Our Saviour lays u Down As a Maxim Well known to the scribes and pharisees that a me a Ervun Doulos Ahi Deih in Rae Ottre Brewr into the ton oat Deik John Viii. 35. This b not True of either roman or american slaves but it was True of the Jewth servant under foe mosaic system and Fob statement teaches two implant facts a one a that word Doulya does not be sea parity mean so re and the other a Foat foe Ayatey that in Vai iad among the jews in Carbt a Day was Foat system of Fri Antery san Kitade prescribed a foe Law of motes and was limited in duration contrary to the insinuation of pro Resaor Hodgell a slavery of bounded in foe land. Now in order to Este blah foe feet that the apostles address ski masters and Maribe foe duties of their station let oar opponents show even one place in the Bible where Quot Noah an address to a deep tet b to be found. If they , to Fay rift mtg a fiem if Ench an Addia Bofo proper Tea b one place in a re Oil a a i Ujj a lilies Andoff a ii Lite atty another. Pfow Ilby to Baa n draft ural to a great Estert Whei Erar it they my in a a Lair never tends to de Severy properly a ome of god s overthrow them follow if foe no Ament a foe minds of Home persons in of the bold Manry a in which a Over was defended a a Bibb institution. It b known that foe Anthor b the a Btu Ngueh de pro Feasor of biblical literature in Princeton and i hafe no doubt that by High standing a a a scholar sad great moral Worth Havo Given a credit and currency to he production to which it b try no Menns entitled on foe Are re of Intrina exec Leoce. True to iat us Heet b treated wife b info Auorb Amitton be True foal Cabrita fing pm b divided against dual of it b evident from Haf that he dimes Slavkay with civil government and manage mud lug Omita tha latter the re fatties of husband and pm tent and Chad. He makes Mit that they Are to by foe Boob. Tie question then is does save by Foster the institution of marriage or to subvert it does k naturally Lead to foe Obaer Vince of or native family duties or does it Reader the Date Impoco Sibyl sur ii questions seem almost ride Nous to any one who re collets that slavery even in Fob of Arbtin land never recon noes such a thing As Merringe among slaves no More than among the brutes of the Forest or who has observed Bow Impo Stibb it is for the relative duties of life to be fulfilled by Svea in any Region of foe sooth although their masters Gene Rafty May be professors of religion. Now it will not do to contend that slave older in the land Are worse than they were in the Days of roman Tyr my when Thor to voted their slaves a for no men for dead men for beasts As having no rights Quot dec. Indeed professor Hodgart asserts that h was slavery a in try Portt ram Quot Foat then prevailed and foe Correct conclusion from fab or Kubwa would curve bran that slavery in its worst forms received the approval of Sanction of Christ and by apostles if Ria very could Poer imy he made a Good to a eng we might expect to Era k suck in to a curb ten and where the go apri Haa such Sway Foat Multi tides of Riave holders Are professed fou Owers of Carbt. Vet even Here it destroys foe rite of marriage it systematic Emily would exclaim �8 there in suck Condo Tel As to mss How Maneli value do you attack to . What kind of Faith can i place in Yon As a warm Cate of Temperance a you who give your vote to put Down your petition a you who torn Yoor right of suffrage into an instrument of warfare Iaal that very cause whose Success you say is id Titi red with the Honor and happiness of yom a our Tryr twi who use your most effect veto crush and Desty All your mor Iaia away with such Lemp Caraco advocacy a Tom a pm mge4�8t$ a Loo Pinic rower. A who. Sions an ally of is a whig and pet Tuong stands up and gives Itas vote the candidate. What a political met or Ilia it my. Pm crazy Dis hottest. Forbids the Fether Teikale foe control of he child Bat makes k the property of Eno Foer men As soon a Bora to Busigo verned by him wholly Aoe ording to his own will. For m Fob foe abuse of foe system. Its fundamental Principe a to make one Man literally the property of another and the bods fun the evils this vow have a based at and i in a tote he Are cannot step . The writer Knapp Fot Etem bomb at the Spaffo often make Fob Lamente to toil it Abr is to instruct on to brei right or tech them the Observance of or native Deliea. The Tanguie by who Rothoy Are rid utter Var of rinds k. Whatever appears to the contrary the b but an exception to foe general Rule. The slave View with asap been and distrust every pro Roaal for Thev Benefit. We not fib pages from approved writers in the stave states and Ria where testing to the feet that slavery naturally leads to foe habr Toal i option of Tearly All the constituted a elation of life. Can k be posit be then Foat god a loss suck a monster in he government is he the author Cinci Pusl and does he sri up one to make War non foe others there fete divines and politicians from a quarters condemned Severy in Taaff Poonai geared or Severy in4be abstract As a great moral and Politica evil. They Conj a hardly find Orfo Strong enough to extera their a Torrence of it while Many of them justified its coot Auance in Praetz be under prasent circumstance a. But now we must face about Abr we be to scripture where k would have come to naturally that we might expedito find it there i a Luda to the second chapter of the Fiill up bib of Tor. He shows the necessity of sub Mission to their Gentee Rebre and then takes occasion to exhort servants to be abject to their cd Sponeb Mastera. It b ready granted foot fora Dom sucs As tha word Stagni unifies we it Eves on account of Nwe Given Totle to Mastera. And foe direction would teach Kim i Foliar Rabat any m m a arly As a Katteb Rilar Gan. Marauri1 tia Faro Duomad to my at mgt ifs. Our Chr Sodalite a mini Natlea in nor he Fawn in Kift he Fiuri uni Tann Razai Raaf Fily Haas tax a a it Fata nor Imp Dalmada ice Tegt lung Fly. Tad Disir Tateki Foa teen Iona Fri roof Foa mfg. Part of oor citizens to produce an insurrection in Texas for foe purpose of a Par at no that territory from the re Publ of Mexico and that the Par Ideal called upon foe offi Ciao Parsons to air eat its Progi fas and to pm Ait lie a Fern pub Ament. It will a Ecol peeled that i called some time since non Tea department of state to know if any copy of Auch a better was on Foa files of Foat department and. Foe reply a ent to Fob House was that there via no such document there. I infer from Foat fact Foat the loiter though written never was aeon. And flu not sent t i believe that it was foe will and intention or foe presi Ilent aft Foat time to Maka the into position contained in Fob letter. What inference must be drawn from tha fact of its never having bran rant if Brach indeed was foe Fecto it b not in my Power to explain Fob whole matter. The Leum however exits 1 have sran in and i aver that the whole letter from beat dog to end togs her Vruth is endorsement is in the handwriting of general Jackson. I he original letter of Iii Mayo to the Bra aident on which the waa written Hava. Sean and Anyu nemba a of foe House who Tesla it Tarim i Iyo a foe Salt May have an oppo Tunky of a Ami Niit both Fetters. Now How b Fob to be exp Jonad that Foa Bottere wore written b beyond Depute. Tubat Fob b Ando Raed a at titty Honfi Deottl Quot b a Naify ind put Abir and the letter Ito if did eras on foe part of the pre Ridant by knowledge of a dump Traer which he considered highly criminal and of which he expressed by a a detox is it not demonstrative proof of that duplicity which pervaded every pact of the course of the a to and mint Etiopi if regard to Mexico Foat there Doea exist such an autograph better of the be Para idiot and that so far As appears it was never rant if it was sent foe persons Are living who can prove it. The gentleman to whom foe letter was written a i believe now in Fob Rity. Tha Secretary of the territory it of Florida b yet living. If both letters were Aamot the feet May be proved. And if they were then rarely u b very incumbent on Bow who received foam to prove what they did in Raj Pird to Fob Bat conspiracy. Or. Hob Raso Bare asked leave to into pole. The to read Foroe House a him to be a strictly Cone Dantzl letter from foe Piebald at of he United states and has sex Pra Arad he Belof that foe letter never had been sent will it now Berft just forme to inquire of that Frateman How be Sofia a Doeu Rasenti tha that if foe gentleman firm Mara Ehna Fatta Irissa to Jiam the of top for Foat purpose the Quea a Goa might be Pitt but not a a to Jetton of order to be pot by aul Bority of the Hon Raj or. Adams. I Unden stand foe speaker to have decided Foat auth an Inq try a not a Quee Lioa of Ordra but that it Boffl Patent to tha gent Man to introduce it with my As Aamot. Tha gentleman Bak my Aarant and if be Doea make Foa inquiry i am ready to it a e Fuh Clear and explicit a count Bow Fob paper Esme into Roy bands. Moat certainly i have not pro Durad it Ere without first ascertaining the strict propriety end even Dri Scy of such a step. If the get Toan Founks proper to put he inquiry in a written form on Foat it shall go on Foa journal and that a vote of tha Hanna May be had non it i am ready to answer a a Man Nar foal . Sir. Fob Fetter inter ate Awre Foan that pm Leman and me. It interests More than Foa in Athara of Fob House. Tea air More Foan Foa Peop of the Nati ii. Tea Gan Lemaa b not mate Ken in the importance which a Alti Botes to Fob document and which b pm pad in Foa had taiga be has Juta put to Iba chair and i again aay to bin that i am prepared to give a foil and a Kheit achoo it of How k Cape into my Poare Aaton. Sir. U. Did net att Foa in Patton r. A. Continua a. Airi now to return to foe Prezant vef i have pro Suaad and read Fob letter in order to Altow Foutin deep Eta 1830, foe pie aident of Thorae United scale Ward Only info Rad of a Oona piracy for invading tax a a prod Riff a Lavolia Tinq in that province and ultimately Pat Boot Foa pub Law Taillet or ree Tkocs to doubt of the Jar a a a a a. In Foa to Monty end gen Reri Kade of impel Drisca vim neared in enquirer and so Fita Foa Orianna of that who Foa editor for their a Hatch of some Fallig True Foat subject b treated with he usual ability and wife great Toai hut still these Coati use can never make amends for a Asp Aitner from Bibb truth or a i option of High Tocoua Prin Eiba. »5.,. A letter he been ree Rived recently by foe writer from a highly esteemed member of foe Synod of Piuri Iulg present log a Ditri cushy in the Way of those who contend that foe Bible does not san Eton Ria very Al lading Ribo to foe Fecit that the difficulty pressed upon them by it. Hodge and urging foe necessity and Propri of such a Rev Iod As might of vote foe diffs Balty in question and overthrow Thora positions taken by foe pro Fenior which Soma persons it b said deem impregnable. It was suggested also that your paper would be a proper vahide fix foe review. I did not feel myself aft Liberty to be silent or alight the Call from such a a Raree although Well aware of foe Odds against whih i must contend. The sting and Stone of simple truth Bow Ever my be More than a match for the afford even of a gent if wielded in foe cause of . A 1. Let our attention a directed in foe first place to the by age of my correspondent. He Aysk a How Are foe various passages in foe new testament whih speak to masters recognizing their relation and enjoining duties not Independent of nor ont of Tiu in that relation to bed posed of were theg not the Mottert a their Tervanis Foat Are Abo Addrea and that Are admitted on All hand by or. Wajond and offers to be slaves now under what Bra did these masters hold their Ria yeat were they not Lam Peri Quot in ii manner pro Feasor hedis 9th and Lah Pagas of the edition of he work poll la of Pitt Bur. He a egg Foat a at tha time of foe ave Naif us Carbt slavery in the wont fen turn prevailed Over foe whole subject b hardly alluded to by fhe apostles refer to it not to pronounce on it a a question of morels fief the pre scans a a re Attye do tits of Mattert and a a zees Quot we perceive from these quotations that a position b Here assumed As fundamental in the discussion and it b taken for granted that foe oppo Banta of Severy acquiesce in foe Assumption although some of the Ablest that speak or write on foe a abject in foe present Day rep Dato it utterly a an scriptural and Feu Adous. We allude to the statement that foe new Teri ment writer directly Addrana that Kokert and tia vet prescribing foe relative Durba of their situation. Those who take the affirmative of the Point Sahoum prove k but in professor Hodge deems Fob Annec Estafy in fat tap queues of in supposed bin area or the of oppo rate a invite actor Tea to Home arguments in opposition to Fob Aaser Loq but in order that no onn Atay say that these Arguro Ento ars Oev Rita invest ipod Nota of fat oat of a difficulty we Hoora to condense from an a had drear to foe churches by a committee of the Synod of Cir Cin Giitl Quot the Synod at Ite meeting in 1830, Yawara Beferie foe pc aeon excitement comma Nead on the Auli Wactaf a very a resolved. That the buying arising or Bolding of a Aba Fer foe Rake of Grin a in foe Jod foam of Fob Synod a heinous sin and scandal requiring the cognizance of Foa Church and they appointed Jam h. Dickey 8. Crothers and w. Graham to Addrena the Churchea on Foa Suli the Ceocie lotion waa complied with and Foaad Dora was printed and air cubed extensively i 1831. The committee take the ground Foat Svea few often made Par the Necessia of Aub Marion to injurious treatment As we As to their hand lot that they might thus prove themselves to be the followers of Christ. There b not a word of address however to foe masters of these slaves and if atty one Infera their right to the bodies and souls of the slaves in the world because they an Coons riled to be subject to them whether they Are mild and Froward he May wife equal Justice infer that a Caura our Saviour Raya. If a Man smite thee on one Cheri turn to. Him Tea Oto ier Quot therefore the conduct of the Smiter was Ai raved by aur lord and maa Torl 1 a Nie foe Yaat wrap stat rid cease begging foe question on Point and How in a these addresses to a beholders Are to be found. Ani to the fact that the apostle in 1 Tim. I 8, ape Aki of a believing despotes How similar to Fob Are foe report of brio varies when they make mention of a believing jew or Ett welted infidel no one supposes that the one remains an infidel or that the other Conti Quei he jewish observant but were vre even to Lupe Trees that Somo Riave holders in ii my Xieo of which icon Date Fiji ducted under foe Ommani draft Tufi ted an part and that the whole Darigo waa con Ommani of foe Indi Vinduri arb b now Par Ideal of Texas. I Hope the gentleman from Maryland or. Howard win a have a full Opportunity of Repi inf to and Eom renting upon what i have been urging on of a Tendon of Fob Houra for foe Bat Fei Teicht. Of not at the present session at Bast at Foa next Fer sir Fob subject has As yet been barely opened. Ted Iona is my a ment May have appeared to Many in Iasi of amplifying it i have on foe contrary been Obi to a Ridge Threa i Mirtys of what i desired today and of Arafat ought to be said on Foa various top a touched upon. But i we aware Foat Aidif Imbot time could not be allow coot aged Auch for a time after Tabeb conversion which no Man we Fink can prove to have been the feet k ought not to stagger Profira of Hodge for he says wife regard to poly Gatay a it b indeed Poe Abb that to cite where to la Eon verts had already mme Foan one wife a tonne Cioa was not broken off it b evident the most Faa re a cease Ned great evil,& Yet he Calb polygamy an a inf recon of foe by of marriage Quot a in other words of the Law of god. On he own ground foe be reason ugh not mine Why May not Severy Abo have been continued for a time in Tea Peculiar circumstance a of to iat by and still be a Viola icon of the by of god 3. But in foe next place we it Ltd it it when we foot show foe futurity of foe assertion Tomt slaveholders Are and dras Rad by foe apostles ac., have a Moat fit Rui Dabb objection to foe Infine Oce drawn from it and in feet to All Foat Rea wooing of Tite Profeta Aorl a whih lands him in the sweeping Eoa fusion that it is a too Clear to admit of either denial or doubt that foe script autos do Sanction on objection reate on Fob Obj iras principle,�?7 Utt Rae of Ltd or Dmn Elg relations of fit the manner of speaking in common a a strip tire. Home the expressions a foe a tied see foe deaf heat the Bine a talc Quot a a pub Tickos and Sarlote go into Foa kingdom of heaven Beferie and James asks a maa not Iskah Foa harlot Jast triad Quot a. Alfo ooh a ted a Juan tired Hariot k Doea not Felby Fost aha you tinted a harlot woj then ii did we. Conclude a use a. Man b called a be Gaing de he Remaina Tiu it b common at this Twefi Asia Atalit Timas to i a of enafae or epithet in a an which ius fender limit even Riter indie in Channe hse Iriemi pee. Henna tamper Mea report Pumi Rii the Nom Bra of a Reiad rinse Harris Foat an fond in certain debt Pieta and Tim have nailed Trifo of merely. Takers of go apri Grace and Mua Teadoro the doctrine of god by Autunio Biog to fair masters even when Treta Edi Ipi waive by or wrongfully. The however no Moro Jna Tifrea foe Aiava Holder in keeping by Ferow crop future in Bemba or oppressing him than foe conduct of Early Herb Tiara who guided by divine direction took i filly Foa april bag of Ihei goods a operated to justify their Pei Hectora who four ahead foam off their prope Ify. The real Point at Brae however b Fob Difei in i Ftp Aias Ever my drat the team adder apr sea my As Riu Tbs a to of emf Tiki for Alaga Foa virile fog Roar a. Feted Tafter. The first did Ashalm Riff Aftab Lra Elmr in. At Rotor of Kraft exam Arixie Pfoor Iier tha Laoo Iid to riot denote Anillio and when applied to Imo b trans bed air master and lord and exp Rozara font authority whih m mingled wife love and b Errata sad Fita foe Good of foe a abject. Kui Ioc Mcana foe neater of an apprentice hired or any Fri Untray Aamot. It b used in Eph. Al 8, hand in All a Tara theia Marten and Servante Aro Endreas i suppose we shall soon see it Gnu bed to. For world. That Temperance Aoe Tiea Receiva into the Tamhra and Reba in Drun Krada among them and a Ahdel a Rafa Rod to the sex Prea Riou in their reports for proof of Foa Fruct the argument Rould be Azan try Sim tar to that now used to of prove Dee Petee were received into foe Church and retained in it while continue of Auch a cause Panl de nominates them a a believing they Ara caked bribing a Asp the say foe and of come they arc tilt Despote. Very writ the Foras Are called or Forred drunkards and of course Foty Are drank aids a till of Fob Lea among he in rect. And in Fonro Stoma when Temperance soc Taftas become popular we Mon a Aspari foal open of Vevray dealer option will Elim Tim Rief adef Nooe. Man most certainly be Saith the Thott uie reformer who tei heat Auri Lher Tench est thou not Thys Thon that pre cheat n my a should not atari Doat thou steal thou that Chhov rest idols Doat thou commit Mac Riefe thou Atad charges Sucona latency on another Art then it Foo stent the abolitionist a pledged to Nina Alaric by How can lie then give Hia suffrage to a Atman Holder or an apologist of slavery with aay Norai consistency than the Temperance Man aim vote for a drunkard or an Apo do to of 8� Haa petitioned for the a edition of Ria very in a pm >�8trict of Columbia can he glee he vote to a candidate opposed to in i roution what Pele Tion one Way and vote opt hair a Hampton of the right w Dom of speech and the a ring Tehfe framed when be hears of the it attn set trucking majority in Congress who ire Dan Ned to Everly Abiog fee a a oat Mieir Coati to the Light of petition and free. in cries out Cali equal the an ref and tread Ery of there men for. Dare to Trampota Bothe 1� a. % Farmed by Pat Brefa Mcduffie pro Feasor Hodge and of Era that the was an entire mistake that Severy itself a a divine inti Kiuon writ if tvs be to if k be on a Par wife civil Goveny Moraud mania be Why should not in Berra plan do we not Turnm from us Thora that Vrh to rim lbs Thora re Tiona aa8ubvertera of foe Kos of fed and evil Moriety gov Mcduffie Uriu aay Ewe to All foia and i in be b Eolia Teot. But what Are a to for no of fro Feasor Hodge s state Dot that i nor Btu has ail bed both to Luscri and Dame Otie bondage Severy whenever it had free scope a nay More be Hopes no one will suppose that he to aids Ria Vety As a de Trabb institution Quot and says a foe extinction of Al every b a Rinee Rety distr re is As by any one of the now herein Are three mar vet Loua Fotna. One a Foat Herb Tenity should so lbs an institution Tanct Iosie by Carbt and is Apo Atleri an fora is that an institution a sea Pressie permitted by Vine command As he tells us elsewhere Shouk be considered m by no Means Deli Talei a amp the third is that a pious and Leaveil minister of the Goepel such to questionably is professor hodge�?4honld Smee rely desire the exit colion of which has received the Sanction of High Hea Ven and which he informs us is consistent with Justice mercy holiness love to god and love to 11 did Ever any person hear of any other of god s institutions being defended by such weapons As Are wielded in favor of slavery never no never. If As we Are informed p. 28, a the of right to hold slaves is on a Par with foe Light parents to the service of children and of husbands to the obedience of their wives a ae., Why not a Sayf ei/0 Perpetua. It Wib not be pretended that the n. Testament Points out a period for emancipation on the supposition that it sanctions slavery and yet the professor talks coolly about a the proper method of effecting the removal of the evil Quot evil ion Etione by scripture and says also a the South has to choose Between emancipation by the silent and holy info mice of the go Pel securing the Elevation of the slaves to the Star Tore and Chi prof freemen at to abide the Issue of a Long Eon tinned conflict against the Laws o god a thus the in ence of the gospel overthrows slave holding although it Haa foe Clear a Sanction of the strip tires a the heart is right but alas foe head. More anon. Dam Enlal rate of a free Golem Niofito with the Sokmin resco utinans of Sove Feigert of Taften and the Earnest prayers of hundreds of Mon Saida of Freir follow citizens. We Wilt ii Yon Wisd can equal form he party servility amp recklessness of principle Foat can Sanction acts and we can thu you what will surpass a the deep treachery of an abolitionist to Tira of Freedom who would give his vote to a a Gle one of that Raj of by or to one who. War them won Lay sacrilege him Hainds on for is Hir of foe people. We conclude then that go to foe polls should fake Freir pimples of Oft with form. If they forbear or Netto do shia they Dishonour themselves deny Freir Price shh and injure the cause to which they gift pm ged. A a my 0 a Oast select etl front a Fot Lii of Lily Celebration at Selma Alabama. Q by h. L. Bowl Ataii. East the Ariit Mosiato Magr foe the a a Kering won a prey am Forir i trim aft the hitter Page of e tone need few Mirafor of Tach. Row their fire Imga till in Waadt riot end same Tiik eto4 ask Kolff wedge their and Heri to Paa Miebs Faanie a their big Putty he Iii to de on Foa Santa. Alas for foe slaveholder. He never Iii Delft abortionists and we tie glad of ii who he thinks of them he can Hanby of Bidet that he in a oppressor the Deer Aftim Amerteen Freedom. Of teen Plee foe an rest Eaf Pignard to Liberty. Three cheers for that Sofia Reedom of Opi Nikii foe Liberty of the prep Ari the trial by jury a the Pallad Tuin of Ril on i the Quot Are they How Loffy could we hold Oft Opit ions and advocate form in Selma Withgitt Heifa Strung up for it by or. We. H. Fri Rit at 7fit a edit it acer firing spirit a a Emiitt Raa anti Nec Meany be to tax ii Tope Terry of Liberty Wimch Aro Jenaro my a Farad fun our Aarau store. So Fink we but whoa do site hot Mon Rifice Jbf Mannl ves or Freir Slavon the . A nits 97 o. Bailot pm. Cincinnati my need a a foxing Ang Aai t11 Adinolfe Conrin Toney it always indicates a Clear mind and generally an Hon est heal. Inconsistency implies weakness or from the Drc my a senator mobm8. The dignitary Hadadd Rarned a better to id rip one to my mtr Meriono Given few foe of May Hythe Prample of Cuoio car Anotai Boca toil Laa the Irater abounds in foe a edition torn it Taij stubbed m rather a Fao Zatk attain of i Riten Ite Var of abolition do Matrines. By foe any Day on which he we a Yinet Raed Quot foe Verdon Ritok gave him m vote of Kanko toe 90 Foat matter b a nth de. We should like to know from foe c Geraid and offer whig papers the tier tend to run a tilt against about onto in commenting so indigo anti on senator abolition they Wiah it understood Foat candidates am to be perfectly free from Tion Talent if so we Liall give in due season. ufos info weak in nigh to be they Fouei Al redly a a their Foan. To blow who can plead no other id oppo Ettien to Foft Danae of free a a and plead Early usage As foe ground of Fofo in Waddington a Church a Story under the of tto Eriety in Ami Britain for tha hero Eon diff Aida of of Seiil knowledge we earning foe shy Chr Beira four a a la Furt Hemati of the kit but be Hurge of its Dumbe to foe human race the Church Ane eting of a trove the Correct foe Mvkee of foe Perikl Sya tent. The worst of these and the principal object of her to edit it was the Bomi Netum of at Evert it the Apo Estole to Depute Sifoer her Seal in gauge or foe Power had Sitf Totea who Afore a she Heded sumo Emi duct in the rat Ihlia chores we a Totaj wife for idea of Fito had raft eating of Riave a ride the in bar font Jwo weft a for a to Fob Toft Proem stent Rivat Aad Forsire a the. Onak Woid. Of a to a Arad Ift Fik. Of in mme my a a in Rihm of a to Maori Tatiom and insert artiries in her Duci i it Tny mria at a Bray the undoubted of foe Early fourth a putting Down Fob of Provoe you ring Ireby Tot Bra or acute Barmo Abiaad who her Precept. Carib a a Taei Cne Quot bribing depot a or savr Rolder b a Tori Bra we have been of a ablution both easy and natural and a a which a Cordate Waaga it of a Leech both ancient and Medem and Foilb Itai Zatelly wife foe testimony of be a Deriee Tifrit a Booty Reape eting foe determined Hoet Tity of the eerie curb ten Church to Ria want of ree Tiande it is is Foo result of an inability to reason justly of of thes Wiy of feelings at Wiz wife Elesra perceptions of foe Smth. That in sri sea More frequently from a Lack of from principle than so tend logic b evident Rem foe of a cd Tarot toe Blind to their own inconsistencies arc if Teri sighted enough to the same kind of Ai Brocies in others. Disinterested in Fletr Tim ate of the character of others Forim Tson operates Imber Tao and arrives at corr�lrmfioos.t�tere8t8d in their own Case Freir reason in probed by selfish influences ebon with pen a Fri to reconcile con traditions and Hanno Sii unprincipled desire or with in perverted principle. The abolition not launches against the slave Holder the charge of a stupendous inconsistency because he Troples net to Rob he fellow men o rights which he we Emily declares to be Inaina ble. No excuse is admitted every plea in so knife in Tob b set Down to foe credit of sri inter it. Should an Vocate of Temperance after Jie ing he name and influence against every species of inter Sperance and signing a petition to foe legislature to restrain or prevent the traffic in arde it spirits go Straightway to the Pous and vote for a drunkard or an apology by for dram drinking or an opponent of All Temperance measures would not the abortionist be Quick to detect so glaring in a Why what consistency a he a a a a the Boyno ii passion a a the 1 Ood tails a interesting extract i him. Henry Bay by Geo. Foe a Tor of the loft Bville Louvri Sti to he Tita of Phi of or. Fifty k Kola or. Or. My a the a tract b repress esd Platil been in Itaf in soft ziment and Reeung on the aide of Smauin Pirt a i he wrote and spoke vigorously and fever of Hill diff a Conven Gifta one of ing a beets was foe Krayca Finif of a Tawny a he disregarded the prejudice of the up Teple heeded not he own popularity so Efti he Devotion to this favorite policy a ems or for posing Usoro ski hmm was Mani Tait from every of he life a a Ift he has Plew lid Africa free Poi a r in Taifita for the la of Mankind seems to have it foil a sri period Bemi m portion of he by Flag and he hat never he Sofii since a a. Ac., i seems that in a newspaper warfare of aah a few a it sea going on for some time in the be lift Wpm press bet see a dem Eipl fad s whig Kiwi nent men in Freir respective parties foil of Tow had in some Way got Hadd of Prentiss Hoek i fid quoted passages from it to Shew Tho or. Clay to Severy. The whig in reply Istam the Hon. Gentleman a Paar ii for foe Lihe Rikae it Mankind a a boyhood past Long but Here b this paragraph a a a Alfo Ough you had prod Almed your Case set Fri by and triumphantly my a out yet fearing

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